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History[edit] The station first signed on the air on December 17, 1988 as KSLD-TV, displacing a low-power translator of San Bernardino-based PBS member station KVCR-TV (channel 24). The station ran a mix of Asian-language programs (in Mandarin Chinese and Korean). Channel 62 was founded and owned by Frank L. Fouce's company, Fouce Amusement Enterprises, who broadcast Asian-language programming. In 1990, the station changed its call letters to KRCA (the station is not related to NBC owned-and-operated station KNBC channel 4, or RCA, the former parent of that station's associated network, although NBC used the KRCA call letters on its Los Angeles station in the 1950s), and became an affiliate of the Home Shopping Network. In 1998, KRCA was sold to Liberman Broadcasting, and converted into a Spanish-language independent station. In May 2005, KRCA was the subject of controversy due to billboards advertising its local newscasts, in which the place name "Los Angeles, CA" had the "CA" postal abbreviation crossed out, replaced with the word "MEXICO" in bold red and a picture of the El Ángel victory column on the Paseo de la Reforma superimposed onto a picture of the Los Angeles skyline. The billboard was deemed provocative by some, and protests erupted outside Liberman Broadcasting studios. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke on the popular John and Ken radio talk show on KFI requesting that the Libermans remove the signs. After negotiations between the station and Clear Channel Outdoor (a company that shared common ownership with KFI at the time), the owner of the billboards, the messages were replaced with a more generic advertisement.

Digital television[edit] Digital channels[edit] The station's digital channel is multiplexed: Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[3] 62.1 720p 16:9 KRCA DT Main KRCA programming/ Estrella TV (Spanish) 62.2 480i 4:3 KRCA-2 Estrella TV Dos 62.3 HTTV HTTV USA (Chinese) 62.4 BARS Test pattern 62.6 STVUSA Super TV USA (Mandarin) KRCA-TV formerly rebroadcast its San Diego sister station KSDX-LP on digital subchannel 62.2. In September 2009, 62.2 began to transmit Mandarin-language programming for the first time since KRCA last presented Chinese-language television in 2000. It is presented by City of Industry-based Hantian TV (HTTV). In June 2010, KRCA added a third subchannel on 62.3 (since moved to 62.4), carrying programming from Inmigrante TV, a Spanish-language special interest channel featuring political news and commentary aimed at immigrant viewers. Analog-to-digital conversion[edit] Both the analog and pre-transition allocations for KRCA were outside the core spectrum (channels 2-51) permitted for broadcasting use after the transition; as a result, the station was required to find an in-core channel from which to operate its digital signal post-transition. It originally elected to operate on UHF channel 45 after 2009, but, anticipating difficulty getting coordination from Mexico to use that channel, it instead requested and was granted the use of UHF channel 35.[4][5] KRCA shut down its analog signal, over UHF channel 62, on June 12, 2009, as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television.[6] The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 68 to channel 35 (formerly the pre-transition digital signal of KMEX-DT), using PSIP to display KRCA's virtual channel as 62 on digital television receivers, which was among the high band UHF channels (52-69) that were removed from broadcasting use as a result of the transition.

News operation[edit] KRCA presently broadcasts ​7 1⁄2 hours of locally produced newscasts each week (with ​1 1⁄2 hours each weekday; the station does not broadcast any newscasts on weekends).[citation needed]

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External links[edit] Official website Query the FCC's TV station database for KRCA BIAfn's Media Web Database -- Information on KRCA-TV v t e Television in Greater Los Angeles Network O&Os are in bold English-language stations KCBS-TV (2.1 CBS, 2.2 Decades) KNBC (4.1 NBC, 4.2 Cozi TV) KTLA (5.1 CW, 5.2 Antenna TV, 5.3 This TV, 5.4 TBD) KSFV-CD 6.1 (HSN) KABC-TV (7.1 ABC, 7.2 LWN, 7.3 Laff) KFLA-LD (8.1 RTV, 8.2 CSTV, 8.3 Tuff TV, 8.4 Vmas) KCAL-TV (9.1 Ind) KTTV (11.1 Fox, 11.3 Light TV) KTBV-LD (12.1 Cornerstone TV, 12.2 3ABN Dare to Dream, 12.3 GBN, 12.4 3ABN, 12.5 Al Karma TV, 12.6 CNL) KCOP-TV (13.1 MNTV, 13.2 Buzzr, 13.3 Movies!, 13.4 H&I) KVME-TV (20.1 H&I) KWHY-TV (22.2 Heartland) KNET-CD 25.1 (HSN) KVHD-LD 26.1 (EVINE Live) KPXN-TV (30.1 Ion, 30.2 Qubo, 30.3 Ion Life, 30.4 Ion Shop, 30.5 QVC Over the Air, 30.6 HSN) KMEX-DT (34.3 Bounce, 34.4 Justice) KTAV-LD (35.2 GuideUS TV, 35.4 SBN, 35.5 CTVN, 35.6 Peace TV) KHIZ-LD (39.1 The Country Network, 39.2 JTV) KTBN-TV (40.1 TBN, 40.2 Church, 40.3 JUCE TV/Smile, 40.5 Salsa) KFTR-DT (46.2 getTV, 46.3 Escape, 46.4 Grit, 46.5 Quest) KAZA-TV (54.1 MeTV) KDOC-TV (56.1 Ind, 56.3 MeTV, 56.4 Comet TV, 56.8 Charge!) KBEH (63.1 Infomercials) KILM (64.1 PTN) Public television KVCR-DT (24.1 PBS, 24.2 FNX, 24.3 KVCR Desert Cities, 24.4 Create) KCET (28.1 Public Ind, 28.2 Link TV, 28.3 KCETLink Plus, 28.4 NHK World) KOCE-TV (50.1 PBS-HD, 50.2 PBS Plus, 50.3 Daystar, 50.4 World, 50.5 Kids) KLCS (58.1 PBS, 58.2 Kids, 58.3 Create, 58.4 FNX) Ethnic stations v t e Foreign-language television stations in the greater Los Angeles area Spanish KVTU-LP 3 / KCIO-LP 33 (Ind) KWHY-TV (22.1 Ind, 22.4 Santidad TV, 22.5 Majestad TV, 22.8 JRES) KNET-CD (25.3 ESNE) KVME-TV (23.3 ESNE) KVHD-LD (26.2 Rel) KVMD (31.1 LATV) KMEX-DT (34.1 Uni) KTAV-LD (35.1 / 35.3 / 35.8 ALMA, 35.7 Rel) K36JH-D (36.0 Vida) KTBN-TV (40.4 Enlace) KFTR-DT (46.1 UniMás) KVEA (52.1 TEL, 52.2 Exitos) KJLA (57.1 AZA) KRCA (62.1 estrellaTV, 62.2 Guadalupe Radio TV, 62.3 Tele Vida Abundante, 62.5 Latin TV) Armenian KIIO-LD (10.1 Ind) KSCI (18.2 amga, 18.5 USArmenia, 18.6 AABC TV, 18.7 Shant TV USA, 18.9 Horizon Armenian TV, 18.10 Best TV) KBEH (63.6 Pan Armenian Music TV, 63.7 Pan Armenian TV, 63.8 Armenia 1) Chinese Cantonese KXLA (44.4 Skylink 2) Mandarin KSCI (18.8 MACTV) KXLA (44.3 SkyLink 3, 44.6 ICN, 44.7 NTDTV, 44.9 G&E) KWHY (22.3 Sino TV, 22.6 HTTV) KJLA (57.9 ZWTV) KILM (64.2 Sino TV, 64.3 CTS, 64.4 TaiShan TV) Farsi KIIO-LD (10.1 Ind) Korean KSCI (18.3 MBC-D, 18.4 CGNTV, 18.11 YTN, 18.12 CHTV) KXLA (44.2 KBS, 44.5 Arirang) KILM (64.2 MDS MBN TV) Vietnamese KVME-TV (23.5 VIETV, 23.6 SCHANNEL, 23.7 VIETSUN) KWHY (22.5 VIETNET) KDOC (56.4 KVLA, 56.5 S-Channel, 56.6 VieTV) KJLA (57.2 VietFace TV, 57.3 VNATV, 57.4 SET, 57.5 SGTV, 57.6 VBS, 57.7 STV, 57.8 IBC, 57.10 ENT, 57.11 VIETSUN) Multilingual KSCI (18.1 Ind) KXLA (44.1 Asian language) Outlying areas KVTU-LP 3 (Ind, Agoura Hills) KUHD-LP 6 (Rel, Ventura) KZNO-LP 6 (Independent/community, Big Bear Lake) K12PO 12 (Ind/KUSI-TV, Temecula) KIMG-LD 19.1 (silent, Ventura) KRVD-LD 23.1 (PBS/KOCE-TV, Banning) KERO-TV (23.1 ABC, 23.2 Azteca, 23.3 MeTV, Bakersfield, available in High Desert region) KBLM-LP 25 (Spanish Ind, Riverside/Perris) K27DS (ABC/KESQ, Yucca Valley) KZSW-LP 27 (3ABN, Riverside) KVKV-LP 29 (Rel, Victorville) KBAK-TV (29.1 CBS, 29.3 Grit, 58.2 Fox, Bakersfield, available in High Desert region) KVMD (31.1 Ind, 31.2 ???, 31.3 FilAm TV (Filipino), 31.4 Guangdong TV, 31.5 Skylink 1, 31.6 Rel, 31.7 TBWTV, 31.8 WCETV, 31.9 CCTV News, Twentynine Palms) KCIO-LD (33.1 Ind, Lancaster) KVVB-LP 33 (Ind, Victorville) K55CW 34 (Ind, Victorville) K36JH-D 36 (Vida, Barstow) K41CB 41 (PBS/KOCE-TV, Lucerne Valley) KIJR-LP 47 (Rel, Lucerne Valley) KUHD-LD (51.1 Ind, Camarillo) Local cable channels Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket LA Cityview 35 Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes SportsNet LA Defunct stations KKOG-TV 16 (Ind, Ventura/Oxnard) KPAL-LP 38 (A1, Palmdale) KEEF-TV 68 (Ind) KVST 68 (Ind, public-access) ICTN (Inland Community Television Network) La Cadena Deportiva Orange County Newschannel SportsChannel Los Angeles Adjacent areas Phoenix Las Vegas California television Bakersfield Chico–Redding Eureka Fresno Las Vegas NV Los Angeles Medford OR Monterey Inland Empire (Palm Springs) Reno NV Sacramento San Diego San Francisco Santa Barbara El Centro CA / Yuma AZ v t e Liberman Broadcasting Radio stations KBOC KBUA KBUE KEBN KEYH KJOJ-FM KNOR KNTE KQQK KRQB KTJM KVNR KWIZ KZMP 1 KZMP-FM KZZA Television stations KETD KMPX KPNZ KRCA KSDX-LD KVPA-LD KZJL WASA-LD WESV-LD WVFW-LD Television networks Estrella TV Other assets Liberman Broadcasting tower (Era, Texas) 1 Operated by Deportes Media under a LMA. v t e Chinese-language television in North America The following channels offer at least some programming in Chinese Canada ETTV America Fairchild TV Fairchild TV 2 HD ICI (Montreal) LS Times TV NTD Television Canada Omni.2 (Toronto) Omni BC (Vancouver) Omni Calgary (Calgary) Omni Edmonton (Edmonton) Shaw Multicultural Channel (Vancouver) Talentvision Talentvision 2 HD United States Channel V Taiwan ETTV America KBTV-CD (Sacramento) KCNS (San Francisco) KIKU (Honolulu) KJLA (Los Angeles) KMTP-TV (San Francisco) KRCA (Los Angeles) KSCI/KUAN-LP (Los Angeles / San Diego) KTSF (San Francisco) KVMD (Los Angeles) KXLA (Los Angeles) NTDTV (New York / Los Angeles) Phoenix North America Chinese Channel SinoVision (New York) STAR Chinese Channel STAR Legend Movies Tai Seng Sat TV Tai Seng Entertainment TVB Jadeworld (USA) WCETV Sky Link TV (USA) Retrieved from "" Categories: Television stations in Los AngelesTelevision channels and stations established in 1988Liberman Broadcasting stationsHidden categories: Webarchive template wayback linksArticles needing cleanup from October 2009All pages needing cleanupCleanup tagged articles without a reason field from October 2009Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from October 2009Pages using deprecated image syntaxCoordinates on WikidataAll articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from November 2014Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia

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