Contents 1 History 1.1 Reconstruction 2 Athletics 3 Music 4 Academic configuration 5 Notable alumni 5.1 Dancers and choreographers 5.2 Television and film actors 5.3 Television and film production and design 5.4 Politicians and judges 5.5 Journalists 5.6 Composers, songwriters, and music directors 5.7 Instrumental musicians 5.8 Singers 5.9 Sports 6 Academic Performance Index (API) 7 Notes 8 See also 9 References 10 External links

History[edit] Jefferson High Original School from the Front, 1920 Jefferson High Original School aerial view, 1920 Jefferson High Original School from the Rear, 1920 Carmen de Lavallade and Alvin Ailey in 1954 Woody Strode plays left end for the Jefferson High Democrats in 1936 Ralph Bunche Music Teacher Samuel Brown in 1926 Rep. Augustus F. Hawkins In 1915, the citizen of Los Angeles voted to sell bonds to raise $4,600,000 to build schools in the Los Angeles area. Approximately $500,000 was appropriated to build Jefferson High School[3] on the "Stadium East Grounds" (The Old Coliseum)[a] which held approximately 25,000 people in a circled amphitheater configuration. The "Stadium," as it was known, was the site for hosting and entertaining travelers on the way to both the San Diego and San Francisco world expos in 1915. Numerous rodeos and bicycle races were held at the location.[4] Architect Norman F. Marsh was hired to design the new Jefferson High School complex, the property front 1235 feet on Hooper Avenue, 1149 feet on Compton Avenue, and 952 feet on 34th Street and 392 feet on 38th street. The buildings of the group would be of brick and concrete construction, being faced with rug tapestry brick and trimmed with artificial stone. All corridors and stairways would be made absolutely fireproof. The classical style would be followed, each of the main structures having a dignified entrance portico with stone pediment and columns.[3] Jefferson opened its doors on September 11, 1916, with 24 faculty members and two buildings completed. Theodore Fulton was installed as the school's first principal.[5] On March 10, 1933, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake in the city of Long Beach completely destroyed the infrastructure of the six buildings which composed the Jefferson High School Campus. The campus was closed from March 10 until April 6 while the school board assessed the situation. On April 6, tent bungalows provided by the school board were erected on the football fields. Classes were shortened to half day sessions in order to serve the entire student population.[6] Reconstruction[edit] In 1933, Architect Stiles O. Clements was hired to build a 45-unit campus with a budget of $353,000.[7] The "Streamline Modern" building structures were completed in 1935. Ross Dickinson was selected and funded by Federal Art Project to paint four 11 feet by 5.5 foot murals with the theme "The History of Recorded Word". The murals were completed in 1937.[8] As of 1936, several notable alumni such as Ralph Bunche, Woody Strode and Samuel R. Browne had graduated from Jefferson High School. All three men were African American, the first of many Jefferson alumni to break racial barriers in the politics of diplomacy, the art of dance, the art of music and the interpretation of sports. Jefferson produced more jazz musicians and composers than any other high school west of the Mississippi.[9] Many of the musicians were nurtured under the guidance of Samuel R. Browne.

Athletics[edit] In 1937, Jefferson won the first of eight California State Championships in track and field (1937, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1956, 1962, and 1964).[10] The four consecutive state championships in California (1949, 1950, 1951 and 1952) have not been surpassed today. Woody Strode is one of two men who broke the color barrier in the National Football League in 1946. Mal Whitfield and Charles Dumas both received gold medals in the Olympics. This is a rare instance when two Olympic Gold medalists have come from the same high school.

Music[edit] Jefferson High has produced more prominent jazz musicians and composers than any other public or private high school in California.[9]

Academic configuration[edit] Jefferson is a traditional calendar school, composed of four Small Learning Communities (SLCs) and the Early College program which is located at L.A. Trade Tech. The goal of each SLC is to offer individualized attention to students.[11] The SLCs are as follows: Academy of Business & Communication (ABC): focuses on building leaders in the liberal arts, retail, medical, legal and business fields. Creative Arts and Expression (CAE): focuses on the creative energy and leadership within each student through the arts. Global Outlook through Academic Leadership: focuses on building leaders in the social, political, environmental, health and economic fields TPA Small Learning Community: focuses on building leaders in the education and social services fields The Early College Program (Jefferson/Trade Tech. Incentive) accepts students, based on recommendation and interview, who have "extenuating circumstances" requiring special support to achieve college acceptance.

Notable alumni[edit] Dancers and choreographers[edit] Alvin Ailey – choreographer and activist, founded the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City.[11] Carmen De Lavallade – dancer and actor[12] Television and film actors[edit] Woody Strode – actor and football player!, acted in films including The Ten Commandments, Spartacus, and Posse Juanita Moore – actress – – The 4th African American nominated for an Oscar. Participated in over 50 movies; best known for her role as the mother in the movie "Imitation of Life"[13] Matthew Beard – Actor (Our gang Little Rascals Series) Television and film production and design[edit] Iwao Takamoto – animator and character designer for The Walt Disney Company and Hanna-Barbera Productions John Meehan – art director and production designer Politicians and judges[edit] Ralph Bunche – Educator, UN mediator on Palestine and Nobel Peace Prize Winner[14] Thelton Henderson – federal judge in the Northern District of California.[15] Willard H. Murray, Jr. – California State Assembly Member 1988–1996 (District 52); California Institute for the Preservation of Jazz. Current director of the Water Replenishment District 1. Father of Former State Senator Kevin Murray ref: Testimony of Buddy Collette & Marl Young[16] Augustus F. Hawkins – U.S. House of Representatives from California's 21st and 29th district from 1963–1991; California assembly from 1935–1963[17] David W. Williams – Judge for the United States District Court for the Central District of California; first African American Federal Judge from states west of the Mississippi.[18] William R. Clay – Appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to Superior Court judge in October 1976[19] Earl C. Gay (1902–75), Los Angeles City Council member, 1933–45 Mablean Ephriam – prosecuting attorney on television series Divorce Court and Justice with Judge Mablean[20] Journalists[edit] Stanley Crouch – syndicated columnist and novelist best known for his jazz criticism and his 2004 novel Don't the Moon Look Lonesome?[21] Composers, songwriters, and music directors[edit] Roy Ayers – Jazz Composer and Vibraphone player –[22] Arranged Musical Score for 1973 movie "Coffy" and classic albums "Running Away 1976" and "Mystic Voyage 1975". Richard Berry – singer-songwriter, original performer of the rock standard "Louie Louie"[23] Rickey Minor – Emmy-nominated music director, composer, and music producer for shows including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, American Idol and Don't Forget The Lyrics! Barry White – record producer, singer-songwriter; five-time Grammy Award winner. White attended Jefferson for sophomore and junior year. Horace Tapscott – Jazz Piano player and composer[24] Subject of UCLA Jazz Archive called the Horace Tapscott Collection. Creator of "The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra (P.A.P.A.)". Jesse Belvin – Songwriter, Singer –[25] Co-Wrote "Goodnight My Love" used to end Alan Freed Show; co-credited as one of writers of "Earth Angel" made popular by The Penguins. Johnny "Guitar" Watson – blues and funk singer-songwriter and guitarist[26] Young Jessie – R&B and jazz singer-songwriter[27] Instrumental musicians[edit] Dexter Gordon – jazz saxophonist known for his music and supporting role in the movie Round Midnight[28] Sonny Criss – jazz saxophone player[29] – transferred from Jordan High School to Jefferson Addison Farmer – jazz bassist[28] Frank Morgan – jazz saxophone player[30] Chico Hamilton – jazz drummer[28] Lee Young – jazz drummer[28] Jack McVea – jazz and Dixieland saxophone player[28] Art Farmer – jazz trumpet player[28] Bill Douglass – jazz drummer[28] Ernie Royal – jazz trumpet player[28] Marshal Royal – jazz saxophone player[31] Lammar Wright, Jr. – jazz trumpet player[28] Vi Redd – jazz saxophone player[28] Jackie Kelson – jazz saxophone player[28] Ginger Smock – concert and jazz violinist[31] Don Cherry – jazz trumpet player[31] Melba Liston – jazz trombone player[31] – attended Jefferson, but later transferred to Polytechnic High School Ed Thigpen – jazz drummer[22][32] Big Jay McNeely – jazz saxophone player[29] – transferred from Jordan to Jefferson Singers[edit] Curtis Williams and Bruce Tate – members of doo-wop group The Penguins[33] Gaynel Hodge, Alex Hodge, and Cornell Gunter – members of musical group The Platters[34] Ray Brewster – member of the groups The Hollywood Flames, The Cadillacs, The Penguins[33] and The Platters[35] Johnnie Martin – member of the gospel group Mighty Clouds of Joy[35] Etta James – blues singer famous for hit song "At Last" Ernie Andrews – jazz and blues singer[22] Merry Clayton – solo musician and backup singer for many artists, including Mick Jagger O.C. Smith – jazz singer and minister who performed with Count Basie Orchestra; he recorded the first version of the song "That Life" made famous by Frank Sinatra. He had numerous hit songs in his long career.[36] Mel Walker – lead singer with the Johnny Otis Orchestra[37] Cornell Gunter – R&B singer and member of The Platters and The Coasters. Transferred to Manual Arts his senior year.[38] Jennell Hawkins – R&B and jazz singer[39] Ivie Anderson – jazz singer, performed with Duke Ellington's orchestra between 1931 and 1942 Richard Berry – singer, songwriter, and musician. Most famous for writing Louie Louie, Berry performed with numerous Los Angeles doo-wop groups including The Flairs. Floyd Dixon Sports[edit] Emmett Ashford – first African-American umpire in major league baseball Andy Bakjian – National Track and Field Hall of Fame official. Bakjian was a longtime coach at Jefferson. Don Bishop – football player for the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Chicago Bears Milt Davis – football player for the Baltimore Colts from 1957 to 1961, including winning the 1958 NFL Championship game Charles Dumas – Olympic high jumper and the first person to clear seven feet. Attended Jefferson in his sophomore and Junior years; transferred to Centennial High School in Compton. Joe Kelly – football player for the Cincinnati Bengals Edgar Lacey – UCLA basketball player[40] Lee Maye – Major League Baseball player[41] Glenn McDonald – basketball player for the Boston Celtics[42] Bill McGill – NBA basketball player[43] Bernard Quarles – NFL and CFL football player[44] Woody Strode – NFL and CFL football player and decathlete who went on to become an actor[45] Mal Whitfield – Middle-distance runner and Olympic gold medalist[46]

Academic Performance Index (API)[edit] API for High Schools in the LAUSD District 5 and local small public charter high schools in the East Los Angeles region. School 2007 [47] 2008 [48] 2009 [49] 2010 [50] 2011 [51] 2012 2013 [52] Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School 807 818 815 820 832 842 847 Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School 718 792 788 788 809 785 775 Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School 662 726 709 710 744 744 738 James A. Garfield High School 553 597 593 632 705 710 714 Abraham Lincoln High School 594 609 588 616 643 761 738 Woodrow Wilson High School 582 585 600 615 636 Theodore Roosevelt High School 557 551 576 608 793 788 Thomas Jefferson High School 457 516 514 546 546 Santee Education Complex 502 521 552 565 612 636

Notes[edit] ^ The Old Coliseum precedes the "Los Angeles Coliseum built in 1929 that hosted two Olympics. It was the main amphitheater in Los Angeles in the late 1800s.

See also[edit] "Sisters at Heart", a 1970 episode of the TV series Bewitched that was written by students at Jefferson High School after having visited the set of that show and interacted with the cast and writers.

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