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Childhood and youth[edit] He was christened Theodor Friedrich Emil Janenz in Rorschach, Switzerland, the son of Emil Janenz, an American businessman from St. Louis, and his wife Margarethe (née Schwabe), originally from Germany.[1][2] Jannings held German citizenship; while he was still young the family moved to Leipzig in the German Empire and further to Görlitz after the early death of his father. Jannings ran away from school and went to sea. When he returned to Görlitz, his mother finally allowed him to begin a traineeship at the town state theatre, where Jannings started his stage career. From 1901 onwards he worked with several theatre companies in Bremen, Nuremberg, Leipzig, Königsberg, and Glogau before joining the Deutsches Theater ensemble under director Max Reinhardt in Berlin.[3] Permanently employed since 1915, Jannings met with playwright Karl Vollmöller, fellow actor Ernst Lubitsch, and photographer Frieda Riess, who after World War I all were at the heart of the Weimar Culture in 1920s Berlin. Jannings made his breakthrough in 1918 with his role as Judge Adam in Kleist's Broken Jug at the Schauspielhaus.

Career[edit] Jannings as Kreon in Hasenclever's Antigone, Großes Schauspielhaus, 1920 Jannings was a theater actor who went into films, though he remained dissatisfied with the limited expressive possibilities in the silent era. Having signed a contract with the UFA production company, he starred in Die Augen der Mumie Ma (The Eyes of the Mummy, 1918) and Madame DuBarry (1919), both with Pola Negri in the main female part. He also performed in the 1922 film version of Othello and in F. W. Murnau's The Last Laugh (Der Letzte Mann, 1924), as a proud but aged hotel doorman who is demoted to a restroom attendant. Jannings worked with Murnau on two other films, playing the title character in Herr Tartüff (1925), and as Mephistopheles in Faust (1926). America[edit] His increasing popularity enabled Jannings to sign an agreement with Paramount Pictures and eventually follow his acting colleagues Lubitsch and Negri to Hollywood. He started his career in 1927 with The Way of All Flesh directed by Victor Fleming (now lost) and in the following year performed in Josef von Sternberg's The Last Command. In 1929 Jannings won the first Best Actor Oscar for his work in both films. He and Sternberg also cooperated in Street of Sin (1928), though they actually differed about Jannings' acting in front of the camera. His Hollywood career came to an end with the advent of talkies as his thick German accent was difficult to understand. His dialogue was initially dubbed by another actor in the part-talkie The Patriot (1928) directed by Ernst Lubitsch, although Jannings' own voice was restored after he objected. Returning to Europe, he starred opposite Marlene Dietrich in the 1930 film The Blue Angel, which was filmed simultaneously in English with its German version Der blaue Engel. According to Susan Orlean, author of Rin Tin Tin: The Life and The Legend (Simon and Schuster, 2011), Jannings was not actually the winner of the first best actor vote, but the runner-up. While researching her book, Orlean discovered that it was in fact Rin Tin Tin, the German Shepherd dog, one of the biggest movie stars of his time, who won the vote. The Academy, however, worried about not being taken seriously if they gave the first Oscar to a dog, chose to award the Oscar to the human runner-up.[4] In 1960, Jannings was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1630 Vine Street for his contribution to motion pictures.[5] Nazi Germany[edit] Jannings with Joseph Goebbels on Wolfgangsee, 1938 After the Nazi Machtergreifung in 1933, Jannings continued his career in the service of Nazi cinema. During the Third Reich, he starred in several films which were intended to promote Nazism, particularly the Führerprinzip by presenting unyielding historical characters, such as Der alte und der junge König (The Old and the Young King 1934), Der Herrscher (The Ruler 1937) directed by Veit Harlan, Robert Koch (1939), Ohm Krüger (Uncle Kruger, 1941) and Die Entlassung (Bismarck's Dismissal, 1942).[6] He also performed in his famed role in The Broken Jug directed by Gustav Ucicky. Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels named Jannings an "Artist of the State" (Staatsschauspieler) [7] The shooting of his last film Wo ist Herr Belling? was aborted, when troops of the Allied Powers entered Germany in Spring 1945. Jannings reportedly carried his Oscar statuette with him as proof of his former association with Hollywood. However, his active role in Nazi propaganda meant that he was subject to denazification, and a comeback attempt would not be feasible. Ironically, in the same period Dietrich became a US citizen and an influential anti-Nazi activist, spending much of the war entertaining troops on the front lines and broadcasting on behalf of the OSS. Dietrich particularly loathed Jannings for his Nazi ties, and would later refer to her former co-star as a "ham".[8] Death[edit] Emil Jannings' grave at St Wolfgang im Salzkammergut Jannings retired to Strobl near Salzburg, Austria, and became an Austrian citizen in 1947.[3] He died in 1950, aged 65, from liver cancer.[9] He is buried in the St. Wolfgang cemetery. His Best Actor Oscar is now on display at the Berlin Filmmuseum.

Marriages[edit] Jannings was married four times. His first three marriages ended in divorce, his last with his death. His last three marriages were to German stage and film actresses, Hanna Ralph, Lucie Höflich and Gussy Holl.[6]

Cultural depictions[edit] Hilmar Eichhorn portrayed a fictional, but not sanitized, version of Jannings in Inglourious Basterds, directed by Quentin Tarantino. In the 1972 film Cabaret, singer Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli) finds herself at a high-society dinner party; she tries to impress someone at the table by suggesting that she is a friend of Emil Jannings.

Filmography[edit] Year Title Role Notes 1914 Arme Eva Im Schützengraben Passionels Tagebuch 1916 Aus Mangel an Beweisen Dr. Langer Die Bettlerin von St. Marien Baron Gelsburg Frau Eva Im Angesicht des Toten Paul Werner Life Is a Dream Nächte des Grauens Stein unter Steinen 1917 Das Fidele Gefängnis Quabbe, the jailer The Merry Jail (Europe: English title) When Four Do the Same Segetoff Hoheit Radieschen The Marriage of Luise Rohrbach Wilhelm Rohrbach Der Zehnte Pavillon der Zitadelle Das Geschäft S. H. Haßler Lulu Der Ring der Giuditta Foscari Die Seeschlacht Unheilbar 1918 Keimendes Leben, Teil 1 James Fraenkel, Börsenmarktler John Smith, amerikanischer Ingenieur Die Augen der Mumie Ma Radu, an Arab a.k.a. The Eyes of the Mummy Fuhrmann Henschel Nach zwanzig Jahren Horst Lundin 'Korn' 1919 Rose Bernd Arthur Streckmann Madame DuBarry Louis XV a.k.a. Passion Vendetta Tomasso The Daughter of Mehemed Vaco Juan Riberda, Fabrikbesitzer Keimendes Leben, Teil 2 Der Mann der Tat Jan Miller 1920 Colombine Anna Boleyn Henry VIII a.k.a. Deception Der Schädel der Pharaonentochter Osorcon, Pharao of Egypt Algol - Tragödie der Macht Robert Herne Das Große Licht Lorenz Ferleitner Kohlhiesel's Daughters Peter Xaver 1921 The Rats Bruno The Oath of Peter Hergatz Danton Danton a.k.a. All for a Woman Der Stier von Olivera General François Guillaume The Brothers Karamazov Dimitri Karamasoff a.k.a. Die Brüder Karamasoff 1922 Peter the Great Peter der Große a.k.a. Peter der Große Othello Othello The Loves of Pharaoh Pharao Amenes a.k.a. Das Weib des Pharao Die Gräfin von Paris a.k.a. The Countess of Paris (USA) 1923 Alles für Geld S. I. Rupp Tragödie der Liebe Ombrade a.k.a. The Tragedy of Love (USA) 1924 Der Letzte Mann Hotelportier (hotel porter) The Last Laugh (USA) Nju - Eine unverstandene Frau Ehemann a.k.a. Husbands or Lovers (USA) Das Wachsfigurenkabinett Harun al Raschid a.k.a. Waxworks Quo Vadis Nerone Extant 1925 Varieté Boss Huller a.k.a. Jealousy (USA) Liebe macht blind Emil Jannings a.k.a. Love Makes Us Blind 1926 Herr Tartüff Tartüff Faust - Eine deutsche Volkssage Mephisto Extant 1927 The Way of All Flesh August Schilling Academy Award for Best Actor; Lost film 1928 Sins of the Fathers Wilhelm Spengler excerpts and clips are preserved of this film. Unconfirmed about the total film The Patriot Czar Paul I Lost film Street of Sin Basher Bill Lost film The Last Command Gen. Dolgorucki / Grand Duke Sergius Alexander Academy Award for Best Actor; Extant 1929 Betrayal Poldi Moser Fighting the White Slave Traffic 1930 Darling of the Gods Albert Winkelmann a.k.a. Darling of the Gods Der blaue Engel Prof. Immanuel Rath a.k.a. The Blue Angel (USA) 1932 Storms of Passion Gustav Bumke a.k.a. Stürme der Leidenschaft a.k.a. Tempest 1933 Die Abenteuer des Königs Pausole King Pausole a.k.a. The Adventures of King Pausole The Merry Monarch King Pausole 1934 Der Schwarze Walfisch Peter Petersen a.k.a. The Black Whale (International: English title) 1935 Der Alte und der junge König - Friedrichs des Grossen Jugend Friedrich Wilhelm I. König von Preussen a.k.a. The Making of a King (USA) 1936 The Dreamer Direktor Prof. Niemeyer 1937 The Broken Jug Adam, Dorfrichter a.k.a. The Broken Jug Der Herrscher Matthias Clausen a.k.a. The Ruler 1939 Robert Koch Dr. Robert Koch Der Trichter. (Nr. III) scenes deleted 1941 Ohm Krüger Ohm Krüger a.k.a. Uncle Kruger (International: English title) 1942 Die Entlassung Bismarck a.k.a. Bismarck's Dismissal (UK) 1943 Altes Herz wird wieder jung Fabrikdirektor Hoffmann 1945 Wo ist Herr Belling? Firmenchef Eberhard Belling a.k.a. Where Is Mr. Belling?

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