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Early life Chan was born on 7 April 1954, in Hong Kong, as Chan Kong-sang, to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan, refugees from the Chinese Civil War. His mother or parents nicknamed him Pao-pao Chinese: 炮炮 ("Cannonball") because the energetic child was always rolling around.[13] His parents worked for the French ambassador in Hong Kong, and Chan spent his formative years within the grounds of the consul's residence in the Victoria Peak district.[14] Chan attended the Nah-Hwa Primary School on Hong Kong Island, where he failed his first year, after which his parents withdrew him from the school. In 1960, his father emigrated to Canberra, Australia, to work as the head cook for the American embassy, and Chan was sent to the China Drama Academy, a Peking Opera School run by Master Yu Jim-yuen.[14][15] Chan trained rigorously for the next decade, excelling in martial arts and acrobatics.[16] He eventually became part of the Seven Little Fortunes, a performance group made up of the school's best students, gaining the stage name Yuen Lo in homage to his master. Chan became close friends with fellow group members Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, and the three of them later became known as the Three Brothers or Three Dragons.[17] After entering the film industry, Chan along with Sammo Hung got the opportunity to train in hapkido under the grand master Jin Pal Kim, and Chan eventually attained a black belt.[5] Jackie Chan also trained in other styles of martial arts such as Karate, Judo, Taekwondo and Jeet Kune Do. He began his career by appearing in small roles at the age of five as a child actor. At age eight, he appeared with some of his fellow "Little Fortunes" in the film Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (1962) with Li Li-Hua playing his mother. Chan appeared with Li again the following year, in The Love Eterne (1963) and had a small role in King Hu's 1966 film Come Drink with Me.[18] In 1971, after an appearance as an extra in another kung fu film, A Touch of Zen, Chan was signed to Chu Mu's Great Earth Film Company.[19] At seventeen, he worked as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee films Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon under the stage name Chan Yuen Lung (Chinese: 陳元龍).[20] He received his first starring role later that year in Little Tiger of Canton that had a limited release in Hong Kong in 1973.[21] In 1975, due to the commercial failures of his early ventures into films and trouble finding stunt work, Chan starred in a comedic adult film All in the Family in which Chan appears in his first nude sex scene. It is the only film he has made to date without a single fight scene or stunt sequence.[22] Jackie Chan later also appeared in one other sex scene, in Shinjuku Incident. Chan joined his parents in Canberra in 1976, where he briefly attended Dickson College and worked as a construction worker.[23] A fellow builder named Jack took Chan under his wing, thus earning Chan the nickname of "Little Jack" that was later shortened to "Jackie", and the name Jackie Chan has stuck with him ever since.[24] In the late 1990s, Chan changed his Chinese name to Fong Si-lung (Chinese: 房仕龍), since his father's original surname was Fong.[24]

Film career Early exploits: 1976–1979 In 1976, Jackie Chan received a telegram from Willie Chan, a film producer in the Hong Kong film industry who had been impressed with Jackie's stunt work. Willie Chan offered him an acting role in a film directed by Lo Wei. Lo had seen Chan's performance in the John Woo film Hand of Death (1976) and planned to model him after Bruce Lee with the film New Fist of Fury.[19] His stage name was changed to Sing Lung (Chinese: 成龍, also transcribed as Cheng Long,[25] literally "become the dragon") to emphasise his similarity to Bruce Lee, whose stage name meant "Little Dragon" in Chinese. The film was unsuccessful because Chan was not accustomed to Lee's martial arts style. Despite the film's failure, Lo Wei continued producing films with similar themes, but with little improvement at the box office.[26] Chan's first major breakthrough was the 1978 film Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, shot while he was loaned to Seasonal Film Corporation under a two-picture deal.[27] Director Yuen Woo-ping allowed Chan complete freedom over his stunt work. The film established the comedic kung fu genre, and proved refreshing to the Hong Kong audience.[28] Chan then starred in Drunken Master, which finally propelled him to mainstream success.[29] Upon Chan's return to Lo Wei's studio, Lo tried to replicate the comedic approach of Drunken Master, producing Half a Loaf of Kung Fu and Spiritual Kung Fu.[24] He also gave Chan the opportunity to make his directorial debut in The Fearless Hyena. When Willie Chan left the company, he advised Jackie to decide for himself whether or not to stay with Lo Wei. During the shooting of Fearless Hyena Part II, Chan broke his contract and joined Golden Harvest, prompting Lo to blackmail Chan with triads, blaming Willie for his star's departure. The dispute was resolved with the help of fellow actor and director Jimmy Wang Yu, allowing Chan to stay with Golden Harvest.[27] Success in the action comedy genre: 1980–1987 Willie Chan became Jackie's personal manager and firm friend, and remained so for over 30 years. He was instrumental in launching Chan's international career, beginning with his first forays into the American film industry in the 1980s. His first Hollywood film was The Big Brawl in 1980.[30] Chan then played a minor role in the 1981 film The Cannonball Run, which grossed $100 million worldwide. Despite being largely ignored by audiences in favour of established American actors such as Burt Reynolds, Chan was impressed by the outtakes shown at the closing credits, inspiring him to include the same device in his future films. After the commercial failure of The Protector in 1985, Chan temporarily abandoned his attempts to break into the US market, returning his focus to Hong Kong films.[26] Back in Hong Kong, Chan's films began to reach a larger audience in East Asia, with early successes in the lucrative Japanese market including The Young Master (1980) and Dragon Lord (1982). The Young Master went on to beat previous box office records set by Bruce Lee and established Chan as Hong Kong cinema's top star. With Dragon Lord, he began experimenting with elaborate stunt action sequences,[31] including the final fight scene where he performs various stunts, including one where he does a back flip off a loft and falls to the lower ground.[32] Chan produced a number of action comedy films with his opera school friends Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. The three co-starred together for the first time in 1983 in Project A, which introduced a dangerous stunt-driven style of martial arts that won it the Best Action Design Award at the third annual Hong Kong Film Awards.[33] Over the following two years, the "Three Brothers" appeared in Wheels on Meals and the original Lucky Stars trilogy.[34][35] In 1985, Chan made the first Police Story film, a US-influenced action comedy in which Chan performed a number of dangerous stunts. It was named the "Best Film" at the 1986 Hong Kong Film Awards.[36] In 1986, Chan played "Asian Hawk," an Indiana Jones-esque character, in the film Armour of God. The film was Chan's biggest domestic box office success up to that point, grossing over HK$35 million.[37] Acclaimed sequels and Hollywood breakthrough: 1988–1998 In 1988, Chan starred alongside Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao for the last time to date, in the film Dragons Forever. Hung co-directed with Corey Yuen, and the villain in the film was played by Yuen Wah, both of whom were fellow graduates of the China Drama Academy. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Chan starred in a number of successful sequels beginning with Project A Part II and Police Story 2, which won the award for Best Action Choreography at the 1989 Hong Kong Film Awards. This was followed by Armour of God II: Operation Condor, and Police Story 3: Super Cop, for which Chan won the Best Actor Award at the 1993 Golden Horse Film Festival. In 1994, Chan reprised his role as Wong Fei-hung in Drunken Master II, which was listed in Time Magazine's All-Time 100 Movies.[38] Another sequel, Police Story 4: First Strike, brought more awards and domestic box office success for Chan, but did not fare as well in foreign markets.[39] Chan rekindled his Hollywood ambitions in the 1990s, but refused early offers to play villains in Hollywood films to avoid being typecast in future roles. For example, Sylvester Stallone offered him the role of Simon Phoenix, a criminal in the futuristic film Demolition Man. Chan declined and the role was taken by Wesley Snipes.[40] Chan finally succeeded in establishing a foothold in the North American market in 1995 with a worldwide release of Rumble in the Bronx, attaining a cult following in the United States that was rare for Hong Kong movie stars.[41] The success of Rumble in the Bronx led to a 1996 release of Police Story 3: Super Cop in the United States under the title Supercop, which grossed a total of US$16,270,600. Chan's first huge blockbuster success came when he co-starred with Chris Tucker in the 1998 buddy cop action comedy Rush Hour,[42] grossing US$130 million in the United States alone.[27] This film made him a Hollywood star, after which he wrote his autobiography in collaboration with Jeff Yang entitled I Am Jackie Chan. Fame in Hollywood and Dramatization: 1999–2007 In 1998, Chan released his final film for Golden Harvest, Who Am I?. After leaving Golden Harvest in 1999, he produced and starred alongside Shu Qi in Gorgeous a romantic comedy that focused on personal relationships and featured only a few martial arts sequences.[43] Although Chan had left Golden Harvest in 1999, the company continued to produce and distribute for two of his films, Gorgeous (1999) and The Accidental Spy (2001). Chan then helped create a PlayStation game in 2000 called Jackie Chan Stuntmaster, to which he lent his voice and performed the motion capture.[44] He continued his Hollywood success in 2000 when he teamed up with Owen Wilson in the Western action comedy Shanghai Noon. A sequel Shanghai Knights followed in 2003 and also featured his first onscreen fight scene with Donnie Yen.[45] He reunited with Chris Tucker for Rush Hour 2 (2001) which was an even bigger success than the original grossing $347 million worldwide. He experimented with special effects with The Tuxedo (2002) and The Medallion (2003) which were not as successful critically or commercially. In 2004 he teamed up with Steve Coogan in the big-budget loose adaptation of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days. Despite the success of the Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon films, Chan became frustrated with Hollywood over the limited range of roles and lack of control over the filmmaking process.[46] In response to Golden Harvest's withdrawal from the film industry in 2003, Chan started his own film production company, JCE Movies Limited (Jackie Chan Emperor Movies Limited) in association with Emperor Multimedia Group (EMG).[27] His films have since featured an increasing number of dramatic scenes while continuing to succeed at the box office; examples include New Police Story (2004), The Myth (2005) and the hit film Rob-B-Hood (2006).[47][48][49] Chan's next release was the third instalment in the Rush Hour series: Rush Hour 3 in August 2007. It grossed US$255 million.[50] However, it was a disappointment in Hong Kong, grossing only HK$3.5 million during its opening weekend.[51] New experiments and change in style: 2008–present Chan at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 Jackie Chan on the set of Chinese Zodiac (2 May 2012) Filming of The Forbidden Kingdom (released in 2008), Chan's first onscreen collaboration with fellow Chinese actor Jet Li, was completed on 24 August 2007 and the movie was released in April 2008. The movie featured heavy use of effects and wires.[52][53] Chan voiced Master Monkey in Kung Fu Panda (released in June 2008), appearing with Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, and Angelina Jolie.[54] In addition, he has assisted Anthony Szeto in an advisory capacity for the writer-director's film Wushu, released on 1 May 2008. The film stars Sammo Hung and Wang Wenjie as father and son.[55] In November 2007, Chan began filming Shinjuku Incident, a dramatic role featuring no martial arts sequences with director Derek Yee, which sees Chan take on the role of a Chinese immigrant in Japan.[56] The film was released on 2 April 2009. According to his blog, Chan discussed his wishes to direct a film after completing Shinjuku Incident, something he has not done for a number of years.[57] The film expected to be the third in the Armour of God series, and had a working title of Armour of God III: Chinese Zodiac. The film was released on 12 December 2012.[58] Because the Screen Actors Guild did not go on strike, Chan started shooting his next Hollywood movie The Spy Next Door at the end of October in New Mexico.[59] In The Spy Next Door, Chan plays an undercover agent whose cover is blown when he looks after the children of his girlfriend. In Little Big Soldier, Chan stars, alongside Leehom Wang as a soldier in the Warring States period in China. He is the lone survivor of his army and must bring a captured enemy soldier Leehom Wang to the capital of his province. In 2010 he starred with Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid, a remake of the 1984 original.[60] This was Chan's first dramatic American film. He plays Mr. Han, a kung fu master and maintenance man who teaches Jaden Smith's character kung fu so he can defend himself from school bullies. His role in The Karate Kid won Jackie Chan the Favorite Buttkicker award at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in 2011.[61] In Chan's next movie, Shaolin, he plays the cook of the temple instead of one of the major characters. His 100th movie, 1911, was released on 26 September 2011. Chan was the co-director, executive producer, and lead star of the movie.[62] While Chan has directed over ten films over his career, this was his first directorial work since Who Am I? in 1998. 1911 premiered in North America on 14 October.[63] While at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, Chan announced that he was retiring from action films citing that he was getting too old for the genre. He later clarified that he would not be completely retiring from action films, but would be performing fewer stunts and taking care of his body more.[64] In 2013, Chan starred in Police Story 2013, a reboot of the Police Story franchise directed by Ding Sheng, and it was released in China at the end of 2013. Chan's next film Dragon Blade was released in early 2015. In 2015, Chan was awarded the title of "Datuk" by Malaysia as he helped Malaysia to boost its tourism, especially in Kuala Lumpur where he previously shot his films.[65] In early 2017, Chan's new film titled "Kung Fu Yoga", a Chinese-Indian project, which also starred Disha Patani, Sonu Sood and Amyra Dastur, was released. The film reunited Chan with director Stanley Tong, who directed a number of Chan's films in the 1990s. Upon release, the film was a huge success at the box office, and became the 5th highest-grossing film in China, one month after its release. He starred in his own production Skiptrace, which was released in 2016. Chan starred in the 2016 action-comedy Railroad Tigers and the 2017 action-thriller The Foreigner, an Anglo-Chinese production. He will also star in the science-fiction film Bleeding Steel.

Music career Chan and Qin Hailu singing in Shanghai, China in August 2006 Chan had vocal lessons whilst at the Peking Opera School in his childhood. He began producing records professionally in the 1980s and has gone on to become a successful singer in Hong Kong and Asia. He has released 20 albums since 1984 and has performed vocals in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese and English. He often sings the theme songs of his films, which play over the closing credits. Chan's first musical recording was "Kung Fu Fighting Man", the theme song played over the closing credits of The Young Master (1980).[66] At least 10 of these recordings have been released on soundtrack albums for the films.[67][68] His Cantonese song Story of a Hero (英雄故事) (theme song of Police Story) was selected by the Royal Hong Kong Police and incorporated into their recruitment advertisement in 1994.[69] Chan voiced the character of Shang in the Chinese release of the Walt Disney animated feature, Mulan (1998). He also performed the song "I'll Make a Man Out of You", for the film's soundtrack. For the US release, the speaking voice was performed by B.D. Wong and the singing voice was done by Donny Osmond. In 2007, Chan recorded and released "We Are Ready", the official one-year countdown song to the 2008 Summer Olympics which he performed at a ceremony marking the one-year countdown to the 2008 Summer Paralympics.[70] Chan also released one of the two official Olympics albums, Official Album for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games – Jackie Chan's Version, which featured a number of special guest appearances.[71] Chan performed "Hard to Say Goodbye" along with Andy Lau, Liu Huan and Wakin (Emil) Chau, at the 2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony.[72]

Academic career Chan received his honorary Doctor of Social Science degree in 1996 from the Hong Kong Baptist University.[73] In 2009, he received another honorary doctorate from the University of Cambodia,[74][75] and has also been awarded an honorary professorship by the Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong in 2008.[76] Chan is currently a faculty member of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University,[77] where he teaches the subject of tourism management. As of 2015, he also serves as the Dean of the Jackie Chan Film and Television Academy under the Wuhan Institute of Design and Sciences.[78]

Personal life In 1982, Chan married Joan Lin, a Taiwanese actress. Their son, singer and actor Jaycee Chan, was born that same year.[46] As a result of an extra-marital affair with Chan, Elaine Ng Yi-Lei bore a daughter on 18 January 1999.Although he does not want to be embroiled in his 'second family affair', he still provides child support to Elaine and Etta while, resuming his married life with Lin Feng Jiao. Reportedly, he gave Elaine approximately HK$350,000/month for her extravagant living expenses when she was in Shanghai and bought an expensive property for her and the child. He has since cut all ties and stopped providing support when Elaine relocated to Hong Kong with her daughter because recently, she made a few public appearances that led to stirs of controversy surrounding his past. [79][80][81] Chan stated he had "only committed a fault that many men in the world commit".[82][83][84] However, Elaine decided she would take care of her daughter without Chan.[85] Chan speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and American Sign Language and also speaks some German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Thai.[86] Chan is an avid football fan and supports the Hong Kong national football team, England National Football Team, and Manchester City.[87]

Stunts and screen persona Jackie Chan tries on a fighter pilot's helmet with night vision goggles Chan has performed most of his own stunts throughout his film career, which are choreographed by the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. He has stated in interviews that the primary inspiration for his more comedic stunts were films such as The General, directed by and starring Buster Keaton who was also known to perform his own stunts. The team was established in 1983, and Chan has used them in all his subsequent films to make choreographing easier, given his understanding of each member's abilities.[88] Chan and his team undertake many of the stunts performed by other characters in his films, shooting the scenes so that their faces are obscured.[89] The dangerous nature of his stunts makes it difficult to get insurance, especially in the United States where his stunt work is contractually limited.[89] Chan holds the Guinness World Record for "Most Stunts by a Living Actor", which emphasizes that "no insurance company will underwrite Chan's productions in which he performs all his own stunts".[90] Chan has been injured frequently when attempting stunts; many of them have been shown as outtakes or as bloopers during the closing credits of his films. He came closest to death filming Armour of God when he fell from a tree and fractured his skull. Over the years, he has dislocated his pelvis and also broken numerous parts of his body, including his fingers, toes, nose, both cheekbones, hips, sternum, neck, ankle, and ribs.[91][92] Promotional materials for Rumble in the Bronx emphasised that he performed all of the stunts, and one version of the movie poster even diagrammed his many injuries. Jackie Chan at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival Chan created his screen persona as a response to the late Bruce Lee and the numerous imitators who appeared before and after Lee's death. Lee's characters were typically stern, morally upright heroes. In contrast, Chan plays well-meaning, slightly foolish regular men, often at the mercy of their friends, girlfriends, or families, who always triumph in the end despite the odds.[24] Additionally, he has stated that he deliberately styles his movement to be the opposite of Lee's: where Lee held his arms wide, Chan holds his tight to the body; where Lee was loose and flowing, Chan is tight and choppy. Despite the success of the Rush Hour series, Chan has stated that he is not a fan of it, since he neither appreciates the action scenes in the movie nor understands American humour.[93] In the 2000s, the aging Chan grew tired of being typecast as an action hero, prompting him to act with more emotion in his latest films.[94] In New Police Story, he portrayed a character suffering from alcoholism and mourning his murdered colleagues.[67] To further shed the image of "nice guy", Chan played an anti-hero for the first time in Rob-B-Hood starring as Thongs, a burglar with gambling problems.[95] He plays a low-level gangster in 2009's Shinjuku Incident, a serious drama set in Tokyo about unsavory characters.[96]

Image and celebrity status Jackie Chan's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Jackie Chan enjoys his experiences on the flight deck aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) 2 December 2002. Chan has received worldwide recognition for his acting and stunt work. His awards include the Innovator Award from the American Choreography Awards and a lifetime achievement award from the Taurus World Stunt Awards.[97] He has stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars.[98] In addition, Chan has also been honoured by placing his hand and footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.[99] Despite considerable box office success in Asia, Chan's Hollywood films have been criticised with regard to their action choreography. Reviewers of Rush Hour 2, The Tuxedo, and Shanghai Knights noted the toning down of Chan's fighting scenes, citing less intensity compared to his earlier films.[100][101][102] The comedic value of his films is questioned; some critics stating that they can be childish at times.[103] Chan was awarded the MBE in 1989 and the Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) in 1999. Chan has been the subject of Ash's song "Kung Fu", Heavy Vegetable's "Jackie Chan Is a Punk Rocker", Leehom Wang's "Long Live Chinese People", as well as in "Jackie Chan" by Frank Chickens, and television shows Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Celebrity Deathmatch and Family Guy. He has been the inspiration for manga such as Dragon Ball (including a character with the alias "Jackie Chun"),[104] the character Lei Wulong in Tekken and the fighting-type Pokémon Hitmonchan.[105][106][107] Jackie Chan has a sponsorship deal with Mitsubishi Motors that has resulted in the appearance of Mitsubishi cars in a number of his films. Furthermore, Mitsubishi launched a limited series of Evolution cars personally customised by Chan.[108][109][110] A number of video games have featured Chan. Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu was released in 1990 for the PC-Engine and NES. In 1995, Chan was featured in the arcade fighting game Jackie Chan The Kung-Fu Master. A series of Japanese games were released on the MSX by Pony, based on several of Chan's films (Project A, Project A 2, Police Story, The Protector and Wheels on Meals).[111] Chan says he has always wanted to be a role model to children, and has remained popular with them due to his good-natured acting style. He has generally refused to play villains and has been very restrained in using swear words in his films – he persuaded the director of Rush Hour to take "fuck" out of the script.[112] Chan's greatest regret in life is not having received a proper education,[113] inspiring him to fund educational institutions around the world. He funded the construction of the Jackie Chan Science Centre at the Australian National University[114] and the establishment of schools in poor regions of China.[115] Chan is a spokesperson for the Government of Hong Kong, appearing in public service announcements. In a Clean Hong Kong commercial, he urged the people of Hong Kong to be more considerate with regards to littering, a problem that has been widespread for decades.[116] Furthermore, in an advertisement promoting nationalism, he gave a short explanation of the March of the Volunteers, the national anthem of the People's Republic of China.[117] When Hong Kong Disneyland opened in 2005, Chan participated in the opening ceremony.[118] In the United States, Chan appeared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in a government advert to combat copyright infringement and made another public service announcement with Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca to encourage people, especially Asian people, to join the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.[119][120] Construction has begun on a Jackie Chan museum in Shanghai. In November 2013, a statue of Chan was unveiled in front of what is now known as the JC Film Gallery, scheduled to open in the spring of 2014.[121] On 25 June 2013, Chan responded to a hoax Facebook page created a few days earlier that alleged he had died. He said that several people contacted him to congratulate him on his recent engagement, and soon thereafter contacted him again to ask if he was still alive. He posted a Facebook message, commenting: "If I died, I would probably tell the world!"[122][123] On 1 February 2015, Chan was awarded the title of Panglima Mahkota Wilayah by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia Tuanku Abdul Halim in conjunction with the country's Federal Territory Day. It carries the title of Datuk in Malaysia.[124][125] In 2015, a made-up word inspired by Chan's description of his hair during an interview for a commercial, duang, became an internet viral meme in China. The Chinese character for the word is a composite of two characters of Chan's name.[126]

Political views and controversy The Hong Kong Star, in Hong Kong During a news conference in Shanghai on 28 March 2004, Chan referred to the recently concluded Republic of China 2004 presidential election in Taiwan, in which Democratic Progressive Party candidates Chen Shui-bian and Annette Lu were re-elected as President and Vice-President, as "the biggest joke in the world".[127][128][129] A Taiwanese legislator and senior member of the DPP, Parris Chang, called for the government of Taiwan to ban his films and bar him the right to visit Taiwan.[127] Police and security personnel separated Chan from scores of protesters shouting "Jackie Chan, get out" when he arrived at Taipei airport in June 2008.[130] Jackie Chan at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival Referring to his participation in the torch relay for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Chan spoke out against demonstrators who disrupted the relay several times attempting to draw attention to a wide-ranging number of grievances against the Chinese government. He warned that "publicity seekers" planning to stop him from carrying the Olympic Torch "not get anywhere near" him. Chan also argued that the Olympics coverage that year would "provide another way for us to tell the world about Chinese culture."[131] In 2009, Chan was named an "anti-drug ambassador" by the Chinese government, actively taking part in anti-drug campaigns and supporting President Xi Jinping's declaration that illegal drugs should be eradicated, and their users punished severely. In 2014, when his own son Jaycee was arrested for cannabis use, he said that he was "angry", "shocked", "heartbroken" and "ashamed" of his son. He also remarked, "I hope all young people will learn a lesson from Jaycee and stay far from the harm of drugs. I say to Jaycee that you have to accept the consequences when you do something wrong."[132] On 18 April 2009, during a panel discussion at the annual Boao Forum for Asia, he questioned whether or not broad freedom is a good thing.[133] Noting the strong tensions in Hong Kong and Taiwan, he said, "I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want."[134][135] Chan's comments prompted angry responses from several prominent figures in Taiwan and Hong Kong.[136][137] A spokesman later said Chan was referring to freedom in the entertainment industry, rather than in Chinese society at large.[138] In December 2012, Chan caused outrage when he criticised Hong Kong as a "city of protest", suggesting that demonstrators' rights in Hong Kong should be limited.[139] The same month, in an interview with Phoenix TV, Chan stated that the United States was the "most corrupt" country in the world,[140][141] which in turn angered parts of the online community.[141][142] Other articles situated Chan's comments in the context of his career and life in the United States, including his "embrace of the American film market"[142] and his seeking asylum in the United States from Hong Kong triads.[143] In April 2016, Chan was named in the Panama Papers.[144]

Entrepreneurship and philanthropy The Duke of Cambridge with actor Jackie Chan at the London Conference on The Illegal Wildlife Trade at the Natural History Museum, 12 February 2014. In addition to his film production and distribution company, JCE Movies Limited, Jackie Chan also owns or co-owns the production companies JC Group China, Jackie & Willie Productions[145] (with Willie Chan) and Jackie & JJ Productions.[146] Chan has also put his name to Jackie Chan Theater International, a cinema chain in China, co-run by Hong Kong company Sparkle Roll Group Ltd. The first—Jackie Chan-Yaolai International Cinema—opened in February 2010, and is claimed to be the largest cinema complex in China, with 17 screens and 3,500 seats. Chan expressed his hopes that the size of the venue would afford young, non-commercial directors the opportunity to have their films screened. 15 further cinemas in the chain are planned for 2010,[needs update] throughout Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with a potential total of 65 cinemas throughout the country proposed.[147][148] In 2004, Chan launched his own line of clothing, which bears a Chinese dragon logo and the English word "Jackie", or the initials "JC".[149] Chan also has a number of other branded businesses. His sushi restaurant chain, Jackie's Kitchen, has outlets throughout Hong Kong, as well as seven in South Korea, with plans to open another in Las Vegas. Jackie Chan's Cafe has outlets in Beijing, Singapore, and the Philippines. Other ventures include Jackie Chan Signature Club gyms (a partnership with California Fitness), and a line of chocolates, cookies and nutritional oatcakes.[150] With each of his businesses, a percentage of the profits goes to various charities, including the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. In 2016, Chan partnered with Asian Le Mans Series champion David Cheng to form a racing team in the series and the FIA World Endurance Championship. The two met in March 2015 and Chan told Cheng about his interest in motorsports and raised the possibility of starting a team.[151] Together, the two formed Baxi DC Racing Alpine, the first mainland China-based operation in WEC. In October, leading into the 2016–17 Asian Le Mans Series season, the team was rebranded to Jackie Chan DC Racing and raced with liveries promoting Chan's movie Kung Fu Yoga.[152] At the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans, the team became the first Chinese team to win its class (LMP2).[153] Chan is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and has championed charitable works and causes. He has campaigned for conservation, against animal abuse and has promoted disaster relief efforts for floods in mainland China and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.[15][154][155] Jackie Chan joins US President Barack Obama to welcome China's President, Hu Jintao, to the state dinner at the White House on 19 January 2011. In June 2006, citing his admiration of the efforts made by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to help those in need, Chan pledged the donation of half his assets to charity upon his death.[156] On 10 March 2008, Chan was the guest of honour for the launch, by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, of the Jackie Chan Science Centre at the John Curtin School of Medical Research of the Australian National University. Chan is also a supporter and ambassador of Save China's Tigers, which aims to save the endangered South China tiger through breeding and releasing them into the wild.[157] Following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Chan donated RMB ¥10 million to help those in need. In addition, he is planning to make a film about the Chinese earthquake to raise money for survivors.[158] In response to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Chan and fellow Hong Kong-based celebrities, including American rapper MC Jin, headlined a special three-hour charity concert, titled Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders, on 1 April 2011 to help with Japan's disaster recovery effort.[159][160] The 3-hour concert raised over $3.3 million.[161] In January 2017, Chan donated $65,000 to help flood victims in Thailand.[162] Chan founded the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation in 1988, to offers scholarship and active help to Hong Kong's young people and provide aid to victims of natural disaster or illness.[10] In 2005 Chan created the Dragon's Heart Foundation to help children and the elderly in remote areas of China by building schools, providing books, fees, and uniforms for children; the organisation expanded its reach to Europe in 2011.[163][164] The foundation also provides for the elderly with donations of warm clothing, wheelchairs, and other items.

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Awards and nominations This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. Jackie Chan in 2012 on the set of Chinese Zodiac Jackie Chan awards and nominations Awards and nominations Award Wins Nominations Totals Awards won 28 Nominations 34 References Academy Awards Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded Chan an honorary Oscar for his "extraordinary achievements" in film at the 8th Annual Governors Awards ceremony on 12 November 2016.[165][166][167] American Choreography Awards 8th American Choreography Innovator Awards[168] Asia Pacific Film Festival 1993 Asia-Pacific Film Lifetime Achievement Award 2005 Asia-Pacific Film Special Jury Award Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 1999 Favorite Duo – Action/Adventure (for Rush Hour) 2001 Favorite Action Team (for Shanghai Noon) – Nominated Cinequest Film Festival 1998 Maverick Spirit Award Daytime Emmy Awards 2002 Performer in an Animated Program (for Jackie Chan Adventures) – Nominated Fant-Asia Film Festival 1997 Best Asian Film (for Drunken Master II) (shared with Chia-Liang Liu) Golden Horse Film Festival 1992 Best Actor (for Police Story 3: Super Cop) 1993 Best Actor (for Crime Story) Golden Phoenix Awards 2005 Outstanding Contribution Award Golden Rooster Awards 2005 Best Actor (for New Police Story) Hollywood Film Festival 1999 Actor of the Year Hong Kong Film Awards 1983 Best Action Choreography (for Dragon Lord) – Nominated (shared with Hark-On Fung and Yuen Kuni) 1985 Best Actor (for Project A) – Nominated 1986 Best Director (for Police Story) – Nominated 1986 Best Actor (for Police Story) – Nominated 1986 Best Actor (for Heart of Dragon) – Nominated 1989 Best Picture (for Rouge) 1990 Best Actor (for Miracles) – Nominated 1993 Best Actor (for Supercop) – Nominated 1994 Best Actor (for Crime Story) – Nominated 1994 Best Action Choreography (for Crime Story) – Nominated 1996 Best Actor (for Rumble in the Bronx) – Nominated 1996 Best Action Choreography (for Rumble in the Bronx) 1997 Best Actor (for Dragon Lord) – Nominated 1999 Best Actor (for Who Am I?) – Nominated 1999 Best Action Choreography (for Who Am I?) 2000 Best Action Choreography (for Gorgeous) – Nominated (shared with Jackie Chan Stunt Team) 2005 Best Actor (for New Police Story) – Nominated 2005 Professional Achievement Award 2006 Best Original Film Song (for The Myth) – Nominated (shared with Choi Jun Young, Wang Zhong Yan, and Hee-seon Kim) 2006 Best Action Choreography (for The Myth) – Nominated (shared with Stanley Tong, Tak Yuen) 2007 Best Action Choreography (for Robin-B-Hood) – Nominated (shared with Chung Chi Li) 2013 Best Action Choreography (for CZ12) Hundred Flowers Awards 2006 Best Actor (for New Police Story) – Nominated International Indian Film Academy Awards 2000 Special Award for Global Impact Kids' Choice Awards 2002 Favorite Male Movie Star (for Rush Hour 2) – Nominated 2002 Favorite Male Action Hero (for Rush Hour 2) 2003 Favorite Movie Actor (for The Tuxedo) – Nominated 2003 Favorite Male Butt Kicker (for The Tuxedo) 2011 Favorite Butt Kicker (for The Karate Kid) Montreal World Film Festival Grand Prix des Amériques MTV Movie Awards 1995 Lifetime Achievement Award 1996 Best Fight (for Rumble in the Bronx) – Nominated 1997 Best Fight (for Police Story 4: First Strike) – Nominated 1999 Best Fight (for Rush Hour) – Nominated (shared with Chris Tucker) 1999 Best On-Screen Duo (for Rush Hour) (shared with Chris Tucker) 2002 Best On-Screen Team (for Rush Hour 2) – Nominated (shared with Chris Tucker) 2002 Best Fight (for Rush Hour 2) (shared with Chris Tucker) 2003 Best On-Screen Team (for Shanghai Knights) – Nominated (shared with Owen Wilson) 2008 Best Fight (for Rush Hour 3) – Nominated (shared with Chris Tucker and Sun Mingming) People's Choice Awards 2008 Favorite on Screen Match-up (for Rush Hour 3) – Nominated (shared with Chris Tucker) 2011 Favorite On-Screen Team (for The Karate Kid) – Nominated (shared with Jaden Smith) 2011 Favorite Action Star Shanghai International Film Festival 2005 Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Cinema Teen Choice Awards 2002 Film – Choice Chemistry (for Rush Hour 2) – Nominated (shared with Chris Tucker) 2008 Choice Movie Actor: Action Adventure (for The Forbidden Kingdom) – Nominated Walk of Fame 2002 motion pictures star at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard on the Walk of Fame[169] World Stunt Awards 2002 Taurus Honorary Award

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Schenck / Forbidden Games (1952) 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation / Bell & Howell Company / Joseph Breen / Pete Smith (1953) Bausch & Lomb Optical Company / Danny Kaye / Kemp Niver / Greta Garbo / Jon Whiteley / Vincent Winter / Gate of Hell (1954) Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto (1955) Eddie Cantor (1956) Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers / Gilbert M. "Broncho Billy" Anderson / Charles Brackett / B. B. Kahane (1957) Maurice Chevalier (1958) Buster Keaton / Lee de Forest (1959) Gary Cooper / Stan Laurel / Hayley Mills (1960) William L. Hendricks / Fred L. Metzler / Jerome Robbins (1961) William J. Tuttle (1964) Bob Hope (1965) Yakima Canutt / Y. Frank Freeman (1966) Arthur Freed (1967) John Chambers / Onna White (1968) Cary Grant (1969) Lillian Gish / Orson Welles (1970) Charlie Chaplin (1971) Charles S. Boren / Edward G. Robinson (1972) Henri Langlois / Groucho Marx (1973) Howard Hawks / Jean Renoir (1974) Mary Pickford (1975) 1976–2000 Margaret Booth (1977) Walter Lantz / Laurence Olivier / King Vidor / Museum of Modern Art Department of Film (1978) Hal Elias / Alec Guinness (1979) Henry Fonda (1980) Barbara Stanwyck (1981) Mickey Rooney (1982) Hal Roach (1983) James Stewart / National Endowment for the Arts (1984) Paul Newman / Alex North (1985) Ralph Bellamy (1986) Eastman Kodak Company / National Film Board of Canada (1988) Akira Kurosawa (1989) Sophia Loren / Myrna Loy (1990) Satyajit Ray (1991) Federico Fellini (1992) Deborah Kerr (1993) Michelangelo Antonioni (1994) Kirk Douglas / Chuck Jones (1995) Michael Kidd (1996) Stanley Donen (1997) Elia Kazan (1998) Andrzej Wajda (1999) Jack Cardiff / Ernest Lehman (2000) 2001–present Sidney Poitier / Robert Redford (2001) Peter O'Toole (2002) Blake Edwards (2003) Sidney Lumet (2004) Robert Altman (2005) Ennio Morricone (2006) Robert F. Boyle (2007) Lauren Bacall / Roger Corman / Gordon Willis (2009) Kevin Brownlow / Jean-Luc Godard / Eli Wallach (2010) James Earl Jones / Dick Smith (2011) D. A. Pennebaker / Hal Needham / George Stevens Jr. (2012) Angela Lansbury / Steve Martin / Piero Tosi (2013) Jean-Claude Carrière / Hayao Miyazaki / Maureen O'Hara (2014) Spike Lee / Gena Rowlands (2015) Jackie Chan / Lynn Stalmaster / Anne V. Coates / Frederick Wiseman (2016) Charles Burnett / Owen Roizman / Donald Sutherland / Agnès Varda (2017) v t e Golden Horse Award for Best Actor Wang Yin (1962) Tang Ching (1963) Ko Hsiang-ting (1965) Zhao Lei (1966) Ou Wei (1967) Tsui Fu-sheng (1968) Peter Yang (1969) Ko Hsiang-ting (1970) Wang Yin (1971) Ou Wei (1972) Peter Yang (1973) Charlie Chin (1975) Chang Feng (1976) Charlie Chin (1977) Chin Han (1978) Ko Chun-hsiung (1979) Wang Kuan-Hsiung (1980) Alan Tam (1981) Eddie Chan (1982) Sun Yueh (1983) Danny Lee (1984) Chow Yun-fat (1985) Ti Lung (1986) Chow Yun-fat (1987) Alex Man (1988) Chen Sung-young (1989) Tony Leung Ka-fai (1990) Sihung Lung (1991) Jackie Chan (1992) Jackie Chan (1993) Tony Leung Chiu-wai (1994) Lin Yang (1995) Xia Yu (1996) Tse Kwan-ho (1997) Lopsang (1998) Ko Chun-hsiung (1999) Francis Ng (2000) Liu Ye (2001) Leon Lai (2002) Tony Leung Chiu-wai (2003) Andy Lau (2004) Aaron Kwok (2005) Aaron Kwok (2006) Tony Leung Chiu-wai (2007) Zhang Hanyu (2008) Huang Bo and Nick Cheung (2009) Ethan Juan (2010) Andy Lau (2011) Sean Lau (2012) Lee Kang-sheng (2013) Chen Jianbin (2014) Feng Xiaogang (2015) Fan Wei (2016) Tu Men (2017) v t e Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor 1980s N/A (1981) Zhang Yan (1982) N/A (1983) Yang Zaibao/Dong Xingji (1984) Lu Xiaohe (1985) Liu Zifeng (1986) Liu Wenzhi (1987) Zhang Yimou (1988) Xie Yuan/Tao Zeru (1989) 1990s Lu Qi (1990) Li Xuejian (1991) Wang Tiecheng (1992) Ge You (1993) Li Baotian (1994) Li Rentang (1995) Gao Ming (1996) Liu Peiqi (1997) Feng Gong (1998) Teng Rujun (1999) 2000s Chen Daoming (2000) Ge Zhijun (2001) Ning Cai (2002) Xia Yu (2003) Liu Ye (2004) Jackie Chan (2005) Fu Dalong (2007) Wu Gang (2009) 2010s Sun Chun (2011) Huang Xiaoming/Zhang Guoli (2013) Zhang Hanyu (2015) Deng Chao (2017) v t e Hong Kong Film Award for Best Action Choreography Sammo Hung, Lam Ching-ying, Yuen Biao & Billy Chan Wui-Ngai (1982) Yuen Biao, Lam Ching-ying & Billy Chan Wui-Ngai (1983) Jackie Chan Stunt Team (1984) Jackie Chan Stunt Team (1985) Ching Siu-tung (1986) Jackie Chan Stunt Team (1987) Jackie Chan Stunt Team (1988) Jackie Chan Stunt Team (1989) Ching Siu-tung (1990) Yuen Cheung-Yan, Yuen Sun-Yi & Lau Ka-Wing (1991) Yuen Woo-ping (1992) Corey Yuen & Yuen Tak (1993) Lau Kar-leung & Jackie Chan Stunt Team (1994) Stanley Tong & Jackie Chan (1995) Stanley Tong (1996) Stephen Tung Wai (1997) Jackie Chan (1998) Stephen Tung Wai (1999) Yuen Woo-ping (2000) Stephen Tung Wai & Jackie Chan Stunt Team (2001) Ching Siu-tung (2002) Donnie Yen (2003) Yuen Woo-ping (2004) Donnie Yen (2005) Yuen Woo-ping (2006) Donnie Yen (2007) Sammo Hung & Tony Leung Siu-Hung (2008) Stephen Tung Wai & Lee Tat Chiu (2009) Sammo Hung (2010) Yuen Bun, Lan Hai Han & Sun Jiankui (2011) Jackie Chan & He Jun (2012) Yuen Woo-ping (2013) Donnie Yen, Stephen Tung, Yuen Bun & Yan Hua (2014) Li Chung Chi (2015) Tung Wai (2016) v t e MTV Movie Award for Best Fight Adam Sandler vs. Bob Barker – Happy Gilmore (1996) Fairuza Balk vs. Robin Tunney – The Craft (1997) Will Smith vs. Cockroach – Men in Black (1998) Ben Stiller vs. Puffy the Dog – There's Something About Mary (1999) Keanu Reeves vs. Laurence Fishburne – The Matrix (2000) Zhang Ziyi vs. Entire bar – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2001) Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker vs. Hong Kong gang – Rush Hour 2 (2002) Yoda vs. Christopher Lee – Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2003) Uma Thurman vs. Chiaki Kuriyama – Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2004) Uma Thurman vs. Daryl Hannah – Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2005) Angelina Jolie vs. Brad Pitt – Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2006) Gerard Butler vs. Robert Maillet – 300 (2007) Sean Faris vs. Cam Gigandet – Never Back Down (2008) Robert Pattinson vs. Cam Gigandet – Twilight (2009) Beyoncé Knowles vs. Ali Larter – Obsessed (2010) Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2011) Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson vs. Alexander Ludwig – The Hunger Games (2012) Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner vs. Tom Hiddleston – The Avengers (2013) Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lilly vs. Orcs – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2014) Dylan O'Brien vs. Will Poulter – The Maze Runner (2015) Ryan Reynolds vs. Ed Skrein - Deadpool (2016) v t e MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo Best On-Screen Duo Dana Carvey & Mike Myers (1992) Mel Gibson & Danny Glover (1993) Harrison Ford & Tommy Lee Jones (1994) Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves (1995) Chris Farley & David Spade (1996) Nicolas Cage & Sean Connery (1997) John Travolta & Nicolas Cage (1998) Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker (1999) Mike Myers & Verne Troyer (2000) Mark Wahlberg & Seth MacFarlane (2013) Vin Diesel & Paul Walker (2014) Zac Efron & Dave Franco (2015) Hugh Jackman & Dafne Keen (2017) Best On-Screen Team Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz & Lucy Liu (2001) Vin Diesel & Paul Walker (2002) Sean Astin, Andy Serkis & Elijah Wood (2003) Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore (2004) Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert & Amanda Seyfried (2005) Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson (2006) Best Cast Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson & Tom Felton (2012) v t e Golden Lotus Award for Best Director 2000s Jiang Wenli (2009) 2010s Chen Bing (2010) Siu Fai Mak and Felix Chong (2011) Ye Huaijun (2012) Jackie Chan (2013) Zhong Shujia (2014) Jean-Jacques Annaud (2015) Sherwood Hu (2016) v t e Forbes China Celebrity 100 2004 Yao Ming Zhang Ziyi Zhao Wei Faye Wong Gong Li Zhang Yimou Zhou Xun Leon Lai Sun Nan Jet Li Carina Lau Han Hong Lu Yi Yu Quan Sun Jihai Na Ying Wang Zhizhi Zhao Benshan Ge You Li Tie 2005 Yao Ming Zhang Ziyi Liu Xiang Zhao Wei Faye Wong Zhang Yimou Zhou Xun Sun Nan Carina Lau Fan Bingbing Lu Yi Gong Li Dao Lang Chen Kun Ge You Tian Liang Guo Jingjing Feng Xiaogang Zhao Benshan Liu Ye 2006 Yao Ming Zhou Xun Zhang Ziyi Zhao Wei Liu Xiang Li Yuchun Fan Bingbing Chen Kaige Sun Nan Li Bingbing Carina Lau Feng Xiaogang Gong Li Lu Yi Zhao Benshan Chen Kun Chen Hao Xu Jinglei He Jiong Guo Jingjing 2007 Yao Ming Liu Xiang Zhang Yimou Zhang Ziyi Gong Li Zhou Xun Fan Bingbing Li Yuchun Xu Jinglei Carina Lau Feng Xiaogang Zheng Jie & Yan Zi Li Bingbing Zhao Benshan Jane Zhang Hu Jun Chen Kun Chen Daoming Chen Hao Ge You 2008 Yao Ming Liu Xiang Jet Li Yi Jianlian Zhang Ziyi Fan Bingbing Zhao Wei Zhou Xun Li Bingbing Zhao Benshan Gong Li Xu Jinglei Guo Degang Zhang Guoli Jane Zhang Huang Xiaoming Ge You Lin Dan Sun Li Huang Shengyi 2009 Yao Ming Zhang Ziyi Yi Jianlian Guo Jingjing Liu Xiang Jet Li Zhao Wei Fan Bingbing Zhou Xun Li Bingbing Sun Li Gong Li Ge You Zhang Yining Zhao Benshan Huang Xiaoming Lin Dan Zhang Yimou Zhang Guoli Wang Liqin 2010 Jackie Chan Jay Chou Andy Lau Yao Ming Zhang Ziyi Zhao Benshan Jolin Tsai Donnie Yen Liu Xiang Fan Bingbing Lin Chi-ling Eason Chan Lu Chen Nicholas Tse Aaron Kwok Li Yuchun Sun Honglei Zhou Xun Huang Xiaoming Zhao Wei 2011 Andy Lau Jay Chou Faye Wong Jackie Chan Yao Ming Donnie Yen Zhang Ziyi Jet Li Fan Bingbing Zhao Benshan Huang Xiaoming Wang Leehom Lin Chi-ling Feng Xiaogang Jolin Tsai Barbie Shu Jiang Wen Eason Chan Jacky Cheung Zhang Yimou 2012 Jay Chou Andy Lau Fan Bingbing Faye Wong Li Na Zhao Benshan Jolin Tsai Yao Ming Jackie Chan Lin Chi-ling Eason Chan Nicholas Tse Yang Mi Zhang Ziyi Jacky Cheung Wang Leehom Show Lo Donnie Yen Shu Qi Li Bingbing 2013 Fan Bingbing Jay Chou Andy Lau Jackie Chan Zhang Ziyi Eason Chan Yang Mi Huang Xiaoming Jolin Tsai Lin Chi-ling Li Na Wang Leehom Zhao Benshan Show Lo Li Yuchun Mo Yan Shu Qi Donnie Yen Faye Wong Mayday 2014 Fan Bingbing Andy Lau Jay Chou Huang Xiaoming Zhang Ziyi Yang Mi Lin Chi-ling Li Na Nicky Wu Jackie Chan Eason Chan Mayday Show Lo Wang Leehom Zhou Xun Nicholas Tse Donnie Yen Jimmy Lin Hawick Lau Jolin Tsai 2015 Fan Bingbing Jay Chou Nicholas Tse Jackie Chan Huang Xiaoming Sun Li Zhao Wei Andy Lau Li Yifeng Eason Chan G.E.M. Angelababy Li Bingbing Wang Feng Li Na Jolin Tsai Zhou Xun Carina Lau Li Chen Tiffany Tang 2017 Fan Bingbing Luhan Yang Mi Zhao Liying Yang Yang Liu Tao Jackie Chan Angelababy Jay Chou Kris Wu Li Yifeng Deng Chao Sun Li Tiffany Tang Chen Kun Huang Xiaoming TFBoys Hu Ge Liu Shishi Lay The table includes only the top 20. In 2010, the list started to include Chinese celebrities born in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and abroad. Prior to that it only included celebrities born in mainland China. 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Siu-tung22nd Hong Kong Film AwardsDonnie Yen23rd Hong Kong Film AwardsYuen Woo-ping24th Hong Kong Film AwardsDonnie Yen25th Hong Kong Film AwardsYuen Woo-ping26th Hong Kong Film AwardsDonnie Yen27th Hong Kong Film AwardsSammo Hung28th Hong Kong Film Awards29th Hong Kong Film AwardsSammo Hung30th Hong Kong Film Awards31st Hong Kong Film Awards32nd Hong Kong Film AwardsYuen Woo-ping33rd Hong Kong Film AwardsDonnie Yen34th Hong Kong Film Awards35th Hong Kong Film Awards36th Hong Kong Film AwardsTemplate:MTV Movie Award For Best FightTemplate Talk:MTV Movie Award For Best FightMTV Movie Award For Best FightAdam SandlerBob BarkerHappy GilmoreFairuza BalkRobin TunneyThe Craft (film)Will SmithMen In Black (1997 Film)Ben StillerThere's Something About MaryKeanu ReevesLaurence FishburneThe MatrixZhang ZiyiCrouching Tiger, Hidden DragonChris TuckerRush Hour 2YodaChristopher LeeStar Wars: Episode II – Attack Of The ClonesUma ThurmanChiaki KuriyamaKill Bill: Volume 1Uma ThurmanDaryl HannahKill Bill: Volume 2Angelina JolieBrad PittMr. & Mrs. Smith (2005 Film)Gerard ButlerRobert Maillet300 (film)Sean FarisCam GigandetNever Back DownRobert PattinsonCam GigandetTwilight (2008 Film)BeyoncéAli LarterObsessed (2009 Film)Robert PattinsonBryce Dallas HowardXavier SamuelThe Twilight Saga: EclipseJennifer LawrenceJosh HutchersonAlexander LudwigThe Hunger Games (film)Robert Downey Jr.Chris Evans (actor)Mark RuffaloChris HemsworthScarlett JohanssonJeremy RennerTom HiddlestonThe Avengers (2012 Film)Orlando BloomEvangeline LillyThe Hobbit: The Desolation Of SmaugDylan O'BrienWill PoulterThe Maze RunnerRyan ReynoldsEd SkreinDeadpool (film)Template:MTV Movie Award For Best On-Screen DuoTemplate Talk:MTV Movie Award For Best On-Screen DuoMTV Movie Award For Best On-Screen DuoDana CarveyMike MyersMel GibsonDanny GloverHarrison FordTommy Lee JonesSandra BullockKeanu ReevesChris FarleyDavid SpadeNicolas CageSean ConneryJohn TravoltaNicolas CageChris TuckerMike MyersVerne TroyerMark WahlbergSeth MacFarlaneVin DieselPaul WalkerZac EfronDave FrancoHugh JackmanDafne KeenDrew BarrymoreCameron DiazLucy LiuVin DieselPaul WalkerSean AstinAndy SerkisElijah WoodAdam SandlerDrew BarrymoreLindsay LohanRachel McAdamsLacey ChabertAmanda SeyfriedVince VaughnOwen WilsonDaniel RadcliffeRupert GrintEmma WatsonTom FeltonTemplate:Golden Lotus Award For Best DirectorGolden Lotus Award For Best DirectorJiang WenliAlan Mak (director)Felix ChongJean-Jacques AnnaudSherwood HuTemplate:Forbes China Celebrity 100Template Talk:Forbes China Celebrity 100Forbes China Celebrity 100Yao MingZhang ZiyiZhao WeiFaye WongGong LiZhang YimouZhou XunLeon LaiSun NanJet LiCarina LauHan Hong (singer)Lu Yi (actor)Yu QuanSun JihaiNa YingWang ZhizhiZhao BenshanGe YouLi TieYao MingZhang ZiyiLiu Xiang (hurdler)Zhao WeiFaye WongZhang YimouZhou XunSun NanCarina LauFan BingbingLu Yi (actor)Gong LiDao Lang (singer)Chen KunGe YouTian LiangGuo JingjingFeng XiaogangZhao BenshanLiu Ye (actor)Yao MingZhou XunZhang ZiyiZhao WeiLiu Xiang (hurdler)Li YuchunFan BingbingChen KaigeSun NanLi BingbingCarina LauFeng XiaogangGong LiLu Yi (actor)Zhao BenshanChen KunChen Hao (actress)Xu JingleiHe JiongGuo JingjingYao MingLiu Xiang (hurdler)Zhang YimouZhang ZiyiGong LiZhou XunFan BingbingLi YuchunXu JingleiCarina LauFeng XiaogangZheng JieYan Zi (tennis)Li BingbingZhao BenshanJane ZhangHu JunChen KunChen DaomingChen Hao (actress)Ge YouYao MingLiu Xiang (hurdler)Jet LiYi JianlianZhang ZiyiFan BingbingZhao WeiZhou XunLi BingbingZhao BenshanGong LiXu JingleiGuo DegangZhang GuoliJane ZhangHuang XiaomingGe YouLin DanSun Li (actress)Huang ShengyiYao MingZhang ZiyiYi JianlianGuo JingjingLiu Xiang (hurdler)Jet LiZhao WeiFan BingbingZhou XunLi BingbingSun Li (actress)Gong LiGe YouZhang YiningZhao BenshanHuang XiaomingLin DanZhang YimouZhang GuoliWang LiqinJay ChouAndy LauYao MingZhang ZiyiZhao BenshanJolin TsaiDonnie YenLiu Xiang (hurdler)Fan BingbingLin Chi-lingEason ChanLu Chen (magician)Nicholas TseAaron KwokLi YuchunSun HongleiZhou XunHuang XiaomingZhao WeiAndy LauJay ChouFaye WongYao MingDonnie YenZhang ZiyiJet LiFan BingbingZhao BenshanHuang XiaomingWang LeehomLin Chi-lingFeng XiaogangJolin TsaiBarbie ShuJiang WenEason ChanJacky CheungZhang YimouJay ChouAndy LauFan BingbingFaye WongLi NaZhao BenshanJolin TsaiYao MingLin Chi-lingEason ChanNicholas TseYang MiZhang ZiyiJacky CheungWang LeehomShow LoDonnie YenShu QiLi BingbingFan BingbingJay ChouAndy LauZhang ZiyiEason ChanYang MiHuang XiaomingJolin TsaiLin Chi-lingLi NaWang LeehomZhao BenshanShow LoLi YuchunMo YanShu QiDonnie YenFaye WongMayday (Taiwanese Band)Fan BingbingAndy LauJay ChouHuang XiaomingZhang ZiyiYang MiLin Chi-lingLi NaNicky WuEason ChanMayday (Taiwanese Band)Show LoWang LeehomZhou XunNicholas TseDonnie YenJimmy LinHawick LauJolin TsaiFan BingbingJay ChouNicholas TseHuang XiaomingSun Li (actress)Zhao WeiAndy LauLi YifengEason ChanG.E.M. 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