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History[edit] The former KSDI in 1992, as an affiliate of The Box. KGMC logo used from 1995 to 1997, as a WB affiliate. KGMC logo used from 1998 to 2012 (same as that seen at above left), as an independent station/JTV affiliate. Early years[edit] The UHF channel 43 allocation in the Fresno market was originally licensed to KICU-TV. Operating as an independent station, the station signed on the air on December 23, 1961, five days after Fresno's first independent station, KAIL (channel 53, now a MyNetworkTV affiliate on channel 7) took to the air. KICU carried a mix of movies and other independent fare. Toward the end of its run, KICU also picked up some NBC programs that were not cleared to air by that network's Fresno affiliate, KMJ-TV (channel 24, now KSEE-TV). The station ceased operations in 1968; the KICU-TV call letters are now used by an independent station in San Jose. Since 1990s[edit] KGMC first signed on the air on September 11, 1992, as KSDI; the station was originally an affiliate of the viewer-request music video network The Box. That December, the station changed its call letters to KGMC (the calls were previously used by KOCB in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from 1979 to 1989). In January 1995, the station entered into a local marketing agreement with Pappas Telecasting Companies, owner of Fox affiliate KMPH-TV (channel 26). Pappas programmed the station from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. and again from 3:00 to 11:00 p.m. daily, airing a blend of cartoons, classic sitcoms and older movies. On January 11 of that year, the station became a charter affiliate of The WB. KGMC continued to run religious programs, paid programming, and home shopping programs during time periods that were not programmed by Pappas. In 1997, KGMC terminated the LMA with Pappas, switching full-time to a format of infomercials and religious programs. Pappas then moved the WB affiliation first to KMPH on a secondary basis, and later to KNSO (channel 51) in 1998 and finally to KFRE-TV (channel 59) in 2001, where the network remained until The WB ceased operations in September 2006 and was replaced by The CW. In the meantime, KGMC would join home shopping network America's Store in 1998; after America's Store was shut down by HSN in 2007, KGMC switched its programming to Jewelry Television. KGMC had been the only full-power independent television station in the Fresno market, until August 1, 2012, when it became an affiliate of the Spanish-language network MundoFox. On December 1, 2016, with the demise of MundoMax, KGMC switched to Liberman Broadcasting's Estrella TV network. logo as MundoFox, 2012-15 logo as MundoMax, 2015-16

Digital television[edit] Digital channels[edit] The station's digital channel is multiplexed: Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[1] 43.1 720p 16:9 MundoFX Main KGMC programming / Estrella TV 43.4 480i 4:3 HSN Home Shopping Network 43.5 ANT-TV Antenna TV 43.6 Me-TV MeTV Analog-to-digital conversion[edit] KGMC shut down its analog signal, over UHF channel 43, on June 12, 2009, the official date in which full-power television stations in the United States transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts under federal mandate. The station's digital signal was relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 44 to channel 43.[2] Spectrum auction repack[edit] KGMC will be one of nearly 1,000 television stations that will be required to change their digital channel allocation in the upcoming spectrum auction repack in late 2017 or early 2018. KGMC will reallocate its digital signal to UHF channel 27 in phase one of the auction.[3]

References[edit] ^ RabbitEars TV Query for KGMC ^ "DTV Tentative Channel Designations for the First and Second Rounds" (PDF). Archived from the original (PDF) on 2013-08-29. Retrieved 2012-03-24.  ^ "Repack Plan For Cocola Broadcasting In Clovis, CA". Ericson, Trip. RabbitEars. Retrieved April 18, 2017. 

External links[edit] Website of parent company Cocola Broadcasting Query the FCC's TV station database for KGMC BIAfn's Media Web Database -- Information on KGMC-TV v t e Television stations in Central California, including Fresno and Visalia Network O&Os are in bold English-language stations KAIL (7.1 MNTV, 7.2 Light TV, 7.3 H&I, 7.4 Cozi TV) KMPH-CD (17.1 Fox/KMPH 26.1) KVPT (18.1 PBS, 18.2 PBS Kids, 18.3 Create, 18.4 World) KFTV (21.2 GetTV, 21.3 Escape, 21.4 Grit) KSEE (24.1 NBC, 24.2 Bounce TV, 24.3 Grit) KMPH (26.1 Fox, 26.2 This TV, 26.3 Comet) KFSN (30.1 ABC, 30.2 Live Well, 30.3 Laff) KGMC (43.4 HSN, 43.5 Antenna TV, 43.6 MeTV) KGPE (47.1 CBS HD, 47.2 Escape) KNXT (49.1 Religious Ind) KNSO (51.3 ION) KFRE (59.1 CW, 59.3 TBD) Low-power digital stations KVHF-LD (4.1 TV Scout, 4.2 Tuff TV, 4.3 USTV, 4.4 Rev'n, 4.5 Jewelry Television, 4.6 Biz TV, 4.7 MyLife TV, 4.8 Classic Shows, 32.8 KJEO) K13ZL-D (13.1 Creation TV, 13.2 HSN, 13.10 SAB TV) KVBC-LP (13.1 MeTV/KGMC 43.6, 13.2 Heartland, 13.3 Movies!, 13.4 Retro TV, 13.05 Justice Network, 13.06 Youtoo TV, 13.07 Buzzr, 13.8 IND, 13.9 DrTV, 13.10 Newsmax TV) KSHC-LP (16.1 KJOI-FM, 16.2 Real estate/Barker channel, 16.4 SonLife, 16.5 Infomercials) K17JI-D 17/K03HK 3 (3ABN) KZMM-CD (22.2 Evine Live, 22.3 SonLife) KJKZ-LP (27.1 Charge!, 27.5 Asian Multilingual) KBID-LP (31.1 Euronews, 31.2 Deutsche Welle, 31.3 Al Mayadeen, 31.4 Diya TV, 31.5 AMGA, 31.6 Armenia 1, 31.7 Noor TV (US), 31.8 SAB TV) KJEO-LD (32.1 Bounce TV, 32.2 QVC, 32.4 MANA 3, 32.6 Hmong TV Network) KSDI-LD (33.2 FAM, 33.3 eScapes, 33.4 AMGTV, 33.6 France 24, 33.7 TheCoolTV) KMSG-LD (39.3 TCN, 43.3 Daystar) Spanish-language stations KVHF-LD (4.3 AZA) KSHC-LP (16.3 Infomercials (Spanish), 22.4 3ABN Latino) KZMM-CD (22.1 IND) KMSG-LD 39/KFAZ-CA 8/KVVG-LD (43.2/54.1 AZA, 39.3 Euronews (Spanish)) KFTV-DT (21.1 UNI) KJEO-LD 32 (32.5 Espiritu Santo y Fuego) KSDI-LD 33 (33.1 Mega) KGMC (43.1 Estrella TV) KGPE (47.3 LATV) KNSO (51.1 TMD 51.2 TXO) KVVG-LD (54.1 AZA) KFRE (59.2 Estrella TV) KTFF/KTFF-LD (61.1/41.1 UniMás) Adjacent locals Bakersfield, CA KKEY-LP (13.1 TMD) KGET-TV (17.1 NBC, 17.2 CW, 17.3 TMD, 17.4 Laff) KERO-TV (23.1 ABC, 23.2 AZA, 23.3 MeTV) KBAK-TV (29.1 CBS, 29.2 This TV, 29.3 Grit) KUVI-DT (45.1 MNTV) KBFX-CD (58.1 Fox, 58.3 Comet) San Francisco, CA KTVU (2.1 Fox, 2.2 Light TV, 2.3 Movies!, 2.4 Buzzr) KQED (9.1 PBS, 9.2 KQED+, 9.3 World) KQEH (54.1/2 PBS, 54.3 Encore, 54.4 PBS Kids, 54.5 World) Local cable channels CSN Bay Area CSN California CMAC-TV Defunct KHMM-CD (23.1 Tres) California television Bakersfield Chico–Redding Eureka Fresno Las Vegas NV Los Angeles Medford OR Monterey Inland Empire (Palm Springs) Reno NV Sacramento San Diego San Francisco Santa Barbara El Centro CA / Yuma AZ v t e Other Spanish-language network affiliates in California Tr3́s KMMK-LP 14 / KMUM-CA 15 / KMMW-LP 47 (Sacramento / Modesto / Stockton) KZMM-CD 22 (Fresno) KBLM-LP 25 (Riverside/San Bernardino) KVMM-CD 41 (Santa Barbara) KDUO-LP 43 (Palm Desert) LATV KTVU 2.2 (Oakland) KSEE 24.3 (Fresno) KVMD 31 (Twentynine Palms) Multimedios K18HD 18 (Bakersfield) KSDY-LD 61 (San Diego) Estrella TV KTNC 42 (Concord) KGMC 43 (Clovis) Defunct KHMM-CD 23 (Hanford) KMMA-CD 41 (San Luis Obispo) See also ABC CBS CW Fox Ion MyNetworkTV NBC PBS Other stations in California See also Azteca América Telemundo UniMás Univision Other Spanish network affiliates Religious Home Shopping Independent v t e Other television stations in the state of California Ion Television KSPX-TV 29 (Sacramento) KPXN-TV 30 (San Bernardino) KKPX-TV 65 (San Jose) Youtoo America KMCA-LD 10 (Redding) KYMB-LD 27.4 (Monterey) KJEO-LD 32.2 (Fresno) Retro Television Network KAXT 1.2 (San Francisco) KEYT-TV 3.2 (Santa Barbara) KAIL 7.2 (Fresno) Me-TV KCRA-TV 3.2 (Sacramento) KRCR-TV 7.2 (Redding) KGTV 10.2 & KZSD 41 (San Diego) KOFY-TV 20.2 (San Francisco) KVME 22.1 (Palmdale/Lancaster/Los Angeles) KAEF-TV 23.2 (Arcata) KERO-TV 23.3 (Bakersfield) KYMB-LD 27.2 (Monterey) KRET-CD 31.1 (Cathedral City) KGMC 43.6 (Clovis) KDOC-TV 56.3 (Anaheim/Los Angeles) Antenna TV KRON 4.3 (San Francisco) KTLA 5.2 (Los Angeles) KRET-CD 31.4 (Cathedral City) KTXL 40.2 (Sacramento) KGMC 43.5 (Clovis) KSWB-TV 69.2 (San Diego) Bounce TV KVHF 4.2 (Fresno) KUVS 19.3 (Sacramento) KMEX 34.3 (Los Angeles) KFSF 66.2 (Sacramento) This TV KTLA 5.3 (Los Angeles) KCVU 20.2 (Redding-Chico) KMPH 26.2 (Fresno) KYMB 27.2 (Monterey) KBVU 28.2 (Eureka) KBFX 29.2 (Bakersfield) KRET-CD 31.2 (Palm Springs) KTNC 42.3 (San Francisco) KQCA 58.2 (Stockton-Sacramento) KSWB 69.3 (San Diego) Movies! KRCR 7.3 (Chico) KCOP 13.3 (Los Angeles) KAEF 23.3 (Eureka) Decades KCBS 2.2 (Los Angeles) KPIX 5.2 (San Francisco) KOVR 13.2 (Stockton/Sacramento) Other Stations KAXT-CD (1.3 QVC, 1.7 VieTop, 1.8 Creation TV, 1.10 Tiempos Finales, 1.11 Jewelry, San Francsico) K15CU-D (15.1 Cozi TV, Monterey) KVHF-LD (4.4 AMGTV, Fresno) KQSL (8.1 TheCoolTV, 8.2 Tuff TV, Fort Bragg) KGOF-LP (33.2 The Family Channel / 33.4 TheCoolTV, Fresno) Defunct KAZV-LP 14 (Modesto) KCCE-LP 50 (San Luis Obispo) See also ABC CBS CW Fox Ion MyNetworkTV NBC PBS Other stations in California See also Azteca América Telemundo UniMás Univision Other Spanish network affiliates Religious Home Shopping Independent v t e Cocola Broadcasting Azteca network affiliates KCBB-LD KMSG KVVG-LD KSAO HSN network affiliates KBSE-LD KPMC KBTI-LD Estrella TV network affiliates KCBT KGMC KWSM KKIC-LD KZAK MeTV network affiliates KVBC KYMB Other network affiliates KFAZ (The Works) KGOF-LP (Mega TV) KJEO (Bounce TV) KKJB (Telemundo) KMBY (H&I) KMCF (KNXT simulcast) KHSC (KJOI-LP simulcast) KJKZ (Revenue Frontier English) KBSE-LD (GetTV) Stations for lease KBID KIWB KKDJ KJOU-LP KVHF KBFK Retrieved from "" Categories: Television stations in Fresno, CaliforniaTelevision channels and stations established in 19921992 establishments in CaliforniaClovis, CaliforniaEstrella TV affiliatesAntenna TV affiliatesMe-TV affiliatesSpanish-language television stations in CaliforniaHidden categories: Pages using deprecated image syntax

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