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Governors[edit] Governor of the Territory of Jefferson[edit] The self-proclaimed Provisional Government of the Territory of Jefferson was organized on November 7, 1859.[3] Jefferson Territory included all of present-day Colorado, but extended about 3 miles (5 km) farther east, 138 miles (222 km) farther north, and about 50 miles (80 km) farther west.[4] The territory was never recognized by the federal government in the tumultuous days before the American Civil War. The Jefferson Territory had only one governor, Robert Williamson Steele, a pro-union Democrat elected by popular vote. He proclaimed the territory dissolved on June 6, 1861, several months after the official formation of the Colorado Territory, but only days after the arrival of its first governor.[5] Governors of the Territory of Colorado[edit] For the period before Colorado Territory was formed, see the lists of Governors of New Mexico Territory, Utah Territory, Kansas Territory, and Nebraska Territory. The Territory of Colorado was organized on February 28, 1861, from parts of the territories of New Mexico, Utah, and Nebraska, and the unorganized territory that was previously the western portion of Kansas Territory.[6] # Governor Term in office Appointed by 1 William Gilpin March 25, 1861[7][a] – March 26, 1862[b] Abraham Lincoln 2 John Evans March 26, 1862[7] – October 17, 1865[c] 3 Alexander Cummings October 17, 1865[11] – April 24, 1867 Andrew Johnson 4 Alexander Cameron Hunt April 24, 1867[11] – June 14, 1869 5 Edward M. McCook June 14, 1869[12] – Sometime in 1873[d] Ulysses S. Grant 6 Samuel Hitt Elbert April 4, 1873[13] – Sometime in 1874[e] 7 Edward M. McCook June 19, 1874[12] – March 29, 1875 8 John Long Routt March 29, 1875[14] – August 1, 1876 Governors of the State of Colorado[edit] The State of Colorado was admitted to the Union on August 1, 1876. To serve as governor, one must be at least 30 years old, be a citizen of the United States, and have been a resident of the state for at least two years prior to election. The state constitution of 1876 originally called for election of the governor every two years, with their term beginning on the second Tuesday of the January following the election.[15] An amendment passed in 1956, taking effect in 1959, increased terms to four years.[16] Originally, there was no term limit applied to the governor; a 1990 amendment allowed governors to succeed themselves only once.[17] There is however no limit on the total number of terms one may serve as long as one who has served the two term limit is out of office for four years. Should the office of governor become vacant, the lieutenant governor becomes governor.[18] If both the offices governor and lieutenant governor are vacant, the line of succession moves down through the senior members of the state senate and state house of representatives of the same party as the governor.[19] The lieutenant governor was elected separately from the governor until a 1968 amendment to the constitution[20] made it so that they are elected on the same ticket.[21] #[f] Governor Term in office Party Election Lt. Governor[g] 1   John Long Routt August 1, 1876 – January 14, 1879 Republican 1876   Lafayette Head 2 Frederick Walker Pitkin January 14, 1879 – January 9, 1883 Republican 1878 Horace Austin Warner Tabor 1880 3 James Benton Grant January 9, 1883 – January 13, 1885 Democratic 1882 William H. Meyer[h] 4 Benjamin Harrison Eaton January 13, 1885 – January 11, 1887 Republican 1884 Peter W. Breene 5 Alva Adams January 11, 1887 – January 8, 1889 Democratic 1886 Norman H. Meldrum 6 Job Adams Cooper January 8, 1889 – January 13, 1891 Republican 1888 William Grover Smith 7 John Long Routt January 13, 1891 – January 10, 1893 Republican 1890 William Story 8 Davis Hanson Waite January 10, 1893 – January 8, 1895 People's 1892 David Hopkinson Nichols 9 Albert Washington McIntire January 8, 1895 – January 12, 1897 Republican 1894 Jared L. Brush[h] 10 Alva Adams January 12, 1897 – January 10, 1899 Democratic 1896 11 Charles Spalding Thomas January 10, 1899 – January 8, 1901 Democratic 1898 Francis Patrick Carney[i] 12 James Bradley Orman January 8, 1901 – January 13, 1903 Democratic 1900 David C. Coates[j] 13 James Hamilton Peabody January 13, 1903 – January 10, 1905 Republican 1902 Warren A. Haggott[k] 14 Alva Adams January 10, 1905 – March 17, 1905 Democratic 1904 [l] Arthur Cornforth 15 James Hamilton Peabody March 17, 1905 – March 17, 1905 Republican Jesse Fuller McDonald 16 Jesse Fuller McDonald March 17, 1905 – January 8, 1907 Republican Vacant Fred W. Parks (took office July 5, 1905) 17 Henry Augustus Buchtel January 8, 1907 – January 12, 1909 Republican 1906 Erastus Harper 18 John F. Shafroth January 12, 1909 – January 14, 1913 Democratic 1908 Stephen R. Fitzgarrald 1910 19 Elias M. Ammons January 14, 1913 – January 12, 1915 Democratic 1912 20 George Alfred Carlson January 12, 1915 – January 9, 1917 Republican 1914 Moses E. Lewis 21 Julius Caldeen Gunter January 9, 1917 – January 14, 1919 Democratic 1916 James A. Pulliam 22 Oliver Henry Shoup January 14, 1919 – January 9, 1923 Republican 1918 George Stepham 1920 Earl Cooley 23 William Ellery Sweet January 9, 1923 – January 13, 1925 Democratic 1922 Robert F. Rockwell[h] 24 Clarence Morley January 13, 1925 – January 11, 1927 Republican 1924 Sterling Byrd Lacy[m] 25 Billy Adams January 11, 1927 – January 10, 1933 Democratic 1926 George Milton Corlett[h] 1928 1930 Edwin C. Johnson 26 Edwin C. Johnson January 10, 1933 – January 1, 1937 Democratic 1932 Ray Herbert Talbot 1934 [n] 27 Ray Herbert Talbot January 1, 1937 – January 12, 1937 Democratic Vacant 28 Teller Ammons January 12, 1937 – January 10, 1939 Democratic 1936 Frank J. Hayes 29 Ralph Lawrence Carr January 10, 1939 – January 12, 1943 Republican 1938 John Charles Vivian 1940 30 John Charles Vivian January 12, 1943 – January 14, 1947 Republican 1942 William Eugene Higby 1944 31 William Lee Knous January 14, 1947 – April 15, 1950 Democratic 1946 Homer L. Pearson 1948 [o] Walter Walford Johnson 32 Walter Walford Johnson April 15, 1950 – January 9, 1951 Democratic Charles P. Murphy[h] 33 Daniel I.J. Thornton January 9, 1951 – January 11, 1955 Republican 1950 Gordon L. Allott 1952 34 Edwin C. Johnson January 11, 1955 – January 8, 1957 Democratic 1954 Stephen L.R. McNichols 35 Stephen L.R. McNichols January 8, 1957 – January 8, 1963 Democratic 1956 Frank L. Hays[h] 1958 [p] Robert Lee Knous 36 John Arthur Love January 8, 1963 – July 16, 1973 Republican 1962 1966 Mark Anthony Hogan[m] 1970 [q] John David Vanderhoof 37 John David Vanderhoof July 16, 1973 – January 14, 1975 Republican Ted L. Strickland 38 Richard "Dick" Lamm January 14, 1975 – January 13, 1987 Democratic 1974 George L. Brown 1978 Nancy E. Dick 1982 39 Roy Romer January 13, 1987 – January 12, 1999 Democratic 1986 Mike Callihan (resigned May 10, 1994) 1990 Vacant Samuel H. Cassidy (took office May 11, 1994) 1994 Gail Schoettler 40 Bill Owens January 12, 1999 – January 9, 2007 Republican 1998 Joe Rogers 2002 Jane E. Norton 41 Bill Ritter January 9, 2007 – January 11, 2011 Democratic 2006 Barbara O'Brien 42 John Hickenlooper January 11, 2011 – Present Democratic 2010 Joseph A. Garcia (resigned May 12, 2016) 2014 [r] Donna Lynne

Living former governors[edit] There are four living former governors of Colorado, the oldest being Roy Romer (served 1987–1999, born 1928). The most recent death of a former governor was that of John David Vanderhoof (served 1973–1975, born 1922), who died on September 19, 2013. Governor Gubernatorial term Date of birth (and age) Richard "Dick" Lamm 1975–1987 (1935-09-12) September 12, 1935 (age 82) Roy Romer 1987–1999 (1928-10-31) October 31, 1928 (age 89) Bill Owens 1999–2007 (1950-10-22) October 22, 1950 (age 67) Bill Ritter 2007–2011 (1956-09-06) September 6, 1956 (age 61)

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Notes[edit] ^ The territory was formed on February 28, 1861, but no governor was appointed until March 25, 1861. Gilpin himself did not arrive in the territory until May 27, 1861.[8] ^ Removed from office for improper financial drafts from the federal treasury.[9] ^ Resigned at the request of President Johnson following the Sand Creek Massacre. The resignation was requested on July 18, 1865.[10] ^ Removed from office by petition.[12] ^ Records show Elbert served "less than a year", but his successor was appointed on June 19, 1874, which was 14 months after Elbert took office.[13] ^ The official numbering includes repeat governors. ^ Lieutenant governors represented the same party as their governor unless noted. ^ a b c d e f Represented the Republican Party. ^ Represented the Populist Party. ^ The Colorado State Archives labels Coates a Democrat;[22] however, a contemporary New York Times article describes him as a Populist elected on a fusion ticket, and that he had renounced all other parties and become a Socialist.[23] ^ The Colorado State Archives says Haggott served from 1902 to 1903; however, multiple sources say he served with Peabody[24] well into 1904,[25] so it is assumed the Archives are in error. ^ The 1904 election was rife with fraud and controversy. Alva Adams won election, but soon after he took office the Republican legislature declared James Peabody to be the actual winner, on the condition that Peabody immediately resign. Since Peabody had been governor for a few moments before resigning, it was his lieutenant governor, Jesse McDonald, that succeeded to the governorship. In all, Colorado had three governors on March 17, 1905. ^ a b Represented the Democratic Party. ^ Johnson resigned to take an elected seat in the United States Senate; as lieutenant governor, Talbot succeeded him. ^ Knous resigned to take a seat on the United States District Court for the District of Colorado; as lieutenant governor, Johnson succeeded him. ^ Terms were lengthened from two to four years beginning with this term. ^ Love resigned to be Director of the Office of Energy Policy; as lieutenant governor, Vanderhoof succeeded him. ^ Governor Hickenlooper's second term expires on January 8, 2019; he will be term limited.

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ColoradoCategory:1986 In ColoradoCategory:1987 In ColoradoCategory:1988 In ColoradoCategory:1989 In ColoradoCategory:1990 In ColoradoCategory:1991 In ColoradoCategory:1992 In ColoradoCategory:1993 In ColoradoCategory:1994 In ColoradoCategory:1995 In ColoradoCategory:1996 In ColoradoCategory:1997 In ColoradoCategory:1998 In ColoradoCategory:1999 In ColoradoCategory:2000 In ColoradoCategory:2001 In ColoradoCategory:2002 In ColoradoCategory:2003 In ColoradoCategory:2004 In ColoradoCategory:2005 In ColoradoCategory:2006 In ColoradoCategory:2007 In ColoradoCategory:2008 In ColoradoCategory:2009 In ColoradoCategory:2010 In ColoradoCategory:2011 In ColoradoCategory:2012 In ColoradoCategory:2013 In ColoradoCategory:2014 In ColoradoCategory:2015 In ColoradoCategory:2016 In ColoradoCategory:2017 In ColoradoCategory:2018 In ColoradoCategory:2019 In ColoradoCategory:2020 In ColoradoCategory:2022 In ColoradoHelp:CategoryCategory:Governors Of ColoradoCategory:State Constitutional Officers Of 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