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History[edit] As an independent station[edit] The station first signed on the air on January 2, 1968, as KBHK-TV (standing for Kaiser Broadcasting/Henry Kaiser); it was originally owned by Kaiser Broadcasting (established by steel/aluminum and shipbuilding industrialist Henry J. Kaiser [1882-1967]) and which owned other UHF independent stations in Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and Cleveland. KBHK-TV was the third independent station in the San Francisco Bay area behind San Jose-based KGSC-TV (channel 36, now KICU-TV) and KTVU (channel 2), licensed to Oakland. The station was originally based in studios located at 650 California Street. Several key scenes from the Robert Redford-starring political election intrigue movie The Candidate (1970) were filmed in KBHK's studio at 420 Taylor Street (originally NBC "Red Network" Radio Studios). Many of KBHK's technicians appeared in the movie as themselves. Kaiser Broadcasting later merged with Chicago-based Field Communications (Marshall Field, (1834–1906, founder of empire including famous department store chain and later descendents branching into media with broadcasting flagship TV station WFLD among others, and daily newspaper, the Chicago Sun-Times and defunct tabloid Chicago Daily News) in 1973 as part of a joint venture between the companies. In 1977, Kaiser sold its interest in the stations to Field, making Field the sole owner of KBHK. Field later put its stations up for sale in 1982, and KBHK was sold to United Television in 1983. KBHK maintained a general entertainment program schedule that included morning and afternoon children's blocks, off-network sitcoms (such as The Brady Bunch), feature films, and public affairs programming. At one point, KBHK advertised itself as the "Bay Area's Movie Station" and aired a movie in prime time six nights a week. At various times during the 1970s and 1980s, KBHK was the flagship TV affiliate of the Oakland Athletics, pre-empting regular programming to telecast the baseball games. Several local programs produced at KBHK were syndicated nationally including Leonard Nimoy's Star Trek Memories (distributed by Paramount Television) and The Twilight Zone Special (distributed by Viacom). In 1993, the station began carrying programs from the Prime Time Entertainment Network programming service (which was owned jointly by Chris-Craft/United Television and Warner Bros. Entertainment)[1] which it carried until January 1995. As a UPN affiliate[edit] In 1994, Chris-Craft/United Television partnered with Paramount Television to launch the United Paramount Network (UPN). As a result of Chris-Craft/United's interest in the network, UPN signed affiliation deals with both the company's independent stations (along with those owned by the Paramount Stations Group) to become charter owned-and-operated stations of the network. KBHK joined UPN when it launched on January 16, 1995. The station continued with its programming format, essentially continuing to program similarly to an independent as UPN would not expand to five nights a week of programming until 1998. The older sitcoms and cartoons (such as The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and Sailor Moon) were gradually replaced during the late 1990s and early 2000s with more recent sitcoms, talk shows, game shows, court shows and reality shows. In 2000, Viacom bought Chris-Craft's 50% ownership interest in UPN (which Chris-Craft had wholly owned, until Viacom acquired a stake in the network in 1996), stripping KBHK's status as an O&O. On August 12 of that year, Chris-Craft sold its UPN stations to the Fox Television Stations subsidiary of News Corporation for $5.5 billion;[2] the deal that was finalized on July 31, 2001. Fox subsequently traded KBHK-TV to Viacom in exchange for KTXH in Houston and WDCA in Washington, D.C., thus returning KBHK's status as an O&O. Viacom had purchased CBS a year earlier, resulting in the creation of a duopoly between KBHK and CBS O&O KPIX. Since News Corporation also owned the Fox network at the time (the company split in two in 2013; the company that now owns the network is 21st Century Fox); the trade protected the former Cox-owned KTVU as the Bay Area's Fox affiliate (Fox would later purchase KTVU and sister station KICU in exchange for their Boston station WFXT and Memphis station WHBQ-TV in October 2014). The Viacom purchase also reunited KBHK with Detroit's WKBD, which had been purchased by Paramount Stations Group (which was in the process of being sold to Viacom, through that company's acquisition of Paramount) in 1993. After its purchase by Viacom was finalized, KBHK moved from its original longtime studios on California Street in the Nob Hill area and integrated its operations with KPIX at their studios on Battery Street. As a CW affiliate[edit] KBCW's logo from September 2006 to June 2013; use of the "Cable 12" branding in the logo has varied at times, with other versions replacing it with the alternate "CW Bay Area" branding. On January 24, 2006, the Warner Bros. unit of Time Warner and CBS Corporation announced that the two companies would shut down The WB and UPN and combine the networks' respective programming to create a new "fifth" network called The CW.[3][4] On the day of the announcement, the network signed a ten-year affiliation deal with 11 of CBS Corporation's 15 UPN stations, including KBHK. However, it is likely that KBHK would have been chosen even without the affiliation deal. Network representatives were on record as preferring the "strongest" WB and UPN affiliates in terms of viewership, and KBHK had been well ahead of WB affiliate KBWB-TV (channel 20, now KOFY-TV) in the ratings for virtually all of UPN's run. KBCW holds the distinction of being The CW's West Coast flagship station, even though this position is normally assigned to a Los Angeles station; CBS Corporation does not own a CW station in that market—the company owns KCAL-TV, which it runs as an independent station, while L.A.'s CW affiliate KTLA (owned by Tribune Broadcasting) serves as its largest station in the West Coast (in terms of market size). With the launch of The CW, KBCW became the Bay Area's only major English-language network (and network-owned) station on the UHF dial. To reflect the new affiliation, KBHK officially changed its call letters to KBCW on July 1, 2006. In June 2013, the station changed its logo from the generic design used since The CW's launch to a version utilizing the station's call letters (also being utilized by The CW's Des Moines, Iowa affiliate KCWI).

Digital television[edit] Digital channel[edit] Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[5] 44.1 1080i 16:9 KBCW-DT Main KBCW programming / The CW Analog-to-digital conversion[edit] KBCW shut down its analog signal, over UHF channel 44, on June 12, 2009, as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television.[6] The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition UHF channel 45,[7] using PSIP to display KBCW's virtual channel as 44 on digital television receivers (KTVU, virtual channel 2, now utilizes UHF channel 44 for its post-transition digital signal).

Programming[edit] Outside of the CW network schedule, syndicated programming on KBCW includes The Goldbergs, The People's Court, 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men and Family Feud among others. The station is considered an alternate CBS affiliate, and as such, KBCW may air CBS network programs as time permits in the event that KPIX is unable to in the event of extended breaking news coverage or special event programming, such as San Francisco 49ers preseason games; the CBS Dream Team Saturday morning children's block, for example, airs on KBCW due to live CBS Sports coverage on KPIX that airs on the network in the early afternoon in the Eastern Time Zone (the Dream Team block would itself pre-empt The CW's One Magnificent Morning block). KBCW also airs rebroadcasts of CBS News programs Face the Nation and CBS Sunday Morning, and local programs produced by KPIX such as Eye on the Bay and the Last Honest Sports Show. Over the years at various times, KBHK served as the television home of Major League Baseball's Oakland Athletics, the NBA's Golden State Warriors, the now-defunct California Golden Seals NHL franchise and preseason games from the NFL's San Francisco 49ers.

Newscasts[edit] The station attempted to produce a nightly newscast in the 1970s, only to eventually cancel the program due to low ratings. On March 3, 2008, KPIX began producing a nightly half-hour primetime newscast at 10:00 p.m. for KBCW; this program competes against KTVU's longer-established and hour-long newscast, whose viewership regularly dominates KBCW's newscast in the timeslot. The KBCW program has been produced in high definition since its debut.[8] In September 2014, the weeknight newscast was renamed Bay Area Nightbeat while the weekend newscast stayed as KPIX 5 News. In January 2012, KPIX-TV began producing an hour-long extension of its weekend morning newscast for KBCW airing on Sundays at 8:30 a.m. In early 2015, KBCW began to simulcast Good Day from Sacramento sister CW station KMAX on weekdays 7-10 AM and weekends 8-11 AM. Notable current on–air staff[edit] Veronica De La Cruz – anchor

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External links[edit] Official website Official website – KPIX–TV Query the FCC's TV station database for KBCW BIAfn's Media Web Database -- Information on KBCW-TV v t e Television in the San Francisco Bay Area Network O&Os are in bold English-language channels KAXT-CD (1.1 EPG, 1.2 GEB, 1.10 Infomercials) KTVU (2.1 Fox, 2.3 Movies!, 2.4 Buzzr) K03HY-D (Religious) KRON (4.1 MNTV, 4.3 getTV, 4.4 Grit) KPIX (5.1 CBS, 5.2 Decades) KBKF-LP 6 (K-Love) KGO (7.1 ABC, 7.2 LWN, 7.3 Laff) KNTV (11.1 NBC, 11.2 Cozi TV) KDTV (14.3 getTV, 14.4 Escape) KOFY (20.1 Ind, 20.2 MeTV, 20.4 This TV) KTSF (26.2 Diya TV) KCNZ-CD (28.1 Creation TV, 28.2 HSN) KICU (36.1 Ind, 36.3 CCTV News, 36.4 H&I, 36.5 Light TV) KCNS (38.1 SonLife) KMMC-LD (40.4 Rev'n) KTNC (42.1 Infomercials, 42.2 Charge!) KBCW (44.1 CW) KEMO (50.2 QVC, 50.3 QVC Plus) KKPX (65.1 Ion, 65.2 Qubo, 65.3 Ion Life, 65.4 Infomercials, 65.5 HSN, 65.6 QVC) KFSF (66.3 Bounce TV, 66.4 Grit) KTLN (68.1 TLN, 68.2 JTV, 68.3 SBN) Public television KQED (9.1 PBS, 9.2 KQEH, 9.3 World, 9.4 Kids) KRCB (22.1 PBS, 22.2 Create, 22.3 NHK World) KMTP (32.1 Deutsche Welle) KQEH (54.1 PBS, 54.2 KQED, 54.3 World, 54.4 Kids) KCSM (60.1 Ind, 60.2 France 24, 60.3 KCSM-FM / Jazz TV) Spanish-language channels KTVU (2.2 LATV) KDTV (14.1 UNI, 14.2 UniMás) KMMC-LD (40.1 3ABN Latino) KSTS (48.1 TEL, 48.2 TeleXitos) KEMO (50.1 AZA) KFSF (66.1 UniMás, 66.2 UNI) Asian-language channels KAXT-CD (1.3 Việt Phố, 1.4 VietBay, 1.5 Quê Hương, 1.6 Nét Việt, 1.7 VieTop, 1.8 Creation TV, 1.9 U Channel, 1.11 Hải Lê TV, 1.12 NetV) KRON (4.2 Sky Link TV) KTSF (26.1 Ind, 26.2 Diya TV, 26.5 Viet Today TV, 26.6 Viet Shopping TV) KCNZ-CD (28.1 Crossings TV, 28.3 SAB TV) KICU (36.2 KEMS) KCNS (38.2 Sino TV, 38.5 NTD, 38.6 VieTV) KTNC (42.1 NTD) KTLN (68.4 Chinese) Stations serving Santa Rosa/Sonoma County KTVJ-LD (Religious) KRCB (22.1 PBS, 22.2 Create, 22.3 NHK World) KDTV-CD (28.1 UNI, 28.2 UniMás) K03IC-D/KUKR-LD/KFTY-LD (Religious) KZHD-LD (49.1 Ind, 49.2 Spanish Religious) KEMO (50.1 AZA) Stations serving Fort Bragg/Mendocino County KQSL (8.1 Ind) Out of market channel KCRA-TV (3.1 NBC, 3.2 MeTV) Local cable channels NBC Sports Bay Area NBC Sports California Comcast Hometown Network Pac-12 Network Link TV Tri-Valley Community Television KHRT 15 (Hayward) KCRT 28 (Richmond) Local-access channels SFGOVTV EATV Cal Channel SF Commons Defunct stations BayTV (cable only) KEXT-CD (27.1 Tokyo TV) KSAN/KNEW/KQEC 32 (Ind / PBS) California television Bakersfield Chico–Redding Eureka Fresno Las Vegas NV Los Angeles Medford OR Monterey Inland Empire (Palm Springs) Reno NV Sacramento San Diego San Francisco Santa Barbara El Centro CA / Yuma AZ v t e The CW network affiliates in the state of California KCWQ-LP 2 (Palm Springs) KTLA 5 (Los Angeles) KSBY 6.2 (San Luis Obispo) KFMB 8.2 (San Diego) KECY 9.3 (El Centro) KHSL 12.2 (Chico) KGET 17.2 (Bakersfield) KECA 29.1 (Eureka) KMAX 31 (Sacramento) KBCW 44 (San Francisco) KION 46.2 (Salinas) KFRE 59 (Fresno) See also ABC CBS CW Fox Ion MyNetworkTV NBC PBS Other stations in California v t e CBS Television Stations (a subsidiary of CBS Corporation) CBS/DEC O&O KCBS KCNC KDKA KOVR KPIX KTVT KYW WBBM WBXI-CD WBZ WCBS WCCO WFOR WJZ WWJ CW O&O KBCW KMAX KSTW WKBD WPCW WPSG WTOG WUPA Other stations Ind. KCAL KTXA WLNY-TV MyNetworkTV WBFS WSBK v t e Owned-and-operated stations of the major television networks of the United States Disney–ABC ABC/Live Well (8): KABC KFSN KGO KTRK WABC WLS WPVI WTVD CBS Corp. CBS/Decades (14): KCBS KCNC KDKA KOVR KPIX KTVT KYW WBBM WBZ WCBS WCCO WFOR WJZ WWJ The CW (w/WB) (8): KBCW KMAX KSTW WKBD WPCW WPSG WTOG WUPA 21st Century Fox Fox (17): KDFW KMSP KRIV KSAZ KTBC KTTV KTVU WAGA WFLD WJBK WJZY WNYW WOFL/WOGX WTTG WTVT WTXF MyNet (10): KCOP KDFI KTXH KUTP WDCA WFTC WMYT WPWR3 WRBW WWOR NBCU NBC/Cozi (11): KNBC KNSD KNTV KXAS WBTS & WYCN WCAU WMAQ WNBC WRC WTVJ WVIT Telemundo/TeleXitos (25): KBLR KDEN KEJT-LP KHRR KNSD-DT20 KNSO2 KSTS KTAZ KTDO KTLM KTMD KVDA KVEA KXTX WKAQ WNEU WNJU WRDM-CD & WDMR-CD4 WRMD-CD WRIW-CD WSCV WSNS WTMO-CD WWDT-CD WWSI WZTD-LD WZDC-CD4 Univision Comm. Univision (22): KABE-CD KAKW KCEC1 KDTV KFTV KLUZ1 KMEX KTVW KUTH KUVE KUVN KUVS KWEX KXLN WFDC1 WGBO WLII/WSUR WLTV WQHS WUNI1 WUVC WUVG WUVP WVEA1 WVEN1 WXTV UniMás (22): KBTF KFPH KFSF KTFF KFTH KTFK KTFO KFTR KFTU KNIC KSTR WAMI WFPA-CD WFTY WFUT WTNC WXFT Univision owns the licenses to these stations but the stations themselves are operated by Entravision Communications under LMA. NBC Universal owns the license but the station is operated by Serestar Communications. Secondary affiliation; The CW is the station's primary affiliation. ZGS Communications owns the license but the station is operated by NBC Universal. v t e Field Communications Stations KBCW WFLD WKBD WKBS WLVI WUAB People Ted Field Related Field Enterprises Retrieved from "" Categories: The CW affiliatesCBS Corporation television stationsKaiser BroadcastingField CommunicationsTelevision channels and stations established in 19681968 establishments in CaliforniaTelevision stations in CaliforniaCalifornia Golden SealsOakland Athletics broadcastersPrime Time Entertainment NetworkUPN network affiliatesHidden categories: Webarchive template wayback linksPages using deprecated image syntaxCoordinates on WikidataOfficial website different in Wikidata and WikipediaArticles containing Vietnamese-language text

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