Contents 1 List of counties 2 Map 3 Responsibilities and significance 4 History 4.1 Fylke (1st period) 4.1.1 Fylke in the 10th-13th centuries 4.2 Syssel 4.2.1 Syssel in 1300 4.3 Len 4.3.1 Len in 1536 4.3.2 Len in 1660 4.4 Amt 4.4.1 Amt in 1671 4.4.2 Amt in 1730 4.4.3 Amt in 1760 4.5 Fylke (2nd period) 4.6 Region 5 See also 6 References 6.1 Footnotes 6.2 Bibliography

List of counties[edit] Below is a list of the Norwegian counties, with their current administrative centres. Note that the counties are administered both by appointees of the national government and to a lesser extent by their own elected bodies. The county numbers are from the official numbering system ISO 3166-2:NO, which originally was set up to follow the coastline from the Swedish border in the southeast to the Russian border in the northeast, but with the numbering has changed with county mergers. The number 13, 16, and 17 were dropped and the number 50 was added to account for changes over the years. (There is no connection between the lack of a county number 13 and the belief that 13 is an unlucky number.) ISO-code County (Fylke) Administrative centre Governor Area (km2) Population (2016) 01  Østfold Sarpsborg Anne Enger 4,180.69 290,412 02  Akershus Oslo Nils Aage Jegstad 4,917.94 596,704 03  Oslo City of Oslo Marianne Borgen (Mayor) 454.07 660,987 04  Hedmark Hamar Sigbjørn Johnsen 27,397.76 195,443 05  Oppland Lillehammer Kristin Hille Valla 25,192.10 188,945 06  Buskerud Drammen Kirsti Kolle Grøndahl 14,910.94 278,028 07  Vestfold Tønsberg Erling Lae 2,225.08 245,160 08  Telemark Skien Kari Nordheim-Larsen 15,296.34 172,527 09  Aust-Agder Arendal Øystein Djupedal 9,157.77 115,873 10  Vest-Agder Kristiansand Ann-Kristin Olsen 7,276.91 182,922 11  Rogaland Stavanger Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa 9,375.97 470,907 12  Hordaland Bergen Lars Sponheim 15,438.06 517,601 13 No longer used[a] 14  Sogn og Fjordane Hermansverk Anne Karin Hamre 18,623.41 109,623 15  Møre og Romsdal Molde Lodve Solholm 15,101.39 265,181 16 No longer used[b] 17 No longer used[c] 18  Nordland Bodø Odd Eriksen 38,482.39 241,948 19  Troms Tromsø Bård Magne Pedersen 25,862.91 164,613 20  Finnmark Vadsø Gunnar Kjønnøy 48,631.04 75,886 50  Trøndelag Steinkjer[d] Frank Jenssen 41,254.29 450,496 ^ Formerly used for Bergen county, merged into Hordaland on 1 January 1972 ^ Formerly used for Nord-Trøndelag (#17) and Sør-Trøndelag (#16) counties, merged into Trøndelag on 1 January 2018 ^ See reference B ^ Steinkjer is the administrative centre, but the county mayor is seated in Trondheim. Steinkjer and Trondheim are sometimes named as co-capitals


Responsibilities and significance[edit] Every county has two main organisations, both with underlying organisations. The county municipality (no: Fylkeskommune) has a county council (Norwegian: Fylkesting), whose members are elected by the inhabitants. The county municipality is responsible mainly for some medium level schools, public transport organisation, regional road planning, culture and some more areas. The county governor (no: Fylkesmannen) is an authority directly overseen by the Norwegian government. It surveills the municipalities and receive complaints from people over their actions. It also controls areas where the government needs local direct ruling outside the municipalities.

History[edit] Fylke (1st period)[edit] From the consolidation to a single kingdom, Norway was divided into a number of geographic regions that had its own legislative assembly or Thing, such as Gulating (Western Norway) and Frostating (Trøndelag). The second-order subdivision of these regions was into fylker, such as Egdafylke and Hordafylke. In 1914, the historical term fylke was brought into use again to replace the term amt introduced during the union with Denmark. Current day counties (fylker) often, but not necessarily, correspond to the historical areas. Fylke in the 10th-13th centuries[edit] Counties (folkland) under the Borgarting, located in Viken with the seat at Sarpsborg:[2] Rånrike Vingulmark Vestfold Grenland Counties (first three fylke, last two bilandskap) under the Eidsivating, located in Oplandene with the seat at Eidsvoll:[2] Raumafylke (Glåmdalen, Romerike, Solør) Heinafylke (Gjøvik, Hedmark) Hadafylke (Hadeland, Land, Toten) Gudbrandsdal Østerdal Counties under the Gulating, located in Vestlandet with the seat at Gulen:[3] Sunnmærafylke Firdafylke (Nordfjord, Sunnfjord) Sygnafylke Valdres and Hallingdal Hordafylke Rygjafylke Setesdal Egdafylke Counties under the Frostating, located in Trøndelag with the seat at Frosta: Eynafylke Sparbyggjafylke Verdælafylke Skeynafylke Orkdælafylke Gauldælafylke Stjordælafylke Strindafylke Naumdælafylke Nordmærafylke Romsdælafylke Counties not attached to a thing: Jamtaland Herjedalen Håløygjafylke Helgeland Salten Lofoten and Vesterålen Trondenes Finnmark (including northern Troms), the Faroe Islands, the Orkney Islands, Shetland, the Hebrides, Isle of Man, Iceland and Greenland were Norwegian skattland ("tax countries"), and did not belong to any known counties or assembly areas. Syssel[edit] Syssel in 1300[edit] From the end of the 12th century, Norway was divided into several syssel. The head of the various syssel was the syslemann, who represented the king locally. The following shows a reconstruction of the different syssel in Norway c. 1300, including sub-syssel where these seem established.[4] Elvesysle Rånrike Borgarsysle (two parts) Romerike (two parts, "northern" and "southern") Hedmark (two parts, "northern" and "southern") Østerdalen "north of Åmot" "south of Åmot" Gudbrandsdalen "north of Ruste" "south of Ruste" Hadeland (later Ringerike, two parts, "northern" and "outer") Valdres and Hallingdal (two parts) Numedal and Telemark? Tverrdalane and Modum? Oslosysle (northern lut and western lut) Tønsbergsysle Skiensysle Eastern part (later Nedenes) Robyggjelag Agder Midtsysla Lista Rygjafylke "north of the fjord" "south of the fjord" Hordaland (Nordhordland? and Sunnhordland?) Hardanger Voss Sogn (two parts?) Sunnfjord Nordfjord Sunnmøre Romsdal Nordmøre? Nordmørafylke Orkdal Gauldal Strinda Herjedalen Jemtland Stjørdal Skogn Verdal Sparbu Eynafylke Northern part? (later Fosen) Namdalen "upper half" (Overhalla) "lower half (later Njardøy) Hålogaland (two parts) Troms? Finnmark? Len[edit] From 1308, the term len (plural len) in Norway signified an administrative region roughly equivalent to today's counties. The historic len was an important administrative entity during the period of Dano-Norwegian unification after their amalgamation as one state, which lasted for the period 1536[5]–1814. At the beginning of the 16th century the political divisions were variable, but consistently included four main len and approximately 30 smaller sub-regions with varying connections to a main len. Up to 1660 the four principal len were headquartered at the major fortresses Bohus Fortress, Akershus Fortress, Bergenhus Fortress and the fortified city of Trondheim.[6] The sub-regions corresponded to the church districts for the Lutheran church in Norway. Len in 1536[edit] Båhus len (later termed Bohuslän after Denmark-Norway ceded it to Sweden by the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658) Akershus len Trondheim len Bergenhus len (which included Northern Norway) These four principal len were in the 1530s divided into approximately 30 smaller regions. From that point forward through the beginning of the 17th century the number of subsidiary len was reduced, while the composition of the principal len became more stable.[7] Len in 1660[edit] From 1660 Norway had nine principal len comprising 17 subsidiary len: Akershus len Tunsberg len Bratsberg len Agdesiden len Stavanger len Bergenhus len Trondheim len Nordlandene len Vardøhus len Len written as län continues to be used as the administrative equivalent of county in Sweden to this day. Each len was governed by a lenman.[8] Amt[edit] With the royal decree of February 19, 1662, each len was designated an amt (plural amt) and the lenmann was titled amtmann, from German Amt (office), reflecting the bias of the Danish court of that period.[9] Amt in 1671[edit] After 1671 Norway was divided into four principal amt or stiftsamt and there were nine subordinate amt: Akershus amt Smålenene amt Brunla amt Agdesiden amt Bratsberg amt Stavanger amt Bergenhus amt Halsnøy klostergods Hardanger amt Nordlandene amt Trondheim amt Romsdalen amt Vardøhus amt Amt in 1730[edit] From 1730 Norway had the following amt: Vardøhus amt Tromsø amt Nordlands amt Nordre Trondhjems amt Søndre Trondhjems amt Romsdalen amt Nordre Bergenhus amt Søndre Bergenhus amt Stavanger amt Lister og Mandals amt Nedenes amt Bratsberg amt Buskerud amt Oplandenes amt Hedemarkens amt Akershus amt Smaalenenes amt At this time there were also two counties (grevskap) controlled by actual counts, together forming what is now Vestfold county: Laurvigen county Jarlsberg county Amt in 1760[edit] In 1760 Norway had the following stiftamt and amt:[10] Akershus stiftamt Opplands amt Akershus amt Smålenenes amt Laurvigen county Jarlsberg county Bratsberg amt (eastern half) Agdesiden stiftamt Bratsberg amt (western half) Nedenes amt Lister and Mandal amt Stavanger amt Bergenhus stiftamt Romsdal amt (southern half) Trondheim stiftamt Romsdal amt (northern half) Nordlands amt Vardøhus amt Fylke (2nd period)[edit] From 1919 each amt was renamed a fylke (plural fylke(r)) (county) and the amtmann was now titled fylkesmann (county governor). Østfold fylke Akershus fylke Oslo fylke Hedmark fylke Oppland fylke Buskerud fylke Vestfold fylke Telemark fylke Aust-Agder fylke Vest-Agder fylke Rogaland fylke Bergen fylke (Was merged to Hordaland fylke in 1972) Hordaland fylke Sogn og Fjordane fylke Møre og Romsdal fylke Sør-Trøndelag fylke (Merged to Trøndelag fylke in 2018) Nord-Trøndelag fylke (Merged to Trøndelag fylke in 2018) Trøndelag fylke (Created in 2018)[11] Nordland fylke Troms fylke Finnmark fylke Region[edit] Main articles: no:Regionreformen i Norge and no:Regioner i Norge See also: no:Kommunereformen i Norge In 2017 the Norwegian government announced the merge of the existing 19 fylker into 11 regions by 2020 (and Trøndelag by 2018). Each region (plural regioner) would be led by a regionleder (region leader), which would be equivalent to the current position of fylkesmann.[12] Proposed new regions Region Nord-Hålogaland* (By merging Finnmark and Troms counties in 2020) Region Nordland (No change, same as Nordland county) Region Trøndelag (No change, same as Trøndelag county) Region Møre og Romsdal (No change, same as Møre og Romsdal county) Region Vestlandet (By merging Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane counties in 2020) Region Rogaland (No change, same as Rogaland county) Region Agder (By merging Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder counties in 2020) Region Telemark og Vestfold (no) (By merging Vestfold and Telemark counties in 2020) Region Innlandet (By merging Hedmark and Oppland counties in 2020) Region Viken (By merging Akershus, Buskerud, and Østfold counties in 2020) Region Oslo (No change, same as Oslo county) Note Proposed name

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