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Examples[edit] Lotteries Mega Millions, normally from WSB-TV in Atlanta Ohio Lottery weekday- and Saturday-evening drawings from WEWS in Cleveland Michigan Lottery from WDIV-TV in Detroit Shows Delilah from KRWM (FM) FM in Seattle Clark Howard from WSB (AM)/WSBB-FM in Atlanta Rush Limbaugh from WOR (AM) in New York City Live with Kelly and Ryan from WABC-TV in New York City Networks Midnight Radio Network from WBAP (AM) in Dallas/Fort Worth Events Masters Tournament from WRDW-TV, as the CBS affiliate since 1956.

Radio[edit] A flagship radio station is the principal station from which a radio network's programs are fed to affiliates. Network[edit] In the United States, traditional radio networks currently operate without flagship stations as defined in this article. Network operations and those of the local owned-and-operated or affiliated stations in the same city are now separate and may come under different corporate entities. In the U.S., ABC Radio programming is produced by ABC News and distributed by Cumulus Media, which owns and operates WABC in New York City and KABC in Los Angeles (among other stations). CBS Radio produces programming for distribution by Westwood One, but local stations WCBS and WINS in New York City and KNX and KFWB in Los Angeles are operated separately from the network radio news operation. iHeartMedia follows a similar model: flagship stations WOR/New York City (which it acquired in 2012) and KFI/Los Angeles are both operated mostly separately from its syndication wing, Premiere Networks (Premiere does produce some limited programming, including The Jesus Christ Show, The Tech Guy and Handel on the Law, through KFI). WWRL in New York City was an affiliate of the now-defunct Air America Radio and carries some of its programs (along with those from other distributors) but is separately owned and operated and does not produce any programs for the network. Originally, Air America Radio leased WLIB (also in New York City) as its flagship station; the station was completely automated and produced no local programming. The network would later lease WZAA in Washington, D.C. as its lone self-operated station. Fox Sports Radio's flagship station is KLAC in Los Angeles, with which it merged operations in 2009. Yahoo! Sports Radio is flagshipped at KGOW in Houston; its predecessor, Sporting News Radio, was previously flagshipped at WIDB (now WNTD) in Chicago. CBS Sports Radio is nominally flagshipped at WFAN (although that station does not produce programming for the network). ESPN Radio's technical flagship is affiliate WUCS which serves its base of operations in Bristol, Connecticut, though WEPN-FM in New York (leased from Emmis Communications) and Los Angeles station KSPN serve as true flagship stations. NBC Sports Radio has no definitive flagship stations. Nash FM, a country music network, is nominally flagshipped at WKDF in Nashville, Tennessee. Former flagship stations for now-defunct networks in American radio's "Big Four" era of the 1940s–1980s were: NBC Red Network WNBC (660 AM; now WFAN), New York City WYNY (97.1 FM; now WQHT), New York City KNBR (680 AM), San Francisco KYUU (99.7 FM; now KMVQ-FM), San Francisco Mutual Broadcasting System WOR (710 AM), New York City WGN (720 AM), Chicago KHJ (930 AM), Los Angeles In Canada, current CBC/Radio-Canada flagships are CBLA-FM (99.1) in Toronto, which broadcasts in English, and CBF-FM (95.1) in Montréal, which broadcasts in French. Both are former AM clear channel operations which have moved to FM. Former flagship stations for now-defunct networks were: CJBC (860 AM) in Toronto (CBC Dominion Network, a secondary English-language AM service) CKO in Montréal (a national chain of big-city English-language all-news stations, controlled primarily from Toronto) VONF in St. John's, Dominion of Newfoundland (Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland – became CBN after Newfoundland and Labrador joined Canada, its rebroadcasters included VOWN in western Newfoundland and VORG radio in Gander) While CJBC remains on-air on its original frequency, it is now an owned-and-operated station of the French-language Radio-Canada network. The CKO network's Toronto frequency was re-issued to CBL (as CBLA-FM 99.1) but the namesake CKO (AM) flagship in Montréal is silent; the frequency remains vacant. Syndication[edit] For syndicated radio programs, it refers to the originating station from which a program is fed by satellite or other means to stations nationwide, although the show may also originate elsewhere or from a home studio via an ISDN line. Some programs such as Imus in the Morning are simulcast on television (Fox Business Network in this case). Others are simulcasted on XM Satellite Radio and / or Sirius Satellite Radio. Flagship stations of prominent syndicated radio programs currently include: Mitch Albom: WJR (760 AM)/Detroit Chuck Baldwin: WVTJ (610 AM)/Pensacola, Florida Jim Bohannon: WFED (1500 AM)/Washington, D.C. Delilah: KSWD (94.1 FM)/Seattle Steve Harvey Morning Show: WBLS (107.5 FM)/New York City Blair Garner: WKDF (103.3 FM)/Nashville, Tennessee Michael Graham: WCRN (830 AM)/Worcester, Massachusetts The Grand Ole Opry: WSM (650 AM)/Nashville, Tennessee The Sean Hannity Show: WOR (710 AM)/New York City Roger Hedgecock: KOGO (600 AM)/San Diego Clark Howard: WSB (750 AM) & WSBB (95.5 FM)/Atlanta Rusty Humphries: WGST (640 AM)/Atlanta Imus in the Morning: WABC (770 AM)/New York City Laura Ingraham: WTNT (570 AM)/Washington, D.C. Alex Jones: KLBJ (590 AM)/Austin, Texas The Kevin and Bean Show: KROQ (106.7 FM)/Los Angeles Lars Larson: KXL (101.1 FM)/Portland, Oregon The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte: KFI (640 AM)/Los Angeles (broadcasts from studios in Petaluma, California) Mark Levin: WABC (770 AM)/New York City Paul McGuire: KBRT (740 AM)/Los Angeles Michael Medved: KTTH (770 AM)/Seattle Nights with Alice Cooper: KDKB (93.3 FM)/Phoenix, Arizona Dennis Prager: KRLA (870 AM)/Los Angeles Renfro Valley Gatherin': WRVK (1460 AM)/Mount Vernon, Kentucky Rewind with Gary Bryan: KRTH (101.1 FM)/Los Angeles Rick and Bubba: WZZK (104.7 FM)/Birmingham, Alabama The Randi Rhodes Show: WJNO (1290 AM)/West Palm Beach, Florida Rover's Morning Glory: WMMS (100.7 FM)/Cleveland, Ohio Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong: WGN (720 AM)/Chicago The Rush Limbaugh Show: WJNO (1290 AM)/West Palm Beach, Florida (originates from a home studio near the station) The Ace & TJ Show: WHQC (96.1 FM)/Charlotte, North Carolina The Savage Nation: KSFO (560 AM)/San Francisco The Bob and Tom Show: WFBQ (94.7 FM)/Indianapolis The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show: WGRD-FM (101.5 FM)/Grand Rapids, Michigan The Jason Lewis Show: KTLK (100.3 FM)/Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota On Air with Ryan Seacrest: KIIS (102.7 FM)/Los Angeles, California Examples[edit] WXRK (92.3 FM) in New York City was the flagship station of The Howard Stern Show from 1985 until 2005. The show is now on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 100 (a.k.a. Howard 100). WOR (710 AM) in New York City was the flagship station of the syndicated programs of Joy Browne, Jay Severin, Bob Grant, The Dolans and Joey Reynolds produced in-house with its own network. WGN (720 AM) in Chicago was considered the originating station for Paul Harvey's News and Comment and The Rest of the Story for the ABC Radio Network. KABC (790 AM) in Los Angeles was the home base of Larry Elder until the show ended its run in 2009. That show now originates from KRLA. WABC had been the original flagship of The Rush Limbaugh Show before Limbaugh moved to West Palm Beach, Florida and a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications began distributing the program. KNEW was the flagship of The Savage Nation from 2003 to 2009. WNBC and WFAN were the flagships of Imus in the Morning from 1971 to 2007. He was dropped after his controversial remarks about the Rutgers University women's basketball team but picked up by WABC later that year. KPTK (1090 AM) in Seattle was the flagship of Ron Reagan's syndicated show on Air America Media before the network went bankrupt. It was one of the few shows on the network that did not originate from the network's New York City studios. WWVA (1170 AM) flagshipped the Wheeling Jamboree from 1933 until the late 2000s. It later moved to WKKX in 2009, then owned-and-operated station WWOV-LP in 2014, before mostly ceasing in 2016. Sports[edit] Main articles: List of current NFL announcers, List of current National Hockey League broadcasters, List of current Major League Baseball announcers, List of current Major League Soccer commentators, and List of current National Basketball Association broadcasters In sports broadcasting, the flagship radio station is the sports team's primary station in the team's home market that produces game broadcasts and feeds them to affiliates. For example, WJZ-FM is the radio flagship station of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team, which feeds Orioles' games to 20 stations in Maryland and adjacent states.

Television[edit] A flagship television station is the principal privately owned television station of a television network in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia.[1] In the late 1920s, network owned-and-operated stations (or "O&O") for radio in New York City began producing live entertainment and news programs, fed by telephone lines to affiliates. These eventually were dubbed flagship stations. Entrance to GE Building, New York City, home of WNBC, the flagship station of NBC When television networks were formed in the United States in the late 1940s and grew during the early 1950s, network-owned stations in New York City became the production centers for programs originating on the East Coast, feeding affiliates of ABC, CBS, and NBC in the eastern three-fourths of the country. Stations in Los Angeles similarly started producing programs on the West Coast, feeding affiliates in the Pacific Time Zone, Alaska and Hawaii. Consequently, the networks' New York City stations became known as the "East Coast flagships" of their respective networks and the networks' Los Angeles stations became known as the "West Coast flagships". However, before the 1950s, San Francisco was also considered a West Coast flagship market for the networks, with much of the CBS and NBC network's West Coast news programming originating from that city. This is seen the calls of CBS's KCBS (AM) being based in their original city of San Francisco instead of Los Angeles (the use of KCBS-TV in Los Angeles only dates back to 1984), while KNBR (which was subsequently sold to another party by NBC in 1987) was formerly known as KNBC before the network moved those calls to KRCA-TV in Los Angeles in 1962. ABC, CBS and NBC are headquartered in New York City, which is the largest television market in the U.S., so their respective radio and television stations in that market are considered the overall network flagship stations. As programming schedules increased and modern technology improved transmission to affiliates, the networks set up operations centers in New York City (for the East Coast feed) and Los Angeles (for the West Coast feed). Los Angeles is the second largest television market in the U.S., and traditional home to the motion picture industry and its pool of popular talent, one of the reasons the radio networks set up operations there in the 1930s and 1940s (just as the medium of television was starting to take off). This arrangement is reversed for the Fox Broadcasting Company. When Fox was launched in 1986, its network operations center was (and still is) based in Los Angeles. However, Fox's parent company, News Corporation (which spun off its broadcasting properties in July 2013 into the separate 21st Century Fox), is headquartered in New York City, along with its news division. Fox-owned WNYW in New York City is considered the network's overall flagship, while sister station KTTV in Los Angeles is considered a second flagship station. Network[edit] United States[edit] Network East Coast flagship West Coast flagship NBC WNBC KNBC CBS WCBS-TV KCBS-TV ABC WABC-TV KABC-TV Fox WNYW KTTV The CW WPSG (Philadelphia)1 KBCW (San Francisco)1 MyNetworkTV WWOR-TV KCOP-TV PBS2 WNET/WLIW WGBH/WGBX (Boston) WETA (Washington D.C.) WHYY (Philadelphia) KOCE/KLCS KQED (San Francisco) Ion Television WPXN-TV WPXM-TV (Miami) WPXP (W. Palm Beach) KPXN-TV Telemundo WNJU WSCV (Miami)1 KVEA Univision WXTV WLTV-DT (Miami)1 KMEX-DT Azteca WNYN-LD WGEN-TV (Miami)1 KAZA-TV UniMás WFUT-DT WAMI-DT (Miami)1 KFTR-DT MeTV Heroes & Icons WJLP WCIU-TV (Chicago) 1 KDOC-DT3 Notes[edit] 1East Coast flagships are located in the New York City designated market area (DMA), while the West Coast flagships are located in the Los Angeles area. The CW's Philadelphia and San Francisco stations are listed as the largest CW stations owned by CBS Corporation (and thus are directly owned), while Tribune Broadcasting owns KTLA and WPIX. Miami stations are also listed for Univision, Telemundo and UniMás (formerly TeleFutura) due to their operations being major production bases for those networks. The Miami area stations for Ion Television are also listed due to their parent company being based out of West Palm Beach; however none of the Ion stations listed originate programming for the national Ion network. MeTV and Heroes & Icons are owned by Weigel Broadcasting in Chicago; WCIU carries each full network feed as a digital subchannel, while WJLP is the network's New York area affiliate. 2While the Virginia-based Public Broadcasting Service in the United States does not have an official "flagship" television station, WNET in the New York City area held an official primary role with PBS predecessor, National Educational Television (NET). There cannot be any owned-and-operated stations within the Public Broadcasting Service; individual PBS stations are typically owned by local non-profit groups (such as WPBS-TV), universities (such as KPBS) or state-level entities as part of a state network (such as KETA-TV and WGPB-TV). The system itself is owned collectively by the local PBS member stations. A station's importance to the system is built as much or more on the programming it produces for national distribution (a metric which places WNET as a strong third-place contender behind WGBH in Boston and WETA in Washington, D.C.) instead of local media market size.[2] Sports[edit] Main articles: List of current Major League Baseball announcers, List of current National Basketball Association broadcasters, List of current National Hockey League broadcasters, List of current Major League Soccer commentators, and List of current NFL announcers In sports broadcasting, the flagship television station is the sports team's primary station in the team's home market that produces NFL preseason telecasts, along with in-season surrounding programming such as team, coach's, and pre-game/post-game shows and feeds them to affiliates. For example, WJBK in Detroit is the flagship station of the Detroit Lions Television Network, which feeds Detroit Lions pre-season football games to six stations in Michigan. However, the "sports flagship television station" is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, with the growing popularity of cable- and satellite-exclusive regional sports networks such as Fox Sports Networks and NBC Regional Sports Networks, which hold exclusive broadcast rights to several teams in their market for Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association. The National Football League has a different structure, as all games require over-the-air broadcast and the league and teams are generally loathe to use only a local cable broadcaster to distribute preseason and team programming. An anti-siphoning policy is also used by the league in order for local stations to bid for Monday Night Football games for over-the-air distribution when local teams play. Religious[edit] KTBN in Santa Ana, California – flagship of the Trinity Broadcasting Network KDTN in Denton/Dallas, Texas – flagship of the Daystar Television Network W15BU-D in Johnston City, Illinois – flagship for the Three Angels Broadcasting Network WTCT in Marion, Illinois – flagship of Tri-State Christian Television KGEB in Tulsa, Oklahoma – flagship of Golden Eagle Broadcasting WHME-TV in South Bend, Indiana - flagship of LeSEA Broadcasting Canada[edit] Network/System Eastern flagship West Coast flagship CBC Television CBLT-DT (Toronto) CBUT-DT (Vancouver) City CITY-DT (Toronto) CKVU-DT (Vancouver) CTV CFTO-DT (Toronto) CIVT-DT (Vancouver) CTV Two CKVR-DT (Barrie) CIVI-DT (Victoria) Global CIII-DT-41 (Toronto) CHAN-DT (Vancouver) Ici Radio-Canada Télé CBFT-DT (Montreal) CBUFT-DT (Vancouver) Omni Television CFMT-DT/CJMT-DT (Toronto) CHNM-DT (Vancouver) Networks/systems with only one flagship station Network/System Flagship APTN CHTY-TV (Yellowknife) Télé-Québec CIVM-DT (Montreal) TVA CFTM-DT (Montreal) TVOntario CICA-DT (Toronto) V CFJP-DT (Montreal) Yes TV CITS-DT (Hamilton) Notes: Most English-language eastern flagships are located in Toronto, French-language eastern flagships are located in Montreal, and West Coast flagships are located in Vancouver. CTV Two, being a secondary system to the main CTV network, maintains its eastern flagship in Barrie (which is on the northwestern fringe of the Toronto market) and West Coast flagship in Victoria (which is on the southwestern fringe of the Vancouver market). The secondary French-language networks TVA and V are not carried terrestrially in Western Canada, although they are available on cable. CIII-DT-41 had always been considered the flagship station of Global in Toronto despite being a technical satellite station of CIII-DT, which is licensed to Paris, Ontario. However, since July 2009, the CRTC has considered CIII-DT-41 "the originating station" of Global Ontario.[3] Canada is unique in that they have government owned stations that operate independently with shared programming from the CBC and SRC as well as locally produced programming. This is similar to PBS in the USA. Mexico[edit] Network Flagship Digital Channel Virtual Channel Location Owner Las Estrellas XEW-TDT 48 2.1 Mexico City Televisa Foro TV XHTV-TDT 49 4.1 Mexico City Televisa Canal 5* XHGC-TDT 50 5.1 Mexico City Televisa Gala TV XEQ-TDT 44 9.1 Mexico City Televisa Azteca 13 XHDF-TDT 25 13.1 Mexico City TV Azteca Azteca 7 XHIMT-TDT 24 7.1 Mexico City TV Azteca Proyecto 40 XHTVM-TDT 26 40.1 Mexico City TV Azteca Imagen Televisión XHCTMX-TDT 29 3.1 Mexico City Grupo Imagen Una Voz Con Todos XHOPMA-TDT 30 30.1 Mexico City Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano Canal Once XEIPN-TDT 33 11.1 Mexico City Instituto Politécnico Nacional Once Niños XEIPN-TDT 33 11.2 Mexico City Instituto Politécnico Nacional Canal 22 XEIMT-TDT 23 22.1 Mexico City Secretaría de Cultura Ingenio TV XHOPMA-TDT 30 30.4 Mexico City Secretaría de Educación Pública TV•unam XHOPMA-TDT 30 30.5 Mexico City Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Canal del Congreso XHHCU-TDT 45 45.1 Mexico City Congreso de la Unión Multimedios Televisión XHAW-TDT 25 12.1 Monterrey Grupo Multimedios Australia[edit] Network Station Nine TCN/GTV Seven ATN/HSV Ten TEN/ATV Note: All flagship stations are located in Sydney and Melbourne. Japan[edit] Network Key station (Tokyo) Sub-key station (Osaka) NNN/NNS JOAX-DTV JOIX-DTV ANN JOEX-DTV JONR-DTV JNN JORX-DTV JOOR-DTV FNN/FNS JOCX-DTV JODX-DTV TXN JOTX-DTV JOBH-DTV American syndication examples[edit] Current[edit] The popular nationally syndicated program Live! with Kelly and Michael is produced at WABC-TV in New York City. The show View from the Bay is produced at KGO-TV in San Francisco and syndicated to ABC owned-and-operated stations and Live Well Network nationwide. Former[edit] Although later produced by Harpo Studios, The Oprah Winfrey Show considered WLS-TV its flagship as the program concept as hosted by Winfrey originated in 1983 as part of WLS's mid-morning show AM Chicago; Oprah was always aired first in the nation at 9 a.m. local time on WLS. The popular nationally syndicated show At The Movies was also produced at WLS-TV in Chicago. Successor program Roger Ebert presents At the Movies originated from WTTW in Chicago. Until the consolidation of the ITV franchises during the 1990s, the majority of primetime programming on the ITV network originated from a group of franchises known as "The Big Five" (Thames Television, LWT, ATV/Central, Yorkshire, and Granada). Starting in 2011, Family Feud had WUPA as its flagship station, as the show was produced at the Atlanta Civic Center; the program would relocate to Los Angeles in 2017 to accommodate Steve.

Station groups[edit] In the United States, the term "flagship station" may also be used in the broadcasting industry to refer to a station which is co-located with the headquarters of its station group and considered the company's most important station (such a station may or may not be affiliated with one of the major networks). For example, WDIV-TV in Detroit, affiliated with NBC, is the flagship station of Post-Newsweek Stations; and WGN-TV in Chicago is the flagship station of Tribune Broadcasting. In essence, a flagship can be located in the market where the station's owner is headquartered, or in the largest market where that owner operates. For example, WSB-TV in Atlanta is the flagship of Cox Media Group, because Cox's headquarters is located in a suburb of that city. However, Cox owns WFXT in Boston, which is larger than Atlanta. The same can be said for TEGNA who lists three of its properties as its flagship stations (WXIA-TV in Atlanta, WUSA in Washington, D.C. and KUSA in Denver)[citation needed], but also owns WFAA in Dallas, which is larger than Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Denver in terms of Media market. Likewise, prior to merging with Gannett in 2013, WFAA served as the flagship station for Belo, as its headquarters were located in Dallas. The term is also used for stations that operate satellite stations in other cities. For example, KSNW in Wichita, Kansas is the flagship station of the Kansas State Network, a chain of NBC affiliates serving western and central Kansas as well as border areas of Nebraska.

See also[edit] Television and radio flagship stations – Japan

References[edit] ^ "Jorge Delgado Named President and General Manager of Univision Flagship Station KMEX and Telefutura Station KFTR". Univision. February 13, 2002. Retrieved 2007-10-31.  ^ Why KCET never became a major player in the PBS network, Melissa Maerz and Scott Collins, Los Angeles Times, December 26, 2010 ^ Retrieved from "" Categories: BroadcastingAmerican radio networksTelevision networksTelevision terminologyHidden categories: Articles needing additional references from September 2012All articles needing additional referencesAll articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from March 2009

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