Features[edit] The park features such sights as: Court of Liberty[edit] A section of the Birth of Liberty mosaic The Court of Liberty features statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and the Birth of Liberty mosaic. At 162 feet (49 m) long and 28 feet (8.5 m) high, Birth of Liberty is the largest historical mosaic in the United States. It is composed of ten million pieces of Venetian glass and depicts twenty-five scenes from early America, from 1619–1787. The Old North Church, a precise replica of Boston's historic church, from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "Paul Revere's Ride". The historical rooms have documents and mementos of the colonial period. The Hall of Liberty American History Museum has a copy of the Liberty Bell and other exhibits. The museum has a 1,200-seat auditorium. Monument to Washington, a marble and bronze tribute to America's first president, created by sculptor Thomas Ball. Four of Washington's generals are honored in the memorial. Lincoln Terrace[edit] The Lincoln Terrace features a 16-foot (4.9 m) bronze statue of the 16th president by Augustus St. Gaudens, flanked by a panoramic mosaic depicting key scenes from Lincoln's life. Plaza of Mesoamerican Heritage[edit] A large Aztec calendar replica in the plaza The Plaza of Mesoamerican Heritage has indigenous/non-Christian sculptures by Meliton Salas Rodriguez, of Guadalajara, Mexico. Salas used hand tools to first quarry, then work the native Mexican stone into precisely scaled, detailed replicas of pagan artwork and artifacts that are representative of the Aztec, Huastec, Maya, Mixtec, Olmec, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Totonac, and Zapotec civilizations that preceded modern Mexican culture and is in contrast to the largely Judeo-Christian and American themes which have traditionally been the theme at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills since its inception. A smooth Olmecan head, an intricate Aztec sun calendar and a sinuous Teotihuacan bas relief are some of the sculptural features of the Plaza that are set off by crushed stone walkways and complemented by groupings of Mesoamerican plants.

History[edit] The first Forest Lawn, in Glendale, was founded in 1906 by businessmen who hired Dr. Hubert Eaton, a firm believer in a joyous life after death. He believed that most cemeteries were "unsightly, depressing stoneyards," and pledged to create one that would reflect his optimistic beliefs and be "as unlike other cemeteries as sunshine is unlike darkness." He envisioned Forest Lawn to be "a great park devoid of misshapen monuments and other signs of earthly death, but filled with towering trees, sweeping lawns, splashing fountains, beautiful statuary, and... memorial architecture".[2] Before it was a cemetery, Forest Lawn was a filming location used by directors such as Carl Laemmle and Cecil B. DeMille. The climactic battle scenes for D. W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation were filmed there. The alternate names of the filming site are Providencia Flats, Nestor Ranch, Oak Ranch, Oak Crest Ranch, Universal Ranch/Universal City, Lasky Ranch, and Paramount Ranch until November 1927. When Eaton (self-proclaimed as "The Builder") made known his desire to open a second Forest Lawn location in the Hollywood Hills, the local residents protested vehemently. To circumvent the protesters, Mr. Eaton sent his staff to the county morgue to claim 6 "John Does" and buried them at the corners of the property in the dark of night. In the morning, the protesters had no power because, by law, the property was now a cemetery. California Health and Safety Code, Section 7003 “Cemetery” means either of the following: (a)Any of the following that is used or intended to be used and dedicated for cemetery purposes: (1)A burial park, for earth interments. (2)A mausoleum, for crypt or vault interments. (3)A crematory and columbarium, for cinerary interments. (b)A place where six or more human bodies are buried. The new mortuary and cemetery opened in 1952.

Notable interments[edit] Contents:  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y Z A[edit] Harry Ackerman (1912–1991), television executive producer[3] Rodolfo Acosta (1920–1974), actor[4] Edie Adams (1927–2008), actress and singer Iris Adrian (1912–1994), actress[5] Philip Ahn (1905–1978), actor[4] Harry Akst (1894–1963), songwriter Robert Aldrich (1918–1983), director[4] Don Alvarado (1904–1967), actor and director Irving Allen (1905–1987), producer and director[6] Steve Allen (1921–2000), actor, comedian, writer, and television host (unmarked grave)[3][7] Leon Ames (1902–1993), actor[5] Morey Amsterdam (1908–1996), actor and comedian[5][7] Carl David Anderson (1905–1991), scientist Ernie Anderson (1923–1997), television announcer[3] Mignon Anderson (1892–1983), actress[3] Lois Andrews (1924–1968), actress Michael Ansara (1922–2013), actor[3] Dimitra Arliss (1932–2012), actress Robert Arthur (1909–1986), producer John Ashley (1934–1997), actor Gene Autry (1907–1998), actor and singer[5][7] Luis Ávalos (1946–2014), actor Doe Avedon (1925–2011), actress and model Patricia Avery (1902–1973), actress Tex Avery (1908–1980), animator[5] B[edit] Judith Barsi's grave Art Babbitt (1907–1992), animator Lloyd Bacon (1889–1955), director Parley Baer (1914–2002), actor David Bailey (1933–2004), actor Jimmy Bain (1947–2016), musician Buddy Baker (1918–2002), composer Bonnie Lee Bakley (1956–2001), murdered wife of actor Robert Blake John Ball (1911–1988), novelist Harry Barris (1905–1962), singer, songwriter and musician Don "Red" Barry (1912–1980), actor Judith Barsi (1978–1988), child actress Gordon Bau (1907–1975), film and television make-up artist Clyde Beatty (1903–1965), circus owner and lion tamer Noah Beery, Jr. (1913–1994), actor, son of actor, Noah Beery, Sr., nephew of actor, Wallace Beery[3] Noah Beery, Sr. (1882–1946), actor, father of actor, Noah Beery, Jr., older brother of actor, Wallace Beery[3] Ralph Bellamy (1904–1991), actor Richard Benedict (1920–1984), actor and director Spencer Gordon Bennet (1893–1987), director Lamont Bentley (1973–2005), actor Mary Kay Bergman (1961–1999), voice-over artist Fred "Rerun" Berry (1951–2003), actor/street dancer/ordained Baptist minister (unmarked grave)[3] Gus Bivona (1915–1996), musician Willie Bobo (1934–1983), musician Priscilla Bonner (1899–1996), actress Tom Bosley (1927–2010), actor[7] Truman Bradley (1905–1974), actor and television announcer Delaney Bramlett (1939–2008), musician Chet Brandenburg (1897–1974), actor Mary Brian (1906–2002), actress Pamela Britton (1923–1974), actress Albert "Cubby" Broccoli (1909–1996), producer[7] Joe Brooks (1923–2007), actor Leslie Brooks (1922–2011), actress and model Wally Brown (1904–1961), actor and comedian Kathie Browne (1930–2003), actress Mona Bruns (1899–2000), actress Edgar Buchanan (1903–1979), actor Mildred Burke (1915–1989), professional wrestler Solomon Burke (1940–2010), singer Bartine Burkett (1898–1994), actress Everett G. Burkhalter (1897–1975), politician Smiley Burnette (1911–1967), actor Jerry Buss (1933–2013), majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Grave David Carradine C[edit] Salvador "Tutti" Camarata (1913–2005), composer Godfrey Cambridge (1933–1976), actor and comedian Pete Candoli (1923–2008), musician Stephen J. Cannell (1941–2010), producer[8] Frankie Carle (1903–2001), musician, pianist and bandleader[3] Philip Carey (1925–2009), actor Johnny Carpenter (1914–2003), actor, director, and screenwriter David Carradine (1936–2009), actor[7] John Carroll (1906–1979), actor and singer[9] Virginia Carroll (1913–2009), actress Nick Ceroli (1939–1985), musician, jazz drummer for Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass Michael Chekhov (1891–1955), actor, director, novelist, and theater practitioner[10] Warren Christopher (1925–2011), former Secretary of State and Deputy Attorney General[3] Ethlyne Clair (1904–1996), actress Bob Clampett (1913–1984), animator Robert Clarke (1920–2005), actor William H. Clothier (1903–1996), cinematographer Bill Cody, Jr. (1925–1989), actor[8] Nudie Cohn (1902–1984), fashion designer Buddy Cole (1916–1964), musician Dennis Cole (1940–2009), actor[8] Ray Collins (1889–1965), actor Joyce Compton (1907–1997), actress Christopher Connelly (1941–1988), actor William Conrad (1920–1994), actor Bert Convy (1933–1991), actor and television host Wilbur Cooper (1892–1973), Major League Baseball player Rita Corday (1920–1992), actress Tara Correa-McMullen (1989–2005), actress Jerome Cowan (1897–1972), actor Willie Crawford (1946–2004), Major League Baseball player Scatman Crothers (1910–1986), actor and musician Gary Crosby (1933–1995), actor and singer Pauline Curley (1903–2000), actress D[edit] Bette Davis' tomb Virginia Dale (1917–1994), actress Ken Darby (1909–1992), composer Hal David (1921–2012), songwriter Beryl Davis (1924–2011), singer Bette Davis (1908–1989), actress[11][7] Brad Davis (1949–1991), actor Gail Davis (1925–1997), actress Rufe Davis (1908–1974), actor Laraine Day (1920–2007), actress, wife of Leo Durocher[3][8] Frank de Kova (1910–1981), actor Gene de Paul (1919–1988), composer Tamara De Treaux (1959–1990), actress Frank De Vol (1911–1999), composer, actor[12] Rod Dedeaux (1914–2006), longtime USC Trojans baseball head coach Sandra Dee (1942–2005), actress[7] Reginald Denny (1891–1967), actor Vernon Dent (1895–1963), actor André DeToth (1913–2002), director Ronnie James Dio (1942–2010), heavy metal/hard rock singer and songwriter, member of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell and Dio[3] Roy Oliver Disney (1893–1971), businessman, older brother of Walt Disney, co-founder of The Walt Disney Company, father of Roy E. Disney[3] Edward Dmytryk (1908–1999), director Jimmie W. Dodd, (1910–1964) actor, singer, and songwriter, host of The Mickey Mouse Club, "Mouseketeer"[3] Jim Duffy (1937–2012), animator[13] George Duke (1946–2013), musician Michael Clarke Duncan (1957–2012), actor[7] Jerry Dunphy (1921–2002), television news anchor Leo Durocher (1905–1991), Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Dan Duryea (1907–1968), actor E[edit] Arthur Edeson (1891–1970), cinematographer Anthony Eisley (1925–2003), actor James Ellison (1910–1993), actor[3] Dan Enright (1917–1992), producer Josh Ryan Evans (1982–2002), actor Michael Evans (1920–2007), actor F[edit] Richard Farnsworth (1920–2000), actor Marty Feldman (1934–1982), actor and comedian[7] William Ferrari (1901–1962), art director Jim Ferrier (1915–1986), professional golfer George Fischbeck (1922–2015), meteorologist Carrie Fisher (1956–2016), actress and writer[14][7] Shug Fisher (1907–1984), actor, singer and songwriter Robert Florey (1900–1979), director Tony Fontane (1925–1974), singer Robert Charles Francis (1930–1955), actor Melvin Franklin (1942–1995), singer and member of The Temptations[15] Mona Freeman (1926–2014), actress[16] Milton Frome (1909–1989), actor Bobby Fuller (1942–1966), singer[15] Grave Andy Gibb G[edit] Reginald Gardiner (1903–1980), actor Michael Garrison (1922–1966), producer Frankie Gaye (1941–2001), singer, younger brother of Marvin Gaye[3] Wally George (1931–2003), television host Andy Gibb (1958–1988), singer[7] Hughie Gibb (1916–1992), bandleader, father of the Bee Gees and Andy Gibb. Paul Gilbert (1918–1976), actor Peggy Gilbert (1905–2007), musician Haven Gillespie (1888–1975), songwriter Roger Gimbel (1925–2011), producer Joel Goldsmith (1957–2012), composer Floyd Gottfredson (1905–1986), Disney cartoonist Alfred J. Goulding (1885–1972), director and screenwriter Earl Grant (1931–1970), musician Howard Greenfield (1936–1986), songwriter H[edit] Hard Boiled Haggerty (1925–2004), professional wrestler Barbara Hale (1922–2017), actress Monte Hale (1919–2009), actor and singer Jon Hall (1915–1979), actor Porter Hall (1888–1953), actor Thurston Hall (1888–1952), actor Stuart Hamblen (1908–1989), actor, singer, and songwriter Thomas F. Hamilton (1894–1969), founder of the Hamilton Standard propeller company John Hancock (1941-1992), actor Jack Hannah (1913–1994), animator Ben Hardaway (1895–1957), animator and voice-over artist Ann Harding (1902–1981), actress[7] Bob Hastings (1925–2014), actor Marvin Hatley (1905–1986), composer George "Gabby" Hayes (1885–1969), actor Jim Healy (1923–1994), sports commentator[17] Neal Hefti (1922–2008), composer Horace Heidt (1901–1986), bandleader[15] Wanda Hendrix (1928–1981), actress Higgins (1957–1975), dog actor (urn is buried with trainer, Frank Inn)[3] Maxine Elliott Hicks (1904–2000), actress James Day Hodgson (1915–2012), politician John C. Holland (1893–1970), Los Angeles City Council member, 1943–67 Red Holloway (1927–2012), musician Sol Hoʻopiʻi (1902–1953), musician Jean Speegle Howard (1927–2000), actress, wife of Rance Howard, mother of Ron and Clint Howard, grandmother of Bryce Dallas Howard[3] I[edit] Rex Ingram (1895–1969), actor Frank Inn (1916–2002), animal trainer Jill Ireland (1936–1990), actress[3] Ub Iwerks (1901–1971), animator J[edit] Dennis James (1917–1997), actor and television host Al Jarreau (1940–2017), singer and musician Charles Jarrott (1927–2011), director Howard Jarvis (1903–1986), political activist Sybil Jason (1927–2011), child actress Tony Jay (1933–2006), actor and voice-over artist Kelly Johnson (1910–1990), aviation engineer I. Stanford Jolley (1900–1978), actor Mickey Jones (1941–2018), drummer and actor[18] Allyn Joslyn (1901–1981), actor K[edit] Bob Kane (1915–1998), comic book artist[3][7] Stacy Keach, Sr. (1914–2003), actor[3] Joseph Kearns (1907–1962), actor Buster Keaton (1895–1966), actor and comedian[7] Adolf Keller (1872-1963) theologian and writer Lemmy Kilmister (1945–2015), Musician, singer and songwriter.[19][20] Lincoln Kilpatrick (1932–2004), actor (unmarked grave) Peter King (1914–1982), composer Rodney King (1965–2012) James Komack (1924–1997), TV producer, screenwriter, director and actor Ernie Kovacs (1919–1962), actor and comedian Helen Barbara Kruger (1913–2006), fashion designer Otto Kruger (1885–1974), actor[21] Kay E. Kuter (1925–2003), actor L[edit] Stan Laurel's memorial marker, with the Birth of Liberty mosaic in background Jack LaLanne (1914–2011), fitness and nutrition expert Dorothy Lamour (1914–1996), actress and singer Muriel Landers (1921–1977), actress Fritz Lang (1890–1976), director[21] June Lang (1917–2005), actress Grace Lantz (1903–1992), voice-over artist, wife of Walter Lantz, voice of Woody Woodpecker Walter Lantz (1899–1994), animator and founder of Walter Lantz Productions Eric Larson (1905–1988), animator Nicolette Larson (1952–1997), singer[15] Philip H. Lathrop (1912–1995), cinematographer Wesley Lau (1921–1984), actor Charles Laughton (1899–1962), actor Stan Laurel (1890–1965), actor and comedian, one-half of the Laurel and Hardy duo[3] William Lava (1911–1971), composer Arthur Lee (1945–2006), singer, songwriter, musician Robert Edwin Lee (1918–1994), playwright and lyricist Lance LeGault (1935–2012), actor Earl Lestz (1938–2017), studio executive Stan Levey (1926–2005), musician George Liberace (1911–1983), actor and musician, older brother of Liberace Liberace (1919–1987), musician[7] Diane Linkletter (1948–1969), daughter of Art Linkletter Glenard P. Lipscomb (1915–1970), former US Congressman Felix Locher (1882-1969), actor Carey Loftin (1914–1997), actor and stuntman Hicks Lokey (1904–1990), animator Julie London (1926–2000), actress and singer[15] Louise Lorraine (1904–1981), actress John Lounsbery (1911–1976), animator Otto Ludwig (1903–1983), editor Art Lund (1915–1990), actor and singer[22] Jeffrey Lynn (1909–1995), actor M[edit] Kenneth MacDonald (1901–1972), actor Harriet E. MacGibbon (1905–1987), actress[7] Chummy MacGregor (1903–1973), musician Wilbur Mack (1873–1964), actor Marjorie Main (1890–1975), actress Albert Hay Malotte (1895–1964), composer Shelly Manne (1920–1984), musician[15] Richard Marquand (1937–1987), director Garry Marshall (1934–2016), writer, director, producer, and actor Jack Marshall (1921–1973), guitarist, composer and conductor Lock Martin (1916–1959), actor Strother Martin (1919–1980), actor Michelle Triola Marvin (1932–2009), actress Joseph Mascolo (1929–2016), actor Junius Matthews (1890–1978), actor Matty Matlock (1907–1978), musician Frank Mayo (1889–1963), actor Larry McCormick (1933–2004), television news anchor Pat McCormick (1927–2005), comedian Caroline McWilliams (1945–2010), actress Jayne Meadows (1919–2015), actress Ralph Meeker (1920–1988), actor[23] Martin Melcher (1915–1968), producer Sam Melville (1936–1989), actor Rafael Méndez (1906–1981), musician Chuck Menville (1940–1992), animator and writer Donald Mills (1915–1999), singer[15] Harry Mills (1913–1982), singer[15] Victor Milner (1893–1972), cinematographer Cyril J. Mockridge (1896–1979), composer[3] Paul Monette (1945–1995), author and poet Simon Monjack (1970–2010), producer, screenwriter]] Alvy Moore (1921–1997), actor Vicki Morgan (1952–1983), model, socialite, and murder victim Alphonse Mouzon (1948–2016), drummer Brittany Murphy (1977–2009), actress, singer, voice artist[24][7] Timothy Patrick Murphy (1959–1988), actor Burt Mustin (1884–1977), actor John Myhers (1921–1992), actor N[edit] Harriet Nelson (1909–1994), actress and singer[8] Ozzie Nelson (1906–1975), actor and musician[8] Ricky Nelson (1940–1985), actor and singer[7][8] Red Nichols (1905–1965), musician Jack Nimitz (1930–2009), musician[25] Heather North (1945–2017), actress O[edit] Orry-Kelly (1897–1964), costume designer Donald O'Connor (1925–2003), actor, singer and dancer Ron O'Neal (1937–2004), actor William T. Orr (1917–2002), television producer and founder of Warner Bros. Television[26] Frank Orth (1880–1962), actor Bud Osborne (1884–1964), actor David Oliver (1962–1992), actor. P[edit] Nestor Paiva (1905–1966), actor[27] Joy Page (1924–2008), actress Maria Palmer (1917–1981), actress Cecilia Parker (1914–1993), actress Jean Parker (1915–2005), actress Hank Patterson (1888–1975), actor Bill Paxton (1955–2017), actor[28] Kenneth Peach (1903–1988), cinematographer Bill Peet (1915–2002), animator Jack Pepper (1902–1979), actor Brock Peters (1927–2005), actor Freddie Perren (1943–2004), musician Jack Perrin (1896–1967), actor George O. Petrie (1912–1997), actor Esther Phillips (1935–1984), singer[15] Rich Piana (1971–2017), bodybuilder Charles Pierce (1926–1999), actor and female impersonator Daphne Pollard (1891–1978), actress[3] Snub Pollard (1889–1962), actor and comedian[8] Tony Pope (1947–2004), voice-over artist Jeff Porcaro (1954–1992), musician, drummer for Toto[15] Mike Porcaro (1955–2015), bassist for Toto, younger brother of Jeff Porcaro Jean Porter (1922–2018), actress John Clinton Porter (1871–1959), former mayor of Los Angeles Don Post (1902–1979), make-up artist Freddie Prinze (1954–1977), actor and comedian[7][29] Alan Purwin (1961–2015), helicopter pilot R[edit] Lou Rawls's crypt John Ritter's grave George Raft (1901–1980), actor[7] Amanda Randolph (1896–1967), actress Lillian Randolph (1898–1980), actress Lou Rawls (1933–2006), singer[7] Hugh Reilly (1915–1998), actor Bert Remsen (1925–1999), actor Ray Rennahan (1896–1980), cinematographer Dorothy Revier (1904–1993), actress Reynaldo Rey (1940–2015), actor, comedian, TV personality Debbie Reynolds (1932–2016), actress and singer[14][7] Bill Richmond (1921–2016), television writer Preston Ritter (1949–2015), musician John Ritter (1948–2003), actor[7] Jason Robards Sr. (1892–1963), actor Gale Robbins (1921–1980), actress and singer Dar Robinson (1947–1986), film stuntman Jay Robinson (1930–2013), actor Kasey Rogers (1925–2006), actress Frank Ronzio (1920–1989), actor John Roseboro (1933–2002), MLB player Joe E. Ross (1914–1982), actor and comedian Ruth Royce (1893–1971), actress Miklós Rózsa (1907–1995), composer Don Rudolph (1931–1968), MLB player Al Ruscio (1924–2013), musician S[edit] Sabu (1924–1963), actor Boris Sagal (1923–1981), television and film director[3][8] Jack Sahakian (1931–1995), hairdresser and actor Bill Salkeld (1917–1967), MLB player Isabel Sanford (1917–2004), actress[7] George Savalas (1924–1985), actor Telly Savalas (1922–1994), actor Richard Schaal (1928–2014), actor Johnny Sekka (1934–2006), actor Reta Shaw (1912–1982), actress Leon Shamroy (1901–1974), cinematographer Larry Shay (1897–1988), songwriter Robert Shayne (1900–1992), actor Roberta Sherwood (1913–1999), singer (unmarked grave)[3] Huanini Minn Singer (1948-2014), actress Mickey Simpson (1913–1985), actor Phillips Smalley (1865–1939), actor and director Keely Smith (1928–2017), singer Roger Smith (1932–2017), actor Jack Soo (1917–1979), actor[7] Olan Soule (1909–1994), actor Ruth St. Denis (1879–1978), dancer and choreographer Raymond St. Jacques (1930–1990), actor Tim Spencer (1908–1974), actor and singer Jack Starrett (1936–1989), actor and director Bob Steele (1907–1988), actor Rod Steiger (1925–2002), actor George Stevens (1904–1975), director McLean Stevenson (1927–1996), actor[7] Jay Stewart (1918–1989), television and radio announcer Glenn Strange (1899–1973), actor Fred Stone (1873–1959), actor[3] Victor Sutherland (1889–1968), actor H.N. Swanson (1899–1961), Hollywood literary agent T[edit] William Talman (1915–1968), actor Vic Tayback (1930–1990), actor[8] Meshach Taylor (1947–2014), actor Rod Taylor (1930–2015), actor Zola Taylor (1938–2007), singer[3] Jack Teagarden (1905–1964), musician[15] Frankie Thomas (1921–2006), actor Martha Tilton (1915–2006), singer Wayne Tippit (1932–2009), actor George Tomasini (1909–1964), editor Pinky Tomlin (1907–1987), actor and musician[30] Leo Tover (1902–1964), cinematographer Bobby Troup (1918–1999), actor and musician[15] Charles Trowbridge (1882–1967), actor Tamara De Treaux (1959–1990), actress[3] Forrest Tucker (1919–1986), actor[7] U[edit] V[edit] Lee Van Cleef (1925–1989), actor Dick Van Patten (1928–2015), actor[31] Wally Vernon (1905–1970), actor Katherine Victor (1923–2004), actress Al Viola (1919–2007), musician[32] W[edit] Jack Wagner (1925–1995), announcer at Disneyland, "The Voice of Disneyland"[33] Jimmy Wakely (1914–1982), actor and singer Janet Waldo (1920–2016), voice actress Paul Walker (1973–2013), actor[34][7] Eddy Waller (1889–1977), actor Larry Walters (1949–1993), truck driver known as "Lawnchair Larry" or "The Lawn Chair Pilot who flew a lawn chair with weather balloons" Kent Warner (1943–1984), costume designer Ruth Waterbury (1896–1982), film critic Paul Weatherwax (1900–1960), editor Jack Webb (1920–1982), actor, producer, and director Reinhold Weege (1949–2012), television writer Frank Wells (1932–1994), Disney president[35] Billy West (1892–1975), actor and comedian Norman Whitfield (1940–2008), songwriter and composer Claire Whitney (1890–1969), actress[3] Richard Whorf (1906–1966), actor, director, and producer Crane Wilbur (1886–1973), actor and director Jess Willard (1881–1968), world heavyweight boxing champion[36] Bill Williams (1915–1992), actor (unmarked grave)[3] Guinn "Big Boy" Williams (1899–1962), actor Rhys Williams (1897–1969), actor Roy Williams (1907–1976), animator, The Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer[3] Vesta Williams (1957–2011), singer Dick Wilson (1916–2007), actor Marie Wilson (1916–1972), actress and comedian, wife of Robert Fallon Paul Winfield (1941–2004), actor Charles Winninger (1884–1969), stage and film actor[37] David L. Wolper (1928–2010), producer Tyrus Wong (1910–2016), animator[38] John Wooden (1910–2010), UCLA Bruins men's basketball coach[7] Y[edit] Ralph Yearsley (1896–1928), actor[35] Snooky Young (1919–2011), musician Vasyl Yemetz (1891–1982), bandurist, composer, founder of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus Z[edit] Paul Zastupnevich (1921–1997), costume designer George Zucco (1886–1960), actor[35]

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