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ISO 9:1995, or GOST 7.79 System A[edit] [2] The standard features three mapping tables: the first covers contemporary Slavic languages, the second older Slavic orthographies (excluding letters from the first), and the third non-Slavic languages (including most letters from the first). Several Cyrillic characters included in ISO 9 are not available as pre-composed characters in Unicode, neither are some of the transliterations; combining diacritical marks have to be used in these cases. Unicode, on the other hand, includes some historic characters that are not dealt with in ISO 9. The following combined table shows characters for various Slavic, Iranian, Romance, Turkic, Uralic, Mongolic, Caucasian, Tungusic, Paleosiberian and other languages of the former USSR which are written in Cyrillic. ISO 9:1995, GOST 7.79 System A Cyrillic Latin Unicode Description А а A a Ӓ ӓ Ä ä 00C4 00E4 a diaeresis Ӓ̄ ӓ̄ Ạ̈ ạ̈ 00C4+0323 00E4+0323 a diaeresis and dot below Ӑ ӑ Ă ă 0102 0103 a breve А̄ а̄ Ā ā 0100 0101 a macron Ӕ ӕ Æ æ 00C6 00E6 ae ligature А́ а́ Á á 00C1 00E1 a acute А̊ а̊ Å å 00C5 00E5 a ring Б б B b В в V v Г г G g Ѓ ѓ Ǵ ǵ 01F4 01F5 g acute Ғ ғ Ġ ġ 0120 0121 g dot Ҕ ҕ Ğ ğ 011E 011F g breve Һ һ Ḥ ḥ 1E24 1E25 h dot Д д D d Ђ ђ Đ đ 0110 0111 d macron Е е E e Ӗ ӗ Ĕ ĕ 0114 0115 e breve Ё ё Ë ë 00CB 00EB e diaeresis Є є Ê ê 00CA 00EA e circumflex Ж ж Ž ž 017D 017E z caron Җ җ Ž̦ ž̦ 017D+0326 017E+0326 z caron and comma below[3] Ž̧ ž̧ 017D+0327 017E+0327 z caron and cedilla[3] Ӝ ӝ Z̄ z̄ Z+0304 z+0304 z macron Ӂ ӂ Z̆ z̆ Z+0306 z+0306 z breve З з Z z Ӟ ӟ Z̈ z̈ Z+0308 z+0308 z diaeresis Ӡ ӡ Ź ź 0179 017A z acute Ѕ ѕ Ẑ ẑ 1E90 1E91 z circumflex И и I i Ӣ ӣ Ī ī 012A 012B i macron И́ и́ Í í 00CD 00ED i acute Ӥ ӥ Î î 00CE 00EE i circumflex Й й J j І і Ì ì 00CC 00EC i grave Ї ї Ï ï 00CF 00EF i diaeresis І̄ і̄ Ǐ ǐ 01CF (012C) 01D0 (012D) i caron (or breve) Ј ј J̌ ǰ J+030C 01F0 j caron Ј̵ ј̵ J́ j́ J+0301 j+0301 j acute К к K k Ќ ќ Ḱ ḱ 1E30 1E31 k acute Ӄ ӄ Ḳ ḳ 1E32 1E33 k dot below Ҝ ҝ K̂ k̂ K+0302 k+0302 k circumflex Ҡ ҡ Ǩ ǩ 01E8 01E9 k caron Ҟ ҟ K̄ k̄ K+0304 k+0304 k macron Қ қ K̦ k̦ K+0326 0326 k comma below[3] Ķ ķ 0136 0137 k cedilla[3] К̨ к̨ K̀ k̀ K+0300 k+0300 k grave Ԛ ԛ Q q Л л L l Љ љ L̂ l̂ L+0302 l+0302 l circumflex Ԡ ԡ L̦ l̦ L+0326 l+0326 l comma below[3] Ļ ļ 013B 013C l cedilla[3] М м M m Н н N n Њ њ N̂ n̂ N+0302 n+0302 n circumflex Ң ң N̦ n̦ N+0326 n+0326 n comma below[3] Ņ ņ 0145 0146 n cedilla[3] Ӊ ӊ Ṇ ṇ 1E46 1E47 n dot below Ҥ ҥ Ṅ ṅ 1E44 1E45 n dot Ԋ ԋ Ǹ ǹ 01F8 01F9 n grave Ԣ ԣ Ń ń 0143 0144 n acute Ӈ ӈ Ň ň 0147 0148 n caron Н̄ н̄ N̄ n̄ N+0304 n+0304 n macron О о O o Ӧ ӧ Ö ö 00D6 00F6 o diaeresis Ө ө Ô ô 00D4 00F4 o circumflex Ӫ ӫ Ő ő 0150 0151 o double acute Ӧ̄ о̄̈ Ọ̈ ọ̈ 00D6+0323 00F6+0323 o diaeresis and dot below Ҩ ҩ Ò ò 00D2 00F2 o grave О́ о́ Ó ó 00D3 00F3 o acute О̄ о̄ Ō ō 014C 014D o macron Œ œ Œ œ 0152 0153 oe ligature П п P p Ҧ ҧ Ṕ ṕ 1E54 1E55 p acute Ԥ ԥ P̀ p̀ P+0300 p+0300 p grave Р р R r С с S s Ҫ ҫ Ș ș 0218 0219 s comma below[3] Ş ş 015E 015F s cedilla[3] С̀ с̀ S̀ s̀ S+0300 s+0300 s grave Т т T t Ћ ћ Ć ć 0106 0107 c acute Ԏ ԏ T̀ t̀ T+0300 t+0300 t grave Т̌ т̌ Ť ť 0164 0165 t caron Ҭ ҭ Ț ț 021A 021B t comma below[3] Ţ ţ 0162 0163 t cedilla[3] У у U u Ӱ ӱ Ü ü 00DC 00FC u diaeresis Ӯ ӯ Ū ū 016A 016B u macron Ў ў Ŭ ŭ 016C 016D u breve Ӳ ӳ Ű ű 0170 0171 u double acute У́ у́ Ú ú 00DA 00FA u acute Ӱ̄ ӱ̄ Ụ̈ ụ̈ 00DC+0323 00FC+0323 u diaeresis and dot below Ү ү Ù ù 00D9 00F9 u grave Ұ ұ U̇ u̇ U+0307 u+0307 u dot Ӱ̄ ӱ̄ Ụ̄ ụ̄ 016A+0323 016B+0323 u macron and dot below Ԝ ԝ W w Ф ф F f Х х H h Ҳ ҳ H̦ h̦ H+0326 h+0326 h comma below[3] Ḩ ḩ 1E28 1E29 h cedilla[3] Ц ц C c Ҵ ҵ C̄ c̄ C+0304 c+0304 c macron Џ џ D̂ d̂ D+0302 d+0302 d circumflex Ч ч Č č 010C 010D c caron Ҷ ҷ C̦ c̦ C+0326 c+0326 c comma below[3] Ç ç 00C7 00E7 c cedilla[3] Ӌ ӌ C̣ c̣ C+0323 c+0323 c dot below Ӵ ӵ C̈ c̈ C+0308 c+0308 c diaeresis Ҹ ҹ Ĉ ĉ 0108 0109 c circumflex Ч̀ ч̀ C̀ c̀ C+0300 c+0300 c grave Ҽ ҽ C̆ c̆ C+0306 c+0306 c breve Ҿ ҿ C̨̆ c̨̆ C+0328+0306 c+0328+0306 c ogonek[3] and breve Ш ш Š š 0160 0161 s caron Щ щ Ŝ ŝ 015C 015D s circumflex Ъ ъ ʺ 02BA modifier letter double prime[4] Ы ы Y y Ӹ ӹ Ÿ ÿ 0178 00FF y diaeresis Ы̄ ы̄ Ȳ ȳ 0232 0233 y macron Ь ь ʹ 02B9 modifier letter prime[4] Э э È è 00C8 00E8 e grave Ә ә A̋ a̋ A+030B a+030B a double acute Ӛ ӛ À à 00C0 00E0 a grave Ю ю Û û 00DB 00FB u circumflex Ю̄ ю̄ Û̄ û̄ 00DB+0304 00FB+0304 u circumflex with macron Я я  â 00C2 00E2 a circumflex Ґ ґ G̀ g̀ G+0300 g+0300 g grave Ѣ ѣ Ě ě 011A 011B e caron Ѫ ѫ Ǎ ǎ 01CD 01CE a caron Ѳ ѳ F̀ f̀ F+0300 f+0300 f grave Ѵ ѵ Ỳ ỳ 1EF2 1EF3 y grave Ӏ ‡ 2021 double dagger ʼ ` ` ˮ ¨ 00A8 diaeresis Example[edit] Here is an example transliteration. The text in Cyrillic is the chorus of the hymn of the Russian Federation: Славься, Отечество наше свободное, Братских народов союз вековой, Предками данная мудрость народная! Славься, страна! Мы гордимся тобой! Slavʹsâ, Otečestvo naše svobodnoe, Bratskih narodov soûz vekovoj, Predkami dannaâ mudrostʹ narodnaâ! Slavʹsâ, strana! My gordimsâ toboj!

GOST 7.79 System B[edit] [2] GOST 7.79 contains two transliteration tables. System A one Cyrillic character to one Latin character, some with diacritics – identical to ISO 9:1995 System B one Cyrillic character to one or many Latin characters without diacritics GOST 7.79 System B Cyrillic Roman Note А а A а Б б B b В в V v Г г G g Ѓ/Ґ ѓ/ґ G` g` ѓ in Macedonian, ґ in Ukrainian Д д D d Е е E e Ё ё Yo yo in Russian and Belarusian Є є Ye ye in Ukrainian Ж ж Zh zh З з Z z S ѕ Z` z` in Macedonian И и I, Y` i, y` not in Belarusian, y` for Ukrainian Й/J й/ј J j ј in Macedonian I і I, I` i, i` i` only before vowels for Old Russian and Old Bulgarian Ї ї Yi yi in Ukrainian К к K k Ќ ќ K` k` in Macedonian Л л L l Љ љ L` l` in Macedonian М м M m Н н N n Њ њ N` n` in Macedonian О о O о П п P p Р р R r С с S s Т т T t У у U u Ў ў U` u` in Belarusian Ф ф F f Х х X x Ц ц Cz, C cz, с c before i, e, y, j Ч ч Ch ch Џ џ Dh dh in Macedonian Ш ш Sh sh Щ щ Shh, Sht shh, sht shh for Russian and Ukrainian, sht for Bulgarian Ъ ъ A` a`, `` two grave accents for Russian, a` for Bulgarian Ы ы Y` y` in Russian and Belarusian Ь ь ` grave accent Э э E` e` in Russian and Belarusian Ю ю Yu yu not in Macedonian Я я Ya уа not in Macedonian ’ ' apostrophe Ѣ ѣ Ye уе in Old Russian and Old Bulgarian Ѳ ѳ Fh fh in Old Russian and Old Bulgarian Ѵ ѵ Yh yh in Old Russian and Old Bulgarian Ѫ ѫ O` о` in Old Bulgarian № # This standard (System B) appears to have been used in 2014 for the transliteration of street names on street signs in Moscow; its unusual appearance and non-intuitive sound values gave rise to criticism in the media.[5] National adoptions[edit] The verbatim translated text of ISO 9 is adopted as an inter-state standard in the countries listed below (the national designation is shown in parentheses). Other transcription schemes are also used in practice, though.  Russia (GOST 7.79)  Armenia (GOST 7.79)  Azerbaijan (GOST 7.79)  Belarus (GOST 7.79–2000, adopted 2003-03-01)[6]  Kazakhstan (GOST 7.79)  Kyrgyzstan (GOST 7.79)  Tajikistan (GOST 7.79)  Turkmenistan (GOST 7.79)  Uzbekistan (GOST 7.79)

ISO/R 9[edit] This section needs additional citations for verification. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (February 2012) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) ISO Recommendation No. 9, published 1954 and revised 1968, is an older version of the standard, with different transliteration for different Slavic languages, reflecting their phonemic differences. It is closer to the original international system of slavist scientific transliteration. The languages covered are Bulgarian, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Serbian and Macedonian. ISO 9:1995 is shown for comparison. ISO/R 9:1954, ISO/R 9:1968 and ISO 9:1995 Cyrillic 1954 1968 1995 Note А а A a A a A a Б б B b B b B b В в V v V v V v Г г G g G g, H h G g h for Belarusian and Ukrainian, g else (see table below) Ґ ґ Ġ ġ G g G̀ g̀ in Ukrainian Д д D d D d D d Ѓ ѓ Ǵ ǵ Ǵ ǵ Ǵ ǵ in Macedonian Ђ ђ Đ đ Đ đ Đ đ in Serbian Е е E e E e E e Ё ё Ë ë Ë ë Ë ë in Russian and Belarusian Є є Je je Je je Ê ê in Ukrainian Ж ж Ž ž Ž ž (Zh zh) Ž ž see table below З з Z z Z z Z z Ѕ ѕ Dz dz Dz dz Ẑ ẑ in Macedonian И и I i, Y y I i, Y y I i not in Belarusian, y for Ukrainian, i else (see table below) I і I i I i, Ī ī Ì ì not in Bulgarian, Serbian and Macedonian, archaic in Russian (see table below) Ї ї Ji ji Ï ï Ï ï in Ukrainian Й й J j J j (Ĭ ĭ) J j not in Serbian and Macedonian (see table below) Ј ј J j J j J̌ ǰ in Serbian and Macedonian К к K k K k K k Л л L l L l L l Љ љ Lj lj Lj lj L̂ l̂ in Serbian and Macedonian М м M m M m M m Н н N n N n N n Њ њ Nj nj Nj nj N̂ n̂ in Serbian and Macedonian О о O o O o O o П п P p P p P p Р р R r R r R r С с S s S s S s Т т T t T t T t Ќ ќ Ḱ ḱ Ḱ ḱ Ḱ ḱ in Macedonian Ћ ћ Ć ć Ć ć Ć ć in Serbian У у U u U u U u Ў ў Ŭ ŭ Ŭ ŭ Ŭ ŭ in Belarusian Ф ф F f F f F f Х х H h Ch ch, H h (Kh kh) H h h for Serbian and Macedonian, ch else (see table below) Ц ц C c C c (Ts ts) C c see table below Ч ч Č č Č č (Ch ch) Č č see table below Џ џ Dž dž Dž dž D̂ d̂ in Serbian and Macedonian Ш ш Š š Š š (Sh sh) Š š see table below Щ щ Šč šč, Št št Šč šč, Št št (Shch shch) Ŝ ŝ not in Belarusian, Serbian and Macedonian, št for Bulgarian, šč else (see table below) Ъ ъ Ă ă, " Ă ă, ʺ ʺ not in Serbian and Macedonian, archaic in Belarusian and Ukrainian, ă for Bulgarian, ʺ else (see table below) Ы ы Y y Y y Y y Russian and Belarusian Ь ь ʹ ʹ ʹ not in Serbian and Macedonian Ѣ ѣ Ě ě Ě ě Ě ě not in Serbian and Macedonian, archaic else Э э Ė ė Ė ė È è in Russian and Belarusian Ю ю Ju ju Ju ju (Yu yu) Û û not in Serbian and Macedonian (see table below) Я я Ja ja Ja ja (Ya ya) Â â not in Serbian and Macedonian (see table below) ’ ", ’ ″ ’ in Belarusian and Ukrainian, archaic in Russian, ’ in Macedonian Ѫ ѫ Ȧ ȧ Ȧ ȧ, ʺ̣ Ǎ ǎ archaic in Bulgarian (see table below) Ѳ ѳ Ḟ ḟ Ḟ ḟ F̀ f̀ archaic in Russian Ѵ ѵ Ẏ ẏ Ẏ ẏ Ỳ ỳ archaic in Russian Bulgarian ъ and ѫ are not transliterated at the end of a word (where it occurred in the pre-1945 orthography). Russian and Belarusian ъ is not transliterated at the end of a word (where it occurred in the pre-1918 orthography). Sub-standards[edit] ISO/R 9:1968 permits some deviations from the main standard. In the table below, they are listed in the columns sub-standard 1 and sub-standard 2. The first sub-standard defines some language-dependent transliterations for Russian (ru), Ukrainian (uk), Belarusian (be) and Bulgarian (bg). The second sub-standard permits, in countries where tradition favours it, a set of alternative transliterations, but only as a group. Cyrillic ISO/R 9:1968 variant 1 main variant 2 г h (uk, be) g ж ž zh и y (uk) i і i (uk, be) ī й j ĭ х ch (uk, be, ru) h kh ц c ts ч č ch ш š sh щ št (bg) šč shch ъ ă (bg) ʺ ю ju yu я ja ya ѫ ȧ (bg) ʺ̣

See also[edit] Romanization of Russian List of ISO transliterations GOST standards

Notes[edit] ^ a b "ISO 9:1995: Information and documentation -- Transliteration of Cyrillic characters into Latin characters -- Slavic and non-Slavic languages". International Organization for Standardization. Retrieved 13 Apr 2012.  ^ a b ГОСТ 7.79-2000: Система стандартов по информации, библиотечному и издательскому делу. Правила транслитерации кирилловского письма латинским алфавитом [GOST 7.79-2000: System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Rules of transliteration of Cyrillic script by Latin alphabet] (in Russian). Retrieved 13 Apr 2012.  - authentic Russian version of ISO 9 ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q The “informative” Annex A of ISO 9:1995 uses ISO 5426 0x52 hook to left which can be mapped to Unicode’s comma below U+0326 (while the ISO 5426 also has 0x50 cedilla which can be mapped to Unicode’s cedilla U+0327), it also uses ISO 5426 0x53 hook to right which can be mapped to Unicode’s ogonek U+0328. See for example’s ISO 5426 mapping to Unicode or Joan M. Aliprand’s Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 5426 and ISO/IEC 10646-1. ^ a b ISO 5426 mapping to Unicode; Joan M. Aliprand: Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 5426 and ISO/IEC 10646-1; The Unicode Standard: Spacing Modifier Letters. ^ Москва готовится к оккупации, иначе происходящее не объяснить ("Moscow is preparing for occupation - otherwise one can't explain what goes on") ^ "Система стандартов по информации, библиотечному и издательскому делу (СИБИД), действующих в Республике Беларусь", item 55 (Sistema standartov po informacii, bibliotečnomu i izdatel'skomu delu (SIBID), dejstvuûŝih v Respublike Belarus')

External links[edit] Online Russian Transliterator, various systems (Russian alphabet only) Transliteration of Non-Roman Scripts – A collection of writing systems and transliteration tables, by Thomas T. Pedersen. PDF reference charts include ISO 9. Transliteration of Russian into various European languages CyrAcademisator Bi-directional online transliteration of Russian for ALA-LC (diacritics), scientific, ISO/R 9, ISO 9, GOST 7.79B and others. Supports Old Slavonic characters Lingua::Translit Perl module covering a variety of writing systems. Transliteration according to several standards including ISO 9 and DIN 1460 for Cyrillic. (in German) IDS (Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz, 2001) Katalogisierungsregeln IDS (KIDS), Anhänge, “IDS G.4: Transliteration der slavischen kyrillischen Alphabete”. Universität Zürich. URL accessed on 29-02-2012 (PDF format, in German)—ISO/R 9 1968 standardization of scientific transliteration. RUS1.NET — 1:1 (univocal) transliteration map for learners of Russian, links to free auto-translit/IME tools for chrome/Firefox. v t e ISO standards by standard number List of ISO standards / ISO romanizations / IEC standards 1–9999 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 16 31 -0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 128 216 217 226 228 233 259 269 302 306 428 518 519 639 -1 -2 -3 -5 -6 646 690 732 764 843 898 965 1000 1004 1007 1073-1 1413 1538 1745 1989 2014 2015 2022 2047 2108 2145 2146 2240 2281 2709 2711 2788 2848 2852 3029 3103 3166 -1 -2 -3 3297 3307 3602 3864 3901 3977 4031 4157 4217 4909 5218 5428 5775 5776 5800 5964 6166 6344 6346 6385 6425 6429 6438 6523 6709 7001 7002 7098 7185 7200 7498 7736 7810 7811 7812 7813 7816 8000 8178 8217 8571 8583 8601 8632 8652 8691 8807 8820-5 8859 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -8-I -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 -14 -15 -16 8879 9000/9001 9075 9126 9293 9241 9362 9407 9506 9529 9564 9594 9660 9897 9899 9945 9984 9985 9995 10000–19999 10005 10006 10007 10116 10118-3 10160 10161 10165 10179 10206 10218 10303 -11 -21 -22 -28 -238 10383 10487 10585 10589 10646 10664 10746 10861 10957 10962 10967 11073 11170 11179 11404 11544 11783 11784 11785 11801 11898 11940 (-2) 11941 11941 (TR) 11992 12006 12182 12207 12234-2 13211 -1 -2 13216 13250 13399 13406-2 13450 13485 13490 13567 13568 13584 13616 14000 14031 14224 14289 14396 14443 14496 -2 -3 -6 -10 -11 -12 -14 -17 -20 14644 14649 14651 14698 14750 14764 14882 14971 15022 15189 15288 15291 15292 15398 15408 15444 -3 15445 15438 15504 15511 15686 15693 15706 -2 15707 15897 15919 15924 15926 15926 WIP 15930 16023 16262 16612-2 16750 16949 (TS) 17024 17025 17100 17203 17369 17442 17799 18000 18004 18014 18245 18629 18916 19005 19011 19092 (-1 -2) 19114 19115 19125 19136 19439 19500 19501 19502 19503 19505 19506 19507 19508 19509 19510 19600:2014 19752 19757 19770 19775-1 19794-5 19831 20000+ 20000 20022 20121 20400 21000 21047 21500 21827:2002 22000 23270 23271 23360 24517 24613 24617 24707 25178 25964 26000 26300 26324 27000 series 27000 27001 27002 27006 27729 28000 29110 29148 29199-2 29500 30170 31000 32000 38500 40500 42010 55000 80000 -1 -2 -3 Category v t e Romanization By publisher (for several languages) ALA–LC BGN/PCGN GOST ISO Yale By language or writing system Amharic Arabic Aramaic Armenian Bengali Berber Burmese Chinese in Taiwan in Singapore Cyrillic informal Belarusian Bulgarian Kyrgyz Macedonian Russian Serbian Ukrainian Georgian Greek Hebrew Inuktitut Japanese Khmer Korean Lao Malayalam Maldivian Persian Tibetan Telugu Thai Urdu Uyghur Vietnamese Retrieved from "" Categories: Romanization of CyrillicISO standardsISO romanizationHidden categories: CS1 uses Russian-language script (ru)CS1 Russian-language sources (ru)Articles lacking in-text citations from February 2012All articles lacking in-text citationsArticles containing Russian-language textArticles needing additional references from February 2012All articles needing additional referencesArticles with German-language external links

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