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History[edit] Grant opened as a high school in September,[citation needed] 1959. Its first students were baby boomers moving into suburban houses in the San Fernando Valley.[4] Reut Cohen of Neon Tommy, a publication of the Annenberg Media Center, wrote that in the 1970s and 1980s the school was "regarded as an excellent public institution."[5] In the 1990s there was an ethnic tension between the Armenian students and the Hispanic and Latino students. An LAUSD official stated a belief that the tension may have originated from earthquake relief drives held in the 1980s which were meant to benefit Armenia and Mexico.[6] Cohen stated that the ethnic tensions were a major factor in the decline of Grant's reputation in the 1990s.[5] The tensions exploded on Thursday, October 21, 1999 when the a fight between an Armenian girl and a Latina girl turned into a fight between 200 students. The fight resulted in 40 students being detained and minor injuries being inflicted on 10 students, some teachers, and a maintenance worker. No serious injuries occurred.[6] In January 2000 the students signed a "peace treaty" to prevent future fighting. By February banners were erected which promoted peace.[7] By October of that year there were discussion programs aimed at further reducing tension.[8] A fight involving almost 500 students occurred on Tuesday March 8, 2005.[9] In 2006, Grant was relieved of many 9th and 10th graders by the opening of East Valley High School, which planned to phase in grades 11 and 12 in the following two years.[10] Ethnic tensions reappeared during an Armenian remembrance event in 2008.[5] Grant was featured in Newsweek magazines April 17, 2008 cover story about 25 years of divorce in America; Grant was chosen as a prototypical suburban high school and the article featured members of the class of 1982 and their marital stories.[4]

Academic and artistic feats[edit] In the late 1960s, a local L.A. television station aired a game show called It's Academic, which featured competition among L.A. area high schools in a quiz show format. Grant won the competition both years that the show was on the air. In 1977, students at Grant achieved a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records for playing the world's largest musical chairs game (record since broken). Grant students are also credited with helping to paint one of the largest murals in the world—the Great Wall of Los Angeles—in the Tujunga Wash that lies on the border of the campus. The mural, which depicts southwestern U.S. history from prehistoric times, is 2,754 feet (840 m) making it the longest mural in the United States. Grant's award-winning Academic Decathlon team placed 11th out of 64 schools in the 2009 regional competition.

Demographics[edit] See also: History of the Armenian Americans in Los Angeles See also: History of the Mexican Americans in Los Angeles See also: History of the Central Americans in Los Angeles In the mid-20th century the school used a tracking program which resulted in many Jewish students, who anticipated attending colleges and universities, together. Deborah Dash Moore, the author of To the Golden Cities: Pursuing the American Jewish Dream in Miami and L.A., wrote that this made the presence of these Jewish students "more visible than numbers alone would warrant."[11] Grant offered Modern Hebrew classes.[11] In 1978 the school had over 3,000 students.[4] In 1999 the school had 3,400 students,[6] and there were 3,300 students in 2000. That year the student body was 51% Hispanic and Latino, 36% White, 6% African-American, 4% Asian, and 2% Filipino. Most of the Hispanic and Latino students were Mexican American and many of the Whites were Armenian American.[8] As of 2000 the students originated from 48 countries.[12] As of 2010 65% of the students were Hispanic and Latino, and 20% were Armenian.[13] The Hispanic and Latino students, as of 2015, often originated from families who migrated from Mexico and Central America and were born in the United States; they prefer to identify by their countries of origin even though they are grouped together as Hispanic and Latino. The Armenian students, as of 2015, originated in a wave of immigration from Armenia and the former Soviet Union that began in the early 1990s.[14]

Culture[edit] In 2000 the socialization point for the Latinos was the south side of the school's quad, while the Armenians socialized in the north side. As of that year, fights between Armenian and Latino students often occurred in October. As of 2000 the common belief at the school was that Latinos wore baggy clothes while Armenians dressed more conservatively.[8]

Film program[edit] Grant has a film program for students either considering a career in that field or with a general interest. Students that have completed his program have earned numerous awards such as certificates, CINE Golden Eagles, trophies and other means of recognition. The students are allowed to freely create stories of their own.

Los Angeles city athletic championships[edit] 1974 Boys Tennis 1975 Boys Pole Vault (Howard Kwasman) 1986 Boys Baseball 1991 Boys Golf 1992 Boys Golf 1993 Girls Soccer 1994 Girls Soccer 1996 Girls Gymnastics 2012 Boys Pole Vault (Martin Lopez) Retired numbers: #13 Rod Beck (Baseball), #21 Nevil Vega (Baseball), #25 Gilbert Arenas (Boys Basketball)

Notable alumni[edit] This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: Citations needed. Shorten descriptors to bare necessity. Keep one blue link per line Please help improve this section if you can. (July 2013) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Barry Carl, former Rockapella band member[15] Barry Livingston, actor (including Ernie on My Three Sons) [16] Barry "The Fish" Melton, guitarist and co-founder of the band Country Joe and the Fish Bobby Diamond, 1964, Los Angeles lawyer and former actor[17] Brian Robbins, actor in Head of the Class, director of Norbit[18]" Bruce Manson, former professional tennis player Cheryl Holdridge, actress, married to Lance Reventlow[19] Craig Hundley, musician and former child actor, now known as Craig Huxley[20] Dan Kalb, City Councilmember, Oakland, CA Danny Nucci, actor[21] David Paich, keyboardist, singer, composer and co-founder of the rock group Toto Davie Allan, instrumental rock guitarist[22] Fran Pavley, California State Senator [23] Gary Knell, National Geographic Society President and Chief Executive Officer Gilbert Arenas, professional basketball player, NBA All-Star with Washington Wizards[24] Ike Eisenmann, actor, producer, sound effects specialist Jeff Green, former editor-in-chief of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine Minnette Gersh Lenier, teacher of literacy and professional magician Jeff Porcaro, drummer, co-founder of the rock group Toto (d. 1992)[25] Jessie Nelson, filmmaker (Corinna, Corinna, I Am Sam, The Story of Us, Fred Claus)[26] Jim Gordon, popular session drummer Jim Umbarger, Major League Baseball player 1975-78[27] Joel Grover - Los Angeles Television News Investigative Reporter John Dolmayan rock drummer (System Of A Down)[28] Johnette Napolitano, musician, Concrete Blonde[29] Joseph Williams, film/TV composer and former lead singer in rock group Toto Kay Lenz, Emmy Award-winning actress, first wife of David Cassidy[30] Kevin Dubrow, lead singer, co-founder of the rock group Quiet Riot (d. 2007) Kim Ung-Yong Larry Magid, technology journalist Lonn Friend, vice president of A & R for Arista Records[29] Marcia Reed, movie stills photographer Megan Marshack, journalist Melora Hardin, actress, Jan in The Office Michael Landau, session guitarist Michael Simpson, Grammy Award-winning record producer and composer, one of the "Dust Brothers"[31] Micky Dolenz, actor, musician and drummer of The Monkees[32] Mike Curb, record producer, California Lieutenant Governor from 1979-83[33] Mike Porcaro, member of rock group Toto Mike Post, composer of music and theme songs for popular TV series[34] Mitch Gaylord, 1984 Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast[35] Moosie Drier, actor and occasional director[36] Paul Neubauer, violist of New York Philharmonic and instructor at Juilliard and Mannes College of Music Rod Beck, Major League Baseball pitcher 1991-2003, 3-time All-Star[37] Ruthann Friedman, folk musician Stan Lee (musician) Sobol, guitarist for band The Dickies, formed in 1977, Clown Princes of Punk Steve Lukather, musician, member of the rock group Toto[25] Steve Porcaro, musician, composer, co-founder of rock group Toto[25] Tom Griffin, Major League Baseball player, 1969–82, Sporting News National League Rookie Pitcher of the Year in 1969[38] Tom Scott, professional musician and writer of themes to "Starsky & Hutch", "The Streets of San Francisco", and "Family Ties".[22] Tom Selleck, actor[39]

Use as a filming location[edit] Grant High School has been featured in a number of film and television productions. This is due to the long strip of road (known as "Lancer Lane") that runs between the eastern boundary of the school and a scenic greenbelt, walking path, and the Tujunga Wash, and the availability of ample parking—combined with the ease of moving equipment around. Grant High School is also recognized as among the best high schools in the country for its film/video productions made by students of the communications/technology magnet. Among the professional film and television productions that have utilized Grant High School as a filming location: Dope (2015 film) Balls of Fury - Auditorium and Campus Clueless - the film and exterior shots and the television series CSI: Miami Foursome - YouTube Red series Ferris Bueller Freaks and Geeks Ghost Whisperer[40] Life Goes On Malcolm in the Middle Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mini's First Time- Lifetime Original Movie My Name Is Earl - TV Show on NBC Not Another Teen Movie Power Rangers in Space Power Rangers Turbo Power Rangers Zeo Project UFO - NBC TV Show (1978–1979) Quincy, M.E. - NBC TV Show (1976–1983) Reba Reno 911![40] - Comedy Central Series with guest star Carmen Electra Saved By the Bell - exterior shot Seduced By Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story Six Feet Under - Cable show (interior shots of class rooms) The 70's House - MTV Reality Show (Dodgeball scene) The Hollow - Movie based on the Legend of Sleepy Hollow The Office The Secret Life of the American Teenager[40] - ABC Family TV Series The United States of Tara[40] - Showtime Series True Blood - HBO Series What Really Happened to the Class of '65? - TV Series Where the Action Is - ABC TV Show (1965–1967) Who's Your Daddy? - a direct-to-video feature film With Six You Get Eggroll - 1968 movie starring Doris Day and Brian Keith You Again[41] Yours, Mine and Ours Many music videos including: Deftones - music video Back to School (interior and exterior shots) Escape The Fate - "Situations" Hellogoodbye - "Baby It's Fact" N.E.R.D's "Rockstar" video Three Doors Down - music video Loser (hallways, teachers lounge, class rooms, and exterior shots) P Diddy - "It's All About the Benjamins" (used auditorium) Tantric - "Breakdown" The Offspring - "Kristy, Are you doing Okay?" Iggy Azalea - "Fancy" Colony The Secret Life of the American Teenager

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