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Plot[edit] Note: This is the plot of the 1994 Broadway revival of the show; there are differences from the 1955 version. For the film version, see Damn Yankees (film). Middle-aged real estate agent Joe Boyd is a long-suffering fan of the pathetic Washington Senators baseball team. His wife, Meg, laments this ("Six Months Out Of Every Year"). After she has gone to bed, he sits up late, grumbling that if the Senators just had a "long ball hitter" they could beat "those damn Yankees". Suddenly, the smooth-talking Mr. Applegate appears. He offers Joe the chance to become "Joe Hardy", the young slugger the Senators need. He accepts, even though he must leave Meg ("Goodbye Old Girl"). However, his business sense makes him insist on an escape clause. The Senators' last game is on September 25, and if he plays in it, he is to stay as Joe Hardy forever. If not, he has until 9:00 the night before to walk away from the deal and return to his normal life. At the ballpark, the hapless Senators vow to play their best despite their failings ("Heart"). Then Joe Hardy is suddenly discovered and joins the team. Gloria, a reporter, praises him ("Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo"). His hitting prowess enables the team to move up the standings. Though Joe is increasingly successful, he truly misses Meg and moves into her house as a boarder in his persona as Joe Hardy. They begin to bond, especially over her "lost" husband ("A Man Doesn't Know"). Fearful of losing his deal, Applegate calls Lola, "the best homewrecker on [his] staff", to seduce Joe and ensure his loss of the bet. She promises to deliver ("A Little Brains, A Little Talent"), and Applegate introduces her as a sultry South American dancer named "Señorita Lolita Banana." She sings a seductive song ("Whatever Lola Wants"), but Joe's devotion to Meg proves too strong, even for her. Applegate punishes her by firing her, where she performs with other past workers for Applegate ("Who's Got the Pain"). Applegate decides to switch tactics to ensure Joe's failure. He releases false information about Joe's true identity being "Shifty McCoy", an escaped criminal and con artist. When Gloria discovers this information, she presses charges, and he is forced into court. The Senators prepare for the final game against the Yankees for the pennant and worry about Joe, but they vow to think of nothing but winning ("The Game"). Meanwhile, angry fans are seeking him out, so he decides to leave home. As he does so, he tells Meg indirectly that he is her old husband ("Near to You"). Meanwhile, Applegate is exhausted by the work he has put into winning one bet and thinks about the "simpler" times in his long history ("Those Were the Good Old Days"). Joe's day in court is on September 24, the last day of his deal. As he technically does not exist, he can't produce any kind of identification. The owner of the Senators, their coach, and even Lola (disguised as "Señora McCoy") testify; unfortunately, their opinions are invalid. Gloria suggests that Applegate take the stand, but he is unable to take the oath due to its provision against lying. "Don't you have another version of that thing?" he asks. Joe realizes that Applegate is simply stalling to keep him from meeting his 9:00 deadline. Applegate claims that Joe "just needs time to think" and sends him to where Lola is, where history's most famous lovers wait. Lola meets him there and realizes that he truly loves Meg. She helps him by sending him into the final game and delays Applegate by coercing him into a duet ("Two Lost Souls"). When Applegate finally arrives at the game, it is 8:55, and Joe is at bat. As time runs out, Meg, her friends, and even Lola begin cheering for him. Applegate uses his powers to give Joe two strikes. The clock strikes nine, and Applegate claims victory, but at the last second, Joe cries, "Let me go!" The deal is broken, and he is transformed back into his old self. Amazingly, he is still able to hit a home run and win the Senators the pennant. Back at home, Joe rushes into Meg's arms. Applegate appears on the scene, claiming that Joe owes him his prize. He begs Meg to hold him and not let go, and she begins to sing ("Finale (A Man Doesn't Know)"). Applegate promises to make him young again and even ensure a World Series victory. But his powers are useless against their true love, which Lola points out. He shouts that such a thing can't exist, but he is wrong. He and Lola vanish back whence they came, defeated, with Joe and Meg united.

Productions[edit] The producers Frederick Brisson, Robert E. Griffith and Harold S. Prince[2] had decided that the lead actress for the part of "Lola" had to be a dancer. They offered the role to both the movie actress Mitzi Gaynor and ballet dancer Zizi Jeanmaire, each of whom turned down the role. Although Gwen Verdon had sung just one song in her previous show (Can-Can), the producers were willing to take a chance on her. She initially refused, preferring to assist another choreographer, but finally agreed. Choreographer Bob Fosse insisted on meeting her before working with her, and after meeting and working for a brief time, they each agreed to the arrangement.[3] The show opened on Broadway at the 46th Street Theatre on May 5, 1955, transferred to the Adelphi Theatre on May 17, 1957, and ran for a total of 1,019 performances. It was directed by George Abbott, with scenery and costumes by William and Jean Eckart, dances and musical numbers staged by Bob Fosse, musical direction by Hal Hastings, orchestrations by Don Walker, and dance music arrangements by Roger Adams. The show starred Ray Walston (Applegate), Gwen Verdon (Lola), Shannon Bolin (Meg), Robert Shafer (Joe Boyd), Elizabeth Howell (Doris), Stephen Douglass (Joe Hardy), Al Lanti (Henry), Eddie Phillips (Sohovik), Nathaniel Frey (Smokey), Albert Linville (Vernon, Postmaster), Russ Brown (Van Buren), Jimmy Komack (Rocky), Rae Allen (Gloria), Cherry Davis (Teenager), Del Horstmann (Lynch, Commissioner), Richard Bishop (Welch), Janie Janvier (Miss Weston), and Jean Stapleton (Sister). A West End production played at the London Coliseum beginning on March 28, 1957, where it played for 258 performances.[4] It starred Olympic skater Belita (née Gladys Lyne Jepson-Turner) as Lola, but the Fosse choreography was alien to her style, and she was soon replaced by Elizabeth Seal.[5] It also starred Bill Kerr as Applegate, and Ivor Emmanuel as Joe Hardy. In the mid-1970s, Vincent Price starred as Applegate in summer stock productions of the show. In the late 1970s and early 1980s film actor Van Johnson did so in productions throughout the U.S.A. In July, 1981, a production was performed at the Jones Beach Marine Theater in Wantagh, New York. It was notable due to former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath being cast in the role of Joe Boyd.[6] A Broadway revival opened at the Marquis Theatre on March 3, 1994 and ran for 718 performances and 18 previews. Featured were Bebe Neuwirth as Lola and Victor Garber as Applegate. Garber was succeeded by Jerry Lewis, making his Broadway debut, on March 12, 1995,[7] who then starred in a national tour and also played the role in a London production. Jack O'Brien directed, with choreography by Rob Marshall, assisted by his sister, Kathleen. O'Brien is also credited with revisions to the book.[8] The 1994 revival production opened in the West End at the Adelphi Theatre on June 4, 1997 (previews started May 29) and closed on August 9, 1997. Jerry Lewis reprised his role as Applegate.[9] A revival was produced by the City Center Encores! Summer Stars series from July 5 to July 27, 2008. It starred Jane Krakowski as Lola, Sean Hayes as Applegate, Randy Graff as Meg, Megan Lawrence as Gloria Thorpe (replacing an injured Ana Gasteyer during rehearsal), PJ Benjamin as Joe Boyd, and Cheyenne Jackson as Joe Hardy. John Rando directed and the original Fosse choreography was reproduced by Mary MacLeod. Given the substantial changes in the 1994 revival, this is considered by some the first authentic revival of the original production.[10]

Musical numbers[edit] Based on hand engraved materials originally available from Music Theatre International derived from the 1955 production Act One Overture—Orchestra Curtain Act 1—Orchestra Six Months—Meg Boyd, Joe Boyd, Men, and Girls Devil Music—Orchestra Goodbye Old Girl—Joe Boyd and Joe Hardy Heart—Van Buren, Smoky, Rocky, Vernon Heart Encore—Van Buren, Smoky, Rocky, Vernon Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo. -- Gloria Thorpe, Boys, Senators Shoeless Joe Dance—Orchestra A Man Doesn't Know—Joe Hardy Lola—Orchestra A Little Talent—Lola Goodbye (Reprise)—Orchestra A Man Doesn't Know (Reprise)—Joe Hardy, Meg Whatever Lola Wants (with Dance Break)—Lola Not Meg—Orchestra Heart (Reprise)—Men Chairs Fanfare—Orchestra Who's Got The Pain? (with Double Dance Breaks)—Lola & Men (Street Band) Act 1 Finale (New Shoeless Joe Finale)—Orchestra Act Two Entr'Acte—Orchestra Opening Act 2—Orchestra The Game—Senators Near to You—Joe Hardy and Meg Boyd Good Old Days—Applegate Days Encore—Applegate Courtroom Blackout—Orchestra Two Lost Souls (with Dance)—Lola and Joe Hardy Devil Music—Orchestra Shoeless Joe (Reprise)—Orchestra Back Home—Orchestra Finale (A Man Doesn't Know)—Meg and Joe Boyd Bows (Heart)—Orchestra Exit March—Orchestra Based on 1994 revival[11] Act One Overture Six Months Out Of Every Year—Meg Boyd, Joe Boyd, Sister, Gloria Thorpe, Husbands, and Wives Goodbye Old Girl—Joe Boyd and Joe Hardy Blooper Ballet—The Senators Heart—Van Buren, Smokey, Rocky, Linville Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo. -- Gloria Thorpe, Senators Shoeless Joe (Reprise) -- Gloria Thorpe, Joe Hardy, and Ensemble (1994 revival only, used elements of the song in the style of retro-1950s commercials) A Little Brains, a Little Talent—Lola A Man Doesn't Know—Joe Hardy and Meg Boyd Whatever Lola Wants—Lola Act Two Who's Got the Pain? -- Lola and Senators (Originally, this came at the end of Act One, as "The Game" started Act Two) The Game—Rocky, Smokey, and Senators Near to You—Joe Hardy and Meg Boyd (1994 IBDB shows the addition of Joe Boyd) Those Were the Good Old Days—Applegate Two Lost Souls—Lola and Applegate (1994 IBDB shows Applegate, 1955 IBDB shows Hardy) A Man Doesn't Know (Reprise) -- Meg and Joe Boyd

Characters[edit] Joe Boyd — A middle-aged, overweight married man who is in love with baseball, especially the Senators [the "older" Joe Hardy] Joe Hardy — The 22-year-old, home-run-hitting transformation of Joe Boyd Meg Boyd — Joe's loyal, traditional wife Lola — The Devil's seductress assistant Mr. Applegate — The Devil in disguise as a slick salesman Van Buren — The hard working manager of the Senators with great heart but no luck Gloria Thorpe — A probing reporter Rocky — A baseball player for the Senators Smokey — A "dim bulb" catcher for the Senators Cherry — A friend of Meg Doris — A friend of Meg Sister — A friend of Meg Mr. Welch — The owner of the Senators Others: Bouley (also called Ibsen in some productions), Vernon, Henry, Linville, Sohovik, Lowe, Mickey, Del, Miss Weston, and The Commissioner Baseball players and batboys; Baseball fans' wives (The original Broadway version also had a children's chorus who sang the reprise of "Heart")

Recordings, film, and television[edit] The 1955 Original Broadway Cast recording is on RCA Victor, recorded May 8, 1955. The LP was originally issued in mono but in 1965 RCA Victor offered an electronic stereo version. The current CD edition was released in 1988.[12] RCA Victor also released the film soundtrack in 1958. Although recorded in stereo, only the mono version was released. The 1989 CD edition marked the first release of the recording in stereo. The 1994 Broadway revival cast recording made by Mercury (and now on the Decca Broadway label) was released on May 17, 1994. A film version, directed by George Abbott and Stanley Donen, was released in 1958. With the exception of Tab Hunter in the role of Joe Hardy (replacing Stephen Douglass), the Broadway principals reprised their stage roles. It is very similar to the stage version. A made-for-TV movie version was broadcast on April 8, 1967 on NBC. Phil Silvers played Applegate. Also starring were Lee Remick as Lola and Ray Middleton as Joe Boyd. In 2009, it was announced that a new contemporary film adaptation of the musical will star Jim Carrey as Applegate and Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Hardy.[13] No further announcements about this adaptation have been made since.

Awards and nominations[edit] Original Broadway production[edit] Year Award Category Nominee Result 1956 Tony Award Best Musical Won Best Performance By a Leading Actor in a Musical Ray Walston Won Stephen Douglass Nominated Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical Gwen Verdon Won Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical Russ Brown Won Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical Rae Allen Nominated Best Conductor and Musical Director Hal Hastings Won Best Choreography Bob Fosse Won Best Stage Technician Harry Green Won 1994 Broadway revival[edit] Year Award Category Nominee Result 1994 Tony Award Best Revival of a Musical Nominated Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical Victor Garber Nominated Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical Jarrod Emick Won Best Choreography Rob Marshall Nominated Drama Desk Award Outstanding Revival of a Musical Nominated Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical Jarrod Emick Won Outstanding Orchestrations Douglas Besterman Nominated Theatre World Award Jarrod Emick Won Jerry Lewis Won 1997 London revival[edit] Year Award Category Nominee Result 1998 Laurence Olivier Award Best Musical Revival Nominated Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical April Nixon Nominated Best Theatre Choreographer Rob Marshall Nominated

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Series1951 World Series1952 World Series1953 World Series1956 World Series1958 World Series1961 World Series1962 World Series1977 World Series1978 World Series1996 World Series1998 World Series1999 World Series2000 World Series2009 World Series1921 New York Yankees Season1922 New York Yankees Season1923 New York Yankees Season1926 New York Yankees Season1927 New York Yankees Season1928 New York Yankees Season1932 New York Yankees Season1936 New York Yankees Season1937 New York Yankees Season1938 New York Yankees Season1939 New York Yankees Season1941 New York Yankees Season1942 New York Yankees Season1943 New York Yankees Season1947 New York Yankees Season1949 New York Yankees Season1950 New York Yankees Season1951 New York Yankees Season1952 New York Yankees Season1953 New York Yankees Season1955 New York Yankees Season1956 New York Yankees Season1957 New York Yankees Season1958 New York Yankees Season1960 New York Yankees Season1961 New York Yankees Season1962 New York Yankees Season1963 New York Yankees Season1964 New York Yankees Season1976 American League Championship Series1977 American League Championship Series1978 American League Championship Series1981 American League Championship Series1996 American League Championship Series1998 American League Championship Series1999 American League Championship Series2000 American League Championship Series2001 American League Championship Series2003 American League Championship Series2009 American League Championship Series1976 New York Yankees Season1977 New York Yankees Season1978 New York Yankees Season1980 New York Yankees Season1981 American League Division Series1996 American League Division Series1998 American League Division Series1999 American League Division Series2000 American League Division Series2001 American League Division Series2002 American League Division Series2003 American League Division Series2004 American League Division Series2005 American League Division Series2006 American League Division Series2009 American League Division Series2011 American League Division Series2012 American League Division Series1995 New York Yankees Season1997 New York Yankees Season2007 New York Yankees Season2010 New York Yankees Season2015 American League Wild Card Game2017 American League Wild Card GameList Of New York Yankees Minor League AffiliatesScranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRidersTrenton ThunderTampa TarponsCharleston RiverDogsStaten Island YankeesPulaski YankeesGulf Coast League YankeesGulf Coast League YankeesDominican Summer League Yankees1901 Baltimore Orioles Season1902 Baltimore Orioles Season1903 New York Highlanders Season1904 New York Highlanders Season1905 New York Highlanders Season1906 New York Highlanders Season1907 New York Highlanders Season1908 New York Highlanders Season1909 New York Highlanders Season1910 New York Highlanders Season1911 New York Highlanders Season1912 New York Highlanders Season1913 New York Yankees Season1914 New York Yankees Season1915 New York Yankees Season1916 New York Yankees Season1917 New York Yankees Season1918 New York Yankees Season1919 New York Yankees Season1920 New York Yankees Season1921 New York Yankees Season1922 New York Yankees Season1923 New York Yankees Season1924 New York Yankees Season1925 New York Yankees Season1926 New York Yankees Season1927 New York Yankees Season1928 New York Yankees Season1929 New York Yankees Season1930 New York Yankees Season1931 New York Yankees Season1932 New York Yankees Season1933 New York Yankees Season1934 New York Yankees Season1935 New York Yankees Season1936 New York Yankees Season1937 New York Yankees Season1938 New York Yankees Season1939 New York Yankees Season1940 New York Yankees Season1941 New York Yankees Season1942 New York Yankees Season1943 New York Yankees Season1944 New York Yankees Season1945 New York Yankees Season1946 New York Yankees Season1947 New York Yankees Season1948 New York Yankees Season1949 New York Yankees Season1950 New York Yankees Season1951 New York Yankees Season1952 New York Yankees Season1953 New York Yankees Season1954 New York Yankees Season1955 New York Yankees Season1956 New York Yankees Season1957 New York Yankees Season1958 New York Yankees Season1959 New York Yankees Season1960 New York Yankees Season1961 New York Yankees Season1962 New York Yankees Season1963 New York Yankees Season1964 New York Yankees Season1965 New York Yankees Season1966 New York Yankees Season1967 New York Yankees Season1968 New York Yankees Season1969 New York Yankees Season1970 New York Yankees Season1971 New York Yankees Season1972 New York Yankees Season1973 New York Yankees Season1974 New York Yankees Season1975 New York Yankees Season1976 New York Yankees Season1977 New York Yankees Season1978 New York Yankees Season1979 New York Yankees Season1980 New York Yankees Season1981 New York Yankees Season1982 New York Yankees Season1983 New York Yankees Season1984 New York Yankees Season1985 New York Yankees Season1986 New York Yankees Season1987 New York Yankees Season1988 New York Yankees Season1989 New York Yankees Season1990 New York Yankees Season1991 New York Yankees Season1992 New York Yankees Season1993 New York Yankees Season1994 New York Yankees Season1995 New York Yankees Season1996 New York Yankees Season1997 New York Yankees Season1998 New York Yankees Season1999 New York Yankees Season2000 New York Yankees Season2001 New York Yankees Season2002 New York Yankees Season2003 New York Yankees Season2004 New York Yankees Season2005 New York Yankees Season2006 New York Yankees Season2007 New York Yankees Season2008 New York Yankees Season2009 New York Yankees Season2010 New York Yankees Season2011 New York Yankees Season2012 New York Yankees Season2013 New York Yankees Season2014 New York Yankees Season2015 New York Yankees Season2016 New York Yankees Season2017 New York Yankees Season2018 New York Yankees SeasonBook:New York YankeesTemplate:Minnesota TwinsTemplate Talk:Minnesota TwinsMinnesota TwinsMinneapolisMinnesotaMinneapolis–Saint PaulMinnesota TwinsHistory Of The Minnesota TwinsHistory Of The Washington Senators (1901–60)List Of Minnesota Twins SeasonsList Of Minnesota Twins Team RecordsList Of Minnesota Twins No-hittersMinnesota Twins Award Winners And League LeadersMinnesota Twins All-time RosterList Of Minnesota Twins ManagersList Of Minnesota Twins Owners And ExecutivesList Of Minnesota Twins BroadcastersList Of Minnesota Twins First-round Draft PicksList Of Minnesota Twins Opening Day Starting PitchersAmerican League ParkBoundary FieldGriffith StadiumMetropolitan StadiumHubert H. Humphrey MetrodomeTarget FieldPlant FieldTinker FieldHammond StadiumHomer HankyLittle Big LeagueMajor League: Back To The MinorsContinental LeaguePiranhas (baseball)2008 American League Central Tie-breaker Game2009 American League Central Tie-breaker GameDamn Yankees (film)The Year The Yankees Lost The PennantHerb CarnealGoose GoslinBucky HarrisWalter JohnsonArch McDonaldSam RiceRick AguileraBob AllisonEarl BatteyBert BlylevenGeorge BrophyRod CarewBob Casey (baseball Announcer)Gary GaettiCalvin GriffithKent HrbekJim KaatTom Kelly (baseball)Harmon KillebrewTony OlivaCarl PohladKirby PuckettBrad RadkeJim RantzZoilo VersallesFrank ViolaJim PohladDave St. PeterDerek FalveyThad LevinePaul Molitor1924 World Series1987 World Series1991 World Series1924 In Baseball1925 World Series1933 World Series1965 World Series1987 American League Championship Series1991 American League Championship Series1969 Major League Baseball Season1970 Major League Baseball Season1987 Major League Baseball Season1991 Major League Baseball Season2002 Major League Baseball Season2003 Major League Baseball Season2004 Major League Baseball Season2006 Major League Baseball Season2009 Major League Baseball Season2010 Major League Baseball Season2017 American League Wild Card GameList Of Minnesota Twins Minor League AffiliatesRochester Red WingsChattanooga LookoutsFort Myers MiracleCedar Rapids KernelsElizabethton TwinsGulf Coast League TwinsDominican Summer League Twins1901 Washington Senators Season1902 Washington Senators Season1903 Washington Senators Season1904 Washington Senators Season1905 Washington Senators Season1906 Washington Senators Season1907 Washington Senators Season1908 Washington Senators Season1909 Washington Senators Season1910 Washington Senators Season1911 Washington Senators Season1912 Washington Senators Season1913 Washington Senators Season1914 Washington Senators Season1915 Washington Senators Season1916 Washington Senators Season1917 Washington Senators Season1918 Washington Senators Season1919 Washington Senators Season1920 Washington Senators Season1921 Washington Senators Season1922 Washington Senators Season1923 Washington Senators Season1924 Washington Senators Season1925 Washington Senators Season1926 Washington Senators Season1927 Washington Senators Season1928 Washington Senators Season1929 Washington Senators Season1930 Washington Senators Season1931 Washington Senators Season1932 Washington Senators Season1933 Washington Senators Season1934 Washington Senators Season1935 Washington Senators Season1936 Washington Senators Season1937 Washington Senators Season1938 Washington Senators Season1939 Washington Senators Season1940 Washington Senators Season1941 Washington Senators Season1942 Washington Senators Season1943 Washington Senators Season1944 Washington Senators Season1945 Washington Senators Season1946 Washington Senators Season1947 Washington Senators Season1948 Washington Senators Season1949 Washington Senators Season1950 Washington Senators Season1951 Washington Senators Season1952 Washington Senators Season1953 Washington Senators Season1954 Washington Senators Season1955 Washington Senators Season1956 Washington Senators Season1957 Washington Senators Season1958 Washington Senators Season1959 Washington Senators Season1960 Washington Senators Season1961 Minnesota Twins Season1962 Minnesota Twins Season1963 Minnesota Twins Season1964 Minnesota Twins Season1965 Minnesota Twins Season1966 Minnesota Twins Season1967 Minnesota Twins Season1968 Minnesota Twins Season1969 Minnesota Twins Season1970 Minnesota Twins Season1971 Minnesota Twins Season1972 Minnesota Twins Season1973 Minnesota Twins Season1974 Minnesota Twins Season1975 Minnesota Twins Season1976 Minnesota Twins Season1977 Minnesota Twins Season1978 Minnesota Twins Season1979 Minnesota Twins Season1980 Minnesota Twins Season1981 Minnesota Twins Season1982 Minnesota Twins Season1983 Minnesota Twins Season1984 Minnesota Twins Season1985 Minnesota Twins Season1986 Minnesota Twins Season1987 Minnesota Twins Season1988 Minnesota Twins Season1989 Minnesota Twins Season1990 Minnesota Twins Season1991 Minnesota Twins Season1992 Minnesota Twins Season1993 Minnesota Twins Season1994 Minnesota Twins Season1995 Minnesota Twins Season1996 Minnesota Twins Season1997 Minnesota Twins Season1998 Minnesota Twins Season1999 Minnesota Twins Season2000 Minnesota Twins Season2001 Minnesota Twins Season2002 Minnesota Twins Season2003 Minnesota Twins Season2004 Minnesota Twins Season2005 Minnesota Twins Season2006 Minnesota Twins Season2007 Minnesota Twins Season2008 Minnesota Twins Season2009 Minnesota Twins Season2010 Minnesota Twins Season2011 Minnesota Twins Season2012 Minnesota Twins Season2013 Minnesota Twins Season2014 Minnesota Twins Season2015 Minnesota Twins Season2016 Minnesota Twins Season2017 Minnesota Twins Season2018 Minnesota Twins SeasonTemplate:FaustTemplate Talk:FaustWorks Based On FaustFaustJohann Georg FaustDeal With The 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