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History[edit] KLAC/KRHM[edit] 102.7 FM started as KLAC-FM, a sister station to KLAC, in 1948. The station was a simulcast of the AM station, until the late 1960s, when the Federal Communications Commission banned continuous AM/FM simulcasts for over half of the broadcast day. The FM started its own programming, which was a middle of the road format, in 1967, and changed call letters to KRHM which it remained for four years before becoming top 40 KKDJ on April 15, 1971. KKDJ/K-Double-I-S[edit] KKDJ broadcast as an FM top 40 station until 1975, when Combined Communications purchased KKDJ. The station's format was changed to adult contemporary on October 22, 1975 at 6:00 a.m., during Charlie Tuna's morning show when KKDJ began simulcasting with KIIS 1150 AM with an "on-air wedding" which "married" KKDJ to KIIS. At that time, KKDJ's call letters were changed to KIIS-FM. The spelling of "K-I-I-S" instead of KISS, was because it resembled the AM frequency: "1150"="IIS".[5] The new merged station was referred to as, "AM and FM, K-double I-S." Making the transition from KKDJ to KIIS-FM were popular personalities including Humble Harve, Jay Stevens, John Peters, Danny Martinez and Charlie Tuna, the iconic voice of LA radio, who died in February 2016 and who was both program director and morning show host for KKDJ and KIIS-FM at the transition. Later, in 1977, News Director Gary McKenzie who went on to anchor at RKO Radio Networks and CBS was hired by KIIS-FM. The AM and FM stations did simulcasts during the day while returning to two separate stations in the evening hours. 102.7 KIIS-FM[edit] Unable to draw high ratings with adult contemporary, KIIS-FM began to evolve, first to Top 40 in 1976, then Dance and Disco in 1978, and back to Top 40 in 1980. KIIS AM would keep its soft rock/adult contemporary format until late 1979. Just prior to this, Gannett Company purchased both KIIS-AM-FM and Combined Communications. In 1981, the format of KIIS AM was changed to religious talk and the new call letters KPRZ were adopted. Rick Dees joined the station for mornings in July 1981 after 93 KHJ switched formats to Country. Fill-In personality Dave Sebastian (Williams), working both the AM and FM stations at the time, hosted the vacated FM morning show until the arrival of Dees due to a non-compete clause in his contract. With Dees in mornings, KIIS became a CHR powerhouse in Los Angeles. In 1985, KIIS returned to a Top 40 format and simulcasted KIIS-FM morning and afternoon shows, while all other day parts had different disc jockeys. The simulcast continued until 1997, when KIIS AM flipped to Sports Talk as KXTA, simulcasting with XETRA-AM Tijuana/San Diego until 2005. In 1996, in a deal in which Gannett acquired WTSP television in the Tampa, Florida market from Jacor, KIIS-AM-FM was acquired by Jacor/Citicasters, which in 1998, merged into Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia). After Clear Channel's acquisition of KAVS (now KVVS) and KYHT (now KLXB), the two stations abandoned their previous format as "High Desert Modern Rock 97.7 & 105.3", and taking the simulcast as a repeater for KIIS. Another simulcast, 1220 KIIS AM was added in 1999, as well as 101.9 KFMS in Las Vegas, Nevada. The grouping of 102.7 KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, 1220 AM KIIS in Santa Clarita, 97.7 FM KAVS in the Antelope Valley, 105.3 FM KYHT in Barstow/Victor Valley, and 101.9 FM KFMS in Las Vegas created a nearly continuous coverage of KIIS between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. However, it was short-lived, as KYHT broke off in 2001 to simulcast KZXY. Resulting from KYHT's flip from the KIIS-FM moniker, KFMS switched to all local programming. KVVS was relocated from 97.7 to 105.5 in December 2007. 1220 KIIS became KHTS in 2003. KIIS-FM has also been simulcast on 850 AM in Thousand Oaks, California in the last year before the towers were demolished. In February 2004, the decade-long General Manager of KIIS-FM, Roy Laughlin, elected not to renew Rick Dees' contract, and replaced him with Ryan Seacrest's On Air show and retained co-host Ellen K to team with Seacrest. Together they created the nationally syndicated On-Air With Ryan Seacrest which airs on many of IHeartMedia's CHR/Top 40 stations. KIIS was named the 2007 "Station of the Year" in the contemporary hit/radio/top 40 category for market size 1 to 25 at the national Radio & Records convention.[6] In December 2007, KIIS's Antelope Valley simulcast at 97.7 was moved to 105.5, replacing the previous format as "105.5 The Oasis". The country format at 103.1 in Tehachapi, California was moved to 97.7 FM (now operating under 103.1's former call letters KTPI) and is now branded as 97.7 KTPI. 103.1 KSRY in Tehachapi is now a simulcast of 98.7 FM. The station was, according to Radio & Records in 2008, the United States' second-highest revenue billing radio station (behind WTOP in Washington, D.C.), with $66.3 million.[7] In 2010, the station was honored by the National Association of Broadcasters with the Marconi award for CHR Station of the Year.[8] On June 8, 2011, KIIS-FM began rebroadcasting on Sirius XM channel 11. Since the end of 2003, Clear Channel had replaced the KIIS simulcast with an exclusive KISS XM channel. In 2004, all XM music channels went commercial free, and KIIS-FM was replaced with a unique-to-XM KISS-XM channel, retaining the same format. Since then, Clear Channel/iHeartMedia has regained the right to air commercials on their XM music channels. Today, KIIS has six competing stations in the Southern California area. Mainstream rival 97-1 AMP Radio, which features Carson Daly in mornings, and Rhythmic rival Power 106. Rival Rhythmic outlets KQIE and 99.1 KGGI, KIIS-FM's sister station in the Riverside–San Bernardino area, compete against KIIS-FM in parts of east L.A. County. Rhythmic rivals 95.9 KCAQ (Q-95.9) and 103.3 KVYB (The Vibe) compete with KIIS in parts of Ventura County and Los Angeles County, in areas near the Los Angeles County–Ventura County line. In May 2017, Seacrest became co-host of the New York City-based syndicated talk show Live with Kelly. To accommodate the new role, it was announced that Seacrest would begin to host On Air from a studio constructed at the facilities of WABC-TV (where Live with Kelly and Ryan is produced). The show continues to air live, although the first hour will either be pre-recorded or handled mostly by co-host Sisanie.[9][10][11] Current Ratings[edit] KIIS-FM currently ranks at #1 (5.3 share) in the Los Angeles market according to the December 2015 PPM Ratings release.

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External links[edit] Official website Query the FCC's FM station database for KIIS Radio-Locator information on KIIS Query Nielsen Audio's FM station database for KIIS KIIS List of "grandfathered" FM radio stations in the U.S. FCC History Cards for KIIS-FM Links to related articles v t e Radio stations in the Los Angeles–Orange County area By AM frequency 570 610 6401 710 790 870 900 930 980 1020 10701 1110 1150 1220 1230 1260 1280 1300 1330 1370 1380 1430 1460 1470 1520 1540 1560 1580 1600 16302 1650 Orange County 740 830 1190 1480 By FM frequency 88.1 88.5 88.7 88.7 88.9 88.9 89.3 89.9 90.1 90.7 91.5 91.9 92.3 92.7 93.1 93.5 93.9 94.3 94.7 95.5 95.9 96.3 96.7 97.1 97.9 98.3 98.3 98.7 99.5 100.3 101.1 101.9 102.3 102.7 103.1 103.5 103.9 104.3 104.7 105.1 105.5 105.9 106.3 106.7 107.1 107.5 Orange County 88.5 88.9 90.1 92.7 95.9 96.7 101.5 103.1 106.3 107.9 NOAA Weather Radio frequency 162.4 162.45 162.525 162.55 Digital radio by frequency and subchannel 640 980 1070 88.1-1 88.1-2 88.1-3 88.5-1 88.5-2 89.3-1 89.9-1 89.9-2 91.5-1 92.3-1 92.3-2 92.3-3 93.1-1 93.1-2 93.1-3 93.9-1 94.7-1 94.7-2 95.5-1 95.5-2 96.7-1 97.1-1 97.1-2 98.7-1 98.7-2 100.3-1 100.3-2 101.1-1 101.1-2 102.7-1 102.7-2 103.1-1 103.5-1 103.5-2 104.3-1 104.3-2 105.1-1 105.1-2 105.1-3 105.9-1 105.9-2 106.7-1 106.7-2 107.1-1 107.5-1 107.5-2 107.5-3 107.9-1 By callsign KABC KAMP-FM KAHZ KALI KAVL KAZN KBIG KBUA KBUE KCAA KCBS-FM KCRW KCSN KDAY KDLE KEIB KFI1 KFRN KFWB KFXM-LP KGMX KHJ KHPY KHTS KIIS-FM KISL KJLH KKGO KKJZ KKLA-FM KKLQ KLAC KLAX-FM KLOS KLTX KLVE KMPC KMRB KNX1 KOCI-LP KOCP KOSS KOST KPCC KPFK KPWR KRCD KRCV KRDC KRLA KROQ-FM KRRL KRTH KSAK KSCA KSPA KSPC KSPN KSSE KSUR KTLW KTNQ KTWV KTYM KUSC KUTY KWKW KWO37 KWRM KXLU KXOL-FM KXOS KXSC KYPA KYSR WWG21 WNG584 WZ2505 "KCHUNG"2 Orange County KALI-FM KBPK KBRT KDLD KFSH-FM KGBN KLAA KSBR KUCI KWIZ KWVE-FM KYLA Defunct KACD/KBCD KACE KEDG KFAC KIIS KKDJ KKHR KMET KMJR/KNJR KMPC KNAC KNHS KNOB KNX-FM KODJ KPPC KQLZ KSFV-CA3 KSKQ KSKQ-FM KUTE KWST-FM KFSG KZAB/KZBA KZLA-FM 1500 KBLA/KROQ/KBBQ/KRCK/KIEV 850/870 KIEV KPOL KTZN KXED KXMG KYMS Satellite radio local traffic/weather XM Channel 222 Sirius Channel 150 Nearby radio markets Bakersfield High Desert/Eastern Sierra Inland Empire Oxnard–Ventura San Diego Santa Barbara Victor Valley See also List of radio stations in California 1 = Clear-channel stations with extended nighttime coverage. 2 = Notable Part 15 station 3 = Formerly audio for TV channel 6 (Religious) v t e CHR / Top 40 radio stations in the state of California By frequency 89.3 92.7 93.1 93.3 94.5 94.7 94.9 95.1 95.3 96.1 96.3 96.5 97.1 97.7 98.9 99.1 99.3 99.7 100.5 100.9 101.1 101.7 101.7 102.1 102.5 102.7 104.9 105.5 105.5 106.5 106.5 107.5 By Callsign: KAMP-FM KCDU KCEZ KCRZ KDON-FM KEWB KFMI KFYV KFYZ KHHM KHOP KHTH KHTS-FM KIIS-FM KISV KJNY KKXX-FM KLCA KLLY KMMT KMVQ-FM KOHL KQPT KRCK-FM KREV KRVC KSXY KUDL KVPW KVVS KWDO KWYE KYDO KYLD KZZO By city Alameda Anderson Campo Carmel Colusa Ellwood El Cajon Eureka Ferndale Fremont Fresno (KWDO) Fresno (KWYE) High Desert/Eastern Sierra Hornbrook Los Angeles (KAMP-FM) Los Angeles (KIIS-FM) Los Molinos Mammoth Lakes Mecca Modesto/Stockton Oildale Ojai Sacramento (KUDL) Sacramento (KZZO) Salinas San Diego San Francisco (KMVQ-FM) San Francisco (KYLD) Santa Rosa (KHTH) Santa Rosa (KSXY) Shafter South Lake Tahoe Tahoe City Tipton See also adult contemporary classic hits college country news/talk NPR oldies religious rock sports top 40 urban other radio stations in California See also Contemporary Hit Radio Rhythmic KISS-FM MOVin Radio Disney v t e KISS-FM branded radio stations in the United States iHeartMedia owned Top 40 KHFI-FM (Austin, Texas) KHKS (Dallas/Fort Worth) KIIS-FM (Los Angeles) KISO (Omaha, Nebraska) KKDM (Des Moines, Iowa) KSFT-FM (Sioux City, Iowa) KSME (Fort Collins, Colorado) KUUL (Davenport, Iowa-Quad Cities) KVJM (Bryan/College Station, Texas) KVVS (Lancaster/Antelope Valley, California) KWNW (Memphis, Tennessee) KZZP (Phoenix, Arizona) WAEV (Savannah, Georgia) WAKS (Akron–Cleveland, Ohio) WAKZ (Youngstown, Ohio) WBKS (Lima, Ohio) WFKS (Melbourne, Florida) WGMY (Thomasville, Georgia/Tallahassee, Florida) WHKF (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) WKFS-FM (Cincinnati) WKKF (Albany, New York) WKSC-FM (Chicago) WKSI-FM (Winchester, Virginia) WKSL (Jacksonville, Florida) WKSS (Hartford, Connecticut) WKST-FM (Pittsburgh) WKXJ (Chattanooga, Tennessee) WKZP (Salisbury/Ocean City, Maryland) WMKS (High Point/Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina) WPKF (Poughkeepsie, New York) W293AH/WQRV-HD2 (Huntsville, Alabama) WVKF (Wheeling, West Virginia/Steubenville, Ohio) WVKS (Toledo, Ohio) WXKS-FM (Boston) Rhythmic Contemporary KIIS-FM United States (SDARS) KKMY (Beaumont, Texas) WKGS (Rochester, New York) Adult Contemporary KBKS-FM (Seattle) KISC (Spokane, Washington) WKSB (Williamsport, Pennsylvania) Urban WKSP (Augusta, Georgia) WMRZ (Albany, Georgia) WYTS (Columbus, Ohio) Country WKSF (Asheville, North Carolina/Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson, NC) Non iHeartMedia affiliated KSKS (Fresno, California) KIFS (Medford, Oregon) KSAS (Boise, Idaho) WSKS/WSKU (Utica, New York) WKSZ (Green Bay, Wisconsin) KEKS (Emporia, Kansas) KKSW (Kansas City/Topeka, Kansas) KXNC (Ness City, Kansas) KSII (El Paso, Texas) KKSS (Santa Fe, New Mexico) KXSS-FM (Amarillo, Texas) KCRS-FM (Odessa/Midland, Texas) KSSM (Copperas Cove, Texas) KYIS (Oklahoma City) WALR-FM (Atlanta) WBHK (Warrior/Birmingham, Alabama) WDMK (Detroit) WGKS (Lexington, Kentucky) WKIS (Miami) WKJS/WKJM (Richmond/Petersburg, Virginia) WKSE (Buffalo, New York) WKYS (Washington, D.C.) WLXC (Columbia, South Carolina) WNKS (Charlotte, North Carolina) WPIA (Peoria, Illinois) WQKS (Montgomery, Alabama) WDKS (Evansville, Indiana) WXSS (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) WKSO (Natchez, Mississippi) WKQB (Pocahontas, Virginia) KXXZ (Victorville, California) WCKS (Carrollton, Georgia) WKZA (Jamestown, New York) WKSQ (Bangor, Maine) WYKS (Gainesville, Florida) KTRS-FM (Casper, Wyoming) KISN (Bozeman, Montana) KKST (Oakdale/Alexandria, Louisiana) KXKS (Shreveport, Louisiana) v t e Superstations in North American markets Current Television KTLA 5 (Los Angeles) 1, 2 KWGN-TV 2 (Denver) 1 WAPA-TV 4 (San Juan) WGN-TV 9 (Chicago) 2 WPCH-TV 17 (Atlanta) 2 WPIX 11 (New York City) 2 WSBK-TV 38 (Boston) 2 WWOR-TV 9 (Secaucus–New York City) Radio KIIS-FM 102.7 FM (Los Angeles) 4, 5 KPIG-FM 107.5 FM (Santa Cruz) WBBR 1130 AM (New York City) 4, 5 WFAN 660 AM (New York City) WHTZ 100.3 FM (Newark–New York City) 4, 5 Former Television KHTV 39 (Houston) 3 KMSP-TV 9 (Minneapolis–St. Paul) KPHO-TV 5 (Phoenix) 3 KPLR-TV 11 (St. Louis) 3 KSHB-TV 41 (Kansas City) 3 KSTW 11 (Seattle) 3 KTVT 11 (Dallas–Fort Worth) 3 KTVU 2 (San Francisco–Oakland) 3 TBS WDCA 20 (Washington, D.C.) 3 WGN America WKBD-TV 50 (Detroit) WTOG 44 (Tampa–St. Petersburg) 3 WTTV 4 (Bloomington–Indianapolis) 3 WUAB 43 (Lorain–Cleveland) 3 WVTV 18 (Milwaukee) 3 WWOR EMI Service Radio KHMX 96.5 FM (Houston) KNEW 960 AM (Oakland) WLW 700 AM (Cincinnati) WSM 650 AM (Nashville) WTKS-FM 104.1 FM (Orlando) Subject to availability; all currently operating as superstations are distributed in the United States through the Dish Network satellite service. 1 Available on select cable and satellite providers in the Southwest United States as a regional superstation. 2 Available on most Canadian cable and satellite providers. 3 Formerly available as a regional superstation. 4 Available nationally through Sirius Satellite Radio. 5 Available nationally through XM Satellite Radio. v t e Additional resources on North American television North America List of local television stations in North America DTV transition North American TV mini-template Canada Canadian networks List of Canadian television networks List of Canadian television channels List of Canadian specialty channels Local Canadian TV stations List of United States stations available in Canada 2001 Vancouver TV realignment 2007 Canada broadcast TV realignment Mexico Mexican networks Local Mexican TV stations United States American networks List of American cable and satellite networks List of American over-the-air networks Local American TV stations (W) Local American TV stations (K) Spanish-language TV networks 1994 United States broadcast TV realignment 2006 United States broadcast TV realignment List of Canadian television stations available in the United States Insular Areas TV v t e Sirius XM Satellite Radio music channels Channels Venus '40s Junction '50s on 5 '60s on 6 '70s on 7 '80s on 8 '90s on 9 PopRocks The Highway Heart & Soul SiriusXM Love Real Jazz Spa Alt Nation B.B. King's Bluesville BackSpin BBC Radio 1 The Beatles Channel Bluegrass Junction BPM The Bridge Caliente (in Spanish) Cinemagic Classic Rewind Classic Vinyl The Coffee House Deep Tracks Diplo’s Revolution E Street Radio Doctor Radio Bloomberg Radio Fox Business Radio Fox News Radio Faction The Grateful Dead Channel The Groove Hair Nation The Heat Pop2K Hip-Hop Nation The Joint Jam On KIIS-FM Krishna Das Yoga Radio Liquid Metal Lithium Octane On Broadway Outlaw Country Ozzy's Boneyard Pearl Jam Radio Pitbull's Globalization Radio The Loft The Coffee House Prime Country The Pulse CNN Radio HLN Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum NPR NOW ABC Radio CBS News Radio Shade 45 SiriusXM Hits 1 SiriusXM Chill Sirius XM Pops SiriusXMU The Spectrum Studio 54 Radio Symphony Hall CNBC ESPNews Turbo Venus Velvet Viva Watercolors WHTZ SiriusXM Spotlight Radio Margaritaville Y2Kountry Kirk Franklin's Praise Willie's Roadhouse Kids Place Live Radio Disney Kidz Bop Radio Discontinued Holly (discontinued July 16, 2014) XM exclusives Bollywood & Beyond MIX The Music Summit The Verge Sirius exclusives Bande à part CBC Radio 3 Iceberg Radio Latitude franco See also: XM Satellite Radio channel history v t e iHeartMedia Corporate officers Bob Pittman (Chairman/CEO) Board of directors Lowry Mays Irving Azoff B. 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KIIS NetworkCity Of LicenseLos AngelesCaliforniaGreater Los AngelesLos AngelesSloganFrequencyMegahertzHD RadioXM Satellite RadioRepeaterMHzKVVSRosamond, California1948 In RadioRadio FormatContemporary Hit RadioEffective Radiated PowerWattHeight Above Average TerrainList Of North American Broadcast Station ClassesFacility IDCall SignIHeartMediaSister StationKBIGKFIKRRLKLACKOSTKEIBKYSRWebcastFM BroadcastingContemporary Hit RadioRadio BroadcastingLos AngelesCaliforniaIHeartMediaKISS-FM (brand)Flagship (broadcasting)On Air With Ryan SeacrestBurbank, CaliforniaMount Wilson (California)Analog TransmissionHD RadioEvolution (radio Network)IHeartRadioRepeaterKVVSRosamond, CaliforniaSimulcastXM Satellite RadioKAMP-FMEntercomKLACFederal Communications CommissionMiddle Of The Road (music)Top 40Top 40Adult ContemporaryCharlie TunaKEIBCBSAdult ContemporaryGannett CompanyKEIBRick DeesKHJ (AM)Sports RadioXETRA-AMWTSPTampa, FloridaJacorJacorCiticastersIHeartMediaKVVSKLXBKWIDLas Vegas, NevadaKHTS (AM)KVVSKLXBKZXYKHTS (AM)Thousand Oaks, CaliforniaRick DeesRyan SeacrestEllen KOn-Air With Ryan SeacrestIHeartMediaKOSSKVVSTehachapi, CaliforniaKSRYKYSRRadio & RecordsWTOP-FMWashington, D.C.National Association Of BroadcastersSirius XMKISS-XMKAMP-FMCarson DalyKPWRKQIEKGGIInland Empire (California)Los Angeles County, CaliforniaKCAQKVYBVentura County, CaliforniaVentura County, CaliforniaLive With Kelly And RyanWABC-TVGreen Bay Press-GazetteTemplate:LA RadioTemplate Talk:LA RadioLos AngelesOrange County, CaliforniaAM BroadcastingFrequencyKLACKAVLKFIKSPN (AM)KABC (AM)KRLAKBLAKHJ (AM)KFWBKTNQKNX (AM)KRDC (AM)KEIBKHTS (AM)KYPAKSUR (AM)KFRNKAZNKWKWKWRMKOSSKMRBKTYMKUTYKKZZKMPCKXSC (AM)KBLAKAHZKCHUNG RadioKFOX (AM)KBRTKLAA (AM)KGBNKVNRFM BroadcastingKKJZKCSNKSPCKISLKTLWKXLUKPCCKCRWKSAKKPFKKUSCKTLWKRRLKYLAKCBS-FMKDAYKXOSKBUEKTWVKLOSKFSH-FMKXOL-FMKWIZKAMP-FMKLAX-FMKFXM-LPKRCVKYSRKKLA-FMKKLQ (FM)KRTHKSCA (FM)KJLHKDLDKOSTKRCD (FM)KBIGKOCPKKGOKBUEKPWRKGMXKROQ-FMKSSEKLVEKSBRKUCIKBPKKYLAKFSH-FMKWIZKOCI-LPKDLDKALI-FMKWVE-FMNOAA Weather RadioWZ2505WWG21WNG584KWO37HD RadioKFIKFWBKNX (AM)KKJZKKJZKKJZKCSNKCSNKPCCKCRWKCRWKUSCKRRLKRRLAir 1KCBS-FMKNX (AM)CBS Sports RadioKXOSKTWVKTWVKLOSKABC (AM)KWIZKAMP-FMPulse 87KYSRKYSRKKLQ (FM)Air1KRTHKRTHEvolution (radio Network)KDLDKOSTKOSTKBIGPride RadioKKGOKSUR (AM)KKGOKPWRKWRMKROQ-FMKROQ-FMKSSEKLVEKLVEKLVEKWVE-FMCall Signs In North AmericaKABC (AM)KAMP-FMKAHZKBLAKAVLKAZNKBIGKBUEKBUEKCAAKCBS-FMKCRWKCSNKDAYKDLDKEIBKFIKFRNKFWBKFXM-LPKGMXKHJ (AM)KHPYKHTS (AM)KISLKJLHKKGOKKJZKKLA-FMKKLQ (FM)KLACKLAX-FMKLOSKMROKLVEKMPCKMRBKNX (AM)KOCI-LPKOCPKOSSKOSTKPCCKPFKKPWRKRCD (FM)KRCVKRDC (AM)KRLAKROQ-FMKRRLKRTHKSAKKSCA (FM)KSPAKSPCKSPN (AM)KSSEKSUR (AM)KTLWKTNQKTWVKTYMKUSCKUTYKWKWKWO37KWRMKXLUKXOL-FMKXOSKXSC (AM)KYPAKYSRWWG21WNG584WZ2505KCHUNG RadioKALI-FMKBPKKBRTKDLDKFSH-FMKGBNKLAA (AM)KSBRKUCIKWIZKWVE-FMKYLAKACD-FM (defunct)KRCD (FM)KMPC-FM (defunct)KFAC (radio Station)KIIS (defunct)KKHR (California)KMET (defunct)KMJRKMPC-FM (defunct)KNACNorth High School (Torrance)KNOB (defunct)KCBS-FMKCBS-FMKPPC (defunct)KQLZ (defunct)KSFV-CDKSKQ (defunct)KSKQ-FMKSCA (FM)KPWRKXOL-FMKZAB (defunct)KXOSKWIFKRLAKPOL (AM)KSPN (AM)KXED (defunct)KXMG (Los Angeles)KYMS (defunct)XM Satellite RadioSirius Satellite RadioTemplate:Bakersfield RadioTemplate:High Desert/ Eastern Sierra RadioTemplate:IE RadioTemplate:Ventura County RadioTemplate:San Diego RadioTemplate:Santa Barbara RadioTemplate:Victor Valley RadioList Of Radio Stations In CaliforniaClear-channel StationTitle 47 CFR Part 15Television ChannelReligious BroadcastingTemplate:Contemporary Hit Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate Talk:Contemporary Hit Radio Stations In CaliforniaContemporary Hit RadioTop 40 (radio Format)CaliforniaFrequencyKOHLKREV (FM)KKXX-FMKHTS-FMKFYZKEWB (FM)KYLDKHOPKLLYKYDOKFMIKLCAKAMP-FMKRCK-FMKRVCKJNYKWDOKMVQ-FMKZZOKSXYKWYEKCDUKHTHKCEZKDON-FMKCRZKFYVKVVSKMMTKUDLKQPTCall Signs In North AmericaKAMP-FMKCDUKCEZKCRZKDON-FMKEWB (FM)KFMIKFYVKFYZKHHMKHOPKHTHKHTS-FMKISVKJNYKKXX-FMKLCAKLLYKMMTKMVQ-FMKOHLKQPTKRCK-FMKREV (FM)KRVCKSXYKUDLKVPWKVVSKWDOKWYEKYDOKYLDKZZOKREV (FM)KEWB (FM)KYDOKCDUKQPTKFYZKHTS-FMKFMIKJNYKOHLKWDOKWYEKVVSKRVCKAMP-FMKCEZKMMTKRCK-FMKHOPKLLYKFYVKUDLKZZOKDON-FMKHTS-FMKMVQ-FMKYLDKHTHKSXYKKXX-FMKWYLKLCAKCRZTemplate:Adult Contemporary Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:Classic Hits Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:California College RadioTemplate:Country Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:News/Talk Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:NPR CaliforniaTemplate:Oldies Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:Religious Radio Stations In CaliforniaRock MusicTemplate:Sports Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:Contemporary Hit Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:Urban Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:Spanish Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:Contemporary Hit Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:Rhythmic Contemporary Radio Stations In CaliforniaTemplate:KISS-FM Radio StationsTemplate:MOViN Radio StationsTemplate:Radio Disney Radio StationsTemplate:KISS-FM Radio StationsTemplate Talk:KISS-FM Radio StationsKISS-FM (brand)IHeartMediaKHFI-FMKHKSKISO (FM)KKDMKSFT-FMKSMEKUULKVJMKVVSKWNWKZZPWAEVWAKSWAKZWBKSWFKSWGMYWHKFWKFSWKKFWKSC-FMWKSI-FMWKSLWKSSWKST-FMWKXJWKZPWMKSWPKFWQRVWVKFWVKSWXKS-FMDigital Audio Radio ServiceKKMYWKGSKBKS-FMKISCWKSBWKSPWMRZWYTSWKSFKSKSKIFSKSAS-FMWSKUWKSZKEKSKKSWKXNCKSIIKKSSKXSS-FMKCRS-FMKSSMKYISWALR-FMWBHKWDMKWGKSWKISWKJSWKSEWKYSWLXCWNKSWPIAWQKS-FMWDKSWXSSWKSO (FM)WKQBKXXZWCKSWKZAWKSQWYKSKTRS-FMKISN (FM)KKSTKXKS-FMTemplate:SuperstationsTemplate Talk:SuperstationsSuperstationTelevision StationKTLALos AngelesKWGN-TVDenverWAPA-TVSan Juan, Puerto RicoWGN-TVChicagoWPCH-TVAtlantaWPIXNew York CityWSBK-TVBostonWWOR-TVSecaucus, New JerseyRadio BroadcastingKPIG-FMSanta Cruz, CaliforniaWBBRWFAN (AM)WHTZNewark, New JerseyKIAH-TVHoustonKMSP-TVMinneapolisSaint Paul, MinnesotaKPHO-TVPhoenix, ArizonaKPLR-TVSt. LouisKSHB-TVKansas City, MissouriKSTWSeattleKTVTDallasFort Worth, TexasKTVUSan FranciscoOakland, CaliforniaTBS (U.S. TV Channel)WDCAWashington, D.C.WGN AmericaWKBD-TVDetroitWTOGTampa, FloridaSt. Petersburg, FloridaWTTVBloomington, IndianaIndianapolisWUABLorain, OhioClevelandWVTVMilwaukeeWWOR EMI ServiceKHMXKNEW (AM)WLWCincinnatiWSM (AM)NashvilleWTKS-FMOrlandoDish NetworkSirius Satellite RadioXM Satellite RadioTemplate:North American TVTemplate Talk:North American TVTemplate:Television Stations In North AmericaTemplate:North American DTVTemplate:North American TVTemplate:Canadian Television NetworksList Of Canadian Television NetworksList Of Canadian Television ChannelsList Of Canadian Specialty ChannelsList Of Canadian Television StationsList Of United States Stations Available In Canada2001 Vancouver TV Realignment2007 Canada Broadcast TV RealignmentTemplate:Mexican Broadcast TelevisionList Of Television Stations In MexicoTemplate:American Broadcast TelevisionList Of United States Cable And Satellite Television ChannelsList Of United States Over-the-air Television NetworksList Of Television Stations In The United States By Call Sign (initial Letter W)List Of Television Stations In The United States By Call Sign (initial Letter K)List Of Spanish-language Television Networks In The United States1994 United States Broadcast TV Realignment2006 United States Broadcast TV RealignmentList Of Canadian Television Stations Available In The United StatesTemplate:Insular Areas TVTemplate:Sirius XM Channels (music)Template Talk:Sirius XM Channels (music)Sirius XM HoldingsList Of Sirius XM Radio ChannelsSiriusXM Venus'40s Junction'50s On 5'60s On 6'70s On 7'80s On 8'90s On 9PopRocks (Sirius XM)The Highway (Sirius XM)Heart & Soul (Sirius XM)SiriusXM LoveReal JazzSpa (Sirius XM)Alt NationB.B. King's BluesvilleBackSpinBBC Radio 1The Beatles ChannelBluegrass JunctionBPM (Sirius XM)The Bridge (Sirius XM)Caliente (Sirius XM)CineMagic (Sirius XM)Classic RewindClassic VinylThe Coffee HouseDeep TracksElectric AreaE Street RadioDoctor RadioBloomberg RadioFox Business NetworkFox News RadioFaction (Sirius XM)The Grateful Dead ChannelThe Groove (Sirius XM)Hair NationThe Heat (Sirius XM)Pop2KHip-Hop NationThe Joint (Sirius XM)Jam OnKrishna Das Yoga RadioLiquid Metal (Sirius XM)Lithium (Sirius XM Station)Octane (Sirius XM)On Broadway (Sirius XM)Outlaw Country (Sirius XM)Ozzy's BoneyardPearl Jam RadioPitbull's Globalization RadioThe Loft (Sirius XM)The Coffee HousePrime CountryThe Pulse (Sirius XM)CNNHLN (TV Network)Rock And Roll Hall Of FameNPRABC Radio (United States)CBS News RadioShade 45SiriusXM Hits 1SiriusXM ChillSirius XM PopsSiriusXMUThe Spectrum (Sirius XM)Studio 54 RadioSymphony Hall (Sirius XM)CNBCESPNewsTurbo (Sirius XM)Venus (Sirius XM)Velvet (Sirius XM)Viva (Sirius XM)Watercolors (Sirius XM)WHTZSiriusXM SpotlightRadio MargaritavilleSiriusXM Y2KountryKirk Franklin's PraiseWillie's RoadhouseKids Place LiveRadio DisneyKidz Bop RadioBollywood & Beyond (radio)MIX (XM)The Music SummitThe Verge (XM)Bande à Part (radio)CBC Radio 3Iceberg RadioLatitude FrancoXM Satellite Radio Channel HistoryTemplate:IHeartMediaTemplate Talk:IHeartMediaIHeartMediaRobert Pittman (media Executive)Lowry MaysIrving AzoffRed McCombsJ. C. WattsJohn H. WilliamsList Of Radio Stations Owned By IHeartMediaEvolution (radio Network)Fox Sports RadioPremiere NetworksPremium ChoiceTotal Traffic And Weather NetworkClear Channel OutdoorClear Channel UKIHeartRadioList Of Programming Syndicated By IHeartMediaMediabaseRadio Computing ServicesHelp:CategoryCategory:HD Radio StationsCategory:1948 Establishments In CaliforniaCategory:Contemporary Hit Radio Stations In The United StatesCategory:Radio Stations Established In 1948Category:Radio Stations In Los AngelesCategory:Sirius Satellite Radio ChannelsCategory:XM Satellite Radio ChannelsCategory:IHeartMedia Radio StationsCategory:Articles With Spanish-language External LinksDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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