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History[edit] DreamWorks SKG: original founding[edit] The original company was founded following Katzenberg's resignation from The Walt Disney Company in 1994. Katzenberg approached Spielberg and Geffen about forming a live-action and animation film studio, which had not been done in decades due to the risk and expense. They agreed on three conditions: They would make fewer than nine movies a year, they would be free to work for other studios if they chose, and they would go home in time for dinner. They officially founded DreamWorks SKG in October 1994, with financial backing of $33 million from each of the three partners and $500 million from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.[citation needed] Their new studio was based at offices in the Universal Studios lot, previously occupied by Amblin Entertainment. Despite access to sound stages and sets, DreamWorks preferred to film motion pictures on location. Usually, the company would film in a soundstage or set in a major studio. As of 2016, DreamWorks is still based in Universal.[citation needed] In 1995, traditional animation artists from Amblimation joined the new studio, which led to DreamWorks buying part of Pacific Data Images, a company specializing in visual effects. Both were software divisions, and would merge later on. For then, DreamWorks had the traditional animators working for their untitled animation department, and the computer animators worked on CG films.[citation needed] In 1997, DreamWorks SKG released its first three feature films, The Peacemaker, a film about terrorism, Amistad, Spielberg's first film for the studio about an African slave rebellion and the aftermath of the massacre, and MouseHunt, the studio's first family film about two brothers trying to fight a mischievous mouse. These films were distributed by DreamWorks Pictures.[citation needed] In 1998, the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lawsuit against DreamWorks for trademark infringement by Dreamwerks Production Group, Inc.,[9] a company mostly specializing in Star Trek conventions.[10] The same year, PDI/DreamWorks produced its first full-length animated features, Antz and The Prince of Egypt, which were also distributed by DreamWorks Pictures. DreamWorks SKG continued to distribute PDI/DreamWorks productions through their distribution name until 2004. In 2000, DreamWorks was planning in building a studio backlot after buying 1,087 acres of land in the Playa Vista area in Los Angeles. It was to be complete with 18 sound stages, with many office buildings and a lake. There would also be new homes, schools, churches, and museums. The project was to be completed in 2001, but was cancelled for financial reasons.[11] Starting in 1999, DreamWorks won three consecutive Academy Awards for Best Picture for American Beauty, Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind (the latter two were co-productions with Universal). DreamWorks Interactive was a computer and video game developer founded in 1995 as a DreamWorks subsidiary. On February 24, 2000, Electronic Arts announced the acquisition of DreamWorks Interactive and merged it with EA Pacific and Westwood Studios to form EA Los Angeles, now DICE Los Angeles.[citation needed] DreamWorks Records was the company's record label, the first project of which was George Michael's Older album. The first band signed to the label was eels who released their debut album "Beautiful Freak" in 1997. The record company never lived up to expectations, though, and was sold in October 2003 to Universal Music Group, which operated the label as DreamWorks Nashville. That label was shut down in 2005 when its flagship artist, Toby Keith, departed to form his own label.[12] Go Fish Pictures was a division of DreamWorks founded in 2000 that produced and distributed arthouse, independent and foreign films. The division experienced success with the anime films Millennium Actress and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence in 2003 and 2004 respectively, which led them to venture into releasing live-action films with the release of The Chumscrubber. However, The Chumscrubber was a commercial and critical failure, which led DreamWorks to shut down the division in 2007 shortly after the release of Japanese film Casshern.[citation needed] PDI/DreamWorks produced some of the highest grossing animated hits of all time, including Chicken Run (2000), Shrek (2001), and its sequel Shrek 2 (2004).[13] In October 2004, DreamWorks' animation arm was split to form DreamWorks Animation.[citation needed] David Geffen admitted that DreamWorks had come close to bankruptcy twice. Under Katzenberg's watch, the studio suffered a $125 million loss on Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas,[14] and also overestimated the DVD demand for Shrek 2.[15] In 2005, out of their two large budget pictures, War of the Worlds was produced as a joint effort with Paramount which was the first to reap a significant amount of profits, while The Island bombed at the domestic box office but turned a profit after being released elsewhere.[14] Paramount ownership[edit] In December 2005, Paramount Pictures agreed to purchase the live-action studio, still keeping the original name and producing/distribution name. The deal was valued at approximately $1.6 billion, an amount that included about $400 million in debt assumptions.[16] The company completed its acquisition on February 1, 2006.[17] On March 17, 2006, Paramount agreed to sell a controlling interest in the DreamWorks Pictures live-action library (pre-September 16, 2005; DW Funding, LLC) to Soros Strategic Partners and Dune Entertainment II.[18] The film library is valued at $900 million. Paramount retained the worldwide distribution rights to these films, as well as various ancillary rights, including music publishing, sequels and merchandising. This includes films that had been made by Paramount and DreamWorks Pictures (the music publishing rights were later licensed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing when that company acquired Paramount's Famous Music subdivision). The sale was completed on May 8, 2006.[19] On February 8, 2010, Viacom repurchased Soros' controlling stake in the DreamWorks Pictures library for around $400 million.[20] Reliance-Spielberg joint venture[edit] In June 2008, Variety reported that DreamWorks was looking for financing that would allow it to continue operations, but as a production company, once its deal with Paramount ended later that year.[21] Several public equity funds were approached for financing including Blackstone Group, Fuse Global, TPG Capital, and several others, but all passed on the deal given their understanding of the Hollywood markets. Then most of the backing would come from an Indian investment firm called Reliance ADA Group. In January 2009, Spielberg entered a licensing agreement with DreamWorks Animation to use the DreamWorks trademarks, logo, and name for film productions and releases.[22] In September 2008, Variety reported that DreamWorks closed a deal with Reliance to create a stand-alone production company called DreamWorks Studios and end its ties with Paramount.[23][24] On February 9, 2009, DreamWorks Studios entered into a long-term, 30-picture distribution deal with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures by which the films would be released through the Touchstone Pictures banner.[25] The deal also included co-funding via a loan by Walt Disney Studios to DreamWorks for production and access to slots in Disney's pay television agreement then with Starz.[25] This agreement is reported to have come after negotiations broke off with Universal Pictures just days earlier.[26] DreamWorks raised $325 million from Reliance Entertainment and an additional $325 million in debt in 2009.[1] DreamWorks Studios' initial movies, I am Number Four, Cowboys & Aliens and Fright Night failed, while The Help, Real Steel and Spielberg's War Horse had success at the box office. This left DreamWorks Studios so financially drained that by 2011, the company was seeking additional funding from Reliance. Reliance gave a $200 million investment in April 2012. Under the deal, DreamWorks Studios scaled back production to three films per year and sought co-financiers on big budget films with 20th Century Fox co-financing Lincoln and Robopocalypse. The company continued to utilize Disney's marketing unit.[1] In August that year, after renegotiating their agreement with Disney, DreamWorks formed a deal with Mister Smith Entertainment to distribute their films in EMEA, while Disney would continue to distribute in North America, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Russia, and some territories in Asia.[27] Amblin Partners venture[edit] In September 2015, it was reported that DreamWorks and Disney would not renew their distribution deal, set to expire in August 2016,[28][29] with The Light Between Oceans being released in September as the final DreamWorks film distributed by Disney under their original distribution agreement.[30] During that time, DreamWorks was in early negotiations with Universal Pictures to distribute its upcoming films.[28][29] The contract allowing Spielberg to license the DreamWorks name and logo from Jeffrey Katzenberg's DreamWorks Animation was set to expire on January 1, 2016, leading to media speculation that Spielberg would not renew the pact.[31] On December 16, 2015, Spielberg, Reliance, Entertainment One, and Participant Media partnered to launch the content production company Amblin Partners,[32] relegating DreamWorks to a brand for adult-themed films produced under the new company.[32][33] In addition to DreamWorks, the new company also produces films under the Amblin Entertainment and Participant banners. On the same day, Amblin Partners announced a five-year distribution deal with Universal Pictures under which the films will be distributed and marketed by either the main Universal label or its specialty label, Focus Features.[34][35] The Girl on the Train was the first film released under the new agreement.[36] On February 15, 2017, Universal acquired a minority stake in Amblin Partners, strengthening the relationship between Universal and Amblin,[37] and reuniting a minority percentage of the DreamWorks Pictures label with DreamWorks Animation.

Logo[edit] The DreamWorks logo features a boy sitting on a crescent moon while fishing. The general idea for the logo was the idea of company co-founder Steven Spielberg, who wanted a computer generated image. Illustrator Robert Hunt was commissioned to execute the idea as a painting and from this work, who the artist used his son as the model.[38] The logo was then turned into a motion graphic at Industrial Light & Magic, in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Films, Dave Carson and Clint Goldman.[39] It was animated by ILM animation supervisor Wes Takahashi.[40][41] Music accompanying the logo to start live-action DreamWorks movies was specially composed by John Williams; the DreamWorks Animation logo has music from the Harry Gregson-Williams/John Powell score for the 2001 film Shrek. The font is set in Minion Pro Black.

Distribution[edit] Main article: List of DreamWorks Pictures films DreamWorks used to distribute its own films, with Universal handling video distribution rights. When Viacom bought DreamWorks in 2006, this meant most DreamWorks films were to be distributed by Paramount Pictures; this partnership ended in 2008. DreamWorks entered into a long-term 30-picture distribution deal with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures in 2009, by which the films would be released through its Touchstone Pictures banner. Originally, the deal included access to slots in Disney's pay television agreement with Starz, but the DreamWorks films ended up going to Showtime instead.[42] However, this deal did not include distribution rights in India, which are handled by Reliance.[25] Also not included were sequels to live-action films released before the Paramount merger, or those released by Paramount themselves–Paramount retains the rights to these franchises, and many sequels that were made by Paramount included, Little Fockers, which was released by Paramount internationally in December 2010 (Universal owns domestic rights), Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Road Trip: Beer Pong, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Rings. From 2011 to 2016, Disney distributed fourteen of DreamWorks' original 30-picture agreement, with Disney retaining the distribution rights for these DreamWorks films in perpetuity.[43] As a result, Disney acquired DreamWorks II Distribution Co. LLC from DreamWorks and Reliance in December 2015.[44][45] The broadcast and basic subscription cable television distribution rights to many DreamWorks films are owned by either Trifecta Entertainment & Media and Disney–ABC Domestic Television (formerly known as Buena Vista Television), depending on both content and region of license. In South Korea, CJ Entertainment has the rights to release all DreamWorks' films, except some co-productions (for example, Minority Report and Road to Perdition were distributed by Fox, Small Soldiers, Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind and Seabiscuit by Universal Studios, Almost Famous and Evolution by Columbia Pictures, Deep Impact and Saving Private Ryan by Paramount Pictures, and The Island and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street by Warner Bros., due to these studios having owned the international rights to these films). From 2011 to 2016, many DreamWorks films were originally aired by ABC in the United States and RTL Television in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Croatia and the Netherlands through the Disney/DreamWorks deal. United International Pictures (a joint venture of Paramount and Universal) formerly distributed most DreamWorks' films internationally. International[edit] In August 2012, DreamWorks formed a deal with a company called Mister Smith Entertainment which will sell the distribution of DreamWorks films in EMEA, while Universal Pictures will continue to distribute in North and South America, Kazakhstan, Australia, Russia, Southeast Asia and Eastern Asia.[27] Reliance will still distribute for India.[46] Mister Smith made a four-year deal with Entertainment One for distribution in the UK and the Benelux countries.[47] Other deals were made with Constantin Film for Germany and Austria, Nordisk Film for Scandinavia, and Italia Film for the Middle East.[46] At the start of 2013, DreamWorks announced distribution deals with Acme (the Baltic regions), United King (Israel), Metropolitan Filmexport (France),[48] Leone Film Group (Italy), Shochiku/Pony Canyon (Japan), Monolith (Poland), Blitz (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia), SinemArt, Rapi Films and Jive Entertainment (since 2016) (Indonesia), Fida Film (Turkey), NOS Audiovisuais (Portugal), Odeon (Greece) and TriPictures/DeAPlaneta (Spain).[49]

Television series and specials[edit] Main article: DreamWorks Television DreamWorks Television was formed in December 1994 as DreamWorks Studios agreed to a $200 million seven-year TV production joint venture with the Capital Cities/ABC.[50] The company was set up to produce series for broadcast network, cable channels and first run syndication with no first look for the ABC Network, but financial incentives favored ABC.[51] The first show, Champs, was scheduled as a mid-season replacement for the ABC network. Dan McDermott was named division chief executive in June 1995.[52] DWTV's first success was Spin City on ABC.[51] The Walt Disney Company bought Capital Cities/ABC in February 1996.[53] In 2002, the DreamWorks joint venture agreement with ABC ended. That agreement was replaced by a development agreement with NBC with a first look clause, financing for series pick up by the network while taking a financial stake in the show, may finance show sold to other outlets, and NBC paid an annual fee to DreamWorks TV.[51] In 2013, DreamWorks Television merged with Amblin Television.

Musical artists[edit] Main article: DreamWorks Records In 1996, six years after Geffen sold Geffen Records to MCA Music Entertainment, he joined Spielberg and Katzenberg to form DreamWorks SKG,[54] which included the subsidiary DreamWorks Records. The label's logo was the last project completed by artist Roy Lichtenstein. The distinctive design, incorporating musical notes in the artist's trademark "dream-balloon," debuted on the packaging for "Beautiful Freak," the first album from Los Angeles-based Eels and the second release from the record company.[55] Geffen Records distributed DreamWorks until 1999, when Interscope Records took over distribution duties (meanwhile, as Interscope and Geffen switched international distribution to Polydor Records, DreamWorks followed suit). Rufus Wainwright was the first to be signed to the new label in early 1996. Henry Rollins (both as a spoken-word artist and with Rollins Band), George Michael, Randy Newman, Morphine, Eels, comedian/actor Chris Rock, and others were also signed to the label. The label was presided over by Lenny Waronker and Mo Ostin, who had run Warner Bros. Records until the mid-1990s. It was announced on November 11, 2003 that Universal Music Group (the former MCA Music Entertainment, and parent of Interscope, Geffen, and Polydor) reached an agreement to acquire DreamWorks Records from DreamWorks SKG for "about $100 million".[56] The purchase came at a time when the music business was "going through major changes" as it struggled to "counter falling sales and the impact of unofficial online music sales". Mo Ostin, the principal executive at DreamWorks Records, said: "Despite the challenges of the music business today, Universal is acquiring a wonderful asset and the sale will assure the strongest possible future for our artists".[57] Under the deal new, DreamWorks Records was placed within the Interscope Geffen A&M label, under the direction of Jimmy Iovine.[56] DreamWorks was folded into Geffen Records in 2004.[58] Its country music division, meanwhile, remained operational until January 29, 2006, when it was shut down by Universal Music Group Nashville.

Computer and video games[edit] Main article: DICE Los Angeles After releasing a number of titles in the 90s under the DreamWorks Interactive (DWI) label, the studio's biggest hit came in 1999 with the release of the original Medal of Honor video game for the PlayStation console. A year later, the studio was acquired from DreamWorks (and Microsoft, which had part ownership of the company) by Electronic Arts,[59] and soon renamed the studio Electronic Arts Los Angeles (EALA). In 2003, EA moved the studio from its original DWI location in Bel Air to a new Playa Vista site and merged it with Westwood Studios (the original creators of the Command & Conquer series) and EA Pacific (originally Westwood Pacific).[60] In 2010, it was revealed that EA Los Angeles would be re-branded as Danger Close Games.[61] The studio's direction was to focus exclusively on developing upcoming Medal of Honor games, which for the first time were to abandon their traditional World War II setting. Their first project was the single-player component of Medal of Honor, which was released on October 12, 2010 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.[62] Two years later, on October 23, 2012, they released that game's follow-up, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. In January 2013, EA announced that the Medal of Honor series was taken 'out of rotation' and put on hold due to the poor reception of Warfighter.[63] In June 2013, DICE, creator of the successful Battlefield franchise, moved employees to the LA location and now has an LA presence called DICE Los Angeles.

Animated productions[edit] Main article: DreamWorks Animation The studio was formed by the merger of the feature animation division of DreamWorks and Pacific Data Images (PDI). Originally formed under the banner of DreamWorks in 1997 by some of Amblin Entertainment's former animation branch Amblimation alumni, it was spun off into a separate public company in 2004. DreamWorks Animation currently maintains its Glendale campus, as well as satellite studios in India and China.[64] Films produced by DreamWorks Animation were formerly distributed by the live-action DreamWorks studio, then by Paramount Pictures (who acquired the live-action DreamWorks studio in February 2006, and spun it off again in 2008). In early 2013, 20th Century Fox took over a distribution deal with DreamWorks Animation films starting with The Croods. In August 2016, Universal Pictures, who also entered a distribution deal with the live-action DreamWorks studio via Amblin Partners in December 2015, acquired DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion.[65][6]

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Mini-majors A24 Amblin Partners CBS Films Lionsgate Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Open Road Films STX Entertainment The Weinstein Company Independent studios 3D Entertainment Alcon Entertainment Amazon Studios Anchor Bay Films Beacon Pictures Broad Green Pictures Dark Horse Entertainment Drafthouse Films Entertainment One Entertainment Studios Hasbro Studios Icon Productions IFC Films Image Entertainment Imagine Entertainment IMAX Pictures Lakeshore Entertainment Magnolia Pictures Mandalay Pictures MarVista Entertainment Miramax Montecito Picture Company Morgan Creek Entertainment Group Picturehouse Regency Enterprises Relativity Media RKO Pictures Roadside Attractions Saban Films Samuel Goldwyn Films Troma Entertainment Ubisoft Motion Pictures Vertical Entertainment Village Roadshow Pictures Walden Media WWE Studios Independent financers Annapurna Pictures Cross Creek Pictures Escape Artists FilmNation Entertainment Legendary Entertainment LStar Capital New Regency Productions Participant Media RatPac Entertainment Red Granite Pictures Revolution Studios Skydance Media Temple Hill Entertainment TSG Entertainment Worldview Entertainment Producer-owned independents 1492 Pictures American Zoetrope Apatow Productions Appian Way Productions Bad Hat Harry Productions Bad Robot Productions Blinding Edge Pictures Blumhouse Productions Bryanston Pictures Centropolis Entertainment Cheyenne Enterprises Davis Entertainment Di Bonaventura Pictures Fuzzy Door Productions Gary Sanchez Productions Genre Films Ghost House Pictures GK Films Happy Madison Productions ImageMovers Jim Henson Pictures Kerner Entertainment Kennedy/Marshall Company Lightstorm Entertainment Mutual Film Original Film Pearl Street Films Plan B Entertainment Platinum Dunes Playtone Silver Pictures/Dark Castle Smokehouse Pictures Twisted Pictures Vertigo Entertainment Portal:Film v t e NBCUniversal A subsidiary of Comcast Corporate officials Board of Directors Steve Burke (CEO) Brian L. Roberts Jeffrey R. Immelt Keith Sherin Executives Steve Capus Dick Ebersol Robert Greenblatt Bonnie Hammer Ted Harbert Ronald Meyer Universal Filmed Entertainment Group Amblin Partners[nu 1] Back Lot Music Carnival Films Chiller Films DreamWorks Animation DreamWorks Classics Big Idea Entertainment Bullwinkle StudiosJV Harvey Entertainment DreamWorks Channel Oriental DreamWorks[nu 2] DreamWorks New Media AwesomenessTV[nu 3] Big Frame Fandango (70%) Focus Features Gramercy Pictures Illumination Entertainment Illumination Mac Guff NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan United International Pictures[nu 4] Universal Animation Studios Universal Playback Universal Pictures Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Working Title Films Universal Parks & Resorts United States Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk Universal Orlando Resort Universal Studios Florida Islands of Adventure CityWalk International Universal Studios Japan Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Beijing NBCU Cable Entertainment Universal Cable Productions Craftsy (major stake) Networks Syfy USA Network Lifestyle Group Bravo E! 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Asia Australia Europe NBC Entertainment NBC DreamWorks Animation Television Stamford Media Center Universal Television NBC Broadcasting Affiliate Relations NBCUniversal Television Distribution NBCU Owned TV Stations O&Os NBC Owned TV Stations KNBC KNSD KNTV KXAS-TV WBTS-LD WCAU WMAQ-TV WNBC WRC-TV WTVJ WVIT Other properties: Cozi TV K15CU-D LXTV New England Cable News Telemundo Station Group KBLR KDEN-TV KEJT-LP KHRR KNSD-DT20 KNSO[nu 9] KSTS KTAZ KTLM KTMD KVDA KVEA KXTX-TV WKAQ-TV WNEU WNJU WRDM-CD[nu 10] WSCV WSNS-TV WWSI WZDC-CD[nu 10] Other properties: TeleXitos Other assets: EMKA, Ltd. International Media Distribution PictureBox Films Former/Defunct properties and predecessors: Castle Films Chapman Entertainment Chiller CIC Video Cloo Comcast Network Esquire Network FilmDistrict G4 Good Machine Gramercy Pictures Harvey Films/Harvey Comics ITC Entertainment Interscope Communications Kitty Films Miss Universe[nu 11] Multimedia Entertainment MCA Inc. NBC Weather Plus October Films Pacific Data Images PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Propaganda Films Seagram Company Ltd. Shift Seeso Total Television United Productions of America Universal HD ^ Co-owned with The Amblin Group, Participant Media, Reliance Entertainment, Entertainment One and Alibaba Pictures. ^ Co-owned with China Media Capital, Shanghai Media Group and Shanghai Alliance Investment. ^ Co-owned with Hearst Communications and Verizon Communications. ^ 50%, with Viacom's Paramount Pictures. ^ Co-owned with 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company and Time Warner. NBCUniversal has no involvement with Hulu operations. ^ Co-owned with The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital. ^ Co-owned with Media Globe Networks and European public broadcasters. ^ Co-owned with Mediaset. ^ The station is owned by NBCUniversal, but is controlled by Serestar Communications. ^ a b Operated by NBCUniversal under a local marketing agreement. ^ Co-owned with The Trump Organization before September 2015 sale to WME/IMG. v t e Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group — commonly known as Reliance Group Companies Communication Reliance Communications Zapak Java Green Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe Power Reliance Power Reliance Natural Resources Dhirubhai Ambani Solar Park Infrastructure Reliance Infrastructure Mumbai Metro One Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Airport Knowledge Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City Reliance Health Media delivery channels BIG Cinemas BIGFlix BIG FM 92.7 BIG Magic Reliance Digital TV BIGADDA BIG Star Entertainment Awards Media software Reliance MediaWorks Reliance Entertainment Big CBS Prime Big CBS Spark Big CBS Love Finance companies Reliance Capital Reliance General Insurance Reliance Life Insurance Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group Notable non-Indian companies Lowry Digital Amblin Partners (part) Amblin Entertainment DreamWorks Amblin Television Global Cloud Xchange Codemasters Technological institute Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) Notable people Dhirubhai Ambani Anil Ambani Tina Ambani Lalit Jalan See also: Template:Reliance Industries Limited Coordinates: 34°09′26″N 118°17′06″W / 34.157326°N 118.285096°W / 34.157326; -118.285096 Retrieved from "" Categories: DreamWorksAmblin PartnersFilm distributors of the United StatesFilm production companies of the United StatesEntertainment companies based in CaliforniaCompanies based in Los Angeles County, CaliforniaUniversal City, CaliforniaAmerican companies established in 1994Media companies established in 19941994 establishments in California2005 acquisitionsSteven SpielbergFormer Viacom subsidiariesReliance Entertainment subsidiariesUniversal StudiosNBCUniversalHidden categories: Use mdy dates from July 2013All articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from October 2017Pages containing links to subscription-only contentCoordinates not on Wikidata

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