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History[edit] The Federal Reformatory for Women in Seagoville opened on October 10, 1940. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the government converted the center into a Federal Detention Station, monitored by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, that housed people of Japanese, German and Italian descent who were classified as "enemy aliens," including women deported from Latin America into U.S. custody[2][3] Many of the Latin American internees had been classified officially as "voluntary internees" because they had chosen to leave their home countries after their husbands had been deported to the U.S., however, their choice was in many cases motivated by the difficulties of supporting themselves and their families alone.[3] Internees at Seagoville published a German language newsletter called the Sägedorfer Fliegende Blätter.[4] Beginning in June 1943, the State Department arranged for the deportation of many of the internees to Japan and Germany, which helped decrease the population as authorities prepared to transfer the remaining detainees to Crystal City, Texas.[3] Seagoville held a total of some 650-700 people, and was closed in June 1945.[3][5] After World War II ended, on June 25, 1945 the prison became a facility for minimum security male offenders. In 1969, the facility's mission changed to that of housing young male offenders sentenced under the Youth Corrections Act.[6] At the time the maximum age of the prisoners was 27.[7] In 1979, the facility's mission changed into that of a Federal Prison Camp. In 1981, a perimeter fence was installed and the facility became a Federal Correctional Institution. The adjacent Federal Detention Center opened in 1996. FDC Seagoville celebrated its 60th anniversary on October 10, 2000.[6]

Facility[edit] The prison facility is located on an 830-acre (340 ha) tract. Built for $1.8 million, it occupies a portion of the acreage. In World War II single detainees occupied dormitories while couples resided in "Victory Huts", prefabricated one room buildings with measurements of 18 square feet (1.7 m2) each.[8]

Notable incidents[edit] On November 8, 2012, 27-year-old John Hall, an inmate at FCI Seagoville, pleaded guilty to violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act for assaulting a fellow inmate whom he believed to be gay. Hall admitted that on December 20, 2011, he repeatedly punched and kicked the victim, whom the Department of Justice did not identify, while calling the victim homosexual slurs. The victim sustained multiple lacerations to his face and fractured teeth as a result of Hall’s unprovoked attack. On March 14, 2013, Hall was sentenced to an additional 71 months in prison for the attack, which is to be served concurrently.[9]

Notable inmates (current and former)[edit] Inmate Register Number Status Details Chris Epps 10095-042 Sentenced to 19.6 years. Former Commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Corrections, convicted of taking $1.4 million in bribes from contractors related to Operation Mississippi Hustle[10][11][12] Douglas Perlitz 36435-013 Sentenced to 19.6 years. Release Date: 10-03-2026 Former director of the Project Pierre Toussaint School in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. Perlitz confessed to sexually abusing eight homeless children at the center after showing them pornography, bribing them with food, money, clothing and electronics, and threatening to expel them if they told anyone. He is suspected of abusing dozens more young boys.[13] Jacques Roy 44132-177 Currently awaiting trial.[14][15] Physician; indicted in 2012 for conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud for allegedly masterminding the largest healthcare fraud in US history, which involved 11,000 patients and resulted in $375 million being fraudulently billed to Medicare and Medicaid.[16][17]

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Ray James Eden Giles W. Dalby Great Plains McRae Moshannon Valley Reeves County Rivers Taft Related List of U.S. federal prisons Federal Bureau of Prisons Program Statement Lopez v. Davis National Institute of Corrections Special Operations Response Team v t e Seagoville, Texas Education Primary and secondary schools Dallas Independent School District Seagoville High School Mesquite Independent School District Crandall Independent School District Seagoville Independent School District (defunct) Colleges and universities Dallas County Community College District Other Landmarks Federal Correctional Institution, Seagoville Seagoville School (NRHP, demolished 2011) This list is incomplete. Seagoville High School is within the Dallas city limits, but it serves the city of Seagoville. v t e Prisons for women in the United States This list template only include facilities for post-trial long-term confinement of adult females and juvenile females sentenced as adults, of one or two years or more (referred to as "prisons" in the United States, while the word "jail" normally refers to short-term confinement facilities) Federal facilities Federal Bureau of Prisons Federal Prison Camp, Alderson Federal Correctional Institution, Aliceville Federal Prison Camp, Bryan Federal Medical Center, Carswell Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin United States Penitentiary, Hazelton Federal Correctional Institution, Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution, Waseca Converted into men's facilities Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury Federal Reformatory for Women in Seagoville Department of Defense Naval Consolidated Brig, Miramar State prisons Alabama Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women Montgomery Women's Facility Alaska Hiland Mountain Correctional Center Arizona Arizona State Prison Complex – Perryville Arkansas McPherson Unit Hawkins Center for Women Closed Arkansas State Farm for Women Women removed from facility Cummins Unit Tucker Unit California California Institution for Women Central California Women's Facility Folsom Women’s Facility Converted into men's facilities Valley State Prison for Women Colorado Denver Women's Correctional Facility La Vista Correctional Facility Closed Colorado Women's Correctional Facility Connecticut York Correctional Institution Delaware Delores J. 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Hobby Unit Mountain View Unit Dr. Lane Murray Unit Converted into men's facilities Eastham Unit Goree Unit Johnson Farm Women removed from unit Huntsville Unit Utah Utah State Prison Vermont Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility Closed Dale Woman's Facility Virginia Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women Virginia Correctional Center for Women Washington Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women Washington Corrections Center for Women Closed Pine Lodge Corrections Center for Women West Virginia Lakin Correctional Center Women removed from facility Pruntytown Correctional Center Wisconsin Taycheedah Correctional Institution Wyoming Wyoming Women's Center District and insular area prisons District of Columbia See Federal Bureau of Prisons Closed Lorton Reformatory Guam Women's Facility Northern Mariana Islands Northern Marianas Prison Puerto Rico Escuela Industrial para Mujeres Vega Alta U.S. Virgin Islands Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facility See also: Incarceration of women in the United States Note: Adults who commit felonies in the District of Columbia are sent to Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facilities v t e Internment of Japanese Americans Key topics Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians Executive Order 9066 Executive Order 9102 Korematsu v. United States Ex parte Endo Lordsburg Killings War Relocation Authority History of Japanese Americans Propaganda for Japanese-American internment Concentration camps Gila River Granada Heart Mountain Jerome Manzanar Minidoka Poston Rohwer Topaz Tule Lake Assembly centers Arboga Assembly Center Fresno Assembly Center Mayer Assembly Center Merced Assembly Center Owens Valley Reception Center Parker Dam Reception Center Pinedale Assembly Center Pomona Assembly Center Portland Assembly Center Puyallup Assembly Center Sacramento Assembly center Salinas Assembly Center Santa Anita Assembly Center Stockton Assembly Center Tanforan Assembly Center Tulare Assembly Center Turlock Assembly Center Woodland Civil Control Station Citizen Isolation centers Leupp Isolation Center Moab Isolation Center Old Raton Ranch Camp Camp Tulelake Detention facilities Catalina Federal Honor Camp Crystal City Alien Enemy Detention Facility Fort Lincoln Alien Enemy Detention Facility Fort Missoula Alien Enemy Detention Facility Fort Stanton Alien Enemy Detention Facility Kenedy Alien Enemy Detention Facility Kooskia Alien Enemy Detention Facility Santa Fe Alien Enemy Detention Facility Seagoville Alien Enemy Detention Facility Tuna Canyon Detention Station Army facilities Camp Blanding Camp Forrest Camp Livingston Camp McCoy Camp Florence Fort Bliss Internment Camp Fort Howard Internment Camp Fort McDowell Internment Camp Fort Meade Internment Camp Fort Lewis Internment Camp Fort Richardson Internment Camp Fort Sam Houston Internment Camp Fort Sill Internment Camp Griffith Park Detention Camp Haiku Internment Camp Honouliuli Internment Camp Kalaheo Stockade Kilauea Military Camp Lordsburg Internment Camp Sand Island Internment Camp Stringtown Internment Camp Notable incarcerees See: Category:Japanese-American internees In the arts Allegiance Born Free and Equal Farewell to Manzanar No-No Boy The Invisible Thread Under the Blood Red Sun When the Emperor was Divine List of documentaries List of feature films Legacy Japanese American redress and court cases Renunciation Act of 1944 Japanese-American Claims Act Day of Remembrance CWRIC Civil Liberties Act of 1988 Japanese American National Museum Densho Long Journey Home Japanese American Exclusion Memorial Japanese American Internment Museum Category Coordinates: 32°39′18″N 96°34′03″W / 32.65500°N 96.56750°W / 32.65500; -96.56750 Retrieved from ",_Seagoville&oldid=820243020" Categories: Federal Correctional Institutions in the United StatesPrisons in TexasBuildings and structures in Dallas County, TexasWorld War II internment camps in the United StatesWomen's prisons in TexasHidden categories: CS1 German-language sources (de)Webarchive template wayback linksPages using deprecated image syntaxCoordinates on Wikidata

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