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Station history[edit] KRLD first signed on in October of 1926.[4] At first it was on the air for six hours each day, except on Wednesdays when the station closed down to make repairs and recharge the batteries. The call sign came from the founding owner and his company: Edwin Kiest's Radio Laboratories of Dallas. Since 1939, KRLD has broadcast at a power of 50,000 watts, the highest allowed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In the summer of 1941, KRLD moved to 1080 on the AM dial. During the Golden Age of Radio, KRLD carried network programming, including dramas, comedies, game shows, soap operas and big band music. For most of the 1960s and 70s, KRLD ran blocks of different local programming, including Middle of the Road and Country music, with some news and talk. In April 1978, KRLD switched from a music-based format to become the third news and information station in Dallas/Fort Worth. WRR 1310 AM (now KTCK) carried an all-news format starting in 1975, until its 1978 sale to Bonneville International. From 1976 to 1978, AM 1540 KRXV Fort Worth (today KZMP) carried the NBC Radio News and Information Service as an all-news outlet. KRLD originally broadcast from the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas and for a time had its main studios in Arlington, Texas at Ameriquest Field, now known as Globe Life Park in Arlington. In the summer of 2005, the station moved operations to a 5th floor office at the southwest corner of North Fitzhugh Avenue and Central Expressway in Dallas. KRLD achieved several firsts in the field of radio broadcasting: first station to present live broadcasts of high school and college football games. first to offer continuous election returns. first to broadcast live music and entertainment programs. The Big D Jamboree, which originated from the since-demolished Dallas Sportatorium, was a regular Saturday fixture on KRLD in the 1950s and 1960s. KRLD also aired wrestling matches from the Sportatorium, with longtime sportscaster Bill Mercer calling the action. History books dispute whether KRLD, KDKA Pittsburgh or WEAF New York (today WFAN) was the first station to broadcast commercial announcements on radio. Branch Davidian leader David Koresh used KRLD to broadcast his messages in 1993 during his standoff with the government and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, near Waco, Texas. During the 1970s and 1980s, KRLD was the flagship station for the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, with Brad Sham providing color analysis and later play-by-play. (Sham continues as the Cowboys' lead voice, though the team's games now air on sister station KRLD-FM.) Beginning in 1995, KRLD served as the radio flagship of baseball's Texas Rangers. In 2009, weekday games moved from KRLD to KRLD-FM. KRLD would relinquish the Rangers' English language radio rights in 2011 to competitor 103.3 KESN.[5] Rangers broadcasts would return to KRLD-FM in 2015 with broadcasts moving over to KRLD (AM) when conflicting with other programming, such as Cowboy games, on the FM channel.[6] The Dallas, Texas CBS Radio building as viewed from the campus of Dallas Christian Academy on U.S. Route 75 Over the last several decades, KRLD has gone between being an All-News station and a Talk station. On September 27, 2010, KRLD began broadcasting continuous news from 5am-8pm on weekdays, as well as weekend mornings, with talk programming on nights and most of the weekend.[7] On February 2, 2017, CBS Radio announced it would merge with Entercom.[8] The merger was approved on November 9, 2017, and was consummated on the 17th.[9][10] Despite this, KRLD and former sister TV station KTVT (a CBS owned-and-operated affiliate) will maintain a strong partnership.

Honors[edit] The Radio Television Digital News Association announced on June 12, 2013, that the KRLD Afternoon News had been chosen as the recipient of the prestigious 2013 National Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Newscast in the Large Market Radio category.[11]

Texas State Network[edit] KRLD has long served as the flagship station for the Texas State Network, which provides KRLD and other stations around the state with news, sports and weather info. Some reporters are based at the KRLD studios, with others at the state capital in Austin and other parts of Texas.

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External links[edit] FCC History Cards for KRLD[permanent dead link] Official website Query the FCC's AM station database for KRLD Radio-Locator Information on KRLD Query Nielsen Audio's AM station database for KRLD Google Maps Satellite and Street view of the KRLD AM broadcast tower DFW Radio Archives DFW Radio/TV History v t e Radio stations in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex market By AM frequency 540 570 620 660 700 730 770 820¹ 850² 870² 890 910 970 990 1040² 1080¹ 1110² 1140 1160 1190 1220 1270 1310 1340 1360 1390 1420 1440 1460 1480 1540 1570 1600 1630 1700 By FM frequency 88.1 88.3 88.5 88.5 88.7 89.1 89.3 89.5 89.7 90.1 90.5 90.9 91.3 91.7 92.1 (Dallas) 92.1 (Denton) 92.1 (Glen Rose) 92.1 (Farmersville) 92.5 92.9 93.3 93.7 94.1 94.5 94.9 95.3 95.5 (Las Colinas) 95.5 (Arlington) 95.5 (South Dallas) 95.5 (Seagoville) 95.7 95.9 (Jacksboro) 95.9 (Garland) 96.3 96.7 97.1 97.5 (Dallas) 97.5 (Ft. Worth) 97.5 (Tom Bean) 97.9 98.3 98.7 99.1 99.5 99.9 (Irving) 99.9 (McKinney) 100.3 100.7 101.1 101.5 101.7 102.1 102.5 (Ft. Worth/KEFW-LP) 102.5 (Ft. Worth/K273CS) 102.5 (University Park) 102.9 103.3 103.7 104.1 (Dallas) 104.1 (McKinney) 104.1 (Ft. Worth) 104.5 104.9 105.3 105.7 106.1 106.5 106.7 106.9 107.1 (Benbrook) 107.1 (Garland) 107.5 107.9 NOAA Weather Radio frequency 162.4 (Dallas) 162.525 (Corsicana) 162.525 (Mineral Wells) 162.55 (Fort Worth) Digital radio 570 1080 1270 1700 88.5-1 89.3-1 91.7-1 92.5-1 92.5-2 94.1-1 94.5-1 96.3-1 96.3-2 97.1-1 97.1-2 97.5-1 97.9-1 97.9-2 98.7-1 98.7-2 98.7-3 99.5-1 99.5-2 100.3-1 100.3-2 100.3-3 101.1-1 102.1-1 102.1-2 102.9-1 102.9-2 103.7-1 103.7-2 105.3-1 105.3-2 105.3-3 106.1-1 106.1-2 107.1-1 107.5-1 107.5-2 107.5-3 107.9-1 107.9-2 By callsign K273BJ KAAM KAND KATH KAWA KBDT KBEC KBFB KBOC KBXD KCBI KCLE KDFT KDGE KDKR KDMX KDXX KEC55 KEC56 KEFW-LP KEGL KEJC-LP KEOM KERA KESN KESS-FM KEXB KFCD KFJZ² KFLC KFTW-LP KFWR KFXR KFZO KGGR² KHFX KHKS KHSE KHVN KHYI KJKK KJON² KJRN KKDA KKDA-FM KKGM KKLF KKXT KLAK KLEJ-LP KLIF KLIF-FM KLNO KLTY KLUV KMNY KMQX KMVK KNON KNOR KNTU KPIR KPLX KPVC-LP KPYK KRLD¹ KRLD-FM KRNB KRQP-LP KRVA KRVF KSCS KSGV-LP KSKY KSQX KTCK KTCK-FM KTCU-FM KTFW-FM KTNO KTXG KTXV KUZU-LP KVIL KVTT² KVWR-LP KWRD-FM KXDE-LP KXEZ KXI87 KYDA KYEB-LP KYQX KZEE KZMJ KZMP KZMP-FM KZPS KZZA WBAP¹ WNG651 WRR Defunct KTDK-FM 104.1 The Indie-Verse Satellite radio local traffic/weather XM Channel 225 Sirius Channel 154 Nearby radio markets Abilene Brownwood Killeen–Temple Lawton Oklahoma City Paris Sherman–Denison Tyler–Longview Waco Wichita Falls See also List of radio stations in Texas ¹ = Clear-channel stations with extended nighttime coverage. ² = Daytime-only AM radio station. v t e News/Talk radio stations in Texas All-News KRLD – Dallas News & Talk KBDT – Highland Park KBRA – Freer KCOX – Jasper KCRS – Midland/Odessa KDET – Center KERA – Dallas KEXB – Dallas KFNA – Winters KFJZ – Fort Worth KFXR – Dallas KFYO – Lubbock KGKL – San Angelo KGNC – Amarillo KIXZ – Amarillo KJCE – Rollingwood KJDL – Lubbock KJTV – Lubbock KKSA – San Angelo KKTX – Corpus Christi KLBJ – Austin KLIF – Dallas KLUP – Terrell Hills KLVI – Beaumont KMNY – Hurst KNTH – Houston KPLT – Paris KPYN – Atlanta KROO - Breckenridge KSEV – Tomball KSFA – Nacogdoches KSKY – Balch Springs KSWA - Graham KTBB – Tyler KTBB-FM – Troup KTEK – Alvin KTMR – Edna KTRH – Houston KTSA – San Antonio KTSM – El Paso KUHF – Houston KURV – Edinburg KUTX – Leander KVNN – Victoria KVOP – Plainview KWEL – Midland/Odessa KWFS – Wichita Falls KWKC – Abilene KWTX – Waco KXYL – Brownwood KXYL-FM – Coleman WBAP – Fort Worth WOAI – San Antonio WTAW – College Station See also adult contemporary classic hits college country news/talk NPR oldies religious rock sports top 40 urban other radio stations in Texas v t e Entercom AM radio stations KCBS KCSP KDKA KEZW KFH KFXX KHTK¹ KIFM KIKK KILT KJCE KMBZ KMOX KMPS KMTT KNSS KNX KRLD KWOD KXNT KXST KYW KYYS KZDG WAOK WAXY WBBM WBEN WBT WBZU WCBS WCCO WEAL WEEI WFAN WFNZ WGR WILK WINS WJFK WJZ WKZN WMC WMFS WORD WPET WPHT WQAM WRNL WROC WRVA WSCR WSSP WTIC WVEI WWJ WWKB WWL WWWL WWWS WXNT WXYT WYRD FM radio stations K240EL K276FK KALC KALV-FM KAMP-FM KAMX KBLX-FM¹ KBZT KCBS-FM KDGS KDKA-FM KEGY KEYN-FM KEZK-FM KEZN KFBZ KFRC-FM KFRG KGMZ KGON KHMX KHTP KILT-FM KISW KITS KJKK KKDO KKHH KKMJ-FM KKWF KLLC KLOL KLUC-FM KLUV KMBZ-FM KMLE KMNB KMVK KMVQ-FM¹ KMXB KNCI¹ KNDD KNRK KNSS-FM KOIT¹ KOOL-FM KQKS KQMT KQRC-FM KRBQ KRBZ KRLD-FM KROQ-FM KRSK KRTH KRXQ KSEG KSFM KSON KSWD KTWV KUDL KUFX¹ KVFG KVIL KWJJ-FM KXFG KXQQ-FM KXSN KXTE KYCH-FM KYKY KYMX¹ KYXY KZJK KZZO¹ KZPT W241AP W253BI WAAF WBBM-FM WBEE-FM WBMP WBMX WBT-FM WBTJ WBZA WBZZ WCBS-FM WCFS-FM WCMF-FM WDAF-FM WDCH-FM WDOK WDSY-FM WDZH WEEI-FM WEZB WFAN-FM WFBC-FM WGGY WIAD WILK-FM WIP-FM WJFK-FM WJMH WJZ-FM WKBU WKIS WKRF WKRK-FM WKRZ WKSE WKTK WKXJ WLFP WLIF WLKK WLMG WLND WLNK WLYF WLZL WMC-FM WMFS-FM WMHX WMJX WMMM-FM WMQX WMXJ WMYX-FM WNCX WNEW-FM WNTR WNVZ WOCL WODS WOGL WOLX-FM WOMC WOMX-FM WPAW WPGC-FM WPOW WPTE WPXY-FM WQAL WQMG WQMP WRCH WROQ WRVQ WRVR WRXL WRXR-FM WSFS WSKY-FM WSMW WSPA-FM WSTR WTDY-FM WTIC-FM WTPT WTSS WTVR-FM WUSN WUSY WVEE WVEI-FM WVKL WWBX WWDE-FM WWEI WWL-FM WWMX WXRT WXSS WXTU WXYT-FM WYCD WYRD-FM WZGC WZMX WZPL ¹Stations operated by Bonneville International via LMA and to be sold pending FCC approval Radio Networks Boston Bruins Radio CBS Sports Radio* Sabres Hockey Network New York Yankees Radio Digital properties Eventful See also CBS Radio * = Entercom operates under a CBS Brands License Agreement as producer with distribution handled by Westwood One. v t e Clear-channel stations These AM radio stations have a full-power nighttime skywave signal well beyond their daytime groundwave coverage, by international agreements. Canada CBEF CBK CBN CBR CBT CBW CBY CFRB CFTR CFZM CJBC CKAC CKDO CKGM CKWX United States KAAY KBBI KBRW KBYR KCBF KCHU KDKA KDLG KENI KEX KFAB KFAQ KFAR KFBK KFI KFQD KGO KICY KIRO KJNP KMOX KNBR KNOM KNX KNZR KOA KOAN KOKC KOMO KOTZ KRLD KSL KSTP KVNT KWKH KXEL KYUK KYW WABC WBAL WBAP WBBM WBBR WBT WBZ WCBS WCCO WCKY WFAN WFED WFME WGN WGY WHAM WHAS WHO WJR WLAC WLS WLW WMVP WOAI WOR WPHT WRVA WSB WSCR WSM WTAM WTIC WWKB WWL WWVA Mexico XEB XEEP XEG XEMR XEPRS XEQ XERF XEROK XEW XEWA XEWK XEWW XEX Bahamas ZNS-1 By frequency 540 (SK) 540 (NL) 540 (S.L.P.) 640 (NL) 640 (CA) 640 (AK) 650 (AK) 650 (TN) 660 (AK) 660 (NY) 670 (AK) 670 (IL) 680 (AK) 680 (CA) 680 (ON) 690 (B.C.) 690 (QC) 700 (AK) 700 (OH) 710 (WA) 710 (NY) 720 (AK) 720 (IL) 730 (QC) 730 (CDMX) 740 (ON) 750 (AK) 750 (GA) 760 (MI) 770 (AK) 770 (NY) 780 (AK) 780 (IL) 800 (Chih.) 810 (CA) 810 (NY) 820 (AK) 820 (TX) 830 (MN) 840 (KY) 850 (AK) 850 (CO) 860 (ON) 870 (LA) 880 (NY) 890 (AK) 890 (IL) 900 (CDMX) 940 (CDMX) 990 (MB) 990 (NL) 1000 (IL) 1000 (WA) 1010 (AB) 1010 (ON) 1020 (AK) 1020 (PA) 1030 (MA) 1040 (IA) 1050 (N.L.) 1060 (PA) 1060 (CDMX) 1070 (CA) 1080 (AK) 1080 (CT) 1080 (TX) 1090 (AR) 1090 (MD) 1090 (B.C.) 1100 (OH) 1110 (NC) 1110 (NE) 1120 (MO) 1130 (BC) 1130 (LA) 1130 (NY) 1140 (VA) 1140 (N.L.) 1160 (UT) 1170 (AK) 1170 (OK) 1170 (WV) 1180 (NY) 1190 (OR) 1190 (Jal.) 1200 (TX) 1210 (PA) 1220 (CDMX) 1500 (DC) 1500 (MN) 1510 (TN) 1520 (NY) 1520 (OK) 1530 (CA) 1530 (OH) 1540 (IA) 1540 (Bah.) 1550 (ON) 1560 (CA) 1560 (NY) 1570 (Coah.) 1580 (ON) See also Daytime-only radio stations v t e All-News radio stations in the United States ABC News Radio WINS (New York City) KOMO (Seattle) KQV (Pittsburgh) WTOP (Washington, D.C.) CBS Radio News KCBS (San Francisco) KDKA (Pittsburgh) KNX (Los Angeles) KRLD (Dallas) KYW (Philadelphia) WBBM (Chicago) WBZ (Boston) WCBS (New York City) WWJ (Detroit) WLRI-LP WLRI-LP (Lancaster, PA) Retrieved from "" Categories: HD Radio stationsMetromediaAll news radio stations in the United StatesTexas Rangers (baseball)Radio stations established in 1926Garland, TexasRadio stations in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplexAmerican Basketball Association flagship radio stationsDallas Cowboys broadcastersTexas Rangers broadcasters1926 establishments in TexasEntercom radio stationsHidden categories: Pages using deprecated image syntaxAll articles with dead external linksArticles with dead external links from January 2018Articles with permanently dead external links

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IncorporatedKENIWSM (AM)KFARWFANKDLG (AM)WSCRKBRW (AM)KNBRCFTR (AM)XEWW-AMCKGMKBYR (AM)WLWKIRO (AM)WOR (AM)KOTZWGN (AM)CKACXEX-AMCFZMKFQDWSB (AM)WJRKCHUWABC (AM)KNOMWBBM (AM)XEROK-AMKGO (AM)WGY (AM)KCBFWBAP (AM)WCCO (AM)WHAS (AM)KICY (AM)KOA (AM)CJBC (AM)WWL (AM)WCBS (AM)KBBIWLS (AM)XEW-AMXEQ-AMCBW (AM)CBYWMVPKOMO (AM)CBR (AM)CFRBKVNTKDKA (AM)WBZ (AM)WHO (AM)XEG-AMKYW (AM)XEEP-AMKNX (AM)KOAN (AM)WTIC (AM)KAAYWBAL (AM)XEPRS-AMWTAMWBT (radio Station)KFABKMOXCKWXKWKHWBBRWRVA (AM)XEMR-AMKSL (radio)KJNP (AM)KFAQWWVA (AM)WHAM (AM)KEX (AM)XEWK-AMWOAI (AM)WPHTXEB-AMWFEDKSTP (AM)WLACWWKBKOKC (AM)KFBK (AM)WCKY (AM)KXELZNS-1CBEFKNZR (AM)WFME (AM)XERF-AMCKDOClear-channel StationTemplate:All-News RadioAll NewsABC News RadioWINS (AM)KOMO (AM)SeattleKQV (AM)PittsburghWTOP-FMCBS Radio NewsKCBS (AM)San FranciscoKDKA (AM)PittsburghKNX (AM)Los AngelesDallasKYW (AM)PhiladelphiaWBBM (AM)ChicagoWBZ (AM)BostonWCBS (AM)WWJ (AM)DetroitWLRI-LPWLRI-LPLancaster, PAHelp:CategoryCategory:HD Radio 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