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Motorways[edit] The road sign informing the motorists they are travelling on an autocesta The primary high-speed motorways are called autoceste (Croatian pronunciation: [ˈaʊtotsesta]; singular: autocesta), and they are defined as roads with at least three lanes in each direction (including hard shoulder) and a speed limit of not less than 80 kilometres per hour (50 mph). They are marked with a special road sign, similar to the road sign depicting a motorway/autoroute/autobahn in other parts of Europe.[4] In Croatia this sign has green background. The national speed limit on an autocesta, effective in case no other speed limits are present, is 130 kilometres per hour (81 mph), with a legal tolerance of 10% on speeds over 100 km/h (as of 2009).[citation needed] The Croatian motorway (autocesta) network is 1,313.8 kilometres (816.4 mi) long.[5] Motorways in Croatia are defined by the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.[3][6][7] The same applies to names of the motorway interchanges and rest areas.[8] Likewise, the same legislation defines the origin of motorway chainages - at the northern or the western terminus of the motorway - and the motorway markings themselves. The markings are defined as consisting of letter "A" and the motorway number assigned by the legislation, except if a specific motorway is executed in construction stages and considered an expressway, in which case the applicable motorway number is preceded by letter "B" instead.[citation needed] Generally, the motorways in Croatia are developed and maintained by the state-owned company Hrvatske autoceste (Croatian Motorways Ltd). There are several exceptions to this, namely Zagreb (Lučko) - Bosiljevo 2 section of the A1 motorway, the A6 and the A7 motorways which are managed by Autocesta Rijeka - Zagreb (Rijeka - Zagreb Motorway), the A2 motorway, managed by Autocesta Zagreb - Macelj (Zagreb - Macelj Motorway) and the A8 and the A9 motorways which are managed by BINA Istra.[citation needed] History[edit] A major reason for the motorway construction "mania" of the 2000s (decade) is a previous political halt of the major Croatian highway project, today's A1, in the 1970s and 1980s under former Yugoslavia. When Croatia declared independence in 1991, the only true motorways in the country were Zagreb–Karlovac (the northernmost part of today's A1) and Zagreb-Slavonski Brod (the central part of today's A3), the latter being part of the highway "Bratstvo i jedinstvo". The dream to connect the two largest Croatian cities Zagreb and Split with a motorway (autocesta) went back to the times of the Croatian Spring. However, the construction of this project had been blocked by the ruling Communist Party.[citation needed] A7 motorway, Croatian motorway network was largely built in the 2000s In 2005, the Zagreb-Split route was constructed. In addition, the A1 was extended towards Dubrovnik (currently at Ploče), and the A3 was extended so it connects Zagreb to Croatian borders with both Serbia (near Lipovac) and Slovenia (near Bregana). There is also a motorway from Zagreb to Rijeka, the A6, as well as the A4 motorway from Zagreb to the northeast (Hungarian border) as well as the A2 motorway from Zagreb to the northwest (Slovenian border). The A9 between Pula and the Slovenian border is also largely completed. The construction of additional motorways has noticeably slowed in the 2010s, but it continues. As of 2014[update], the A8–Kanfanar-Rijeka, the remaining part of the Istrian Y–is being upgraded from semi-highway status. The other motorways are in various early stages of development, coming up to a total of 11 motorway routes. The A1 is considered unfinished as it is planned to be extended from Ploče to Dubrovnik, but the status is unclear because of the Neum enclave of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The initial A1 setup was made under the first HDZ government which contracted Bechtel Corporation; this was later replaced by the effort of the SDP-led government effort led by Radimir Čačić; and then continued by the HDZ government under Ivo Sanader.[citation needed] As development has accelerated, so did environmental concerns, and concerns relating to the use and abuse of eminent domain by institutions involved in them.[citation needed] List of completed motorways[edit] [citation needed] Motorway County Length Description Notes A1 Zagreb, Karlovac, Lika-Senj, Zadar, Šibenik-Knin, Split-Dalmatia, Dubrovnik-Neretva and the City of Zagreb 480.7 km (298.7 mi) The A1 starts in Lučko interchange, a part of Zagreb bypass where the A3 motorway junction is found. The motorway proceeds south from Zagreb to Karlovac and further on to Bosiljevo 2 interchange where the A6 motorway branches off towards Rijeka. The route continues south to Gospić, Zadar, Šibenik, Split. The southernmost sector of the motorway proceeds from Split to Ploče and Metković.[maps 1] Additional sections planned. A2 Zagreb, Krapina-Zagorje and the City of Zagreb 59.4 km (36.9 mi) The A2 starts on the border of Slovenia near Macelj. The motorway passes west of Krapina and proceeds south towards Zagreb. The southernmost section of the motorway forms a part of Zagreb bypass and it terminates in Jankomir interchange with the A3 motorway.[maps 2] 3.75 km (2.33 mi) as a semi-motorway. A3 Zagreb, Sisak-Moslavina, Brod-Posavina, Vukovar-Syrmia and the City of Zagreb 306.5 km (190.5 mi) The A3 starts on the border of Slovenia near Bregana. The motorway passes north of Samobor and proceeds west towards Zagreb, passing to the south of the city and forming a part of Zagreb bypass, where the route contains junctions with the A2, A1 and A4 motorways. It continues east to Kutina, Slavonski Brod, Sredanci interchange with the A5 motorway and further east to Županja and terminating on the border of Serbia near Lipovac[maps 3] Entire route completed. A4 Međimurje, Varaždin and Zagreb and the City of Zagreb 96.3 km (59.8 mi) The A4 starts on the border of Hungary near Goričan. The motorway passes near Čakovec and Varaždin south towards Zagreb and the southernmost part of the route is a part of Zagreb bypass, where the motorway terminates in Ivanja Reka interchange, where the traffic defaults to the westbound A3 motorway.[maps 4] Entire route completed. A5 Osijek-Baranja and Brod-Posavina 53.2 km (36.2 mi) The A5 starts near Osijek and proceeds south bypassing Đakovo to Zoljani interchange near the A3 motorway.[maps 5] Additional sections planned. A6 Primorje-Gorski Kotar 78.6 km (48.8 mi) The A6 starts in Bosiljevo 2 interchange, branching off from the A1 motorway and proceeds west bypassing Delnice to Rijeka and Orehovica interchange with the A7 motorway.[maps 6] Entire route completed. A7 Primorje-Gorski Kotar 44.7 km (25.5 mi) The A7 starts at the border of Slovenia and heads south to Rijeka, passes the city as Rijeka bypass. The Rijeka bypass section comprises an interchange with the A6 motorway and proceeds east terminating near Šmrika where the traffic defaults to the D8 state road.[maps 7] Additional sections planned. A8 Istria and Primorje-Gorski Kotar 64.0 km (39.8 mi) The A8 spans between Kanfanar and Matulji, i.e. the A9 and A7 motorways. As of November 2011, the Kanfanar–Rogovići section is brought to the motorway standards, and the rest is a limited access two-lane route.[maps 8] 45.9 km (28.5 mi) as a semi-motorway A9 Istria 76.79 km (47.72 mi) The A9 starts near Umag and the Slovenian border, meets the A8 expressway at Kanfanar interchange, and proceeds south to Pula, forming the western arm of Istrian Y.[maps 9] 2 km (1.24 mi) as a semi-motorway. A10 Dubrovnik-Neretva 3.9 km (2.4 mi) The A10 starts at Metković interchange and runs to border crossing–Metković.[maps 10] Entire route completed. A11 Zagreb and Sisak-Moslavina 29.2 km (18.25 mi) The A11 starts at Velika Gorica interchange and runs south to Lekenik interchange. It was connected to A3 in November 2015. It is finished to Lekenik.[maps 11] Additional sections planned Motorway sections under construction[edit] Motorway County Length Section Description Scheduled completion A5 Osijek-Baranja 2.5 km (1.6 mi) Drava Bridge As of 2015[update], this subsection is in construction.[9] Later than April 2017 3.8 km (2.4 mi) Drava Bridge–Osijek As of 2015[update], this subsection is in early construction stages.[9] Brod-Posavina 0.6 km (0.37 mi) Sava Bridge This is a border bridge near Svilaj between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Construction started in september 2016.[10] September 2018 Planned motorway sections[edit] Motorway County Length Section Notes A1 Dubrovnik-Neretva 39.7 km (24.7 mi) Metković–Doli As of 2015[update], no funds are allocated for this section.[9] 29.6 km (18.4 mi) Doli–Osojnik (Dubrovnik) Funding was planned for development of detailed designs for this section.[11] As of 2015[update], no funds are allocated for this section.[9] A5 Osijek-Baranja 5.25 km (3.26 mi) Branjin Vrh border crossing–Beli Manastir The section is included in the applicable legislation, but as of 2015[update], no funds are allocated for this section.[9] 18.3 km (11.4 mi) Beli Manastir–Drava Bridge In 2015, this section was planned to enter construction stages,[9] but the public tender process was aborted in May 2015.[12] A7 Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Lika-Senj 56 km (35 mi) Križišće–Žuta Lokva As of 2015[update], studies are being funded for the sections Križišće–Novi Vinodolski–Senj–Žuta Lokva.[9] A8 Istria 45.9 km (28.5 mi) Rogovići–Matulji An upgrade of the existing two lane expressway is planned along the A8 route on the sections Rogovići–Lupoglav (23.95 km), Lupoglav–Vranja (4.16 km), Vranja – Učka Tunnel - Kvarner portal (8.01 km) and the Učka–Matulji Tunnel.[13] A11 Sisak-Moslavina 11 km (6.8 mi) Lekenik–Sisak As of 2015[update], the section is still in a pre-construction phase.[9] 6.2 km (3.9 mi) Sisak–Mošćenica As of 2015[update], this section continues to be mentioned in the overall plan but no investments are being made in it.[9]

Expressways[edit] Roads designated for motor vehicles are marked with this kind of a sign in Croatia There is a wide variety of types of expressways in Croatia, in terms of number of lanes, accessibility and types of intersections comprised. They range from four lane expressways with grade-separated intersections and limited access - distinguished from the motorways by lack of emergency lanes only - to four or six lane urban expressways with numerous at-grade intersections and traffic lights or two lane limited access roads with grade separated intersections. The expressways include both incomplete motorways, built in stages,[8] and some state roads (with either limited access, more than two traffic lanes, grade-separated intersections or any combination thereof). There are even some instances of county roads which may be regarded expressways such as Jadranska Avenue (Ž1040). As a rule, the expressways are not tolled, however major tunnels on the expressways are tolled. List of completed expressways[edit] Number Control cities (or other appropriate route description) D1 sections through Karlovac[14] (four lane expressway, with at-grade intersections) D1 Dugopolje interchange (A1) - Split[15] (four/five lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) D2 Osijek southern bypass[16] (four lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) D8 sections through and near Split[17] (four lane expressway, with at-grade intersections) D10 Sveta Helena interchange (A4) - Križevci[18] (four lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) D14 Mokrice interchange (A2) – Bedekovčina (Ž2918)[19] (two lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) D33 Šibenik (Tromilja) interchange (A1) - Šibenik[20] (two lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) D76 Zagvozd (Biokovo toll station) - Baška voda (two lanes inside and north of the Sveti Ilija Tunnel and four lanes with grade separated intersections on the southern side) D220 Bisko interchange (A1) - Čaporice (two lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) D404 Draga interchange (A7) - Rijeka (three/four lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) D424 Zadar 2 interchange (A1) - Zadar[21] (four lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) D425 Ploče interchange (A1) - Karamatići - Ploče[22] (four/two lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) D522 Gornja Ploča interchange (A1) - Udbina[23] (two lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) Expressway sections under construction[edit] Number Length Section Scheduled completion D12 10.5 km (6.5 mi) Vrbovec 2 interchange (D10) - Farkaševac (four lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) April 2017 D14 6.7 km (4.2 mi) Bedekovčina - Zlatar Bistrica (two lane expressway, with grade separated intersections) December 2018[19]

State roads[edit] State roads are defined by legislation[2] as important routes for road traffic between various parts of the country. Classification of a road as a state road does not describe actual conditions of the road itself. State roads in Croatia are assigned one, two or three digit numbers which generally comply with the following pattern[24] (although there are some exceptions to the rules): 1-19 are assigned to trunk roads, normally of considerable length, spanning between borders of various neighboring countries. An obvious exception to this is the D9 state road however it spans from Bosnia and Herzegovina border and the Adriatic Sea, along the southernmost portion of Pan-European Corridor Vc. 20-99 are assigned to arterial roads on the mainland. 100s are assigned to island roads 200s are assigned to border crossing access roads. 300s are assigned to junction roads, connecting towns or cities (but not other state roads) to motorways or other major roads. Notable exceptions to this are D307 and D310 state roads, although the D307 originally did not connect to the D29, but only to the A2 motorway. 400s are assigned to mainland port and airport access roads. 500s are assigned to connecting roads, connecting two different state roads. Notable exceptions to this rule are the D503 which connects to a port and the D516 which connects to a border crossing checkpoint. At the moment the state roads in Croatia have a combined length of 6,867.7 kilometres (4,267.4 mi). D1 - D14[edit] Number Control cities (or other appropriate route description)[2] Length D1 Macelj border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Krapina - Zagreb - Karlovac - Gračac - Knin - Brnaze - Split (D8) 421.2 km D2 Dubrava Križovljanska border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Varaždin - Koprivnica - Virovitica - Našice - Osijek - Vukovar - Ilok border checkpoint (Serbia) 347.9 km D3 Goričan border checkpoint (Hungary) - Čakovec - Varaždin - Zagreb - Karlovac - Rijeka (D8) 218.4 km D5 Terezino Polje border checkpoint (Hungary) - Virovitica - Veliki Zdenci - Daruvar - Okučani - Stara Gradiška border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 123.1 km D6 Jurovski Brod border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Ribnik - Karlovac - Brezova Glava - Vojnić - Glina - Dvor - Bosnian border 134.5 km D7 Duboševica border checkpoint (Hungary) - Beli Manastir - Osijek - Đakovo - Slavonski Šamac border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 115.2 km D8 Pasjak border checkpoint (Slovenia)- Šapjane - Rijeka - Zadar - Split - Klek border checkpoint - (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Zaton Doli border checkpoint - Dubrovnik - Karasovići border checkpoint (Montenegro) 643.8 km D9 Metković border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Opuzen - (D8) 10.9 km D10 Sveta Helena interchange (A4) - Dubrava - Gradec - Križevci - Koprivnica - Gola border checkpoint 86,4 km D12 Vrbovec 2 interchange (D10) - Bjelovar - Virovitica - Terezino Polje 86,5 km D14 Mokrice interchange (A2) – Bedekovčina (Ž2918) 9.6 km D20 - D77[edit] Number Control cities (or other appropriate route description)[2] Length D20 Čakovec (D3) – Prelog – Donja Dubrava – Đelekovec – Koprivnica (D2) 50.4 km D22 D3 - Novi Marof – Križevci – Sveti Ivan Žabno 42.7 km D23 Duga Resa (D3) – Josipdol – Žuta Lokva – Senj (D8) 103,9 km D24 Zabok (D1) – Zlatar Bistrica – Donja Konjšćina – Budinšćina – Novi Marof – Varaždinske Toplice – Poljanec (D2) 72.4 km D25 Korenica (D1) – Bunić – Lički Osik – Gospić – Karlobag (D8) 83.6 km D26 Dubrava (D10) - Čazma - Garešnica - Dežanovac - Daruvar (D5) 88.5 km D27 Gračac (D1) - Obrovac - Benkovac - Stankovci - D8 96,9 km D28 Gradec (D10) - Bjelovar - Veliki Zdenci (D5) 70,7 km D29 Novi Golubovec (D35) - Zlatar Bistrica - Marija Bistrica - Soblinec (D3) 49.8 km D30 Buzin interchange (A3) - Velika Gorica - Petrinja - Hrvatska Kostajnica border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 83.1 km D31 Velika Gorica (D30) - Gornji Viduševac - D6 56.1 km D32 Prezid border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Delnice (D3) 49.7 km D33 Strmica border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Knin - Drniš - Vidici (D8) 73.3 km D34 Slatina (D2) - Donji Miholjac - Josipovac (D2) 79.0 km D35 Varaždin (D2) - Lepoglava - Sveti Križ Začretje (D1) 46.0 km D36 Karlovac (D1) - Pokupsko - Sisak - Popovača (Ž3124) 110.5 km D37 Sisak (D36) - Petrinja - Glina (D6) 34.4 km D38 Pakrac (D5) - Požega - Pleternica - Đakovo (D7) 120.7 km D39 Bosnian Border - Aržano - Cista Provo - Šestanovac roundabout - Dubci (D8) 37.3 km D40 Sveti Kuzam interchange (A7) - D8 - Port of Bakar (West) 3.1 km D41 Gola border checkpoint - Koprivnica - Križevci (D22) 82.9 km D42 Vrbovsko (D3) - Ogulin - Josipdol - Plaški - Grabovac (D1) 57.9 km D43 Đurđevac (D2) - Bjelovar - Čazma - Ivanić Grad interchange (A3) 78.1 km D44 Nova Vas interchange (A9) - Ponte Porton - Buzet - Lupoglav interchange (A8) 50.5 km D45 Veliki Zdenci - (D5) - Garešnica - Kutina interchange A3 43.6 km D46 Đakovo D7 -Vinkovci - Tovarnik border checkpoint (Serbia) 73,0 km D47 Lipik (D5) - Novska - Hrvatska Dubica - Hrvatska Kostajnica - Dvor (D6) 94.5 km D48 Baderna interchange (A9) - Pazin - Rogovići interchange (A8) 20.8 km D49 Pleternica - Lužani interchange (A3) 19.2 km D50 Žuta Lokva (D23) - Otočac - Gospić - Gračac (D40) 104.2 km D51 Gradište (D53) - Požega - Nova Gradiška interchange (A3) 50.3 km D52 Špilnik (D50) - Korenica (D1) 41.1 km D53 Donji Miholjac border checkpoint (Hungary) - Našice - Slavonski Brod border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 91.6 km D54 Maslenica (D8) - Zaton Obrovački D27 13.5 km D55 Borovo (D2) - Vinkovci - Županja border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 48.6 km D56 Tromilja interchange (D424) – Benkovac – Skradin – Drniš (D33) – Muć – Klis–Grlo interchange (D1) 119.6 km D57 Vukovar (D2) - Orolik - Nijemci - Lipovac interchange A3 36.1 km D58 Šibenik (port) - Boraja - Trogir (D8) 43.0 km D59 Knin (D8) - Kistanje - Bribirske Mostine - Putičanje - Kapela (D8) 53.9 km D60 Brnaze (D1) - Trilj - Cista Provo - Imotski - Vinjani Donji border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 66.1 km D62 Šestanovac (D39) - Zagvozd - Vrgorac - Kula Norinska - Metković (D9) 89.5 km D64 Pazin (D48) - Potpićan - Vozilići (D66) 26.9 km D66 Pula (D400) - Labin - Opatija - Matulji (D8) 90.1 km D69 Slatina (D2) - Čeralije - Voćin - Novo Zvečevo - Kamenska (D38) 53.4 km D70 Omiš (D8) - Naklice - Gata - Blato na Cetini interchange (A1) 21.6 km D72 Slavonski Brod: D53 - Svačićeva - I. G. Kovačića - N. Zrinskog (D423) 2.7 km D74 Đurmanec (D207) - Krapina - Bednja - Lepoglava (D35) 22.0 km D75 D200 - Savudrija - Umag - Novigrad - Poreč - Vrsar - Vrh Lima - Bale - Pula (D400) 101.7 km D76 Baško Polje (D8) – Zagvozd (D62) – Grubine (D60) – Imotski – Gornji Vinjani border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 28.3 km D77 Rogovići interchange(A8) – Žminj – Svetvinčenat – Vodnjan (D75) 33.2 km D100 - D128[edit] Number Control cities (or other appropriate route description)[2] Length D100 Porozina (ferry port) - Cres - Mali Lošinj (Ž5159) 80.5 km D101 D100 - Merag (ferry port) 10.9 km D102 Šmrika (D8) - Krk - Baška 48.3 km D103 D102 - Rijeka Airport 1.7 km D104 D102- Valbiska (ferry port) 10.1 km D105 Lopar (ferry port) - Rab - Mišnjak (ferry port) 22.7 km D106 Žigljen (ferry port) - Novalja - Pag - Ražanac - Posedarje (D8) 73.8 km D109 Veli Rat - Savar - Sali 41.9 km D110 Muline (ferry port) - Ugljan - Tkon (ferry port) 41.6 km D111 Maslinica - Grohote - Stomorska 17.8 km D112 Rogač (ferry port) - D111 1.9 km D113 Supetar - Nerežišće - Sumartin (ferry port) 39.4 km D114 Milna - Sutivan - Supetar (D113) 18.8 km D115 Gornji Humac (D113) - Bol 11.4 km D116 Hvar - Milna - Starigrad (ferry port) - Sućuraj 77.8 km D117 Komiža - Podhum - Vis 19.9 km D118 Vela Luka - Kapja - Dubovo - Korčula 43.5 km D119 Ubli - Lastovo 9.5 km D120 Pomena - Polače - Sobra - Saplunara 42.9 km D121 Murter - Tisno - D8 14.0 km D123 Sobra (ferry port) - D120 1.1 km D124 Brbinj (ferry port) - Brbinj - D109 1.7 km D125 Zaglav (ferry port) - D109 1.1 km D126 Trogir (D315) - Arbanija - Slatine 8.3 km D128 Uvala Mikavica - Žirje (ferry port) 3.8 km D200 - D232[edit] Number Control cities (or other appropriate route description)[2] Length D200 Plovanija border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Buje - Buje interchange (A9) 11.8 km D201 Požane border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Buzet (D44) 7.1 km D203 Brod na Kupi border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Delnice (D3) 11.2 km D204 Pribanjci border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Bosanci (D3) - Bosiljevo 1 interchange (A1) 6.3 km D205 Razvor border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Kumrovec - Klanjec - Gubaševo (D1) 24.6 km D206 Hum na Sutli border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Pregrada - Krapina (D1) 28.7 km D207 Hum na Sutli (D206) - Lupinjak - Đurmanec (D1) 14.5 km D208 Trnovec border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Nedelišće (D3) 6.9 km D209 Mursko Središće border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Šenkovec - Čakovec (D3) 17.3 km D210 Gola (D41) - Ždala - Molve - Virje (D2) 24.3 km D211 Baranjsko Petrovo Selo border checkpoint (Hungary) - Baranjsko Petrovo Selo (D517) 2.0 km D212 D7 - Kneževi Vinogradi - Batina border checkpoint (Serbia) 22.1 km D213 D2 - Erdut border checkpoint (Serbia) 26.7 km D214 Županja (D55) - Gunja - Bosnian border 28.8 km D216 Vojnić (D6) - Kolarić - Maljevac border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 25.0 km D217 Ličko Petrovo Selo (D1) - Ličko Petrovo Selo border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 3.0 km D218 Užljebić border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Dobroselo - Mazin - D1 57.2 km D219 Gornji Muć (D56) - Sinj - Obrovac Sinjski - Bili Brig border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 31.7 km D220 Bisko interchange (A1) - Čaporice (D60) - Trilj - Kamensko border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 28.9 km D222 Mali Prolog border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - D62 0.6 km D223 Gornji Brgat border checkpoint (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Dubac (D8) 4.6 km D224 Mošćenica (D37) - Blinjski Kut - Sunja - Panjani (D230) 34.2 km D225 Harmica border checkpoint (Slovenia) - Brdovec - Zaprešić interchange (A2) 14.8 km D227 Slovenian border - Banfi - Štrigova - Prekopa - Lopatinec - Šenkovec (D209) 19.4 km D228 Jurovski Brod (D6) - Kamanje - Ozalj - Karlovac (D1) 30.2 km D229 D206 - Mali Tabor - Luka Poljanska - Miljana - Kumrovec (D205) 25.6 km D231 Bregana border checkpoint (Slovenia) – Samobor – Sveta Nedelja interchange (A3) 10.9 km D232 Sisak (D36) – Čigoč – Kratečko – Puska – Jasenovac (D47) 65.7 km D300 - D316[edit] Number Control cities (or other appropriate route description)[2] Length D300 Umag (D75) - Buje interchange (A9) 8.4 km D301 Novigrad (D75) - Bužinija - Nova Vas interchange (A9) 5.8 km D302 Poreč (D75) - Baderna interchange (A9) 10.0 km D303 Rovinj (D75) - Kanfanar interchange (A9) 13.5 km D304 Kastav (Ž5047) – Diračje interchange (A7) – Rijeka (D8) 7.1 km D305 D32 - Čabar (Ž5031) 4.9 km D306 Vir - Nin - Zadar (Bili Brig) (D8) 27.5 km D307 Gubaševo (D1) - Oroslavje - Donja Stubica - Marija Bistrica (D29) 23.8 km D310 Jastrebarsko (D1) - Jastrebarsko interchange (A1) 3.7 km D312 D47 - Novska 1.8 km D313 Nova Gradiška - Rešetari (D51) 1.9 km D314 D2 - Orahovica 2.9 km D315 Trogir (D126) - Pantana (D409) 2.7 km D316 Trogir Nova Gradiška (Ž4157) – (D51) 2.4 km D400 - D431[edit] Number Control cities (or other appropriate route description)[2] Length D400 Pula (D75) - Pula ferry port 1.6 km D401 D66 - Pula Airport 1.6 km D402 D66 - Brestova ferry port 3.2 km D403 Škurinje interchange (A7) - Port of Rijeka (west) 2.4 km D404 Rijeka (D8) - Port of Brajdica - Draga interchange (A7) 4.0 km D405 Stinica ferry port - D8 3.8 km D406 D8 - Prizna ferry port 2.9 km D407 Zadar ferry port - Zadar (D8) 3.8 km D408 Zagreb Airport (Pleso) - D30 1.0 km D409 Plano (D8) - Split Airport (Resnik) 3.3 km D410 Split ferry port - Visoka (D8) 4.0 km D411 Makarska west (D8) - Makarska ferry port - (D411) 1.5 km D412 Drvenik (D8) - Drvenik ferry dock 0.3 km D413 Ploče (D8) - Port of Ploče 1.9 km D414 Orebić ferry port - Ston - Zaton Doli (D8) 64.7 km D415 Trpanj ferry port - Donja Banda (D414) 7.2 km D416 Prapratno (D414) - Prapratno ferry port 0.9 km D417 Osijek river port - D2 2.3 km D418 D2 - Osijek Airport (Klisa) 2.5 km D420 Sustjepan (D8) - Port of Gruž 2.8 km D421 Most Raša (D66) - Port of Bršica 3.6 km D422 Babindub (D424) - Zadar Airport 3.9 km D423 Slavonski Brod: D514 - Port of Slavonski Brod 6.1 km D424 Zadar (Port of Gaženica) - Zadar 2 interchange (A1) 17.6 km D425 Mali Prolog (D62) - Karamatići - Čeveljuša interchange (D8) 17.6 km D427 Marčelji interchange (A7) - Viškovo - Rujevica interchange (A7) 10.3 km D429 Selište Drežničko (D42) – Prijeboj (D1) 14.1 km D431 Slavonski Brod (D53) – Đuro Đaković zone 0.4 km D500 - D538[edit] Number Control cities (or other appropriate route description)[2] Length D500 Vranja interchange (A8) - Šušnjevica - Kršan (D64) 23.7 km D501 Gornje Jelenje (D53) - Oštrovica interchange (A6) - Meja - Križišće - Šmrika (D8) 20.3 km D502 Donji Zemunik (D56) - Smilčić - Karin (D27) 16.4 km D503 Zapužane (D27) - Biograd na Moru ferry port 16.2 km D507 Valentinovo (D206) - Krapinske Toplice - Gubaševo (D205) 15.6 km D510 Umag interchange (A9) - Kaštel border checkpoint (Slovenia) 3.0 km D512 Makarska (D8) - Ravča (D62) 30.6 km D514 Slavonski Brod (D53) - Slavonski Brod istok (east) interchange (A3) 2.7 km D515 Našice (D53) - Đakovo (D7) 32.7 km D516 Karasovići (D8) - Konfin border checkpoint (Montenegro) 14.4 km D517 Beli Manastir (D7) - Belišće (D34) 27.4 km D518 Osijek (D2) - Jarmina (D46) 32.9 km D519 Dalj (D213) - Borovo (D2) 16.2 km D520 Babina Greda interchange (A3) - Slavonski Šamac (D7) 7.6 km D522 Udbina (D1) - Lovinac - Gornja Ploča interchange (A1) 13.2 km D525 Pleternica (D49) - Slavonski Brod zapad (west) interchange (A3) - Slavonski Brod (D53) 25.6 km D526 Varaždinske Toplice interchange (A4) - Varaždinske Toplice (D24) 1.2 km D528 Varaždin (D2) - Varaždin interchange (A4) 2.4 km D530 Ludbreg interchange (A4) - Zamlaka (D2) 1.6 km D531 Vrpolje interchange (A1) - Vrpolje (D58) 1.7 km D534 Budak (D25) - Gospić interchange (A1) 2.4 km D535 Drvenik (D8) - Ravča (D62) 12.1 km D536 Buševec (A11) – Buševec (D30) 1 km D537 Slakovci (D46) – Otok – Spačva interchange (A3) 22 km D538 Virovitica (D5) – Lipovac – Suhopolje (D2) 12.9 km

Toll[edit] A toll is charged on most Croatian motorways, the only notable exception being the Zagreb bypass. Payment in kuna, all major credit cards and euros are accepted at all toll gates. There are two toll collection systems in Croatia: the open and the closed system. Open system is used on some bridges and tunnels and short stretches of tolled highway. In this system, there is only one toll plaza and drivers immediately pay the toll upon arriving. In the closed system, every driver passes through two toll plazas. As the driver enters the system, they are given a receipt on the first toll plaza. This receipt states the point of entry. The receipt is presented upon leaving the highway through the second toll plaza. It is needed to calculate the toll. If the driver loses the receipt, they are charged with the maximum possible toll. If the receipt is more than 24 hours old, the driver must present the toll attendant with a reasonable explanation.[citation needed] Shunpiking is a widely accepted practice for commuters driving what would otherwise be a short stretch of tolled highway. Because of the price of monthly and yearly smart cards, many commuters from outer exurbs use state routes.[citation needed] Non-cash toll payment[edit] Not counting cash and credit cards, there are several ways to pay toll on Croatian motorways:[25] Smart card, a nonrefundable and unexpiring prepaid toll card showed to the toll attendant. As of 2013[update], a HAC smart card costs 30 kn. Additional toll may be prepaid at owner's will. The smart card enacts a 10% discount on toll when used. It is not recommended to use the smart card for paying less than 200 kn in toll. 200 kn equals to a round-trip in relation Zagreb - Zadar. Smart card must be purchased pre-paying at least 100 kn of toll. Additional money can be added to the toll account at any time. The HAC smart card has recently been refitted to allow use by flashing the card in front of a magnetic card reader. seasonal smart card offers a significantly higher discount rate of 23.5% usable during specified five months. Unused amount upon expiry of these five months will be used with the standard, 10% discount. As of August 2007[update], a class I vehicle seasonal smart card costs 1200 kn. The full amount is submitted to the toll account.[26] ENC (Elektronička naplata cestarine) is an electronic toll collection system. As of August 2007[update], the transponder costs 122 kn and a 10% discount on tolls is available. The user must pre-pay at least 90 kn of toll at purchase. Additional money can be added to the toll account at any time. ENC is usually recommended only for at least 10 longer journeys across Croatia. In the tourist season, ENC can drastically shorten wait times on large toll plazas with dedicated ENC lanes (especially toll plaza Lučko in Zagreb).[27] ENC has been criticized for incompatibility among motorway concessioners and often malfunctions.[28]

See also[edit] Transport in Croatia Hrvatske autoceste Autocesta Rijeka - Zagreb BINA Istra Autocesta Zagreb - Macelj Hrvatske ceste

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(Croatia)GoričanČakovecVaraždinZagrebKarlovacRijekaD8 (Croatia)D5 (Croatia)Terezino PoljeViroviticaVeliki ZdenciDaruvarOkučaniStara GradiškaD6 (Croatia)Jurovski BrodRibnik, CroatiaKarlovacBrezova GlavaVojnićGlina, CroatiaDvor, CroatiaD7 (Croatia)DuboševicaBeli ManastirOsijekĐakovoSlavonski ŠamacD8 (Croatia)PasjakRijekaZadarSplit, CroatiaKlek, CroatiaZaton DoliDubrovnikKarasovićiD9 (Croatia)MetkovićOpuzenD8 (Croatia)D10 (Croatia)Sveta Helena, Zagreb CountyA4 (Croatia)Dubrava, Zagreb CountyGradec, Zagreb CountyKriževci, CroatiaKoprivnicaGola, Koprivnica-Križevci CountyVrbovecD10 (Croatia)BjelovarViroviticaTerezino PoljeMokrice, CroatiaA2 (Croatia)Control CitiesD20 (Croatia)ČakovecD3 (Croatia)Prelog, CroatiaDonja Dubrava, Međimurje CountyĐelekovecKoprivnicaD2 (Croatia)D22 (Croatia)D3 (Croatia)Novi MarofKriževci, CroatiaSveti Ivan ŽabnoD23 (Croatia)Duga ResaD3 (Croatia)JosipdolŽuta LokvaSenjD8 (Croatia)D24 (Croatia)ZabokD1 (Croatia)Zlatar BistricaBudinšćinaNovi MarofVaraždinske ToplicePoljanecD2 (Croatia)D25 (Croatia)KorenicaD1 (Croatia)Bunić, CroatiaLički OsikGospićKarlobagD8 (Croatia)D26 (Croatia)Dubrava, Zagreb CountyD10 (Croatia)ČazmaGarešnicaDežanovacDaruvarD5 (Croatia)D27 (Croatia)GračacD1 (Croatia)Obrovac, Zadar CountyBenkovacStankovciD8 (Croatia)D28 (Croatia)Gradec, Zagreb CountyD10 (Croatia)BjelovarVeliki ZdenciD5 (Croatia)D29 (Croatia)Novi GolubovecD35 (Croatia)Zlatar BistricaMarija BistricaSoblinecD3 (Croatia)D30 (Croatia)BuzinA3 (Croatia)Velika GoricaPetrinjaHrvatska KostajnicaD31 (Croatia)Velika GoricaD30 (Croatia)Gornji ViduševacD6 (Croatia)D32 (Croatia)Prezid, CroatiaDelniceD3 (Croatia)D33 (Croatia)Strmica, CroatiaKninDrnišD8 (Croatia)D34 (Croatia)Slatina, CroatiaD2 (Croatia)Donji MiholjacJosipovacD2 (Croatia)D35 (Croatia)VaraždinD2 (Croatia)LepoglavaSveti Križ ZačretjeD1 (Croatia)D36 (Croatia)KarlovacD1 (Croatia)PokupskoSisakPopovačaD37 (Croatia)SisakD6 (Croatia)PetrinjaGlina, CroatiaD6 (Croatia)D38 (Croatia)PakracD5 (Croatia)Požega, CroatiaPleternicaĐakovoD7 (Croatia)D39 (Croatia)AržanoCista ProvoŠestanovacD8 (Croatia)D40 (Croatia)Sveti KuzamA7 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)Port Of RijekaD41 (Croatia)Gola, Koprivnica-Križevci CountyKoprivnicaKriževci, CroatiaD22 (Croatia)D42 (Croatia)VrbovskoD3 (Croatia)OgulinJosipdolPlaškiGrabovac, Karlovac CountyD1 (Croatia)D43 (Croatia)ĐurđevacD2 (Croatia)BjelovarČazmaIvanić GradA3 (Croatia)D44 (Croatia)Nova Vas, BrtoniglaA9 (Croatia)BuzetLupoglavA8 (Croatia)D45 (Croatia)Veliki ZdenciD5 (Croatia)GarešnicaKutinaA3 (Croatia)D46 (Croatia)ĐakovoD7 (Croatia)VinkovciTovarnikD47 (Croatia)LipikD5 (Croatia)NovskaHrvatska DubicaHrvatska KostajnicaDvor, CroatiaD6 (Croatia)D48 (Croatia)BadernaA9 (Croatia)PazinRogovići (Pazin)A8 (Croatia)D49 (Croatia)PleternicaLužani, Brod-Posavina CountyA3 (Croatia)D50 (Croatia)Žuta LokvaD23 (Croatia)OtočacGospićGračacD40 (Croatia)D51 (Croatia)D53 (Croatia)Požega, CroatiaNova GradiškaA3 (Croatia)D52 (Croatia)D50 (Croatia)KorenicaD1 (Croatia)D53 (Croatia)Donji MiholjacNašiceSlavonski BrodD54 (Croatia)MaslenicaD8 (Croatia)Zaton ObrovačkiD27 (Croatia)D55 (Croatia)Borovo, CroatiaD50 (Croatia)VinkovciŽupanjaD56 (Croatia)BenkovacSkradinDrnišD33 (Croatia)MućD1 (Croatia)D57 (Croatia)VukovarD2 (Croatia)OrolikNijemciLipovac, Vukovar-Syrmia CountyA3 (Croatia)D58 (Croatia)ŠibenikTrogirD8 (Croatia)D59 (Croatia)KninD8 (Croatia)KistanjeBribir, Šibenik-Knin CountyD8 (Croatia)D60 (Croatia)BrnazeD1 (Croatia)TriljCista ProvoImotskiVinjani DonjiD62 (Croatia)ŠestanovacZagvozdVrgoracKula NorinskaMetkovićD9 (Croatia)D64 (Croatia)PazinD48 (Croatia)VozilićiD66 (Croatia)D66 (Croatia)PulaD400 (Croatia)LabinOpatijaMatuljiD8 (Croatia)D69 (Croatia)Slatina, CroatiaD2 (Croatia)ČeralijeVoćinNovo ZvečevoKamenskaD38 (Croatia)D70 (Croatia)OmišD8 (Croatia)Gata, CroatiaBlato Na CetiniA1 (Croatia)Slavonski BrodD53 (Croatia)D423 (Croatia)ĐurmanecD207 (Croatia)KrapinaBednjaLepoglavaD35 (Croatia)D200 (Croatia)SavudrijaUmagNovigrad, Istria CountyPorečVrsarBale (town)PulaD400 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)ZagvozdD62 (Croatia)GrubineD60 (Croatia)ImotskiA8 (Croatia)ŽminjSvetvinčenatVodnjanControl CitiesD100 (Croatia)D101 (Croatia)D100 (Croatia)D102 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D103 (Croatia)D102 (Croatia)Rijeka AirportD104 (Croatia)D102 (Croatia)D105 (Croatia)D106 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D109 (Croatia)D110 (Croatia)D111 (Croatia)D112 (Croatia)D111 (Croatia)D113 (Croatia)D114 (Croatia)D113 (Croatia)D115 (Croatia)D113 (Croatia)D116 (Croatia)D117 (Croatia)D118 (Croatia)D119 (Croatia)D120 (Croatia)D121 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D123 (Croatia)D120 (Croatia)D124 (Croatia)D109 (Croatia)D125 (Croatia)D109 (Croatia)D126 (Croatia)D315 (Croatia)D128 (Croatia)Control CitiesD200 (Croatia)A9 (Croatia)D201 (Croatia)D44 (Croatia)D203 (Croatia)D3 (Croatia)D204 (Croatia)D3 (Croatia)A1 (Croatia)D205 (Croatia)D1 (Croatia)D206 (Croatia)D1 (Croatia)D207 (Croatia)D206 (Croatia)D1 (Croatia)D208 (Croatia)Trnovec, Međimurje CountyNedelišćeD3 (Croatia)D209 (Croatia)Mursko SredišćeŠenkovecČakovecD3 (Croatia)D210 (Croatia)Gola, Koprivnica-Križevci CountyD41 (Croatia)ŽdalaMolveVirjeD2 (Croatia)D211 (Croatia)D517 (Croatia)D212 (Croatia)D7 (Croatia)D213 (Croatia)D2 (Croatia)D214 (Croatia)D55 (Croatia)D216 (Croatia)D6 (Croatia)D217 (Croatia)D1 (Croatia)D218 (Croatia)D1 (Croatia)D219 (Croatia)D56 (Croatia)D220 (Croatia)A1 (Croatia)D60 (Croatia)D222 (Croatia)D62 (Croatia)D223 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D224 (Croatia)D37 (Croatia)D30 (Croatia)D225 (Croatia)A2 (Croatia)D227 (Croatia)ŠtrigovaLopatinecŠenkovecD209 (Croatia)D6 (Croatia)D1 (Croatia)D206 (Croatia)D205 (Croatia)BreganaSamoborSveta Nedelja, Zagreb CountyA3 (Croatia)SisakD36 (Croatia)Jasenovac, Sisak-Moslavina CountyD47 (Croatia)Control CitiesD300 (Croatia)A9 (Croatia)D301 (Croatia)A9 (Croatia)D302 (Croatia)A9 (Croatia)D303 (Croatia)A9 (Croatia)D304 (Croatia)KastavA7 (Croatia)RijekaD8 (Croatia)D305 (Croatia)D32 (Croatia)D306 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D307 (Croatia)D1 (Croatia)D29 (Croatia)D310 (Croatia)D1 (Croatia)A1 (Croatia)D312 (Croatia)D47 (Croatia)D313 (Croatia)D51 (Croatia)D314 (Croatia)D2 (Croatia)D315 (Croatia)D126 (Croatia)D409 (Croatia)D316 (Croatia) (page Does Not Exist)Nova GradiškaD51 (Croatia)Control CitiesD400 (Croatia)D401 (Croatia)D66 (Croatia)Pula AirportD402 (Croatia)D66 (Croatia)D403 (Croatia)A7 (Croatia)Port Of RijekaD404 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)Port Of RijekaA7 (Croatia)D405 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D406 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D407 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D408 (Croatia)Zagreb AirportD30 (Croatia)D409 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)Split AirportD410 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D411 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D411 (Croatia)D412 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D413 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)Port Of PločeD414 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D415 (Croatia)D414 (Croatia)D416 (Croatia)D414 (Croatia)D417 (Croatia)D2 (Croatia)D418 (Croatia)D2 (Croatia)Osijek AirportD420 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)GružD421 (Croatia)D66 (Croatia)Port Of RijekaD422 (Croatia)D424 (Croatia)Zadar AirportD423 (Croatia)D514 (Croatia)D424 (Croatia)GaženicaA1 (Croatia)D425 (Croatia)D62 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)A7 (Croatia)A7 (Croatia)Selište DrežničkoD42 (Croatia)PrijebojD1 (Croatia)Slavonski BrodD53 (Croatia)Control CitiesD500 (Croatia)A8 (Croatia)D64 (Croatia)D501 (Croatia)D3 (Croatia)A6 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D502 (Croatia)D56 (Croatia)D27 (Croatia)D503 (Croatia)D27 (Croatia)D507 (Croatia)D206 (Croatia)D205 (Croatia)D510 (Croatia)A9 (Croatia)D512 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D62 (Croatia)D514 (Croatia)D53 (Croatia)A3 (Croatia)D515 (Croatia)D53 (Croatia)D7 (Croatia)D516 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D517 (Croatia)D7 (Croatia)D34 (Croatia)D518 (Croatia)D2 (Croatia)D46 (Croatia)D519 (Croatia)D213 (Croatia)D2 (Croatia)D520 (Croatia)A3 (Croatia)D7 (Croatia)D522 (Croatia)D1 (Croatia)A1 (Croatia)D525 (Croatia)D49 (Croatia)A3 (Croatia)D53 (Croatia)D526 (Croatia)A4 (Croatia)Varaždinske TopliceD24 (Croatia)D528 (Croatia)VaraždinD2 (Croatia)A4 (Croatia)D530 (Croatia)LudbregA4 (Croatia)ZamlakaD2 (Croatia)D531 (Croatia)A1 (Croatia)D58 (Croatia)D534 (Croatia)D25 (Croatia)A1 (Croatia)D8 (Croatia)D62 (Croatia)BuševecA11 (Croatia)D30 (Croatia)SlakovciSpačva (region)A3 (Croatia)ViroviticaD5 (Croatia)SuhopoljeD2 (Croatia)Zagreb BypassCroatian KunaEuroOpen Toll CollectionClosed Toll CollectionWikipedia:Citation NeededShunpikingSmart CardExurbsWikipedia:Citation NeededSmart CardSmart CardElectronic Toll CollectionLučkoTransport In CroatiaHrvatske AutocesteAutocesta Rijeka - ZagrebBINA IstraAutocesta Zagreb - MaceljHrvatske CesteOpenStreetMapOpenStreetMapOpenStreetMapOpenStreetMapOpenStreetMapOpenStreetMapOpenStreetMapOpenStreetMapOpenStreetMapOpenStreetMapOpenStreetMapCroatian ParliamentNarodne NovineMinistry Of Sea, Transport And Infrastructure (Croatia)Narodne NovineMinistry Of Sea, Transport And Infrastructure (Croatia)Narodne NovineCroatian ParliamentNarodne NovineNarodne NovineNarodne NovineCroatian RadioBINA IstraVečernji ListNova TV (Croatia)Slobodna DalmacijaMinistry Of Sea, Transport And Infrastructure (Croatia)Hrvatske AutocesteHrvatske AutocesteHrvatske AutocesteVečernji ListTemplate:CroatianHighwaysTemplate Talk:CroatianHighwaysCroatiaMotorway System In CroatiaA1 (Croatia)A2 (Croatia)A3 (Croatia)A4 (Croatia)A5 (Croatia)A6 (Croatia)A7 (Croatia)A8 (Croatia)A9 (Croatia)A10 (Croatia)A11 (Croatia)A12 (Croatia)A13 (Croatia)Croat Motorway SymbolD1 Road (Croatia)D10 Road (Croatia)D12 Road (Croatia)D424 Road (Croatia)D425 Road (Croatia)D522 Road (Croatia)D533 Road (Croatia)Book:Highways In CroatiaCategory:Highways In CroatiaHelp:CategoryCategory:Highways In CroatiaCategory:Limited-access Roads By CountryCategory:CS1 Croatian-language Sources (hr)Category:All Articles With Unsourced StatementsCategory:Articles With Unsourced Statements From September 2017Category:Articles With Unsourced Statements From June 2016Category:Articles With Unsourced Statements From December 2017Category:Articles Containing Potentially Dated Statements From 2014Category:All Articles Containing Potentially Dated StatementsCategory:Articles Containing Potentially Dated Statements From 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