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History[edit] See also: KMET (FM) On March 7, 1961, KLAC-FM first signed on the air. It served as an FM sister station to AM 570 KLAC, simulcasting its programming.[1] From 1968 until 1987, the 94.7 frequency was home of KMET, a popular album-oriented rock station owned by Metromedia. KMET's ratings were high until the early 1980s, when it lost listeners to the competition. Some observers believe the station's ratings struggles were in large part caused by following the advice of New York music consultants and abandoning its identity as the "Soundtrack for Southern California." Specifically, it abandoned the spontaneity of having disc jockeys pick the music to be played on the air. Together with reduced advertising budgets, this resulted in significant ratings drops. Metromedia sold its TV stations in 1986 and restructured, becoming known as Metropolitan Broadcasting. By the end of 1986, the rock format on KMET had low ratings and as a result, the format ended on February 14, 1987.[2][3] This day is affectionately known as "The Valentine's Day Massacre".[4] The station then changed to a new-age music/soft rock/contemporary jazz format with the nickname "The Wave," initially focusing on instrumental music with some vocals.[5] The first song on "The Wave" was Sting's "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free". During The Wave's new age music period, management told the station employees to refer to The Wave as a "mood service" rather than a "radio station". For the first 19 months, there were no live disc jockeys. Instead, there were "vignettes" done by actors, informing listeners of the time, where the current hour was a part of the dialog. Ratings were weak, and John Sebastian was hired as the new Program Director. On September 19, 1988, live DJs returned to the station. Sebastian hired Don Burns, Talaya Trigueros, Keri Tombazian, Amy Hiatt and China Smith.[5] In the early 1990s, the station moved to more of a Smooth jazz sound, playing a mix of smooth jazz, soft R&B hits, AC songs, and some soft rock hits. The Wave is often regarded as the first "NAC" station in the United States. But some media writers disagree, preferring to award that title to KLRS in Santa Cruz, California. KLRS went on the air one month after The Wave, but was the first station in North America to play a true new-age music format, continuing to do so until its demise in 1990. The era of The Wave has the distinction of being the only time legendary disc jockey J.J. Jackson has ever worked at the station. Jackson was a veteran of then-rival rock station KLOS (while The Wave was still rocker KMET) for ten years, before becoming one of the original VJ's" (video jockeys) on MTV when the channel debuted in 1981. Jackson was a DJ for a brief time at The Wave in 2004. There was a Canadian Smooth Jazz radio station that was named after KTWV. CIWV-FM in Hamilton, Ontario, also serving Toronto, used "The Wave" moniker and was also located on 94.7 FM. It ran from 2000 until 2011, when it changed to a Country format.

Recent changes[edit] In February 2010, veteran Los Angeles programmer Jhani Kaye, who also programs Classic Hits-formatted sister station KRTH, took over programming of KTWV from the departed Paul Goldstein. Kaye, who previously programmed crosstown mainstream AC competitor KOST, made immediate changes to KTWV's format, increasing the amount of R&B and soft-pop vocals in the station's playlist and reducing the number of smooth jazz instrumentals played (with most of the remaining instrumentals being cover versions of pop hits), transitioning into a smooth adult contemporary direction. In addition, all references to the term "smooth jazz" were eliminated from the station's web site and on-air positioning, as the station reformatted to become more of a competitor to Kaye's former station, KOST. As of May 28, 2010, longtime on-air personality Don Burns was no longer heard on weekday afternoons. His show had been voice-tracked from his home in the Palm Springs area. The station replaced Burns with Deborah Howell, doing the show live from the KTWV studios.[6][7] Longtime Wave air personality Keri Tombazian was also released as the station made further air staff changes. KTWV's morning program is hosted by Pat Prescott. Between May 2010 and June 2012, Prescott co-hosted the show with Kim Amidon. Amidon, a former morning DJ at adult contemporary station KOST, replaced departing host and musician Brian McKnight in the summer of 2010. (In turn, McKnight's predecessor on The Wave's morning show was saxophonist Dave Koz, who has a successful syndicated radio show of his own.) Prescott has hosted or co-hosted the morning program since 2001. In November 2013, the station introduced a revamped logo still utilizing the same font and branding, as well as a format tweak and a slogan change from "Southern California's Place to Unwind and Relax" to "Smooth R&B." As of June 2014, KTWV saw the return of program director Ralph Stewart who reintroduced some mainstream AC/pop crossovers into the playlist and updated its website, which dropped the "Smooth R&B" tag from its logo. By February 2015, after the flip of KHHT from rhythmic oldies to urban contemporary, KTWV began adding more classic soul and current R&B songs to fill the void of KHHT's departure. The station also adopted the new "Soul of Southern California" slogan. The moves have seen KTWV's ratings improve, putting the station among the Los Angeles market's top stations. As of the March 2017 Nielsen ratings period for the Los Angeles market, KTWV holds a 5.5 overall share, second only to KBIG by two-tenths of a ratings point.[8] On February 2, 2017, CBS Radio announced it would merge with Entercom.[9] The merger was approved on November 9, 2017, and was consummated on the 17th.[10][11]

HD Broadcasts[edit] The current formats on KTWV's HD subchannels are: HD 2 - Wave Classics - Smooth Jazz - Launched Sept. 15, 2010. As a result, the FM simulcast of sister station KNX was moved from HD2 to HD3, ending the Los Angeles simulcast of another sister station, Country-formatted KFRG in Riverside, California.[12] HD 3 - Radio Hamrah (Persian programming) - Launched on KTWV-HD 2 on November 15, 2017, after former provider KSWD was sold to the Educational Media Foundation.

Logos[edit] KTWV logo from 1987 to 2001 KTWV logo from 2001 to 2010 KTWV logo from 2013 to 2017

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External links[edit] 94.7 The Wave Query the FCC's FM station database for KTWV Radio-Locator information on KTWV Query Nielsen Audio's FM station database for KTWV FCC History Cards for KTWV v t e Radio stations in the Greater Los Angeles area By AM frequency 570 610 6401 710 790 870 900 930 980 1020 10701 1110 1150 1220 1230 1260 1280 1300 1330 1380 1430 1460 1470 1520 1540 1560 1580 1600 16302 1650 Orange County 740 830 1190 1480 By FM frequency 88.1 88.5 88.7 88.7 88.9 88.9 89.3 89.9 90.1 90.7 91.5 91.9 92.3 92.7 93.1 93.5 93.9 94.3 94.7 95.5 95.9 96.3 96.7 97.1 97.9 98.3 98.3 98.7 99.5 100.3 101.1 101.9 102.3 102.7 103.1 103.5 103.9 104.3 104.7 105.1 105.5 105.9 106.3 106.7 107.1 107.5 Orange County 88.5 88.9 90.1 92.7 95.9 96.7 103.1 106.3 107.9 NOAA Weather Radio frequency 162.4 162.45 162.525 162.55 Digital radio by frequency & subchannel 640 980 1070 88.1-1 88.1-2 88.1-3 88.5-1 88.5-2 89.3-1 89.9-1 89.9-2 91.5-1 92.3-1 92.3-2 92.3-3 93.1-1 93.1-2 93.1-3 93.9-1 94.7-1 94.7-2 95.5-1 95.5-2 96.7-1 97.1-1 97.1-2 98.7-1 98.7-2 100.3-1 100.3-2 101.1-1 101.1-2 102.7-1 102.7-2 103.1-1 103.5-1 103.5-2 104.3-1 104.3-2 105.1-1 105.1-2 105.1-3 105.9-1 105.9-2 106.7-1 106.7-2 107.1-1 107.5-1 107.5-2 107.5-3 107.9-1 By callsign KABC KAMP-FM KAHZ KALI KAVL KAZN KBIG KBUA KBUE KCAA KCBS-FM KCRW KCSN KDAY KDLE KEIB KFI1 KFRN KFWB KFXM-LP KGMX KHJ KHPY KHTS KIIS-FM KISL KJLH KKGO KKJZ KKLA-FM KKLQ KLAC KLAX-FM KLOS KLTX KLVE KMPC KMRB KNX1 KOCP KOSS KOST KPCC KPFK KPWR KRCD KRCV KRDC KRLA KROQ-FM KRRL KRTH KSAK KSCA KSPA KSPC KSPN KSSE KSUR KTLW KTNQ KTWV KTYM KUSC KUTY KWKW KWO37 KXLU KXOL-FM KXOS KXSC KYPA KYSR WWG21 WNG584 WZ2505 "KCHUNG"2 Orange County KALI-FM KBPK KBRT KDLD KFSH-FM KGBN KLAA KSBR KUCI KWIZ KWVE-FM KYLA Defunct KACD/KBCD KACE KEDG KFAC KIIS KKDJ KKHR KMET KMJR/KNJR KMPC KNAC KNHS KNOB KNX-FM KODJ KPPC KQLZ KSFV-CA3 KSKQ KSKQ-FM KUTE KWST-FM KFSG KZAB/KZBA KZLA-FM 1500 KBLA/KROQ/KBBQ/KRCK/KIEV 850/870 KIEV KPOL KTZN KXED KXMG KYMS Satellite radio local traffic/weather XM Channel 222 Sirius Channel 150 Nearby radio markets Bakersfield High Desert/Eastern Sierra Inland Empire Oxnard–Ventura San Diego Santa Barbara Victor Valley See also List of radio stations in California 1 = Clear-channel stations with extended nighttime coverage. 2 = Notable Part 15 station 3 = Formerly audio for TV channel 6 (Religious) v t e Radio stations in the Ventura County market By AM frequency 640 670 910 1070 1090 1400 1450 1520 1590 16202 By FM frequency 87.71 88.3 88.7 89.1 89.5 90.3 91.1 92.7 93.7 94.5 94.7 95.1 95.9 96.3 96.7 97.5 98.3 99.1 99.32 99.7 99.9 100.7 101.5 101.5 102.1 102.5 102.9 103.3 103.7 103.9 104.7 105.5 106.12 106.3 107.1 107.9 107.9 1 Audio for TV channel 6 (KUHD-LD/Rel) By callsign KBBY-FM KCAQ KCLU-FM KCRU KDAR KDB KDRW KDSC KFYV KSPE KHAY KIRN KNJR-LP KJAI KKZZ KLJR-FM KLSB KMLA KMRO KOCC-LP KOCP KOTR2 KOXR KOXC-LP KQVN2 KRUZ KSSC KTWV KTYD KUNX KVEN KVTA KVYB KWSV-LP KXLM KYRA KZER K280DT Defunct KCVE-LP/92.3 Nearby radio markets Bakersfield High Desert/Eastern Sierra Los Angeles Santa Barbara Santa Maria-Lompoc 2 Part 15 Radio Stations See also List of radio stations in California v t e Urban Contemporary Radio Stations in the state of California Stations KBLX-FM - Berkeley KDAY - Los Angeles KRRL - Los Angeles KDEY-FM - Ontario KKBB - Bakersfield KJLH - Compton KSSX - San Diego KMEL - San Francisco KMOB-LP - Clearlake KWIN/KWNN - Stockton/Modesto See also adult contemporary classic hits college country news/talk NPR oldies religious rock sports top 40 urban other radio stations in California v t e Entercom AM radio stations KCBS KCSP KDKA KEZW KFH KFXX KHTK¹ KIFM KIKK KILT KJCE KMBZ KMOX KMPS KMTT KNSS KNX KRLD KWOD KXNT KXST KYW KYYS KZDG WAOK WAXY WBBM WBEN WBT WBZU WCBS WCCO WEAL WEEI WFAN WGR WILK WINS WJFK WJZ WKZN WMC WMFS WORD WPET WPHT WQAM WRNL WROC WRVA WSCR WSSP WTIC WVEI WWJ WWKB WWL WWWL WWWS WXNT WXYT WYRD FM radio stations K240EL K276FK KALC KALV-FM KAMP-FM KAMX KBLX-FM¹ KBZT KCBS-FM KDGS KDKA-FM KEGY KEYN-FM KEZK-FM KEZN KFBZ KFRC-FM KFRG KGMZ KGON KHMX KHTP KILT-FM KISW KITS KJKK KKDO KKHH KKMJ-FM KKWF KLLC KLOL KLUC-FM KLUV KMBZ-FM KMLE KMNB KMVK KMVQ-FM¹ KMXB KNCI¹ KNDD KNRK KNSS-FM KOIT¹ KOOL-FM KQKS KQMT KQRC-FM KRBQ KRBZ KRLD-FM KROQ-FM KRSK KRTH KRXQ KSEG KSFM KSON KSWD KTWV KUDL KUFX¹ KVFG KVIL KWJJ-FM KXFG KXQQ-FM KXSN KXTE KYCH-FM KYKY KYMX¹ KYXY KZJK KZZO¹ KZPT W241AP W253BI WAAF WBBM-FM WBEE-FM WBMP WBMX WBT-FM WBTJ WBZA WBZZ WCBS-FM WCFS-FM WCMF-FM WDAF-FM WDCH-FM WDOK WDSY-FM WDZH WEEI-FM WEZB WFAN-FM WFBC-FM WGGY WIAD WILK-FM WIP-FM WJFK-FM WJMH WJZ-FM WKBU WKIS WKRF WKRK-FM WKRZ WKSE WKTK WKXJ WLFP WLIF WLKK WLMG WLND WLNK WLYF WLZL WMC-FM WMFS-FM WMHX WMJX WMMM-FM WMQX WMXJ WMYX-FM WNCX WNEW-FM WNTR WNVZ WOCL WODS WOGL WOLX-FM WOMC WOMX-FM WPAW WPGC-FM WPOW WPTE WPXY-FM WQAL WQMG WQMP WRCH WROQ WRVR WRXL WRXR-FM WSFS WSKY-FM WSMW WSPA-FM WSTR WTDY-FM WTIC-FM WTPT WTSS WTVR-FM WUSN WUSY WVEE WVEI-FM WVKL WWBX WWDE-FM WWEI WWL-FM WWMX WXRT WXSS WXTU WXYT-FM WYCD WYRD-FM WZGC WZMX WZPL ¹Stations operated by Bonneville International via LMA and to be sold pending FCC approval Radio Networks Boston Bruins Radio CBS Sports Radio* Sabres Hockey Network New York Yankees Radio Digital properties Eventful See also CBS Radio * = Entercom operates under a CBS Brands License Agreement as producer with distribution handled by Westwood One. 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(FM)WBBM-FMWBEE-FMWBMP (FM)WBMX (FM)WBT-FMWBTJWBZAWBZZWCBS-FMWCFS-FMWCMF-FMWDAF-FMWDCH-FMWDOKWDSY-FMWDZHWEEI-FMWEZBWFAN-FMWFBC-FMWGGYWIADWILK-FMWIP-FMWJFK-FMWJMHWJZ-FMWKBUWKISWKRFWKRK-FMWKRZWKSEWKTKWKXJWLFPWLIFWLKKWLMGWLNDWLNKWLYFWLZLWMC-FMWMFS-FMWMHXWMJXWMMM-FMWMQXWMXJWMYX-FMWNCXWNEW-FMWNTRWNVZWOCLWODSWOGLWOLX-FMWOMCWOMX-FMWPAWWPGC-FMWPOWWPTEWPXY-FMWQALWQMGWQMPWRCH (FM)WROQWRVRWRXLWRXR-FMWSFS (FM)WSKY-FMWSMWWSPA-FMWSTR (FM)WTDY-FMWTIC-FMWTPTWTSSWTVR-FMWUSNWUSYWVEEWVEI-FMWVKLWWBXWWDE-FMWWEIWWL-FMWWMXWXRTWXSSWXTUWXYT-FMWYCDWYRD-FMWZGCWZMXWZPLBonneville InternationalRadio NetworkBoston Bruins Radio NetworkCBS Sports RadioSabres Hockey NetworkNew York Yankees Radio NetworkEventfulPlay.itCBS RadioWestwood OneGeographic Coordinate SystemHelp:CategoryCategory:HD Radio StationsCategory:Radio Stations In Los AngelesCategory:MetromediaCategory:Urban Adult Contemporary Radio StationsCategory:Radio Stations Established In 1961Category:1961 Establishments In CaliforniaCategory:Entercom Radio 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