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History[edit] The station first signed on the air on May 16, 1949; it was the first television station to sign on in the San Diego market. The station was founded by Jack O. Gross, who also owned local radio station KFMB (760 AM). San Diego Mayor Harley E. Knox was present at the station's first broadcast. The station cost Gross $300,000 to build.[1] KFMB-TV has been a primary CBS affiliate since its sign-on (and is the only television station in the market that has never changed its network affiliation), however in its early years, channel 8 also maintained secondary affiliations with ABC, NBC and the DuMont Television Network. In October 1949, KFMB-TV signed an affiliation agreement with the short-lived Paramount Television Network; upon affiliating with Paramount, channel 8 quickly became that network's strongest affiliate. The station received a network feed of Paramount programs that included among others, Hollywood Opportunity,[2] Meet Me in Hollywood,[2] Magazine of the Week,[2] Time For Beany[3] and Your Old Buddy; the station aired six hours of Paramount programs each week.[2][4] Since there was no technical transmission network to distribute Paramount programs to its affiliates, KFMB instead carried the network's programming via a transmitter link from the broadcast tower of Paramount's Los Angeles affiliate KTLA atop Mount Wilson, 90 miles (140 km) from the KFMB-TV transmitter site on Mount Soledad. In November 1950, Gross sold the KFMB stations to John A. Kennedy, a former publisher of the San Diego Daily Journal newspaper.[5] Three years later, Kennedy sold the television and radio properties to a partnership between Jack Wrather and Helen Alvarez.[6] That same year, channel 8 lost its television monopoly in San Diego when the market received two new stations, Tijuana-based XETV (channel 6) and San Diego-licensed KFSD-TV (channel 10, now KGTV), the latter of which assumed the NBC affiliation from channel 8. KFMB-TV continued to air ABC programs until 1956, when XETV was granted permission to take the ABC affiliation under a special agreement between the FCC and Mexican authorities, most notably the Secretariat of Communications and Public Works. After the Wrather-Alvarez partnership broke up in 1957, Wrather kept the San Diego outlets and KERO-TV in upstate Bakersfield and placed them as part of his newly renamed broadcasting company, Marietta Broadcasting.[7] In 1959, Wrather merged Marietta Broadcasting with Buffalo, New York-based Transcontinent Television Corporation.[8][9] In 1964, as part of Transcontinent's exit from broadcasting, the KFMB stations were sold to Midwest Television, which at the time was based in Champaign, Illinois.[10] In the 1990s, Midwest Television divested its other outlets, WCIA in Champaign and WMBD-AM-TV and WPBG in Peoria, Illinois, leaving the KFMB stations as the company's only remaining properties. In 1998, KFMB-TV was awarded the local broadcast rights to San Diego Chargers preseason game telecasts; that same year, CBS acquired the rights to the American Football Conference (the NFL conference of which the Chargers are a member), allowing the station to air regular season Chargers contests. This would remain so until 2017, when the team moved to Los Angeles, thus ending channel 8's status as the team's unofficial home station. In 2005, Midwest Television signed a ten-year affiliation contract extension for KFMB-TV to remain a CBS affiliate through 2015. The station changed its on-air branding to News 8 on September 19, 2005, after four years of using the "Local 8" brand. In early 2007, the station began to phase in a new branding as CBS 8, although newscasts maintained their previous title until 2013, when the station introduced a new logo and renamed its newscasts CBS News 8. On December 18, 2017, Tegna, Inc. announced that it would acquire the KFMB stations for $325 million. The sale was completed on February 15, 2018.[11]

KFMB-DT2[edit] KFMB-DT2, branded as The CW San Diego, is the CW-affiliated second digital subchannel of KFMB-TV, broadcasting in high definition on virtual and VHF channel 8.2. On cable and satellite, KFMB-DT2 is available on Cox Communications and AT&T U-Verse channel 6 (in standard definition) and 1006 (in high definition), Spectrum channel 6 (SD) and digital channel 1212 (HD), and DirecTV channel 9 (in both SD and HD). KFMB-DT2 history[edit] KFMB-DT2 first launched on November 1, 2011 as an affiliate of MeTV, by way of an agreement between the network's owner, Weigel Broadcasting, and Midwest Television that was announced two months earlier on September 6.[12] On January 18, 2017, Midwest Television and network co-parent CBS Corporation announced that KFMB would take over as the San Diego affiliate of The CW, which would be carried on one of the station's digital subchannels; the station would replace Tijuana, Baja California-licensed XETV-TDT (channel 6), which had been affiliated with the network since 2008.[13][14][15][16] The move stemmed from a failure between CBS and XETV owner Grupo Televisa, during negotiations to renew an affiliation contract set to expire that September, to reach an agreement to keep the affiliation with XETV.[17] KFMB-TV digital subchannel 8.2 was originally scheduled to take over the CW affiliation on September 1, 2017. However, these plans changed on January 26, 2017, when Televisa announced that it would drop all English-language programming (including its CW affiliation) from XETV on May 31, at the completion of a phased wind down of the station's San Diego operations (this process began on March 31, with the closure of channel 6's news department); KFMB consequently moved up the date of the switch to May 31, in order to align with XETV's planned conversion into a repeater of one of Televisa's Spanish-language networks.[17][18][19] In preparation, Midwest sold the local rights to the MeTV affiliation to the E. W. Scripps Company, owner of ABC affiliate KGTV; MeTV moved from KFMB-DT2 to the second digital subchannel of KGTV–which is also simulcast on KZSD-LP (channel 41), which lost its Azteca affiliation to a subchannel of MyNetworkTV affiliate XHDTV-TDT (channel 49), in preparation for the network's July 1 move to XHAS-TDT (channel 33), which also lost its Telemundo affiliation to a subchannel of NBC affiliate KNSD (which they both are owned-and-operated stations)–on May 1 (to accommodate MeTV, KGTV relocated Laff onto the re-numbered 10.3 from digital channel 10.2, which, in the interim, was converted into a news channel that aired simulcasts and rebroadcasts of KGTV's local news programming).[20][21] KFMB-DT2's signal resolution was subsequently converted to 720p high-definition on May 21. KFMB-DT2 added programming from The CW on May 31, 2017 (XETV transferred its existing affiliation with co-owned Canal 5 from its decommissioned 6.2 subchannel to its main feed upon losing the CW affiliation).[17] The subchannel–which was rebranded as "The CW San Diego"–concurrently adopted a general entertainment schedule featuring a mix of syndicated shows not carried by other San Diego stations, repeat airings of certain programs seen on KFMB's main channel, and many first-run and off-network syndicated programs (including talk shows and sitcoms) that previously aired on XETV prior to the switch to fill timeslots not occupied by CW network programs. It also launched a two-hour extension of KFMB's weekday morning newscast, along with separate, weeknight-only 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. newscasts produced for KFMB-DT2 (the newscasts shown on the subchannel are branded as News 8 on The CW San Diego, omitting all references to the CBS name included in KFMB's main news titling).[22][23][24] The subchannel also took over XETV's slot on channel 6 on Cox, Spectrum and U-verse (those providers as well as DirecTV–which opted to carry KFMB-DT2 on channel 9, transmitting temporarily in standard definition only in the days immediately following the switch–and Dish Network dropped XETV from their lineups upon its switch to Canal 5, with the station's availability in the market becoming limited to its existing over-the-air signal coverage). KFMB became the third television station in San Diego to affiliate with The CW: the network was originally affiliated with KSWB-TV (channel 69) beginning at The CW's launch on September 18, 2006, before moving to XETV on August 1, 2008, after Tribune Broadcasting agreed to switch KSWB to Fox, reportedly due to that network's concerns about having its programming airing on a Mexican-licensed station, even though XETV had operated as an English-language station since its 1953 sign-on.[25][26][27] The switch resulted in KFMB-DT2 becoming the largest CW station by market size that is carried over a digital subchannel, and San Diego becoming the largest market with a subchannel-only CW affiliate (overtaking WKRC-DT2 in Cincinnati) as well as the largest overall in which any of the five major networks maintains a subchannel-only affiliation.

Digital television[edit] Digital channels[edit] The station's digital channel is multiplexed: Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[28] 8.1 1080i 16:9 KFMB-DT Main KFMB-TV programming / CBS 8.2 720p KFMB-CW The CW 8.3 480i 4:3 GRIT Grit Analog-to-digital conversion[edit] KFMB-TV shut down its analog signal, over VHF channel 8, on February 17, 2009, the original target date in which full-power television stations in the United States were to transition from analog to digital broadcasts under federal mandate (which was later pushed back to June 12, 2009). The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 55, which was among the high band UHF channels (52-69) that were removed from broadcasting use as a result of the transition, to its analog-era VHF channel 8.[29][30][31]

Programming[edit] For years, KFMB-TV has chosen to air The Bold and the Beautiful outside of the network's recommended 12:30 p.m. timeslot in the Pacific Time Zone. This stemmed from when the station had an hour-long noon newscast, as the station aired the program at 9:30 a.m. (the midday newscast has since moved to 11:00 a.m.); The Bold and the Beautiful had aired at 11:30 a.m. from 2009 to 2013, when it moved to 12:30 p.m. as the lead-in to The Young and the Restless (which itself normally airs at 11:00 a.m. in the Pacific Time Zone). It also airs the Saturday edition of CBS This Morning two hours earlier than most CBS stations (aligning it with the program's recommended timeslot in the Eastern Time Zone). Due to requirements mandated by the FCC to broadcast educational and informational programs aimed at children, KFMB is required to show E/I-compliant programs supplied by CBS through the network's CBS Dream Team block; as a result, the station does not air live sporting events until 10:00 a.m. local time on Saturday mornings, even if coverage from CBS Sports has already started by that time elsewhere, though this may change in the fall of 2017 with the augmenting of The CW's One Magnificent Morning holding six hours of E/I programming. This requirement has not prevented other Pacific Time Zone affiliates of CBS from airing live sporting events that begin at 9:00 a.m. or earlier. Syndicated programs broadcast by KFMB include Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Phil, The Insider, Criminal Minds and Judge Judy. Syndicated programs broadcast by KFMB-DT2 (as of May 2017[update]) include Maury, Seinfeld, The Insider, Rules of Engagement, The Doctors and 2 Broke Girls. Sports programming[edit] In addition to carrying preseason games through the team's television network and regular season games through CBS, KFMB-TV formerly broadcast San Diego now known as Los Angeles Chargers regular season games that were not carried by a broadcast network, simulcasting NFL Network's Thursday Night Football and ESPN's Monday Night Football telecasts involving the team; NFL rules require games aired on cable networks to be simulcast on a local broadcast station in the team's home market. This arrangement ended after the 2016 season, as the franchise relocated to Los Angeles for the 2017 season.

News operation[edit] KFMB presently broadcasts 31½ hours of locally produced newscasts each week (with five hours on weekdays and two hours each on Saturdays and Sundays), and also produces an additional 15 hours a week of local newscasts for KFMB-DT2 (with three hours on weekdays; the subchannel does not currently carry any newscasts on Saturdays and Sundays). Unlike most CBS affiliates, KFMB does not run a local newscast in the 6:00 p.m. half-hour (ceding that timeslot to the CBS Evening News, which in turn, airs a half-hour earlier or later—depending on the station—than on other CBS stations in the Pacific Time Zone), with the station airing its secondary early evening newscast at 6:30 p.m. instead. KFMB operates the only news helicopter in the San Diego market; its "Chopper 8" helicopter provides aerial video to most of the market's news-producing television stations through Local News Service agreements. Some famous KFMB alumni include former weather anchor Raquel Tejada (who eventually became a successful actress as Raquel Welch), talk show host Regis Philbin, television host Sarah Purcell, CNN and former CBS anchor Paula Zahn, original Access Hollywood host Larry Mendte, and eventual NBC correspondents Don Teague (later at KRIV in Houston) and Dawn Fratangelo. KFMB has led in newscast viewership in the San Diego market for most of its history, dating back to the 1950s when Ray Wilson was the popular anchor of the city's first half-hour newscast. When Wilson stepped down in 1973, KFMB slipped to a distant second behind KGTV, rebounding only in the late 1970s and early 1980s when former KGTV producer Jim Holtzman was hired by the station as its news director. Holtzman formed a popular and acclaimed news team consisting of anchors Michael Tuck and Allison Ross, weather anchor Clark Anthony and sports anchor Ted Leitner. By the end of 1979, KFMB had risen back to the #1 position, remaining there until 1984 when Tuck suddenly moved to KGTV and helped that station overtake KFMB for the remainder of the decade. Holtzman tried in vain to compete by experimenting with a different format for the 11:00 p.m. newscast called This Day which emphasized a softer, humanized format and attempted to find a common thread within the newscast. There was no regular anchor; instead Hal Clement, Loren Nancarrow (now deceased), Dawn Fratangelo (now with NBC) and Susan Lichtman (now known as Susan Taylor and with KNSD) formed an ensemble of anchor/reporters who alternated between anchoring, filing detailed reports and giving live interviews. Computer graphics were used heavily, and Dave Grusin's "Night Lines" served as the newscast's theme music. Although it was innovative for its time, This Day proved to be a dismal failure as viewers responded negatively to the awkward format; within nine months, KFMB reverted to a more traditional late evening newscast. However, the news ratings for KFMB went into a deep decline for more than a decade as popular mainstays like Marty Levin and Allison Ross (both of whom reappeared in the market on KNSD) either left voluntarily or were fired and were replaced by younger staffers like Stan Miller and Susan Roesgen. Eventually by the 1990s, Hal Clement would assume early evening anchor duties alongside Susan Peters and later, Denise Yamada to mixed results as the station continued to battle KGTV and KNSD, primarily in the 11:00 p.m. timeslot where the CBS lead-in at the time was particularly weaker. By the early 2000s, Michael Tuck's brief return following Clement's departure for KGTV and CBS's resurgence at the start of the decade helped bring KFMB back to first place in the early evenings. By 2006, KFMB, which had become the most watched television station in San Diego (based on Nielsen ratings share data) from sign-on to sign-off,[32] finished in first place in the noon and evening news timeslots (particularly in the latter case, at 5:00 and 6:30 daily and at 11:00 p.m. weekdays). During coverage of the California wildfires of October 2007, reporter Larry Himmel took viewers on a walkthrough of his own home, which had been destroyed in the fires.[33] Audio of the station's news programming was also simulcast on KFMB-AM and KFMB-FM for an extended period of time. On January 28, 2007, KFMB became the first television station in the San Diego market to begin broadcasting its local newscasts in high definition; with the upgrade, the station unveiled a new set for its newscasts.[34] Notable former on-air staff[edit] Jerry G. Bishop – host of Sun Up San Diego (1978–1990) Marc Brown –1987–1989, now at KABC-TV in Los Angeles Pamela Davis – weekend anchor/reporter (2001–2005; now at KPBS-FM) Rebecca Gomez – morning/noon anchor and reporter (?–1996 and 2001–2002; now with Fox News Channel) Jim Laslavic – sports anchor (1983–1989; now at KNSD) Ted Leitner – sports anchor (1978–2003) Sandra Maas – anchor/medical reporter (1990–2001; now at KUSI-TV) Larry Mendte – weather anchor (1988–1991; later at KYW-TV in Philadelphia and WPIX in New York City) Susan Peters – anchor (1991–1995; later at KAKE-TV in Wichita, Kansas, now retired) Sarah Purcell – talk show host (1970s) Susan Roesgen – anchor (1989–1991; formerly at CNN) Denise Yamada - (1994-1999) Aloha Taylor – (2001–2005; now at KSWB-TV) Dan Cohen - (2002-2017; now at KTTV)

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External links[edit] Official website KFMB-DT2 website Query the FCC's TV station database for KFMB-TV BIAfn's Media Web Database -- Information on KFMB-TV v t e Television stations in the San Diego–Tijuana metropolitan area American network O&Os are in bold English stations KZTC-LP (7.1 Sonlife) KFMB-TV (8.1 CBS, 8.2 The CW, 8.3 Grit) KGTV (10.1 ABC, 10.2 MeTV, 10.3 Laff, 10.4 Escape) KPBS (15.1 PBS, 15.2 World 15.3 Create, 15.4 PBS Kids) KVSD-LD (26.1 Ind) KNSD (39.1 NBC, 39.2 Cozi TV) KZSD-LP (41 MeTV) KSKT-CD (43.1 Asian Ind/KSCI) XHDTV-TDT (49.1 MNTV) KSDY-LD (50.2 Z Living) KUSI-TV (51.1 Ind) KSWB-TV (69.1 Fox, 69.2 Antenna TV, 69.3 This TV, 69.4 Justice Network) Spanish stations XHJK-TDT (1.1 Azteca Uno, 1.2 ADN 40) XHCTTI-TDT (3.1 Imagen, 3.4 Excelsior TV) XETV-TDT (6.1 Canal 5) XHTJB-TDT (11.1 Canal Once, 11.2 Canal Once Niños) XEWT-TDT (12.1 Televisa Regional, 12.2 Foro TV) KBNT-CD (17.1 UNI) XHTIT-TDT (21.1 Azteca 7, 21.2 a+) KSDX-LD (29.1 Estrella TV) XHAS-TDT (33.1 Azteca América, 33.2 LATV) KDTF-LD (36.1 UniMás) KNSD (39.20 Telemundo, 39.21 TeleXitos) XHBJ-TDT (45.1 Gala TV) KSDY-LD (50.1 Milenio TV, 50.3 Bereavisión, 50.4 Sintesis TV) XHUAA-TDT (57.1 Las Estrellas) Cable channels iTV Cable 16 Fox Sports San Diego UCSD TV YurView California Defunct stations K09YL-D (9.1 Multimedios/Tr3s, 9.2 CadenaTres, 9.3 Mexicanal/Imagen, 9.4 PSN) K35DG-D (35.1 UCSD TV) KSEX-CD (42, 42.1-4 Info.) California television Bakersfield Chico–Redding Eureka Fresno Las Vegas NV Los Angeles Medford OR Monterey Inland Empire (Palm Springs) Reno NV Sacramento San Diego San Francisco Santa Barbara El Centro CA / Yuma AZ Baja California television Mexicali Tijuana / Tecate v t e CBS network affiliates in the state of California KCBS 2 (Los Angeles) KPIX 5 (San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland) KFMB 8 (San Diego) KCOY 12 (Santa Maria) KHSL 12 (Chico) KOVR 13 (Stockton/Sacramento/Modesto) KJRW 17 (6) (Eureka) KBAK 29 (Bakersfield) KPSP-CD 38 (Coachella Valley) KION 46 (Salinas/Monterey/Santa Cruz) KGPE 47 (Fresno) See also ABC CBS CW Fox Ion MyNetworkTV NBC PBS Other stations in California v t e The CW network affiliates in the state of California KCWQ-LP 2 (Palm Springs) KTLA 5 (Los Angeles) KSBY 6.2 (San Luis Obispo) KFMB 8.2 (San Diego) KECY 9.3 (El Centro) KHSL 12.2 (Chico) KGET 17.2 (Bakersfield) KECA 29.1 (Eureka) KMAX 31 (Sacramento) KBCW 44 (San Francisco) KION 46.2 (Salinas) KFRE 59 (Fresno) See also ABC CBS CW Fox Ion MyNetworkTV NBC PBS Other stations in California v t e Tegna, Inc. Tegna Media v t e Tegna Television Stations in the United States sorted by primary channel network affiliations ABC KBMT KIII KVUE KXTV WFAA WHAS WJXX WVEC WZZM CBS KENS KFMB KHOU KREM KTHV KYTX WFMY WLTX WMAZ WTSP WUSA WWL Other The CW KSKN Fox KIDY KMSB 1 KXVA Independent KONG KTVB-DT2 Cable news channels NewsWatch 15 MyNetworkTV KIDZ KTVD KUIL KTTU 2 WATL WUPL NBC KARE KCEN / KAGS KGW KING KPNX / KNAZ KSDK KTVB / KTFT KUSA WBIR WCNC WCSH / WLBZ WGRZ WKYC WTLV WXIA Defunct Northwest Cable News TXCN Acquisitions Belo (King Broadcasting Company) Multimedia 1 Raycom operates KMSB through a SSA. 2 Owned by Tucker Operating Company, LLC, Tegna operates KTTU through a SSA. Radio stations KFMB KFMB-FM TEGNA Digital Captivate Network (part owner) CareerBuilder G/O Digital Clipper Magazine Pointroll Inc. ShopLocal Retrieved from "" Categories: CBS network affiliatesThe CW affiliatesTegna, Inc.Grit (TV network) affiliatesTelevision channels and stations established in 1949Television stations in San DiegoNational Football League primary television stationsSan Diego Padres broadcasters1949 establishments in CaliforniaThe CW subchannel-only affiliatesHidden categories: Pages using citations with accessdate and no URLWebarchive template wayback linksPages using deprecated image syntaxCoordinates on WikidataArticles containing potentially dated statements from May 2017All articles containing potentially dated statements

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America)KSCIXHDTV-TDTMyNetworkTVKSDY-LDKUSI-TVIndependent Station (North America)KSWB-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyAntenna TVThis TVJustice NetworkXHJK-TDTAzteca UnoXHTVM-TDTADN 40XHCTTI-TDTImagen TelevisiónExcelsior TVXETV-TDTCanal 5 (Mexico)XHTJB-TDTCanal Once (Mexico)XEWT-TDTTelevisa RegionalKBNT-CDUnivisiónXHTIT-TDTAzteca 7A+ (television Channel)KSDX-LDEstrella TVXHAS-TDTAzteca AméricaLATVKDTF-LDUniMásKNSDTelemundoTeleXitosXHBJ-TDTGala TV (Mexico)KSDY-LDXHUAA-TDTLas EstrellasCable TelevisionITV Cable 16Fox Sports San DiegoUCSD TVYurView CaliforniaDark (broadcasting)K09YL-DMultimediosMTV Tr3sXHTRES-TDTMexicanalK35DG-DUCSD TVKSEX-CDInfomercialTemplate:Bakersfield TVTemplate:Chico-Redding TVTemplate:Eureka TVTemplate:Fresno TVTemplate:Las Vegas TVTemplate:LA TVTemplate:Medford TVTemplate:Monterey TVTemplate:Coachella Valley TVTemplate:Reno TVTemplate:Sacramento TVTemplate:San Diego–Tijuana TelevisionTemplate:SF TVTemplate:Central Coast TVTemplate:Imperial Valley TVTelevision Stations In Baja CaliforniaTemplate:Imperial Valley TVTemplate:San Diego–Tijuana TelevisionTemplate:CBS CaliforniaTemplate Talk:CBS CaliforniaCBSCaliforniaKCBS-TVTemplate:LA TVKPIX-TVTemplate:SF TVTemplate:San Diego–Tijuana TelevisionKCOY-TVTemplate:Central Coast TVKHSL-TVTemplate:NorCal TVKOVRTemplate:Sacramento TVKJRWTemplate:Eureka TVKBAK-TVTemplate:Bakersfield TVKPSP-CDTemplate:Coachella Valley TVKION-TVTemplate:Monterey TVKGPETemplate:Fresno TVTemplate:ABC CaliforniaTemplate:CBS CaliforniaTemplate:CW CaliforniaTemplate:Fox CaliforniaTemplate:ION CaliforniaTemplate:MNTV CaliforniaTemplate:NBC CaliforniaTemplate:PBS CaliforniaTemplate:Other California StationsTemplate:CW CaliforniaTemplate Talk:CW CaliforniaThe CWCaliforniaKCWQ-LPTemplate:Coachella Valley TVKTLATemplate:LA TVKSBYTemplate:Central Coast TVTemplate:San Diego–Tijuana TelevisionKECY-TVTemplate:Imperial Valley TVKHSL-TVTemplate:NorCal TVKGET-DT2Template:Bakersfield TVKECA-LDTemplate:Eureka TVKMAX-TVTemplate:Sacramento TVKBCW (TV)Template:SF TVKION-TVTemplate:Monterey TVKFRE-TVTemplate:Fresno TVTemplate:ABC CaliforniaTemplate:CBS CaliforniaTemplate:CW CaliforniaTemplate:Fox CaliforniaTemplate:ION CaliforniaTemplate:MNTV CaliforniaTemplate:NBC CaliforniaTemplate:PBS CaliforniaTemplate:Other California StationsTemplate:TegnaTegna, Inc.Tegna MediaTemplate:TEGNATVTemplate Talk:TEGNATVTegna, Inc.Tegna MediaAmerican Broadcasting CompanyKBMTKIIIKVUEKXTVWFAAWHAS-TVWJXXWVECWZZMCBSKENSKHOUKREM (TV)KTHVKYTXWFMY-TVWLTXWMAZ-TVWTSPWUSA (TV)WWL-TVThe CWKSKNFox Broadcasting CompanyKIDYKMSBKXVAIndependent Station (North America)KONG (TV)KTVB-DT2Cable TelevisionNewsWatch 15MyNetworkTVKIDZ-LDKTVDKUIL-LDKTTU (TV)WATLWUPLNBCKAREKCEN-TVKAGS-LDKGWKING-TVKPNXKNAZ-TVKSDKKTVBKUSA (TV)WBIR-TVWCNC-TVWCSHWLBZWGRZWKYCWTLVWXIA-TVNorthwest Cable NewsTXCNBeloKing Broadcasting CompanyMultimedia (media Company)RaycomLocal Marketing AgreementLocal Marketing AgreementKFMB (AM)KFMB-FMTEGNA DigitalCaptivate NetworkCars.comCareerBuilderClipper 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