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Government[edit] County assembly (Croatian: županijska skupština) is a representative and deliberative body in each county. Assembly members are elected for a four-year term by popular vote (proportional system with closed lists and d'Hondt method) in local elections.[6] The executive branch of each county's government is headed by a county prefect (county president) (Croatian: župan), except that a mayor heads the city of Zagreb's executive branch. Croatia's county prefects (with two deputy prefects), mayor of Zagreb (with two deputy mayors)[a] are elected for a four-year term by a majority of votes cast within applicable local government units, with a runoff election if no candidate achieves a majority in the first round of voting (majoritarian vote, two-round system)[6]. County prefects (with deputy prefects and mayor of Zagreb with his/her deputies) can be recalled by a referendum. County administrative bodies are administrative departments and services which are established for the performance of works in the self-governing domain of the county, as well as for the performance of works of state administration transferred to the county. Administrative departments and services are managed by heads (principals) nominated by the county prefect on the basis of a public competition.[7] In each county exists a State Administration Office (Croatian: Ured državne uprave) which performs the tasks of the central government (under Ministry of Public Administration). Head of State Administration Office (predstojnik Ureda državne uprave), who is a university graduate in law, is appointed by the Croatian Government (in the City of Zagreb the mayor is responsible for the state administration).These offices ("administrations") are not subordinate to the county assembly or county prefect, but rather the direct presence of the state (similar to governorates or prefectures in certain countries).

Funding and tasks[edit] The counties are funded by the central government, as well as from county-owned businesses, county taxes and county fees. County taxes include a five percent inheritance and gift tax, a motor vehicle tax, a vessel tax and an arcade game machine tax.[8][9] The counties are tasked with performing general public administration services, primary and secondary education, government funded healthcare, social welfare, administration pertaining to agriculture, forestry, hunting, fisheries, mining, industry and construction, and other services to the economy at the county level, as well as road transport infrastructure management and issuing of building and location permits and other document in relation to construction in the county area excluding the area of the big city and the county seat city; the central government and local (city and municipal) governments may also perform each of those tasks at their respective levels according to the law.[7] The Croatian County Association was set up in 2003 as a framework for inter-county cooperation.[10]

Nomenclature[edit] The Croatian (singular) term županija was originally applied to territory controlled by a župan (official title).[11] Since the 12th century, the counties have also been referred to by the Latin term comitatus.[11]

History[edit] Approximate positions of the first counties of 10th century Croatia, overlaid on a map of modern Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina Croatia was first subdivided into counties in the Middle Ages.[12] Counties were first introduced in Croatia during the House of Trpimirović's rule. The exact number and borders of these early counties are difficult to determine accurately; they were considered to encompass areas subordinated to a single centre of local authority, but the possessions of significant nobles had a legal status separate from local authority. The following eleven are usually listed as the oldest counties of Croatia, dating back to the 10th century:[13] Livno (encompassing the Livanjsko polje) Cetina (centered on the Cetina river, with its seat in Stolac) Imotski (south of Livno County and Biokovo) Pliva (around the Pliva and Vrbas rivers) Pset or Pesenta (between the Una and Sana rivers) Primorje or Klis (along the Adriatic's coast between Šibenik and Omiš, with its seat in the Klis Fortress) Bribir (to the west of Primorje County) Nona (around Nin and Zadar) Knin (with its seat in the Knin Fortress) Sidraga (in the area between Bribir County and Zadar) Nina or Luka (between Knin, Nona, Sidraga and Bribir counties) In the same period, the counties in Pannonian Croatia (north of Gvozd Mountain) are poorly documented. It is generally thought that the Pannonian counties were directly subject to the Croatian monarchy, unlike the southern counties controlled by nobles.[11] The county number, extent and authority have varied significantly, reflecting: changes in the monarchial and noble relative influences; Ottoman conquest and Croatian recapture of various territories; and societal and political changes through several centuries.[11][14] In the 13th and 14th century, the Croatian nobility grew stronger and the counties defined by the king were reduced to a legislative framework, while military and financial power was concentrated in the feudal lords. Other forms of administration that overlapped with county administration in this period included the Roman Catholic Church and the free royal cities, and separately the cities of Dalmatia. After Croatia became a crown land of the Habsburg Monarchy in 1527, the importance of counties faded even further, but was gradually restored after 1760.[11] The divisions have changed over time, reflecting: territorial losses to Ottoman conquest and subsequent Croatian recapture of some territory; changes in the political status of Dalmatia, Dubrovnik and Istria; and political circumstances, including the personal union and settlement between Croatia and Hungary.[11][14] In the 19th century, the Revolutions of 1848 in the Habsburg areas brought upon numerous political changes and introduced a civic government of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia as part of Austria-Hungary, which in turn proceeded to absorb the Croatian and Slavonian Military Frontiers in 1881. During the second half of the 19th century Croatian counties went through various reorganizations (1848-1850, 1850-1854, 1854-1861, 1861-1870, 1870-1874, 1874-1886, 1886-1914) that also reflected the position of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia within the Austrian Empire (after 1867 the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy); the last major reorganisation of the counties was in 1886, when eight counties were established within the kingdom. This layout largely remained in effect until the Croatian counties were abolished in 1922,[11][14] while some minor adjustments of county boundaries happened in 1913.[15] The counties were set up as self-governmental units in contrast to earlier county incarnations since the Middle Ages. Each had an assembly (Croatian županijska skupština) with the wealthiest taxpayers comprising half the assembly members and elected members comprising the remaining half. Supreme prefect (Croatian veliki župan) was appointed by the king and county officials by the ban. Managing board of each county had 6 members elected by the county assembly, while the remaining members were county officials ex officio (supreme prefect, viceprefect, county health supervisor etc). Counties were divided into districts (Croatian kotari as government units similar to Austrian Bezirke), while municipalities (Croatian općine) and cities (Croatian gradovi) were units of local self-government.[11] The traditional division of Croatia into counties was abolished in 1922, when the oblasts of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes were introduced; these were later replaced by the banovinas of Yugoslavia.[16] Socialist Republic of Croatia, as a constituent part of post-World War II Yugoslavia had approximately 100 municipalities as main governmental units and local government entities. The counties were reintroduced in 1992, but with significant territorial alterations from the pre-1922 subdivisions; for instance, before 1922 Transleithanian Croatia was divided into eight counties, but the new legislation established fourteen counties in the same territory. Međimurje County was established in the eponymous region acquired through the 1920 Treaty of Trianon.[17][18] The county borders have sometimes changed since their 1992 restoration (for reasons such as historical ties and requests by cities); the latest revision took place in 2006.[4] Today's counties correspond to tier three of the European Union (EU) Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) division of Croatia. The NUTS Local Administrative Unit (LAU) divisions are two-tiered; the LAU 1 divisions for Croatia also match the counties (in effect making these the same as the NUTS 3 units).[19]

Lists of counties[edit] Current[edit] See also: List of Croatian counties by GDP Counties of Croatia as defined in 2006 County Seat Area[20] Population (2011)[20] GDP per capita (2013)[21] Arms Geographic coordinates Bjelovar-Bilogora Bjelovar 2,640 km2 (1,020 sq mi) 119,764 06838€6,838 45°54′10″N 16°50′51″E / 45.90278°N 16.84750°E / 45.90278; 16.84750 (Bjelovar-Bilogora County) Brod-Posavina Slavonski Brod 2,030 km2 (780 sq mi) 158,575 05858€5,858 45°09′27″N 18°01′13″E / 45.15750°N 18.02028°E / 45.15750; 18.02028 (Brod-Posavina County) Dubrovnik-Neretva Dubrovnik 1,781 km2 (688 sq mi) 122,568 09969€9,969 42°39′13″N 18°05′41″E / 42.65361°N 18.09472°E / 42.65361; 18.09472 (Dubrovnik-Neretva County) Istria Pazin 2,813 km2 (1,086 sq mi) 208,055 12711€12,711 45°14′21″N 13°56′19″E / 45.23917°N 13.93861°E / 45.23917; 13.93861 (Istria County) Karlovac Karlovac 3,626 km2 (1,400 sq mi) 128,899 07763€7,763 45°29′35″N 15°33′21″E / 45.49306°N 15.55583°E / 45.49306; 15.55583 (Karlovac County) Koprivnica-Križevci Koprivnica 1,748 km2 (675 sq mi) 115,584 08768€8,768 46°10′12″N 16°54′33″E / 46.17000°N 16.90917°E / 46.17000; 16.90917 (Koprivnica-Križevci County) Krapina-Zagorje Krapina 1,229 km2 (475 sq mi) 132,892 06380€6,380 46°7′30″N 15°48′25″E / 46.12500°N 15.80694°E / 46.12500; 15.80694 (Krapina-Zagorje County) Lika-Senj Gospić 5,353 km2 (2,067 sq mi) 50,927 07841€7,841 44°42′25″N 15°10′27″E / 44.70694°N 15.17417°E / 44.70694; 15.17417 (Lika-Senj County) Međimurje CČakovecČakovec 0,730729 km2 (281 sq mi) 113,804 08481€8,481 46°27′58″N 16°24′50″E / 46.46611°N 16.41389°E / 46.46611; 16.41389 (Međimurje County) Osijek-Baranja Osijek 4,155 km2 (1,604 sq mi) 305,032 08121€8,121 45°38′13″N 18°37′5″E / 45.63694°N 18.61806°E / 45.63694; 18.61806 (Osijek-Baranja County) Požega-Slavonia Požega 1,823 km2 (704 sq mi) 78,034 06102€6,102 45°18′40″N 17°44′24″E / 45.31111°N 17.74000°E / 45.31111; 17.74000 (Požega-Slavonia County) Primorje-Gorski Kotar Rijeka 3,588 km2 (1,385 sq mi) 296,195 12930€12,930 45°27′14″N 14°35′38″E / 45.45389°N 14.59389°E / 45.45389; 14.59389 (Primorje-Gorski Kotar County) SŠibenikŠibenik-Knin SŠibenikŠibenik 2,984 km2 (1,152 sq mi) 109,375 08051€8,051 43°55′44″N 16°3′43″E / 43.92889°N 16.06194°E / 43.92889; 16.06194 (Šibenik-Knin County) Sisak-Moslavina Sisak 4,468 km2 (1,725 sq mi) 172,439 07842€7,842 45°13′15″N 16°15′5″E / 45.22083°N 16.25139°E / 45.22083; 16.25139 (Sisak-Moslavina County) Split-Dalmatia Split 4,540 km2 (1,750 sq mi) 454,798 07849€7,849 43°10′0″N 16°30′0″E / 43.16667°N 16.50000°E / 43.16667; 16.50000 (Split-Dalmatia County) Varaždin Varaždin 1,262 km2 (487 sq mi) 175,951 08415€8,415 46°19′16″N 16°13′52″E / 46.32111°N 16.23111°E / 46.32111; 16.23111 (Varaždin County) Virovitica-Podravina Virovitica 2,024 km2 (781 sq mi) 84,836 06043€6,043 45°52′23″N 17°30′18″E / 45.87306°N 17.50500°E / 45.87306; 17.50500 (Virovitica-Podravina County) Vukovar-Srijem Vukovar 2,454 km2 (947 sq mi) 179,521 06025€6,025 45°13′43″N 18°55′0″E / 45.22861°N 18.91667°E / 45.22861; 18.91667 (Vukovar-Srijem County) Zadar Zadar 3,646 km2 (1,408 sq mi) 170,017 08173€8,173 44°1′5″N 15°53′42″E / 44.01806°N 15.89500°E / 44.01806; 15.89500 (Zadar County) Zagreb County Zagreb 3,060 km2 (1,180 sq mi) 317,606 07781€7,781 45°44′56″N 15°34′16″E / 45.74889°N 15.57111°E / 45.74889; 15.57111 (Zagreb County) Zagreb, the city ofCity of Zagreb[b] Zagreb 0,641641 km2 (247 sq mi) 790,017 18132€18,132 45°49′0″N 15°59′0″E / 45.81667°N 15.98333°E / 45.81667; 15.98333 (City of Zagreb) Former[edit] Counties of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia, and location of the kingdom within Austria-Hungary (inset, orange) Counties of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia after the reorganisation of 1886 County Seat Area (1886–1912)[15] Population (1910)[22] Arms Geographic coordinates Bjelovar-Križevci Bjelovar 5,048 km2 (1,949 sq mi) 331,385 45°55′14″N 16°45′54″E / 45.92056°N 16.76500°E / 45.92056; 16.76500 (Bjelovar-Križevci County (historical)) Lika-Krbava Gospić 6,217 km2 (2,400 sq mi) 203,973 44°42′28″N 15°21′12″E / 44.70778°N 15.35333°E / 44.70778; 15.35333 (Lika-Krbava County (historical)) Modruš-Rijeka Ogulin 4,874 km2 (1,882 sq mi) 231,354 45°19′30″N 14°58′28″E / 45.32500°N 14.97444°E / 45.32500; 14.97444 (Modruš-Rijeka County (historical)) Požega Požega 4,938 km2 (1,907 sq mi) 263,690 45°22′45″N 17°31′4″E / 45.37917°N 17.51778°E / 45.37917; 17.51778 (Požega County (historical)) Syrmia Vukovar 6,848 km2 (2,644 sq mi) 410,007 45°4′53″N 19°15′33″E / 45.08139°N 19.25917°E / 45.08139; 19.25917 (Syrmia County (historical)) Varaždin Varaždin 2,521 km2 (973 sq mi) 305,558 46°15′7″N 16°11′38″E / 46.25194°N 16.19389°E / 46.25194; 16.19389 (Varaždin County (historical)) Virovitica Osijek 4,852 km2 (1,873 sq mi) 269,199 45°38′27″N 17°51′30″E / 45.64083°N 17.85833°E / 45.64083; 17.85833 (Virovitica County (historical)) Zagreb Zagreb 7,215 km2 (2,786 sq mi) 587,378 45°38′27″N 16°11′57″E / 45.64083°N 16.19917°E / 45.64083; 16.19917 (Zagreb County (historical))

See also[edit] Croatia portal Administrative divisions of Croatia Flags of the counties of Croatia List of current prefects of Croatia History of Croatia Former counties of Croatia (in Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia) Counties of the Independent State of Croatia ISO 3166-2:HR

Notes[edit] ^ Also city mayors and municipality presidents with deputies. ^ The city of Zagreb acts as both a county and a city, and is not part of any other county—Zagreb County is a separate administrative unit encompassing territory outside the city of Zagreb.[4]

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Retrieved 10 April 2012.  v t e Counties of Croatia Bjelovar-Bilogora Brod-Posavina Dubrovnik-Neretva Istria Karlovac Koprivnica-Križevci Krapina-Zagorje Lika-Senj Međimurje Osijek-Baranja Požega-Slavonia Primorje-Gorski Kotar Šibenik-Knin Sisak-Moslavina Split-Dalmatia Varaždin Virovitica-Podravina Vukovar-Srijem Zadar Zagreb City of Zagreb v t e Croatia articles History Prehistoric Origins of Croats White Croatia Red Croatia Dalmatian Croatia Pannonian Croatia Pagania Zahumlje Travunija Medieval kingdom Personal union with Hungary Republic of Ragusa Croatia in the Habsburg Empire Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs Kingdom of Yugoslavia Banovina of Croatia World War II Independent State Socialist Republic War of Independence Croatia since 1995 European Union Geography Climate Extreme points Islands Lakes Mammals Mountains Protected areas Rivers Topography Politics Administrative divisions cities counties municipalities Constitution Elections Foreign relations Government Prime Minister Human rights LGBT LGBT history Law enforcement Military Parliament Political parties President Security and intelligence Economy Brands Energy Gross domestic product (GDP) Industry Kuna (currency) National Bank Privatization Stock Exchange Telecommunications Tourism Transport Society Demographics Croats Women Education Ethnic groups Healthcare Languages Religion Culture Architecture Art Cinema Cuisine Croatian language Literature Music Public holidays Radio stations Sport Television Symbols Anthem Coat of arms Costume Decorations Flags national flag Interlace Motto Name Outline Index Category Portal v t e First-level administrative divisions in European countries Sovereign states Albania Andorra Armenia2 Austria Azerbaijan1 Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus2 Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia1 Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Kazakhstan1 Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia1 San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey1 Ukraine United Kingdom States with limited recognition Abkhazia2 Kosovo Nagorno-Karabakh2 Northern Cyprus2 South Ossetia2 Transnistria 1 Has part of its territory outside Europe. 2 Considered European for cultural, political and historical reasons but is geographically in Western Asia. Table of administrative divisions by country

Sources[edit] Croatian Parliament (2013-02-18). "Zakon o lokalnoj i područnoj (regionalnoj) samoupravi (pročišćeni tekst)". Narodne novine (in Croatian) (19/2013). Retrieved 2016-04-10.  Croatian Parliament (2012-12-21). "Zakon o lokalnim izborima". Narodne novine (in Croatian) (144/2012). Retrieved 2016-04-10.  "The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia (consolidated text)". Croatian Parliament. Retrieved 2016-10-04.  Retrieved from "" Categories: Counties of CroatiaSubdivisions of CroatiaLists of country subdivisionsCountry subdivisions in EuropeFirst-level administrative country subdivisionsCroatia geography-related listsHidden categories: CS1 Croatian-language sources (hr)All articles with dead external linksArticles with dead external links from September 2017Articles with permanently dead external linksArticles containing Croatian-language textFeatured listsArticles with Croatian-language external links

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This LocationSplit-Dalmatia CountySplit, CroatiaMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationVaraždin CountyVaraždinMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationVirovitica-Podravina CountyViroviticaMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationVukovar-Srijem CountyVukovarMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationZadar CountyZadarMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationZagreb CountyZagrebMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationCity Of ZagrebZagrebMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationEnlargeKingdom Of Croatia-SlavoniaAustria-HungaryKingdom Of Croatia-SlavoniaCoat Of ArmsGeographic Coordinate SystemBjelovar-Križevci CountyBjelovarMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationLika-Krbava CountyGospićMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationModruš-Rijeka CountyOgulinMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationPožega CountyPožega, CroatiaMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationSyrmia CountyVukovarMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationVaraždin County (former)VaraždinMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationVirovitica CountyOsijekMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationZagreb County (former)ZagrebMaps, Aerial Photos, And Other Data For This LocationPortal:CroatiaAdministrative Divisions Of CroatiaList Of Croatian FlagsList Of Current Prefects Of CroatiaHistory Of CroatiaCategory:Former Counties Of CroatiaKingdom Of Croatia-SlavoniaCounties Of The Independent State Of CroatiaISO 3166-2:HRCities Of CroatiaCroatian Chamber Of EconomyNarodne NovineNarodne NovinePoslovni DnevnikNarodne NovineNarodne NovineWikipedia:Link RotInternational Standard Serial NumberŠkolska KnjigaSplit-Dalmatia CountyIvo GoldsteinŠkolska KnjigaInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/9789530613676University Of ZagrebInternational Standard Serial NumberInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/9781576078006University Of Toronto PressInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/9780802082947Narodne NovineCouncil Of EuropeCroatian Bureau Of StatisticsCroatian Bureau Of StatisticsUniversity Of ZagrebInternational Standard Serial NumberTemplate:Counties Of CroatiaTemplate Talk:Counties Of CroatiaBjelovar-Bilogora CountyBrod-Posavina CountyDubrovnik-Neretva CountyIstria CountyKarlovac CountyKoprivnica-Križevci CountyKrapina-Zagorje CountyLika-Senj CountyMeđimurje CountyOsijek-Baranja CountyPožega-Slavonia CountyPrimorje-Gorski Kotar CountyŠibenik-Knin CountySisak-Moslavina CountySplit-Dalmatia CountyVaraždin CountyVirovitica-Podravina CountyVukovar-Srijem CountyZadar CountyZagreb CountyZagrebCroatiaTemplate:Croatia TopicsTemplate Talk:Croatia TopicsCroatiaIndex Of Croatia-related ArticlesHistory Of CroatiaHistory Of Croatia Before The CroatsOrigin Hypotheses Of The CroatsWhite CroatiaRed CroatiaPrincipality Of Dalmatian CroatiaDuchy Of Pannonian CroatiaPaganiaZahumljeTravunijaKingdom Of Croatia 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