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Family history and early life[edit] Born in Grand Island, Nebraska in May 1905, Henry Jaynes Fonda was the son of printer William Brace Fonda, and his wife, Herberta (Jaynes). The family moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 1906.[3] Fonda's patrilineal line originates with an ancestor from Genoa, Italy, who migrated to the Netherlands in the 15th century.[4] In 1642, a branch of the Fonda family immigrated to the Dutch colony of New Netherland on the East Coast of North America.[4][5] They were among the first Dutch population to settle in what is now upstate New York, establishing the town of Fonda, New York.[4] By 1888, many of their descendants had relocated to Nebraska.[4] Fonda was brought up as a Christian Scientist, though he was baptized an Episcopalian at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church[citation needed] in Grand Island. He said, "My whole damn family was nice." They were a close family and highly supportive, especially in health matters, as they avoided doctors due to their religion.[6] Despite having a religious background, he later became an agnostic.[7] Fonda was a bashful, short boy who tended to avoid girls, except his sisters, and was a good skater, swimmer, and runner. He worked part-time in his father's print plant and imagined a possible career as a journalist. Later, he worked after school for the phone company. He also enjoyed drawing. Fonda was active in the Boy Scouts of America; Teichmann reports that he reached the rank of Eagle Scout.[8] However, this is denied elsewhere.[9] When he was about 14, his father took him to observe the brutal lynching of Will Brown during the Omaha race riot of 1919.[10] This enraged the young Fonda and he kept a keen awareness of prejudice for the rest of his life.[11] By his senior year in high school, Fonda had grown to more than six feet tall, but remained shy. He attended the University of Minnesota, where he majored in journalism,[12] but he did not graduate. He took a job with the Retail Credit Company.

Career[edit] Early stage work[edit] At age 20, Fonda started his acting career at the Omaha Community Playhouse, when his mother's friend Dodie Brando (mother of Marlon Brando) recommended that he try out for a juvenile part in You and I, in which he was cast as Ricky.[13] He was fascinated by the stage, learning everything from set construction to stage production, and embarrassed by his acting ability.[14] When he received the lead in Merton of the Movies, he realized the beauty of acting as a profession, as it allowed him to deflect attention from his own tongue-tied personality and create stage characters relying on someone else's scripted words. Fonda decided to quit his job and go east in 1928 to seek his fortune. He arrived on Cape Cod and played a minor role at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts. A friend took him to Falmouth, MA where he joined and quickly became a valued member of the University Players, an intercollegiate summer stock company. There he worked with Margaret Sullavan, his future wife.[15] James Stewart joined the Players a few months after Fonda left, though they were soon to become lifelong friends. Fonda left the Players at the end of their 1931-1932 season after appearing in his first professional role in The Jest, by Sem Benelli. Joshua Logan, a young sophomore at Princeton who had been double-cast in the show, gave Fonda the part of Tornaquinci, "an elderly Italian man with a long white beard and even longer hair." Also in the cast of The Jest with Fonda and Logan were Bretaigne Windust, Kent Smith, and Eleanor Phelps.[16] The tall (6 ft, 1.5 in) Fonda headed for New York City, to be with his then wife, Margaret Sullavan. The marriage was brief, but when James Stewart came to New York his luck changed. Getting contact information from Joshua Logan, Jimmy, as he was called, found Hank Fonda and these small town boys found they had a lot in common, as long as they didn't discuss politics. The two men became roommates and honed their skills on Broadway. Fonda appeared in theatrical productions from 1926 to 1934. They fared no better than many Americans in and out of work during the Great Depression, sometimes lacking enough money to take the subway.[17] Entering Hollywood[edit] Fonda in Jezebel Fonda got his first break in films when he was hired in 1935 as Janet Gaynor's leading man in 20th Century Fox's screen adaptation of The Farmer Takes a Wife; he reprised his role from the Broadway production of the same name, which had gained him critical recognition. Suddenly, Fonda was making $3,000 a week and dining with Hollywood stars such as Carole Lombard.[18] Stewart soon followed him to Hollywood, and they roomed together again, in lodgings next door to Greta Garbo. In 1935, Fonda starred in the RKO film I Dream Too Much with the opera star Lily Pons. The New York Times announced him as "Henry Fonda, the most likable of the new crop of romantic juveniles."[19] Fonda's film career blossomed as he costarred with Sylvia Sidney and Fred MacMurray in The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936), the first Technicolor movie filmed outdoors. He starred with ex-wife Margaret Sullavan in The Moon's Our Home, and a short rekindling of their relationship led to a brief but temporary consideration of remarriage. Fonda got the nod for the lead role in You Only Live Once (1937), also costarring Sidney, and directed by Fritz Lang. He was a critical success opposite Bette Davis, who had picked him, in the film Jezebel (1938). This was followed by the title role in Young Mr. Lincoln (1939), his first collaboration with director John Ford, and that year he played Frank James in Jesse James (1939). Another 1939 film was Drums Along the Mohawk, also directed by Ford. Fonda in The Lady Eve Fonda's successes led Ford to recruit him to play Tom Joad in the film version of John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath (1940). A reluctant Darryl Zanuck, who preferred Tyrone Power, insisted on Fonda's signing a seven-year contract with his studio, Twentieth Century-Fox.[20] Fonda agreed and was ultimately nominated for an Academy Award for his work in the film, which many consider to be his finest role. Fonda starred in The Return of Frank James (1940) with Gene Tierney. He then played opposite Barbara Stanwyck in Preston Sturges' The Lady Eve (1941), and again teamed with Tierney in the successful screwball comedy Rings on Her Fingers (1942). She was one of Fonda's favorite co-stars, and they appeared in three films together. He was acclaimed for his role in The Ox-Bow Incident (1943). Fonda after enlisting in the United States Navy in November 1942 Fonda enlisted in the United States Navy to fight in World War II, saying, "I don't want to be in a fake war in a studio."[21] Previously, Stewart and he had helped raise funds for the defense of Britain.[22] Fonda served for three years, initially as a Quartermaster 3rd Class on the destroyer USS Satterlee. He was later commissioned as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in Air Combat Intelligence in the Central Pacific and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and Navy Presidential Unit Citation.[23] Postwar career[edit] After the war, Fonda took a break from movies and attended Hollywood parties and enjoyed civilian life. Stewart and Fonda would listen to records and invite Johnny Mercer, Hoagy Carmichael, Dinah Shore, and Nat King Cole over for music, with the latter giving the family piano lessons.[24] Fonda played Wyatt Earp in My Darling Clementine (1946), which was directed by John Ford. Fonda did seven postwar films until his contract with Fox expired, the last being Otto Preminger's Daisy Kenyon (1947), opposite Joan Crawford. He starred in The Fugitive (1947), which was the first film of Ford's new production company, Argosy Pictures. In 1948, he appeared in a subsequent Argosy/Ford production, Fort Apache, as a rigid Army colonel, along with John Wayne and Shirley Temple in her first adult role. Fonda in Navy uniform Refusing another long-term studio contract, Fonda returned to Broadway, wearing his own officer's cap to originate the title role in Mister Roberts, a comedy about the U.S. Navy, during World War II in the South Pacific Ocean where Fonda, a junior officer, Lt. Douglas A. Roberts wages a private war against a tyrannical captain. He won a 1948 Tony Award for the part. Fonda followed that by reprising his performance in the national tour and with successful stage runs in Point of No Return and The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial. After an eight-year absence from films, he starred in the same role in the 1955 film version of Mister Roberts with James Cagney, William Powell, and Jack Lemmon, continuing a pattern of bringing his acclaimed stage roles to life on the big screen. On the set of Mister Roberts, Fonda came to blows with director John Ford, who punched him during filming, and Fonda vowed never to work for the director again. While he kept that vow for years, Fonda spoke glowingly of Ford in Peter Bogdanovich's documentary Directed by John Ford and in a documentary on Ford's career alongside Ford and James Stewart. Fonda refused to participate until he learned that Ford had insisted on casting Fonda as the lead in the film version of Mr. Roberts, reviving Fonda's film career after concentrating on the stage for years. After Mr. Roberts, Fonda next acted in Paramount Pictures's production of the Leo Tolstoy epic novel War and Peace (1956), about French Emperor Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812, in which he played Pierre Bezukhov opposite Audrey Hepburn; it took two years to shoot. Fonda worked with Alfred Hitchcock in 1956, playing a man falsely accused of robbery in The Wrong Man; the unusual semidocumentary work of Hitchcock's was based on an actual incident and partly filmed on location. Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, and Fonda in a live 1955 TV version of The Petrified Forest In 1957, Fonda made his first foray into producing with 12 Angry Men, in which he also starred. The film was based on a teleplay and a script by Reginald Rose, and directed by Sidney Lumet. The low-budget production was completed in 17 days of filming, mostly in one claustrophobic jury room. It had a strong cast, including also Jack Klugman, Lee J. Cobb, Martin Balsam, and E. G. Marshall. The intense story about twelve jurors deciding the fate of a young man accused of murder was well received by critics worldwide. Fonda shared the Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations with co-producer Reginald Rose, and won the 1958 BAFTA Award for Best Actor for his performance as "Juror #8". Early on, the film drew poorly, but after winning critical acclaim and awards, it proved a success. In spite of the outcome, Fonda vowed that he would never produce a movie again, fearing that failing as a producer might derail his acting career.[25] After acting in the western movies The Tin Star (1957) and Warlock (1959), Fonda returned to the production seat for the NBC western television series The Deputy (1959–1961), in which he starred as Marshal Simon Fry. His co-stars were Allen Case and Read Morgan. Fonda in How the West Was Won During the 1960s, Fonda performed in a number of war and western epics, including 1962's The Longest Day and the Cinerama production How the West Was Won, 1965's In Harm's Way, and Battle of the Bulge. In the Cold War suspense film Fail-Safe (1964), Fonda played the President of the United States who tries to avert a nuclear holocaust through tense negotiations with the Soviets after American bombers are mistakenly ordered to attack the USSR. He also returned to more light-hearted cinema in Spencer's Mountain (1963), which was the inspiration for the 1970s TV series, The Waltons, based on the Great Depression of the 1930s memories of Earl Hamner, Jr.. Fonda appeared against type as the villain 'Frank' in 1968's Once Upon a Time in the West. After initially turning down the role, he was convinced to accept it by actor Eli Wallach and director Sergio Leone, who flew from Italy to the United States to persuade him to take the part. Fonda had planned on wearing a pair of brown-colored contact lenses, but Leone preferred the paradox of contrasting close-up shots of Fonda's innocent-looking blue eyes with the vicious personality of the character Fonda played. Fonda's relationship with Jimmy Stewart survived their disagreements over politics — Fonda was a liberal Democrat, and Stewart a conservative Republican. After a heated argument, they avoided talking politics with each other. The two men teamed up for 1968's Firecreek, where Fonda again played the heavy. In 1970, Fonda and Stewart co-starred in the western The Cheyenne Social Club, a minor film in which they humorously argued politics. They had first appeared together on film in On Our Merry Way (1948), a comedy which also starred William Demarest and Fred MacMurray and featured a grown-up Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer, who had acted as a child in the Our Gang movie serials of the 1930s.[26] Late career[edit] Despite approaching his seventies, Fonda continued to work in theater, television and film through the 1970s. In 1970, Fonda appeared in three films; the most successful was The Cheyenne Social Club. The other two films were Too Late the Hero, in which Fonda played a secondary role, and There Was a Crooked Man, about Paris Pitman Jr. (played by Kirk Douglas) trying to escape from an Arizona prison. Fonda returned to both foreign and television productions, which provided career sustenance through a decade in which many aging screen actors suffered waning careers. He starred in the ABC television series The Smith Family between 1971 and 1972. A TV-movie adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel, 1973's The Red Pony, earned Fonda an Emmy nomination. After the unsuccessful Hollywood melodrama, Ash Wednesday, he filmed three Italian productions released in 1973 and 1974. The most successful of these, My Name is Nobody, presented Fonda in a rare comedic performance as an old gunslinger whose plans to retire are dampened by a "fan" of sorts. Fonda continued stage acting throughout his last years, including several demanding roles in Broadway plays. He returned to Broadway in 1974 for the biographical drama, Clarence Darrow, for which he was nominated for a Tony Award. Fonda's health had been deteriorating for years, but his first outward symptoms occurred after a performance of the play in April 1974, when he collapsed from exhaustion. After the appearance of a cardiac arrhythmia brought on by prostate cancer, he had a pacemaker installed following cancer surgery. Fonda returned to the play in 1975. After the run of a 1978 play, First Monday of October, he took the advice of his doctors and quit plays, though he continued to star in films and television. Fonda appeared in a revival of The Time of Your Life that opened in March 17, 1972, at the Huntington Hartford Theater in Los Angeles, where Fonda, Richard Dreyfuss, Gloria Grahame, Ron Thompson, Strother Martin, Jane Alexander, Lewis J. Stadlen, Richard X. Slattery, and Pepper Martin were among the cast with Edwin Sherin directing.[27] In 1976, Fonda appeared in several notable television productions, the first being Collision Course, the story of the volatile relationship between President Harry Truman (E. G. Marshall) and General MacArthur (Fonda), produced by ABC. After an appearance in the acclaimed Showtime broadcast of Almos' a Man, based on a story by Richard Wright, he starred in the epic NBC miniseries Captains and Kings, based on Taylor Caldwell's novel. Three years later, he appeared in ABC's Roots: The Next Generations, but the miniseries was overshadowed by its predecessor, Roots. Also in 1976, Fonda starred in the World War II blockbuster Midway. Fonda finished the 1970s in a number of disaster films. The first of these was the 1977 Italian killer octopus thriller Tentacoli (Tentacles) and Rollercoaster, in which Fonda appeared with Richard Widmark and a young Helen Hunt. He performed again with Widmark, Olivia de Havilland, Fred MacMurray, and José Ferrer in the killer bee action film The Swarm. He also acted in the global disaster film Meteor (his second role as a sitting President of the United States after Fail-Safe), with Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, and Karl Malden, and the Canadian production City on Fire, which also featured Shelley Winters and Ava Gardner. Fonda had a small role with his son, Peter, in Wanda Nevada (1979), with Brooke Shields. As Fonda's health declined and he took longer breaks between filming, critics began to take notice of his extensive body of work. In 1979, he was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame for his achievements on Broadway.[28] Lifetime Achievement awards from the Golden Globes and Academy Awards followed in 1980 and 1981, respectively. Fonda continued to act into the early 1980s, though all but one of the productions in which he was featured before his death were for television. The television works included the critically acclaimed live performance of Preston Jones' The Oldest Living Graduate and the Emmy-nominated Gideon's Trumpet (co-starring Fay Wray in her last performance) about Clarence Gideon's fight to have the right to publicly funded legal counsel for the indigent. Fonda won an Academy Award for his work with Katharine Hepburn in On Golden Pond. On Golden Pond in 1981, the film adaptation of Ernest Thompson's play, marked one final professional and personal triumph for Fonda. Directed by Mark Rydell, the project provided unprecedented collaborations between Fonda and Katharine Hepburn, along with Fonda and his daughter, Jane. The elder Fonda played an emotionally brittle and distant father who becomes more accessible at the end of his life. Jane Fonda has said that elements of the story mimicked their real-life relationship, and helped them resolve certain issues. She bought the film rights in the hope that her father would play the role, and later described it as "a gift to my father that was so unbelievably successful."[29] Premiered in December 1981, the film was well received by critics, and after a limited release on December 4, On Golden Pond developed enough of an audience to be widely released on January 22. With 10 Academy Award nominations, the film earned nearly $120 million at the box office, becoming an unexpected blockbuster. In addition to wins for Hepburn (Best Actress), and Thompson (Screenplay), On Golden Pond brought Fonda his only Oscar - for Best Actor (he was the oldest recipient of the award; it also earned him a Golden Globe Best Actor award). Fonda was by that point too ill to attend the ceremony, and his daughter Jane accepted on his behalf. She said when accepting the award that her dad would probably quip, "Well, ain't I lucky." After Fonda's death, some film critics called this performance "his last and greatest role".[who?] Fonda's final performance was in the 1981 television drama Summer Solstice[30] with Myrna Loy. It was filmed after On Golden Pond had wrapped and Fonda was in rapidly declining health.

Personal life[edit] Marriages and children[edit] Fonda was married five times and had three children, one of them adopted. His marriage to Margaret Sullavan in 1931 soon ended in separation, which was finalized in a 1933 divorce. In 1936, he married Frances Ford Seymour Brokaw, widow of a wealthy industrialist, George Tuttle Brokaw.[31] The Brokaws had a daughter, Frances de Villers, nicknamed "Pan", who had been born soon after the Brokaws marriage in 1931.[32] Fonda met his future wife Frances at Denham Studios in England on the set of Wings of the Morning,[33] the first British picture to be filmed in Technicolor. They had two children, Jane (born December 21, 1937) and Peter (born February 23, 1940), both of whom became successful actors. Jane has won two Best Actress Academy Awards, and Peter has been nominated for two Oscars, one for Best Actor. with his daughter Jane Fonda in 1943 In August 1949, Fonda announced to Frances that he wanted a divorce so he could remarry; their 13 years of marriage had not been happy ones for him.[34] Devastated by Fonda's confession, and plagued by emotional problems for many years, Frances went into the Austen Riggs Psychiatric Hospital in January 1950 for treatment. She committed suicide there on April 14. Before her death, she had written six notes to various individuals, but left no final message for her husband. Fonda quickly arranged a private funeral with only himself and his mother-in-law, Sophie Seymour, in attendance.[35] Years later, Dr. Margaret Gibson, the psychiatrist who had treated Frances at Austen Riggs, described Fonda as "a cold, self-absorbed person, a complete narcissist."[36] Later in 1950, Fonda married Susan Blanchard, with whom he had been having an affair since sometime in 1948. She was 21 years old, the daughter of Australian-born interior designer Dorothy Hammerstein, and the step-daughter of Oscar Hammerstein II.[37] Together, they adopted a daughter, Amy Fishman (born 1953).[38] They divorced three years later. Blanchard was in awe of Fonda, and she described her role in the marriage as "a geisha", doing everything she could to please him, dealing with and solving problems he would not acknowledge.[39] In 1957, Fonda married the Italian baroness Afdera Franchetti[40] They divorced in 1961. Soon after, in 1965, Fonda married Shirlee Mae Adams, and remained with her until his death in 1982. Fonda's relationship with his children has been described as "emotionally distant". Fonda loathed displays of feeling in himself or others, and this was a consistent part of his character. Whenever he felt that his emotional wall was being breached, he had outbursts of anger, exhibiting a furious temper that terrified his family.[41] In Peter Fonda's 1998 autobiography Don't Tell Dad (1998), he described how he was never sure how his father felt about him. He never volunteered to his father that he loved him until he was elderly, and Peter finally heard, "I love you, son."[42] His daughter Jane rejected her father's friendships with Republican actors such as John Wayne and James Stewart. Their relationship became extremely strained as Jane Fonda became a left-wing activist. Jane Fonda reported feeling detached from her father, especially during her early acting days. In 1958, she met Lee Strasberg while visiting her father at Malibu. The Fonda and Strasberg families were neighbors, and she had developed a friendship with Strasberg's daughter, Susan. Jane Fonda began studying acting with Strasberg, learning the techniques of "The Method" of which Strasberg was a renowned proponent. This proved to be a pivotal point in her career. As Jane Fonda developed her skill as an actress, she became frustrated with her father's talent that, to her, appeared a demonstration of effortless ability.[43] Politics[edit] Fonda was an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party and "an admirer" of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[44] In 1960, Fonda appeared in a campaign commercial for presidential candidate John F. Kennedy. The ad focused on Kennedy's naval service during World War II, specifically the famous PT-109 incident.[44] On acting[edit] In the late 1950s, when Jane Fonda asked her father how he prepared before going on stage, she was baffled by his answer, "I don't know, I stand there, I think about my wife, Afdera, I don't know." The writer Al Aronowitz, while working on a profile of Jane Fonda for The Saturday Evening Post in the 1960s, asked Henry Fonda about method acting: "I can't articulate about the Method", he told me, "because I never studied it. I don't mean to suggest that I have any feelings one way or the other about it...I don't know what the Method is and I don't care what the Method is. Everybody's got a method. Everybody can't articulate about their method, and I can't, if I have a method—and Jane sometimes says that I use the Method, that is, the capital letter Method, without being aware of it. Maybe I do; it doesn't matter."[citation needed] Aronowitz reported Jane saying, "My father can't articulate the way he works. He just can't do it. He's not even conscious of what he does, and it made him nervous for me to try to articulate what I was trying to do. And I sensed that immediately, so we did very little talking about it...he said, 'Shut up, I don't want to hear about it.' He didn't want me to tell him about it, you know. He wanted to make fun of it."[citation needed]

Death and legacy[edit] Fonda died at his Los Angeles home on August 12, 1982, from heart disease. Fonda's wife, Shirlee, his daughter Jane, and his son Peter were at his side that day.[45] He suffered from prostate cancer, but this did not directly cause his death and was noted only as a concurrent ailment on his death certificate. Fonda requested that no funeral be held, and he was promptly cremated. President Ronald Reagan, a former actor himself, hailed Fonda as "a true professional dedicated to excellence in his craft. He graced the screen with a sincerity and accuracy which made him a legend."[46] Fonda is widely recognized as one of the Hollywood greats of the classic era. On the centenary of his birth, May 16, 2005, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) honored Fonda with a marathon of his films. Also in May 2005, the United States Post Office released a 37-cent postage stamp with an artist's drawing of Fonda as part of their "Hollywood legends" series.[21] The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, originally known as the Carter DeHaven Music Box, was named for the actor in 1985 by the Nederlander Organization.

Filmography[edit] Main article: Henry Fonda filmography From the beginning of his career in 1935 through his last projects in 1981, Fonda appeared in 106 films, television programs, and shorts. Through the course of his career, he appeared in many critically acclaimed films, including such classics as 12 Angry Men and The Ox-Bow Incident. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in 1940's The Grapes of Wrath and won for his part in 1981's On Golden Pond. Fonda made his mark in Westerns (which included his most villainous role as Frank in Once Upon a Time in the West) and war films, and made frequent appearances in both television and foreign productions late in his career.

Broadway stage performances[edit] The Game of Love and Death (November 1929 – January 1930) I Loved You, Wednesday (October – December 1932) New Faces of 1934 (Revue; March – July 1934) The Farmer Takes a Wife (October 1934 – January 1935) Blow Ye Winds (September – October 1937) Mister Roberts (February 1948 – January 1951) Point of No Return (December 1951 – November 1952) The Caine Mutiny (January 1954 – January 1955) Two for the Seesaw (January 1958 – October 1959) Silent Night, Lonely Night (December 1959 – March 1960) Critic's Choice (December 1960 – May 1961) A Gift of Time (February – May 1962) Generation (October 1965 – June 1966) Our Town (November – December 1969) Clarence Darrow (March – April 1974; March 1975) First Monday in October (October – December 1978)

Awards[edit] Awards Year Category Film Result Academy Awards 1940 Best Actor The Grapes of Wrath Nominated 1957 Best Picture 12 Angry Men Nominated 1981 Best Actor On Golden Pond Won 1980 Honorary Award Lifetime Achievement BAFTA Awards 1958 Best Actor 12 Angry Men Won 1981 Best Actor On Golden Pond Nominated Emmy Awards 1973 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie The Red Pony Nominated 1980 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie Gideon's Trumpet Nominated Golden Globes 1958 Best Motion Picture Actor - Drama 12 Angry Men Nominated 1980 Cecil B. DeMille Award Lifetime Achievement Won 1982 Best Motion Picture Actor - Drama On Golden Pond Won Grammy Awards 1977 Best Spoken Word Album Great American Documents Won Tony Awards 1975 Best Actor Clarence Darrow Nominated 1979 Special Award Lifetime Achievement Honorary 1948 Best Actor Mister Roberts Won AFI Award 1978 Life Achievement Award Lifetime Achievement Won

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Murray Abraham (1984) William Hurt (1985) Paul Newman (1986) Michael Douglas (1987) Dustin Hoffman (1988) Daniel Day-Lewis (1989) Jeremy Irons (1990) Anthony Hopkins (1991) Al Pacino (1992) Tom Hanks (1993) Tom Hanks (1994) Nicolas Cage (1995) Geoffrey Rush (1996) Jack Nicholson (1997) Roberto Benigni (1998) Kevin Spacey (1999) Russell Crowe (2000) 2001–present Denzel Washington (2001) Adrien Brody (2002) Sean Penn (2003) Jamie Foxx (2004) Philip Seymour Hoffman (2005) Forest Whitaker (2006) Daniel Day-Lewis (2007) Sean Penn (2008) Jeff Bridges (2009) Colin Firth (2010) Jean Dujardin (2011) Daniel Day-Lewis (2012) Matthew McConaughey (2013) Eddie Redmayne (2014) Leonardo DiCaprio (2015) Casey Affleck (2016) Gary Oldman (2017) 1 refused award that year v t e Academy Honorary Award 1928–1950 Warner Bros. / Charlie Chaplin (1928) Walt Disney (1932) Shirley Temple (1934) D. W. Griffith (1935) The March of Time / W. Howard Greene and Harold Rosson (1936) Edgar Bergen / W. 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Robinson (1972) Henri Langlois / Groucho Marx (1973) Howard Hawks / Jean Renoir (1974) Mary Pickford (1975) 1976–2000 Margaret Booth (1977) Walter Lantz / Laurence Olivier / King Vidor / Museum of Modern Art Department of Film (1978) Hal Elias / Alec Guinness (1979) Henry Fonda (1980) Barbara Stanwyck (1981) Mickey Rooney (1982) Hal Roach (1983) James Stewart / National Endowment for the Arts (1984) Paul Newman / Alex North (1985) Ralph Bellamy (1986) Eastman Kodak Company / National Film Board of Canada (1988) Akira Kurosawa (1989) Sophia Loren / Myrna Loy (1990) Satyajit Ray (1991) Federico Fellini (1992) Deborah Kerr (1993) Michelangelo Antonioni (1994) Kirk Douglas / Chuck Jones (1995) Michael Kidd (1996) Stanley Donen (1997) Elia Kazan (1998) Andrzej Wajda (1999) Jack Cardiff / Ernest Lehman (2000) 2001–present Sidney Poitier / Robert Redford (2001) Peter O'Toole (2002) Blake Edwards (2003) Sidney Lumet (2004) Robert Altman (2005) Ennio Morricone (2006) Robert F. Boyle (2007) Lauren Bacall / Roger Corman / Gordon Willis (2009) Kevin Brownlow / Jean-Luc Godard / Eli Wallach (2010) James Earl Jones / Dick Smith (2011) D. A. Pennebaker / Hal Needham / George Stevens Jr. (2012) Angela Lansbury / Steve Martin / Piero Tosi (2013) Jean-Claude Carrière / Hayao Miyazaki / Maureen O'Hara (2014) Spike Lee / Gena Rowlands (2015) Jackie Chan / Lynn Stalmaster / Anne V. Coates / Frederick Wiseman (2016) Charles Burnett / Owen Roizman / Donald Sutherland / Agnès Varda (2017) v t e AFI Life Achievement Award John Ford (1973) James Cagney (1974) Orson Welles (1975) William Wyler (1976) Bette Davis (1977) Henry Fonda (1978) Alfred Hitchcock (1979) James Stewart (1980) Fred Astaire (1981) Frank Capra (1982) John Huston (1983) Lillian Gish (1984) Gene Kelly (1985) Billy Wilder (1986) Barbara Stanwyck (1987) Jack Lemmon (1988) Gregory Peck (1989) David Lean (1990) Kirk Douglas (1991) Sidney Poitier (1992) Elizabeth Taylor (1993) Jack Nicholson (1994) Steven Spielberg (1995) Clint Eastwood (1996) Martin Scorsese (1997) Robert Wise (1998) Dustin Hoffman (1999) Harrison Ford (2000) Barbra Streisand (2001) Tom Hanks (2002) Robert De Niro (2003) Meryl Streep (2004) George Lucas (2005) Sean Connery (2006) Al Pacino (2007) Warren Beatty (2008) Michael Douglas (2009) Mike Nichols (2010) Morgan Freeman (2011) Shirley MacLaine (2012) Mel Brooks (2013) Jane Fonda (2014) Steve Martin (2015) John Williams (2016) Diane Keaton (2017) George Clooney (2018) v t e BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role 1952–1967 Ralph Richardson British, Marlon Brando Foreign (1952) John Gielgud British, Marlon Brando Foreign (1953) Kenneth More British, Marlon Brando Foreign (1954) Laurence Olivier British, Ernest Borgnine Foreign (1955) Peter Finch British, François Périer Foreign (1956) Alec Guinness British, Henry Fonda Foreign (1957) Trevor Howard British, Sidney Poitier Foreign (1958) Peter Sellers British, Jack Lemmon Foreign (1959) Peter Finch British, Jack Lemmon Foreign (1960) Peter Finch British, Paul Newman Foreign (1961) Peter O'Toole British, Burt Lancaster Foreign (1962) Dirk Bogarde British, Marcello Mastroianni Foreign (1963) Richard Attenborough British, Marcello Mastroianni Foreign (1964) Dirk Bogarde British, Lee Marvin Foreign (1965) Richard Burton British, Rod Steiger Foreign (1966) Paul Scofield British, Rod Steiger Foreign (1967) 1968–present Spencer Tracy (1968) Dustin Hoffman (1969) Robert Redford (1970) Peter Finch (1971) Gene Hackman (1972) Walter Matthau (1973) Jack Nicholson (1974) Al Pacino (1975) Jack Nicholson (1976) Peter Finch (1977) Richard Dreyfuss (1978) Jack Lemmon (1979) John Hurt (1980) Burt Lancaster (1981) Ben Kingsley (1982) Michael Caine / Dustin Hoffman (1983) Haing S. 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Warner (1956) Mervyn LeRoy (1957) Buddy Adler (1958) Maurice Chevalier (1959) Bing Crosby (1960) Fred Astaire (1961) Judy Garland (1962) Bob Hope (1963) Joseph E. Levine (1964) James Stewart (1965) John Wayne (1966) Charlton Heston (1967) Kirk Douglas (1968) Gregory Peck (1969) Joan Crawford (1970) Frank Sinatra (1971) Alfred Hitchcock (1972) Samuel Goldwyn (1973) Bette Davis (1974) Hal B. Wallis (1975) Walter Mirisch (1977) Red Skelton (1978) Lucille Ball (1979) Henry Fonda (1980) Gene Kelly (1981) Sidney Poitier (1982) Laurence Olivier (1983) Paul Newman (1984) Elizabeth Taylor (1985) Barbara Stanwyck (1986) Anthony Quinn (1987) Clint Eastwood (1988) Doris Day (1989) Audrey Hepburn (1990) Jack Lemmon (1991) Robert Mitchum (1992) Lauren Bacall (1993) Robert Redford (1994) Sophia Loren (1995) Sean Connery (1996) Dustin Hoffman (1997) Shirley MacLaine (1998) Jack Nicholson (1999) Barbra Streisand (2000) Al Pacino (2001) Harrison Ford (2002) Gene Hackman (2003) Michael Douglas (2004) Robin Williams (2005) Anthony Hopkins (2006) Warren Beatty (2007) Steven Spielberg (2009) Martin Scorsese (2010) Robert De Niro (2011) Morgan Freeman (2012) Jodie Foster (2013) Woody Allen (2014) George Clooney (2015) Denzel Washington (2016) Meryl Streep (2017) Oprah Winfrey (2018) v t e Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama Paul Lukas (1943) Alexander Knox (1944) Ray Milland (1945) Gregory Peck (1946) Ronald Colman (1947) Laurence Olivier (1948) Broderick Crawford (1949) José Ferrer (1950) Fredric March (1951) Gary Cooper (1952) Spencer Tracy (1953) Marlon Brando (1954) Ernest Borgnine (1955) Kirk Douglas (1956) Alec Guinness (1957) David Niven (1958) Anthony Franciosa (1959) Burt Lancaster (1960) Maximilian Schell (1961) Gregory Peck (1962) Sidney Poitier (1963) Peter O'Toole (1964) Omar Sharif (1965) Paul Scofield (1966) Rod Steiger (1967) Peter O'Toole (1968) John Wayne (1969) George C. Scott (1970) Gene Hackman (1971) Marlon Brando (1972) Al Pacino (1973) Jack Nicholson (1974) Jack Nicholson (1975) Peter Finch (1976) Richard Burton (1977) Jon Voight (1978) Dustin Hoffman (1979) Robert De Niro (1980) Henry Fonda (1981) Ben Kingsley (1982) Robert Duvall / Tom Courtenay (1983) F. Murray Abraham (1984) Jon Voight (1985) Bob Hoskins (1986) Michael Douglas (1987) Dustin Hoffman (1988) Tom Cruise (1989) Jeremy Irons (1990) Nick Nolte (1991) Al Pacino (1992) Tom Hanks (1993) Tom Hanks (1994) Nicolas Cage (1995) Geoffrey Rush (1996) Peter Fonda (1997) Jim Carrey (1998) Denzel Washington (1999) Tom Hanks (2000) Russell Crowe (2001) Jack Nicholson (2002) Sean Penn (2003) Leonardo DiCaprio (2004) Philip Seymour Hoffman (2005) Forest Whitaker (2006) Daniel Day-Lewis (2007) Mickey Rourke (2008) Jeff Bridges (2009) Colin Firth (2010) George Clooney (2011) Daniel Day-Lewis (2012) Matthew McConaughey (2013) Eddie Redmayne (2014) Leonardo DiCaprio (2015) Casey Affleck (2016) Gary Oldman (2017) v t e Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album (1970s) 1970 Art Linkletter, Diane Linkletter - We Love You Call Collect 1971 Martin Luther King Jr. - Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam 1972 Les Crane - Desiderata 1973 Bruce Botnick (producer) - Lenny performed by the original Broadway cast 1974 Richard Harris - Jonathan Livingston Seagull 1975 Peter Cook, Dudley Moore - Good Evening 1976 James Whitmore - Give 'em Hell, Harry! 1977 Henry Fonda, Helen Hayes, James Earl Jones, Orson Welles - Great American Documents 1978 Julie Harris - The Belle of Amherst 1979 Orson Welles - Citizen Kane Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Complete list (1959 & 1960s) (1970s) (1980s) (1990s) (2000s) (2010s) v t e Kennedy Center Honorees (1970s) 1978 Marian Anderson Fred Astaire George Balanchine Richard Rodgers Arthur Rubinstein 1979 Aaron Copland Ella Fitzgerald Henry Fonda Martha Graham Tennessee Williams Complete list 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s v t e Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play José Ferrer / Fredric March (1947) Henry Fonda / Paul Kelly / Basil Rathbone (1948) Rex Harrison (1949) Sidney Blackmer (1950) Claude Rains (1951) José Ferrer (1952) Tom Ewell (1953) David Wayne (1954) Alfred Lunt (1955) Paul Muni (1956) Fredric March (1957) Ralph Bellamy (1958) Jason Robards, Jr. (1959) Melvyn Douglas (1960) Zero Mostel (1961) Paul Scofield (1962) Arthur Hill (1963) Alec Guinness (1964) Walter Matthau (1965) Hal Holbrook (1966) Paul Rogers (1967) Martin Balsam (1968) James Earl Jones (1969) Fritz Weaver (1970) Brian Bedford (1971) Cliff Gorman (1972) Alan Bates (1973) Michael Moriarty (1974) John Kani and Winston Ntshona (1975) John Wood (1976) Al Pacino (1977) Barnard Hughes (1978) Tom Conti (1979) John Rubinstein (1980) Ian McKellen (1981) Roger Rees (1982) Harvey Fierstein (1983) Jeremy Irons (1984) Derek Jacobi (1985) Judd Hirsch (1986) James Earl Jones (1987) Ron Silver (1988) Philip Bosco (1989) Robert Morse (1990) Nigel Hawthorne (1991) Judd Hirsch (1992) Ron Leibman (1993) Stephen Spinella (1994) Ralph Fiennes (1995) George Grizzard (1996) Christopher Plummer (1997) Anthony LaPaglia (1998) Brian Dennehy (1999) Stephen Dillane (2000) Richard Easton (2001) Alan Bates (2002) Brian Dennehy (2003) Jefferson Mays (2004) Bill Irwin (2005) Richard Griffiths (2006) Frank Langella (2007) Mark Rylance (2008) Geoffrey Rush (2009) Denzel Washington (2010) Mark Rylance (2011) James Corden (2012) Tracy Letts (2013) Bryan Cranston (2014) Alex Sharp (2015) Frank Langella (2016) Kevin Kline (2017) Authority control WorldCat Identities VIAF: 112378001 LCCN: n81066419 ISNI: 0000 0001 2096 8690 GND: 11853422X SELIBR: 393231 SUDOC: 027644111 BNF: cb12606221f (data) NLA: 35170225 NDL: 00620671 NKC: jn20000700545 BNE: XX958957 SNAC: w6nk3j44 Retrieved from "" Categories: 1905 births1982 deaths20th Century Fox contract players20th-century American male actorsAcademy Honorary Award recipientsAmerican agnosticsAmerican beekeepersAmerican male film actorsAmerican male stage actorsAmerican male television actorsAmerican military personnel of World War IIAmerican people of Dutch descentAmerican people of English descentAmerican people of Frisian descentAmerican people of Italian descentAmerican people of Norwegian descentAmerican people of Scottish descentAmerican Theater Hall of Fame inducteesBAFTA winners (people)Best Actor Academy Award winnersBest Drama Actor Golden Globe (film) winnersBest Foreign Actor BAFTA Award winnersCalifornia DemocratsCecil B. 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ScottGene HackmanMarlon BrandoJack LemmonArt CarneyJack NicholsonPeter FinchRichard DreyfussJon VoightDustin HoffmanRobert De NiroBen KingsleyRobert DuvallF. Murray AbrahamWilliam HurtPaul NewmanMichael DouglasDustin HoffmanDaniel Day-LewisJeremy IronsAnthony HopkinsAl PacinoTom HanksTom HanksNicolas CageGeoffrey RushJack NicholsonRoberto BenigniKevin SpaceyRussell CroweDenzel WashingtonAdrien BrodySean PennJamie FoxxPhilip Seymour HoffmanForest WhitakerDaniel Day-LewisSean PennJeff BridgesColin FirthJean DujardinDaniel Day-LewisMatthew McConaugheyEddie RedmayneLeonardo DiCaprioCasey AffleckGary OldmanTemplate:Academy Honorary AwardTemplate Talk:Academy Honorary AwardAcademy Honorary AwardWarner Bros.Charlie ChaplinWalt DisneyShirley TempleD. W. GriffithThe March Of TimeW. Howard GreeneHarold RossonEdgar BergenW. Howard GreeneMuseum Of Modern Art Department Of FilmMack SennettWalt DisneyDeanna DurbinMickey RooneyGordon JenningsJan DomelaFarciot EdouartLoyal GriggsLoren L. 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SchenckForbidden Games20th Century FoxBell & HowellJoseph BreenPete Smith (film Producer)Bausch & LombDanny KayeGreta GarboJon WhiteleyVincent WinterGate Of Hell (film)Samurai I: Musashi MiyamotoEddie CantorSociety Of Motion Picture And Television EngineersBroncho Billy AndersonCharles BrackettB. B. KahaneMaurice ChevalierBuster KeatonLee De ForestGary CooperStan LaurelHayley MillsWilliam L. HendricksJerome RobbinsWilliam J. TuttleBob HopeYakima CanuttY. Frank FreemanArthur FreedJohn Chambers (make-up Artist)Onna WhiteCary GrantLillian GishOrson WellesCharlie ChaplinEdward G. 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CoatesFrederick WisemanCharles Burnett (director)Owen RoizmanDonald SutherlandAgnès VardaTemplate:AFI Life Achievement AwardTemplate Talk:AFI Life Achievement AwardAFI Life Achievement AwardJohn FordJames CagneyOrson WellesWilliam WylerBette DavisAlfred HitchcockJames StewartFred AstaireFrank CapraJohn HustonLillian GishGene KellyBilly WilderBarbara StanwyckJack LemmonGregory PeckDavid LeanKirk DouglasSidney PoitierElizabeth TaylorJack NicholsonSteven SpielbergClint EastwoodMartin ScorseseRobert WiseDustin HoffmanHarrison FordBarbra StreisandTom HanksRobert De NiroMeryl StreepGeorge LucasSean ConneryAl PacinoWarren BeattyMichael DouglasMike NicholsMorgan FreemanShirley MacLaineMel BrooksJane FondaSteve MartinJohn WilliamsDiane KeatonGeorge ClooneyTemplate:BAFTA Award For Best Actor In A Leading RoleTemplate Talk:BAFTA Award For Best Actor In A Leading RoleBAFTA Award For Best Actor In A Leading RoleRalph RichardsonMarlon BrandoJohn GielgudMarlon BrandoKenneth MoreMarlon BrandoLaurence OlivierErnest BorgninePeter FinchFrançois PérierAlec GuinnessTrevor HowardSidney PoitierPeter SellersJack LemmonPeter FinchJack LemmonPeter FinchPaul NewmanPeter O'TooleBurt LancasterDirk BogardeMarcello MastroianniRichard AttenboroughMarcello MastroianniDirk BogardeLee MarvinRichard BurtonRod SteigerPaul ScofieldRod SteigerSpencer TracyDustin HoffmanRobert RedfordPeter FinchGene HackmanWalter MatthauJack NicholsonAl PacinoJack NicholsonPeter FinchRichard DreyfussJack LemmonJohn HurtBurt LancasterBen KingsleyMichael CaineDustin HoffmanHaing S. NgorWilliam HurtBob HoskinsSean ConneryJohn CleeseDaniel Day-LewisPhilippe NoiretAnthony HopkinsRobert Downey Jr.Anthony HopkinsHugh GrantNigel HawthorneGeoffrey RushRobert CarlyleRoberto BenigniKevin SpaceyJamie BellRussell CroweDaniel Day-LewisBill MurrayJamie FoxxPhilip Seymour HoffmanForest WhitakerDaniel Day-LewisMickey RourkeColin FirthColin FirthJean DujardinDaniel Day-LewisChiwetel EjioforEddie RedmayneLeonardo DiCaprioCasey AffleckGary OldmanTemplate:Cecil B. DeMille AwardTemplate Talk:Cecil B. DeMille AwardGolden Globe Cecil B. DeMille AwardCecil B. DeMilleWalt DisneyDarryl F. ZanuckJean HersholtJack L. WarnerMervyn LeRoyBuddy AdlerMaurice ChevalierBing CrosbyFred AstaireJudy GarlandBob HopeJoseph E. LevineJames StewartJohn WayneCharlton HestonKirk DouglasGregory PeckJoan CrawfordFrank SinatraAlfred HitchcockSamuel GoldwynBette DavisHal B. WallisWalter MirischRed SkeltonLucille BallGene KellySidney PoitierLaurence OlivierPaul NewmanElizabeth TaylorBarbara StanwyckAnthony QuinnClint EastwoodDoris DayAudrey HepburnJack LemmonRobert MitchumLauren BacallRobert RedfordSophia LorenSean ConneryDustin HoffmanShirley MacLaineJack NicholsonBarbra StreisandAl PacinoHarrison FordGene HackmanMichael DouglasRobin WilliamsAnthony HopkinsWarren BeattySteven SpielbergMartin ScorseseRobert De NiroMorgan FreemanJodie FosterWoody AllenGeorge ClooneyDenzel WashingtonMeryl StreepOprah WinfreyTemplate:Golden Globe Award Best Actor Motion Picture DramaTemplate Talk:Golden Globe Award Best Actor Motion Picture DramaGolden Globe Award For Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaPaul LukasAlexander KnoxRay MillandGregory PeckRonald ColmanLaurence OlivierBroderick CrawfordJosé FerrerFredric MarchGary CooperSpencer TracyMarlon BrandoErnest BorgnineKirk DouglasAlec GuinnessDavid NivenAnthony FranciosaBurt LancasterMaximilian SchellGregory PeckSidney PoitierPeter O'TooleOmar SharifPaul ScofieldRod SteigerPeter O'TooleJohn WayneGeorge C. ScottGene HackmanMarlon BrandoAl PacinoJack NicholsonJack NicholsonPeter FinchRichard BurtonJon VoightDustin HoffmanRobert De NiroBen KingsleyRobert DuvallTom CourtenayF. Murray AbrahamJon VoightBob HoskinsMichael DouglasDustin HoffmanTom CruiseJeremy IronsNick NolteAl PacinoTom HanksTom HanksNicolas CageGeoffrey RushPeter FondaJim CarreyDenzel WashingtonTom HanksRussell CroweJack NicholsonSean PennLeonardo DiCaprioPhilip Seymour HoffmanForest WhitakerDaniel Day-LewisMickey RourkeJeff BridgesColin FirthGeorge ClooneyDaniel Day-LewisMatthew McConaugheyEddie RedmayneLeonardo DiCaprioCasey AffleckGary OldmanTemplate:Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word Album 1970sTemplate Talk:Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word Album 1970sGrammy Award For Best Spoken Word AlbumArt LinkletterDiane LinkletterMartin Luther King Jr.Les CraneDesiderata (Les Crane Album)Bruce BotnickRichard HarrisJonathan Livingston SeagullPeter CookDudley MooreJames WhitmoreGive 'em Hell, Harry!Helen HayesJames Earl JonesOrson WellesJulie Harris (actress)The Belle Of AmherstOrson WellesCitizen KaneTemplate:Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word AlbumTemplate:Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word Album 1960sTemplate:Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word Album 1970sTemplate:Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word Album 1980sTemplate:Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word Album 1990sTemplate:Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word Album 2000sTemplate:Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word Album 2010sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 1970sTemplate Talk:Kennedy Center Honorees 1970sKennedy Center HonorsMarian AndersonFred AstaireGeorge BalanchineRichard RodgersArthur RubinsteinAaron CoplandElla FitzgeraldMartha GrahamTennessee WilliamsKennedy Center HonorsTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 1970sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 1980sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 1990sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 2000sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 2010sTemplate:TonyAward PlayLeadActorTemplate Talk:TonyAward PlayLeadActorTony Award For Best Actor In A PlayJosé FerrerFredric MarchPaul Kelly (actor)Basil RathboneRex HarrisonSidney BlackmerClaude RainsJosé FerrerTom EwellDavid WayneAlfred LuntPaul MuniFredric MarchRalph BellamyJason RobardsMelvyn DouglasZero MostelPaul ScofieldArthur Hill (actor)Alec GuinnessWalter MatthauHal HolbrookPaul Rogers (actor)Martin BalsamJames Earl JonesFritz WeaverBrian BedfordCliff GormanAlan BatesMichael MoriartyJohn KaniWinston NtshonaJohn Wood (English Actor)Al PacinoBarnard HughesTom ContiJohn RubinsteinIan McKellenRoger ReesHarvey FiersteinJeremy IronsDerek JacobiJudd HirschJames Earl JonesRon SilverPhilip BoscoRobert MorseNigel HawthorneJudd HirschRon LeibmanStephen SpinellaRalph FiennesGeorge GrizzardChristopher PlummerAnthony LaPagliaBrian DennehyStephen DillaneRichard EastonAlan BatesBrian DennehyJefferson MaysBill IrwinRichard GriffithsFrank LangellaMark RylanceGeoffrey RushDenzel WashingtonMark RylanceJames CordenTracy LettsBryan CranstonAlex SharpFrank LangellaKevin KlineHelp:Authority ControlVirtual International Authority FileLibrary Of Congress Control NumberInternational Standard Name IdentifierIntegrated Authority FileLIBRISSystème Universitaire De DocumentationBibliothèque Nationale De FranceNational Library Of AustraliaNational Diet LibraryNational Library Of The Czech RepublicBiblioteca Nacional De EspañaSNACHelp:CategoryCategory:1905 BirthsCategory:1982 DeathsCategory:20th Century Fox Contract PlayersCategory:20th-century American Male ActorsCategory:Academy Honorary Award RecipientsCategory:American AgnosticsCategory:American BeekeepersCategory:American Male Film ActorsCategory:American Male Stage ActorsCategory:American Male Television ActorsCategory:American Military Personnel Of World War IICategory:American People Of Dutch DescentCategory:American People Of English DescentCategory:American People Of Frisian DescentCategory:American People Of Italian DescentCategory:American People Of Norwegian DescentCategory:American People Of Scottish DescentCategory:American Theater Hall Of Fame InducteesCategory:BAFTA Winners (people)Category:Best Actor Academy Award WinnersCategory:Best Drama Actor Golden Globe (film) WinnersCategory:Best Foreign Actor BAFTA Award WinnersCategory:California DemocratsCategory:Cecil B. 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