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Agriculture[edit] See also: Agriculture in China Field Rank Date Apple production, output of 26,065,500 tons 1 2006 Aquatic plants production, output of 11,163,675 tons 1 2005 Asparagus production, output of 5,906,000 tons 1 2005 Cabbage production, output of 36,335,000 tons 1 2008 Carrot and turnip production, output of 8,395,500 tons 1 2005 Cauliflowers and broccoli production, output of 8,585,000 tons 1 2005 Chestnut production, output of 900,000 tons 1 2015 Cotton production, output of 11,400,000 tons 1 2005 Cucumber and gherkin production, output of 26,000,000 tons 1 2005 Eggplant production, output of 18,033,000 tons 1 2008 Fish production, output of 49,467,275 tons 1 2005 Fruit and vegetable production, output of 506,634,000 tons 1 2004 Garlic production, output of 12,088,000 tons 1 2008 Honey production, output of 298,000 tons 1 2005 Livestock of domestic sheep, 157,900,000 heads 1 2004 Livestock of domestic pig, 488,800,000 heads 1 2005 Livestock of donkeys, 8,499,000 heads 1 2003 Livestock of horses, 8,088,000 heads 1 2003 Livestock of mules, 4,194,000 heads 1 2003 Lettuce and chicory production, output of 11,005,000 tons 1 2005 Mushroom and truffle production, output of 1,410,540 tons 1 2005 Onion and shallot production, output of 17,793,000 tons 1 2005 Peach and nectarine production, output of 6,030,000 tons 1 2005 Peanut production, output of 13,090,000 tons 1 2008 Pear and quince production, output of 11,537,000 tons 1 2005 Persimmon production, output of 1,987,000 tons 1 2006 Plum and sloe production, output of 4,635,500 tons 1 2005 Potato production, output of 88.9 million metric tons 1 2013 Rapeseed production, output of 10.3 million metric tons 1 2007 Rice production, output of 182,042,000 tons 1 2005 Silk production, output of 290,003 tons 1 2005 Spinach production, output of 11,011,000 tons 1 2005 Tangerine production, output of 14,152,000 tons 1 2007 Tea production, output of 1,183,502 million tons 1 2007 Tobacco production, output of 2,298,800 tons 1 2000 Tomato production, output of 32,540,040 tons 1 2006 Walnut production, output of 1,700,000 tons 1 2012 Watermelon production, output of 70,000,000 tons 1 2012 Wheat production, output of 126.2 million metric tons 1 2014

Communications and Technology[edit] See also: Communications in the People's Republic of China Field Rank Date Connectivity Scorecard (Nokia Siemens)[1] 17 2009 E-readiness (Economist Intelligence Unit)[2] 56 2008 Internet hosts, 20,602,000[3] 5 2013 Internet users, 687,845,000[4] 1 2015 Main line phones, 368,000,000[5] 1 2006 Mobile phone users, 703,000,000[6] 1 2010 Telephones - mobile cellular, 1,100,000,000[7] 1 2012 Networked Readiness Index (WEF)[8] 57 2008 Space Competitiveness Index (Futron)[9] 5 2012

Consumption[edit] Field Rank Date Car market, 13.64 million vehicles[10] 1 2009 Rice consumption, 135 million metric tons per year 1 2004

Demographics[edit] See also: Demographics of China Field Rank Date Human Development Index, 0.738 90 2015 Labour force, 807,700,000 1 2010 Life expectancy at birth - total, 74.9[7] years 100 2013 Life expectancy at birth - female, 77.27[7] years 112 2013 Life expectancy at birth - male, 72.96[7] years 91 2013 Median age years, 36.30[7] years 65 2013 Population, 1,349,585,838 people[7] 1 2013

Economics[edit] See also: Economy of the People's Republic of China Field Rank Date GDP (nominal) 2 2014 GDP (nominal) per capita 82 2014 GDP (PPP) 1 2014 GDP (PPP) per capita 88 2011 GDP growth rate, 7.4% 16 2013 Exports, $2,210,000,000,000 1 2013 Imports, $1,950,000,000,000 2 2013 Current account balance, $213,800,000,000 1 2012 Forex reserves, $4,009,553,000,000 1 2014 Global Competitiveness Index, 4.84 29 2013 Index of Economic Freedom, 51.9 136 2013 Quality-of-life index, 5.99 49 2013 Unemployment rate, 4.1% 32 2013

Energy and Environment[edit] See also: Environment of the People's Republic of China Field Rank Date Carbon dioxide emissions, 10,330,000,000 metric tons 1 2013 Carbon dioxide emissions per capita, 6.7 metric tons per capita[11] 49 2011 Environmental Sustainability Index 133 2005 Hydroelectricity production, 652.05 TW•h per year 1 2009 Renewable energy production, 1,300.0 TW•h per year 1 2014

Geography[edit] See also: Geography of China Field Rank Date Countries bordered, 14 1 2015 Land area 2 2015 Land border length, 22,117 km 1 2015 Total area 3 2015

Globalization[edit] Field Rank Date Index of Globalization (KOF)[12] 72 2014

Industry[edit] See also: Industry of the People's Republic of China Field Rank Date Aluminium production, 5,896,000 tons 1 2006 Antimony production, 126,000 tons 1 2005 Arsenic production 1 2006 Bismuth production, 1,900 tons 1 2006 Cadmium production, 3,000 tons 1 2005 Cement production, 1,038,000,000 tons 1 2005 Coal production, 2,536.7 million tons 1 2007 Fluorite production, 3,000,000 tons 1 2006 Gold production, 276 tonnes[13] 1 2007 Iron production, 588,000,000 tons 1 2006 Manganese production, 6,000,000 tons 1 2006 Mercury production, 1,150 tons 1 2005 Mica production, 89,000 tons 1 2005 Motor vehicle production, 13,790,000 vehicles[14] 1 2009 Shipbuilding, 15,900,000 GT 1 2010 Solar panel production[15] 1 2009 Steel production, 500,500,000 tons 1 2008 Stroncium production, 700,000 tons 1 2005 Tin production, 120,000 tons 1 2005 Tin reserves, 1,700,000 tons 1 2006 Tungsten production, 46,900 tons 1 2005 Wind turbine production[15] 1 2009 Zinc production, 2,600,000 tons 1 2006 fish

Military[edit] See also: People's Liberation Army Field Rank Date Active troops, 2.25 million troops[16] 1 2010 Frigates in operation, 49 1 2010 Police forces, 1,780,000 officers 2 2010

Politics[edit] See also: Politics of the People's Republic of China Field Rank Date Corruption Perceptions Index[17] 100 2014 Press Freedom Index[18] 175 2014 Privacy Index 45 2007

Society[edit] Field Rank Date Gender Gap Index (World Economic Forum)[19] 87 2014 State of the World's Mothers (Save the Children)[20] 61 2015 Suicide rate (World Health Organization)[21] 94 2012

Sports[edit] See also: Sport in the People's Republic of China Field Rank Date Women's badminton Uber Cup, 11 wins 1 2009 World Badminton Championships, 43 gold medals won 1 2009 World Amateur Go Championship, 18 wins 1 2009 World Table Tennis Championships, 35 team wins 1 2009 World Weightlifting Championships (women), 314 gold medals, 423 total medals 1 2007

Transport[edit] See also: Transport in China Field Rank Date Total length of high-speed railways, 19,000 km 1 2015 Total length of waterways, 110,000 km 1 2010

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