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Plot[edit] The film is set in 1778, during the Qing Dynasty. Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-fat) is an accomplished Wudang swordsman and Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh) is a professional bodyguard. The death of Mu Bai's closest friend and Shu Lien's fiancé, Meng Sizhao,[7] complicates their feelings for one another. Mu Bai, after choosing to retire, asks Shu Lien to give his sword "Green Destiny" to their friend Sir Te (Sihung Lung) in Beijing. Long ago, Mu Bai's master was murdered by Jade Fox (Cheng Pei-pei), a woman who sought to learn Wudang skills. While at Sir Te's place, Shu Lien makes the acquaintance of Jen Yu (Zhang Ziyi), who is the daughter of a rich and powerful Governor Yu and is about to get married. One evening, a masked thief sneaks into Sir Te's estate and steals the Green Destiny. Mu Bai and Shu Lien trace the theft to Governor Yu's compound and learn that Jade Fox has been posing as Jen's governess for many years. Mu Bai makes the acquaintance of Inspector Tsai (Wang Deming), a police investigator from the provinces, and his daughter May (Li Li), who have come to Peking in pursuit of Fox. Fox challenges the pair and Sir Te's servant Master Bo (Gao Xi'an) to a showdown that night. Following a protracted battle, the group is on the verge of defeat when Mu Bai arrives and outmaneuvers Fox. Before Mu Bai can kill Fox, the masked thief reappears and helps Fox. Fox kills Tsai before fleeing with the thief (who is revealed to be Jen). After seeing Jen fight Mu Bai, Fox realizes Jen had been secretly studying the Wudang manual and has surpassed her in combat skills. At night, a desert bandit named Lo (Chang Chen) breaks into Jen's bedroom and asks her to leave with him. A flashback reveals that in the past, when Governor Yu and his family were traveling in the western deserts, Lo and his bandits had raided Jen's caravan and Lo had stolen her comb. She pursued him to his desert cave to get her comb back. However, the pair soon fell passionately in love. Lo eventually convinced Jen to return to her family, though not before telling her a legend of a man who jumped off a cliff to make his wishes come true. Because the man's heart was pure, he did not die. Lo came to Beijing to persuade Jen not to go through with her arranged marriage. However, Jen refuses to leave with him. Later, Lo interrupts Jen's wedding procession, begging her to leave with him. Nearby, Shu Lien and Mu Bai convince Lo to wait for Jen at Mount Wudang, where he will be safe from Jen's family, who are furious with him. Jen runs away from her husband on their wedding night before the marriage could be consummated. Disguised in male clothing, she is accosted at an inn by a large group of warriors; armed with the Green Destiny and her own superior combat skills, she emerges victorious. Jen visits Shu Lien, who tells her that Lo is waiting for her at Mount Wudang. After an angry exchange, the two women engage in a duel. Shu Lien is the superior fighter, but Jen wields the Green Destiny: the sword destroys each weapon that Shu Lien wields, until Shu Lien finally manages to defeat Jen with a broken sword. When Shu Lien shows mercy, Jen cuts Shu Lien's arm. Mu Bai arrives and pursues Jen into a bamboo forest. Mu Bai confronts Jen and offers to take her as his student. She arrogantly promises to accept him as her teacher if he can take Green Destiny from her in three moves. Mu Bai is able to take the sword in only one move, but Jen goes back on her word and flees. Mu Bai decides to throw the sword over a waterfall. Jen dives into an adjoining river to retrieve the sword and is then rescued by Fox. Fox puts Jen into a drugged sleep and places her in a cavern; Mu Bai and Shu Lien discover her there. Fox suddenly reappears and attacks the others with poisoned darts. Mu Bai blocks the needles with his sword and avenges his master's death by mortally wounding Fox, only to realize that one of the darts hit him in the neck. Fox dies, confessing that her goal had been to kill Jen because Jen had hidden the secrets of Wudang's best fighting techniques from her. As Jen leaves to prepare an antidote for the poisoned dart, Mu Bai prepares to die. With his last breaths, he finally confesses his love for Shu Lien. He dies in her arms as Jen returns, too late to save him. The Green Destiny is returned to Sir Te. Jen later goes to Mount Wudang and spends one last night with Lo. The next morning, Lo finds Jen standing on a balcony overlooking the edge of the mountain. In an echo of the legend that they spoke about in the desert, she asks him to make a wish. He wishes for them to be together again, back in the desert. Jen then jumps down the side of the mountain.

Cast[edit] Actor Chow Yun-Fat who portrayed Li Mu Bai Chow Yun-fat as Li Mu Bai (C: 李慕白, P: Lǐ Mùbái) Michelle Yeoh as Yu Shu Lien (T: 俞秀蓮, S: 俞秀莲, P: Yú Xiùlián) Zhang Ziyi as Jen Yu (English subtitled version) / Yu Jiaolong (English dubbed version) (T: 玉嬌龍, S: 玉娇龙, P: Yù Jiāolóng) Chang Chen as Lo "Dark Cloud" (English subtitled version) / Luo Xiaohu (English dubbed version) (T: 羅小虎, S: 罗小虎, P: Luó Xiǎohǔ) Cheng Pei-pei as Jade Fox (C: 碧眼狐狸, P: Bìyǎn Húli) Sihung Lung as Sir Te (T: 貝勒爺, C: 贝勒爷, P: Bèi-lèyé) Li Fazeng as Governor Yu Gao Xi'an as Bo Hai Yan as Madam Yu Wang Deming as Police inspector Tsai / Prefect Cai Qiu Li Li as May, Tsai's daughter Huang Suying as Aunt Wu Yang Rui as Maid Li Kai as Gou Jun Pei Feng Jianhua as Gou Jun Sinung Ma Zhongxuan as Mi Biao Li Baocheng as Fung Machete Chang Yang Yongde as Monk Jing Zhang Shaocheng as Nightman

Themes and interpretations[edit] Title[edit] The name "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" is a literal translation of the Chinese idiom "臥虎藏龍" which describes a place or situation that is full of unnoticeable masters. It is from a poem of the ancient Chinese poet Yu Xin's (513–581) that reads "暗石疑藏虎,盤根似臥龍", which means "behind the rock in the dark probably hides a tiger, and the coiling giant root resembles a crouching dragon."[8] The last character in Xiaohu and Jiaolong's names mean "Tiger" and "Dragon", respectively. Gender roles[edit] Some prominent martial arts styles traditionally were held to have been originated by women, e.g. History of Wing Chun credits a Buddhist nun Ng Mui teaching Yim Wing-Chun the style, but doubt has been cast on these stories in recent times, usually by men, suggesting that they merely intended to spread fear that women could be deadly threats. The film's title reference to masters one does not notice necessarily includes mostly women, and suggests the advantage of a female bodyguard. Traditional weapons taught in Wing Chun are exactly those easily concealed (butterfly knives) or similar to those taught in Japanese Aikido primarily to women (long pole).[9] The style emphasizes centerline blows to vital areas, as opposed to maiming strikes against limbs, thus seems intended for death blows, knockouts, and tactics generally used by physically weaker opponents seeking to win in a single strike rather than engage in an extended confrontation. Again, the title suggests powerful creatures that strike by surprise. Teacher-student relationship[edit] A teacher's desire to have a worthy student, the obligations between a student and a master, and tensions in these relationships are central to the characters' motives, conflicts between the characters, and the unfolding of the film's plot. Li Mu Bai is burdened with the responsibility for avenging his master's death, and turns his back on retirement to live up to this obligation. His fascination with the prospect of having Jen as a disciple also motivates his behavior, and that of Jade Fox. Regarding conflicts in the student-teacher relationship, the potential for exploitation created by the subordinate position of the student and the tensions that exist when a student surpasses or resists a teacher are explored. Jen hides her mastery of martial arts from her teacher, Jade Fox, which leads both to their parting of ways and to Jade Fox's attempt on Jen's life. At the same time, Jade Fox's own unorthodox relationship with a Wudang master (whom she claims would not teach her, but did take sexual advantage of her) brought her to a life of crime. At times, Li Mu Bai and Jen's conversations more than hint that the desire for a teacher-student relationship could turn into a romantic relationship.[10] Jen responds to these feelings, and her desire not to submit to a teacher, by turning away from Li Mu Bai when she jumps in the lake after the Green Destiny. Most traditional martial arts stories involving women involve such romantic dilemmas, e.g. the history of Wing Chun traditionally begins with Yim Wing-Chun learning the style (later named for her) from a Buddhist nun to defeat a local warlord and rebuff his demand to marry her. The first man to learn the style is traditionally Yim's husband Leung Bok-Chau, but it is of course named for her not him. Women learning martial arts to protect their virtue is a common theme. Poison[edit] Poison is also a significant theme in the film. In the world of martial arts, poison is considered the act of one who is too cowardly and dishonorable to fight; and indeed, the only character who explicitly fits these characteristics is Jade Fox. The poison is a weapon of her bitterness,[11] and quest for vengeance: she poisons the master of Wudang, attempts to poison Jen, and succeeds in killing Mu Bai using a poisoned needle. However, the poison is not only of the physical sort: Jade Fox's tutelage of Jen has left Jen spiritually poisoned, which can be seen in the lying, stealing, and betrayal Jen commits. Though she is the one who initially trained Jen, Jen is never seen to use poison herself. This indicates that hope yet exists to reform her and integrate her into society. In further play on this theme by the director, Jade Fox, as she dies, refers to the poison from a young child, "the deceit of an eight-year-old girl," obviously referring to what she considers her own spiritual poisoning by her young apprentice Jen. Li Mu Bai himself warns that without guidance, Jen could become a "poison dragon".

Production[edit] The film was originally written as a novel series by Wang Dulu starting in the late 1930s. The film is adapted from the storyline of the fourth book in the series, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Filming[edit] Mount Cangyan, including the bridge pictured above, was one of many filming locations for the film. Although its Academy Award was presented to Taiwan, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was in fact an international co-production between companies in four regions: the Chinese company China Film Co-Production Corporation; the American companies Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia,[12] Sony Pictures Classics and Good Machine; the Hong Kong company EDKO Film; and the Taiwanese Zoom Hunt International Productions Company, Ltd; as well as the unspecified United China Vision, and Asia Union Film and Entertainment Ltd., created solely for this film.[13][14] The film was made in Beijing, with location shooting in the Anhui, Hebei, Jiangsu, and Xinjiang provinces of China.[15] The first phase of shooting was in the Gobi Desert where it consistently rained. Director Ang Lee noted, "I didn't take one break in eight months, not even for half a day. I was miserable -- I just didn't have the extra energy to be happy. Near the end, I could hardly breathe. I thought I was about to have a stroke."[16] The stunt work was mostly performed by the actors themselves and Ang Lee stated in an interview that computers were used "only to remove the safety wires that held the actors." "Most of the time you can see their faces," he added, "That's really them in the trees."[17] Another compounding issue was the difference between accents of the four lead actors: Chow Yun-fat is from Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese natively, and Michelle Yeoh is from Malaysia and grew up speaking English and Malay;[18] she learned the Mandarin lines phonetically.[19] Only Zhang Ziyi spoke with a native Mandarin accent that Ang Lee wanted.[16] Chow Yun Fat said, on "the first day [of shooting], I had to do 28 takes just because of the language. That's never happened before in my life."[16] Because the film specifically targeted Western audiences rather than the domestic audiences who were already used to Wuxia films, English subtitles were needed. Ang Lee, who was educated in the West, personally edited the subtitles to ensure they were satisfactory for Western audiences. Soundtrack[edit] Main article: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (soundtrack) The score was composed by Tan Dun, originally performed by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai National Orchestra, and Shanghai Percussion Ensemble. It also features many solo passages for cello played by Yo-Yo Ma. The "last track" ("A Love Before Time") features Coco Lee, who later performed it at the Academy Awards. The music for the entire film was produced in two weeks.[20]

Marketing[edit] The film was adapted into a video game, a comics series, and a 34-episode Taiwanese television series based on the original novel. The latter was released in 2004 as New Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for US and Canadian release.

Reception[edit] Critical response[edit] "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which is based on an early 20th century novel by Wang Dulu, unfolds much like a comic book, with the characters and their circumstances being painted using wide brush strokes. Subtlety is not part of Lee's palette; he is going for something grand and melodramatic, and that's what he gets." —James Berardinelli, writing in ReelViews[21] Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was very well received in the Western world, receiving numerous awards. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 97% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 153 reviews with an average rating of 8.6/10. The website's critical consensus states: "The movie that catapulted Ang Lee into the ranks of upper echelon Hollywood filmmakers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon features a deft mix of amazing martial arts battles, beautiful scenery, and tasteful drama."[22] Metacritic reported the film had an average score of 93 out of 100, based on 31 reviews, indicating "universal acclaim".[23] Some Chinese-speaking viewers were bothered by the accents of the leading actors. Neither Chow (a native Cantonese speaker) nor Yeoh (who was born and raised in Malaysia) speaks Mandarin as a mother tongue. All four main actors spoke with different accents: Chow speaks with a Cantonese accent;[24] Yeoh with a Malaysian accent; Chang Chen a Taiwanese accent; and Zhang Ziyi a Beijing accent. Yeoh responded to this complaint in a December 28, 2000, interview with Cinescape. She argued, "My character lived outside of Beijing, and so I didn't have to do the Beijing accent." When the interviewer, Craig Reid, remarked, "My mother-in-law has this strange Sichuan-Mandarin accent that's hard for me to understand.", Yeoh responded: "Yes, provinces all have their very own strong accents. When we first started the movie, Cheng Pei Pei was going to have her accent, and Chang Zhen was going to have his accent, and this person would have that accent. And in the end nobody could understand what they were saying. Forget about us, even the crew from Beijing thought this was all weird."[25] The film led to a boost in popularity of Chinese wuxia films in the western world, where they were previously little known, and led to films such as House of Flying Daggers and Hero marketed towards Western audiences. The film also provided the breakthrough role for Zhang Ziyi's career, who noted: Because of movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, and Memoirs of a Geisha, a lot of people in the United States have become interested not only in me but in Chinese and Asian actors in general. Because of these movies, maybe there will be more opportunities for Asian actors." The character of Lo, or "Dark Cloud" the desert bandit, influenced the development of the protagonist of the Prince of Persia series of video games.[26] The film is ranked at number 497 on Empire's 2008 list of the 500 greatest movies of all time[27] and at number 66 in the magazine's 100 Best Films of World Cinema, published in 2010.[28] In 2010, the Independent Film & Television Alliance selected the film as one of the 30 Most Significant Independent Films of the last 30 years.[29] In 2016, it was voted the 35th-best film of the 21st century as picked by 177 film critics from around the world.[30] Film Journal noted that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon "pulled off the rare trifecta of critical acclaim, boffo box-office and gestalt shift",[31] in reference to its ground-breaking success for a subtitled film in the American market. Counter-flow[edit] Wu and Chan (2007)[32] look at Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as somewhat of an example of “counter-flow”, a film that has challenged Hollywood’s grip on the film market. They argue that as a product of globalization, the movie did not demonstrate a one-way flow based on Western ideology, but was multidirectional with the ability of local resources to influence the West and gain capital.[32] Despite its international success and perceived ability to change the flow from East to West, however, there were still instances of Western adaptation for the movie, such as putting more emphasis on female characters to better execute a balance between gender roles in the East and West.[32] The script of the film was written between Taiwan and Hollywood and in translating the film to English, many cultural references were lost, which made maintaining the cultural authenticity of the film while still reaching out to the West very difficult.[32] The thematic conflict throughout the movie between societal roles and personal desires attribute to the international reception of the film, which resonates with both the Eastern and Western audiences.[32] Additionally, international and Western networks were used in the production and promotion of the film, which were needed to achieve its global distribution.[32] Additional marketing strategies were needed for the film to attract the Western audience, who were unfamiliar with the cultural products of the East.[32] Box office[edit] The film premiered in cinemas on December 8, 2000, in limited release within the US. During its opening weekend, the film opened in 15th place, grossing $663,205 in business, showing at 16 locations.[3] On January 12, 2001, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon premiered in cinemas in wide release throughout the US grossing $8,647,295 in business, ranking in sixth place. The film Save the Last Dance came in first place during that weekend, grossing $23,444,930.[33] The film's revenue dropped by almost 30% in its second week of release, earning $6,080,357. For that particular weekend, the film fell to eighth place screening in 837 theaters. Save the Last Dance remained unchanged in first place, grossing $15,366,047 in box-office revenue.[3] During its final week in release, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon opened in a distant 50th place with $37,233 in revenue.[34] The film went on to top out domestically at $128,078,872 in total ticket sales through a 31-week theatrical run. Internationally, the film took in an additional $85,446,864 in box-office business for a combined worldwide total of $213,525,736.[3] For 2000 as a whole, the film cumulatively ranked at a worldwide box-office performance position of 19.[35] Accolades[edit] Gathering widespread critical acclaim at the Toronto and New York film festivals, the film also became a favorite when Academy Awards nominations were announced in 2001. The film was, however, screened out of competition at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.[36] Award[37][38] Category Nominee Result 73rd Academy Awards[39] Best Foreign Language Film Ang Lee Won Best Picture Hsu-Li Kong, Bill Kong and Ang Lee Nominated Best Director Ang Lee Nominated Best Adapted Screenplay Tsai Kuo-Jung, Hui-Ling Wang and James Schamus Nominated Best Original Song Jorge Calandrelli, Tan Dun and James Schamus for "A Love Before Time" Nominated Best Costume Design Tim Yip Nominated Best Art Direction Art Direction and Set Decoration: Tim Yip Won Best Film Editing Tim Squyres Nominated Best Original Score Tan Dun Won Best Cinematography Peter Pau Won 2000 American Society of Cinematographers Awards Best Cinematography Peter Pau Nominated 54th British Academy Film Awards[40] Best Film Nominated Best Foreign Language Film Won Best Actress in a Leading Role Michelle Yeoh Nominated Best Supporting Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated Best Cinematography Peter Pau Nominated Best Makeup and Hair Nominated Best Editing Tim Squyres Nominated Best Costume Design Tim Yip Won Best Director Ang Lee Won Best Music Tan Dun Won Best Adapted Screenplay Tsai Kuo-Jung, Wang Hui-Ling, James Schamus Nominated Best Production Design Tim Yip Nominated Best Sound Nominated Best Visual Effects Nominated Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards 2000[41] Best Foreign Film Won Chicago Film Critics Association Awards 2000[42] Most Promising Actress Zhang Ziyi Won Best Original Score Tan Dun Won Best Cinematography Peter Pau Won Best Foreign Film Won 2000 Directors Guild of America Awards[43] Best Director Ang Lee Won 2000 Film Fest Gent festival Georges Delerue Award Tan Dun Won 58th Golden Globe Awards[44] Best Foreign Language Film Won Best Director Ang Lee Won Best Original Score Tan Dun Nominated 20th Hong Kong Film Awards[45] Best Film Won Best Director Ang Lee Won Best Screenplay Wang Hui-Ling, James Schamus, Tsai Kuo-Jung Nominated Best Actor Chow Yun-fat Nominated Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated Best Actress Michelle Yeoh Nominated Best Supporting Actor Chang Chen Nominated Best Supporting Actress Cheng Pei-pei Won Best Cinematography Peter Pau Won Best Film Editing Tim Squyres Nominated Best Art Direction Tim Yip Nominated Best Costume Make Up Design Tim Yip Nominated Best Action Choreography Yuen Wo Ping Won Best Original Film Score Tan Dun Won Best Original Film Song Tan Dun, Jorge Calandrelli, Yee Kar-Yeung, Coco Lee Won Best Sound Design Eugene Gearty Won Independent Spirit Awards 2000 Best Picture Won Best Director Ang Lee Won Best Supporting Actress Zhang Ziyi Won Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards 2000[46] Best Picture Won Best Cinematography Peter Pau Won Best Music Score Tan Dun Won Best Production Design Tim Yip Won National Board of Review Awards 2000[47] Best Foreign Language Film Won Top Foreign Films Shortlisted 2000 New York Film Critics Circle Awards[48] Best Cinematography Peter Pau Won Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2000[49] Best Picture Won Best Director Ang Lee Won Best Actress Michelle Yeoh Won Best Supporting Actress Zhang Ziyi Won 2000 Toronto International Film Festival People's Choice Award Ang Lee Won Writers Guild of America Awards 2000[50] Best Adapted Screenplay Tsai Kuo-Jung, Wang Hui-Ling, James Schamus Nominated 37th Golden Horse Awards – 2000[51] Best Feature Film Won Best Director Ang Lee Nominated Best Leading Actress Michelle Yeoh Nominated Best Leading Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated Best Screenplay Adaption Tsai Kuo-Jung, Wang Hui-Ling, James Schamus Nominated Best Cinematography Peter Pau Nominated Best Film Editing Tim Squyres Won Best Art Direction Tim Yip Nominated Best Original Score Tan Dun Won Best Sound Design Eugene Gearty Won Best Action Choreography Yuen Wo Ping Won Best Visual Effects Leo Lo, Rob Hodgson Won

Sequel[edit] A sequel to the film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, was released in 2016. It was directed by Yuen Woo-ping, who was the action choreographer for the first film. It is a co-production between Pegasus Media, China Film Group Corporation, and the Weinstein Company.[52] Unlike the original film, the sequel was filmed in English for international release and dubbed to Mandarin for Chinese releases. Sword of Destiny is based on the book Iron Knight, Silver Vase, the next (and last) novel in the Crane-Iron Pentalogy. It features a mostly new cast, headed by Donnie Yen. Michelle Yeoh reprised her role from the original.[53] Zhang Ziyi was also approached to appear in Sword of Destiny but refused, stating that she would only appear in a sequel if Ang Lee were directing it.[54] In the United States, the sequel was for the most part not shown in theaters, instead being distributed via the video streaming service Netflix.[55]

Cultural references[edit] The theme of Janet Jackson's song "China Love" was related to the film by MTV News, in which Jackson sings of the daughter of an emperor in love with a warrior, unable to sustain relations when forced to marry into royalty.[56] The names of the pterosaur genus Kryptodrakon and the ceratopsian genus Yinlong (both meaning hidden dragon) allude to the film.[57][58]

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Further reading[edit] Kim, L. S. (Winter 2006). "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Making Women Warriors – a Transnational Reading of Asian Female Action Heroes". Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media. 48. 

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(Star Trek: The Next Generation) (1995) "The Coming of Shadows" (Babylon 5) (1996) "Severed Dreams" (Babylon 5) (1997) Contact (1998) The Truman Show (1999) Galaxy Quest (2000) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2001) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2002) v t e Nebula Award for Best Script/Ray Bradbury Award Nebula Award for Best Script Soylent Green – Stanley R. Greenberg (1973) Sleeper – Woody Allen (1974) Young Frankenstein – Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder (1975) Star Wars – George Lucas (1977) The Sixth Sense – M. Night Shyamalan (1999) Galaxy Quest – David Howard and Robert Gordon (2000) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon James Schamus, Kuo Jung Tsai, and Hui-Ling Wang (2001) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, and Peter Jackson (2002) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Stephen Sinclair, and Peter Jackson (2003) The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, and Peter Jackson (2004) Serenity – Joss Whedon (2005) Howl's Moving Castle – Hayao Miyazaki, Cindy Davis Hewitt, and Donald H. Hewitt (2006) Pan's Labyrinth – Guillermo del Toro (2007) WALL-E – Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon, and Pete Docter (2008) Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation Terminator 2: Judgment Day – James Cameron (1992) Babylon 5 – J. Michael Straczynski (1999) 2000X – Tales of the Next Millennia – Yuri Rasovsky and Harlan Ellison (2001) Joss Whedon (2008) District 9 – Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell (2009) Inception – Christopher Nolan (2010) Doctor Who: "The Doctor's Wife" – Richard Clark and Neil Gaiman (2011) Beasts of the Southern Wild – Benh Zeitlin, Lucy Alibar (2012) Gravity – Alfonso Cuarón and Jonás Cuarón (2013) Guardians of the Galaxy – James Gunn and Nicole Perlman (2014) Mad Max: Fury Road – George Miller, Brendan McCarthy, and Nico Lathouris (2015) Arrival – Eric Heisserer (2016) v t e Saturn Award for Best Action or Adventure Film Pulp Fiction (1994) The Usual Suspects (1995) Fargo (1996) L.A. Confidential (1997) Saving Private Ryan (1998) The Green Mile (1999) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) Memento (2001) Road to Perdition (2002) Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003) Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004) Sin City (2005) Casino Royale (2006) 300 (2007) The Dark Knight (2008) Inglourious Basterds (2009) Salt (2010) Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) Skyfall (2012) Fast & Furious 6 (2013) Unbroken (2014) Furious 7 (2015) Hidden Figures (2016) v t e Wang Dulu Crane-Iron Series Crane Startles Kunlun (1938) Precious Sword, Golden Hairpin (1939) Sword Force, Pearl Shine (1940) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (1941) Iron Knight, Silver Vase (1942) Adaptations Rape of the Sword (1967) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000 film) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2001 TV) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016) Retrieved from ",_Hidden_Dragon&oldid=829792129" Categories: 2000 filmsMandarin-language films2000s martial arts filmsTaiwanese filmsTaiwanese martial arts filmsChinese filmsChinese martial arts filmsHong Kong filmsHong Kong martial arts filmsAmerican filmsAmerican martial arts filmsFilms that won the Best Original Score Academy AwardFilms based on Chinese novelsFilms set in BeijingFilms set in the 1770sFilms set in 18th-century Qing dynastyWuxia filmsSony Pictures Classics filmsBAFTA winners (films)Best Film HKFABest Foreign Language Film Academy Award winnersBest Foreign Language Film BAFTA Award winnersBest Foreign Language Film Golden Globe winnersFilms whose art director won the Best Art Direction Academy AwardFilms whose cinematographer won the Best Cinematography Academy AwardFilms whose director won the Best Direction BAFTA AwardFilms whose director won the Best Director Golden GlobeHugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation winning worksIndependent Spirit Award for Best Film winnersNebula Award for Best Script-winning worksGeorges Delerue Award winnersScreenplays by James SchamusFilms directed by Ang LeeFilms scored by Tan DunHidden categories: Articles with Chinese-language external linksWebarchive template wayback linksUse dmy dates from February 2016Articles containing Chinese-language textArticles containing simplified Chinese-language textArticles containing traditional Chinese-language textWikipedia articles needing clarification from April 2017Pages using div col without cols and colwidth parametersOfficial website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia

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CampanellaIn A Better WorldSusanne BierA SeparationAsghar FarhadiAmour (2012 Film)Michael HanekeThe Great BeautyPaolo SorrentinoIda (film)Paweł PawlikowskiSon Of SaulLászló NemesThe Salesman (2016 Film)Asghar FarhadiA Fantastic WomanSebastián LelioTemplate:BAFTA Best Foreign Language FilmTemplate Talk:BAFTA Best Foreign Language FilmBAFTA Award For Best Film Not In The English LanguageChrist Stopped At Eboli (film)Danton (1983 Film)Carmen (1983 Film)Colonel RedlRan (film)The SacrificeBabette's FeastLife And Nothing ButCinema ParadisoThe Nasty GirlRaise The Red LanternFarewell My Concubine (film)To Live (1994 Film)Il Postino: The PostmanRidiculeThe Apartment (1996 Film)Central Station (film)All About My MotherAmores PerrosTalk To HerIn This WorldThe Motorcycle Diaries (film)The Beat That My Heart SkippedPan's LabyrinthThe Lives Of OthersI've Loved You So LongA ProphetThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009 Film)The Skin I Live InAmour (2012 Film)The Great BeautyIda (film)Wild Tales (film)Son Of SaulThe HandmaidenTemplate:Critics' Choice Movie Award For Best Foreign Language FilmTemplate Talk:Critics' Choice Movie Award For Best Foreign Language FilmCritics' Choice Movie Award For Best Foreign Language FilmIl Postino: The PostmanRidiculeShall We Dance (1996 Film)Life Is BeautifulAll About My MotherAmélieY Tu Mamá TambiénThe Barbarian InvasionsThe Sea InsideKung Fu HustleLetters From Iwo JimaThe Diving Bell And The Butterfly (film)Waltz With BashirBroken EmbracesThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009 Film)A SeparationAmour (2012 Film)Blue Is The Warmest ColourForce Majeure (film)Son Of SaulElle (film)In The FadeTemplate:Golden Globe Award For Best Foreign Language FilmTemplate Talk:Golden Globe Award For Best Foreign Language FilmGolden Globe Award For Best Foreign Language FilmJuliet Of The SpiritsA Man And A WomanLive For LifeWar And Peace (film Series)Z (1969 Film)Rider On The RainThe PolicemanThe Emigrants (film)The New LandThe Pedestrian (film)Scenes From A MarriageLies My Father Told MeFace To Face (1976 Film)A Special DayAutumn SonataLa Cage Aux Folles (film)Tess (film)Chariots Of FireGandhi (film)Fanny And AlexanderA Passage To India (film)The Official StoryThe Assault (film)My Life As A DogPelle The ConquerorCinema ParadisoCyrano De Bergerac (1990 Film)Europa EuropaIndochine (film)Farewell My Concubine (film)Farinelli (film)Les Misérables (1995 Film)KolyaMa Vie En RoseCentral Station (film)All About My MotherNo Man's Land (2001 Film)Talk To HerOsama (film)The Sea InsideParadise NowLetters From Iwo JimaThe Diving Bell And The Butterfly (film)Waltz With BashirThe White RibbonIn A Better WorldA SeparationAmour (2012 Film)The Great BeautyLeviathan (2014 Film)Son Of SaulElle (film)In The FadeTemplate:Satellite Award Best Foreign Language FilmTemplate Talk:Satellite Award Best Foreign Language FilmSatellite Award For Best Foreign Language FilmBreaking The WavesShall We Dance? (1996 Film)Central Station (film)All About My MotherThree SeasonsNo Man's Land (2001 Film)Talk To HerCity Of God (2002 Film)The Sea InsideMother Of Mine (film)VolverLust, CautionGomorrah (film)Broken EmbracesThe Maid (2009 Film)The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009 Film)Mysteries Of LisbonThe IntouchablesPietà (film)The Broken Circle BreakdownTangerines (film)Son Of SaulThe Salesman (2016 Film)Template:London Film Critics Circle Award For Foreign Language Film Of The YearTemplate Talk:London Film Critics Circle Award For Foreign Language Film Of The YearLondon Film Critics' Circle Award For Foreign Language Film Of The YearThe Marriage Of Maria BraunAngi VeraMan Of IronMephisto (1981 Film)YolA Sunday In The CountryHeimat (film Series)Ran (film)Jean De FloretteBabette's FeastAu Revoir Les EnfantsCinema ParadisoCyrano De Bergerac (1990 Film)Raise The Red LanternA Heart In WinterFarewell My Concubine (film)Il Postino: The PostmanLes Misérables (1995 Film)RidiculeShall We Dance? (1996 Film)All About My MotherAmélieY Tu Mamá TambiénGood Bye, Lenin!The Motorcycle Diaries (film)Downfall (2004 Film)VolverThe Lives Of OthersLet The Right One In (film)Of Gods And Men (film)A SeparationRust And BoneBlue Is The Warmest ColourLeviathan (2014 Film)The Look Of SilenceToni ErdmannElle (film)Template:Independent Spirit Award For Best FilmTemplate Talk:Independent Spirit Award For Best FilmIndependent Spirit Award For Best FilmAfter Hours (film)Platoon (film)River's EdgeStand And DeliverSex, Lies, And VideotapeThe Grifters (film)Rambling Rose (film)The Player (film)Short Cuts (film)Pulp FictionLeaving Las VegasFargo (film)The ApostleGods And Monsters (film)Election (1999 Film)Memento (film)Far From HeavenLost In Translation (film)SidewaysBrokeback MountainLittle Miss SunshineJuno (film)The Wrestler (2008 Film)Precious (film)Black Swan (film)The Artist (film)Silver Linings Playbook12 Years A Slave (film)Birdman (film)Spotlight (film)Moonlight (2016 Film)Get OutTemplate:GoldenHorseAwardBestFilmTemplate Talk:GoldenHorseAwardBestFilmGolden Horse Award For Best Feature FilmThe Love EterneBeautiful DucklingSpring In A Small TownExecution In AutumnThe Escape (1972 Film)Victory (1976 Film)Heroes Of The Eastern SkiesThe Story Of A Small TownIf I Were For Real (film)The Battle For The Republic Of ChinaGrowing Up (1983 Film)Old Mao's Second SpringKuei-Mei, A WomanTerrorizersPainted FacesFull Moon In New YorkRed Dust (1990 Film)A Brighter Summer DayThe Wedding BanquetVive L'AmourSummer Snow (film)In The Heat Of The SunComrades: Almost A Love StoryXiu Xiu: The Sent Down GirlOrdinary Heroes (1999 Film)Durian DurianThe Best Of Times (2002 Film)Infernal AffairsKekexili: Mountain PatrolKung Fu HustleAfter This Our ExileLust, CautionThe WarlordsCannot Live Without YouWarriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq BaleBeijing BluesIlo IloBlind MassageThe Assassin (2015 Film)The Summer Is GoneThe Bold, The Corrupt, And The BeautifulTemplate:Best Film HKFATemplate Talk:Best Film HKFAHong Kong Film Award For Best FilmFather And Son (1981 Film)Boat People (film)Ah YingHomecoming (1984 Film)Police Story (1985 Film)A Better TomorrowAn Autumn's TaleRouge (film)Beyond The SunsetDays Of Being WildTo Be Number One (film)CagemanC'est La Vie, Mon ChériChungking ExpressSummer Snow (film)Comrades: Almost A Love StoryMade In Hong Kong (film)Beast CopsOrdinary Heroes (1999 Film)Shaolin SoccerInfernal AffairsRunning On KarmaKung Fu HustleElection (2005 Film)After This Our ExileThe WarlordsIp Man (film)Bodyguards And AssassinsGallants (film)A Simple LifeCold War (film)The Grandmaster (film)The Golden Era (film)Ten Years (2015 Film)TrivisaTemplate:Hugo Award For Best Dramatic PresentationTemplate Talk:Hugo Award For Best Dramatic PresentationHugo Award For Best Dramatic PresentationThe Incredible Shrinking ManThe Twilight Zone (1959 TV Series)The Twilight Zone (1959 TV Series)The Twilight Zone (1959 TV Series)Dr. StrangeloveThe Menagerie (Star Trek: The Original Series)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe City On The Edge Of ForeverStar Trek: The Original Series2001: A Space Odyssey (film)Apollo 11A Clockwork Orange (film)Slaughterhouse-Five (film)Sleeper (1973 Film)Young FrankensteinA Boy And His Dog (1975 Film)Star Wars (film)Superman (1978 Film)Alien (film)The Empire Strikes BackRaiders Of The Lost ArkBlade RunnerReturn Of The Jedi2010 (film)Back To The FutureAliens (film)The Princess Bride (film)Who Framed Roger RabbitIndiana Jones And The Last CrusadeEdward ScissorhandsTerminator 2: Judgment DayThe Inner Light (Star Trek: The Next Generation)Star Trek: The Next GenerationJurassic Park (film)All Good Things... (Star Trek: The Next Generation)Star Trek: The Next GenerationThe Coming Of ShadowsBabylon 5Severed DreamsBabylon 5Contact (1997 American Film)The Truman ShowGalaxy QuestThe Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The RingTemplate:Nebula Award For Best Script/Bradbury AwardTemplate Talk:Nebula Award For Best Script/Bradbury AwardNebula Award For Best ScriptRay Bradbury AwardSoylent GreenSleeper (1973 Film)Woody AllenYoung FrankensteinMel BrooksGene WilderStar Wars (film)George LucasThe Sixth SenseM. Night ShyamalanGalaxy QuestRobert Gordon (screenwriter)James SchamusThe Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The RingFran WalshPhilippa BoyensPeter JacksonThe Lord Of The Rings: The Two TowersFran WalshPhilippa BoyensStephen SinclairPeter JacksonThe Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The KingFran WalshPhilippa BoyensPeter JacksonSerenity (2005 Film)Joss WhedonHowl's Moving Castle (film)Hayao MiyazakiPan's LabyrinthGuillermo Del ToroWALL-EAndrew StantonJim ReardonPete DocterTerminator 2: Judgment DayJames CameronBabylon 5J. Michael Straczynski2000XYuri RasovskyHarlan EllisonJoss WhedonDistrict 9Neill BlomkampTerri TatchellInceptionChristopher NolanDoctor WhoThe Doctor's Wife (Doctor Who)Richard Clark (director)Neil GaimanBeasts Of The Southern WildBenh ZeitlinLucy AlibarGravity (2013 Film)Alfonso CuarónJonás CuarónGuardians Of The Galaxy (film)James GunnNicole PerlmanMad Max: Fury RoadGeorge Miller (director)Brendan McCarthyNico LathourisArrival (film)Eric HeissererTemplate:Saturn Award For Best Action/Adventure/Thriller FilmTemplate Talk:Saturn Award For Best Action/Adventure/Thriller FilmSaturn Award For Best Action Or Adventure FilmPulp FictionThe Usual SuspectsFargo (film)L.A. Confidential (film)Saving Private RyanThe Green Mile (film)Memento (film)Road To PerditionKill Bill: Volume 1Kill Bill: Volume 2Sin City (film)Casino Royale (2006 Film)300 (film)The Dark Knight (film)Inglourious BasterdsSalt (2010 Film)Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolSkyfallFast & Furious 6Unbroken (film)Furious 7Hidden FiguresTemplate:Wang DuluWang DuluCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (novel)Rape Of The SwordCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (TV Series)Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of DestinyHelp:CategoryCategory:2000 FilmsCategory:Mandarin-language FilmsCategory:2000s Martial Arts FilmsCategory:Taiwanese FilmsCategory:Taiwanese Martial Arts FilmsCategory:Chinese FilmsCategory:Chinese Martial Arts FilmsCategory:Hong Kong FilmsCategory:Hong Kong Martial Arts FilmsCategory:American FilmsCategory:American Martial Arts FilmsCategory:Films That Won The Best Original Score Academy AwardCategory:Films Based On Chinese NovelsCategory:Films Set In BeijingCategory:Films Set In The 1770sCategory:Films Set In 18th-century Qing DynastyCategory:Wuxia FilmsCategory:Sony Pictures Classics FilmsCategory:BAFTA Winners (films)Category:Best Film HKFACategory:Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award WinnersCategory:Best Foreign Language Film BAFTA Award WinnersCategory:Best Foreign Language Film Golden Globe WinnersCategory:Films Whose Art Director Won The Best Art Direction Academy AwardCategory:Films Whose Cinematographer Won The Best Cinematography Academy AwardCategory:Films Whose Director Won The Best Direction BAFTA AwardCategory:Films Whose Director Won The Best Director Golden GlobeCategory:Hugo Award For Best Dramatic Presentation Winning WorksCategory:Independent Spirit Award For Best Film WinnersCategory:Nebula Award For Best Script-winning WorksCategory:Georges Delerue Award WinnersCategory:Screenplays By James SchamusCategory:Films Directed By Ang LeeCategory:Films Scored By Tan DunCategory:Articles With Chinese-language External LinksCategory:Webarchive Template Wayback LinksCategory:Use Dmy Dates From February 2016Category:Articles Containing Chinese-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Simplified Chinese-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Traditional Chinese-language TextCategory:Wikipedia Articles Needing Clarification From April 2017Category:Pages Using Div Col Without Cols And Colwidth ParametersCategory:Official Website Different In Wikidata And WikipediaDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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