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Early history[edit] Thomas L. Tally (1915) J. D. Williams (1921) Poster for A Dog's Life (1918), Charlie Chaplin's first film under his $1 million contract with First National First National Pictures studios in Burbank, California (c. 1928) The First National Exhibitors' Circuit was founded in 1917 by the merger of 26 of the biggest first-run cinema chains in the United States. It eventually controlled over 600 cinemas, more than 200 of them first-run houses (as opposed to the less lucrative second-run or neighborhood theaters to which films moved when their initial box office receipts dwindled). First National was the brainchild of Thomas L. Tally, who was reacting to the overwhelming influence of Paramount Pictures, which dominated the market. In 1912, he thought that a conglomerate of theaters throughout the nation could buy or produce and distribute its own films. In 1917 Tally and J. D. Williams formed First National Exhibitors' Circuit. The first film released through First National was the 1916 British film, The Mother of Dartmoor.[citation needed] Between 1917 and 1918, the company made contracts with Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin, the first million-dollar deals in the history of film. Chaplin's contract allowed him to produce his films without a set release schedule. However, the production of the feature film The Kid ran so long that the company started to complain. To address their concerns Chaplin invited the exhibitors to the studio, and they were so impressed by the project and charmed by the players, especially co-star Jackie Coogan, that they agreed to be patient. That patience was ultimately rewarded when The Kid became a major critical and box office success.[1] First National's distribution of films by independent producers is credited with launching careers including that of Louis B. Mayer.[2] Adolph Zukor of Paramount Pictures was threatened by First National's financial power and its control over the lucrative first-run theaters, and decided to enter the cinema business as well. With a $10 million investment, Paramount built its own chain of first-run movie theaters after a secret plan to merge with First National failed. First National Exhibitors' Circuit was reincorporated in 1919 as Associated First National Pictures, Inc., and its subsidiary, Associated First National Theatres, Inc., with 5,000 independent theater owners as members.[3][4] In the early 1920s, Paramount attempted a hostile takeover, buying several of First National's member firms. Associated First National Pictures expanded from only distributing films to producing them in 1924 and changed its corporate name to First National Pictures, Inc.[5] It built its 62-acre (25 ha) studio lot in Burbank in 1926.[6] The Motion Picture Theatre Owners of America and the Independent Producers' Association declared war in 1925 on what they termed a common enemy—the "film trust" of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount, and First National, which they claimed dominated the industry not only by producing and distributing motion pictures but also by entering into exhibition as well.[7]

Acquisition by Warner Bros.[edit] The financial success of The Jazz Singer and The Singing Fool enabled Warner Bros. to purchase a majority interest in First National in September 1928. Warner Bros. held 42,000 shares of common stock out of 72,000 outstanding shares while Fox Pictures held 21,000 shares; 12,000 shares were publicly held.[8] Warner Bros. acquired access to First National's affiliated chain of theaters, while First National acquired access to Vitaphone sound equipment. Warner Bros. and First National continued to operate as separate entities. On November 4, 1929, Fox sold its interest in First National to Warner Bros. for $10 million.[9][10]:66 The First National studio in Burbank became the official home of Warner Bros.–First National Pictures. Thereafter, First National Pictures became a trade name for the distribution of a designated segment of Warner Bros. product. Forty-five of the 86 Warner Bros. feature films released in 1929 were branded as First National Pictures.[10]:66 Half of the 60 feature films Warner Bros. announced for release in 1933–34 were to be First National Pictures.[11] Although both studios produced "A" and "B" budget pictures, generally the prestige productions, costume dramas, and musicals were made by Warner Bros., while First National specialized in modern comedies, dramas, and crime stories. Short subjects were made by yet another affiliated company, The Vitaphone Corporation (which took its name from the sound process). In July 1936, stockholders of First National Pictures, Inc. (primarily Warner Bros.) voted to dissolve the corporation and distribute its assets among the stockholders in line with a new tax law which provided for tax-free consolidations between corporations.[12] From 1929 to 1958, most Warner Bros. films bore the combined trademark "A Warner Bros.–First National Picture".[13] In 2002, Time Warner sold the rights for the First National name to Ryan Kugler of Distribution Video & Audio (DV&A), a company specializing in acquiring excess inventory and close-out properties. However, pre-1936 First National library is owned by Turner Entertainment.

Select filmography[edit] Poster for Tarzan of the Apes (1918) Poster for Daddy-Long-Legs (1919) Poster for The Kid (1921) Poster for Smilin' Through (1922) Poster for Lorna Doone (1922) Lobby card for Brawn of the North (1922) Poster for The Hottentot (1922) Lobby card for Flaming Youth (1923) Poster for The Sea Hawk (1924) Window card for The Lost World (1925) Poster for The Half-Way Girl (1925) Poster for Classified (1925) Poster for Mademoiselle Modiste (1926) Lobby card for Subway Sadie (1926) Poster for Broadway Nights (1927) Poster for Babe Comes Home (1927) Poster for American Beauty (1927) Poster for Her Wild Oat (1927) Release Date Title Notes September 23, 1917 Fall of the Romanoffs, TheThe Fall of the Romanoffs Distribution[14] December 3, 1917 Alimony Distribution[14] December 23, 1917 Daughter of Destiny Distribution[14] March 10, 1918 My Four Years in Germany Distribution[14] April 2, 1918 Tarzan of the Apes Distribution[14] April 14, 1918 Dog's Life, AA Dog's Life Distribution[15] June 1, 1918 Passing of the Third Floor Back, TheThe Passing of the Third Floor Back Distribution[14] October 1, 1918 Romance of Tarzan, TheThe Romance of Tarzan Distribution[14] January 19, 1919 Auction of Souls Distribution[14] March 10, 1919 A Midnight Romance Distribution[14] May 11, 1919 Daddy-Long-Legs Distribution[14] September 1, 1919 Hoodlum, TheThe Hoodlum Distribution[14] September 29, 1919 Back to God's Country Distribution[16] November 16, 1919 Virtuous Vamp, AA Virtuous Vamp Distribution[14] November 17, 1919 Heart o' the Hills Distribution[14] December 15, 1919 In Old Kentucky Distribution[14] December 28, 1919 Greatest Question, TheThe Greatest Question Distribution[14] January 15, 1920 Even as Eve Distribution[14] February 1, 1920 River's End, TheThe River's End Distribution[14] March 15, 1920 Family Honor, TheThe Family Honor Distribution[14] March 21, 1920 Idol Dancer, TheThe Idol Dancer Distribution[14] April 1, 1920 Passion's Playground Distribution[14] July 18, 1920 Go and Get It Distribution[14] August 16, 1920 Jack-Knife Man, TheThe Jack-Knife Man Distribution[14] September 26, 1920 Splendid Hazard, AA Splendid Hazard Distribution[14] October 4, 1920 Branded Woman, TheThe Branded Woman Distribution[14] November 22, 1920 Devil's Garden, TheThe Devil's Garden Distribution[14] January 1, 1921 Great Adventure, TheThe Great Adventure Distribution[17] January 1, 1921 Mama's Affair Distribution[17] February 6, 1921 Kid, TheThe Kid Distribution[17] March 1, 1921 Scrambled Wives Distribution[17] March 27, 1921 Man, Woman & Marriage Distribution[17] April 1, 1921 Jim the Penman Distribution[17] April 1, 1921 Passion Flower, TheThe Passion Flower Distribution[17] April 1, 1921 Sowing the Wind Distribution[17] May 1, 1921 Sign on the Door, TheThe Sign on the Door Distribution[17] May 1, 1921 Sky Pilot, TheThe Sky Pilot Distribution[17] June 17, 1921 Wedding Bells Distribution[17] July 1, 1921 Salvation Nell Distribution[17] August 1, 1921 Midnight Bell, AA Midnight Bell Distribution[17] September 26, 1921 Bits of Life Distribution[17] October 10, 1921 Invisible Fear, TheThe Invisible Fear Distribution[17] October 17, 1921 Woman's Place Distribution[17] November 20, 1921 Molly O' Distribution[17] November 21, 1921 Tol'able David Distribution[17] November 27, 1921 Lotus Eater, TheThe Lotus Eater Distribution[17] December 26, 1921 Cave Girl, TheThe Cave Girl Distribution[17] January 1922 Barnstormer, TheThe Barnstormer Distribution[17] February 13, 1922 Red Hot Romance Distribution[17] February 13, 1922 Smilin' Through Distribution[17] February 27, 1922 Kindred of the Dust Distribution[17] April 2, 1922 Infidel, TheThe Infidel Distribution[17] May 1, 1922 Woman He Married, TheThe Woman He Married Distribution[17] May 15, 1922 Primitive Lover, TheThe Primitive Lover Distribution[17] July 2, 1922 Rose o' the Sea Distribution[17] August 7, 1922 Trouble Distribution[17] September 1, 1922 Light in the Dark, TheThe Light in the Dark Distribution[17] September 17, 1922 Eternal Flame, TheThe Eternal Flame Distribution[17] October 1, 1922 Lorna Doone Distribution[17] October 1, 1922 White Shoulders Distribution[17] October 30, 1922 Oliver Twist Distribution[17] November 1, 1922 Brawn of the North Distribution[17] December 1, 1922 Omar the Tentmaker Distribution[17] December 1, 1922 Woman Conquers, TheThe Woman Conquers Distribution[17] December 25, 1922 Hottentot, TheThe Hottentot Distribution[17] January 1, 1923 Fury Distribution[17] January 2, 1923 Brass Bottle, TheThe Brass Bottle Distribution[17] January 19, 1923 Bell Boy 13 Distribution[17] February 12, 1923 Mighty Lak' a Rose Distribution[17] February 25, 1923 Pilgrim, TheThe Pilgrim Distribution[17] March 18, 1923 Isle of Lost Ships, TheThe Isle of Lost Ships Distribution[17] March 26, 1923 Daddy Distribution[17] April 9, 1923 Bright Shawl, TheThe Bright Shawl Distribution[17] April 9, 1923 Her Fatal Millions Distribution[17] April 30, 1923 Within the Law Distribution[17] May 3, 1923 Girl of the Golden West, TheThe Girl of the Golden West Production and distribution[18] June 11, 1923 Slippy McGee Distribution[17] July 30, 1923 Circus Days Distribution[17] August 27, 1923 Dulcy Distribution[17] September 10, 1923 Fighting Blade, TheThe Fighting Blade Distribution[17] September 16, 1923 Potash and Perlmutter Distribution[17] October 1, 1923 Ashes of Vengeance Distribution[17] October 8, 1923 Bad Man, TheThe Bad Man Distribution[17] October 22, 1923 Meanest Man in the World, TheThe Meanest Man in the World Distribution[17] October 29, 1923 Ponjola Distribution[17] November 12, 1923 Flaming Youth Production and distribution[18] November 12, 1923 Jealous Husbands Distribution[17] November 19, 1923 Dangerous Maid, TheThe Dangerous Maid Distribution[17] November 26, 1923 Wanters, TheThe Wanters Distribution[17] November 28, 1923 Anna Christie Distribution[18] December 17, 1923 Eternal City, TheThe Eternal City Distribution[17] December 23, 1923 Boy of Mine Distribution[18] December 29, 1923 Black Oxen Distribution[17] January 21, 1924 Abraham Lincoln Distribution[17] February 1, 1924 Love Master, TheThe Love Master Distribution[17] February 25, 1924 Torment Distribution[17] February 29, 1924 Lilies of the Field Distribution[17] March 10, 1924 Galloping Fish, TheThe Galloping Fish Distribution[17] March 24, 1924 Enchanted Cottage, TheThe Enchanted Cottage Production and distribution[17] March 24, 1924 Secrets Distribution[17] April 13, 1924 Son of the Sahara, AA Son of the Sahara Distribution[17] April 20, 1924 Woman on the Jury, TheThe Woman on the Jury Production and distribution[18] April 27, 1924 Those Who Dance Distribution[17] May 4, 1924 Cytherea Distribution[17] May 11, 1924 White Moth, TheThe White Moth Distribution[17] May 25, 1924 Perfect Flapper, TheThe Perfect Flapper Production and distribution[18] June 14, 1924 Sea Hawk, TheThe Sea Hawk Distribution[17] June 29, 1924 Self-Made Failure, AA Self-Made Failure Distribution[17] July 20, 1924 Girl in the Limousine, TheThe Girl in the Limousine Distribution[17] July 27, 1924 Single Wives Distribution[17] September 1, 1924 In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter Distribution[17] October 1, 1924 Her Night of Romance Distribution[16] October 5, 1924 Silent Watcher, TheThe Silent Watcher Distribution[16] October 26, 1924 Only Woman, TheThe Only Woman Distribution[16] November 23, 1924 Classmates Distribution[16] November 30, 1924 Inez from Hollywood Distribution[16] December 28, 1924 So Big Production and distribution[19] January 11, 1925 As Man Desires Production and distribution[19] January 18, 1925 Thief in Paradise, AA Thief in Paradise Distribution[20] February 1, 1925 Enticement Distribution[20] February 2, 1925 Lost World, TheThe Lost World Production and distribution[19] March 15, 1925 Heart of a Siren Distribution[20] March 22, 1925 Déclassée Distribution[20] March 29, 1925 Sally Production and distribution[19] April 12, 1925 His Supreme Moment Distribution[20] April 30, 1925 Playing with Souls Distribution[20] May 3, 1925 Soul-Fire Distribution[20] May 10, 1925 Chickie Production and distribution[19] May 17, 1925 Necessary Evil, TheThe Necessary Evil Production and distribution[19] June 16, 1925 Just a Woman Production and distribution[19] July 12, 1925 Lady Who Lied, TheThe Lady Who Lied Production and distribution[19] July 26, 1925 Scarlet West, TheThe Scarlet West Distribution[20] August 16, 1925 Half-Way Girl, TheThe Half-Way Girl Production and distribution[19] August 16, 1925 Winds of Chance Production and distribution[19] September 6, 1925 Shore Leave Distribution[20] September 13, 1925 What Fools Men Production and distribution[19] September 27, 1925 Dark Angel, TheThe Dark Angel Distribution[20] October 4, 1925 Pace That Thrills, TheThe Pace That Thrills Production and distribution[19] October 11, 1925 Classified Distribution[20] October 18, 1925 Why Women Love Distribution[20] November 8, 1925 Scarlet Saint Production and distribution[19] November 15, 1925 We Moderns Distribution[20] November 25, 1925 Clothes Make the Pirate Distribution[20] December 6, 1925 Splendid Road, TheThe Splendid Road Distribution[20] December 13, 1925 Joanna Distribution[20] January 10, 1926 Just Suppose Distribution[20] January 13, 1926 Bluebeard's Seven Wives Production and distribution[19] January 24, 1926 Reckless Lady, TheThe Reckless Lady Distribution[19] January 31, 1926 Girl from Montmartre, TheThe Girl from Montmartre Distribution[20] February 14, 1926 Far Cry, TheThe Far Cry Production and distribution[19] February 21, 1926 Irene Production and distribution[20] February 28, 1926 Dancer of Paris, TheThe Dancer of Paris Production and distribution[19] March 14, 1926 High Steppers Distribution[20] March 21, 1926 Mademoiselle Modiste Distribution[19] March 21, 1926 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Distribution[19] March 28, 1926 Her Second Chance Production[19] April 4, 1926 Kiki Distribution[20] April 11, 1926 Old Loves and New Distribution[20] May 2, 1926 Greater Glory, TheThe Greater Glory Production and distribution[19] May 16, 1926 Wilderness Woman, TheThe Wilderness Woman Distribution[20] May 23, 1926 Wise Guy, TheThe Wise Guy Distribution[20] May 30, 1926 Ranson's Folly Distribution[20] June 6, 1926 Ella Cinders Distribution[20] June 17, 1926 Sporting Lover, TheThe Sporting Lover Distribution[20] June 27, 1926 Miss Nobody Production and distribution[19] July 25, 1926 Great Deception, TheThe Great Deception Distribution[20] July 26, 1926 Mismates Production and distribution[19] August 8, 1926 Duchess of Buffalo, TheThe Duchess of Buffalo Distribution[20] August 8, 1926 Into Her Kingdom Distribution[20] August 15, 1926 Amateur Gentleman, TheThe Amateur Gentleman Distribution[20] September 4, 1926 Don Juan's Three Nights Distribution[20] September 5, 1926 Strong Man, TheThe Strong Man Distribution[20] September 12, 1926 Subway Sadie Distribution[20] September 26, 1926 Paradise Distribution[20] October 17, 1926 Prince of Tempters, TheThe Prince of Tempters Distribution[20] October 25, 1926 Midnight Lovers Distribution[20] October 31, 1926 Syncopating Sue Distribution[20] November 20, 1926 Blonde Saint, TheThe Blonde Saint Distribution[20] November 28, 1926 Twinkletoes Distribution[20] December 12, 1926 Just Another Blonde Distribution[20] December 12, 1926 White Black Sheep, TheThe White Black Sheep Distribution[20] January 1, 1927 Lady in Ermine, TheThe Lady in Ermine Distribution[20] January 16, 1927 Masked Woman, TheThe Masked Woman Production and distribution[19] February 6, 1927 McFadden's Flats Production and distribution[19] February 13, 1927 Affair of the Follies, AnAn Affair of the Follies Distribution[20] February 20, 1927 Easy Pickings Production and distribution[19] February 27, 1927 Sea Tiger, TheThe Sea Tiger Production and distribution[19] March 5, 1927 Three Hours Distribution[20] March 6, 1927 Orchids and Ermine Distribution[20] March 13, 1927 High Hat Distribution[20] March 26, 1927 Long Pants Distribution[20] March 27, 1927 Notorious Lady, TheThe Notorious Lady Distribution[20] April 21, 1927 Camille Distribution[20] April 24, 1927 Convoy Distribution[20] May 15, 1927 Broadway Nights Distribution[20] May 22, 1927 Babe Comes Home Production and distribution[19] June 5, 1927 Sunset Derby, TheThe Sunset Derby Production and distribution[19] June 26, 1927 Naughty but Nice Distribution[20] July 9, 1927 Prince of Headwaiters, TheThe Prince of Headwaiters Distribution[20] July 31, 1927 For the Love of Mike Distribution[20] August 14, 1927 Stolen Bride, TheThe Stolen Bride Production and distribution[19] September 1, 1927 Patent Leather Kid, TheThe Patent Leather Kid Production and distribution[19] September 3, 1927 Life of Riley, TheThe Life of Riley Production and distribution[19] September 25, 1927 Drop Kick, TheThe Drop Kick Production and distribution[19] September 25, 1927 Rose of the Golden West Production and distribution[19] October 9, 1927 American Beauty Production and distribution[19] October 23, 1927 Breakfast at Sunrise Distribution[20] November 13, 1927 Gorilla, TheThe Gorilla Production and distribution[19] December 4, 1927 Texas Steer, AA Texas Steer Production and distribution[19] December 4, 1927 Valley of the Giants, TheThe Valley of the Giants Production and distribution[19] December 9, 1927 Private Life of Helen of Troy, TheThe Private Life of Helen of Troy Production and distribution[19] December 10, 1927 French Dressing Production and distribution[19] December 18, 1927 Love Mart, TheThe Love Mart Production and distribution[19] December 25, 1927 Her Wild Oat Production and distribution[19] January 22, 1928 Sailors' Wives Production and distribution[19] January 29, 1928 Noose, TheThe Noose Production and distribution[19] February 5, 1928 Whip Woman, TheThe Whip Woman Production and distribution[19] April 15, 1928 Chinatown Charlie Production and distribution[19] May 6, 1928 Lady Be Good Production and distribution[19] May 20, 1928 Yellow Lily, TheThe Yellow Lily Production and distribution[19] June 10, 1928 Three-Ring Marriage Production and distribution[19] June 24, 1928 Happiness Ahead Production and distribution[19] July 22, 1928 Heart to Heart Production and distribution[19] August 19, 1928 Out of the Ruins Production and distribution[19] August 26, 1928 Oh, Kay! Production and distribution[19] September 9, 1928 Night Watch, TheThe Night Watch Production and distribution[19] September 16, 1928 Waterfront Production and distribution[19] September 23, 1928 Show Girl Production and distribution[19] October 14, 1928 Do Your Duty Production and distribution[19] October 18, 1928 Lilac Time Production and distribution[19] October 21, 1928 Companionate Marriage, TheThe Companionate Marriage Distribution[20] November 4, 1928 Haunted House, TheThe Haunted House Production and distribution[19] November 11, 1928 Outcast Production and distribution[20] December 2, 1928 Adoration Production and distribution[19] December 5, 1928 Barker, TheThe Barker Production and distribution[19] December 16, 1928 Naughty Baby Production and distribution[19] December 29, 1928 Scarlet Seas Production and distribution[19] January 6, 1929 Synthetic Sin Production and distribution[20] February 10, 1929 Weary River Production and distribution[19] February 17, 1929 Seven Footprints to Satan Production and distribution[19] March 3, 1929 Children of the Ritz Production and distribution[19] March 12, 1929 Why Be Good? Production and distribution[19] March 24, 1929 Love and the Devil Production and distribution[19] March 31, 1929 Divine Lady, TheThe Divine Lady Production and distribution[20] April 2, 1929 His Captive Woman Production and distribution[19] April 28, 1929 House of Horror, TheThe House of Horror Production and distribution[19] May 5, 1929 Hot Stuff Production and distribution[19] May 8, 1929 Squall, TheThe Squall Production and distribution[19] May 12, 1929 Two Weeks Off Production and distribution[19] June 2, 1929 Careers Production and distribution[19] June 21, 1929 Broadway Babies Production and distribution[19] July 7, 1929 Man and the Moment, TheThe Man and the Moment Production and distribution[19] July 20, 1929 Drag Production and distribution[19] July 28, 1929 Smiling Irish Eyes Production and distribution[19] August 4, 1929 Hard to Get Production and distribution[19] August 25, 1929 Her Private Life Production and distribution[19] August 31, 1929 Girl from Woolworth's, TheThe Girl from Woolworth's Production and distribution[19] September 15, 1929 Great Divide, TheThe Great Divide Production and distribution[19] October 1, 1929 Young Nowheres Production and distribution[19] October 25, 1929 Isle of Lost Ships, TheThe Isle of Lost Ships Production and distribution[19] November 4, 1929 Paris Production and distribution[20] Films as a Warner Bros. subsidiary[edit] As a subsidiary of Warner Bros., First National Pictures, Inc., continued to be a copyright claimant and trademark on motion pictures through 1936. Notable examples of First National Pictures titles are listed below.[19][20] 1929[edit] Footlights and Fools The Forward Pass The Love Racket The Painted Angel Sally Wedding Rings 1930[edit] Back Pay The Bad Man Bride of the Regiment Bright Lights College Lovers The Dawn Patrol The Flirting Widow The Furies The Girl of the Golden West Going Wild The Gorilla In the Next Room Kismet The Lash Lilies of the Field Loose Ankles Mothers Cry Murder Will Out No, No, Nanette A Notorious Affair Numbered Men One Night at Susie's The Other Tomorrow Playing Around Road to Paradise Scarlet Pages Show Girl in Hollywood Son of the Gods Song of the Flame Spring Is Here Strictly Modern Sunny Sweet Mama Sweethearts and Wives Top Speed The Truth About Youth The Way of All Men The Widow from Chicago 1931[edit] The Bargain Big Business Girl Broadminded Chances Compromised Father's Son The Finger Points Five Star Final Her Majesty, Love Honor of the Family The Hot Heiress I Like Your Nerve Kiss Me Again The Lady Who Dared The Last Flight Little Caesar Local Boy Makes Good Men of the Sky Misbehaving Ladies The Naughty Flirt Party Husband Penrod and Sam The Reckless Hour The Right of Way The Ruling Voice Safe in Hell Too Young to Marry Woman Hungry 1932[edit] Alias the Doctor Cabin in the Cotton Central Park The Crash Crooner The Dark Horse Doctor X The Famous Ferguson Case Fireman, Save My Child The Hatchet Man It's Tough to Be Famous Life Begins Love Is a Racket The Match King Miss Pinkerton The Rich Are Always with Us Silver Dollar The Strange Love of Molly Louvain The Tenderfoot They Call It Sin Three on a Match Tiger Shark 20,000 Years in Sing Sing Two Seconds Union Depot Week-End Marriage The Woman from Monte Carlo You Said a Mouthful 1933[edit] Blondie Johnson Bureau of Missing Persons Central Airport Convention City Elmer, the Great Employees' Entrance Female Frisco Jenny Goodbye Again Grand Slam Havana Widows Heroes for Sale I Loved a Woman Lilly Turner The Little Giant The Mind Reader She Had to Say Yes Son of a Sailor Wild Boys of the Road The World Changes 1934[edit] Babbitt Bedside The Big Shakedown British Agent The Church Mouse The Circus Clown Dark Hazard The Dragon Murder Case Fashions of 1934 Flirtation Walk Fog Over Frisco Gentlemen Are Born Happiness Ahead I Sell Anything Journal of a Crime A Lost Lady The Man with Two Faces Mandalay Massacre The Merry Frinks Midnight Alibi Murder in the Clouds Registered Nurse Return of the Terror Side Streets 6 Day Bike Rider Twenty Million Sweethearts A Very Honorable Guy Wonder Bar 1935[edit] Black Fury The Case of the Curious Bride G Men The Girl from 10th Avenue Go into Your Dance Gold Diggers of 1935 In Caliente The Irish in Us[10]:156 Living on Velvet Maybe It's Love Oil for the Lamps of China Red Hot Tires Traveling Saleslady While the Patient Slept The Woman in Red 1936[edit] The Case of the Velvet Claws Here Comes Carter Earthworm Tractors

See also[edit] United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc.

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MayerAdolph ZukorParamount PicturesBurbank, CaliforniaTrust (19th Century)Metro-Goldwyn-MayerThe Jazz SingerThe Singing FoolWarner Bros.Common StockVitaphoneB Movies (Hollywood Golden Age)Turner EntertainmentTarzan Of The Apes (1918 Film)Daddy-Long-Legs (1919 Film)The Kid (1921 Film)Smilin' Through (1922 Film)Lorna Doone (1922 Film)Brawn Of The NorthThe Hottentot (1922 Film)Flaming Youth (film)The Sea Hawk (1924 Film)The Lost World (1925 Film)The Half-Way GirlClassified (1925 Film)Mademoiselle Modiste (film)Subway SadieBroadway NightsBabe Comes HomeAmerican Beauty (1927 Film)Her Wild OatThe Fall Of The RomanoffsAlimony (1917 Film)Daughter Of Destiny (1917 Film)My Four Years In GermanyTarzan Of The ApesA Dog's LifeThe Passing Of The Third Floor Back (1918 Film)The Romance Of TarzanRavished Armenia (film)A Midnight RomanceDaddy-Long-Legs (1919 Film)The Hoodlum (1919 Film)Back To God's Country (1919 Film)A Virtuous VampHeart O' The HillsIn Old Kentucky (1919 Film)The Greatest QuestionEven As EveThe River's End (film)The Family HonorThe Idol DancerPassion's PlaygroundGo And Get ItThe Jack-Knife ManA Splendid HazardThe Branded WomanThe Devil's GardenThe Great Adventure (1921 Film)Mama's AffairThe Kid (1921 Film)Scrambled WivesMan, Woman & MarriageJim The Penman (1921 Film)The Passion FlowerSowing The Wind (1921 Film)The Sign On The DoorThe Sky PilotWedding Bells (1921 Film)Salvation Nell (1921 Film)A Midnight BellBits Of LifeThe Invisible FearWoman's PlaceMolly O (1921 Film)Tol'able DavidThe Lotus Eater (film)The Cave Girl (film)The Barnstormer (film)Red Hot RomanceSmilin' Through (1922 Film)Kindred Of The DustThe Infidel (1922 Film)The Woman He MarriedThe Primitive LoverRose O' The SeaTrouble (1922 Film)The Light In The DarkThe Eternal Flame (film)Lorna Doone (1922 Film)White Shoulders (1922 Film)Oliver Twist (1922 Film)Brawn Of The NorthOmar The Tentmaker (film)The Woman ConquersThe Hottentot (1922 Film)Fury (1923 Film)The Brass Bottle (1923 Film)Bell Boy 13Mighty Lak' A Rose (1923 Film)The Pilgrim (1923 Film)The Isle Of Lost Ships (1923 Film)Daddy (1923 Film)The Bright ShawlHer Fatal MillionsWithin The Law (1923 Film)The Girl Of The Golden West (1923 Film)Slippy McGeeCircus DaysDulcy (1923 Film)The Fighting BladePotash And PerlmutterAshes Of VengeanceThe Bad Man (1923 Film)The Meanest Man In The World (1923 Film)PonjolaFlaming Youth (film)Jealous HusbandsThe Dangerous MaidThe WantersAnna Christie (1923 Film)The Eternal City (1923 Film)Boy Of MineBlack OxenThe Dramatic Life Of Abraham LincolnThe Love Master (film)Torment (1924 Film)Lilies Of The Field (1924 Film)The Galloping FishThe Enchanted Cottage (1924 Film)Secrets (1924 Film)A Son Of The SaharaThe Woman On The JuryThose Who Dance (1924 Film)Cytherea (film)The White MothThe Perfect FlapperThe Sea Hawk (1924 Film)A Self-Made FailureThe Girl In The LimousineSingle WivesIn Hollywood With Potash And PerlmutterHer Night Of RomanceThe Silent WatcherThe Only WomanClassmates (1924 Film)Inez From HollywoodSo Big (1924 Film)As Man DesiresA Thief In ParadiseEnticement (1925 Film)The Lost World (1925 Film)Heart Of A SirenDéclasséeSally (1925 Film)His Supreme MomentPlaying With SoulsSoul-FireChickieThe Necessary EvilJust A Woman (1925 Film)The Lady Who LiedThe Scarlet WestThe Half-Way GirlWinds Of ChanceShore Leave (film)What Fools MenThe Dark Angel (1925 Film)The Pace That Thrills (1925 Film)Classified (1925 Film)Why Women LoveScarlet SaintWe ModernsClothes Make The PirateThe Splendid RoadJoanna (1925 Film)Just SupposeBluebeard's Seven WivesThe Reckless LadyThe Girl From MontmartreThe Far CryIrene (1926 Film)The Dancer Of ParisHigh SteppersMademoiselle Modiste (film)Tramp, Tramp, TrampHer Second Chance (1926 Film)Kiki (1926 Film)Old Loves And NewThe Greater GloryThe Wilderness WomanThe Wise GuyRanson's Folly (1926 Film)Ella Cinders (film)The Sporting LoverMiss Nobody (1926 Film)The Great DeceptionMismatesThe Duchess Of BuffaloInto Her KingdomThe Amateur Gentleman (1926 Film)Don Juan's Three NightsThe Strong ManSubway SadieParadise (1926 Film)Prince Of TemptersMidnight Lovers (1926 Film)Syncopating SueThe Blonde SaintTwinkletoesJust Another BlondeThe White Black SheepThe Lady In ErmineThe Masked WomanMcFadden's FlatsAn Affair Of The FolliesEasy PickingsThe Sea TigerThree HoursOrchids And ErmineHigh Hat (1927 Film)Long PantsThe Notorious LadyCamille (1926 Feature Film)Convoy (1927 Film)Broadway NightsBabe Comes HomeThe Sunset DerbyNaughty But Nice (1927 Film)The Prince Of HeadwaitersFor The Love Of MikeThe Stolen Bride (1927 Film)The Patent Leather KidThe Life Of Riley (1927 Film)The Drop KickRose Of The Golden WestAmerican Beauty (1927 Film)Breakfast At SunriseThe Gorilla (1927 Film)A Texas SteerThe Valley Of The Giants (1927 Film)The Private Life Of Helen Of TroyFrench Dressing (1927 Film)The Love MartHer Wild OatSailors' WivesThe Noose (film)The Whip WomanChinatown CharlieLady Be Good (1928 Film)Yellow LilyThree-Ring MarriageHappiness Ahead (1928 Film)Heart To Heart (1928 Film)Out Of The Ruins (film)Oh, Kay! (film)Night Watch (1928 Film)Waterfront (1928 Film)Show Girl (1928 Film)Do Your DutyLilac Time (1928 Film)Companionate MarriageThe Haunted House (1928 Film)Outcast (1928 Film)Adoration (1928 Film)The BarkerNaughty Baby (film)Scarlet SeasSynthetic SinWeary RiverSeven Footprints To SatanChildren Of The RitzWhy Be Good?Love And The DevilThe Divine LadyHis Captive WomanHouse Of Horror (1929 Film)Hot Stuff (1929 Film)The SquallTwo Weeks OffCareers (film)Broadway BabiesThe Man And The MomentDrag (film)Smiling Irish EyesHard To Get (1929 Film)Her Private LifeThe Girl From Woolworth'sThe Great Divide (1929 Film)Young NowheresThe Isle Of Lost Ships (1929 Film)Paris (1929 Film)Footlights And FoolsThe Forward PassThe Love RacketThe Painted AngelSally (1929 Film)Wedding Rings (film)Back PayThe Bad Man (1930 Film)Bride Of The RegimentBright Lights (1930 Film)College LoversThe Dawn Patrol (1930 Film)The Flirting WidowThe Furies (1930 Film)The Girl Of The Golden West (1930 Film)Going WildThe Gorilla (1930 Film)In The Next RoomKismet (1930 Film)The Lash (1930 Film)Lilies Of The Field (1930 Film)Loose AnklesMothers CryMurder Will Out (1930 Film)No, No, Nanette (1930 Film)A Notorious AffairNumbered MenOne Night At Susie'sThe Other TomorrowPlaying AroundRoad To Paradise (film)Scarlet PagesShow Girl In HollywoodSon Of The GodsSong Of The FlameSpring Is Here (film)Strictly ModernSunny (1930 Film)Sweet Mama (film)Sweethearts And WivesTop Speed (film)The Truth About YouthThe Way Of All MenThe Widow From ChicagoThe Bargain (1931 Film)Big Business GirlBroadminded (film)Chances (film)Compromised (1931 Film)Father's Son (1931 Film)The Finger PointsFive Star FinalHer Majesty, LoveHonor Of The FamilyThe Hot HeiressI Like Your NerveKiss Me Again (1931 Film)The Lady Who DaredThe Last Flight (1931 Film)Little Caesar (film)Local Boy Makes GoodMen Of The SkyMisbehaving LadiesThe Naughty FlirtParty HusbandPenrod And Sam (1931 Film)The Reckless HourThe Right Of WayThe Ruling VoiceSafe In HellToo Young To Marry (1931 Film)Woman Hungry (film)Alias The DoctorCabin In The CottonCentral Park (film)The Crash (1932 Film)Crooner (film)The Dark Horse (1932 Film)Doctor X (film)The Famous Ferguson CaseFireman, Save My Child (1932 Film)The Hatchet ManIt's Tough To Be FamousLife Begins (film)Love Is A RacketThe Match KingMiss PinkertonThe Rich Are Always With UsSilver Dollar (film)The Strange Love Of Molly LouvainThe Tenderfoot (film)They Call It SinThree On A MatchTiger Shark (film)20,000 Years In Sing SingTwo SecondsUnion Depot (film)Week-End MarriageThe Woman From Monte CarloYou Said A MouthfulBlondie JohnsonBureau Of Missing PersonsCentral Airport (film)Convention CityElmer, The GreatEmployees' EntranceFemale (1933 Film)Frisco JennyGoodbye Again (1933 Film)Grand Slam (1933 Film)Havana WidowsHeroes For Sale (film)I Loved A WomanLilly TurnerThe Little Giant (film)The Mind ReaderShe Had To Say YesWild Boys Of The RoadThe World ChangesBabbitt (1934 Film)BedsideThe Big ShakedownBritish AgentThe Church MouseThe Circus ClownDark HazardThe Dragon Murder Case (film)Fashions Of 1934Flirtation WalkFog Over FriscoGentlemen Are Born (1934 Film)Happiness AheadI Sell AnythingJournal Of A CrimeA Lost Lady (film)The Man With Two Faces (1934 Film)Mandalay (film)Massacre (film)The Merry FrinksMidnight AlibiMurder In The CloudsRegistered Nurse (film)Return Of The TerrorSide Streets (1934 Film)Twenty Million SweetheartsA Very Honorable GuyWonder BarBlack Fury (film)The Case Of The Curious BrideG MenThe Girl From 10th AvenueGo Into Your DanceGold Diggers Of 1935In CalienteThe Irish In UsLiving On VelvetMaybe It's Love (1935 Film)Oil For The Lamps Of China (film)Red Hot Tires (1935 Film)Traveling SalesladyWhile The Patient SleptThe Woman In Red (1935 Film)The Case Of The Velvet ClawsHere Comes CarterEarthworm TractorsUnited States V. 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