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Current codes[edit] The following table can be used to access the current ISO 3166-2 codes of each country, and comprises three columns: Entry — ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code, click to view the ISO 3166-2 codes of the country Country name — English short country name officially used by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency (ISO 3166/MA)[2] Subdivisions assigned codes — Name and number of subdivisions assigned codes in ISO 3166-2[citation needed]; if there are more than one level of subdivisions, the first-level subdivisions are shown in italics Entry (click to view codes) Country name Subdivisions assigned codes[citation needed] AD Andorra 7 parishes AE United Arab Emirates 7 emirates AF Afghanistan 34 provinces AG Antigua and Barbuda 6 parishes 2 dependencies AI Anguilla — AL Albania 12 counties AM Armenia 1 city 10 regions AO Angola 18 provinces AQ Antarctica — AR Argentina 1 city 23 provinces AS American Samoa — AT Austria 9 states AU Australia 6 states 2 territories AW Aruba — AX Aland Islands !Åland Islands — AZ Azerbaijan 1 autonomous republic 11 municipalities 66 rayons BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 2 entities 1 district with special status BB Barbados 11 parishes BD Bangladesh 8 divisions 64 districts BE Belgium 3 regions 10 provinces BF Burkina Faso 13 regions 45 provinces BG Bulgaria 28 regions BH Bahrain 4 governorates BI Burundi 18 provinces BJ Benin 12 departments BL Saint Barthélemy — BM Bermuda — BN Brunei Darussalam 4 districts BO Bolivia, Plurinational State of 9 departments BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba 3 special municipalities BR Brazil 1 federal district 26 states BS Bahamas 31 districts BT Bhutan 20 districts BV Bouvet Island — BW Botswana 10 districts 4 towns 2 cities BY Belarus 6 oblasts 1 city BZ Belize 6 districts CA Canada 10 provinces 3 territories CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands — CD Congo, the Democratic Republic of the 1 city 10 provinces CF Central African Republic 1 commune 14 prefectures 2 economic prefectures CG Congo 12 departments CH Switzerland 26 cantons CI Cote d'Ivoire !Côte d'Ivoire 12 districts 2 autonomous districts CK Cook Islands — CL Chile 15 regions CM Cameroon 10 regions CN China 4 municipalities 23 provinces 5 autonomous regions 2 special administrative regions CO Colombia 1 capital district 32 departments CR Costa Rica 7 provinces CU Cuba 15 provinces 1 special municipality CV Cabo Verde 2 geographical regions 22 municipalities CW Curaçao — CX Christmas Island — CY Cyprus 6 districts CZ Czechia 14 regions 91 districts DE Germany 16 Länder DJ Djibouti 5 regions 1 city DK Denmark 5 regions DM Dominica 10 parishes DO Dominican Republic 10 regions 1 district 31 provinces DZ Algeria 48 provinces EC Ecuador 24 provinces EE Estonia 15 counties EG Egypt 27 governorates EH Western Sahara — ER Eritrea 6 regions ES Spain 17 autonomous communities 2 autonomous cities in North Africa 50 provinces ET Ethiopia 2 administrations 9 states FI Finland 19 regions FJ Fiji 4 divisions 1 dependency 14 provinces FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) — FM Micronesia, Federated States of 4 states FO Faroe Islands — FR France 13 metropolitan regions 5 overseas departments 96 metropolitan departments 1 dependency 7 overseas territorial collectivities GA Gabon 9 provinces GB United Kingdom 3 countries 1 province 3 nations 78 unitary authorities 27 two-tier counties 32 London boroughs 1 city corporation 36 metropolitan districts 11 districts 32 council areas GD Grenada 6 parishes 1 dependency GE Georgia 2 autonomous republics 1 city 9 regions GF French Guiana — GG Guernsey — GH Ghana 10 regions GI Gibraltar — GL Greenland 4 municipalities GM Gambia 1 city 5 divisions GN Guinea 7 administrative regions 1 governorate 33 prefectures GP Guadeloupe — GQ Equatorial Guinea 2 regions 7 provinces GR Greece 13 administrative regions 1 self-governed part GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands — GT Guatemala 22 departments GU Guam — GW Guinea-Bissau 3 provinces 1 autonomous sector 8 regions GY Guyana 10 regions HK Hong Kong — HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands — HN Honduras 18 departments HR Croatia 1 city 20 counties HT Haiti 10 departments HU Hungary 1 capital city 19 counties 23 cities of county right ID Indonesia 7 geographical units 1 autonomous province 31 provinces 1 special district 1 special region IE Ireland 4 provinces 26 counties IL Israel 6 districts IM Isle of Man — IN India 29 states 7 union territories IO British Indian Ocean Territory — IQ Iraq 18 governorates IR Iran, Islamic Republic of 31 provinces IS Iceland 8 regions IT Italy 20 regions 110 provinces JE Jersey — JM Jamaica 14 parishes JO Jordan 12 governorates JP Japan 47 prefectures KE Kenya 47 counties KG Kyrgyzstan 2 cities 7 regions KH Cambodia 1 autonomous municipality 24 provinces KI Kiribati 3 groups of islands KM Comoros 3 islands KN Saint Kitts and Nevis 2 states 14 parishes KP Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of) 1 capital city 1 special city 9 provinces KR Korea (the Republic of) 6 metropolitan cities 1 special city 1 special self-governing city 8 provinces 1 special self-governing province KW Kuwait 6 governorates KY Cayman Islands — KZ Kazakhstan 2 cities 14 regions LA Lao People's Democratic Republic 1 prefecture 17 provinces LB Lebanon 8 governorates LC Saint Lucia 10 districts LI Liechtenstein 11 communes LK Sri Lanka 9 provinces 25 districts LR Liberia 15 counties LS Lesotho 10 districts LT Lithuania 10 counties 9 municipalities 7 city municipalities 44 district municipalities LU Luxembourg 12 cantons LV Latvia 110 municipalities 9 republican cities LY Libya 22 popularates MA Morocco 16 regions 46 provinces 17 prefectures MC Monaco 17 quarters MD Moldova, Republic of 1 autonomous territorial unit 3 cities 32 districts 1 territorial unit ME Montenegro 23 municipalities MF Saint Martin (French part) — MG Madagascar 6 provinces MH Marshall Islands 2 chains of islands 24 municipalities MK Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of 71 municipalities ML Mali 1 district 8 regions MM Myanmar 7 regions 7 states 1 union territory MN Mongolia 1 capital city 21 provinces MO Macao — MP Northern Mariana Islands — MQ Martinique — MR Mauritania 15 regions MS Montserrat — MT Malta 68 local councils MU Mauritius 3 dependencies 9 districts 5 cities MV Maldives 7 provinces 1 capital 20 administrative atolls MW Malawi 3 regions 28 districts MX Mexico 31 states 1 federal district MY Malaysia 3 federal territories 13 states MZ Mozambique 1 city 10 provinces NA Namibia 14 regions NC New Caledonia — NE Niger 1 urban community 7 departments NF Norfolk Island — NG Nigeria 1 capital territory 36 states NI Nicaragua 15 departments 2 autonomous regions NL Netherlands[note 1] 12 provinces 3 countries 3 special municipalities NO Norway 19 counties 2 arctic regions NP Nepal 5 development regions 14 zones NR Nauru 14 districts NU Niue — NZ New Zealand 16 regions 1 special island authority OM Oman 11 governorates PA Panama 10 provinces 3 indigenous regions PE Peru 25 regions 1 municipality PF French Polynesia — PG Papua New Guinea 1 district 20 provinces 1 autonomous region PH Philippines 17 regions 81 provinces PK Pakistan 1 federal capital territory 4 provinces 1 territory 2 Pakistan administered areas PL Poland 16 provinces PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon — PN Pitcairn — PR Puerto Rico — PS Palestine, State of 16 governorates PT Portugal 18 districts 2 autonomous regions PW Palau 16 states PY Paraguay 1 capital 17 departments QA Qatar 8 municipalities RE Reunion !Réunion — RO Romania 41 departments 1 municipality RS Serbia 2 autonomous provinces 1 city 29 districts RU Russian Federation 21 republics 9 administrative territories 46 administrative regions 2 autonomous cities 1 autonomous region 4 autonomous districts RW Rwanda 1 town council 4 provinces SA Saudi Arabia 13 provinces SB Solomon Islands 1 capital territory 9 provinces SC Seychelles 25 districts SD Sudan 18 states SE Sweden 21 counties SG Singapore 5 districts SH Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha 3 geographical entities SI Slovenia 211 communes SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen — SK Slovakia 8 regions SL Sierra Leone 1 area 3 provinces SM San Marino 9 municipalities SN Senegal 14 regions SO Somalia 18 regions SR Suriname 10 districts SS South Sudan 10 states ST Sao Tome and Principe 2 provinces SV El Salvador 14 departments SX Sint Maarten (Dutch part) — SY Syrian Arab Republic 14 provinces SZ Swaziland 4 districts TC Turks and Caicos Islands — TD Chad 23 regions TF French Southern Territories — TG Togo 5 regions TH Thailand 1 metropolitan administration 1 special administrative city 76 provinces TJ Tajikistan 1 autonomous region 2 regions 1 capital territory TK Tokelau — TL Timor-Leste 13 districts TM Turkmenistan 5 regions 1 city TN Tunisia 24 governorates TO Tonga 5 divisions TR Turkey 81 provinces TT Trinidad and Tobago 9 regions 5 municipalities 1 ward TV Tuvalu 1 town council 7 island councils TW Taiwan, Province of China [note 2] 13 counties 3 cities 6 special municipalities TZ Tanzania, United Republic of 30 regions UA Ukraine 24 regions 1 republic 2 cities UG Uganda 4 geographical regions 111 districts 1 city UM United States Minor Outlying Islands 9 islands, groups of islands US United States 50 states 1 district 6 outlying areas UY Uruguay 19 departments UZ Uzbekistan 1 city 12 regions 1 republic VA Holy See (Vatican City State) — VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 6 parishes VE Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 1 federal dependency 1 federal district 23 states VG Virgin Islands, British — VI Virgin Islands, U.S. — VN Viet Nam 58 provinces 5 municipalities VU Vanuatu 6 provinces WF Wallis and Futuna 3 administrative precincts WS Samoa 11 districts YE Yemen 1 municipality 21 governorates YT Mayotte — ZA South Africa 9 provinces ZM Zambia 10 provinces ZW Zimbabwe 10 provinces

Subdivisions included in ISO 3166-1[edit] For the following countries, a number of their subdivisions in ISO 3166-2, most of them dependent territories, are also officially assigned their own country codes in ISO 3166-1:[citation needed] Entry Country name Subdivisions included in ISO 3166-1 (alpha-2 code) CN China CN-TW Taiwan (TW) [note 2] CN-HK Hong Kong (HK) CN-MO Macao (MO) FI Finland FI-01 Åland (AX) FR France FR-BL Saint Barthélemy (BL) FR-GF French Guiana (GF) FR-GP Guadeloupe (GP) FR-MF Saint Martin (MF) FR-MQ Martinique (MQ) FR-NC New Caledonia (NC) FR-PF French Polynesia (PF) FR-PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon (PM) FR-RE Réunion (RE) FR-TF French Southern Territories (TF) FR-WF Wallis and Futuna (WF) FR-YT Mayotte (YT) NL Netherlands[note 1] NL-AW Aruba (AW) NL-BQ1 Bonaire (BQ) [note 3] NL-BQ2 Saba (BQ) [note 3] NL-BQ3 Sint Eustatius (BQ) [note 3] NL-CW Curaçao (CW) NL-SX Sint Maarten (SX) NO Norway NO-21 Svalbard (SJ) [note 4] NO-22 Jan Mayen (SJ) [note 4] US United States US-AS American Samoa (AS) US-GU Guam (GU) US-MP Northern Mariana Islands (MP) US-PR Puerto Rico (PR) US-UM United States Minor Outlying Islands (UM) US-VI Virgin Islands, U.S. (VI) Notes ^ a b In ISO 3166-1, three countries are listed as subdivisions of the Netherlands. However, the mentioned Netherlands is a country on its own with the three other countries being its dependent territories. The four countries together constitute the Kingdom of the Netherlands. ^ a b Taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of its political status within the United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China instead of the People's Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers Taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, Taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China". ^ a b c Collectively Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba are officially assigned their own country codes in ISO 3166-1. ^ a b Collectively Svalbard and Jan Mayen are officially assigned their own country codes in ISO 3166-1.

Format[edit] The format of the ISO 3166-2 codes is different for each country. The codes may be alphabetic, numeric, or alphanumeric, and they may also be of constant or variable length. The following is a table of the ISO 3166-2 codes of each country (those with codes defined), grouped by their format:[citation needed] Number of characters (second part) Alphabetic Numeric Alphanumeric 1 AR, BO, FJ, GM, KI, KM, LS, LU, MG, SL, ST, TG, TM, VE First-level subdivisions only: BD, CV, FR, GN, GQ, GR, GW, KN, MH, MW, NZ, UG AT, GA, IS, NE First-level subdivisions only: LK, NP 2 AE, AM, BI, BJ, BN, BQ, BR, BS, BW, BY, CA, CD, CH, CL, CM, DE, DJ, ER, ET, GE, GH, GL, GT, GY, HN, HT, HU, ID, IN, IQ, JO, KW, LA, LB, LR, LT, LY, MC, MD, MU, NA, NG, NI, OM, PK, PL, QA, SB, SD, SH, SK, SN, SO, SR, SS, SV, SY, SZ, TD, TJ, TL, US, UY, UZ, WS, YE, ZA, ZW First-level subdivisions only: CZ, RS Second-level subdivisions only: AL, CV, GN, GQ, GW, IT, MW, NP AD, AG, BB, BG, BH, CI, CN, CU, CY, DK, DM, DO, DZ, EE, FI, GD, HR, IR, JM, JP, KP, KR, LC, LI, ME, MK, MM, MT, MY, NO, NR, PT, RW, SA, SC, SG, SM, TN, TO, TR, TZ, UA, UM, VC, ZM First-level subdivisions only: AL, BF, IT, MA, PH Second-level subdivisions only: BA, BD, KN, LK, RS BT, MV, VN Second-level subdivisions only: FR, GR 3 AF, AO, BE, FM, GB, KZ, MX, PE, PG, PS, TT, TV, TW, VU First-level subdivisions only: BA Second-level subdivisions only: BF, MA, MH, NZ, PH KE, PW, SI Second-level subdivisions only: UG Second-level subdivisions only: CZ 1 or 2 CR, EC, ES, IE, IL, KG, RO, SE KH PA, TH 1 or 3 MZ MN ML 2 or 3 AU, AZ, BZ, CF, CO, RU LV, MR, NL 1, 2, or 3 EG CG, PY

Changes[edit] The ISO 3166/MA updates ISO 3166-2 when necessary. Changes in ISO 3166-2 consist mostly of spelling corrections, addition and deletion of subdivisions, and modification of the administrative structure. ISO used to announce changes in newsletters which updated the currently valid standard, and releasing new editions which comprise a consolidation of newsletter changes. As of July 2013, changes are published in the online catalogue of ISO only and no newsletters are published anymore. Past newsletters remain available on the ISO website.[3] Edition/Newsletter Date issued Affected entries ISO 3166-2:1998 1998-12-20 First edition of ISO 3166-2 Newsletter I-1 2000-06-21 BY, CA, DO, ER, ES, IT, KR, NG, PL, RO, RU, TR, VN, YU Newsletter I-2 2002-05-21 AE, AL, AO, AZ, BD, BG, BJ, CA, CD, CN, CV, CZ, ES, FR, GB, GE, GN, GT, HR, ID, IN, IR, KZ, LA, MA, MD, MW, NI, PH, TR, UZ, VN Newsletter I-3 2002-08-20 AE, CZ, IN, KZ, MD, MO, PS (new entry), TP (changed to TL), UG Newsletter I-4 2002-12-10 BI, CA, EC, ES, ET, GE, ID, IN, KG, KH, KP, KZ, LA, MD, MU, RO, SI, TJ, TL, TM, TW, UZ, VE, YE Newsletter I-5 2003-09-05 BW, CH, CZ, LY, MY, SN, TN, TZ, UG, VE, YU (changed to CS) Newsletter I-6 2004-03-08 AF, AL, AU, CN, CO, ID, KP, MA, TN, ZA Newsletter I-7 2005-09-13 AF, DJ, ID, RU, SI, VN Newsletter I-8 2007-04-17 AD, AG, BB, BH, CI, CS (deleted), DM, GB, GD, GG (new entry), IM (new entry), IR, IT, JE (new entry), KN, LI, ME (new entry), MK, NR, PW, RS (new entry), RU, RW, SB, SC, SM, TD, TO, TV, VC Newsletter I-9 2007-11-28 BG, BL (new entry), CZ, FR, GB, GE, LB, MF (new entry), MK, MT, RU, SD, SG, UG, ZA ISO 3166-2:2007 2007-12-13 Second edition of ISO 3166-2 (these changes were not announced in a newsletter)[4] BA, DK, DO, EG, GN, HT, KE, KW, LC, LR, TV, YE, ZA Newsletter II-1 2010-02-03 (corrected 2010-02-19) AL, BO, CZ, ES, FR, GN, GR, GW, ID, IE, IT, KN, KP, LK, MA, MH, NP, RS, UG, VE Newsletter II-2 2010-06-30 AG, AR, BA, BF, BI, BS, BY, CF, CL, CV, EC, EG, GB, GL, HU, IT, KE, KM, LY, MD, MW, NG, NZ, OM, PA, PE, PH, RU, SC, SH, SI, SN, TD, TM, YE Newsletter II-3 2011-12-13 (corrected 2011-12-15) AF, AN (deleted), AW, AZ, BD, BE, BG, BQ (new entry), BS, CV, CW (new entry), DJ, DK, ER, FI, FR, GB, GQ, HN, HR, HT, ID, IE, IN, JO, KW, LS, LV, MC, ME, MK, MM, MV, NL, NO, NP, NR, PG, PK, PL, PS, QA, SA, SD, SE, SH, SS (new entry), SX (new entry), TL, TN, TR, VN ISO 3166-2:2013 2013-11-19 Third edition of ISO 3166-2 (changes are published in the online catalogue of ISO only and no newsletters are published anymore)

See also[edit] List of administrative divisions by country UN/LOCODE — United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations List of FIPS region codes in FIPS 10-4, part of the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS), which covers the subdivisions of the members of the European Union Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes

References[edit] ^ "ISO 3166-2". International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  ^ "Country names and code elements". ISO.  ^ "Updates on ISO 3166". ISO.  ^ "Statoid Newsletter January 2008". 

External links[edit] ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Tracking changes in ISO 3166-2 Other lists of ISO 3166-2 codes (not necessarily up-to-date)[edit] Many of the lists below are based on outdated versions of ISO 3166-2 codes. The latest version may be obtained from the ISO 3166/MA. List of Countries with ISO 2 Digit codes - DataHub Core Data Country Subdivisions, eQuest Country sub-entity name code, GEFEG.FX "LLOW linklist", LanguageServer, AT: University of Graz . v t e ISO 3166 codes for the names of countries and their subdivisions ISO codes for the names of countries and their (administrative) subdivisions ISO 3166-1 country codes alpha-2 alpha-3 numeric ISO 3166-2 country subdivision codes AD AE AF AG AI AL AM AO AQ AR AS AT AU AW AX AZ BA BB BD BE BF BG BH BI BJ BL BM BN BO BQ BR BS BT BV BW BY BZ CA CC CD CF CG CH CI CK CL CM CN CO CR CU CV CW CX CY CZ DE DJ DK DM DO DZ EC EE EG EH ER ES ET FI FJ FK FM FO FR GA GB GD GE GF GG GH GI GL GM GN GP GQ GR GS GT GU GW GY HK HM HN HR HT HU ID IE IL IM IN IO IQ IR IS IT JE JM JO JP KE KG KH KI KM KN KP KR KW KY KZ LA LB LC LI LK LR LS LT LU LV LY MA MC MD ME MF MG MH MK ML MM MN MO MP MQ MR MS MT MU MV MW MX MY MZ NA NC NE NF NG NI NL NO NP NR NU NZ OM PA PE PF PG PH PK PL PM PN PR PS PT PW PY QA RE RO RS RU RW SA SB SC SD SE SG SH SI SJ SK SL SM SN SO SR SS ST SV SX SY SZ TC TD TF TG TH TJ TK TLa TM TN TO TR TT TV TW TZ UA UG UM US UY UZ VA VC VE VG VI VN VU WF WS YE YT ZA ZM ZW Deleted AN CSb ISO 3166-3 codes for former names of countries List a Changed from TP b Changed from YU v t e ISO standards by standard number List of ISO standards / ISO romanizations / IEC standards 1–9999 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 16 31 -0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 128 216 217 226 228 233 259 269 302 306 428 518 519 639 -1 -2 -3 -5 -6 646 690 732 764 843 898 965 1000 1004 1007 1073-1 1413 1538 1745 1989 2014 2015 2022 2047 2108 2145 2146 2240 2281 2709 2711 2788 2848 2852 3029 3103 3166 -1 -2 -3 3297 3307 3602 3864 3901 3977 4031 4157 4217 4909 5218 5428 5775 5776 5800 5964 6166 6344 6346 6385 6425 6429 6438 6523 6709 7001 7002 7098 7185 7200 7498 7736 7810 7811 7812 7813 7816 8000 8178 8217 8571 8583 8601 8632 8652 8691 8807 8820-5 8859 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -8-I -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 -14 -15 -16 8879 9000/9001 9075 9126 9293 9241 9362 9407 9506 9529 9564 9594 9660 9897 9899 9945 9984 9985 9995 10000–19999 10005 10006 10007 10116 10118-3 10160 10161 10165 10179 10206 10218 10303 -11 -21 -22 -28 -238 10383 10487 10585 10589 10646 10664 10746 10861 10957 10962 10967 11073 11170 11179 11404 11544 11783 11784 11785 11801 11898 11940 (-2) 11941 11941 (TR) 11992 12006 12182 12207 12234-2 13211 -1 -2 13216 13250 13399 13406-2 13450 13485 13490 13567 13568 13584 13616 14000 14031 14224 14289 14396 14443 14496 -2 -3 -6 -10 -11 -12 -14 -17 -20 14644 14649 14651 14698 14750 14764 14882 14971 15022 15189 15288 15291 15292 15398 15408 15444 -3 15445 15438 15504 15511 15686 15693 15706 -2 15707 15897 15919 15924 15926 15926 WIP 15930 16023 16262 16612-2 16750 16949 (TS) 17024 17025 17100 17203 17369 17442 17799 18000 18004 18014 18245 18629 18916 19005 19011 19092 (-1 -2) 19114 19115 19125 19136 19439 19500 19501 19502 19503 19505 19506 19507 19508 19509 19510 19600:2014 19752 19757 19770 19775-1 19794-5 19831 20000+ 20000 20022 20121 20400 21000 21047 21500 21827:2002 22000 23270 23271 23360 24517 24613 24617 24707 25178 25964 26000 26300 26324 27000 series 27000 27001 27002 27006 27729 28000 29110 29148 29199-2 29500 30170 31000 32000 38500 40500 42010 55000 80000 -1 -2 -3 Category Retrieved from "" Categories: ISO 3166Lists of country subdivisionsCountry subdivision codesHidden categories: All articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from July 2014Articles with unsourced statements from September 2015Articles with unsourced statements from April 2016

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Bosnia And HerzegovinaISO 3166-2:BBBarbadosParishes Of BarbadosISO 3166-2:BDBangladeshDivisions Of BangladeshDistricts Of BangladeshISO 3166-2:BEBelgiumRegions Of BelgiumProvinces Of BelgiumISO 3166-2:BFBurkina FasoRegions Of Burkina FasoProvinces Of Burkina FasoISO 3166-2:BGBulgariaProvinces Of BulgariaISO 3166-2:BHBahrainGovernorates Of BahrainISO 3166-2:BIBurundiProvinces Of BurundiISO 3166-2:BJBeninDepartments Of BeninISO 3166-2:BLSaint BarthélemyISO 3166-2:BMBermudaISO 3166-2:BNBruneiDistricts Of BruneiISO 3166-2:BOBoliviaDepartments Of BoliviaISO 3166-2:BQBonaire, Sint Eustatius And SabaBonaire, Sint Eustatius And SabaISO 3166-2:BRBrazilStates Of BrazilISO 3166-2:BSThe BahamasLocal Government In The BahamasISO 3166-2:BTBhutanDistricts Of BhutanISO 3166-2:BVBouvet IslandISO 3166-2:BWBotswanaDistricts Of BotswanaISO 3166-2:BYBelarusRegions Of BelarusISO 3166-2:BZBelizeDistricts Of BelizeISO 3166-2:CACanadaProvinces And Territories Of CanadaISO 3166-2:CCCocos (Keeling) IslandsISO 3166-2:CDDemocratic Republic Of The CongoProvinces Of The Democratic Republic Of The CongoISO 3166-2:CFCentral African RepublicPrefectures Of The Central African RepublicISO 3166-2:CGRepublic Of The CongoDepartments Of The Republic Of The CongoISO 3166-2:CHSwitzerlandCantons Of SwitzerlandISO 3166-2:CIIvory CoastDistricts Of Côte D'IvoireISO 3166-2:CKCook IslandsISO 3166-2:CLChileRegions Of ChileISO 3166-2:CMCameroonRegions Of CameroonISO 3166-2:CNChinaProvinces Of The People's Republic Of ChinaISO 3166-2:COColombiaDepartments Of ColombiaISO 3166-2:CRCosta RicaProvinces Of Costa RicaISO 3166-2:CUCubaProvinces Of CubaISO 3166-2:CVCabo VerdeAdministrative Divisions Of Cape VerdeISO 3166-2:CWCuraçaoISO 3166-2:CXChristmas IslandISO 3166-2:CYCyprusDistricts Of CyprusISO 3166-2:CZCzechiaRegions Of The Czech RepublicDistricts Of The Czech RepublicISO 3166-2:DEGermanyStates Of GermanyISO 3166-2:DJDjiboutiRegions Of DjiboutiISO 3166-2:DKDenmarkRegions Of DenmarkISO 3166-2:DMDominicaParishes Of DominicaISO 3166-2:DODominican RepublicGeographic Regions Of The Dominican RepublicProvinces Of The Dominican RepublicISO 3166-2:DZAlgeriaProvinces Of AlgeriaISO 3166-2:ECEcuadorProvinces Of EcuadorISO 3166-2:EEEstoniaCounties Of EstoniaISO 3166-2:EGEgyptGovernorates Of EgyptISO 3166-2:EHWestern SaharaISO 3166-2:EREritreaRegions Of EritreaISO 3166-2:ESSpainAutonomous Communities Of SpainProvinces Of SpainISO 3166-2:ETEthiopiaRegions Of EthiopiaISO 3166-2:FIFinlandRegions Of FinlandISO 3166-2:FJFijiLocal Government In FijiISO 3166-2:FKFalkland IslandsISO 3166-2:FMFederated States Of MicronesiaAdministrative Divisions Of The Federated States Of MicronesiaISO 3166-2:FOFaroe IslandsISO 3166-2:FRFranceRegions Of FranceOverseas DepartmentDepartments Of FranceOverseas Departments And Territories Of FranceISO 3166-2:GAGabonProvinces Of GabonISO 3166-2:GBUnited KingdomCountries Of The United KingdomUnitary AuthorityNon-metropolitan CountyLondon BoroughCity Of LondonMetropolitan BoroughLocal Government In Northern IrelandSubdivisions Of ScotlandISO 3166-2:GDGrenadaParishes Of GrenadaISO 3166-2:GEGeorgia (country)Administrative Divisions Of Georgia (country)ISO 3166-2:GFFrench GuianaISO 3166-2:GGGuernseyISO 3166-2:GHGhanaRegions Of GhanaISO 3166-2:GIGibraltarISO 3166-2:GLGreenlandAdministrative Divisions Of GreenlandISO 3166-2:GMThe GambiaDivisions Of The GambiaISO 3166-2:GNGuineaRegions Of GuineaPrefectures Of GuineaISO 3166-2:GPGuadeloupeISO 3166-2:GQEquatorial GuineaProvinces Of Equatorial GuineaISO 3166-2:GRGreeceModern Regions Of GreeceMount AthosISO 3166-2:GSSouth Georgia And The South Sandwich IslandsISO 3166-2:GTGuatemalaDepartments Of GuatemalaISO 3166-2:GUGuamISO 3166-2:GWGuinea-BissauRegions Of Guinea-BissauISO 3166-2:GYGuyanaRegions Of GuyanaISO 3166-2:HKHong KongISO 3166-2:HMHeard Island And McDonald IslandsISO 3166-2:HNHondurasDepartments Of HondurasISO 3166-2:HRCroatiaCounties Of CroatiaISO 3166-2:HTHaitiDepartments Of HaitiISO 3166-2:HUHungaryCounties Of HungaryISO 3166-2:IDIndonesiaProvinces Of IndonesiaISO 3166-2:IERepublic Of IrelandProvinces Of IrelandCounties Of IrelandISO 3166-2:ILIsraelDistricts Of IsraelISO 3166-2:IMIsle Of ManISO 3166-2:INIndiaStates And Territories Of IndiaISO 3166-2:IOBritish Indian Ocean TerritoryISO 3166-2:IQIraqGovernorates Of IraqISO 3166-2:IRIranProvinces Of IranISO 3166-2:ISIcelandRegions Of IcelandISO 3166-2:ITItalyRegions Of ItalyProvinces Of ItalyISO 3166-2:JEJerseyISO 3166-2:JMJamaicaParishes Of JamaicaISO 3166-2:JOJordanGovernorates Of JordanISO 3166-2:JPJapanPrefectures Of JapanISO 3166-2:KEKenyaCounties Of KenyaISO 3166-2:KGKyrgyzstanProvinces Of KyrgyzstanISO 3166-2:KHCambodiaAdministrative Divisions Of CambodiaISO 3166-2:KIKiribatiList Of Islands Of KiribatiISO 3166-2:KMComorosPolitics Of The ComorosISO 3166-2:KNSaint Kitts And NevisParishes Of Saint Kitts And NevisISO 3166-2:KPNorth KoreaAdministrative Divisions Of North KoreaISO 3166-2:KRSouth KoreaProvinces Of South KoreaISO 3166-2:KWKuwaitGovernorates Of KuwaitISO 3166-2:KYCayman IslandsISO 3166-2:KZKazakhstanProvinces Of KazakhstanISO 3166-2:LALaosProvinces Of LaosISO 3166-2:LBLebanonGovernorates Of LebanonISO 3166-2:LCSaint LuciaQuarters Of Saint LuciaISO 3166-2:LILiechtensteinMunicipalities Of LiechtensteinISO 3166-2:LKSri LankaProvinces Of Sri LankaDistricts Of Sri LankaISO 3166-2:LRLiberiaCounties Of LiberiaISO 3166-2:LSLesothoDistricts Of LesothoISO 3166-2:LTLithuaniaCounties Of LithuaniaMunicipalities Of LithuaniaISO 3166-2:LULuxembourgCantons Of LuxembourgISO 3166-2:LVLatviaMunicipalities Of LatviaISO 3166-2:LYLibyaDistricts Of LibyaISO 3166-2:MAMoroccoRegions Of MoroccoAdministrative Divisions Of MoroccoISO 3166-2:MCMonacoQuarters Of MonacoISO 3166-2:MDMoldovaAdministrative Divisions Of MoldovaISO 3166-2:MEMontenegroMunicipalities Of MontenegroISO 3166-2:MFCollectivity Of Saint MartinISO 3166-2:MGMadagascarProvinces Of MadagascarISO 3166-2:MHMarshall IslandsMunicipalities Of The Marshall IslandsISO 3166-2:MKRepublic Of MacedoniaMunicipalities Of The Republic Of MacedoniaISO 3166-2:MLMaliRegions Of MaliISO 3166-2:MMMyanmarAdministrative Divisions Of BurmaISO 3166-2:MNMongoliaProvinces Of MongoliaISO 3166-2:MOMacauISO 3166-2:MPNorthern Mariana IslandsISO 3166-2:MQMartiniqueISO 3166-2:MRMauritaniaRegions Of MauritaniaISO 3166-2:MSMontserratISO 3166-2:MTMaltaLocal Councils Of MaltaISO 3166-2:MUMauritiusOuter Islands Of MauritiusDistricts Of MauritiusISO 3166-2:MVMaldivesAdministrative Divisions Of The MaldivesISO 3166-2:MWMalawiRegions Of MalawiDistricts Of MalawiISO 3166-2:MXMexicoPolitical Divisions Of MexicoISO 3166-2:MYMalaysiaStates And Federal Territories Of MalaysiaISO 3166-2:MZMozambiqueProvinces Of MozambiqueISO 3166-2:NANamibiaRegions Of NamibiaISO 3166-2:NCNew CaledoniaISO 3166-2:NENigerRegions Of NigerISO 3166-2:NFNorfolk IslandISO 3166-2:NGNigeriaStates Of NigeriaISO 3166-2:NINicaraguaDepartments Of NicaraguaISO 3166-2:NLNetherlandsAdministrative Divisions Of The NetherlandsKingdom Of The NetherlandsBonaire, Sint Eustatius And SabaISO 3166-2:NONorwayCounties Of NorwaySvalbard And Jan MayenISO 3166-2:NPNepalRegions Of NepalZones Of NepalISO 3166-2:NRNauruDistricts Of NauruISO 3166-2:NUNiueISO 3166-2:NZNew ZealandRegions Of New ZealandISO 3166-2:OMOmanGovernorates Of OmanISO 3166-2:PAPanamaProvinces Of PanamaISO 3166-2:PEPeruRegions Of PeruISO 3166-2:PFFrench PolynesiaISO 3166-2:PGPapua New GuineaProvinces Of Papua New GuineaISO 3166-2:PHPhilippinesRegions Of The PhilippinesProvinces Of The PhilippinesISO 3166-2:PKPakistanAdministrative Units Of PakistanISO 3166-2:PLPolandVoivodeships Of PolandISO 3166-2:PMSaint Pierre And MiquelonISO 3166-2:PNPitcairn IslandsISO 3166-2:PRPuerto RicoISO 3166-2:PSState Of PalestineGovernorates Of The Palestinian National AuthorityISO 3166-2:PTPortugalDistricts Of PortugalISO 3166-2:PWPalauStates Of PalauISO 3166-2:PYParaguayDepartments Of ParaguayISO 3166-2:QAQatarMunicipalities Of QatarISO 3166-2:RERéunionISO 3166-2:RORomaniaCounties Of RomaniaISO 3166-2:RSSerbiaAdministrative Divisions Of SerbiaDistricts Of SerbiaISO 3166-2:RURussiaFederal Subjects Of RussiaISO 3166-2:RWRwandaProvinces Of RwandaISO 3166-2:SASaudi ArabiaProvinces Of Saudi ArabiaISO 3166-2:SBSolomon IslandsProvinces Of The Solomon IslandsISO 3166-2:SCSeychellesDistricts Of SeychellesISO 3166-2:SDSudanStates Of SudanISO 3166-2:SESwedenCounties Of SwedenISO 3166-2:SGSingaporeCommunity Development CouncilISO 3166-2:SHSaint Helena, Ascension And Tristan Da CunhaSaint Helena, Ascension And Tristan Da CunhaISO 3166-2:SISloveniaMunicipalities Of SloveniaISO 3166-2:SJSvalbard And Jan MayenISO 3166-2:SKSlovakiaRegions Of SlovakiaISO 3166-2:SLSierra LeoneProvinces Of Sierra LeoneISO 3166-2:SMSan MarinoMunicipalities Of San MarinoISO 3166-2:SNSenegalRegions Of SenegalISO 3166-2:SOSomaliaAdministrative Divisions Of SomaliaISO 3166-2:SRSurinameDistricts Of SurinameISO 3166-2:SSSouth SudanStates Of South SudanISO 3166-2:STSão Tomé And PríncipeProvinces Of São Tomé And PríncipeISO 3166-2:SVEl SalvadorDepartments Of El SalvadorISO 3166-2:SXSint Maarten (Dutch Part)ISO 3166-2:SYSyriaGovernorates Of SyriaISO 3166-2:SZSwazilandDistricts Of SwazilandISO 3166-2:TCTurks And Caicos IslandsISO 3166-2:TDChadRegions Of ChadISO 3166-2:TFFrench Southern And Antarctic LandsISO 3166-2:TGTogoRegions Of TogoISO 3166-2:THThailandProvinces Of ThailandISO 3166-2:TJTajikistanProvinces Of TajikistanISO 3166-2:TKTokelauISO 3166-2:TLEast TimorDistricts Of East TimorISO 3166-2:TMTurkmenistanProvinces Of TurkmenistanISO 3166-2:TNTunisiaGovernorates Of TunisiaISO 3166-2:TOTongaAdministrative Divisions Of TongaISO 3166-2:TRTurkeyProvinces Of TurkeyISO 3166-2:TTTrinidad And TobagoRegional Corporations And Municipalities Of Trinidad And TobagoISO 3166-2:TVTuvaluList Of Islands Of TuvaluISO 3166-2:TWTaiwan, ChinaCounties, Provincial Cities, And Municipalities Of TaiwanISO 3166-2:TZTanzaniaRegions Of TanzaniaISO 3166-2:UAUkraineOblasts Of UkraineISO 3166-2:UGUgandaRegions Of UgandaDistricts Of UgandaISO 3166-2:UMUnited States Minor Outlying IslandsUnited States Minor Outlying IslandsISO 3166-2:USUnited StatesU.S. StateWashington, D.C.Insular AreaISO 3166-2:UYUruguayDepartments Of UruguayISO 3166-2:UZUzbekistanProvinces Of UzbekistanISO 3166-2:VAVatican CityISO 3166-2:VCSaint Vincent And The GrenadinesParishes Of Saint Vincent And The GrenadinesISO 3166-2:VEVenezuelaStates Of VenezuelaISO 3166-2:VGBritish Virgin IslandsISO 3166-2:VIUnited States Virgin IslandsISO 3166-2:VNVietnamProvinces Of VietnamISO 3166-2:VUVanuatuProvinces Of VanuatuISO 3166-2:WFWallis And FutunaSubdivisions Of Wallis And FutunaISO 3166-2:WSSamoaDistricts Of SamoaISO 3166-2:YEYemenGovernorates Of YemenISO 3166-2:YTMayotteISO 3166-2:ZASouth AfricaProvinces Of South AfricaISO 3166-2:ZMZambiaProvinces Of ZambiaISO 3166-2:ZWZimbabweProvinces Of ZimbabweDependent TerritoryWikipedia:Citation NeededISO 3166-2:CNChinaTaiwanISO 3166-2:TWHong KongISO 3166-2:HKMacauISO 3166-2:MOISO 3166-2:FIFinlandÅland IslandsISO 3166-2:AXISO 3166-2:FRFranceSaint BarthélemyISO 3166-2:BLFrench GuianaISO 3166-2:GFGuadeloupeISO 3166-2:GPCollectivity Of Saint MartinISO 3166-2:MFMartiniqueISO 3166-2:MQNew CaledoniaISO 3166-2:NCFrench PolynesiaISO 3166-2:PFSaint Pierre And MiquelonISO 3166-2:PMRéunionISO 3166-2:REFrench Southern TerritoriesISO 3166-2:TFWallis And FutunaISO 3166-2:WFMayotteISO 3166-2:YTISO 3166-2:NLNetherlandsArubaISO 3166-2:AWBonaireISO 3166-2:BQSabaISO 3166-2:BQSint EustatiusISO 3166-2:BQCuraçaoISO 3166-2:CWSint MaartenISO 3166-2:SXISO 3166-2:NONorwaySvalbardISO 3166-2:SJJan MayenISO 3166-2:SJISO 3166-2:USUnited StatesAmerican SamoaISO 3166-2:ASGuamISO 3166-2:GUNorthern Mariana IslandsISO 3166-2:MPPuerto RicoISO 3166-2:PRUnited States Minor Outlying IslandsISO 3166-2:UMUnited States Virgin IslandsISO 3166-2:VINetherlandsKingdom Of The NetherlandsTaiwanPolitical Status Of TaiwanUnited NationsRepublic Of ChinaPeople's Republic Of ChinaBonaire, Sint Eustatius And SabaSvalbard And Jan MayenWikipedia:Citation NeededCharacter (computing)ISO 3166-2:ARISO 3166-2:BOISO 3166-2:FJISO 3166-2:GMISO 3166-2:KIISO 3166-2:KMISO 3166-2:LSISO 3166-2:LUISO 3166-2:MGISO 3166-2:SLISO 3166-2:STISO 3166-2:TGISO 3166-2:TMISO 3166-2:VEISO 3166-2:BDISO 3166-2:CVISO 3166-2:FRISO 3166-2:GNISO 3166-2:GQISO 3166-2:GRISO 3166-2:GWISO 3166-2:KNISO 3166-2:MHISO 3166-2:MWISO 3166-2:NZISO 3166-2:UGISO 3166-2:ATISO 3166-2:GAISO 3166-2:ISISO 3166-2:NEISO 3166-2:LKISO 3166-2:NPISO 3166-2:AEISO 3166-2:AMISO 3166-2:BIISO 3166-2:BJISO 3166-2:BNISO 3166-2:BQISO 3166-2:BRISO 3166-2:BSISO 3166-2:BWISO 3166-2:BYISO 3166-2:CAISO 3166-2:CDISO 3166-2:CHISO 3166-2:CLISO 3166-2:CMISO 3166-2:DEISO 3166-2:DJISO 3166-2:ERISO 3166-2:ETISO 3166-2:GEISO 3166-2:GHISO 3166-2:GLISO 3166-2:GTISO 3166-2:GYISO 3166-2:HNISO 3166-2:HTISO 3166-2:HUISO 3166-2:IDISO 3166-2:INISO 3166-2:IQISO 3166-2:JOISO 3166-2:KWISO 3166-2:LAISO 3166-2:LBISO 3166-2:LRISO 3166-2:LTISO 3166-2:LYISO 3166-2:MCISO 3166-2:MDISO 3166-2:MUISO 3166-2:NAISO 3166-2:NGISO 3166-2:NIISO 3166-2:OMISO 3166-2:PKISO 3166-2:PLISO 3166-2:QAISO 3166-2:SBISO 3166-2:SDISO 3166-2:SHISO 3166-2:SKISO 3166-2:SNISO 3166-2:SOISO 3166-2:SRISO 3166-2:SSISO 3166-2:SVISO 3166-2:SYISO 3166-2:SZISO 3166-2:TDISO 3166-2:TJISO 3166-2:TLISO 3166-2:USISO 3166-2:UYISO 3166-2:UZISO 3166-2:WSISO 3166-2:YEISO 3166-2:ZAISO 3166-2:ZWISO 3166-2:CZISO 3166-2:RSISO 3166-2:ALISO 3166-2:CVISO 3166-2:GNISO 3166-2:GQISO 3166-2:GWISO 3166-2:ITISO 3166-2:MWISO 3166-2:NPISO 3166-2:ADISO 3166-2:AGISO 3166-2:BBISO 3166-2:BGISO 3166-2:BHISO 3166-2:CIISO 3166-2:CNISO 3166-2:CUISO 3166-2:CYISO 3166-2:DKISO 3166-2:DMISO 3166-2:DOISO 3166-2:DZISO 3166-2:EEISO 3166-2:FIISO 3166-2:GDISO 3166-2:HRISO 3166-2:IRISO 3166-2:JMISO 3166-2:JPISO 3166-2:KPISO 3166-2:KRISO 3166-2:LCISO 3166-2:LIISO 3166-2:MEISO 3166-2:MKISO 3166-2:MMISO 3166-2:MTISO 3166-2:MYISO 3166-2:NOISO 3166-2:NRISO 3166-2:PTISO 3166-2:RWISO 3166-2:SAISO 3166-2:SCISO 3166-2:SGISO 3166-2:SMISO 3166-2:TNISO 3166-2:TOISO 3166-2:TRISO 3166-2:TZISO 3166-2:UAISO 3166-2:UMISO 3166-2:VCISO 3166-2:ZMISO 3166-2:ALISO 3166-2:BFISO 3166-2:ITISO 3166-2:MAISO 3166-2:PHISO 3166-2:BAISO 3166-2:BDISO 3166-2:KNISO 3166-2:LKISO 3166-2:RSISO 3166-2:BTISO 3166-2:MVISO 3166-2:VNISO 3166-2:FRISO 3166-2:GRISO 3166-2:AFISO 3166-2:AOISO 3166-2:BEISO 3166-2:FMISO 3166-2:GBISO 3166-2:KZISO 3166-2:MXISO 3166-2:PEISO 3166-2:PGISO 3166-2:PSISO 3166-2:TTISO 3166-2:TVISO 3166-2:TWISO 3166-2:VUISO 3166-2:BAISO 3166-2:BFISO 3166-2:MAISO 3166-2:MHISO 3166-2:NZISO 3166-2:PHISO 3166-2:KEISO 3166-2:PWISO 3166-2:SIISO 3166-2:UGISO 3166-2:CZISO 3166-2:CRISO 3166-2:ECISO 3166-2:ESISO 3166-2:IEISO 3166-2:ILISO 3166-2:KGISO 3166-2:ROISO 3166-2:SEISO 3166-2:KHISO 3166-2:PAISO 3166-2:THISO 3166-2:MZISO 3166-2:MNISO 3166-2:MLISO 3166-2:AUISO 3166-2:AZISO 3166-2:BZISO 3166-2:CFISO 3166-2:COISO 3166-2:RUISO 3166-2:LVISO 3166-2:MRISO 3166-2:NLISO 3166-2:EGISO 3166-2:CGISO 3166-2:PYISO 3166-2:BYISO 3166-2:CAISO 3166-2:DOISO 3166-2:ERISO 3166-2:ESISO 3166-2:ITISO 3166-2:KRISO 3166-2:NGISO 3166-2:PLISO 3166-2:ROISO 3166-2:RUISO 3166-2:TRISO 3166-2:VNISO 3166-2:YUISO 3166-2:AEISO 3166-2:ALISO 3166-2:AOISO 3166-2:AZISO 3166-2:BDISO 3166-2:BGISO 3166-2:BJISO 3166-2:CAISO 3166-2:CDISO 3166-2:CNISO 3166-2:CVISO 3166-2:CZISO 3166-2:ESISO 3166-2:FRISO 3166-2:GBISO 3166-2:GEISO 3166-2:GNISO 3166-2:GTISO 3166-2:HRISO 3166-2:IDISO 3166-2:INISO 3166-2:IRISO 3166-2:KZISO 3166-2:LAISO 3166-2:MAISO 3166-2:MDISO 3166-2:MWISO 3166-2:NIISO 3166-2:PHISO 3166-2:TRISO 3166-2:UZISO 3166-2:VNISO 3166-2:AEISO 3166-2:CZISO 3166-2:INISO 3166-2:KZISO 3166-2:MDISO 3166-2:MOISO 3166-2:PSISO 3166-2:TPISO 3166-2:TLISO 3166-2:UGISO 3166-2:BIISO 3166-2:CAISO 3166-2:ECISO 3166-2:ESISO 3166-2:ETISO 3166-2:GEISO 3166-2:IDISO 3166-2:INISO 3166-2:KGISO 3166-2:KHISO 3166-2:KPISO 3166-2:KZISO 3166-2:LAISO 3166-2:MDISO 3166-2:MUISO 3166-2:ROISO 3166-2:SIISO 3166-2:TJISO 3166-2:TLISO 3166-2:TMISO 3166-2:TWISO 3166-2:UZISO 3166-2:VEISO 3166-2:YEISO 3166-2:BWISO 3166-2:CHISO 3166-2:CZISO 3166-2:LYISO 3166-2:MYISO 3166-2:SNISO 3166-2:TNISO 3166-2:TZISO 3166-2:UGISO 3166-2:VEISO 3166-2:YUISO 3166-2:CSISO 3166-2:AFISO 3166-2:ALISO 3166-2:AUISO 3166-2:CNISO 3166-2:COISO 3166-2:IDISO 3166-2:KPISO 3166-2:MAISO 3166-2:TNISO 3166-2:ZAISO 3166-2:AFISO 3166-2:DJISO 3166-2:IDISO 3166-2:RUISO 3166-2:SIISO 3166-2:VNISO 3166-2:ADISO 3166-2:AGISO 3166-2:BBISO 3166-2:BHISO 3166-2:CIISO 3166-2:CSISO 3166-2:DMISO 3166-2:GBISO 3166-2:GDISO 3166-2:GGISO 3166-2:IMISO 3166-2:IRISO 3166-2:ITISO 3166-2:JEISO 3166-2:KNISO 3166-2:LIISO 3166-2:MEISO 3166-2:MKISO 3166-2:NRISO 3166-2:PWISO 3166-2:RSISO 3166-2:RUISO 3166-2:RWISO 3166-2:SBISO 3166-2:SCISO 3166-2:SMISO 3166-2:TDISO 3166-2:TOISO 3166-2:TVISO 3166-2:VCISO 3166-2:BGISO 3166-2:BLISO 3166-2:CZISO 3166-2:FRISO 3166-2:GBISO 3166-2:GEISO 3166-2:LBISO 3166-2:MFISO 3166-2:MKISO 3166-2:MTISO 3166-2:RUISO 3166-2:SDISO 3166-2:SGISO 3166-2:UGISO 3166-2:ZAISO 3166-2:BAISO 3166-2:DKISO 3166-2:DOISO 3166-2:EGISO 3166-2:GNISO 3166-2:HTISO 3166-2:KEISO 3166-2:KWISO 3166-2:LCISO 3166-2:LRISO 3166-2:TVISO 3166-2:YEISO 3166-2:ZAISO 3166-2:ALISO 3166-2:BOISO 3166-2:CZISO 3166-2:ESISO 3166-2:FRISO 3166-2:GNISO 3166-2:GRISO 3166-2:GWISO 3166-2:IDISO 3166-2:IEISO 3166-2:ITISO 3166-2:KNISO 3166-2:KPISO 3166-2:LKISO 3166-2:MAISO 3166-2:MHISO 3166-2:NPISO 3166-2:RSISO 3166-2:UGISO 3166-2:VEISO 3166-2:AGISO 3166-2:ARISO 3166-2:BAISO 3166-2:BFISO 3166-2:BIISO 3166-2:BSISO 3166-2:BYISO 3166-2:CFISO 3166-2:CLISO 3166-2:CVISO 3166-2:ECISO 3166-2:EGISO 3166-2:GBISO 3166-2:GLISO 3166-2:HUISO 3166-2:ITISO 3166-2:KEISO 3166-2:KMISO 3166-2:LYISO 3166-2:MDISO 3166-2:MWISO 3166-2:NGISO 3166-2:NZISO 3166-2:OMISO 3166-2:PAISO 3166-2:PEISO 3166-2:PHISO 3166-2:RUISO 3166-2:SCISO 3166-2:SHISO 3166-2:SIISO 3166-2:SNISO 3166-2:TDISO 3166-2:TMISO 3166-2:YEISO 3166-2:AFISO 3166-2:ANISO 3166-2:AWISO 3166-2:AZISO 3166-2:BDISO 3166-2:BEISO 3166-2:BGISO 3166-2:BQISO 3166-2:BSISO 3166-2:CVISO 3166-2:CWISO 3166-2:DJISO 3166-2:DKISO 3166-2:ERISO 3166-2:FIISO 3166-2:FRISO 3166-2:GBISO 3166-2:GQISO 3166-2:HNISO 3166-2:HRISO 3166-2:HTISO 3166-2:IDISO 3166-2:IEISO 3166-2:INISO 3166-2:JOISO 3166-2:KWISO 3166-2:LSISO 3166-2:LVISO 3166-2:MCISO 3166-2:MEISO 3166-2:MKISO 3166-2:MMISO 3166-2:MVISO 3166-2:NLISO 3166-2:NOISO 3166-2:NPISO 3166-2:NRISO 3166-2:PGISO 3166-2:PKISO 3166-2:PLISO 3166-2:PSISO 3166-2:QAISO 3166-2:SAISO 3166-2:SDISO 3166-2:SEISO 3166-2:SHISO 3166-2:SSISO 3166-2:SXISO 3166-2:TLISO 3166-2:TNISO 3166-2:TRISO 3166-2:VNList Of Administrative Divisions By CountryUN/LOCODEList Of FIPS Region CodesFIPS 10-4Federal Information Processing StandardNomenclature Of Territorial Units For StatisticsEuropean UnionHierarchical Administrative Subdivision CodesTemplate:ISO 3166Template Talk:ISO 3166ISO 3166International Organization For StandardizationAdministrative DivisionISO 3166-1ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3ISO 3166-1 NumericISO 3166-2:ADISO 3166-2:AEISO 3166-2:AFISO 3166-2:AGISO 3166-2:AIISO 3166-2:ALISO 3166-2:AMISO 3166-2:AOISO 3166-2:AQISO 3166-2:ARISO 3166-2:ASISO 3166-2:ATISO 3166-2:AUISO 3166-2:AWISO 3166-2:AXISO 3166-2:AZISO 3166-2:BAISO 3166-2:BBISO 3166-2:BDISO 3166-2:BEISO 3166-2:BFISO 3166-2:BGISO 3166-2:BHISO 3166-2:BIISO 3166-2:BJISO 3166-2:BLISO 3166-2:BMISO 3166-2:BNISO 3166-2:BOISO 3166-2:BQISO 3166-2:BRISO 3166-2:BSISO 3166-2:BTISO 3166-2:BVISO 3166-2:BWISO 3166-2:BYISO 3166-2:BZISO 3166-2:CAISO 3166-2:CCISO 3166-2:CDISO 3166-2:CFISO 3166-2:CGISO 3166-2:CHISO 3166-2:CIISO 3166-2:CKISO 3166-2:CLISO 3166-2:CMISO 3166-2:CNISO 3166-2:COISO 3166-2:CRISO 3166-2:CUISO 3166-2:CVISO 3166-2:CWISO 3166-2:CXISO 3166-2:CYISO 3166-2:CZISO 3166-2:DEISO 3166-2:DJISO 3166-2:DKISO 3166-2:DMISO 3166-2:DOISO 3166-2:DZISO 3166-2:ECISO 3166-2:EEISO 3166-2:EGISO 3166-2:EHISO 3166-2:ERISO 3166-2:ESISO 3166-2:ETISO 3166-2:FIISO 3166-2:FJISO 3166-2:FKISO 3166-2:FMISO 3166-2:FOISO 3166-2:FRISO 3166-2:GAISO 3166-2:GBISO 3166-2:GDISO 3166-2:GEISO 3166-2:GFISO 3166-2:GGISO 3166-2:GHISO 3166-2:GIISO 3166-2:GLISO 3166-2:GMISO 3166-2:GNISO 3166-2:GPISO 3166-2:GQISO 3166-2:GRISO 3166-2:GSISO 3166-2:GTISO 3166-2:GUISO 3166-2:GWISO 3166-2:GYISO 3166-2:HKISO 3166-2:HMISO 3166-2:HNISO 3166-2:HRISO 3166-2:HTISO 3166-2:HUISO 3166-2:IDISO 3166-2:IEISO 3166-2:ILISO 3166-2:IMISO 3166-2:INISO 3166-2:IOISO 3166-2:IQISO 3166-2:IRISO 3166-2:ISISO 3166-2:ITISO 3166-2:JEISO 3166-2:JMISO 3166-2:JOISO 3166-2:JPISO 3166-2:KEISO 3166-2:KGISO 3166-2:KHISO 3166-2:KIISO 3166-2:KMISO 3166-2:KNISO 3166-2:KPISO 3166-2:KRISO 3166-2:KWISO 3166-2:KYISO 3166-2:KZISO 3166-2:LAISO 3166-2:LBISO 3166-2:LCISO 3166-2:LIISO 3166-2:LKISO 3166-2:LRISO 3166-2:LSISO 3166-2:LTISO 3166-2:LUISO 3166-2:LVISO 3166-2:LYISO 3166-2:MAISO 3166-2:MCISO 3166-2:MDISO 3166-2:MEISO 3166-2:MFISO 3166-2:MGISO 3166-2:MHISO 3166-2:MKISO 3166-2:MLISO 3166-2:MMISO 3166-2:MNISO 3166-2:MOISO 3166-2:MPISO 3166-2:MQISO 3166-2:MRISO 3166-2:MSISO 3166-2:MTISO 3166-2:MUISO 3166-2:MVISO 3166-2:MWISO 3166-2:MXISO 3166-2:MYISO 3166-2:MZISO 3166-2:NAISO 3166-2:NCISO 3166-2:NEISO 3166-2:NFISO 3166-2:NGISO 3166-2:NIISO 3166-2:NLISO 3166-2:NOISO 3166-2:NPISO 3166-2:NRISO 3166-2:NUISO 3166-2:NZISO 3166-2:OMISO 3166-2:PAISO 3166-2:PEISO 3166-2:PFISO 3166-2:PGISO 3166-2:PHISO 3166-2:PKISO 3166-2:PLISO 3166-2:PMISO 3166-2:PNISO 3166-2:PRISO 3166-2:PSISO 3166-2:PTISO 3166-2:PWISO 3166-2:PYISO 3166-2:QAISO 3166-2:REISO 3166-2:ROISO 3166-2:RSISO 3166-2:RUISO 3166-2:RWISO 3166-2:SAISO 3166-2:SBISO 3166-2:SCISO 3166-2:SDISO 3166-2:SEISO 3166-2:SGISO 3166-2:SHISO 3166-2:SIISO 3166-2:SJISO 3166-2:SKISO 3166-2:SLISO 3166-2:SMISO 3166-2:SNISO 3166-2:SOISO 3166-2:SRISO 3166-2:SSISO 3166-2:STISO 3166-2:SVISO 3166-2:SXISO 3166-2:SYISO 3166-2:SZISO 3166-2:TCISO 3166-2:TDISO 3166-2:TFISO 3166-2:TGISO 3166-2:THISO 3166-2:TJISO 3166-2:TKISO 3166-2:TLISO 3166-2:TMISO 3166-2:TNISO 3166-2:TOISO 3166-2:TRISO 3166-2:TTISO 3166-2:TVISO 3166-2:TWISO 3166-2:TZISO 3166-2:UAISO 3166-2:UGISO 3166-2:UMISO 3166-2:USISO 3166-2:UYISO 3166-2:UZISO 3166-2:VAISO 3166-2:VCISO 3166-2:VEISO 3166-2:VGISO 3166-2:VIISO 3166-2:VNISO 3166-2:VUISO 3166-2:WFISO 3166-2:WSISO 3166-2:YEISO 3166-2:YTISO 3166-2:ZAISO 3166-2:ZMISO 3166-2:ZWISO 3166-2:ANISO 3166-2:CSISO 3166-3ISO 3166-3Template:ISO StandardsTemplate Talk:ISO StandardsInternational Organization For StandardizationList Of International Organization For Standardization StandardsList Of ISO RomanizationsList Of IEC StandardsISO 1ISO 2Preferred NumberISO 4ISO 5ISO 6ISO 7ISO 9A440 (pitch Standard)ISO 31ISO 31-0ISO 31-1ISO 31-2ISO 31-3ISO 31-4ISO 31-5ISO 31-6ISO 31-7ISO 31-8ISO 31-9ISO 31-10ISO 31-11ISO 31-12ISO 31-13ISO 128ISO 216ISO 217ISO 226British Standard Pipe ThreadISO 233ISO 259EnvelopeKappa NumberVicat Softening PointISO 428ISO 518ISO 519ISO 639ISO 639-1ISO 639-2ISO 639-3ISO 639-5ISO 639-6ISO/IEC 646ISO 690ISO 732Antimagnetic WatchISO 843ISO 898ISO 965ISO 1000Magnetic Ink Character Recognition135 FilmOCR-A FontISO 1413ALGOL 60ISO 1745ISO 1989ISO 2014ISO 2015ISO/IEC 2022ISO 2047International Standard Book NumberISO 2145ISO 2146ISO 2240Water Resistant MarkISO 2709ISO 2711ISO 2788ISO 2848ISO 2852126 FilmISO 3103ISO 3166ISO 3166-1ISO 3166-3International Standard Serial NumberISO 3307Kunrei-shiki RomanizationISO 3864International Standard Recording CodeISO 3977ISO 4031ISO 4157ISO 4217ISO/IEC 4909ISO/IEC 5218ISO 5428ISO 5775ISO 5776ISO 5800ISO 5964ISO 6166ISO 6344ISO 6346ISO 6385Water Resistant MarkANSI Escape CodeISO 6438ISO 6523ISO 6709ISO 7001ISO 7002PinyinPascal (programming Language)ISO 7200OSI ModelISO 7736ISO/IEC 7810ISO/IEC 7811ISO/IEC 7812ISO/IEC 7813ISO/IEC 7816ISO 8000ISO 8178Fuel OilFTAMISO 8583ISO 8601Computer Graphics MetafileISO/IEC 8652ISO 8691Language Of Temporal Ordering SpecificationISO/IEC 8820-5ISO/IEC 8859ISO/IEC 8859-1ISO/IEC 8859-2ISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-4ISO/IEC 8859-5ISO/IEC 8859-6ISO/IEC 8859-7ISO/IEC 8859-8ISO-8859-8-IISO/IEC 8859-9ISO/IEC 8859-10ISO/IEC 8859-11ISO/IEC 8859-12ISO/IEC 8859-13ISO/IEC 8859-14ISO/IEC 8859-15ISO/IEC 8859-16Standard Generalized Markup LanguageISO 9000SQLISO/IEC 9126File Allocation TableISO 9241ISO 9362Shoe SizeManufacturing Message SpecificationISO 9529ISO 9564X.500ISO 9660ISO 9897C (programming Language)POSIXISO 9984ISO 9985ISO/IEC 9995ISO 10005ISO 10006ISO 10007ISO/IEC 10116Whirlpool (cryptography)ISO 10160ISO 10161Guidelines For The Definition Of Managed ObjectsDocument Style Semantics And Specification LanguageISO 10206ISO 10218ISO 10303EXPRESS (data Modeling Language)ISO 10303-21ISO 10303-22ISO 10303-28STEP-NCISO 10383ISO 10487ArmSCIIIS-ISUniversal Coded Character SetTorxRM-ODPMultibusInternational Standard Music NumberISO 10962ISO/IEC 10967ISO/IEEE 11073ISO 11170ISO/IEC 11179ISO/IEC 11404JBIGISO 11783ISO 11784 & 11785ISO 11784 & 11785ISO/IEC 11801ISO 11898ISO 11940ISO 11940-2ISO/TR 11941ISO/TR 11941ISO 11992ISO 12006ISO/IEC TR 12182ISO/IEC 12207Tag Image File Format / Electronic PhotographyPrologPrologPrologIsofixTopic MapsISO 13399ISO 13406-2110 FilmISO 13485ISO 13490ISO 13567Z NotationISO 13584International Bank Account NumberISO 14000ISO 14031ISO 14224PDF/UAHorsepowerISO/IEC 14443MPEG-4MPEG-4 Part 2MPEG-4 Part 3Delivery Multimedia Integration FrameworkH.264/MPEG-4 AVCMPEG-4 Part 11MPEG-4 Part 12MPEG-4 Part 14MPEG-4 Part 14MPEG-4 Part 14ISO 14644STEP-NCISO 14651ISO 14698ISO 14750Software MaintenanceC++ISO 14971ISO 15022ISO 15189ISO/IEC 15288Ada Semantic Interface SpecificationISO 15292ISO 15398Common CriteriaJPEG 2000Motion JPEG 2000HTMLPDF417ISO/IEC 15504International Standard Identifier For Libraries And Related OrganizationsISO 15686ISO/IEC 15693International Standard Audiovisual NumberISO 15706-2International Standard Musical Work CodeISO 15897ISO 15919ISO 15924ISO 15926ISO 15926 WIPPDF/XMaxiCodeECMAScriptPDF/VTISO 16750ISO/TS 16949ISO/IEC 17024ISO/IEC 17025ISO 17100:2015Open Virtualization FormatSDMXLegal Entity IdentifierISO/IEC 27002ISO/IEC 18000QR CodeISO/IEC 18014ISO 18245Process Specification LanguagePhotographic Activity TestPDF/AISO 19011ISO 19092-1ISO 19092-2ISO 19114ISO 19115Simple Feature AccessISO 19136ISO 19439Common Object Request Broker ArchitectureUnified Modeling LanguageMeta-Object FacilityXML Metadata InterchangeUnified Modeling LanguageKnowledge Discovery MetamodelObject Constraint LanguageMeta-Object FacilityXML Metadata InterchangeBusiness Process Model And NotationISO 19600:2014ISO/IEC 19752RELAX NGISO/IEC 19770X3DISO/IEC 19794-5Cloud Infrastructure Management InterfaceISO/IEC 20000ISO 20022ISO 20121ISO 20400MPEG-21International Standard Text CodeISO 21500ISO/IEC 21827ISO 22000C Sharp (programming Language)Common Language InfrastructureLinux Standard BasePDF/ELexical Markup FrameworkISO-TimeMLCommon LogicISO 25178ISO 25964ISO 26000OpenDocumentDigital Object IdentifierISO/IEC 27000-seriesISO/IEC 27000ISO/IEC 27001ISO/IEC 27002ISO/IEC 27006International Standard Name IdentifierISO 28000ISO 29110Requirements EngineeringJPEG XROffice Open XMLRuby (programming Language)ISO 31000Portable Document 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