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History[edit] KTBC-TV studios, on East Tenth Street in downtown Austin, circa 1980. KTBC studios, circa 2008. Early history[edit] KTBC-TV aired its first television broadcast on Thursday, November 27, 1952, becoming the first television station in Austin and Central Texas. It was originally owned by the Texas Broadcasting Company (from whom the call letters are taken), which was in turn owned by then-Senator Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife Lady Bird, alongside KTBC radio (590 AM and 93.7 FM). Lady Bird Johnson used the money from her family inheritance to purchase KTBC-TV, she remained active with her radio station until she was in her eighties which led her to become the first president's wife to have become a millionaire on her own. It carried all four major networks at the time: ABC, CBS, NBC and the now-defunct DuMont Television Network. However, it was a primary CBS affiliate. In its early history, it carried roughly 65% of CBS's schedule; NBC and ABC roughly split the remaining coverage in half.[1] In 1960, the staff of channel 7 produced a film for the Texas Department of Public Safety, entitled Target Austin. The 20-minute film presents the scenario of a nuclear missile strike on the outskirts of Austin and follows the storylines of several characters from the CONELRAD broadcast to the announcement that it is safe to emerge from shelter. The film takes place in Austin, highlighting several iconic locations in the city, and featured an Austin-based cast and crew: including director Gordon Wilkison (of KTBC), narrator Cactus Pryor (also of KTBC), actress Coleen Hardin, and El Rancho restaurant owner Matt Martinez.[2] KTBC-TV benefited from a quirk in the FCC's plan for allocating stations. In the early days of broadcast television, there were twelve VHF channels available and 69 UHF channels (later reduced to 55 in 1983). The VHF bands were more desirable because they carried longer distances. Since there were only twelve VHF channels available, there were limitations as to how closely the stations could be spaced. After the FCC's Sixth Report and Order ended the license freeze and opened the UHF band in 1952, it devised a plan for allocating VHF licenses. Under this plan, almost all of the country would be able to receive two commercial VHF channels plus one noncommercial channel. Most of the rest of the country ("1/2") would be able to receive a third VHF channel. Other areas would be designated as "UHF islands" since they were too close to larger cities for VHF service. The "2" networks became CBS and NBC, "+1" represented non-commercial educational stations, and "1/2" became ABC (which was the weakest network usually winding up with the UHF allocation where no VHF was available). However, Austin is sandwiched between San Antonio (channels 4, 5, 9, and 12) to the south, Houston (channels 2, 8, 11, and 13) to the east, and Waco/Temple/Bryan (channels 3, 6, 10, and 12) to the north. This created a large doughnut in central Texas where there could be only one VHF license, which became KTBC-TV. Additionally, UHF signals usually do not travel very far over long distances or over rugged terrain. Even though Austin was large enough on paper to support three full network affiliates as early as the 1950s, the technical limitations made several potential owners skittish about the prospects for UHF in a market that stretched from Mason in the west to La Grange in the east, and also included much of the Hill Country. As a result, KTBC-TV was the only station in Austin until KHFI-TV (channel 42, now KXAN-TV on channel 36) signed on in February 1965. NBC programming continued to be broadcast solely on KTBC-TV for the next 18 months due to contractual obligations. Channel 7 became an exclusive CBS affiliate when all of ABC's programming moved to KVUE (channel 24) when that station first signed on in September 1971. After Lyndon Johnson became President following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, the networks established direct feed lines between KTBC and the various network affiliates in New York City, Dallas and Chicago. This facilitated news report relayed while the President was residing either in Austin or at his ranch in Johnson City. News reports were also relayed in the president Oval Office or in his private study at the White House. The Johnsons maintained a penthouse apartment on the fifth floor of the station, which was wired for camera and sound equipment, and used on occasion for local programming on occasions when the Johnsons were away. After he became President, President Johnson and his family's ownership of KTBC-TV was the source of investigative journalism and reporting, including a front-page story in The Wall Street Journal in March 1964 written by reporter Louis M. Kohlmeier.[3] With a headline that included "How President's Wife Built $17,500 Into Big Fortune in Television," Kohlmeier's reporting and the work done by other reporters and journalists at the time raised questions regarding the former Vice President and then President's influence on behalf of the Austin station. This multi-network capability was first demonstrated live on August 1, 1966, following the UT Tower sniper incident. After Charles Whitman's sniper rampage had been stopped, the primary newsman on the scene, Neal Spelce, presented a wrap-up of the event that was carried on all three networks live later that evening. Although the connections were later replaced by satellite uplink technology, the lines were maintained for contingency usage for several years. The Johnsons sold KTBC-TV to the Times Mirror Company in 1973, making it a sister station to KDFW-TV in Dallas. The Johnsons kept the KTBC radio properties, and under then-FCC guidelines changed the stations' call letters to KLBJ-AM-FM. In 1994, Times Mirror sold KTBC-TV to Argyle Television.[4] As a Fox station[edit] In December 1993, Fox outbid CBS to obtain the broadcast rights to football games from the National Football Conference of the NFL.[5][6] In 1994, New World Communications signed a long-term affiliation deal with Fox, which was establishing itself as a major network and was looking for more VHF stations. In late 1994, most New World-owned stations (except for two) dropped their longtime "Big Three" affiliations and switched to Fox.[7][8] On January 19, 1995, New World took over operations of the Argyle stations through time brokerage agreements. Nearly three months later, New World completed its merger with Argyle. On July 1, 1995, KTBC ended its 43-year affiliation with CBS and became a Fox affiliate; the CBS affiliation went to former Fox station KBVO (channel 42), which changed its call letters to KEYE-TV. As the new Fox affiliate, channel 7 was able to continue as Austin's unofficial "home" of the Dallas Cowboys, because of Fox's rights to the NFC. KTBC had carried most Cowboys games since the team's inception in 1960 by virtue of CBS winning television rights to the NFL in 1956. For many years, it also carried Cowboys preseason games, though those telecasts moved to KEYE in 2006. In its early years as a Fox station, KTBC filled its daytime lineup with talk shows and the nighttime schedule with off-network sitcoms. The station came under ownership of Fox when New World merged with Fox Television Stations in 1996;[9] this made KTBC the first owned-and-operated network station in the Austin market (KEYE was subsequently purchased by CBS in 2000, KTBC became the only English-language network O&O in the market after CBS sold KEYE to Four Points Media Group in 2007). In the spring of 1997, a rumor that KTBC and Phoenix's KSAZ-TV would be traded to the Belo Corporation in exchange for Seattle's KIRO-TV circulated,[10] but this deal never came to fruition. Belo would acquire rival KVUE and Phoenix's KTVK two years later. In recent years, the station's daytime lineup has leaned away from talk shows in favor of running mostly court shows.

KVC 13[edit] K13VC (branded as "KVC 13") was a low-powered station that had broadcast on VHF channel 13, and was co-owned alongside KTBC. The station signed on the air on July 1, 1995 (concurrent with KTBC's switch to Fox), as an independent station. K13VC maintained a general entertainment format featuring sitcoms, drama series and cartoons, along with several programs that also aired on KTBC. When KTBC joined Fox, it declined the Fox Kids weekday block, although both channel 7 and KVC had simulcast Fox Kids' Saturday morning lineup (KTBC would later drop the block in 1997); KVC continued to air the weekday children's block until Fox discontinued it on December 31, 2001, leaving only the Saturday lineup which ran until September 7, 2002. It carried its successor, the Fox Box the following week, and stayed there until the station's shutdown. In 1998, KVC became a UPN affiliate, inheriting the affiliation from the Hill Country Paramount Network operated by LIN TV. When KVC became a UPN affiliate, it also picked up the UPN Kids lineup, which later rebranded as Disney's One Too. The station continued to air UPN programming until August 3, 2000, when Fredericksburg's KBEJ (now KCWX) signed on the air on channel 2. At that time, KVC reverted to independent status, showing syndicated programming, as well as University of Texas and other college sporting events. K13VC was forced off the air on March 29, 2003,[11] in order to make room for the digital signal of Killeen-based Univision station KAKW-TV.

Digital television[edit] Digital channels[edit] Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[12] 7.1 720p 16:9 KTBC-HD Main KTBC programming / Fox 7.2 480i 4:3 KTBC-SD Movies! 7.3 Buzzr Buzzr 7.4 16:9 MeTV MeTV Analog-to-digital conversion[edit] KTBC shut down its analog signal on June 12, 2009, as part of the FCC-mandated transition to digital television for full-power stations.[13] The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 56, which was among the high band UHF channels (52-69) that were removed from broadcasting use as a result of the transition, to its analog-era VHF channel 7 for post-transition operations.

News operation[edit] This section needs expansion with: further information on the history of KTBC's news department. You can help by adding to it. (September 2017) [14] Former on-air news talent[edit] Judd Hambrick (now retired; is the brother of fellow anchors John and Mike) Alan Krashesky (now at WLS-TV in Chicago) [15]

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CBS/Decades (14): KCBS KCNC KDKA KOVR KPIX KTVT KYW WBBM WBZ WCBS WCCO WFOR WJZ WWJ The CW (w/WB) (8): KBCW KMAX KSTW WKBD WPCW WPSG WTOG WUPA 21st Century Fox Fox (17): KDFW KMSP KRIV KSAZ KTBC KTTV KTVU WAGA WFLD WJBK WJZY WNYW WOFL/WOGX WTTG WTVT WTXF MyNet (10): KCOP KDFI KTXH KUTP WDCA WFTC WMYT WPWR3 WRBW WWOR NBCU NBC/Cozi (11): KNBC KNSD KNTV KXAS WBTS & WYCN WCAU WMAQ WNBC WRC WTVJ WVIT Telemundo/TeleXitos (25): KBLR KDEN KEJT-LP KHRR KNSD-DT20 KNSO2 KSTS KTAZ KTDO KTLM KTMD KVDA KVEA KXTX WKAQ WNEU WNJU WRDM-CD & WDMR-CD4 WRMD-CD WRIW-CD WSCV WSNS WTMO-CD WWDT-CD WWSI WZTD-LD WZDC-CD4 Univision Comm. Univision (22): KABE-CD KAKW KCEC1 KDTV KFTV KLUZ1 KMEX KTVW KUTH KUVE KUVN KUVS KWEX KXLN WFDC1 WGBO WLII/WSUR WLTV WQHS WUNI1 WUVC WUVG WUVP WVEA1 WVEN1 WXTV UniMás (22): KBTF KFPH KFSF KTFF KFTH KTFK KTFO KFTR KFTU KNIC KSTR WAMI WFPA-CD WFTY WFUT WTNC WXFT Univision owns the licenses to these stations but the stations themselves are operated by Entravision Communications under LMA. NBC Universal owns the license but the station is operated by Serestar Communications. Secondary affiliation; The CW is the station's primary affiliation. ZGS Communications owns the license but the station is operated by NBC Universal. v t e Lyndon B. 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JohnsonTemplate Talk:Lyndon B. JohnsonLyndon B. JohnsonList Of Presidents Of The United StatesPresident Of The United StatesList Of Vice Presidents Of The United StatesVice President Of The United StatesUnited States SenateList Of United States Senators From TexasUnited States House Of RepresentativesTexas's 10th Congressional DistrictLyndon B. JohnsonFirst Inauguration Of Lyndon B. JohnsonSecond Inauguration Of Lyndon B. JohnsonGreat SocietyArchitectural Barriers Act Of 1968Child Nutrition ActCivil Rights Act Of 1964United States Department Of Housing And Urban DevelopmentUnited States Department Of TransportationEconomic Opportunity Act Of 1964Head Start ProgramJob CorpsElementary And Secondary Education ActEqual Employment Opportunity CommissionCivil Rights Act Of 1968Food Stamp Act Of 1964Glassboro Summit ConferenceGun Control Act Of 1968Higher Education Act Of 1965Upward BoundTRIO (program)Teacher CorpsImmigration And Nationality Act Of 1965Johnson DoctrineUnited States Occupation Of The Dominican Republic (1965–66)Medicare (United States)MedicaidMeritorious Service Medal (United States)National Endowment For The ArtsNational Endowment For The HumanitiesExecutive Order 11246Executive Order 11375Older Americans ActOperation CHAOSOuter Space TreatyPublic Broadcasting Act Of 1967Vietnam WarGulf Of Tonkin ResolutionCredibility GapAmeriCorps VISTAVoting Rights Act Of 1965War On PovertyWhite House Conference On Civil RightsCommittee For The Preservation Of The White House1966 State Of The Union Address1968 State Of The Union AddressLyndon B. JohnsonList Of Federal Judges Appointed By Lyndon B. JohnsonLyndon B. Johnson Supreme Court CandidatesLyndon B. Johnson Judicial Appointment ControversiesLyndon B. JohnsonOperation TexasJohnson AmendmentBashir Ahmad (camel Driver)Lyndon Baines Johnson Library And MuseumLyndon B. Johnson National GrasslandLyndon B. Johnson National Historical ParkLyndon B. Johnson Space CenterLyndon Baines Johnson DayLyndon B. Johnson School Of Public AffairsLyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove On The PotomacPresidents Of The United States On U.S. Postage StampsLyndon B. Johnson BibliographyElectoral History Of Lyndon B. JohnsonTexas's 10th Congressional DistrictUnited States House Of Representatives Elections, 1938United States House Of Representatives Elections, 1940United States House Of Representatives Elections, 1942United States House Of Representatives Elections, 1944United States House Of Representatives Elections, 1946List Of United States Senators From TexasUnited States Senate Elections, 1948United States Senate Elections, 1954United States Senate Elections, 1960 And 1961Democratic Party Presidential Primaries, 1960Democratic Party Presidential Primaries, 1964Democratic Party Presidential Primaries, 19681956 Democratic National Convention1960 Democratic National Convention1964 Democratic National ConventionUnited States Presidential Election, 1960United States Presidential Election, 1964Lyndon B. 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