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Table key[edit] Demolished or destroyed (also noted in "Other Information") Regularly open to the public Disputed authorship (unverified Wright design)

Completed works[edit] Completed Works table Name Storrer Number[1] City Country State/Province Designed Built Other Information Image Unity Chapel S.000 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1886 1886 Collaboration with Joseph Lyman Silsbee Hillside Home School I S.001 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1887 1887 Collaboration with Joseph Lyman Silsbee Demolished 1950 Frank Lloyd Wright Home S.002 Oak Park USA Illinois 1889 1889 Playroom and kitchen addition 1895 Remodeled 1911 Restored 1974-1987 Available for tours. William Storrs MacHarg House S.010 Chicago USA Illinois 1890 1891 Remodeled 1903 by Louis Sullivan Demolished 1926 Louis Sullivan Bungalow S.005 Ocean Springs USA Mississippi 1890 1890 Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina Charnley-Norwood House S.007 Ocean Springs USA Mississippi 1890 1890 Heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina 2005 (Photographs) Undergoing reconstruction 2009 (Photographs) James A. Charnley House S.009 Chicago USA Illinois 1891 1892 Collaboration with Louis Sullivan Dr. Allison W. Harlan House[2] S.018 Chicago USA Illinois 1891 1892 Destroyed by fire 1963 Warren McArthur House[3] S.011 Chicago USA Illinois 1892 1892 Remodeled 1900 George Blossom House[4] S.014 Chicago USA Illinois 1892 1892 Garage added 1907 Robert G. Emmond House[5] S.015 La Grange USA Illinois 1892 1892 Thomas H. Gale House S.016 Oak Park USA Illinois 1892 1892 Robert P. Parker House S.017 Oak Park USA Illinois 1892 1892 Albert Sullivan House[6] S.019 Chicago USA Illinois 1892 1892 Collaboration with Louis Sullivan Demolished 1970 W. Irving Clark House[7] S.013 La Grange USA Illinois 1892 1893 Walter H. Gale House S.020 Oak Park USA Illinois 1893 1893 Robert M. Lamp Cottage (Rocky Roost)[8] S.021 Madison USA Wisconsin 1893 1893 Additions and alterations 1901 Destroyed by fire 1934 Lake Mendota Boathouse[9] S.022 Madison USA Wisconsin 1893 1893 Demolished 1926 Francis J. Woolley House S.023 Oak Park USA Illinois 1893 1893 William H. Winslow House S.024 River Forest USA Illinois 1893 1894 Peter Goan House[10] S.029 La Grange USA Illinois 1893 1894 Robert W. Roloson Houses S.026 Chicago USA Illinois 1894 1894 Frederick Bagley House[11] S.028 Hinsdale USA Illinois 1894 1894 Henry and Lily Mitchell House S.039 Racine USA Wisconsin 1894 1894 May be the work of Cecil Corwin,[12] or a collaboration between Corwin and Wright[13] Dr. H. W. Bassett House[14] S.027 Oak Park USA Illinois 1894 1894 Remodel Demolished 1922 Francisco Terrace Apartments[15] S.030 Chicago USA Illinois 1895 1895 Demolished 1974 Facade reconstructed and relocated[16] to Oak Park, USA in 1977 Edward C. Waller Apartments S.031 Chicago USA Illinois 1895 1895 One unit destroyed by fire 1968 Francis Apartments[17] S.032 Chicago USA Illinois 1895 1895 Demolished 1971 Chauncey L. Williams House S.033 River Forest USA Illinois 1895 1895 Nathan G. Moore House I S.034 Oak Park USA Illinois 1895 1895 Partially destroyed by fire 1922 Rebuilt and redesigned 1923 (see Nathan Moore House II) Harrison P. Young House S.036 Oak Park USA Illinois 1895 1895 Remodel George W. Smith House[18] S.045 Oak Park USA Illinois 1895 1898 Romeo and Juliet Windmill[19] S.037 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1896 1897 Rebuilt 1938 Restored 1992 Isidore H. Heller House S.038 Chicago USA Illinois 1896 1897 Harry C. Goodrich House[20] S.042 Oak Park USA Illinois 1896 1896 Charles E. Roberts House[21] S.040 Oak Park USA Illinois 1896 1896 Remodel Charles E. Roberts Stable S.041 Oak Park USA Illinois 1896 1896 Remodel Converted to living quarters 1903-05 Moved to present location 1929 George W. Furbeck House S.043 Oak Park USA Illinois 1897 1897-98 Rollin Furbeck House[22] S.044, S.044A Oak Park USA Illinois 1897 1897 Remodeled 1907 Thomas H. Gale Cottage S.088.0 Whitehall USA Michigan 1897 River Forest Golf Club[23] S.062 River Forest USA Illinois 1898 Demolished Frank Lloyd Wright Home (studio addition) S.004 Oak Park USA Illinois 1897 1898 Interior and exterior modifications 1905 Remodeled 1911 Restored 1982-1987 Joseph and Helen Husser House[24] S.046 Chicago USA Illinois 1899 Demolished 1926 Edward C. Waller House S.047 River Forest USA Illinois 1899 Remodel Demolished 1939 William and Jessie M. Adams House S.048 Chicago USA Illinois 1900 1900-01 S. A. Foster House and Stable S.049 Chicago USA Illinois 1900 1900 B. Harley Bradley House (Glenlloyd) S.052 Kankakee USA Illinois 1900 Warren Hickox House S.056 Kankakee USA Illinois 1900 1900 E.H. Pitkin Cottage S.076 Sapper Island,[25] Desbarats Canada Ontario 1900 Henry Wallis Cottage S.079 Delavan USA Wisconsin 1900 Edward C. Waller Gates, Poultry House, and Stables S.065, S.066 River Forest USA Illinois 1901 Poultry House demolished 1939 Stables demolished early 1970s Gate posts and fence reused as entrance to a modern subdivision Fred B. Jones House (Penwern) S.083 Delavan USA Wisconsin 1901 1902 Ward Winfield Willits House S.054 Highland Park USA Illinois 1901 F. B. Henderson House S.057 Elmhurst USA Illinois 1901 1901 William G. Fricke House[26] S.058 Oak Park USA Illinois 1901 Buffalo Exposition Pavilion for the Universal Portland Cement Company[27] S.063 Buffalo USA New York 1901 1901 Temporary structure Demolished Frank W. Thomas House S.067 Oak Park USA Illinois 1901 1901 E. Arthur Davenport House[28] S.068 River Forest USA Illinois 1901 William E. Martin House[29] S.061 Oak Park USA Illinois 1902 Lake Delavan Yacht Club[30] S.064 Delavan USA Wisconsin 1902 Demolished Hillside Home School II S.069 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1901 Francis W. Little House I[31] S.070 Peoria USA Illinois 1902 1902 Stable added 1909 Arthur B. Heurtley House S.074 Oak Park USA Illinois 1902 1902 Arthur B. Heurtley Summer House S.074 Marquette Island USA Michigan 1902 1902 Remodel Mrs. George Gerts Double House, Bridge Cottage S.077 Whitehall USA Michigan 1902 Dana-Thomas House S.072 Springfield USA Illinois 1902 1902-04 Available for tours. Walter Gerts Bridge Cottage S.078 Whitehall USA Michigan 1902 Alfred W. Hebert House S.089 Chicago USA Illinois 1902 Remodel Partially destroyed by fire 1959; all Wright elements were removed in reconstruction George W. Spencer House S.081 Delavan USA Wisconsin 1902 Charles S. Ross House S.082 Delavan USA Wisconsin 1902 John A. Mosher House S.338 Wellington USA Ohio 1902 1903-04 Original unbuilt house designed for Mosher in Willmette, Illinois. No drawings exist at Taliesin for this house as built.[32] It is also not included in several complete lists of Wright works.[33] George F. Barton House S.103 Buffalo USA New York 1902 1903-04 Joseph J. Walser, Jr. House S.091 Chicago USA Illinois 1903 Horse Show Fountain S.094 Oak Park USA Illinois 1903 1909 Rebuilt 1969 Abraham Lincoln Center[34] S.095 Chicago USA Illinois 1903 Design completed by Dwight Perkins Robert M. Lamp House S.097 Madison USA Wisconsin 1903 1903 Darwin D. Martin Carriage House, Conservatory, and Pergola S.101 Buffalo USA New York 1903 1903-05 Demolished 1962 Reconstructed 2004-2007 Darwin D. Martin House S.100 Buffalo USA New York 1903 1904-05 Restored 2004-ongoing (as of 2012) Edwin H. Cheney House S.104 Oak Park USA Illinois 1903 Larkin Administration Building S.093 Buffalo USA New York 1904 Demolished 1950 Unity Temple S.096 Oak Park USA Illinois 1904 1905-08 Burton J. Westcott House S.099 Springfield USA Ohio 1904 1908 William R. Heath House S.105 Buffalo USA New York 1904 1904-05 Ferdinand F. Tomek House (The Ship House) S.128 Riverside USA Illinois 1904 1904-06 Harvey P. Sutton House S.106 McCook USA Nebraska 1905 1905 Hiram Baldwin House S.107 Kenilworth USA Illinois 1905 1905 Mary W. Adams House S.108 Highland Park USA Illinois 1905 1905 William A. Glasner House S.109 Glencoe USA Illinois 1905 1905 Charles A. Brown House[35] S.110 Evanston USA Illinois 1905 Frank L. Smith Bank S.111 Dwight USA Illinois 1905 1905 E. W. Cummings Real Estate Office S.112 River Forest USA Illinois 1905 Demolished 1925 E-Z Polish Factory S.114 Chicago USA Illinois 1905 1905 Lawrence Memorial Library S.073 Springfield USA Illinois 1905 A. P. Johnson House S.087 Delavan USA Wisconsin 1905 1905 Thomas P. Hardy House S.115 Racine USA Wisconsin 1905 1905 Darwin D. Martin Gardener’s Cottage S.090 Buffalo USA New York 1905 1909 Mrs Thomas H. Gale Cottage I, II & III S.088.0, S.088.1, S.088.2 Whitehall USA Michigan 1905 1909 Rookery Building S.113 Chicago USA Illinois 1905 1907 Lobby remodeling William H. Pettit Mortuary Chapel S.116 Belvidere USA Illinois 1906 1907 Peter A. Beachy House S.117 Oak Park USA Illinois 1906 1906 Remodel Frederick D. Nichols House[36] S.118 Flossmoor USA Illinois 1906 River Forest Tennis Club[37] S.119 River Forest USA Illinois 1906 Moved[38] 1920 to present location. Edward R. Hills House S.051 Oak Park USA Illinois 1906 1906 Remodel Reconstructed after fire 1977 P. D. Hoyt House S.120 Geneva USA Illinois 1906 Mrs. A. W. Gridley House (Ravine House) S.121 Batavia USA Illinois 1906 1906 Grace Fuller House S.123 Glencoe USA Illinois 1906 Uncertainty if ever built K. C. DeRhodes House S.125 South Bend USA Indiana 1906 1906 George M. Millard House S.126 Highland Park USA Illinois 1906 1906 Tan-Y-Deri (Andrew T. Porter House)[39] S.134 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1907 1907 Based on "A Fireproof House for $5000" Avery Coonley House S.135 Riverside USA Illinois 1907 Complex completed 1912 Stephen M. B. Hunt House I S.138 La Grange USA Illinois 1907 1907 Based on "A Fireproof House for $5000" Col. George Fabyan Villa S.129 Geneva USA Illinois 1907 1907 Remodel Fox River Country Club S.130 Geneva USA Illinois 1907 Remodel Destroyed by fire 1910 Larkin Company Exhibition Pavilion S.132 Norfolk USA Virginia 1907 1907 Temporary structure Demolished Pebbles & Balch Office S.131 Oak Park USA Illinois 1907 1907 Remodel Demolished by 1942 Frederick C. Robie House S.127 Chicago USA Illinois 1908 1909-10 Available for tours. G. C. Stockman House S.139 Mason City USA Iowa 1908 1908 Based on "A Fireproof House for $5000" Raymond W. Evans House S.140 Chicago USA Illinois 1908 Browne’s Bookstore S.141 Chicago USA Illinois 1908 Interior design Demolished 1912 (redesigned for a new tenant) L. K. Horner House[40] S.142 Chicago USA Illinois 1908 Demolished 1952 Eugene A. Gilmore House (Airplane House) S.146 Madison USA Wisconsin 1908 1908 Edward E. Boynton House S.147 Rochester USA New York 1908 1908 Walter V. Davidson House S.149 Buffalo USA New York 1908 1908 Isabel Roberts House S.150, S.394 River Forest USA Illinois 1908 1908 Meyer May House S.148 Grand Rapids USA Michigan 1908 1908-09 Completely restored, 1986-1987 Open for public tours William H. Copeland House S.158 Oak Park USA Illinois 1908 1908-09 Garage 1908 Remodel 1909 City National Bank Building and Park Inn Hotel S.155 Mason City USA Iowa 1908-09 1909-10 Edmund F. Brigham House S.184 Glencoe USA Illinois 1908–09 1915 Mrs. Thomas H. Gale House S.098 Oak Park USA Illinois 1909 1909 Como Orchard Summer Colony S.144 Darby USA Montana 1909 Bitter Root Inn[41] S.145 Stevensville USA Montana 1909 Destroyed by fire 1924 Frank J. Baker House S.151 Wilmette USA Illinois 1909 1909 Oscar M. Steffens House[42] S.153 Chicago USA Illinois 1909 Demolished 1963 W. Scott Thurber Art Gallery S.154 Chicago USA Illinois 1909 Interior design Demolished by 1917 (redesigned for a new tenant) George C. Stewart House (Butterfly Woods)[43] S.160 Montecito USA California 1909 J. Kibben Ingalls House[44] S.161 River Forest USA Illinois 1909 Peter C. Stohr Arcade Building[45] S.162 Chicago USA Illinois 1909 Demolished 1922 Edward P. Irving House[46] S.165 Decatur USA Illinois 1909 Edward C. Waller Bathing Pavilion S.166 Charlevoix USA Michigan 1909 Destroyed by fire c1922 Rev. Jessie R. Zeigler House S.164 Frankfort USA Kentucky 1909 1910 Based on "A Fireproof House for $5000" New York City Exhibition for the Universal Portland Cement Company S.163 New York USA New York 1910 1910 Temporary structure Demolished Ingwald Moe House[47] Gary USA Indiana 1910 Walter Gerts House (remodel) S.177 River Forest USA Illinois 1911 1911 Oscar B. Balch House S.168 Oak Park USA Illinois 1911 1911 Herbert Angster House S.169 Lake Bluff USA Illinois 1911 Demolished 1956 Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Railway Station[48] Glencoe USA Illinois 1911 Demolished mid-1950s Sherman M. Booth Cottage S.178 Glencoe USA Illinois 1911 Banff National Park Pavilion S.170 Banff Canada Alberta 1911 1913-14 Demolished 1939 Lake Geneva Hotel[49] S.171 Lake Geneva USA Wisconsin 1911 Demolished 1970 Taliesin I S.172 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1911 1911 Partially destroyed by fire 1914 The Avery Coonley School Playhouse[50] S.174 Riverside USA Illinois 1911 1912 Francis W. Little House II[51] S.173 Wayzata USA Minnesota 1912 1912-14 Demolished 1972 Living room displayed at The Met, NYC Library displayed at The Allentown Art Museum, PA Hallway displayed at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN Observation Platform for Island Woolen Mills[52] S.143 Baraboo USA Wisconsin 1912 Demolished in the early 1970s William B. Greene House[53] S.176 Aurora USA Illinois 1912 Park Ridge Country Club S.175 Park Ridge USA Illinois 1912 1912 Remodel Demolished 1930 Harry S. Adams House[54] S.179 Oak Park USA Illinois 1913 N N Souther Residence S.179.11a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] M F Russell Residence S.179.12a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] Samuel Wilson Residence S.179.13a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] McClintock Residence S.179.14a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] R N Fellows Residence S.179.21a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] A E Olson Residence S.179.22a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] F R Donahue Residence S.179.23a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] F W Collins Residence S.179.31a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] Dr I A Toren Residence S.179.32a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] W C Gaddis Residence S.179.41a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] E G Wheeler Residence S.179.42a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] L E Murphy Residence S.179.51a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] S R Flett Residence S.179.52a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] S D Roberts Residence S.179.61a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] C J LaMena Residence S.179.62a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] C G Towers Residence S.179.63a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] Frank Winters Residence S.179.71a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] J J Willis Residence S.179.72a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] D H Davis Residence S.179.73a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] Roy Iverson Residence S.179.81a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] W H Gordon Residence S.179.82a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] P W Hazelton Residence S.179.91a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] W C Rohray Residence S.179.92a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] F J Hinckley Residence S.179.93a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] C J Burras Residence S.179.XOa River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Williams St.[55] Clark H Sherman Residence S.179.24a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Clinton St.[55] Harry Hogan model house S.179.43a River Forest USA Illinois 1913 Clinton St.[55] Midway Gardens S.180 Chicago USA Illinois 1913 Demolished 1929 Taliesin II S.182 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1914 Partially destroyed by fire 1925 Mori Oriental Art Studio S.181 Chicago USA Illinois 1914 Women’s Building at Inter-County Fairgrounds S.167 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1914 Demolished 1924 American System-Built Homes Various Locations USA 1914–1915 Arthur L. Richards Bungalow S.202.1 Milwaukee USA Wisconsin 1915 (American System-Built Home) Lewis E. Burleigh House S.203.2 Wilmette USA Illinois 1915 (American System-Built Home) Ida and Grace McElwain House S.203.3 Lake Bluff USA Illinois 1915 (American System-Built Home) Thomas E. Sullivan House S.204.7 Wilmette USA Illinois 1915 1916 (American System-Built Home) Originally thought to be the work of John S. Van Bergen; Most recently (in 2008) determined to be a Wright design with addition by Van Bergen.[55] Other sources have yet to confirm William A. Storrer's finding. Arthur R. Munkwitz Duplex Apartments S.200 Milwaukee USA Wisconsin 1915 1916 Two structures (American System-Built Homes) Demolished 1973 Arthur L. Richards Duplex Apartments S.201 Milwaukee USA Wisconsin 1915 1916 Four structures (American System-Built Homes) Arthur L. Richards Small House S.202.1 Milwaukee USA Wisconsin 1915 1916 (American System-Built Home) Wilbur Wynant House S.204.5 Gary USA Indiana 1915 1916 (American System-Built Home) Destroyed by fire 2006 Stephen M. B. Hunt House II S.203.4 Oshkosh USA Wisconsin 1915 1917 (American System-Built Home) Guy C. Smith House S.204.1 Chicago USA Illinois 1915 1917 (American System-Built Home) H. Howard Hyde House S.204.2 Chicago USA Illinois 1915 1917 (American System-Built Home) Oscar A. Johnson House S.204.3 Evanston USA Illinois 1915 1917 (American System-Built Home) Delbert W. Meier House S.204.4 Monona USA Iowa 1915 1917 (American System-Built Home) Charles Heisen House S.204.6 Villa Park USA Illinois 1915 1917 (American System-Built Home) A. D. German Warehouse S.183 Richland Center USA Wisconsin 1915 1921 Ravine Bluffs Development S.185.1-.3, S.186 Glencoe USA Illinois 1915 (Ravine Bluffs Development) Ravine Bluffs Development Sculptures S.185.1-.3 Glencoe USA Illinois 1915 (Ravine Bluffs Development) Ravine Bluffs Development Bridge (Sylvan Road Bridge) S.186 Glencoe USA Illinois 1915 (Ravine Bluffs Development) Rebuilt 1980s Sherman M. Booth House S.187 Glencoe USA Illinois 1915 (Ravine Bluffs Development) Charles R. Perry House S.188 Glencoe USA Illinois 1915 (Ravine Bluffs Development) Hollis R. Root House S.189 Glencoe USA Illinois 1915 (Ravine Bluffs Development) William F. Kier House S.190 Glencoe USA Illinois 1915 (Ravine Bluffs Development) William F. Ross House S.191 Glencoe USA Illinois 1915 (Ravine Bluffs Development) Lute F. and Daniel Kissam House S.192 Glencoe USA Illinois 1915 (Ravine Bluffs Development) Emil Bach House S.193 Chicago USA Illinois 1915 1915 Imperial Hotel S.194 Tokyo Japan 1915 Completed 1923 Demolished 1968 (Lobby and pool reconstructed in 1976 at Meiji Mura) Frederick C. Bogk House S.196 Milwaukee USA Wisconsin 1916 Ernest Vosburgh House[56] S.197 Grand Beach USA Michigan 1916 Joseph J. Bagley House[57] S.198 Grand Beach USA Michigan 1916 William S. Carr House[58] S.199 Grand Beach USA Michigan 1916 Demolished 2004 (The first demolition of a Wright structure in 30 years [1]) Henry J. Allen House S.205 Wichita USA Kansas 1917 Aisaku Hayashi House S.206 Tokyo Japan 1917 Hollyhock House (Aline Barnsdall House) S.208 Los Angeles (Little Armenia) USA California 1917 1919-21 Available for tours. Arinobu Fukuhara House S.207 Kanagawa-Ken Japan 1918 Destroyed by earthquake 1923 Tazaemon Yamamura House S.212 Hyogo-Ken Japan 1918 Completed 1924 Imperial Hotel Annex[59] S.195 Tokyo Japan 1919 Temporary structure Demolished 1923 Midway Barn S.246 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1920 Expanded 1947 Jiyu Gakuen Girls’ School S.213 Tokyo Japan 1921 1921 Nathan G. Moore House II S.034 Oak Park USA Illinois 1923 1923 Reconstruction of Nathan Moore House I Alice Millard House (La Miniatura) S.214 Pasadena USA California 1923 1923 Dr. John Storer House S.215 Hollywood USA California 1923 1923 Samuel Freeman House S.216 Hollywood Hills USA California 1923 1923 Charles Ennis House S.217 Los Feliz USA California 1923 1924 Occasionally available for tours. Taliesin III S.218 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1925 Available for tours. Graycliff Estate (Isabelle R. Martin House) S.225 Derby USA New York 1926 1926-29 Available for tours. Arizona Biltmore Hotel S.221 Phoenix USA Arizona 1927 1929 Consulting architect 1928 Beach Cottages at Dumyat (Ras-el-Bar) S.223 Dumyat Egypt 1927 Uncertainty if ever built Ocotillo Desert Camp[60] S.224 Chandler USA Arizona 1928 Partially destroyed by fire and abandoned 1929 Chandler Land Improvement Company Camp Cabins Chandler USA Arizona 1929 Demolished by 1934 Westhope (Richard L. Jones House) S.227 Tulsa USA Oklahoma 1929 1929 Malcolm E. Willey House S.229 Minneapolis USA Minnesota 1934 1934 Available for tours. Fallingwater (Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. Residence) S.230 Bear Run USA Pennsylvania 1935 1936-38 Available for tours. Herbert Jacobs House I S.234 Madison USA Wisconsin 1936 1937 Abby Beecher Roberts House (Deertrack)[61] S.236 Marquette USA Michigan 1936 Johnson Wax Headquarters S.237 Racine USA Wisconsin 1936 1936-39 Available for tours. Hanna-Honeycomb House S.235 Palo Alto USA California 1937 1937 At Stanford University Wingspread (Herbert F. Johnson House) S.239 Wind Point USA Wisconsin 1937 1938-39 Available for tours. Ben Rebhuhn House S.240 Great Neck Estates USA New York 1937 1937 Taliesin West S.241 Scottsdale USA Arizona 1937 1937 Available for tours. Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. Office S.233 Pittsburgh USA Pennsylvania 1937 Relocated Displayed at The V&A London, U.K. Suntop Homes S.248 Ardmore USA Pennsylvania 1938 1939 Charles L. Manson House S.249 Wausau USA Wisconsin 1938 1938-41 Florida Southern College (FSC) (Child of the Sun) Lakeland USA Florida 1938–1954 Child of the Sun at Florida Southern College FSC Annie M. Pfeiffer Chapel S.251 Lakeland USA Florida 1938 1941 Child of the Sun at Florida Southern College John C. Pew House[62] S.273 Shorewood Hills USA Wisconsin 1939 Sidney Bazett House[63] S.259 Hillsborough USA California 1939 Andrew F. H. Armstrong House[64] S.260 Ogden Dunes USA Indiana 1939 Stanley Rosenbaum House S.267 Florence USA Alabama 1939 1940 Lloyd Lewis House S.265 Libertyville USA Illinois 1939 1939 Loren B. Pope Residence S.268 Falls Church USA Virginia 1939 1940 Relocated to Alexandria, VA in 2001 Goetsch-Winckler House S.269 Okemos USA Michigan 1939 1940 Joseph Euchtman House[65] S.270 Pikesville USA Maryland 1939 Bernard Schwartz House (Still Bend) S.271 Two Rivers USA Wisconsin 1939 1940 This home is available for rentals[66] George D. Sturges House S.272 Brentwood Heights USA California 1939 1939 Clarence Sondern House[67] S.279 Kansas City USA Missouri 1939 1940 Rose Pauson House (Shiprock ruins) S.250 Phoenix USA Arizona 1939 1940 Destroyed by fire 1942 FSC Seminar Buildings I, II, & III S.253.1-3, S.253A Lakeland USA Florida 1940 1949 Child of the Sun at Florida Southern College Auldbrass Plantation (C. Leigh Stevens House) S.261, S.261A, S.262, S.263A, S.263B, S.263C, S.263D, S.264A, S.264B, S.264C Yemassee USA South Carolina 1940 1940-51 Gregor S. Affleck House S.274 Bloomfield Hills USA Michigan 1940 1940 Arch Oboler House Complex[68] (Eaglefeather) S.275 Malibu USA California 1940 Completed 1955 Theodore Baird Residence S.277 Amherst USA Massachusetts 1940 1940 James B. Christie House S.278 Bernardsville USA New Jersey 1940 1940 Community Christian Church[69] S.280 Kansas City USA Missouri 1940 1940-42 FSC E. T. Roux Library S.252 Lakeland USA Florida 1941 1946 Child of the Sun at Florida Southern College Stuart Richardson House S.282 Glen Ridge USA New Jersey 1941 1951 Carlton D. Wall House (Snowflake) S.281 Plymouth USA Michigan 1941 1941-47 FSC Industrial Arts Building S.254 Lakeland USA Florida 1942 1952 Child of the Sun at Florida Southern College Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum S.400 New York USA New York 1943–1956 Completed 1959 Herbert Jacobs House II S.283 Middleton USA Wisconsin 1944 1946-48 FSC Administration Building S.255 Lakeland USA Florida 1945 1949 Child of the Sun at Florida Southern College Lowell Walter Residence (Cedar Rock) S.284 Quasqueton USA Iowa 1945 Arnold Friedman Lodge[70] (Fir Tree) S.286 Pecos USA New Mexico 1945 FSC Esplanades S.257 Lakeland USA Florida 1946 1946-58 Child of the Sun at Florida Southern College Melvyn M. Smith House S.287 Bloomfield Hills USA Michigan 1946 1949 Douglas Grant House S.288 Marion USA Iowa 1946 1946 Alvin L. Miller House S.289 Charles City USA Iowa 1946 1946 Chauncey L. Griggs Residence[71] S.290 Tacoma USA Washington 1946 Amy Alpaugh Studio Residence[72] S.293 Northport USA Michigan 1946 Unitarian Society Meeting House S.291 Shorewood Hills USA Wisconsin 1947 1949-51 A. H. Bulbulian Residence S.292 Rochester USA Minnesota 1947 1947 FSC J. Edgar Wall Water Dome S.255A Lakeland USA Florida 1948 1949 Child of the Sun at Florida Southern College Galesburg Country Homes (The Acres) S.294, S.295, S.296, S.297 Galesburg USA Michigan 1948 1949 (Galesburg Country Homes) David Weisblat Residence S.294 Galesburg USA Michigan 1948 1949 (Galesburg Country Home) Eric and Pat Pratt Residence S.295 Galesburg USA Michigan 1948 1949 (Galesburg Country Home) Samuel Eppstein Residence S.296 Galesburg USA Michigan 1948 1949 (Galesburg Country Home) Curtis Meyer Residence S.297 Galesburg USA Michigan 1948 1949 (Galesburg Country Home) Herman T. Mossberg Residence S.302 South Bend USA Indiana 1948 1948 Fountainhead (J. Willis Hughes House) S.303 Jackson USA Mississippi 1948 1950 Carroll Alsop House S.304 Oskaloosa USA Iowa 1948 1948 Jack Lamberson House S.305 Oskaloosa USA Iowa 1948 1948 Mrs. Clinton Walker Residence S.306 Carmel USA California 1948 Albert Adelman House S.308 Fox Point USA Wisconsin 1948 1948 Maynard P. Buehler House S.309 Orinda USA California 1948 1948 Charles E. Weltzheimer Residence S.311 Oberlin USA Ohio 1948 1948-49 Erling P. Brauner Residence S.312 Okemos USA Michigan 1948 V. C. Morris Gift Shop S.310 San Francisco USA California 1948 1948-49 Parkwyn Village S.298, S.299, S.299A, S.299B, S.299C, S.300, S.300A, S.301 Kalamazoo USA Michigan 1948 1949–1950 (Parkwyn Village Homes) Robert Levin House S.298 Kalamazoo USA Michigan 1948 1949 (Parkwyn Village Home) McCartney Residence S.299, S.299B Kalamazoo USA Michigan 1948 1949 (Parkwyn Village Home) Eric V. Brown Residence S.300 Kalamazoo USA Michigan 1948 1949 (Parkwyn Village Home) Robert D. Winn Residence S.301 Kalamazoo USA Michigan 1948 1950 (Parkwyn Village Home) Usonia Homes S.316, S.317, S.318, S.318A Pleasantville USA New York 1948 1948–1951 (Usonia Homes) Sol Friedman House (Toyhill) S.316 Pleasantville USA New York 1948 1948 (Usonia Homes) Edward Serlin House S.317 Pleasantville USA New York 1948 1949 (Usonia Homes) Roland Reisley House S.318 Pleasantville USA New York 1948 1951 (Usonia Homes) James Edwards Residence S.313 Okemos USA Michigan 1949 Howard E. Anthony Residence S.315 Benton Harbor USA Michigan 1949 Kenneth Laurent House S.319 Rockford USA Illinois 1949 Henry J. Neils House S.314 Minneapolis USA Minnesota 1949 1951 Wilbur C. Pearce Residence S.320 Bradbury USA California 1950 Thomas E. Keys Residence S.321 Rochester USA Minnesota 1950 1950 David and Gladys Wright House S.322 Phoenix USA Arizona 1950 1953 Currently being restored. Russell W. Kraus House S.340 Kirkwood USA Missouri 1950 1952-60 John Haynes House S.323 Fort Wayne USA Indiana 1950 1952 Dr. Richard Davis House (Woodside) S.324 Marion USA Indiana 1950 1955 J. A. Sweeton Residence S.325 Cherry Hill USA New Jersey 1950 1950 John O. Carr Residence S.327 Glenview USA Illinois 1950 Donald Schaberg House S.328 Okemos USA Michigan 1950 1957-58 Dr. R. Bradford Harper Residence S.329 St. Joseph USA Michigan 1950 Robert Berger Residence S.330 San Anselmo USA California 1950 Arthur C. Mathews Residence S.331 Atherton USA California 1950 Dr. Isadore J. Zimmerman House S.333 Manchester USA New Hampshire 1950 Robert Muirhead Residence S.334 Plato Center USA Illinois 1950 Karl A. Staley House S.335 North Madison USA Ohio 1950 1951 S. P. Elam Residence S.336 Austin USA Minnesota 1950 Richard C. Smith House S.337 Jefferson USA Wisconsin 1950 1950 John A. Gillin Residence S.338 Dallas USA Texas 1950 1958 Raymond Carlson Residence S.326 Phoenix USA Arizona 1950 Seamour Shavin House S.339 Chattanooga USA Tennessee 1950 1952 Wetmore Auto Service Station[73] Ferndale USA Michigan 1951 1951 An interior remodel Was S.348, but no longer numbered by Storrer. Patrick Kinney Residence S.342 Lancaster USA Wisconsin 1951 Available for rent on Airbnb.[74] Charles F. Glore Residence S.341 Lake Forest USA Illinois 1951 Nathan Rubin Residence S.343 Canton USA Ohio 1951 Benjamin Adelman Residence S.344 Phoenix USA Arizona 1951 Welbie L. Fuller Residence S.347 Pass Christian USA Mississippi 1951 Destroyed by Hurricane Camille 1969 Frank Lloyd Wright Field Office S.348 San Francisco USA California 1951 Broad Margin (Gabrielle Austin Residence) S.345 Greenville USA South Carolina 1951 1954 A. K. Chahroudi Cottage S.346 Lake Mahopac USA New York 1951 William Palmer Residence S.332 Ann Arbor USA Michigan 1952 Arthur Pieper Residence S.349 Paradise Valley USA Arizona 1952 Ray Brandes House S.350 Sammamish[75] USA Washington 1952 1952 Quintin Blair House S.351 Cody USA Wyoming 1952 1952-53 Archie B. Teater Studio (Teater's Knoll) S.352 Bliss USA Idaho 1952 1952 R. W. Lindholm Residence (Mäntylä) S.353 Cloquet USA Minnesota 1952 Dismantled June, 2016. To be relocated to Polymath Park. Frank S. Sander Residence (Springbough) S.354 Stamford USA Connecticut 1952 1955 Anderton Court Shops S.356 Beverly Hills USA California 1952 1952 George Lewis House S.359 Tallahassee USA Florida 1952 1954 Luis Marden House S.357 McLean USA Virginia 1952 Completed 1959 Price Tower S.355 Bartlesville USA Oklahoma 1952 1952-56 FSC Polk County Science Building S.256 Lakeland USA Florida 1953 1958 Child of the Sun at Florida Southern College Andrew B. Cooke House S.360 Virginia Beach USA Virginia 1953 Completed 1959 Jorgine Boomer Residence S.361 Phoenix USA Arizona 1953 Robert Llewellyn Wright House S.358 Bethesda USA Maryland 1953 1957 Lewis H. Goddard Residence S.364 Plymouth USA Michigan 1953 John and Syd Dobkins House S.362 Canton USA Ohio 1953 1954 Kentuck Knob (I.N. Hagan House) S.377 Chalkhill USA Pennsylvania 1953 1953-56 Tours available. Harold Price Jr. Residence S.363 Bartlesville USA Oklahoma 1953 Louis A. Penfield House S.365 Willoughby Hills USA Ohio 1953 1955 (Original plans were for a main and guest house, which only the guest house was built.) This home is available for renting[76] Riverview Terrace Restaurant (Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center) S.367 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1953 Used today as the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center as well as a restaurant. Usonian Exhibition House and Pavilion S.369, S.370 New York USA New York 1953 1953 Temporary structure Demolished FSC William H. Danforth Chapel S.258 Lakeland USA Florida 1954 1955 Child of the Sun at Florida Southern College Ellis A. Feiman House S.371 Canton USA Ohio 1954 E. Clarke and Julia Arnold House S.374 Columbus USA Wisconsin 1954 1955-56 Dr. Maurice Greenberg House S.372 Dousman USA Wisconsin 1954 Hoffman Auto Showroom (Mercedes-Benz Manhattan) S.380 New York USA New York 1954 Demolished 2013 Beth Sholom Synagogue S.373 Elkins Park USA Pennsylvania 1954 Completed 1959 Exhibition Pavilion Los Angeles USA California 1954 1954 Temporary structure Demolished Bachman-Wilson House S.366 Millstone USA New Jersey 1954 1954-56 Relocated to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas (Jan., 2014). William L. Thaxton Jr. House S.384 Bunker Hill Village USA Texas 1954 Samara (John E. Christian Residence) S.375 West Lafayette USA Indiana 1954 1954-56 Gerald B. and Beverley Tonkens House S.386 Cincinnati USA Ohio 1954 Cedric G. and Patricia Neils Boulter House S.379 Cincinnati USA Ohio 1954 1956 Louis B. Frederick House S.376 Barrington Hills USA Illinois 1954 Keland House S.368 Racine USA Wisconsin 1954 Don E. Lovness Studio & Cottage S.391 Stillwater USA Minnesota 1955 Cottage built 1972 Dorothy H. Turkel House S.388 Detroit USA Michigan 1955 William B. Tracy House S.389 Normandy Park USA Washington 1955 1956 Toufic H. Kalil House S.387 Manchester USA New Hampshire 1955 1955 Kalita Humphreys Theater S.395 Dallas USA Texas 1955 Completed 1959 Randall Fawcett House S.385 Los Banos USA California 1955 Completed 1961 John L. Rayward House (Tirranna) S.383 New Canaan USA Connecticut 1955 1955 Max Hoffman House S.390 Rye USA New York 1955 Completed 1972 Theodore A. Pappas House S.392 St. Louis USA Missouri 1955 1960-64 Dr. Karl Kundert Medical Clinic S.396 San Luis Obispo USA California 1955 Robert H. Sunday House S.393 Marshalltown USA Iowa 1955 1957 R. W. Lindholm Service Station S.414 Cloquet USA Minnesota 1956 1956-58 Frank Bott Residence[77] S.404 Kansas City USA Missouri 1956 Harold C. Price Sr. House S.378 Paradise Valley USA Arizona 1956 Allen Friedman House S.403 Bannockburn USA Illinois 1956 Dr. Kenneth L. Meyers Medical Clinic S.397 Dayton USA Ohio 1956 Dudley Spencer House (Laurel) S.402 Wilmington USA Delaware 1956 1956-61 Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church S.399 Wauwatosa USA Wisconsin 1956 1959-61 Wyoming Valley Grammar School[78] S.401 Spring Green USA Wisconsin 1956 Marshall Erdman Prefab Houses Various Locations USA 1956 1956–1961 (Marshall Erdman Prefab Houses) Eugene Van Tamelen House S.406 Madison USA Wisconsin 1956 1956 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1) Arnold Jackson House (Skyview) S.407.1 Madison USA Wisconsin 1956 1957 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1) Relocated to Beaver Dam, WI in 1985 Donald C. Duncan House S.407.2 Lisle USA Illinois 1956 1957 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1) Relocated to Polymath Park, PA in 2002 Frank Iber House S.408 Plover USA Wisconsin 1956 1957 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1) Carl Post House S.409.1 Barrington Hills USA Illinois 1956 1957 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1) James B. McBean Residence S.412.2 Rochester USA Minnesota 1956 1957 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #2) Walter Rudin House S.412.1 Madison USA Wisconsin 1956 1957-59 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #2) Joseph Mollica House S.411.1 Bayside USA Wisconsin 1956 1958 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1) The Crimson Beech (William Cass House) S.409.2 Staten Island USA New York 1956 1959 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1) Dr. Edward & Laura Jane LaFond House S.411.2 St. Joseph USA Minnesota 1956 1960 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1) Socrates Zaferiou House S.410 Blauvelt USA New York 1956 1961 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1) Marin County Civic Center S.415, S.416, S.417 San Rafael USA California 1957 Completed 1976 Main building and post office only. Other buildings by Taliesin Associated Architects. William P. Boswell Residence S.423 Indian Hill USA Ohio 1957 Completed 1961 C. E. Gordon House S.315 Wilsonville USA Oregon 1957 Completed 1963 Relocated to Silverton, OR in 2001 Paul J. and Ida Trier House S.398 Johnston USA Iowa 1957 1957 Robert G. Walton House[79] S.421 Modesto USA California 1957 Dr. Herman T. Fasbender Medical Clinic S.424 Hastings USA Minnesota 1957 1959 Wichita State University Juvenile Cultural Study Center[80] S.418 Wichita USA Kansas 1957 Completed 1963 Sterling Kinney Residence[81] S.422 Amarillo USA Texas 1957 Carl E. Schultz House[82] S.426 St. Joseph USA Michigan 1957 1957 Duey and Julia Wright House S.420 Wausau USA Wisconsin 1957 1959 Eddie's House S.330A San Anselmo USA California 1957 1963 Doghouse Demolished 1973 Dr. George Ablin House[83] S.428 Bakersfield USA California 1958 Pilgrim Congregational Church S.431 Redding USA California 1958 1960-63 Don M. Stromquist House S.429 Bountiful USA Utah 1958 1959 Seth C. Peterson Cottage S.430 Mirror Lake USA Wisconsin 1958 1958 Available for rentals. Lockridge Medical Clinic[84] S.425 Whitefish USA Montana 1958 1960 Demolished January 9, 2018. Paul Olfelt House[85] S.427 St. Louis Park USA Minnesota 1958 Norman Lykes House[86] S.433 Phoenix USA Arizona 1959 Completed 1968 Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Railway Station[48] Glencoe USA Illinois 1911 Demolished mid-1950s

Posthumous constructions[edit] Name City, State/Country Designed Built Other Information Image Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium Tempe, Arizona 1959 1962-64 Storrer Number S.432 First Christian Church Phoenix, Arizona 1950 1973 (Unbuilt Southwest Christian Seminary) Arthur and Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer House Scottsdale, Arizona 1938 1974 (Unbuilt Ralph Jester House) Whiteford-Haddock House Ann Arbor, Michigan 1941 1979 (Unbuilt Roy Peterson House) King Kamehameha Golf Course Clubhouse Waikapu, Maui, Hawaii 1949 Revised 1952 Revised 1957 1993 Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center Madison, Wisconsin 1938-59 1997 Blue Sky Mausoleum Buffalo, New York 1928 2004 Massaro House Lake Mahopac, New York 1949 2004-07 (On Petra Island. Unbuilt A. K. Chahroudi House planned for the same location) Rowing Boathouse[87] Buffalo, New York 1905 2007 Scottsdale Spire[88] Scottsdale, Arizona 1957 2004 (Part of the unbuilt Arizona State Capitol Project. Design adapted by Taliesin Architects) Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Wieland House Greystones, County Wicklow, Republic of Ireland 1959 2007 (Original Design from 1959 for a house in Maryland - rebuilt by Marc Coleman in Ireland. The only Wright structure in Europe[89]) Filling Station[90] Buffalo, New York 1927 2013-14 Originally intended for the corner of Michigan Avenue and Cherry Street, downtown Buffalo. Constructed inside the Pierce-Arrow Museum, Buffalo, NY.[91]

Notable unbuilt works[edit] University Avenue Power House, Madison, Wisconsin, 1885[92][93] Gordon Strong Automobile Objective, Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland, 1924 San Marcos In The Desert, Chandler, Arizona, 1929 Broadacre City, Chandler, Arizona, 1932-5 Crystal Heights, Washington, DC, 1940 Cooperative Homesteads, Madison Heights, MI, 1942 Rogers Lacy Hotel, Dallas, Texas, 1946 Point Park Civic Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1947 Angelo Masieri Memorial, Venice, Veneto, Italy, 1951-53 [94] The Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, 1956 Plan for Greater Baghdad, Iraq, 1957-8 Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand, Connecticut[95] Lake Tahoe Summer Colony, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, Utah, Began in 1923[96] Calico Mills administrative office in Ahmedabad, India. Later Calico Dome was built on the same site.[97]

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Commercial BuildingFrank Lloyd WrightBeige SquareGreen SquarePurple SquareUnity ChapelSpring Green, WisconsinWisconsinJoseph Lyman SilsbeeHillside Home School ISpring Green, WisconsinWisconsinJoseph Lyman SilsbeeFrank Lloyd Wright Home And StudioOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisWilliam Storrs MacHarg House (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisLouis SullivanLouis Sullivan BungalowOcean Springs, MississippiMississippiHurricane KatrinaCharnley-Norwood HouseOcean Springs, MississippiMississippiHurricane KatrinaJames Charnley HouseChicagoIllinoisLouis SullivanDr. Allison W. Harlan House (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisChicagoIllinoisGeorge Blossom House (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisRobert G. Emmond House (page Does Not Exist)La Grange, IllinoisIllinoisThomas H. Gale HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisRobert P. Parker HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisAlbert Sullivan House (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisLouis SullivanW. Irving Clark House (page Does Not Exist)La Grange, IllinoisIllinoisWalter Gale HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisRobert M. Lamp Cottage (page Does Not Exist)Madison, WisconsinWisconsinLake Mendota Boathouse (page Does Not Exist)Madison, WisconsinWisconsinFrancis J. Woolley HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisWilliam H. Winslow HouseRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisPeter Goan House (page Does Not Exist)La Grange, IllinoisIllinoisRoloson HousesChicagoIllinoisFrederick Bagley House (page Does Not Exist)Hinsdale, IllinoisIllinoisRacine, WisconsinWisconsinOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisChicagoIllinoisOak Park, IllinoisWaller ApartmentsChicagoIllinoisFrancis Apartments (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisChauncey L. Williams HouseRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisNathan G. Moore HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisList Of Frank Lloyd Wright WorksHarrison P. Young HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisGeorge W. Smith House (Oak Park, Illinois)Oak Park, IllinoisIllinoisRomeo And Juliet WindmillSpring Green, WisconsinWisconsinHeller HouseChicagoIllinoisHarry C. Goodrich House (page Does Not Exist)Oak Park, IllinoisIllinoisCharles E. Roberts House (page Does Not Exist)Oak Park, IllinoisIllinoisCharles E. Roberts StableOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisGeorge Furbeck HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisRollin Furbeck HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisThomas H. Gale Cottage (page Does Not Exist)Whitehall, MichiganMichiganRiver Forest Golf Club (page Does Not Exist)River Forest, IllinoisIllinoisFrank Lloyd Wright Home And StudioOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisJoseph And Helen Husser House (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisWilliam And Jessie M. Adams HouseChicagoIllinoisS. A. Foster House And StableChicagoIllinoisB. Harley Bradley HouseKankakee, IllinoisIllinoisWarren Hickox HouseKankakee, IllinoisIllinoisE.H. Pitkin Cottage (page Does Not Exist)Desbarats, OntarioCanadaOntarioDelavan, WisconsinWisconsinRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisFred B. Jones HouseDelavan, WisconsinWisconsinWillits HouseHighland Park, IllinoisIllinoisF.B. Henderson HouseElmhurst, IllinoisIllinoisWilliam G. Fricke House (page Does Not Exist)Oak Park, IllinoisIllinoisBuffalo Exposition Pavilion For The Universal Portland Cement Company (page Does Not Exist)Buffalo, New YorkNew York (state)Frank Thomas HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisE. Arthur Davenport House (page Does Not Exist)River Forest, IllinoisIllinoisWilliam E. Martin House (page Does Not Exist)Oak Park, IllinoisIllinoisLake Delavan Yacht Club (page Does Not Exist)Delavan, WisconsinWisconsinHillside Home School IISpring Green, WisconsinWisconsinFrancis W. Little House I (page Does Not Exist)Peoria, IllinoisIllinoisArthur Heurtley HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisArthur B. Heurtley Summer House (page Does Not Exist)Marquette IslandMichiganWhitehall, MichiganMichiganDana-Thomas HouseSpringfield, IllinoisIllinoisWalter Gerts Bridge Cottage (page Does Not Exist)Whitehall, MichiganMichiganChicagoIllinoisDelavan, WisconsinWisconsinCharles S. Ross HouseDelavan, WisconsinWisconsinMosher HouseWellington, OhioOhioWillmette, IllinoisGeorge Barton HouseBuffalo, New YorkNew York (state)J. J. Walser, Jr. ResidenceChicagoIllinoisHorse Show FountainOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisAbraham Lincoln Center (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisDwight H. Perkins (architect)Robert M. Lamp HouseMadison, WisconsinWisconsinDarwin D. Martin HouseBuffalo, New YorkNew York (state)Darwin D. Martin HouseBuffalo, New YorkNew York (state)Edwin H. Cheney HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisLarkin Administration BuildingBuffalo, New YorkNew York (state)Unity TempleOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisWestcott House (Springfield, Ohio)Springfield, OhioOhioWilliam R. Heath HouseBuffalo, New YorkNew York (state)F. F. Tomek HouseRiverside, IllinoisIllinoisHarvey P. Sutton HouseMcCook, NebraskaNebraskaHiram Baldwin HouseKenilworth, IllinoisIllinoisMary W. Adams HouseHighland Park, IllinoisIllinoisWilliam A. Glasner HouseGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisCharles A. Brown House (page Does Not Exist)Evanston, IllinoisIllinoisFrank L. Smith BankDwight, IllinoisIllinoisE. W. Cummings Real Estate Office (page Does Not Exist)River Forest, IllinoisIllinoisE-Z Polish FactoryChicagoIllinoisLawrence Memorial LibrarySpringfield, IllinoisIllinoisA. P. Johnson HouseDelavan, WisconsinWisconsinThomas P. Hardy HouseRacine, WisconsinWisconsinDarwin D. Martin HouseBuffalo, New YorkNew York (state)Mrs Thomas H. Gale Cottage I, II & III (page Does Not Exist)Whitehall, MichiganMichiganRookery BuildingChicagoIllinoisPettit Memorial ChapelBelvidere, IllinoisIllinoisPeter A. Beachy HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisFrederick D. Nichols House (page Does Not Exist)Flossmoor, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest Tennis Club (page Does Not Exist)River Forest, IllinoisIllinoisEdward R. Hills HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisP. D. Hoyt House (page Does Not Exist)Geneva, IllinoisIllinoisMrs. A. W. Gridley HouseBatavia, IllinoisIllinoisGrace Fuller House (page Does Not Exist)Glencoe, IllinoisIllinoisK. C. DeRhodes HouseSouth Bend, IndianaIndianaGeorge Madison Millard HouseHighland Park, IllinoisIllinoisTan-Y-DeriSpring Green, WisconsinWisconsinA Fireproof House For $5000Coonley HouseRiverside, IllinoisIllinoisStephen M. B. Hunt House ILa Grange, IllinoisIllinoisA Fireproof House For $5000Fabyan VillaGeneva, IllinoisIllinoisFox River Country Club (page Does Not Exist)Geneva, IllinoisIllinoisNorfolk, VirginiaVirginiaOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisRobie HouseChicagoIllinoisDr. G.C. Stockman HouseMason City, IowaIowaA Fireproof House For $5000Raymond W. Evans HouseChicagoIllinoisBrowne’s Bookstore (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisChicagoIllinoisEugene A. Gilmore HouseMadison, WisconsinWisconsinEdward E. Boynton HouseRochester, New YorkNew York (state)Walter V. Davidson HouseBuffalo, New YorkNew York (state)Isabel Roberts HouseRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisMeyer May HouseGrand Rapids, MichiganMichiganWilliam H. Copeland HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisPark Inn HotelMason City, IowaIowaEdmund F. Brigham HouseGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisLaura Gale HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisComo Orchards Summer Colony One-Room CottageDarby, MontanaMontanaStevensville, MontanaMontanaFrank J. Baker HouseWilmette, IllinoisIllinoisOscar M. Steffens House (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisW. Scott Thurber Art Gallery (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisMontecito, CaliforniaCaliforniaRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisPeter C. Stohr Arcade Building (page Does Not Exist)ChicagoIllinoisDecatur, IllinoisIllinoisCharlevoix, MichiganMichiganJesse R. Zeigler HouseFrankfort, KentuckyKentuckyA Fireproof House For $5000New York City Exhibition For The Universal Portland Cement Company (page Does Not Exist)New York (state)New York (state)Gary, IndianaIndianaWalter Gerts HouseRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisOscar B. Balch HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisHerbert Angster House (page Does Not Exist)Lake Bluff, IllinoisIllinoisGlencoe, ILIllinoisGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisBanff National Park PavilionBanff, AlbertaCanadaAlbertaLake Geneva Hotel (page Does Not Exist)Lake Geneva, WisconsinWisconsinTaliesin (studio)Spring Green, WisconsinWisconsinThe Avery Coonley SchoolRiverside, IllinoisIllinoisFrancis W. Little House II (page Does Not Exist)Wayzata, MinnesotaMinnesotaMetropolitan Museum Of ArtNew York CityAllentown Art MuseumPennsylvaniaMinneapolis Institute Of ArtsMinneapolisObservation Platform For Island Woolen Mills (page Does Not Exist)Baraboo, WisconsinWisconsinAurora, IllinoisIllinoisPark Ridge, IllinoisIllinoisOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisN N Souther Residence (page Does Not Exist)River Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisRiver Forest, IllinoisIllinoisMidway GardensChicagoIllinoisTaliesin (studio)Spring Green, WisconsinWisconsinChicagoIllinoisSpring Green, WisconsinWisconsinAmerican System-Built HomesArthur L. Richards BungalowMilwaukeeWisconsinLewis E. Burleigh HouseWilmette, IllinoisIllinoisIda And Grace McElwain HouseLake Bluff, IllinoisIllinoisThomas E. Sullivan HouseWilmette, IllinoisIllinoisJohn S. Van BergenArthur R. Munkwitz Duplex ApartmentsMilwaukeeWisconsinArthur L. Richards Duplex ApartmentsMilwaukeeWisconsinArthur L. Richards Small HouseMilwaukeeWisconsinWilbur Wynant HouseGary, IndianaIndianaStephen M. B. Hunt House IIOshkosh, WisconsinWisconsinGuy C. Smith HouseChicagoIllinoisH. Howard Hyde HouseChicagoIllinoisOscar A. Johnson HouseEvanston, IllinoisIllinoisDelbert W. Meier HouseMonona, IowaIowaCharles Heisen HouseVilla Park, IllinoisIllinoisA. D. German WarehouseRichland Center, WisconsinWisconsinRavine Bluffs DevelopmentGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisRavine Bluffs DevelopmentRavine Bluffs Development SculpturesGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisRavine Bluffs Development BridgeGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisSherman M. Booth HouseGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisCharles R. Perry HouseGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisHollis R. Root HouseGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisWilliam F. Kier HouseGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisWilliam F. Ross HouseGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisLute F. And Daniel Kissam HouseGlencoe, IllinoisIllinoisEmil Bach HouseChicagoIllinoisImperial Hotel, TokyoTokyoJapanMeiji MuraFrederick C. Bogk HouseMilwaukeeWisconsinErnest Vosburgh House (page Does Not Exist)Grand Beach, MichiganMichiganGrand Beach, MichiganMichiganGrand Beach, MichiganMichiganHenry J. Allen HouseWichita, KansasKansasAisaku Hayashi House (page Does Not Exist)TokyoJapanHollyhock HouseLittle Armenia, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCaliforniaArinobu FukuharaKanagawaJapan1923 Great Kantō EarthquakeYodokō Guest HouseHyogoJapanImperial Hotel, TokyoTokyoJapanMidway BarnSpring Green, WisconsinWisconsinJiyu Gakuen Girls’ SchoolTokyoJapanNathan G. Moore HouseOak Park, IllinoisIllinoisList Of Frank Lloyd Wright WorksMillard HousePasadena, CaliforniaCaliforniaStorer House (Los Angeles, California)Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCaliforniaSamuel Freeman HouseHollywood HillsCaliforniaEnnis HouseLos Feliz, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCaliforniaTaliesin (studio)Spring Green, WisconsinWisconsinGraycliffDerby, New YorkNew York (state)Arizona Biltmore HotelPhoenix, ArizonaArizonaBeach Cottages At Dumyat (page Does Not Exist)DamiettaEgyptChandler, ArizonaArizonaChandler, ArizonaArizonaWesthopeTulsa, OklahomaOklahomaMalcolm Willey HouseMinneapolisMinnesotaFallingwaterBear Run (Youghiogheny River)PennsylvaniaHerbert And Katherine Jacobs First HouseMadison, WisconsinWisconsinAbby Beecher Roberts House (page Does Not Exist)Marquette, MichiganMichiganJohnson Wax HeadquartersRacine, WisconsinWisconsinHanna-Honeycomb HousePalo Alto, CaliforniaCaliforniaStanford UniversityWingspreadWind Point, WisconsinWisconsinBen Rebhuhn HouseGreat Neck Estates, New YorkNew York (state)Taliesin WestScottsdale, ArizonaArizonaEdgar J. Kaufmann Sr. Office (page Does Not Exist)PittsburghPennsylvaniaVictoria And Albert MuseumLondonSuntop HomesArdmore, PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaCharles L. Manson HouseWausau, WisconsinWisconsinChild Of The SunLakeland, FloridaFloridaChild Of The SunFlorida Southern CollegeChild Of The SunLakeland, FloridaFloridaChild Of The SunFlorida Southern CollegeJohn C. Pew House (page Does Not Exist)Shorewood Hills, WisconsinWisconsinSidney Bazett House (page Does Not Exist)Hillsborough, CaliforniaCaliforniaOgden Dunes, IndianaIndianaRosenbaum HouseFlorence, AlabamaAlabamaLloyd Lewis HouseLibertyville, IllinoisIllinoisPope-Leighey HouseFalls Church, VirginiaVirginiaAlexandria, VirginiaVirginiaGoetsch-Winckler HouseOkemos, MichiganMichiganJoseph Euchtman House (page Does Not Exist)Pikesville, MarylandMarylandBernard Schwartz HouseTwo Rivers, WisconsinWisconsinGeorge Sturges HouseBrentwood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCaliforniaClarence Sondern HouseKansas City, MissouriMissouriRose Pauson HousePhoenix, ArizonaArizonaChild Of The SunLakeland, FloridaFloridaChild Of The SunFlorida Southern CollegeAuldbrass PlantationYemassee, South CarolinaSouth CarolinaGregor S. And Elizabeth B. Affleck HouseBloomfield Hills, MichiganMichiganArch Oboler House Complex (page Does Not Exist)Malibu, CaliforniaCaliforniaTheodore Baird ResidenceAmherst, MassachusettsMassachusettsJames B. Christie HouseBernardsville, New JerseyNew JerseyCommunity Christian Church (Kansas City, Missouri)Kansas City, MissouriMissouriChild Of The SunLakeland, FloridaFloridaChild Of The SunFlorida Southern CollegeStuart Richardson HouseGlen Ridge, New JerseyNew JerseyCarlton D. Wall HousePlymouth, MichiganMichiganChild Of The SunLakeland, FloridaFloridaChild Of The SunFlorida Southern CollegeSolomon R. Guggenheim MuseumNew York (state)New York (state)Herbert And Katherine Jacobs Second HouseMiddleton, WisconsinWisconsinChild Of The SunLakeland, FloridaFloridaChild Of The SunFlorida Southern CollegeLowell Walter ResidenceQuasqueton, IowaIowaArnold Friedman Lodge (page Does Not Exist)Pecos, New MexicoNew MexicoChild Of The SunLakeland, FloridaFloridaChild Of The SunFlorida Southern CollegeMelvyn Maxwell And Sara Stein Smith HouseBloomfield Hills, MichiganMichiganDouglas And Charlotte Grant HouseMarion, IowaIowaAlvin Miller HouseCharles City, IowaIowaChauncey L. Griggs Residence (page Does Not Exist)Tacoma, WashingtonWashington (U.S. State)Northport, MichiganMichiganFirst Unitarian Society Of MadisonShorewood Hills, WisconsinWisconsinA. H. Bulbulian ResidenceRochester, MinnesotaMinnesotaChild Of The SunLakeland, FloridaFloridaChild Of The SunFlorida Southern CollegeThe AcresGalesburg, MichiganMichiganThe AcresDavid Weisblat ResidenceGalesburg, MichiganMichiganEric And Pat Pratt ResidenceGalesburg, MichiganMichiganSamuel Eppstein ResidenceGalesburg, MichiganMichiganCurtis Meyer ResidenceGalesburg, MichiganMichiganHerman T. Mossberg ResidenceSouth Bend, IndianaIndianaFountainhead (Jackson, Mississippi)Jackson, MississippiMississippiCarroll Alsop HouseOskaloosa, IowaIowaJack Lamberson HouseOskaloosa, IowaIowaMrs. Clinton Walker Residence (page Does Not Exist)Carmel-by-the-Sea, CaliforniaCaliforniaAlbert And Edith Adelman HouseFox Point, WisconsinWisconsinMaynard Buehler HouseOrinda, CaliforniaCaliforniaCharles Weltzheimer ResidenceOberlin, OhioOhioErling P. Brauner Residence (page Does Not Exist)Okemos, MichiganMichiganV. C. Morris Gift ShopSan FranciscoCaliforniaParkwyn Village (page Does Not Exist)Kalamazoo, MichiganMichiganRobert And Rae Levin HouseKalamazoo, MichiganMichiganMcCartney Residence (page Does Not Exist)Kalamazoo, MichiganMichiganKalamazoo, MichiganMichiganRobert D. Winn Residence (page Does Not Exist)Kalamazoo, MichiganMichiganUsonia HomesPleasantville, New YorkNew York (state)Usonia HomesSol Friedman HousePleasantville, New YorkNew York (state)Edward Serlin HousePleasantville, New YorkNew York (state)Roland Reisley HousePleasantville, New YorkNew York (state)James Edwards Residence (page Does Not Exist)Okemos, MichiganMichiganHoward E. Anthony Residence (page Does Not Exist)Benton Harbor, MichiganMichiganKenneth Laurent HouseRockford, IllinoisIllinoisFrieda And Henry J. Neils HouseMinneapolisMinnesotaWilbur C. Pearce Residence (page Does Not Exist)Bradbury, CaliforniaCaliforniaThomas Keys ResidenceRochester, MinnesotaMinnesotaDavid & Gladys Wright HousePhoenix, ArizonaArizonaKraus HouseKirkwood, MissouriMissouriJohn And Dorothy Haynes HouseFort Wayne, IndianaIndianaDr. Richard Davis HouseMarion, IndianaIndianaJ.A. Sweeton ResidenceCherry Hill, New JerseyNew JerseyGlenview, Cook County, IllinoisIllinoisDonald Schaberg HouseOkemos, MichiganMichiganDr. R. Bradford Harper Residence (page Does Not Exist)St. Joseph, MichiganMichiganRobert Berger Residence (page Does Not Exist)San Anselmo, CaliforniaCaliforniaAtherton, CaliforniaCaliforniaZimmerman House (Manchester, New Hampshire)Manchester, New HampshireNew HampshireRobert Muirhead Residence (page Does Not Exist)Plato Center, IllinoisIllinoisKarl A. Staley HouseNorth Madison, OhioOhioS. P. Elam Residence (page Does Not Exist)Austin, MinnesotaMinnesotaRichard C. Smith HouseJefferson, WisconsinWisconsinJohn Gillin ResidenceDallasTexasRaymond Carlson Residence (page Does Not Exist)Phoenix, ArizonaArizonaSeamour And Gerte Shavin HouseChattanooga, TennesseeTennesseeWetmore Auto Service Station (page Does Not Exist)Ferndale, MichiganMichiganLancaster, WisconsinWisconsinAirbnbLake Forest, IllinoisIllinoisCanton, OhioOhioBenjamin Adelman Residence (page Does Not Exist)Phoenix, ArizonaArizonaWelbie L. Fuller Residence (page Does Not Exist)Pass Christian, MississippiMississippiHurricane CamilleSan FranciscoCaliforniaBroad MarginGreenville, South CarolinaSouth CarolinaA. K. Chahroudi Cottage (page Does Not Exist)Mahopac, New YorkNew York (state)William Palmer ResidenceAnn Arbor, MichiganMichiganArthur Pieper Residence (page Does Not Exist)Paradise Valley, ArizonaArizonaBrandes HouseSammamish, WashingtonWashington (U.S. State)Quintin Blair HouseCody, WyomingWyomingArchie Teater StudioBliss, IdahoIdahoCloquet, MinnesotaMinnesotaPolymath ParkFrank Sander ResidenceStamford, ConnecticutConnecticutAnderton Court ShopsBeverly Hills, CaliforniaCaliforniaLewis House (Tallahassee, Florida)Tallahassee, FloridaFloridaMarden HouseMcLean, VirginiaVirginiaPrice TowerBartlesville, OklahomaOklahomaChild Of The SunLakeland, FloridaFloridaChild Of The SunFlorida Southern CollegeAndrew B. Cooke HouseVirginia BeachVirginiaPhoenix, ArizonaArizonaRobert Llewellyn Wright HouseBethesda, MarylandMarylandLewis H. Goddard Residence (page Does Not Exist)Plymouth, MichiganMichiganJohn And Syd Dobkins HouseCanton, OhioOhioKentuck KnobUniontown, PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaHarold Price Jr. Residence (page Does Not Exist)Bartlesville, OklahomaOklahomaLouis Penfield HouseWilloughby Hills, OhioOhioRiverview Terrace RestaurantSpring Green, WisconsinWisconsinUsonian Exhibition House And Pavilion (page Does Not Exist)New York (state)New York (state)Child Of The SunLakeland, FloridaFloridaChild Of The SunFlorida Southern CollegeEllis A. Feiman House (page Does Not Exist)Canton, OhioOhioE. Clarke And Julia Arnold HouseColumbus, WisconsinWisconsinDr. Maurice Greenberg House (page Does Not Exist)Dousman, WisconsinWisconsinHoffman Auto ShowroomNew York (state)New York (state)Beth Sholom Congregation (Elkins Park, Pennsylvania)Elkins Park, PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaExhibition Pavilion (page Does Not Exist)Los AngelesCaliforniaBachman-Wilson HouseMillstone, New JerseyNew JerseyCrystal Bridges Museum Of American ArtWilliam L. Thaxton Jr. HouseBunker Hill Village, TexasTexasSamara (house)West Lafayette, IndianaIndianaGerald B. And Beverley Tonkens HouseCincinnatiOhioCedric G. And Patricia Neils Boulter HouseCincinnatiOhioLouis B. Frederick House (page Does Not Exist)Barrington Hills, IllinoisIllinoisKeland HouseRacine, WisconsinWisconsinStillwater, MinnesotaMinnesotaDorothy H. Turkel HouseDetroitMichiganWilliam B. Tracy HouseNormandy Park, WashingtonWashington (U.S. State)Toufic H. Kalil HouseManchester, New HampshireNew HampshireKalita Humphreys TheaterDallasTexasRandall Fawcett HouseLos Banos, CaliforniaCaliforniaRayward-Shepherd HouseNew Canaan, ConnecticutConnecticutMax Hoffman HouseRye (city), New YorkNew York (state)Theodore A. Pappas HouseSt. Louis, MissouriMissouriKundert Medical ClinicSan Luis Obispo, CaliforniaCaliforniaRobert H. Sunday HouseMarshalltown, IowaIowaR. W. Lindholm Service StationCloquet, MinnesotaMinnesotaFrank Bott Residence (page Does Not Exist)Kansas City, MissouriMissouriParadise Valley, ArizonaArizonaAllen Friedman House (page Does Not Exist)Bannockburn, IllinoisIllinoisDr. Kenneth L. Meyers Medical Clinic (page Does Not Exist)Dayton, OhioOhioDudley Spencer HouseWilmington, DelawareDelawareAnnunciation Greek Orthodox Church (Milwaukee)Wauwatosa, WisconsinWisconsinWyoming Valley Grammar School (page Does Not Exist)Spring Green, WisconsinWisconsinMarshall Erdman Prefab HousesMarshall Erdman Prefab HousesEugene Van Tamelen HouseMadison, WisconsinWisconsinArnold Jackson HouseMadison, WisconsinWisconsinBeaver Dam, WisconsinWisconsinDonald C. Duncan HouseLisle, IllinoisIllinoisPolymath ParkPennsylvaniaFrank Iber HousePlover, WisconsinWisconsinCarl Post HouseBarrington Hills, IllinoisIllinoisJames McBean ResidenceRochester, MinnesotaMinnesotaWalter Rudin HouseMadison, WisconsinWisconsinJoseph Mollica HouseBayside, WisconsinWisconsinThe Crimson BeechStaten IslandNew York (state)Dr. Edward & Laura Jane LaFond HouseSt. Joseph, MinnesotaMinnesotaSocrates Zaferiou HouseBlauvelt, New YorkNew York (state)Marin County Civic CenterSan Rafael, CaliforniaCaliforniaTaliesin Associated ArchitectsWilliam P. Boswell Residence (page Does Not Exist)Indian Hill, OhioOhioGordon House (Silverton, Oregon)Wilsonville, OregonOregonSilverton, OregonOregonPaul J. And Ida Trier HouseJohnston, IowaIowaRobert G. Walton House (page Does Not Exist)Modesto, CaliforniaCaliforniaFasbender ClinicHastings, MinnesotaMinnesotaWichita State University Juvenile Cultural Study Center (page Does Not Exist)Wichita, KansasKansasAmarillo, TexasTexasSt. Joseph, MichiganMichiganDuey And Julia Wright HouseWausau, WisconsinWisconsinEddie's HouseSan Anselmo, CaliforniaCaliforniaDoghouseDr. George Ablin House (page Does Not Exist)Bakersfield, CaliforniaCaliforniaPilgrim Congregational Church (Redding, California)Redding, CaliforniaCaliforniaDon M Stromquist HouseBountiful, UtahUtahSeth Peterson CottageMirror Lake State ParkWisconsinLockridge Medical Clinic (page Does Not Exist)Whitefish, MontanaMontanaPaul Olfelt HouseSt. Louis Park, MinnesotaMinnesotaNorman Lykes House (page Does Not Exist)Phoenix, ArizonaArizonaChicago & Milwaukee Electric Railway Station (page Does Not Exist)Glencoe, ILIllinoisGrady Gammage Memorial AuditoriumTempe, ArizonaFirst Christian Church (Phoenix, Arizona) (page Does Not Exist)Phoenix, ArizonaArthur And Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer House (page Does Not Exist)Scottsdale, ArizonaAnn Arbor, MichiganKing Kamehameha Golf Course ClubhouseWaikapu, HawaiiMaui, HawaiiMonona TerraceMadison, WisconsinBlue Sky MausoleumBuffalo, New YorkMassaro HouseMahopac, New YorkRowing Boathouse (page Does Not Exist)Buffalo, New YorkScottsdale, ArizonaTaliesin Associated ArchitectsGreystonesCounty WicklowRepublic Of IrelandFilling StationBuffalo, New YorkMadison, WisconsinWisconsinGordon Strong Automobile ObjectiveSugarloaf Mountain (Maryland)MarylandChandler, ArizonaArizonaBroadacre CityChandler, ArizonaArizonaCrystal HeightsWashington, DCMadison Heights, MIDallasTexasPoint Park Civic CenterPittsburghPennsylvaniaVeniceVeneto, ItalyThe IllinoisChicagoIllinoisPlan For Greater BaghdadIraqAyn RandConnecticutCalico MillsAhmedabadIndiaCalico DomeInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0226776200International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-7649-2890-2International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/4-87140-515-XInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-7624-1324-7International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/1-85648-533-1International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-471-97747-0International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-226-77622-0Issaquah, WashingtonWayback MachineSammamish, WashingtonWayback MachineWayback MachineInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/1-57145-187-0International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-313-31993-6Daily News And AnalysisTemplate:Modern ArchitectureTemplate Talk:Modern ArchitectureModern ArchitectureArt DecoArt NouveauBauhausBlobitectureBrutalist ArchitectureConstructivist ArchitectureContemporary ArchitectureCritical RegionalismDe StijlDeconstructivismExpressionist ArchitectureFunctionalism (architecture)Futurist ArchitectureGoogie ArchitectureHigh-tech ArchitectureInternational Style (architecture)Mid-Century ModernModernismeNeo-FuturismNeomodernNew Classical ArchitectureNew Objectivity (architecture)Organic ArchitecturePostconstructivismPostmodern ArchitecturePWA ModernePrairie SchoolFascist ArchitectureStalinist ArchitectureStreamline ModerneStripped ClassicismStructuralism (architecture)ModernismeArt NouveauPrairie SchoolExpressionist ArchitectureDe StijlBauhausConstructivist ArchitectureNew Objectivity (architecture)Streamline ModerneFascist ArchitectureInternational Style (architecture)Functionalism (architecture)Futurist ArchitectureOrganic ArchitectureArt DecoPostconstructivismPWA ModerneStalinist ArchitectureGoogie ArchitectureMid-century ModernBrutalist ArchitectureStructuralism (architecture)Postmodern ArchitectureBlobitectureContemporary ArchitectureHigh-tech ArchitectureCritical RegionalismDeconstructivismNeomodernNew Classical ArchitectureNeo-futurismCategory:ModernismTemplate:Frank Lloyd WrightTemplate Talk:Frank Lloyd WrightFrank Lloyd WrightMary W. Adams HouseWilliam And Jessie M. Adams HouseAlbert And Edith Adelman HouseGregor S. And Elizabeth B. Affleck HouseAllen–Lambe HouseCarroll Alsop HouseE. Clarke And Julia Arnold HouseEmil Bach HouseBachman–Wilson HouseTheodore Baird ResidenceFrank J. Baker HouseOscar B. Balch HouseHiram Baldwin HouseGeorge Barton HousePeter A. Beachy HouseGustav Becker HouseQuintin Blair HouseFrederick C. Bogk HouseCedric G. And Patricia Neils Boulter HouseEdward E. Boynton HouseB. Harley Bradley HouseBrandes HouseBroad MarginMaynard Buehler HouseA. H. Bulbulian ResidenceJames Charnley HouseEdwin H. Cheney HouseJames B. Christie HouseAndrew B. Cooke HouseCoonley HouseWilliam H. Copeland HouseThe Crimson BeechDana–Thomas HouseWalter V. Davidson HouseDr. Richard Davis HouseK. C. DeRhodes HouseJohn And Syd Dobkins HouseEnnis HouseFabyan VillaFallingwaterRandall Fawcett HouseForest House (Charles Ross House)S. A. Foster House And StableFountainhead (Jackson, Mississippi)Samuel Freeman HouseSol Friedman HouseGeorge Furbeck HouseLaura Gale HouseThomas H. Gale HouseWalter Gale HouseEugene A. Gilmore HouseJohn Gillin ResidenceWilliam A. Glasner HouseGoetsch–Winckler HouseGordon House (Silverton, Oregon)Douglas And Charlotte Grant HouseGraycliffMrs. A. W. Gridley HouseHanna–Honeycomb HouseThomas P. Hardy HouseJohn D. Haynes HouseWilliam R. Heath HouseHeller HouseF.B. Henderson HouseArthur Heurtley HouseWarren Hickox HouseEdward R. Hills HouseMax Hoffman HouseHollyhock HouseHerbert And Katherine Jacobs First HouseHerbert And Katherine Jacobs Second HouseA. P. Johnson HouseFred B. Jones HouseToufic H. Kalil HouseKentuck KnobThomas Keys ResidenceKraus HouseJack Lamberson HouseRobert M. Lamp HouseKenneth And Phyllis Laurent HouseRobert And Rae Levin HouseLewis House (Tallahassee, Florida)Lloyd Lewis HouseCharles L. Manson HouseMarden HouseDarwin D. Martin HouseMeyer May HouseJames McBean ResidenceJudge Charles P. McCarthy HouseMillard HouseAlvin Miller HouseGeorge Madison Millard HouseNathan G. Moore HouseMosher HouseHerman T. Mossberg ResidenceFrieda And Henry J. Neils HouseWilliam Palmer ResidenceTheodore A. Pappas HouseRobert P. Parker HouseRose Pauson HouseLouis Penfield HouseSeth Peterson CottagePope–Leighey HouseRayward–Shepherd HouseBen Rebhuhn HouseRoland Reisley HouseStuart Richardson HouseIsabel Roberts HouseRobie HouseRoloson HousesRosenbaum HouseWalter Rudin HouseSamara (house)Frank Sander ResidenceDonald Schaberg HouseBernard Schwartz HouseEdward Serlin HouseSeamour And Gerte Shavin HouseGeorge W. Smith House (Oak Park, Illinois)Melvyn Maxwell And Sara Stein Smith HouseRichard C. Smith HouseClarence Sondern HouseDudley Spencer HouseKarl A. Staley HouseDr. G.C. Stockman HouseStorer House (Los Angeles)Don M Stromquist HouseGeorge Sturges HouseLouis Sullivan BungalowRobert H. Sunday HouseHarvey P. Sutton HouseJ.A. Sweeton ResidenceWilliam L. Thaxton Jr. HouseFrank Thomas HouseF. F. Tomek HouseGerald B. And Beverley Tonkens HouseTracy HousePaul J. And Ida Trier HouseDorothy H. Turkel HouseCarlton D. Wall HouseJ. J. Walser Jr. ResidenceCedar Rock State ParkWestcott House (Springfield, Ohio)WesthopeWeltzheimer/Johnson HouseMalcolm Willey HouseChauncey L. Williams ResidenceWillits HouseWingspreadWinslow House (River Forest, Illinois)Francis J. Woolley HouseDavid & Gladys Wright HouseDuey And Julia Wright HouseRobert Llewellyn Wright HouseWilbur Wynant HouseYodokō Guest HouseHarrison P. Young HouseJesse R. 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Morris Gift ShopWaller ApartmentsBlue Sky MausoleumGammage Memorial AuditoriumKing Kamehameha Golf Course ClubhouseMassaro HouseMonona TerraceSharp Family Tourism And Education CenterBroadacre CityCrystal HeightsGordon Strong Automobile ObjectiveThe IllinoisPlan For Greater BaghdadPoint Park Civic CenterFrank Lloyd Wright Home And StudioTaliesin (studio)Taliesin WestTaliesin Associated ArchitectsWasmuth PortfolioFrank Lloyd Wright Building ConservancyFrank Lloyd Wright–Prairie School Of Architecture Historic DistrictOlgivanna Lloyd WrightJenkin Lloyd JonesLloyd WrightJohn Lloyd WrightMaginel Wright EnrightEric Lloyd WrightAnne BaxterRichard BockWalter Burley GriffinMarion Mahony GriffinJaroslav Josef PolívkaMamah BorthwickThe Last Wright: Frank Lloyd Wright And The Park Inn HotelShining BrowLoving FrankSo Long, Frank Lloyd WrightWork Song: Three Views Of Frank Lloyd WrightThe Women (novel)The Wright 3Help:CategoryCategory:Frank Lloyd Wright BuildingsCategory:Lists Of Buildings And Structures By ArchitectCategory:Modernist Architecture By ArchitectCategory:Webarchive Template Wayback LinksDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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