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History[edit] Microsoft first announced Windows Media Photo at WinHEC 2006,[10] and then renamed it to HD Photo in November of that year. In July 2007, the Joint Photographic Experts Group and Microsoft announced HD Photo to be under consideration to become a JPEG standard known as JPEG XR.[11][12] On 16 March 2009, JPEG XR was given final approval as ITU-T Recommendation T.832 and starting in April 2009, it became available from the ITU-T in "pre-published" form.[1] On 19 June 2009, it passed an ISO/IEC Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) ballot, resulting in final approval as International Standard ISO/IEC 29199-2.[13][14] The ITU-T updated its publication with a corrigendum approved in December 2009,[1] and ISO/IEC issued a new edition with similar corrections on 30 September 2010.[15] In 2010, after completion of the image coding specification, the ITU-T and ISO/IEC also published a motion format specification (ITU-T T.833 | ISO/IEC 29199-3), a conformance test set (ITU-T T.834 | ISO/IEC 29199-4), and reference software (ITU-T T.835 | ISO/IEC 29199-5) for JPEG XR. In 2011, they published a technical report describing the workflow architecture for the use of JPEG XR images in applications (ITU-T T.Sup2 | ISO/IEC TR 29199-1).

Description[edit] Capabilities[edit] JPEG XR is an image file format that offers several key improvements over JPEG, including:[16] Better compression JPEG XR file format supports higher compression ratios in comparison to JPEG for encoding an image with equivalent quality. Lossless compression JPEG XR also supports lossless compression. The signal processing steps in JPEG XR are the same for both lossless and lossy coding. This makes the lossless mode simple to support and enables the "trimming" of some bits from a lossless compressed image to produce a lossy compressed image. Tile structure support A JPEG XR coded image can be segmented into tile regions. The data for each region can be decoded separately. This enables rapid access to parts of an image without needing to decode the entire image. When a type of tiling referred to as "soft tiling" is used, the tile region structuring can be changed without fully decoding the image and without introducing additional distortion. Support for more color accuracy JPEG XR supports a wide variety of image color representations in addition to the conventional 8-bit-per-sample YUV (formally YCbCr) 4:2:0 encoding that is typically used for the original JPEG standard. For support of images using an RGB color space, JPEG XR includes an internal conversion to the YCgCo color space, and supports a variety of bit depth and color representation packing schemes. These can be used with and without an accompanying alpha channel for shape masking and semi-transparency support, and some of them have much higher precision than what has typically been used for image coding. They include: Low bit-depth packings of RGB into 16 bits per pixel using 5 bits for each channel or 5 bits for red and blue and 6 bits for green 8 bits per component (sometimes called true color) packed into 24 or 32 bits per pixel 10 bits per component in a 32 bit packed representation (one of several higher-precision varieties of color representation known as deep color) 16 bits per component as integers, fixed-point numbers, or half-precision floating-point numbers packed into 48 or 64 bits 32 bits per component as fixed-point numbers or full-precision floating point numbers packed into 96 or 128 bits (for which lossless coding is not supported due to the excessively high precision) JPEG XR also supports 16-bit per component (64-bit per pixel) integer CMYK color model.[17] 16-bit and 32-bit fixed point color component codings are also supported in JPEG XR. In such encodings, the most-significant 4 bits of each color channel are treated as providing additional "headroom" and "toe room" beyond the range of values that represents the nominal black-to-white signal range. Moreover, 16-bit and 32-bit floating point color component codings are supported in JPEG XR. In these cases the image is interpreted as floating point data, although the JPEG XR encoding and decoding steps are all performed using only integer operations (to simplify the compression processing). The shared-exponent floating point color format known as RGBE (Radiance) is also supported, enabling more faithful storage of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. In addition to RGB and CMYK formats, JPEG XR also supports grayscale and multi-channel color encodings with an arbitrary number of channels. The color representations, in most cases, are transformed to an internal color representation. The transformation is entirely reversible, so that this color transformation step does not introduce distortion and thus lossless coding modes can be supported. Transparency map support An alpha channel may be present to represent transparency, so that alpha blending overlay capability is enabled. Compressed-domain image modification In JPEG XR, full decoding of the image is unnecessary for converting an image from a lossless to lossy encoding, reducing the fidelity of a lossy encoding, or reducing the encoded image resolution. Full decoding is also unnecessary for certain editing operations such as cropping, horizontal or vertical flips, or cardinal rotations. The tile structure for access to image regions can also be changed without full decoding and without introducing distortion. Metadata support A JPEG XR image file may optionally contain an embedded ICC color profile, to achieve consistent color representation across multiple devices. Exif and XMP metadata formats are also supported. Container format[edit] One file container format that can be used to store JPEG XR image data is specified in Annex A of the JPEG XR standard. It is a TIFF-like format using a table of Image File Directory (IFD) tags. A JPEG XR file contains image data, optional alpha channel data, metadata, optional XMP metadata stored as RDF/XML, and optional Exif metadata, in IFD tags. The image data is a contiguous self-contained chunk of data. The optional alpha channel, if present, can be compressed as a separate image record, enabling decoding of the image data independently of transparency data in applications which do not support transparency. (Alternatively, JPEG XR also supports an "interleaved" alpha channel format in which the alpha channel data is encoded together with the other image data in a single compressed codestream.) Being TIFF-based, this format inherits all of the limitations of the TIFF format including the 4 GB file-size limit, which according to the HD Photo specification "will be addressed in a future update".[18] New work has been started in the JPEG committee to enable the use of JPEG XR image coding within the JPX file storage format — enabling use of the JPIP protocol, which allows interactive browsing of networked images.[13] Additionally, a Motion JPEG XR specification was approved as an ISO standard for motion (video) compression in March 2010.[19] Compression algorithm[edit] Comparison between JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and JPEG. JPEG XR's design[1][20] is conceptually very similar to JPEG: the source image is optionally converted to a luma-chroma colorspace, the chroma planes are optionally subsampled, each plane is divided into fixed-size blocks, the blocks are transformed into the frequency domain, and the frequency coefficients are quantized and entropy coded. Major differences include the following: JPEG supports bit depths of 8 and 12 bits; JPEG XR supports bit depths of up to 32 bits. JPEG XR also supports lossless and lossy compression of floating-point image data (by representing the floating-point values in an IEEE 754-like format, and encoding them as though they were integers) and RGBE imagery. JFIF and other typical image encoding practices specify a linear transformation from RGB to YCbCr, which is slightly lossy in practice because of roundoff error. JPEG XR specifies a lossless colorspace transformation, given (for RGB) by V = B − R {\displaystyle V=B-R\,} U = G − R − ⌈ V 2 ⌉ {\displaystyle U=G-R-\left\lceil {\frac {V}{2}}\right\rceil } Y = G − ⌈ U 2 ⌉ {\displaystyle Y=G-\left\lceil {\frac {U}{2}}\right\rceil } While JPEG uses 8 × 8 blocks for its frequency transformation, JPEG XR primarily uses 4 × 4 block transforms. (2 × 4 and 2 × 2 transformations are also defined for special cases involving chroma subsampling; encoder options include YUV_444, YUV_422, YUV_420, and a monochrome Y_only.)[21] While JPEG uses a single transformation stage, JPEG XR applies its 4 × 4 core transform in a two-level hierarchical fashion within 16 × 16 macroblock regions. This gives the transform a wavelet-like multi-resolution hierarchy and improves its compression capability. The DCT, the frequency transformation used by JPEG, is slightly lossy because of roundoff error. JPEG XR uses a type of integer transform employing a lifting scheme.[22] The required transform, called the Photo Core Transform (PCT), resembles a 4 × 4 DCT but is lossless (exactly invertible). In fact, it is a particular realization of a larger family of binary-friendly multiplier-less transforms called the binDCT.[23] JPEG XR allows an optional overlap prefiltering step, called the Photo Overlap Transform (POT), before each of its 4 × 4 core transform PCT stages.[22] The filter operates on 4 × 4 blocks which are offset by 2 samples in each direction from the 4 × 4 core transform blocks. Its purpose is to improve compression capability and reduce block-boundary artifacts at low bitrates. At high bitrates, where such artifacts are typically not a problem, the prefiltering can be omitted to reduce encoding and decoding time. The overlap filtering is constructed using integer operations following a lifting scheme, so that it is also lossless. When appropriately combined, the POT and the PCT in JPEG-XR form a lapped transform.[24] In JPEG, the image DC coefficients of the DCT blocks are predicted by applying DC prediction from the left neighbor transform block, and no other coeffients are predicted. In JPEG XR, 4 × 4 blocks are grouped into macroblocks of 16 × 16 samples, and the 16 DC coefficients from the 4 × 4 blocks of each macroblock are passed through another level of frequency transformation, leaving three types of coefficients to be entropy coded: the macroblock DC coefficients (called DC), macroblock-level AC coefficients (called "lowpass"), and lower-level AC coefficients (called AC). Prediction of coefficient values across transform blocks is applied to the DC coefficients and to an additional row or column of AC coefficients as well. JPEG XR supports the encoding of an image by decomposing it into smaller individual rectangular tile area regions. Each tile area can be decoded independently from the other areas of the picture. This allows fast access to spatial areas of pictures without decoding the entire picture. JPEG XR's entropy coding phase is more adaptive and complex than JPEG's, involving a DC and AC coefficient prediction scheme, adaptive coefficient reordering (in contrast to JPEG's fixed zigzag ordering), and a form of adaptive Huffman coding for the coefficients themselves. JPEG uses a single quantization step size per DC/AC component per color plane per image. JPEG XR allows a selection of DC quantization step sizes on a tile region basis, and allows lowpass and AC quantization step sizes to vary from macroblock to macroblock. Because all encoding phases except quantization are lossless, JPEG XR is lossless when all quantization coefficients are equal to 1. This is not true of JPEG. JPEG defines a separate lossless mode which does not use the DCT, but it is not implemented by libjpeg and therefore not widely supported. The HD Photo bitstream specification claims that "HD Photo offers image quality comparable to JPEG-2000 with computational and memory performance more closely comparable to JPEG", that it "delivers a lossy compressed image of better perceptive quality than JPEG at less than half the file size", and that "lossless compressed images … are typically 2.5 times smaller than the original uncompressed data".

Software support[edit] A reference software implementation of JPEG XR has been published as ITU-T Recommendation T.835 and ISO/IEC International Standard 29199-5. The following notable software products natively support JPEG XR: Product Name Publisher Read support Write support Capture One 7 or later Phase One Yes Yes Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 or later Corel Yes Yes [25] Fast Picture Viewer Axel Rietschin Software Developments Yes N/A [26] ImageMagick ImageMagick Studio LLC Yes Yes [27] Internet Explorer 9 Microsoft Yes N/A [28][29] Microsoft Expression Design Microsoft Yes Yes [30] Microsoft Expression Media Microsoft Yes No Microsoft Image Composite Editor Microsoft Yes Yes [31] Pale Moon (web browser) Moonchild productions Yes N/A [32] PhotoLine Computerinsel Yes Yes Serif PhotoPlus X7 Serif Europe Yes Yes Windows Live Photo Gallery Microsoft Yes Yes Windows Photo Gallery Microsoft Yes Yes Windows Photo Viewer Microsoft Yes N/A Xara Designer Pro Xara Group Limited Yes No [33] XnView Pierre-Emmanuel Gougelet Yes Yes [34][35] Zoner Photo Studio 13 or later Zoner Software Yes Yes The following notable software support JPEG XR through a Plug-in: Product name Publisher Plug-in name Plug-in publisher Read support Write support Adobe Photoshop (CS2,CS5-CS6) Adobe Systems JPEG XR File Format Plug-in for Photoshop Microsoft Corporation Yes Yes [36][37] GIMP The GIMP Development Team JPEG XR plugin for GIMP C. Hausner Yes Yes [38] IrfanView 4.25 and later Irfan Skiljan HDP version 4.26 Irfan Skiljan Yes No [39] Paint.NET Rick Brewster JPEG XR plugin for Paint.NET C. Hausner Yes Yes [40] Quick Look Apple Inc. JPEG XR plugin for Quick Look B. Hoary Yes N/A [41] The following APIs and software frameworks support JPEG XR and may be used in other software to provide JPEG XR support to end users: Product Name Publisher Read support Write support Adobe Integrated Runtime 3.3 Adobe Systems Yes Yes [42] Adobe Flash Player 11.3 Adobe Systems Yes Yes [42] Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) Intel Yes Yes [43][44] LEADTOOLS LEAD Technologies Yes Yes [45] Windows Imaging Component (WIC) Microsoft Yes Yes The 2011 video game Rage employs JPEG XR compression to compress its textures.[46]

Licensing[edit] Microsoft has patents on the technology in JPEG XR. A Microsoft representative stated in a January 2007 interview that in order to encourage the adoption and use of HD Photo, the specification is made available under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise, which asserts that Microsoft allows implementation of the specification for free, and will not file suits on the patented technology for its implementation,[47] as reportedly stated by Josh Weisberg, director of Microsoft's Rich Media Group. As of 15 August 2010, Microsoft made the resulting JPEG XR standard available under its Community Promise.[48] In July 2010, reference software to implement the JPEG XR standard was published as ITU-T Recommendation T.835 and International Standard ISO/IEC 29199-5. Microsoft included these publications in the list of specifications covered by its Community Promise.[48] In April 2013, Microsoft released an open source JPEG XR library under the BSD licence.[49][50] This resolved any licensing issues with the library being implemented in software packages distributed under popular open source licences such as the GNU General Public License, with which the previously released "HD Photo Device Porting Kit"[51] was incompatible.

See also[edit] JPEG, an image format used for lossy compression, which JPEG XR lossy is comparable with JPEG 2000, an improvement intended to replace JPEG by the JPEG committee as of 2000 PNG, a format for lossless compression, which JPEG XR lossless is comparable with WebP, a format with lossy or lossless compression, proposed by Google in 2010 Better Portable Graphics, a proposal by Fabrice Bellard in 2014 based on HEVC

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JPEG_XR - Photos and All Basic Informations

JPEG_XR More Links

Filename ExtensionMedia TypeMicrosoftITU-TInternational Organization For StandardizationInternational Electrotechnical CommissionSoftware Release Life CycleGraphics File FormatTIFFInternational StandardOpen FormatNew BSD LicenseImage CompressionContinuous ToneMicrosoftLossy CompressionLossless CompressionOpen XML Paper SpecificationAdobe Flash PlayerAdobe AIRSumatra PDFWindows Imaging Component.NET FrameworkWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8Internet Explorer 9Internet Explorer 10Internet Explorer 11Pale Moon (web Browser)WinHECJoint Photographic Experts GroupMicrosoftITU-TInternational StandardCorrigendumJPEGLossless CompressionYUVYCbCr4:2:0RGB Color SpaceYCgCoTrue ColorDeep ColorCMYK Color ModelRGBE Image FormatRadiance (software)High Dynamic Range ImagingGrayscaleChannel (digital Image)Alpha CompositingCardinal DirectionInternational Color ConsortiumExifExtensible Metadata PlatformContainer Format (digital)TIFFExtensible Metadata PlatformResource Description FrameworkExifEnlargeJPEGLuma (video)Chroma SubsamplingEntropy EncodingIEEE 754RGBE Image FormatJFIFYCbCrRoundoff ErrorChroma SubsamplingWaveletDiscrete Cosine TransformLifting SchemeCompression ArtifactLifting SchemeLibjpegJPEG-2000Capture OnePhase One (company)Paint Shop ProCorelFast Picture ViewerImageMagickInternet Explorer 9MicrosoftMicrosoft Expression DesignMicrosoft Expression MediaMicrosoft Image Composite EditorPale Moon (web Browser)PhotoLineSerif PhotoPlusSerif EuropeWindows Live Photo GalleryWindows Photo GalleryWindows Photo ViewerXara XtremeXaraXnViewZoner Photo StudioPlug-in (computing)Adobe PhotoshopGIMPIrfanViewPaint.NETQuick LookAPISoftware FrameworkAdobe Integrated RuntimeAdobe SystemsAdobe Flash PlayerAdobe SystemsIntegrated Performance PrimitivesLEADTOOLSLEAD TechnologiesWindows Imaging ComponentRage (video Game)Texture MappingMicrosoft Open Specification PromiseMicrosoft Community PromiseInternational StandardMicrosoft Community PromiseBSD LicensesGNU General Public LicenseJPEGJPEG 2000Portable Network GraphicsWebPGoogleBetter Portable GraphicsFabrice BellardHigh Efficiency Video CodingITU-TMicrosoft Developer NetworkMicrosoft Developer NetworkLibrary Of CongressCodePlexMicrosoft Knowledge BaseInternational Organization For StandardizationInternational Electrotechnical CommissionInternational Organization For StandardizationInternational Electrotechnical CommissionMicrosoft Developer NetworkGary Sullivan (engineer)SPIEMicrosoftGary Sullivan (engineer)Rico MalvarSPIEDigital Object IdentifierDigital Object IdentifierMSDN BlogsMicrosoft ResearchWikipedia:Link RotCNETMicrosoft Developer NetworkDOC (computing)Microsoft ResearchCNETTemplate:Graphics File FormatsTemplate Talk:Graphics File FormatsImage File FormatsRaster GraphicsANI (file Format)ANIMAPNGART Image File FormatBMP File FormatBetter Portable GraphicsBSAVE (bitmap Format)CALS Raster File FormatCineonCartesian Perceptual CompressionCPT (file Format)DirectDraw SurfaceDigital Picture ExchangeECW (file Format)OpenEXRFITSFLIC (file Format)Free Lossless Image FormatFlashPixGIFHDRi (data Format)High Efficiency Video CodingICERApple Icon Image FormatICO (file Format)Image Cytometry StandardILBMJBIGJBIG2JPEG Network GraphicsJPEGLossless JPEGJPEG 2000JPEG XTJPEG-HDRKritaMultiple-image Network GraphicsMagick Image File FormatNearly Raw Raster DataOpenRasterNetpbmNetpbm FormatPCXProgressive Graphics FilePICtor PIC Image FormatPortable Network GraphicsAdobe PhotoshopPaintShop ProQuickTime VRSun RasterRGBE Image FormatLogluv TIFFSilicon Graphics ImageTruevision TGATagged Image File FormatTIFF/EPTagged Image File FormatUlead PhotoImpactWireless Application Protocol Bitmap FormatWebPX BitMapXCF (file Format)X PixMapXwdRaw Image FormatCamera Image File FormatDigital NegativeVector GraphicsAdobe Illustrator ArtworkCorelDRAWComputer Graphics MetafileAutoCAD DXFExtended Vector AnimationWindows MetafileGerber FormatHaiku Vector Icon FormatIGESPrecision Graphics Markup LanguageScalable Vector GraphicsVector Markup LanguageWindows MetafileXar (graphics)Computable Document FormatDjVuEncapsulated PostScriptPortable Document FormatPICTPostScriptSWFExtensible Application Markup LanguageMetadataExifExtensible Metadata PlatformCategory:Graphics File FormatsComparison Of Graphics File FormatsTemplate:Compression FormatsTemplate Talk:Compression FormatsMultimediaData CompressionDigital Container FormatData CompressionInternational Organization For StandardizationInternational Electrotechnical CommissionMotion JPEGMotion JPEG 2000MPEG-1MPEG-2H.262/MPEG-2 Part 2MPEG-4MPEG-4 Part 2H.264/MPEG-4 AVCMPEG-HHigh Efficiency Video CodingITU-TH.120H.261H.262/MPEG-2 Part 2H.263H.264/MPEG-4 AVCHigh Efficiency Video CodingSociety Of Motion Picture And Television EngineersVC-1Dirac (video Compression Format)DNxHD CodecCineFormAlliance For Open MediaAOMedia Video 1Apple VideoAudio Video StandardBink VideoCinepakDaalaDirac (video Compression Format)DVDigital Video InteractiveFFV1HuffyuvIndeoLagarithMicrosoft Video 1MSU Lossless Video CodecOMS VideoPixletProRes 422ProRes 4444QuickTime AnimationQuickTime GraphicsRealVideoRTVideoSheerVideoSmacker VideoSorenson CodecTheoraThor (video Codec)VP3VP6VP7VP8VP9Windows Media Video (video Compression Format)RatDVDYULSData CompressionInternational Organization For StandardizationInternational Electrotechnical CommissionMP3MPEG-1 Audio Layer IIMPEG MultichannelMPEG-1 Audio Layer IAdvanced Audio CodingHigh-Efficiency Advanced Audio CodingAAC-LDMPEG SurroundAudio Lossless CodingMPEG-4 SLSSuper Audio CDHarmonic Vector Excitation CodingCode-excited Linear PredictionUnified Speech And Audio CodingMPEG-H 3D AudioITU-TG.711A-law AlgorithmΜ-law AlgorithmG.718G.719G.722G.722.1Adaptive Multi-Rate WidebandG.723G.723.1G.726G.728G.729G.729.1IETFOpus (audio Format)Internet Low Bitrate Codec3GPPAdaptive Multi-Rate Audio CodecAdaptive Multi-Rate WidebandExtended Adaptive Multi-Rate – WidebandEnhanced Variable Rate CodecEnhanced Variable Rate Codec BEnhanced Voice ServicesHalf RateFull RateEnhanced Full RateAlgebraic Code-excited Linear PredictionDolby DigitalDolby AC-4Apple LosslessAsao (codec)Adaptive Transform Acoustic CodingCELTCodec2Dynamic Resolution AdaptationDTS (sound System)FLACInternet Speech Audio CodecMonkey's AudioTTA (codec)MT9MusepackOptimFROGOriginal Sound QualityQualcomm Code-excited Linear PredictionRelaxed Code-excited Linear PredictionRealAudioRTAudioAvid AudioShorten (file Format)SILKSiren (codec)Selectable Mode VocoderSpeexSVOPCTwinVQVariable-Rate Multimode WidebandVorbisVector Sum Excited Linear PredictionWavPackWindows Media AudioMaster Quality AuthenticatedAptXLDAC (codec)Image CompressionGroup 4 CompressionGIFHigh Efficiency Image File FormatHigh Efficiency Video CodingJBIGJBIG2JPEGJPEG-LSJPEG 2000JPEG XTPortable Network GraphicsTagged Image File FormatTIFF/EPTagged Image File FormatAPNGBetter Portable GraphicsDjVuOpenEXRFree Lossless Image FormatICERMultiple-image Network GraphicsProgressive Graphics FileQuickTime VRWireless Application Protocol Bitmap FormatWebPDigital Container FormatElementary StreamPacketized Elementary StreamMPEG Program StreamMPEG Transport StreamISO Base Media File FormatMPEG-4 Part 14Motion JPEG 2000MPEG-21MPEG Media TransportMPEG-2Motion JPEG 2000Real-time Transport Protocol3GP And 3G2AMV Video FormatAdvanced Systems FormatAudio Interchange File FormatAudio Video InterleaveAu File FormatBetter Portable GraphicsBink VideoSmacker VideoBMP File FormatDivXEnhanced VOBFlash VideoGeneral Exchange FormatInterchange File Format.m2tsMatroskaWebMMaterial Exchange FormatOggQuickTime File FormatRatDVDRealMediaResource Interchange File FormatWAVMOD And TODVOBNETVCMPEG-LATemplate:Compression MethodsTemplate:Compression SoftwareTemplate:ISO StandardsTemplate Talk:ISO StandardsInternational Organization For StandardizationList Of International Organization For Standardization StandardsList Of ISO RomanizationsList Of IEC StandardsISO 1ISO 2Preferred NumberISO 4ISO 5ISO 6ISO 7ISO 9A440 (pitch Standard)ISO 31ISO 31-0ISO 31-1ISO 31-2ISO 31-3ISO 31-4ISO 31-5ISO 31-6ISO 31-7ISO 31-8ISO 31-9ISO 31-10ISO 31-11ISO 31-12ISO 31-13ISO 128ISO 216ISO 217ISO 226British Standard Pipe ThreadISO 233ISO 259EnvelopeKappa NumberVicat Softening PointISO 428ISO 518ISO 519ISO 639ISO 639-1ISO 639-2ISO 639-3ISO 639-5ISO 639-6ISO/IEC 646ISO 690ISO 732Antimagnetic WatchISO 843ISO 898ISO 965ISO 1000Magnetic Ink Character Recognition135 FilmOCR-A FontISO 1413ALGOL 60ISO 1745ISO 1989ISO 2014ISO 2015ISO/IEC 2022ISO 2047International Standard Book NumberISO 2145ISO 2146ISO 2240Water Resistant MarkISO 2709ISO 2711ISO 2788ISO 2848ISO 2852126 FilmISO 3103ISO 3166ISO 3166-1ISO 3166-2ISO 3166-3International Standard Serial NumberISO 3307Kunrei-shiki RomanizationISO 3864International Standard Recording CodeISO 3977ISO 4031ISO 4157ISO 4217ISO/IEC 4909ISO/IEC 5218ISO 5428ISO 5775ISO 5776ISO 5800ISO 5964ISO 6166ISO 6344ISO 6346ISO 6385Water Resistant MarkANSI Escape CodeISO 6438ISO 6523ISO 6709ISO 7001ISO 7002PinyinPascal (programming Language)ISO 7200OSI ModelISO 7736ISO/IEC 7810ISO/IEC 7811ISO/IEC 7812ISO/IEC 7813ISO/IEC 7816ISO 8000ISO 8178Fuel OilFTAMISO 8583ISO 8601Computer Graphics MetafileISO/IEC 8652ISO 8691Language Of Temporal Ordering SpecificationISO/IEC 8820-5ISO/IEC 8859ISO/IEC 8859-1ISO/IEC 8859-2ISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-4ISO/IEC 8859-5ISO/IEC 8859-6ISO/IEC 8859-7ISO/IEC 8859-8ISO-8859-8-IISO/IEC 8859-9ISO/IEC 8859-10ISO/IEC 8859-11ISO/IEC 8859-12ISO/IEC 8859-13ISO/IEC 8859-14ISO/IEC 8859-15ISO/IEC 8859-16Standard Generalized Markup LanguageISO 9000SQLISO/IEC 9126File Allocation TableISO 9241ISO 9362Shoe SizeManufacturing Message SpecificationISO 9529ISO 9564X.500ISO 9660ISO 9897C (programming Language)POSIXISO 9984ISO 9985ISO/IEC 9995ISO 10005ISO 10006ISO 10007ISO/IEC 10116Whirlpool (cryptography)ISO 10160ISO 10161Guidelines For The Definition Of Managed ObjectsDocument Style Semantics And Specification LanguageISO 10206ISO 10218ISO 10303EXPRESS (data Modeling Language)ISO 10303-21ISO 10303-22ISO 10303-28STEP-NCISO 10383ISO 10487ArmSCIIIS-ISUniversal Coded Character SetTorxRM-ODPMultibusInternational Standard Music NumberISO 10962ISO/IEC 10967ISO/IEEE 11073ISO 11170ISO/IEC 11179ISO/IEC 11404JBIGISO 11783ISO 11784 & 11785ISO 11784 & 11785ISO/IEC 11801ISO 11898ISO 11940ISO 11940-2ISO/TR 11941ISO/TR 11941ISO 11992ISO 12006ISO/IEC TR 12182ISO/IEC 12207Tag Image File Format / Electronic PhotographyPrologPrologPrologIsofixTopic MapsISO 13399ISO 13406-2110 FilmISO 13485ISO 13490ISO 13567Z NotationISO 13584International Bank Account NumberISO 14000ISO 14031ISO 14224PDF/UAHorsepowerISO/IEC 14443MPEG-4MPEG-4 Part 2MPEG-4 Part 3Delivery Multimedia Integration FrameworkH.264/MPEG-4 AVCMPEG-4 Part 11MPEG-4 Part 12MPEG-4 Part 14MPEG-4 Part 14MPEG-4 Part 14ISO 14644STEP-NCISO 14651ISO 14698ISO 14750Software MaintenanceC++ISO 14971ISO 15022ISO 15189ISO/IEC 15288Ada Semantic Interface SpecificationISO 15292ISO 15398Common CriteriaJPEG 2000Motion JPEG 2000HTMLPDF417ISO/IEC 15504International Standard Identifier For Libraries And Related OrganizationsISO 15686ISO/IEC 15693International Standard Audiovisual NumberISO 15706-2International Standard Musical Work CodeISO 15897ISO 15919ISO 15924ISO 15926ISO 15926 WIPPDF/XMaxiCodeECMAScriptPDF/VTISO 16750ISO/TS 16949ISO/IEC 17024ISO/IEC 17025ISO 17100:2015Open Virtualization FormatSDMXLegal Entity IdentifierISO/IEC 27002ISO/IEC 18000QR CodeISO/IEC 18014ISO 18245Process Specification LanguagePhotographic Activity TestPDF/AISO 19011ISO 19092-1ISO 19092-2ISO 19114ISO 19115Simple Feature AccessISO 19136ISO 19439Common Object Request Broker ArchitectureUnified Modeling LanguageMeta-Object FacilityXML Metadata InterchangeUnified Modeling LanguageKnowledge Discovery MetamodelObject Constraint LanguageMeta-Object FacilityXML Metadata InterchangeBusiness Process Model And NotationISO 19600ISO/IEC 19752RELAX NGISO/IEC 19770X3DISO/IEC 19794-5Cloud Infrastructure Management InterfaceISO/IEC 20000ISO 20022ISO 20121ISO 20400MPEG-21International Standard Text CodeISO 21500ISO/IEC 21827ISO 22000C Sharp (programming Language)Common Language InfrastructureLinux Standard BasePDF/ELexical Markup FrameworkISO-TimeMLCommon LogicISO 25178ISO 25964ISO 26000OpenDocumentDigital Object IdentifierISO/IEC 27000-seriesISO/IEC 27000ISO/IEC 27001ISO/IEC 27002ISO/IEC 27006International Standard Name IdentifierISO 28000ISO 29110Requirements EngineeringOffice Open XMLRuby (programming Language)ISO 31000Portable Document FormatISO/IEC 38500Web Content Accessibility GuidelinesISO/IEC 42010ISO 55000ISO/IEC 80000ISO 80000-1ISO 80000-2ISO 80000-3Category:ISO StandardsHelp:CategoryCategory:High Dynamic Range File FormatsCategory:Graphics File FormatsCategory:Microsoft Windows Multimedia TechnologyCategory:Open FormatsCategory:Computer File FormatsCategory:ITU-T RecommendationsCategory:Lossy Compression AlgorithmsCategory:ISO/IEC 29199Category:Image 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