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Education[edit] Jason Scott graduated from Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, New York and served on the staff of the school newspaper under the title "Humor Staff". While in high school he produced the humor magazine Esnesnon ("nonsense" backwards).[4] He later graduated from Emerson College in 1992 with a film degree.[5] While at Emerson, he worked for the school humor magazine, school newspaper, WERS 88.9 FM radio, and served as art director on several dramatic plays.

Early work[edit] After graduating from Emerson, Scott lived in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was employed as a temp worker while also drawing caricatures for pay on the streets of Cambridge.[6]

Projects[edit] In 1990, along with John Anthony Rescigno (who was known by the pseudonym "Trout.Complex"), Scott started TinyTIM, a popular MUSH. He resigned in 2000.[7] In 1995, Jason joined the video game company Psygnosis as a technical support worker, before being hired by a video game startup, Focus Studios, as an art director. After Focus Studios' closure, Jason moved into UNIX administration,[8] where he remained until 2009. He has been a speaker at DEF CON, an annual hacker conference, the first time at the 7th conference in 1999, and has spoken there almost every year since then. Scott also spoke at PhreakNIC 6 and 9, Rubi Cons 4 and 5, the 5th H.O.P.E. conference in 2004, Notacons 1, 2 (as a backup), 3 and 4, Toorcon 7, and beta premiered his documentary at the 7th annual Vintage Computer Festival. Most of his talks focus on the capturing of digital history or consist of narratives of stories relevant to his experiences online.[9] In 2006 he announced starting a documentary on Arcades, titled ARCADE.[10] In 2007, he co-founded Blockparty, a North American demoparty.[11] For their inaugural year, they paired up with Notacon which takes place annually in Cleveland, Ohio. This collaborative effort allowed the fledgling party to utilize the existing support structure of an established conference. In January 2009, he formed "Archive Team",[12] a group dedicated to preserving the historical record of websites that close down. Responding[13] to the announcement by AOL of the closure of AOL Hometown, the team has also announced[14] plans to save[15] Podango and GeoCities. In October 2009, he started raising funds for a year-long sabbatical from his job as a computer systems administrator, to pursue technology history and archival projects full-time. By November 2009, he had reached his funding goals, with the support of over 300 patrons.[16] In early 2011, he was involved in Yahoo! Video and Google Video archive projects.[citation needed] As of 2013[update] Jason Scott was also listed as the curator of the Software collections held by Internet Archive.[citation needed]

Sockington[edit] Main article: Sockington Sockington is a domestic cat who lives in Waltham, Massachusetts. He has gained large-scale fame via the social networking site Twitter. Scott has been regularly posting from Sockington's Twitter account since late 2007.[17] As of January 2018[update], Sockington's account has over 1.4 million followers, many of which are pet accounts themselves.[17][18]

Filmography[edit] BBS: The Documentary (2005) (director) GET LAMP (2010) (director) Going Cardboard (2012) (editor) DEFCON: The Documentary (2013) (director) The 6502: A Documentary Series (TBD) (director)[19] Arcade: A Documentary Series (TBD) (director)[20] Tape: A Documentary With Bias (TBD) (director) [21]

Interviews[edit] Scott is featured in the documentary Traceroute reflecting about his archiving work.

Presentations[edit] Scott in front of a PetaBox. Scott was hired by the Internet Archive in 2011. Scott delivering a presentation at a Wikipedia conference in 2018. TEXTFILES, G-PHILES, AND LOG FILES: Remembering the 1980s Through ASCII – DEF CON 7, July 10, 1999 TEXTFILES.COM: One Year Later – DEF CON 8, July 29, 2000 So You Got Your Lame Ass Sued: A Legal Narrative – DEF CON 9, July 2001 Documenting the BBS – Rubi-Con 4, April 2002 History of Phreaking 101 – PhreakNIC 6.0, November 1, 2002 Keynote: The Future is Now – Rubi-Con 5, March 28, 2003 Apple II Pirate Lore – Rubi-Con 5, March 29, 2003 100 Years of the Computer Art Scene (with RaD Man) – Notacon 1, April 2004 Saving Digital History: A Quick and Dirty Guide – H2K4, July 11, 2004 BBS: The Documentary: A Preview – DEF CON 12, August 2004 The History of the Coleco Adam (mp3) – Notacon 2, April 2005 Why Tech Documentaries are Impossible (And why we have to do them anyway.) – DEF CON 13, July 31, 2005 Fidonet Presentation and Q&A – ToorCon 7, September 17, 2005 BBS Documentary Presentation – PhreakNIC 9.0, October 22, 2005 ConCon: A History of Hacker Conferences – Shmoocon 2, January 13, 2005 Your Moment of Audio Zen: A History of Podcasts – Notacon 3, April 7, 2006 The Great Failure of Wikipedia – Notacon 3, April 8, 2006 Retrocomputing (with Sam Nitzberg, Cheshire Catalyst, Sellam Ismail) – H.O.P.E. Number Six, July 2006 Underground Documentaries: The Art of the Interview and the Access (with Julien McArdle) – H.O.P.E. Number Six, July 2006 Wheel of Internet Knowledge – Phreaknic X, October 2006 Mythapedia – STM (Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers) Innovations Seminar, December 1, 2006 Wikipedia, Brick by Brick – Notacon 4, April 27, 2007 The Edge of Forever – Making Computer History – DEF CON 15, August 4, 2007 Making a Text Adventure Documentary – DEF CON 16, August 10, 2008 Keynote speech – KansasFest, July 22, 2009 That Awesome Time I Was Sued for Two Billion Dollars – DEF CON 17, July 30, 2009 Atomic Porn: What is the smallest particle of erotica? – Arse Elektronika 2009, October 2, 2009 DistriWiki: A Proposal – May 11, 2010 You're Stealing It Wrong! 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles - DEF CON 18, July 31, 2010 Archive Team: A Distributed Preservation of Service Attack - DEF CON 19, August 6, 2011 DEF CON Documentary Trailer - DEF CON 20, July 27, 2012 Wanted: Dead or Alive – Webstock, February 15, 2013 Making Of The DEF CON Documentary - DEF CON 21, August 2, 2013 From COLO to YOLO: Confessions Of The Angriest Archivist — Bacon, May 16, 2014 Thwarting the Peasants: A Guided and Rambunctious Tour Through the 2600 DeCSS Legal Files – HOPE X, July 19, 2014[22] So You Want To Murder a Software Patent – Derbycon, September 26, 2014[23]

See also[edit] Archive Team

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References[edit] Jason Scott, The Defendant (July 2001). So You Got Your Lame Ass Sued: A Legal Narrative. DEF CON speaker. Retrieved 2004-11-19. Jason Sadofsky, The Tribune Articles, 1987–88 Jason Scott, The Life and Times of Jason Scott DEF CON 13 (2005) speakers, including Jason Scott's "Why Tech Documentaries are Impossible"

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