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History[edit] The station went on the air in May 1953, as KVEC-TV. The VEC stood for Valley Electric Company, which also built Sonic Cable, the original cable television system in San Luis Obispo. KVEC-TV was the first broadcasting station in the Central and South Coast, and aired programming from NBC, ABC, CBS, and DuMont, with NBC being its primary affiliation. During its first four years on the air, the station was co-owned with radio station KVEC. Ownership with KSBW[edit] From 1957 to 1996, the station was a sister station to KSBW channel 8 in Salinas, which is why the station currently has a similar call sign. From 1957 to 1979, KSBY was largely a semi-satellite of KSBW, with the exception of local commercials, its local newscasts, and pre-empting the CBS network programming also carried by KCOY in adjacent Santa Maria, once it began operation in 1964. During this period, the KSBY sales office was located at co-owned Sonic Cable, and its local programming originated at the transmitter site. In 1960, ABC programming was effectively dropped when KSBW lost its affiliation with that network to KNTV in San Jose. Finally, in 1969, KSBY became the sole NBC station for both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties when they were consolidated into a single market (with Santa Barbara-based KEYT as the ABC affiliate). KSBY and KSBW were owned by Blair Broadcasting, beginning in 1979, until they were sold to Gillett Communications in 1986. Ownership changes[edit] After Gillett restructured into SCI TV in the early 1990s, it sold KSBY and KSBW to EP Communications in 1994. EP, in turn, sold both stations to Smith Broadcasting in 1995. Almost immediately, KSBY was spun off to SJL Broadcasting in 1996, because Smith Broadcasting already owned rival station KEYT, and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules of the time did not permit duopolies. Even today, common ownership of KEYT and KSBY would be a violation of FCC duopoly rules, which forbid one entity to directly own two of the four largest stations in a single media market. In addition, the Santa Maria–Santa Barbara–San Luis Obispo market has only five full-power stations, which are too few to legitimately support a duopoly between full-power stations. In September 2002, SJL sold KSBY to the second incarnation of New Vision Television, a company partially related to the most recent incarnation of that company that sold all of its stations to LIN Media in 2012. Evening Post, KSBY's current owners, acquired the station in 2004. Recent history[edit] In 2006, the station was featured in an episode of The Surreal Life, in which the cast of the reality-based series were hired as anchors and reporters for the station's 6:30 p.m. newscast. Ryan Bennett, a one time KSBY Sports anchor from 1999–2006, died on May 31, 2006 in Utah in an accident.

Central Coast CW (KSBY-DT2)[edit] KSBY-DT2 is the CW-affiliated second digital subchannel of KSBY, broadcasting in high definition on UHF channel 15.2 (or virtual channel 6.2 via PSIP). All programming on KSBY-DT2 is received through The CW's programming feed for smaller media markets, The CW Plus, which provides a set schedule of syndicated programming acquired by The CW for broadcast during time periods outside of the network's regular programming hours; however, Cordillera Communications handles local advertising and promotional services for the subchannel. KSBY-DT2 carries the entire CW network schedule, although it pre-empts a half-hour of syndicated programming carried by the CW Plus source feed (usually consisting of off-network sitcoms) each night in order to carry a 10:00 p.m. newscast produced by its parent station.

Digital television[edit] Digital channels[edit] The station's digital signal is multiplexed: Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[1] 6.1 1080i 16:9 KSBY-HD Main KSBY programming / NBC 6.2 720p CW-DT Central Coast CW 5 6.3 480i 4:3 LAFF Laff Analog-to-digital conversion[edit] KSBY shut down its analog signal, over VHF channel 6, on February 17, 2009, the original target date on which full-power television stations in the United States were to transition from analog to digital broadcasts under a federal mandate (which was later pushed back to June 12, 2009). The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition UHF channel 15.[2][3] Through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers display the station's virtual channel as its former VHF analog channel 6.

Rebroadcasters[edit] KSBY also rebroadcasts its signal on translator station K10PV-D (formerly K59CD) in Santa Barbara. K10PV-D currently holds a permit to operate its digital signal on channel 10 and as of early 2010 has intermittently been on-air with two digital subchannels in Santa Barbara. A translator was previously operated in Springville on K11FU, owned by Springville Community TV, but the station's license was cancelled in December 2007.[4] KSBY can be received in parts of Ventura County near the Los Angeles area covered by KNBC-TV and Monterey County south of San Jose in the San Francisco Bay Area covered by NBC's KNTV. Sometimes KSBY can be received in southern San Joaquin Valley like in parts of Fresno, Tulare and Kern counties.

Programming[edit] Syndicated programming on KSBY includes Steve, The Wendy Williams Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jeopardy!, and Wheel of Fortune.

News operation[edit] As of May 2011[update] KSBY carries 24.5 hours of local news per week, with 4.5 hours each weekday and only one hour on weekends. On weekdays, besides carrying a weeknight 10 p.m. newscast over on its second digital subchannel, a two-hour block is carried at 5 a.m., follows by a half-hour block at 5 p.m., one-hour block at 6 p.m., and a 35-minute wrap at 11 p.m. On weekends, KSBY carries half-hour news blocks at 6 and 11 p.m. Despite having new graphics in mid-2010, KSBY does not air newscasts at noon or weekend mornings. On September 26, 2011, began broadcast news in widescreen standard definition. Meanwhile, As of 25 August 2010[update] KSBW airs its newscasts in high definition.

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References[edit] ^ RabbitEars TV Query for KSBY ^ [1] ^ "DTV Tentative Channel Designations for the First and the Second Rounds" (PDF). Archived from the original (PDF) on 2013-08-29. Retrieved 2012-03-24.  ^ Station Search Details

External links[edit] Official website Official website — Central Coast CW 5 site Query the FCC's TV station database for KSBY Query the FCC's TV station database for K10PV-D BIAfn's Media Web Database -- Information on KSBY-TV v t e Broadcast television on California's Central Coast Reception may vary by location and some stations may only be viewable with cable television Santa Barbara KEYT (3.1 ABC, 3.2 RTV/MNTV) KZDF-LP (8.1 AZA) K10PV-D (10.1 NBC, 10.2 CW+, 10.3 Laff) KSBB-LD (17.1 CBS, 17.2 Fox) K26FT-D 26 / K28GY-D 28 (xx.1 Public IND xx.2 KCET Link, xx.3 KCETLink Plus, xx.4 NHK World) KSBT-LD (32.1 IND, 32.2 Estrella TV) KPMR (38.1 UNI, 38.2 KTSB-CA, 38.3 LATV) KVMM-CD (41.1 MTV3, 41.2 infomercials) KBAB-LD (50.1 PBS-HD, 50.2 OC, 50.3 DS, 50.4 World, 50.5 Kids) Santa Maria K07TA 7 (7 TEL) KKDJ-LP (8 Vida) KCOY (12.1 CBS, 12.2 Fox) K22LM-D (22.1 IND, 22.2 SBN, 22.3 Infomercials, 22.4 Religious, 22.5 Majestad TV, 22.6 Infomercials, 22.7 U Network, 22.8 Jerusalem TV) KKFX-CD (24.1 Fox, 24.2 CBS) KLFA-LP (25 LATV) KQMM-CD (29.1 Tr3́s) KDFS-CD (30.1 AZA) KTSB-CA (35.1 UniMás) KWSM-LD (40.1 Estrella TV, 40.2 SBN) K46GF-D (22.1 IND, 22.2 SBN, 22.3 Infomercials, 22.4 Religious, 22.5 Majestad TV, 22.6 Infomercials, 22.7 U Network, 22.8 Jerusalem TV) San Luis Obispo K31KE-D (3.1 ABC, 3.2 RTV/MNTV) KSBY (6.1 NBC, 6.2 CW+, 6.3 Laff) K16FC-D (16.1 Public IND 16.2 KCET Link, 16.3 KCETLink Plus, 16.4 NHK World) K12QZ-D (17.1 Unknown) K47DG (22.1 IND, 22.2 SBN, 22.3 Infomercials, 22.4 Religious, 22.5 Majestad TV, 22.6 Infomercials, 22.7 U Network, 22.8 Jerusalem TV) K50LZ-D (28.1 UNI, 28.2 UniMás, 28.3 LATV) K17GD 17 / K28FK 28 (UniMás) KTAS / K09UF 9 (33.1 TEL) K31KE-D (ABC) KSBO-CD 42.1 (AZA) KFUL-LP 44 (LATV) K44DN 44 (CBS) K47GD 47 (MundoMax) KPXA-LD (48.1 AZA) KFUL-LD (57.01 LATV, 57.02 VietFace TV, 57.03 VNATV, 57.04 SET, 57.05 SGTV, 57.06 VBS, 57.07 LSTV, 57.08 IBC, 57.09 ZWTV, 57.10 ENT, 57.11 VIETSUN, 57.12 Viet Global Mall TV) Lompoc K10OG 10 (UniMás) KLDF-CD (17.1 AZA) Paso Robles K17GD-D (17.1 UNI, 17.2 UniMás, 17.3 LATV) K26MT-D (12.1 CBS, 12.2 12.2 Fox) KPAO-LD (30.1 AZA) Atascadero KASC-LP (7 AZA) KCCF-LD (46.1 IND) Defunct K15DB 15 (TBN) KSSY-LP 20 (Religious/Spanish) KWHY-LP 22 (IND/Spanish) K23CL 23 (TBN) KJCN-LP 36 / K22EE 22 (TBN) KMMA-CD (41.1 3ABN Latino, 41.2 paid programming) K49EK 49 (IND/Religious) KPXA-LP 49 (IND) KCCE-LP 50 (A1) K51GB 51 (TBN) KCPB 54 (IND educational/public access television) Adjacent locals Los Angeles KCAL 9 (IND) KOCE 50 (PBS) San Francisco KQED (9.1, PBS, 9.2 Create TV, 9.3 World) KNTV (11.1 NBC, 11.2 Cozi TV) Monterey KSBW (8.1 NBC, 8.2 ABC, 8.3 Estrella TV) KION (46.1 (CBS, 46.2 The CW) Fresno KMPH-TV (26.1 (Fox, 26.2 This TV, 26.3 Comet) California television Bakersfield Chico–Redding Eureka Fresno Las Vegas NV Los Angeles Medford OR Monterey Inland Empire (Palm Springs) Reno NV Sacramento San Diego San Francisco Santa Barbara El Centro CA / Yuma AZ v t e NBC Network Affiliates in the state of California KCRA 3 (Sacramento) KIEM 3 (Eureka) KNBC 4 (Los Angeles) KSBY 6 (San Luis Obispo) KSBW 8 (Salinas/Monterey/Santa Cruz) KNTV 11 (San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland) KGET 17 (Bakersfield) KNVN 24 (Chico) KSEE 24 (Fresno) KMIR 36 (Palm Desert) KNSD 39 (San Diego) See also ABC CBS CW Fox Ion MyNetworkTV NBC PBS Other stations in California v t e The CW network affiliates in the state of California KCWQ-LP 2 (Palm Springs) KTLA 5 (Los Angeles) KSBY 6.2 (San Luis Obispo) KFMB 8.2 (San Diego) KECY 9.3 (El Centro) KHSL 12.2 (Chico) KGET 17.2 (Bakersfield) KECA 29.1 (Eureka) KMAX 31 (Sacramento) KBCW 44 (San Francisco) KION 46.2 (Salinas) KFRE 59 (Fresno) See also ABC CBS CW Fox Ion MyNetworkTV NBC PBS Other stations in California v t e Evening Post Industries Newspapers Aiken Standard The Berkeley Independent The Georgetown Times Goose Creek Gazette Moultrie News The Kingstree News The Post and Courier Summerville Journal-Scene Waccamaw Times North Augusta Star Cordillera television stations (by primary affiliations) ABC KATC 1 CBS KPAX-TV / KAJJ-CD 1 KRTV / KXLH-LD 1 KTVQ 1 KXLF-TV / KBZK 1 KZTV 2 NBC KOAA-TV KRIS-TV 1 KSBY 1 KTVH-DT / KBGF-LD 1 KVOA WLEX-TV Other K22JA-D K47DF-D 1 This station airs The CW on its digital subchannel. 2 Cordillera operates KZTV under an SSA, owned by SagamoreHill Broadcasting. Retrieved from "" Categories: NBC network affiliatesThe CW affiliatesLaff affiliatesTelevision channels and stations established in 19531953 establishments in CaliforniaTelevision stations in San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaHidden categories: Pages using deprecated image syntaxArticles containing potentially dated statements from May 2011All articles containing potentially dated statementsArticles containing potentially dated statements from August 2010Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia

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