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Terminology[edit] An official government translation of the Constitution of Russia in Article 5 states: "1. The Russian Federation shall consist of republics, krays, oblasts, cities of federal significance, an autonomous oblast and autonomous okrugs, which shall have equal rights as constituent entities of the Russian Federation."[9] Another translation of the Constitution of Russia gives for article 65: "The Russian Federation includes the following subjects of the Russian Federation:".[10] How to translate the Russian term was discussed during the 49th annual American Translators Association conference in Orlando, in which Tom Fennel, a freelance translator, argued that the term "constituent entity of the Russian Federation" should be preferred to "subject".[11] This recommendation is also shared by Tamara Nekrasova, Head of Translation Department, Goltsblat BLP, who in her "Traps & Mishaps in Legal Translation" presentation in Paris stated that "constituent entity of the Russian Federation is more appropriate than subject of the Russian Federation (subject would be OK for a monarchy)".[12] Rank (as given in constitution and ISO) Russian (Cyrillic) Russian (Latin) English – official translation of the constitution [13] English – unofficial translation of the constitution[10] ISO 3166-2:RU (ISO 3166-2 Newsletter II-2 (2010-06-30)) N/A субъект Российской Федерации subʺyekt Rossiyskoy Federatsii constituent entity of the Russian Federation subject of the Russian Federation (not mentioned) 1 республика respublika republic republic republic 2 край kray kray territory administrative territory 3 область oblastʹ oblast region administrative region 4 город федерального значения gorod federalʹnogo znacheniya city of federal significance city of federal importance autonomous city (the Russian term used in ISO 3166-2 is автономный город avtonomnyy gorod) 5 автономная область avtonomnaya oblastʹ autonomous oblast autonomous region autonomous region 6 автономный округ avtonomnyy okrug autonomous okrug autonomous area autonomous district

Types[edit] Each federal subject belongs to one of the following types: Legend Description   46 oblasts The most common type of federal subject with a governor and locally elected legislature. Commonly named after their administrative centers.   22 republics Nominally[citation needed] autonomous, each has its own constitution and legislature; is represented by the federal government in international affairs; is meant to be home to a specific ethnic minority.   9 krais Essentially the same as oblasts. The title "territory" is historic, originally given because they were once considered frontier regions.   4 autonomous okrugs With a substantial or predominant ethnic minority.   3 federal cities Major cities that function as separate regions.   1 autonomous oblast The only autonomous oblast is the Jewish Autonomous Oblast.

List[edit] Click any region for more information. Go here for image description. Code Name Capital/Administrative center[a] Flag Coat of arms Federal district Economic region Area (km2)[14] Population [15] Year established   01 Adygea, Republic of Maykop Southern North Caucasus 7,600 447,109 1922 02 Bashkortostan, Republic of Ufa Volga Ural 143,600 4,104,336 1919 03 Buryatia, Republic of Ulan-Ude Siberian East Siberian 351,300 981,238 1923 04 Altai Republic Gorno-Altaysk Siberian West Siberian 92,600 202,947 1922 05 Dagestan, Republic of Makhachkala North Caucasian North Caucasus 50,300 2,576,531 1921 06 Ingushetia, Republic of Magas (Largest city: Nazran) North Caucasian North Caucasus 4,000 467,294 1992 07 Kabardino-Balkar Republic Nalchik North Caucasian North Caucasus 12,500 901,494 1936 08 Kalmykia, Republic of Elista Southern Volga 76,100 292,410 1957 09 Karachay-Cherkess Republic Cherkessk North Caucasian North Caucasus 14,100 439,470 1957 10 Karelia, Republic of Petrozavodsk Northwestern Northern 172,400 716,281 1956 11 Komi Republic Syktyvkar Northwestern Northern 415,900 1,018,674 1921 12 Mari El Republic Yoshkar-Ola Volga Volga-Vyatka 23,200 727,979 1920 13 Mordovia, Republic of Saransk Volga Volga-Vyatka 26,200 888,766 1930 14 Sakha (Yakutia) Republic Yakutsk Far Eastern Far Eastern 3,103,200 949,280 1922 15 North Ossetia-Alania, Republic of Vladikavkaz North Caucasian North Caucasus 8,000 710,275 1924 16 Tatarstan, Republic of Kazan Volga Volga 68,000 3,779,265 1920 17 Tuva Republic Kyzyl Siberian East Siberian 170,500 305,510 1944 18 Udmurt Republic Izhevsk Volga Ural 42,100 1,570,316 1920 19 Khakassia, Republic of Abakan Siberian East Siberian 61,900 546,072 1930 20 Chechen Republic Grozny North Caucasian North Caucasus 15,300 1,103,686 1991 21 Chuvash Republic Cheboksary Volga Volga-Vyatka 18,300 1,313,754 1920 22 Altai Krai Barnaul Siberian West Siberian 169,100 2,607,426 1937 75 Zabaykalsky Krai Chita Siberian East Siberian 431,500 1,155,346 2008 41 Kamchatka Krai Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Far Eastern Far Eastern 472,300 358,801 2007 23 Krasnodar Krai Krasnodar Southern North Caucasus 76,000 5,125,221 1937 24 Krasnoyarsk Krai Krasnoyarsk Siberian East Siberian 2,339,700 2,966,042 1934 59 Perm Krai Perm Volga Ural 160,600 2,819,421 2005 25 Primorsky Krai Vladivostok Far Eastern Far Eastern 165,900 2,071,210 1938 26 Stavropol Krai Stavropol North Caucasian North Caucasus 66,500 2,735,139 1934 27 Khabarovsk Krai Khabarovsk Far Eastern Far Eastern 788,600 1,436,570 1938 28 Amur Oblast Blagoveshchensk Far Eastern Far Eastern 363,700 902,844 1932 29 Arkhangelsk Oblast Arkhangelsk Northwestern Northern 587,400 1,336,539 1937 30 Astrakhan Oblast Astrakhan Southern Volga 44,100 1,005,276 1943 31 Belgorod Oblast Belgorod Central Central Black Earth 27,100 1,511,620 1954 32 Bryansk Oblast Bryansk Central Central 34,900 1,378,941 1944 33 Vladimir Oblast Vladimir Central Central 29,000 1,523,990 1944 34 Volgograd Oblast Volgograd Southern Volga 113,900 2,699,223 1937 35 Vologda Oblast Vologda (Largest city: Cherepovets) Northwestern Northern 145,700 1,269,568 1937 36 Voronezh Oblast Voronezh Central Central Black Earth 52,400 2,378,803 1934 37 Ivanovo Oblast Ivanovo Central Central 21,800 1,148,329 1936 38 Irkutsk Oblast Irkutsk Siberian East Siberian 767,900 2,581,705 1937 39 Kaliningrad Oblast Kaliningrad Northwestern Kaliningrad 15,100 955,281 1946 40 Kaluga Oblast Kaluga Central Central 29,900 1,041,641 1944 42 Kemerovo Oblast Kemerovo (Largest city: Novokuznetsk) Siberian West Siberian 95,500 2,899,142 1943 43 Kirov Oblast Kirov Volga Volga-Vyatka 120,800 1,503,529 1934 44 Kostroma Oblast Kostroma Central Central 60,100 736,641 1944 45 Kurgan Oblast Kurgan Ural Ural 71,000 1,019,532 1943 46 Kursk Oblast Kursk Central Central Black Earth 29,800 1,235,091 1934 47 Leningrad Oblast Largest city: Gatchina[b] Northwestern Northwestern 84,500 1,669,205 1927 48 Lipetsk Oblast Lipetsk Central Central Black Earth 24,100 1,213,499 1954 49 Magadan Oblast Magadan Far Eastern Far Eastern 461,400 182,726 1953 50 Moscow Oblast Largest city: Balashikha[c] Central Central 44,300[16] 6,618,538 1929 51 Murmansk Oblast Murmansk Northwestern Northern 144,900 892,534 1938 52 Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Nizhny Novgorod Volga Volga-Vyatka 76,900 3,524,028 1936 53 Novgorod Oblast Veliky Novgorod Northwestern Northwestern 55,300 694,355 1944 54 Novosibirsk Oblast Novosibirsk Siberian West Siberian 178,200 2,692,251 1937 55 Omsk Oblast Omsk Siberian West Siberian 139,700 2,079,220 1934 56 Orenburg Oblast Orenburg Volga Ural 124,000 2,179,551 1934 57 Oryol Oblast Oryol Central Central 24,700 860,262 1937 58 Penza Oblast Penza Volga Volga 43,200 1,452,941 1939 60 Pskov Oblast Pskov Northwestern Northwestern 55,300 760,810 1944 61 Rostov Oblast Rostov-on-Don Southern North Caucasus 100,800 4,404,013 1937 62 Ryazan Oblast Ryazan Central Central 39,600 1,227,910 1937 63 Samara Oblast Samara Volga Volga 53,600 3,239,737 1928 64 Saratov Oblast Saratov Volga Volga 100,200 2,668,310 1936 65 Sakhalin Oblast Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Far Eastern Far Eastern 87,100 546,695 1947 66 Sverdlovsk Oblast Yekaterinburg Ural Ural 194,800 4,486,214 1935 67 Smolensk Oblast Smolensk Central Central 49,800 1,049,574 1937 68 Tambov Oblast Tambov Central Central Black Earth 34,300 1,178,443 1937 69 Tver Oblast Tver Central Central 84,100 1,471,459 1935 70 Tomsk Oblast Tomsk Siberian West Siberian 316,900 1,046,039 1944 71 Tula Oblast Tula Central Central 25,700 1,675,758 1937 72 Tyumen Oblast Tyumen Ural West Siberian 1,435,200 3,264,841 1944 73 Ulyanovsk Oblast Ulyanovsk Volga Volga 37,300 1,382,811 1943 74 Chelyabinsk Oblast Chelyabinsk Ural Ural 87,900 3,603,339 1934 76 Yaroslavl Oblast Yaroslavl Central Central 36,400 1,367,398 1936 77 Moscow — Central Central 2,511 10,382,754 78 Saint Petersburg — Northwestern Northwestern 1,439 4,662,547 79 Jewish Autonomous Oblast Birobidzhan Far Eastern Far Eastern 36,000 190,915 1934 83 Nenets Autonomous Okrug Naryan-Mar Northwestern Northern 176,700 41,546 1929 86 Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk (Largest city: Surgut) Ural West Siberian 523,100 1,432,817 1930 87 Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Anadyr Far Eastern Far Eastern 737,700 53,824 1930 89 Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Salekhard (Largest city: Noyabrsk) Ural West Siberian 750,300 507,006 1930 82 Crimea, Republic of[d] Simferopol Southern[17][18] — 26,964[19] 1,966,801[20] 2014 92 Sevastopol[d] — Southern[17][18] — 864[21] 379,200[21] 2014 a. ^ The largest city is also listed when it is different from the capital/administrative center. b. ^ According to Article 13 of the Charter of Leningrad Oblast, the government bodies of the oblast are located in the city of St. Petersburg. However, St. Petersburg is not officially named to be the administrative center of the oblast. c. ^ According to Article 24 of the Charter of Moscow Oblast, the government bodies of the oblast are located in the city of Moscow and throughout the territory of Moscow Oblast. However, Moscow is not officially named to be the administrative center of the oblast. d. ^ Not recognized internationally as a part of Russia. e. ^ In February 2000, the former code of 20 for the Chechen Republic was cancelled and replaced with code 95. License plate production was suspended due to the Chechen Wars, causing numerous issues, which in turn forced the region to use a new code.

Lists of federal subjects[edit] List of federal subjects of Russia by GRP List of federal subjects of Russia by incidence of substance abuse List of federal subjects of Russia by GDP per capita List of federal subjects of Russia by murder rate List of federal subjects of Russia by life expectancy List of federal subjects of Russia by population List of federal subjects of Russia by total fertility rate List of federal subjects of Russia by Human Development Index List of federal subjects of Russia by unemployment rate List of current heads of federal subjects of Russia Forest cover by federal subject in Russia ISO 3166-2:RU

Mergers[edit] Federal subjects of Russia Starting in 2005, some of the federal subjects were merged into larger territories[why?]. The merging process was finished on 1 March 2008. No new mergers have been planned since March 2008. Date of referendum Date of merger Original entities Original codes New code Original entities New entity 2003-12-07 2005-12-01 1, 1a 59 (1), 81 (1a) 90 Perm Oblast (1) + Komi-Permyak Autonomous Okrug (1a) Perm Krai 2005-04-17 2007-01-01 2, 2a, 2b 24 (2), 88 (2a), 84 (2b) 24 Krasnoyarsk Krai (2) + Evenk Autonomous Okrug (2a) + Taymyr Autonomous Okrug (2b) Krasnoyarsk Krai 2005-10-23 2007-07-01 3, 3a 41 (3), 82 (3a) 91 Kamchatka Oblast (3) + Koryak Autonomous Okrug (3a) Kamchatka Krai 2006-04-16 2008-01-01 4, 4a 38 (4), 85 (4a) 38 Irkutsk Oblast (4) + Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomous Okrug (4a) Irkutsk Oblast 2007-03-11 2008-03-01 5, 5a 75 (5), 80 (5a) 92 Chita Oblast (5) + Agin-Buryat Autonomous Okrug (5a) Zabaykalsky Krai

See also[edit] Subdivisions of Russia Federal districts of Russia Economic regions of Russia History of the administrative division of Russia Flags of the federal subjects of Russia Republics of the Soviet Union Flags of the Soviet Republics

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Russian Federal State Statistics Service. Retrieved 26 July 2016.  ^ a b "Crimea becomes part of vast Southern federal district of Russia". Retrieved 2016-07-29.  ^ a b "В России создан Крымский федеральный округ". RBC. March 21, 2014.  ^ "Autonomous Republic of Crimea". Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Retrieved 2014-03-25.  ^ "Population as of February 1, 2014. Average annual populations January 2014". Retrieved 2015-10-18.  ^ a b "A General data of the region". Sevastopol City State Administration. Archived from the original on February 11, 2014. Retrieved April 7, 2014.  Sources[edit] 12 декабря 1993 г. «Конституция Российской Федерации», в ред. Федерального конституционного закона №7-ФКЗ от 30 декабря 2008 г. Вступил в силу со дня официального опубликования. Опубликован: "Российская газета", №237, 25 декабря 1993 г. (December 12, 1993 Constitution of the Russian Federation, as amended by the Federal Constitutional Law #7-FKZ of December 30, 2008. Effective as of the official publication date.). v t e Subdivisions of Russia Federal subjects Republics Adygea Altai Bashkortostan Buryatia Chechnya Chuvashia Crimea1 Dagestan Ingushetia Kabardino-Balkaria Kalmykia Karachay-Cherkessia Karelia Khakassia Komi Mari El Mordovia North Ossetia-Alania Sakha Tatarstan Tuva Udmurtia Krais Altai Kamchatka Khabarovsk Krasnodar Krasnoyarsk Perm Primorsky Stavropol Zabaykalsky Oblasts Amur Arkhangelsk Astrakhan Belgorod Bryansk Chelyabinsk Irkutsk Ivanovo Kaliningrad Kaluga Kemerovo Kirov Kostroma Kurgan Kursk Leningrad Lipetsk Magadan Moscow Murmansk Nizhny Novgorod Novgorod Novosibirsk Omsk Orenburg Oryol Penza Pskov Rostov Ryazan Sakhalin Samara Saratov Smolensk Sverdlovsk Tambov Tomsk Tula Tver Tyumen Ulyanovsk Vladimir Volgograd Vologda Voronezh Yaroslavl Federal cities Moscow St. Petersburg Sevastopol1 Autonomous oblast Jewish Autonomous okrugs Chukotka Khanty-Mansi2 Nenets3 Yamalo-Nenets2 1Claimed by Ukraine and considered by most of the international community to be part of Ukraine 2Administratively subordinated to Tyumen Oblast 3Administratively subordinated to Arkhangelsk Oblast Internal additional non-constitutional divisions by different institutions Economic regions (by Ministry of Economic Development) Military districts (by Ministry of Defence) Federal districts (by President) Judicial districts (by law "On arbitration courts") v t e Lists of federal subjects of Russia By Population (density) Gross Regional Product GDP per capita Literacy rate Total fertility rate Substance abuse HDI Life expectancy Highest point Murder rate Unemployment Name etymology Other Flags Coats of arms Governors v t e First-level administrative divisions in European countries Sovereign states Albania Andorra Armenia2 Austria Azerbaijan1 Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus2 Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia1 Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Kazakhstan1 Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia1 San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey1 Ukraine United Kingdom States with limited recognition Abkhazia2 Kosovo Nagorno-Karabakh2 Northern Cyprus2 South Ossetia2 Transnistria 1 Has part of its territory outside Europe. 2 Considered European for cultural, political and historical reasons but is geographically in Western Asia. Table of administrative divisions by country v t e Articles on first-level administrative divisions of Asian countries Sovereign states Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan1 Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Cambodia China province autonomous region municipality SAR Cyprus Egypt1 Georgia1 India Indonesia1 Iran Iraq Israel Japan Jordan Kazakhstan1 North Korea province special city South Korea Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Myanmar Nepal Oman Pakistan Palestine Philippines Qatar Russia1 Saudi Arabia Singapore Sri Lanka Syria Tajikistan Thailand Timor-Leste (East Timor) Turkey1 Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen1 States with limited recognition Northern Cyprus Taiwan 1 Country spanning more than one continent (transcontinental country). List of administrative divisions by country Retrieved from "" Categories: Federal subjects of RussiaLists of subdivisions of RussiaCountry subdivisions in EuropeFirst-level administrative country subdivisionsFederal subjects of Russia-related listsRussian-speaking countries and territoriesHistory of Russia (1992–present)Hidden categories: Articles with Russian-language external linksWebarchive template wayback linksArticles containing Russian-language textCS1 Russian-language sources (ru)All articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from October 2017Wikipedia articles needing clarification from October 2017Articles with unsourced statements from December 2015Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February 2015Use mdy dates from March 2014

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KareliaPetrozavodskNorthwestern Federal DistrictNorthern Economic Region (Russia)Komi RepublicSyktyvkarNorthwestern Federal DistrictNorthern Economic Region (Russia)Mari El RepublicYoshkar-OlaVolga Federal DistrictVolga-Vyatka Economic RegionRepublic Of MordoviaSaranskVolga Federal DistrictVolga-Vyatka Economic RegionSakha RepublicYakutskFar Eastern Federal DistrictFar Eastern Economic RegionRepublic Of North Ossetia-AlaniaVladikavkazNorth Caucasian Federal DistrictNorth Caucasus Economic RegionRepublic Of TatarstanKazanVolga Federal DistrictVolga Economic RegionTuva RepublicKyzylSiberian Federal DistrictEast Siberia Economic RegionUdmurt RepublicIzhevskVolga Federal DistrictUral Economic RegionRepublic Of KhakassiaAbakanSiberian Federal DistrictEast Siberia Economic RegionChechen RepublicGroznyNorth Caucasian Federal DistrictNorth Caucasus Economic RegionChuvash RepublicCheboksaryVolga Federal DistrictVolga-Vyatka Economic RegionAltai KraiBarnaulSiberian Federal DistrictWest Siberian Economic RegionZabaykalsky KraiChita, Zabaykalsky KraiSiberian Federal DistrictEast Siberia Economic RegionKamchatka KraiPetropavlovsk-KamchatskyFar Eastern Federal DistrictFar Eastern Economic RegionKrasnodar KraiKrasnodarSouthern Federal DistrictNorth Caucasus Economic RegionKrasnoyarsk KraiKrasnoyarskSiberian Federal DistrictEast Siberia Economic RegionPerm KraiPermVolga Federal DistrictUral Economic RegionPrimorsky KraiVladivostokFar Eastern Federal DistrictFar Eastern Economic RegionStavropol KraiStavropolNorth Caucasian Federal DistrictNorth Caucasus Economic RegionKhabarovsk KraiKhabarovskFar Eastern Federal DistrictFar Eastern Economic RegionAmur OblastBlagoveshchenskFar Eastern Federal DistrictFar Eastern Economic RegionArkhangelsk OblastArkhangelskNorthwestern Federal DistrictNorthern Economic Region (Russia)Astrakhan OblastAstrakhanSouthern Federal DistrictVolga Economic RegionBelgorod OblastBelgorodCentral Federal DistrictCentral Black Earth Economic RegionBryansk OblastBryanskCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionVladimir OblastVladimir, RussiaCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionVolgograd OblastVolgogradSouthern Federal DistrictVolga Economic RegionVologda OblastVologdaCherepovetsNorthwestern Federal DistrictNorthern Economic Region (Russia)Voronezh OblastVoronezhCentral Federal DistrictCentral Black Earth Economic RegionIvanovo OblastIvanovoCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionIrkutsk OblastIrkutskSiberian Federal DistrictEast Siberia Economic RegionKaliningrad OblastKaliningradNorthwestern Federal DistrictKaliningrad Economic RegionKaluga OblastKalugaCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionKemerovo OblastKemerovoNovokuznetskSiberian Federal DistrictWest Siberian Economic RegionKirov OblastKirov, Kirov OblastVolga Federal DistrictVolga-Vyatka Economic RegionKostroma OblastKostromaCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionKurgan OblastKurgan, Kurgan OblastUral Federal DistrictUral Economic RegionKursk OblastKurskCentral Federal DistrictCentral Black Earth Economic RegionLeningrad OblastGatchinaNorthwestern Federal DistrictNorthwestern Economic RegionLipetsk OblastLipetskCentral Federal DistrictCentral Black Earth Economic RegionMagadan OblastMagadanFar Eastern Federal DistrictFar Eastern Economic RegionMoscow OblastBalashikhaCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionMurmansk OblastMurmanskNorthwestern Federal DistrictNorthern Economic Region (Russia)Nizhny Novgorod OblastNizhny NovgorodVolga Federal DistrictVolga-Vyatka Economic RegionNovgorod OblastVeliky NovgorodNorthwestern Federal DistrictNorthwestern Economic RegionNovosibirsk OblastNovosibirskSiberian Federal DistrictWest Siberian Economic RegionOmsk OblastOmskSiberian Federal DistrictWest Siberian Economic RegionOrenburg OblastOrenburgVolga Federal DistrictUral Economic RegionOryol OblastOryolCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionPenza OblastPenzaVolga Federal DistrictVolga Economic RegionPskov OblastPskovNorthwestern Federal DistrictNorthwestern Economic RegionRostov OblastRostov-on-DonSouthern Federal DistrictNorth Caucasus Economic RegionRyazan OblastRyazanCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionSamara OblastSamara, RussiaVolga Federal DistrictVolga Economic RegionSaratov OblastSaratovVolga Federal DistrictVolga Economic RegionSakhalin OblastYuzhno-SakhalinskFar Eastern Federal DistrictFar Eastern Economic RegionSverdlovsk OblastYekaterinburgUral Federal DistrictUral Economic RegionSmolensk OblastSmolenskCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionTambov OblastTambovCentral Federal DistrictCentral Black Earth Economic RegionTver OblastTverCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionTomsk OblastTomskSiberian Federal DistrictWest Siberian Economic RegionTula OblastTula, RussiaCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionTyumen OblastTyumenUral Federal DistrictWest Siberian Economic RegionUlyanovsk OblastUlyanovskVolga Federal DistrictVolga Economic RegionChelyabinsk OblastChelyabinskUral Federal DistrictUral Economic RegionYaroslavl OblastYaroslavlCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionMoscowCentral Federal DistrictCentral Economic RegionSaint PetersburgNorthwestern Federal DistrictNorthwestern Economic RegionJewish Autonomous OblastBirobidzhanFar Eastern Federal DistrictFar Eastern Economic RegionNenets Autonomous OkrugNaryan-MarNorthwestern Federal DistrictNorthern Economic Region (Russia)Khanty-Mansi Autonomous OkrugKhanty-MansiyskSurgutUral Federal DistrictWest Siberian Economic RegionChukotka Autonomous OkrugAnadyr (town)Far Eastern Federal DistrictFar Eastern Economic RegionYamalo-Nenets Autonomous OkrugSalekhardNoyabrskUral Federal DistrictWest Siberian Economic RegionRepublic Of CrimeaSimferopolSouthern Federal DistrictSevastopolSouthern Federal DistrictSaint PetersburgMoscowPolitical Status Of CrimeaList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By GRPList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Incidence Of Substance AbuseList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By GDP Per CapitaList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Murder RateList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Life ExpectancyList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By PopulationList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Total Fertility RateList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Human Development IndexList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Unemployment RateList Of Current Heads Of Federal Subjects Of RussiaForest Cover By Federal Subject In RussiaISO 3166-2:RUEnlargeWikipedia:Please ClarifyPerm OblastKomi-Permyak OkrugPerm KraiKrasnoyarsk KraiEvenk Autonomous OkrugTaymyr Autonomous OkrugKrasnoyarsk KraiKamchatka OblastKoryak Autonomous OkrugKamchatka KraiIrkutsk OblastUst-Orda Buryat Autonomous OkrugIrkutsk OblastChita OblastAgin-Buryat Autonomous OkrugZabaykalsky KraiSubdivisions Of RussiaFederal Districts Of RussiaEconomic Regions Of RussiaHistory Of The Administrative Division Of RussiaFlags Of The Federal Subjects Of RussiaRepublics Of The Soviet UnionFlags Of The Soviet RepublicsWayback MachineRussian Federal State Statistics ServiceTemplate:Subdivisions Of RussiaTemplate Talk:Subdivisions Of RussiaRussiaSubdivisions Of RussiaRepublics Of RussiaAdygeaAltai RepublicBashkortostanBuryatiaChechnyaChuvashiaRepublic Of CrimeaDagestanIngushetiaKabardino-BalkariaKalmykiaKarachay-CherkessiaRepublic Of KareliaKhakassiaKomi RepublicMari ElMordoviaNorth Ossetia-AlaniaSakha RepublicTatarstanTuvaUdmurtiaKrais Of RussiaAltai KraiKamchatka KraiKhabarovsk KraiKrasnodar KraiKrasnoyarsk KraiPerm KraiPrimorsky KraiStavropol KraiZabaykalsky KraiOblasts Of RussiaAmur OblastArkhangelsk OblastAstrakhan OblastBelgorod OblastBryansk OblastChelyabinsk OblastIrkutsk OblastIvanovo OblastKaliningrad OblastKaluga OblastKemerovo OblastKirov OblastKostroma OblastKurgan OblastKursk OblastLeningrad OblastLipetsk OblastMagadan OblastMoscow OblastMurmansk OblastNizhny Novgorod OblastNovgorod OblastNovosibirsk OblastOmsk OblastOrenburg OblastOryol OblastPenza OblastPskov OblastRostov OblastRyazan OblastSakhalin OblastSamara OblastSaratov OblastSmolensk OblastSverdlovsk OblastTambov OblastTomsk OblastTula OblastTver OblastTyumen OblastUlyanovsk OblastVladimir OblastVolgograd OblastVologda OblastVoronezh OblastYaroslavl OblastFederal Cities Of RussiaMoscowSaint PetersburgSevastopolAutonomous Oblasts Of RussiaJewish Autonomous OblastAutonomous Okrugs Of RussiaChukotka Autonomous OkrugKhanty-Mansi Autonomous OkrugNenets Autonomous OkrugYamalo-Nenets Autonomous OkrugUkraineTyumen OblastArkhangelsk OblastEconomic Regions Of RussiaMinistry Of Economic Development (Russia)Military Districts Of RussiaMinistry Of Defence (Russia)Federal Districts Of RussiaPresident Of RussiaTemplate:Lists Of Russian Federal SubjectsTemplate Talk:Lists Of Russian Federal SubjectsRussiaList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By PopulationList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By GRPList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By GDP Per CapitaList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Total Fertility RateList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Incidence Of Substance AbuseList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Human Development IndexList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Life ExpectancyList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Murder RateList Of Federal Subjects Of Russia By Unemployment RateRussiaFlags Of The Federal Subjects Of RussiaList Of Coats Of Arms Of The Russian FederationList Of Current Heads Of Federal Subjects Of RussiaTemplate:Articles On First-level Administrative Divisions Of European CountriesTemplate Talk:Articles On First-level Administrative Divisions Of European CountriesAdministrative DivisionEuropeSovereign StateCounties Of AlbaniaParishes Of AndorraAdministrative Divisions Of ArmeniaStates Of AustriaAdministrative Divisions Of AzerbaijanRegions Of BelarusCommunities, Regions And Language Areas Of BelgiumPolitical Divisions Of Bosnia And HerzegovinaProvinces Of BulgariaCounties Of CroatiaDistricts Of CyprusRegions Of The Czech RepublicRegions Of DenmarkCounties Of EstoniaRegions Of FinlandRegions Of FranceAdministrative Divisions Of Georgia (country)States Of GermanyAdministrative Regions Of GreeceCounties Of HungaryRegions Of IcelandLocal Government In The Republic Of IrelandRegions Of ItalyRegions Of KazakhstanAdministrative Divisions Of LatviaMunicipalities Of LiechtensteinCounties Of LithuaniaCantons Of LuxembourgMunicipalities Of The Republic Of MacedoniaLocal Councils Of MaltaAdministrative Divisions Of MoldovaMonacoMunicipalities Of MontenegroProvinces Of The NetherlandsCounties Of NorwayVoivodeships Of PolandAdministrative Divisions Of PortugalCounties Of RomaniaMunicipalities Of San MarinoDistricts Of SerbiaRegions Of SlovakiaMunicipalities Of SloveniaAutonomous Communities Of SpainCounties Of SwedenCantons Of SwitzerlandProvinces Of TurkeyAdministrative Divisions Of UkraineAdministrative Geography Of The United KingdomList Of States With Limited RecognitionSubdivisions Of AbkhaziaAdministrative Divisions Of KosovoAdministrative Divisions Of The Nagorno-Karabakh RepublicDistricts Of Northern CyprusAdministrative Divisions Of South OssetiaAdministrative Divisions Of TransnistriaList Of Transcontinental CountriesWestern AsiaList Of Administrative Divisions By CountryTemplate:Articles On First-level Administrative Divisions Of Asian CountriesTemplate Talk:Articles On First-level Administrative Divisions Of Asian CountriesAdministrative DivisionSovereign StateProvinces Of AfghanistanAdministrative Divisions Of ArmeniaAdministrative Divisions Of AzerbaijanGovernorates Of BahrainDivisions Of BangladeshDistricts Of BhutanDistricts Of BruneiProvinces Of CambodiaProvinces Of ChinaAutonomous Regions Of ChinaDirect-controlled Municipalities Of ChinaSpecial Administrative Regions Of ChinaDistricts Of CyprusGovernorates Of EgyptAdministrative Divisions Of Georgia (country)States And Union Territories Of IndiaProvinces Of IndonesiaProvinces Of IranGovernorates Of IraqDistricts Of IsraelPrefectures Of JapanGovernorates Of JordanRegions Of KazakhstanProvinces Of North KoreaSpecial Cities Of North KoreaProvinces Of South KoreaGovernorates Of KuwaitRegions Of KyrgyzstanProvinces Of LaosGovernorates Of LebanonStates And Federal Territories Of MalaysiaAdministrative Divisions Of The MaldivesProvinces Of MongoliaAdministrative Divisions Of MyanmarNepalese Federal StatesGovernorates Of OmanAdministrative Units Of PakistanGovernorates Of PalestineProvinces Of The PhilippinesMunicipalities Of QatarRegions Of Saudi ArabiaAdministrative Divisions Of SingaporeProvinces Of Sri LankaGovernorates Of SyriaRegions Of TajikistanProvinces Of ThailandMunicipalities Of East TimorProvinces Of TurkeyRegions Of TurkmenistanEmirates Of The United Arab EmiratesRegions Of UzbekistanProvinces Of VietnamGovernorates Of YemenList Of States With Limited RecognitionDistricts Of Northern CyprusAdministrative Divisions Of TaiwanList Of Transcontinental CountriesList Of Administrative Divisions By CountryHelp:CategoryCategory:Federal Subjects Of 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