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Overview[edit] Leadership[edit] Comcast is sometimes described as a family business.[28] Brian L. Roberts, chairman, president, and CEO of Comcast, is the son of co-founder Ralph Roberts. Roberts owns or controls about 1% of all Comcast shares but all of the Class B supervoting shares, which gives him an "undilutable 33% voting power over the company".[29] Legal expert Susan P. Crawford has said this gives him "effective control over [Comcast's] every step".[30] In 2010, he was one of the highest paid executives in the United States, with total compensation of about $31 million.[30] Corporate offices[edit] Comcast is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and also has corporate offices in Atlanta, Detroit, Denver, Manchester, New Hampshire and New York City.[31] On January 3, 2005, Comcast announced that it would become the anchor tenant in the new Comcast Center in downtown Philadelphia. The 975 ft (297 m) skyscraper is the tallest building in Pennsylvania. Comcast has begun construction on a second 1,121 ft (342 m) skyscraper directly adjacent to the original Comcast headquarters in the summer of 2014.[32] Employee relations[edit] The company is often criticized by both the media and its own staff for its less upstanding policies regarding employee relations. A 2012 Reddit post written by an anonymous Comcast call center employee eager to share their negative experiences with the public received attention from publications including The Huffington Post.[33] A 2014 investigative series published by The Verge involved interviews with 150 of Comcast's employees. It sought to examine why the company has become so widely criticized by its customers, the media and even members of its own staff. The series claimed part of the problem is internal and that Comcast's staff endures unreasonable corporate policies. According to the report: "customer service has been replaced by an obsession with sales; technicians are understaffed while tech support is poorly trained; and the company is hobbled by internal fragmentation."[34] A widely read article penned by an anonymous call center employee working for Comcast appeared in November 2014 on Cracked. Titled "Five Nightmares You Live While Working For America's Worst Company," the article also claimed that Comcast is obsessed with sales, doesn't train its employees properly and concluded that "the system makes good customer service impossible."[35] Comcast has also earned a reputation for being anti-union. According to one of the company's training manuals, "Comcast does not feel union representation is in the best interest of its employees, customers, or shareholders".[36] A dispute in 2004 with CWA, a labor union that represented many employees at Comcast's offices in Beaverton, Oregon, led to allegations of management intimidating workers, requiring them to attend anti-union meetings and unwarranted disciplinary action for union members.[37] In 2011, Comcast received criticism from Writers Guild of America for its policies in regards to unions.[38] Despite these criticisms, Comcast has appeared on multiple "top places to work" lists. In 2009, it was included on CableFAX magazine's "Top 10 Places to Work in Cable", which cited its "scale, savvy and vision".[39] Similarly, the Philadelphia Business Journal awarded Comcast the silver medal among extra-large companies in Philadelphia, with the gold medal going to partner organization, Comcast-Spectacor.[40][41] The Boston Globe found Comcast to be that city's top place to work in 2009.[42] Employee diversity is also an attribute upon which Comcast receives strong marks. In 2008, Black Enterprise magazine rated Comcast among the top 15 companies for workforce diversity.[43] Comcast was also named a "Top 2014 Workplace" by The Washington Post in their annual feature.[44] the Human Rights Campaign has given Comcast a 100 on the Corporate Equality Index[45] and one of the best places for LGBT people to work[46] Financial performance[edit] The book value of the company nearly doubled from $8.19 a share in 1999 to $15 a share in 2009. Revenues grew sixfold from 1999's $6 billion to almost $36 billion in 2009. Net profit margin rose from 4.2% in 1999 to 8.4% in 2009, with operating margins improving 31 percent and return on equity doubling to 6.7 percent in the same time span. Between 1999 and 2009, return on capital nearly tripled to 7 percent.[47] Comcast reported first quarter 2012 profit increases of 30% due to increase in high-speed internet customers.[48] In February 2014, Comcast generated 1.1 billion in revenue during the first quarter due to the Sochi Olympics.[49] Lobbying and electoral fundraising[edit] With $18.8 million spent in 2013, Comcast has the seventh largest lobbying budget of any individual company or organization in the United States.[50] Comcast employs multiple former US Congressmen as lobbyists.[51] The National Cable & Telecommunications Association, which has multiple Comcast executives on its board, also represents Comcast and other cable companies as the fifth largest lobbying organization in the United States, spending $19.8 million in 2013.[50] Comcast was among the top backers of Barack Obama's presidential runs, with Comcast vice president David Cohen raising over $2.2 million from 2007 to 2012.[52][53] Cohen has been described by many sources as influential in the US government,[54] though he is no longer a registered lobbyist, as the time he spends lobbying falls short of the 20% which requires official registration.[55] Comcast's PAC, the Comcast Corporation and NBCUniversal Political Action Committee, is the among the largest PACs in the US, raising about $3.7 million from 2011 to 2012 for the campaigns of various candidates for office in the United States Federal Government.[56] Comcast is also a major backer of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association Political Action Committee, which raised $2.6 million from 2011 to 2012.[57][58] Comcast spent the most money of any organization in support of the Stop Online Piracy and PROTECT IP bills, spending roughly $5 million to lobby for their passage.[59] Comcast also backs lobbying and PACs on a regional level, backing organizations such as the Tennessee Cable Telecommunications Association[60] and the Broadband Communications Association of Washington PAC.[61] Comcast and other cable companies have lobbied state governments to pass legislation restricting or banning individual cities from offering public broadband service.[62] Municipal broadband restrictions of varying scope have been passed in a total of 20 US States.[63] Philanthropy[edit] Comcast offers low cost internet and cable service to schools, subsidized by general broadband consumers through the US government's E-Rate program.[64] Critics have noted that many of the strongest supporters of Comcast's business deals have received substantial funding from the Comcast Foundation.[51][65]

History[edit] American Cable Systems[edit] In 1963, Ralph J. Roberts in conjunction with his two business partners, Daniel Aaron[66] and Julian A. Brodsky, purchased American Cable Systems[67] as a corporate spin-off from its parent, Jerrold Electronics, for US $500,000. At the time, American Cable was a small cable operator in Tupelo, Mississippi, with five channels and 12,000 customers.[68] Storecast Corporation of America, a product placement supermarket specialist marketing firm, was purchased by American Cable in 1965. With Storecast being a Muzak client, American Cable purchased its first Muzak franchise of many in Orlando, Florida.[67] Comcast[edit] Comcast logo from 1969 to 1999 before it was replaced with the crescent logo The company was re-incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1969, under the new name Comcast Corporation.[67] The name "Comcast" is a portmanteau of the words "Communication" and "Broadcast".[69] Comcast's initial public offering occurred on June 29, 1972, with a market capitalization of US $3,010,000.[67][70] In 1977, HBO was first launched on a Comcast system with 20,000 customers in western Pennsylvania with a five-night free preview getting a 15% sign up rate.[67] Comcast bought 26% of Group W Cable in 1986, doubling its number of subscribers to 1 million.[71][72] Also that year, Comcast made a founding investment of $380 million in QVC.[67] Although Comcast lost a bidding war with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts to buy Storer Communications in 1985, in 1988, it was able to buy a 50% share of the company's assets in a joint deal with Tele-Communications Inc..[73] Comcast also acquired American Cellular Network Corporation in 1988 for $230 million,[74] marking the first time it became a mobile phone operator. Comcast started its Comcast Cellular Communications division.[67] Increasing market share (1990–2000)[edit] In February 1990, Ralph Roberts' son, Brian L. Roberts, succeeded his father as president of Comcast.[75] Comcast Cellular purchased a controlling interest in Metromedia's Metrophone in 1992.[67] In 1994, Comcast became the third-largest cable operator in the United States, with around 3.5 million subscribers following its purchase of Maclean-Hunter's American division for $1.27 billion.[72][76] The company's UK branch, Comcast UK Cable Partners, went public while constructing a cable telecommunications network. With five other media companies, the corporation became an original investor in The Golf Channel.[67] Following a bid in 1994 for $2.1 billion, Comcast increased its ownership of QVC from 15.5% of stock to a majority, in a move to prevent QVC from merging with CBS.[77] Comcast later sold its QVC shares in 2004 to Liberty Media for $7.9 billion.[78] In October 1995, Comcast announced the purchase of the cable operation of E. W. Scripps Company for $1.575 billion in stock, a deal making Comcast the no. 3 cable company at the time with 4.3 million customers.[79] Comcast offered internet connection for the first time in 1996, with its part in the launch of the @Home Network.[80] By December 31, 1997, it was available in the Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, Orange County, CA, Sarasota and Union, NJ areas (Comcast no longer serves Orange County, CA). It was soon rolled out to all Comcast serviceable areas. After Excite@Home went bankrupt in October 2001, Comcast took over providing internet directly to consumers in January 2002.[81] In 1996, Comcast Spectacor and Comcast SportsNet were formed as Comcast units. Comcast Spectacor by joining Ed Snider's Spectacor sports venture company and Comcast SportsNet as a Philadelphia region sports channel which launches in 1997. Microsoft invested $1 billion in Comcast in 1997. Also that year, Digital TV was rolled out by Comcast. In partnership with Disney, Comcast got a 50.1 percent controlling interest in E! Entertainment.[67] In February 1998, Comcast sold its UK division to NTL for US $600 million, along with the division's $397 million in debt.[82] Additionally, Comcast launched the Style Network. 1997 cable acquisitions were Jones Intercable, Inc. with 1 million customers and a stake in Prime Communications with 430,000 subscribers.[67] Comcast sold Comcast Cellular to SBC Communications in 1999 for $400 million, releasing them from $1.27 billion in debt.[83] Comcast acquired Greater Philadelphia Cablevision in 1999. In March 1999, Comcast offered to buy MediaOne for $60 billion.[67] However, MediaOne decided to accept AT&T Corporation's offer of $62 billion instead.[84] Comcast University started in 1999 as well as Comcast Interactive Capital Group to make technology and Internet related investments taking its first investment in VeriSign.[67] With AT&T Broadband in 1999, the company agreed to trade cable systems. The trade was completed in 2000 with Comcast gaining systems in Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. A trade was also completed with Adelphia thus receiving systems in Florida, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Lenfest Communications, Inc. with about 1.3 million cable subscribers, acquisition is closed.[67] Largest U.S. cable provider (2001–present)[edit] Further information: List of assets owned by Comcast Proposed merger name logo, 2001 Comcast logo from 1999 to 2012 In 2001, Comcast announced it would acquire the assets of the largest cable television operator at the time, AT&T Broadband, for US$44.5 billion.[85] The proposed name for the merged company was "AT&T Comcast", but the companies ultimately decided to keep only the Comcast name. In 2002, Comcast acquired all assets of AT&T Broadband, thus making Comcast the largest cable television company in the United States with over 22 million subscribers.[85][86] This also spurred the start of Comcast Advertising Sales (using AT&T's groundwork) which would later be renamed Comcast Spotlight. As part of this acquisition, Comcast also acquired the National Digital Television Center in Centennial, Colorado as a wholly owned subsidiary, which is today known as the Comcast Media Center. On February 11, 2004, Comcast announced a $54 billion bid for The Walt Disney Company, as well as taking on $12 billion of Disney's debt. The deal would have made Comcast the largest media conglomerate in the world.[87][88] However, after rejection by Disney and uncertain response from investors, the bid was abandoned in April.[89] The main reason for the buyout attempt was so that Comcast could acquire Disney's 80 percent stake in ESPN, which a Comcast executive called "the most important and valuable asset" that Disney owned.[90] On April 8, 2005, a partnership led by Comcast and Sony Pictures Entertainment finalized a deal to acquire MGM and its affiliate studio, United Artists, and created an additional outlet to carry MGM/UA's material for cable and Internet distribution.[91][92] On October 31, 2005, Comcast officially announced that it had acquired Susquehanna Communications a South Central Pennsylvania, -based cable television and broadband services provider and unit of the former Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff company, for $775 million cash.[93][94] In this deal Comcast acquired approximately 230,000 basic cable customers, 71,000 digital cable customers, and 86,000 high-speed Internet customers. Comcast previously owned approximately 30 percent of Susquehanna Communications through affiliate company Lenfest.[93] In December 2005, Comcast announced the creation of Comcast Interactive Media, a new division focused on online media. In July 2006, Comcast purchased the Seattle-based software company thePlatform. This represented an entry into a new line of business – selling software to allow companies to manage their Internet (and IP-based) media publishing efforts. On April 3, 2007, Comcast announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire the cable systems owned and operated by Patriot Media, a privately held company owned by cable veteran Steven J. Simmons, Spectrum Equity Investors and Spire Capital, that serves approximately 81,000 video subscribers. Comcast will acquire Patriot for a net cash investment of approximately $483 million.[95] By acquiring the niche provider the deal will plug a hole in its central New Jersey service.[96] Comcast announced in May 2007[97] and launched in September 2008 a dashboard called SmartZone.[98] Hewlett-Packard led "design, creation and management". Collaboration and unified messaging technology came from open-source vendor Zimbra.[97] "SmartZone users will be able to send and receive e-mail, listen to their voicemail messages online and forward that information via e-mail to others, send instant messages and video instant messages and merge their contacts into one address book".[97] There is also Cloudmark spam and phishing protection and Trend Micro antivirus.[97] The address book is Comcast Plaxo software.[97] In May 2008 Comcast purchased Plaxo for a reported $150 million to $170 million.[99] Comcast won the Consumerist Worst Company In America ("Golden Poo") award in 2010.[100] A gold trophy in the shape of a pile of human feces was delivered to Comcast Corporate Headquarters to commemorate the unmatched level of enmity flowing from their customer base to their business. Competitor Verizon congratulated Comcast on their award via the Verizon Twitter feed. Comcast responded immediately by publicly acknowledging the dubious award, and citing ongoing efforts to improve its customer service.[101] One effort to change this is a new app called, Tech ETA, that allows customers to see exactly when a technician is coming.[102] Adelphia purchase[edit] In April 2005, Comcast and Time Warner Cable announced plans to buy the assets of bankrupted Adelphia Cable.[103] The two companies paid a total of $17.6 billion in the deal that was finalized in the second quarter of 2006—after the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) completed a seven-month investigation without raising an objection.[104] Time Warner Cable became the second-largest cable provider in the U.S., ranking behind Comcast. As part of the deal, Time Warner and Comcast traded existing subscribers in order to consolidate them into larger geographic clusters.[105][106] In August 2006, Comcast and Time Warner dissolved a 50/50 partnership that controlled the systems in the Houston, Southwest Texas, San Antonio, and Kansas City markets under the Time Warner brand. After the dissolution, Comcast obtained the Houston system, and Time Warner retained the others.[107] On January 1, 2007, Comcast officially took control of the Houston system, but continued to operate under the Time Warner Cable brand until June 19, 2007. NBCUniversal[edit] Main article: Acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast NBCUniversal logo from 2004 to 2011 NBCUniversal logo from 2011 to present Media outlets began reporting in late September 2009 that Comcast was in talks to buy NBCUniversal. Comcast denied the rumors at first, while NBC would not comment on them.[108] However, CNBC itself reported on October 1 that General Electric was considering spinning NBCUniversal off into a separate company that would merge the NBC television network and its cable properties such as USA Network, Syfy and MSNBC, as well as Universal Studios, with Comcast's content assets. GE would maintain 49% control of the new company, while Comcast owned 51%.[109][110] Vivendi, which owns 20%, would have to sell its stake to GE. It was reported that under the current deal with GE that it would happen in November or December.[111][112] It was also reported that Time Warner would be interested in placing a bid, until CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes directly denied interest,[113] leaving Comcast the sole bidder. On November 1, 2009, The New York Times reported Comcast had moved closer to a deal to purchase NBCUniversal and that a formal announcement could be made sometime the following week.[114] Following a tentative agreement on by December 1,[115] on December 3, 2009, the parties announced that Comcast would buy a controlling 51% stake in NBCUniversal for $6.5 billion in cash and $7.3 billion in programming.[116][117][118] GE would take over the remaining 49% stake in NBCUniversal, using $5.8 billion to buy out Vivendi's 20% minority stake in NBCUniversal.[117] On January 18, 2011, the FCC approved the deal by a vote of 4 to 1.[119][120] The sale was completed on January 28, 2011.[121][122] In late December 2012, Comcast added the NBC peacock symbol to their new logo.[123] On February 12, 2013, Comcast announced an intention to acquire the remaining 49% of General Electric's interest in NBCUniversal,[124][125] which Comcast completed on March 19, 2013.[14][15][126] Time Warner Cable[edit] Main article: Attempted purchase of Time Warner Cable by Comcast On February 12, 2014, the Los Angeles Times reported that Comcast sought to acquire Time Warner Cable in a deal valued at $45.2 billion.[127] On February 13, it was reported that Time Warner Cable agreed to the acquisition.[128] This was to add several metropolitan areas to the Comcast portfolio, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Charlotte, San Diego, and San Antonio.[129] Time Warner Cable and Comcast aimed to merge into one company by the end of 2014 and both have praised the deal, emphasizing the increased capabilities of a combined telecommunications network, and to "create operating efficiencies and economies of scale".[130] In 2014, critics expressed concern that the deal would give Comcast greater negotiating power in a number of areas, including rebroadcast fees with television channels,[131] and peering agreements with ISPs.[132] Critics noted in 2013 that Tom Wheeler, the head of the FCC, which has to approve the deal, is the former head of both the largest cable lobbying organization, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, and as largest wireless lobby, CTIA – The Wireless Association.[133][134] According to Politico, Comcast "donated to almost every member of Congress who has a hand in regulating it."[135] The US Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the deal on April 9, 2014.[136] The House Judiciary Committee planned its own hearing.[137] On March 6, 2014, the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division confirmed it was investigating the deal.[138] In March 2014, the division's chairman, William Baer, recused himself because he was involved in the prior Comcast NBCUniversal acquisition.[139] Several states' attorneys general have announced support for the federal investigation.[140] On April 24, 2015, Jonathan Sallet, general counsel of the F.C.C., said that he was going to recommend a hearing before an administrative law judge, equivalent to a collapse of the deal.[141] In August 2015, Comcast announced to speed up Internet for low income customers from 5 megabits per second (mbps) to 10 Mbit/s, provide free wireless routers, and will pilot an initiative to increase Internet access for low-income senior citizens.[142] In September of that year Comcast also launched Watchable, a YouTube competitor.[143] The move was seen by Variety as an attempt to appeal to the cord cutting market.[143] DreamWorks Animation[edit] Main article: DreamWorks Animation In April 2016, Comcast confirmed that its NBCUniversal division would acquire DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion.[144][145] The deal closed on August 22, 2016.[146] Universal Pictures will take over distribution of DreamWorks Animation films beginning in 2019 with How to Train Your Dragon 3 when DreamWorks Animation's deal with 20th Century Fox expires. Cellular service[edit] In September 2016, Comcast confirmed that it had reached a partnership with Verizon Wireless to launch a cellular network as an MVNO. The new service, described as being a "Wi-Fi and MVNO-integrated product", and was expected to launch in mid-2017.[147] The partnership and the addition of wireless would allow Comcast to offer a quadruple play of services.[148][149] Including Comcast's Home Security offering, customers now have the option of a Quintuple Play.[150] The service was officially announced on April 6, 2017, as Xfinity Mobile.[151] Minority in Amblin Partners[edit] On February 15, 2017, Comcast (through NBCUniversal's division Universal Studios) acquired a minority stake in Amblin Partners (parent company of Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks Pictures), strengthening the relationship between Universal and Amblin,[152] and reuniting a minority percentage of the DreamWorks Pictures label with DreamWorks Animation. Full ownership of Universal Studios Japan[edit] On February 28, 2017, Comcast (through NBCUniversal) announced that it would acquire the remaining 49% stake in the Universal Studios Japan theme park that it did not own.[153] 21st Century Fox[edit] On November 16, 2017, it is reported that Comcast attempted to purchase 21st Century Fox, following the news 10 days earlier that The Walt Disney Company negotiated with Fox to acquire the same assets. Like Disney, the deal included 20th Century Fox, cable entertainment and broadcast satellite networks including FX Networks, National Geographic Partners, Fox Sports Networks, and international channels such as Star India and Sky UK. It would not include the Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Television Stations, Fox Sports, and Fox News units, all which will be spun-off into a new independent company.[154] The deal would also give Comcast access to Fox's distribution rights to DreamWorks Animation's 2013-2017 releases and The Simpsons television animated series, whose themed areas at Comcast's Universal Parks & Resorts in Florida and Hollywood are based on. However, on December 11, 2017, Comcast officially dropped the bid, saying that "We never got the level of engagement needed to make a definitive offer.”[155] On December 14, Disney officially confirmed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox, which is still under review from the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division.[156] On February 5, 2018, a new report by CNBC claims that despite the Disney/Fox deal, Comcast is considering topping Disney's $52.4 billion offer once the AT&T–Time Warner merger goes through, with a trial starting on March 18, after the Department of Justice Antitrust Division sued to block the merger on November 20, 2017.[157] Possible acquisition of Lionsgate[edit] In January 2018, following the proposed acquisition of 21st Century Fox and its assets by The Walt Disney Company,[158] it was reported that Lionsgate is being subject to a bidding war for a possible acquisition, with, CBS Corporation, Comcast itself, Verizon Communications, and Viacom having made offers.[159][160][161] If Comcast acquires Lionsgate, Lionsgate's film assets (Summit Entertainment, CodeBlack Films, the Globalgate Entertainment consortium, Pantelion Films and Grindstone Entertainment Group) will merge with Universal Pictures to form a more competitively sized film studio with a even larger film library, while Lionsgate's television assets will merge with NBCUniversal Television Group. NBCUniversal will enter the pay television business by taking over Lionsgate's Starz Inc. division which includes the flagship Starz network and Celestial Tiger Entertainment Asian broadcasting joint venture with Saban Capital Group and Celestial Pictures. NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises will possess the Pantaya streaming service launched in 2017 with Hemisphere Media Group[162] along with the Pantelion Films joint venture with Televisa which will become a sister company to Telemundo's own film division Telemundo Films.[163] Meanwhile, Lionsgate's British division will merge with Universal Pictures UK to form a new British film and television division consisting of Lionsgate UK's assets (Primal Media, Potboiler Television and Elevation Sales) and Universal UK's assets (Working Title Films). The acquisition, however, will not include Lionsgate's 45% stake in independent film distributor Roadside Attractions, due to NBCUniversal owning another independent film distributor, which is its currently operating Focus Features division, nor will it include Lionsgate's 50% stake in the Pop television network joint venture with CBS Corporation, as NBCUniversal already owns a pop culture-focused television channel (like Pop) called E!. However, Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns has stated in an interview with CNBC that Lionsgate is mostly interested in merging with CBS and Viacom.[164]

Divisions and subsidiaries[edit] Comcast Cable (Xfinity)[edit] Main article: Xfinity Comcast Cable is the cable television division of Comcast Corporation, providing cable television, broadband internet, and landline telephone under the Xfinity brand. Comcast Cable also provides connections to small to medium-sized business through its Comcast Business brand, and Fortune 1000 companies through its Comcast Enterprise brand.[165] NBCUniversal[edit] Main article: NBCUniversal Comcast delivers third-party television programming content to its own customers, and also produces its own first-party content both for subscribers and customers of other competing television services. Fully or partially owned Comcast programming includes Comcast Newsmakers, Comcast Network, Comcast SportsNet, SportsNet New York, MLB Network, Comcast Sports Southeast/Charter Sports Southeast, NBC Sports Network, The Golf Channel, Syfy, and USA Network. On May 19, 2009, Disney and ESPN announced an agreement to allow Comcast Corporation to carry the channels ESPNU and ESPN3.[166] The U.S. Olympic Committee and Comcast intended to team up to create The U.S. Olympic Network, which was slated to launch after the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.[167] These plans were then put on hold by the U.S. Olympic Committee.[168] The U.S. Olympic Committee and Comcast have ended the plans to create The U.S. Olympic Network.[169] Comcast's content networks and assets also include E!, Oxygen, Golf Channel, NBCSN, Universal Kids, Bravo, and the regional Comcast SportsNets. When Comcast took majority ownership in NBCUniversal, significant number of cable networks were added to this list. Comcast's NHL deal obligated them to create a U.S. version of NHL Network, launched in October 2007. Comcast also owns many local channels. Comcast also has a variety network known as Comcast Network, available exclusively to Comcast and Cablevision subscribers. The channel shows news, sports, and entertainment and places emphasis in Philadelphia and the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. areas, though the channel is also available in New York, Pittsburgh, and Richmond. In August 2004, Comcast started a channel called Comcast Entertainment Television, for Colorado Comcast subscribers, and focusing on life in Colorado. It also carries some National Hockey League and National Basketball Association games when Altitude Sports & Entertainment is carrying the NHL or NBA. In January 2006, CET became the primary channel for Colorado's Emergency Alert System in the Denver Metro Area. In 2006, Comcast helped found the channel SportsNet New York, acquiring a minority stake. The other partners in the project were New York Mets and Time Warner Cable. DreamWorks Animation[edit] On April 28, 2016, NBCUniversal bought DreamWorks Animation, along with its major IPs including Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, and Madagascar.[170][171][172][173] Professional sports[edit] Main article: Comcast Spectacor In 1996, Comcast bought a controlling stake in Spectacor from the company's founder, Ed Snider.[174] Comcast Spectacor holdings now include the Philadelphia Flyers NHL hockey team and their home arena in Philadelphia. Over a number of years, Comcast became majority owner of Comcast SportsNet, as well as Golf Channel and NBCSN (formerly the Outdoor Life Network, then Versus). In 2002, Comcast paid the University of Maryland $25 million for naming rights to the new basketball arena built on the College Park campus, the XFINITY Center. Before it was renamed for Comcast's cable subsidiary, XFINITY Center was called Comcast Center from its opening in 2002 through July 2014. Venture capital[edit] Comcast founded its first venture capital fund in January 1999, as Comcast Interactive Capital.[175] Around 2011, following the 2009 NBC Universal acquisition, Comcast Interactive Capital was merged with The Peacock Equity Fund, the venture capital subsidiary of NBCUniversal.[176] The combined company, Comcast Ventures, backs various companies such as FanDuel[177] and Vox Media,[178] for example.

Criticism and controversy[edit] Main article: Criticism of Comcast Comcast service van, Ypsilanti Township, Michigan In 2004 and 2007, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey found that Comcast had the worst customer satisfaction rating of any company or government agency in the country, including the Internal Revenue Service. The ACSI indicates that almost half of all cable customers (regardless of company) have registered complaints, and that cable is the only industry to score below 60 in the ACSI.[179] Comcast's Customer Service Rating by the ACSI surveys indicate that the company's customer service has not improved since the surveys began in 2001. Analysis of the surveys states that "Comcast is one of the lowest scoring companies in ACSI. As its customer satisfaction eroded by 7% over the past year, revenue increased by 12%." The ACSI analysis also addresses this contradiction, stating that "Such pricing power usually comes with some level of monopoly protection and most cable companies have little competition at the local level. This also means that a cable company can do well financially even though its customers are not particularly satisfied."[180][181] In April 2014, Comcast was awarded the 2014 "Worst Company in America" award; an annual contest by the consumer affairs blog The Consumerist that runs a series of reader polls to determine the least popular company in America. This was the second time Comcast had been awarded this title, the first being in 2010.[182] Comcast spends millions of dollars annually on lobbying.[183][184] Comcast employs the spouses, sons and daughters of mayors, councilmen, commissioners, and other officials to assure its continued preferred market allocations.[185][186][187] Comcast was given an "F" for its corporate governance practices in 2010, by Corporate Library, an independent shareholder-research organization. According to Corporate Library, Comcast's board of directors ability to oversee and control management was severely compromised (at least in 2010) by the fact that several of the directors either worked for the company or had business ties to it (making them susceptible to management pressure), and a third of the directors were over 70 years of age. According to The Wall Street Journal nearly two-thirds of the flights of Comcast's $40 million corporate jet purchased for business travel related to the NBCU acquisition, were to CEO Brian Roberts' private homes or to resorts.[188] In January 2015 Comcast customer Ricardo Brown received a bill from Comcast with his name changed to "Asshole Brown". Brown's wife, Lisa, believed a Comcast employee changed the name in response to the Browns' request to cancel their cable service, an incident in which she was refused a cancellation unless she paid a $60 fee and instead was routed to a retention specialist. Comcast refused to correct the name on their bill after bringing it to the attention of numerous customer service outlets for the company by explaining that Ricardo is the legal name of the customer, so the Browns turned to consumer advocate Christopher Elliott. Elliott posted the facts of the incident, along with a copy of the bill, on his blog. Shortly thereafter, Elliott contacted Comcast and Comcast offered the Browns an apology, a $60 refund, and a promise to track down and fire the responsible employee. The Browns instead requested a full refund for their negative experience and Comcast agreed to refund the family the last two years of service and provide the next two years of service at no charge. Comcast released a statement explaining: "We have spoken with our customer and apologized for this completely unacceptable and inappropriate name change. We have zero tolerance for this type of disrespectful behavior and are conducting a thorough investigation to determine what happened. We are working with our customer to make this right and will take appropriate steps to prevent this from happening again." [189] On February 19, 2015, a Comcast customer-support representative was caught falsely telling a customer that the company is required by law to implement data caps. In a SoundCloud recording posted on Reddit, the Comcast agent, Lionel, can be heard telling the customer, "Every Internet service provider has data caps. It is mandated by the law." [190] On August 1, 2016, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against cable television and Internet giant Comcast Corporation in King County Superior Court, alleging the company’s own documents reveal a pattern of illegally deceiving their customers to pad their bottom line by tens of millions of dollars.[191] The FCC issued a $2.3 million fine to Comcast after finding that the company was charging customers for unordered services and equipment. More than a thousand customers issued complaints about these unprecedented charges to their bill. In addition, numerous customers reported inappropriate name-calling and interrogation by customer service representatives. Comcast’s executive vice president, David Cohen, admitted the company needed to improve their customer service.[192] On August 8, 2016 an Official Comcast Employee confirmed that Comcast was changing 1080i channels to the 720p60 format. "Official Employees are from multiple teams within Comcast: Product, Support, Leadership."[193] In February 2017, Comcast was ordered by the self-regulatory National Advertising Review Board to cease using a claim based on data that it has "America's fastest internet", stating that "Ookla’s data showed only that Xfinity consumers who took advantage of the free tests offered on the website subscribed to tiers of service with higher download speeds than Verizon FiOS consumers who took advantage of the tests." They were also ordered to stop using a claim that the company offers the "fastest in-home Wi-Fi", which was poorly substantiated.[194]

Notes[edit] ^ Before the AT&T merger in 2001, the parent company was Comcast Holdings Corporation. Comcast Holdings Corporation now refers to a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, not the parent company (see: Bloomberg profile on Comcast Holdings Corporation). Technically, the current parent company was founded December 7, 2001, as CAB Holdings Corporation, which changed its name to AT&T Comcast Corporation before finally taking on the Comcast Corporation name (see: Nov 2002 8K/A Form and Nov 2002 S-4).

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Shift Seeso Total Television United Productions of America Universal HD ZGS Communications ^ Co-owned with The Amblin Group, Participant Media, Reliance Entertainment, Entertainment One and Alibaba Pictures. ^ Co-owned with China Media Capital, Shanghai Media Group and Shanghai Alliance Investment. ^ Co-owned with Hearst Communications and Verizon Communications. ^ 50%, with Viacom's Paramount Pictures. ^ Co-owned with 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company and Time Warner. ^ Co-owned with The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital. ^ Co-owned with Media Globe Networks and European public broadcasters. ^ Co-owned with Mediaset. ^ The station is owned by NBCUniversal, but is controlled by Serestar Communications. ^ a b Operated by NBCUniversal under a local marketing agreement. ^ Co-owned with The Trump Organization before September 2015 sale to WME/IMG. v t e Companies of the NASDAQ-100 index 21st Century Fox Activision Blizzard Adobe Systems Alexion Pharmaceuticals Align Technology Alphabet American Airlines Group Amgen Analog Devices Apple Applied Materials ASML Holding Autodesk Automatic Data Processing Baidu Biogen BioMarin Pharmaceutical Booking Holdings Broadcom Limited CA Technologies Cadence Design Systems Celgene Cerner Charter Communications Check Point Cintas Cisco Systems Citrix Systems Cognizant Comcast Costco CSX International Dentsply Sirona Dish Network Dollar Tree eBay Electronic Arts Expedia Express Scripts Facebook Fastenal Fiserv Gilead Sciences Hasbro Henry Schein Hologic Idexx Laboratories Illumina Incyte Intel Intuit Intuitive Surgical J. B. Hunt Transport Services KLA-Tencor Kraft Heinz Lam Research Liberty Global Liberty Interactive Marriott International Maxim Integrated Products MercadoLibre Microchip Technology Micron Technology Microsoft Mondelez International Monster Beverage Mylan NetEase Netflix Nvidia O'Reilly Auto Parts Paccar Paychex PayPal Qualcomm Regeneron Ross Stores Seagate Technology Shire Sirius XM Holdings Skyworks Solutions Starbucks Symantec Synopsys T-Mobile US Take-Two Interactive Tesla, Inc. Texas Instruments Ulta Beauty Verisk Analytics Vertex Pharmaceuticals Vodafone Walgreens Boots Alliance Western Digital Workday Wynn Resorts Xilinx v t e Philadelphia-area corporations (including the Delaware Valley) List of companies based in the Philadelphia area Philadelphia-based Fortune 500 corporations (rank in the 2017 list) Comcast (31) Aramark (192) Crown Holdings (333) Delaware Valley-based Fortune 500 corporations (rank in the 2017 list) AmerisourceBergen (11) DuPont (113) Lincoln National (207) Universal Health Services (276) Campbell Soup (339) UGI (457) Burlington Stores Inc. (463) Other notable Philadelphia-based businesses Amoroso's Beneficial Bank Chemtura Day & Zimmermann FMC Corporation Independence Blue Cross Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust Pep Boys Philadelphia Media Network Radian Group Urban Outfitters Notable Philadelphia-based professional partnerships Ballard Spahr Blank Rome Cozen O'Connor Dechert Drinker Biddle & Reath Duane Morris Morgan, Lewis & Bockius Pepper Hamilton Saul Ewing White and Williams Other notable Delaware Valley-based businesses Actua Corporation Airgas AlliedBarton Ametek Aqua America Asplundh Bentley Systems Brandywine Realty Trust Boscov's Carpenter Technology Cephalon Chemours Christiana Care Health System Crozer Keystone Health System David's Bridal DuckDuckGo EPAM Systems EnerSys Liberty Property Trust Penn Mutual Penn National Gaming Rita's Italian Ice SEI Investments SLM SunGard Susquehanna International Group Vanguard Toll Brothers Triumph Group Unisys ViroPharma Vishay Intertechnology VWR Wawa Wilmington Trust W. L. Gore and Associates WSFS Bank Notable Delaware Valley-based US headquarters of foreign businesses Aberdeen Asset Management ACE AgustaWestland AstraZeneca Delaware Investments GlaxoSmithKline ING Group Keystone Foods SAP America Siemens Medical Shire Pharmaceuticals Subaru Teva Pharmaceuticals TD Bank Notable Delaware Valley-based division headquarters of US corporations Acme (Cerberus Capital Management) Centocor (Johnson & Johnson) Colonial Penn (Conseco) Delmarva Power (Exelon) GSI Commerce (eBay) Hercules (Ashland) MAB Paints (Sherwin-Williams) McNeil Laboratories (J&J) Neoware (Hewlett-Packard) PECO (Exelon) QVC (Liberty Media) Rohm and Haas (Dow Chemical) Sunoco (Energy Transfer) Tasty Baking (Flowers Foods) v t e Internet service providers of the United States Cable ISP Adams Cable Allegiance Communications Altice USA Optimum Suddenlink Communications Armstrong Atlantic Broadband Blue Ridge Communications Blue Stream Broadstripe Buckeye Broadband Cable One Charter Spectrum Comcast Xfinity Consolidated Communications FairPoint Communications Cox Communications Docomo Pacific Emery Telcom Full Channel GCI Hargray Mediacom Midco Northland Communications OneLink Communications Satview Broadband Service Electric Shentel SRT Communications TDS Telecom TPG Grande Communications RCN Corporation Wave Broadband TruVista Communications WOW! Satellite ISP Dish (HughesNet) Exede Fiber ISP AT&T Fiber CenturyLink Cincinnati Bell FiOptics Claro Consolidated Communications FairPoint Communications Digital West EPB Frontier FiOS Google Fiber GTA Teleguam Hawaiian Telcom Midco NEP Telephone TDS Telecom Verizon FiOS Windstream Copper / DSL ISP AT&T Internet (U-Verse) CenturyLink Consolidated Communications FairPoint Communications Digital West Frontier Communications TDS Telecom Verizon Windstream Defunct ISP AGIS ANS Atala T Boston CitiNet ATMNet Excite@Home Prodigy Pure TalkUSA WorldWide Access v t e Cable, satellite, and other specialty television providers in the United States Cable MVPD Adams Cable Altice USA Optimum Suddenlink Communications Armstrong Atlantic Broadband AT&T Alascom Blue Ridge Communications Blue Stream Broadstripe Buckeye Broadband Cable One Charter Spectrum Comcast Xfinity Comtech21 Consolidated Communications FairPoint Communications Cox Communications Deltacom DoCoMo Pacific Emery Telcom Full Channel GCI Hargray Hood Canal Communications Mediacom Midco Northlake Telecom Northland Communications Liberty Puerto Rico Ritter Communications Santel Communications Satview Broadband Service Electric Shentel SRT Communications TDS Telecom TPG Grande Communications RCN Corporation Wave Broadband TruVista Communications WOW! ZTelco Satellite MVPD Claro Dish Network DirecTV Glorystar Headend in the Sky Home2US Fiber MVPD / IPTV AT&T U-verse CenturyLink Prism TV Cincinnati Bell FiOptics Claro Consolidated Communications FairPoint Communications EPB Frontier FiOS Google Fiber GTA Teleguam Hawaiian Telcom Midco NEP Datastream TV North State Communications Smithville Fiber TDS Telecom Verizon FiOS Whidbey Telecom Windstream Kinetic Virtual MVPD DirecTV Now FuboTV Hulu with Live TV Philo PlayStation Vue Sling TV Spectrum TV Stream Xfinity Instant TV YouTube TV Over-the-top Amazon Video Anime Network Apple iTunes Store CBS All Access Crackle Crunchyroll CW Seed CuriosityStream DramaFever Fandor FunimationNow go90 Hallmark Movies Now HBO Now History Vault Hulu iON (IPTV) Lifetime Movie Club Netflix Noggin Pluto TV Roku Seeso Showtime Starz Tribeca Shortlist Tubi TV UFC Fight Pass Univision NOW YuppTV WWE Network Defunct cable Adelphia Communications Corporation Alameda Power and Telecom1 Astound Broadband AT&T Broadband MediaOne/Continental Cablevision Tele-Communications Inc. Baja Broadband US Cable Bresnan Communications Bright House Networks Cablevision Champion Broadband Cobridge Communications Community Home Entertainment Graceba Total Communications Insight Communications Jones Intercable King Videocable Knology Marcus Cable NPG Cable Paragon Cable Rapid Communications TelePrompTer/Group W Cable Time Warner Cable UA-Columbia Cablevision Windjammer Communications 1 – Still in operation, but no longer offers cable or Internet as part of its services Defunct satellite AlphaStar GlobeCast World TV PrimeStar United States Satellite Broadcasting Voom HD Networks Defunct IPTV Sky Angel Virtual Digital Cable Defunct terrestrial Aereo USDTV MovieBeam Defunct virtual MVPD CenturyLink Stream v t e Additional resources on North American television North America List of local television stations in North America DTV transition North American TV mini-template Canada Canadian networks List of Canadian television networks List of Canadian television channels List of Canadian specialty channels Local Canadian TV stations List of United States stations available in Canada 2001 Vancouver TV realignment 2007 Canada broadcast TV realignment Mexico Mexican networks Local Mexican TV stations United States American networks List of American cable and satellite networks List of American over-the-air networks Local American TV stations (W) Local American TV stations (K) Spanish-language TV networks 1994 United States broadcast TV realignment 2006 United States broadcast TV realignment List of Canadian television stations available in the United States Insular Areas TV Africa, Asia, Middle East and Oceania Americas Europe v t e Major telecommunications companies Companies with an annual revenue of over US$10 billion América Móvil AT&T Bell Canada Bezeq Bharti Airtel Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited BT Group CenturyLink China Mobile China Telecommunications Corporation China Telecom China Unicom Chunghwa Telecom Comcast Deutsche Telekom Digicel FLOW Hutchison Asia Idea Cellular Jio KDDI KPN KT Corporation Mahanagar Telephone Nigam MTN MTS Nippon NTT DoCoMo Oi Orange S.A. PCCW Reliance Rogers Shaw Singtel SK Telecom SoftBank Mobile Spark Sprint Corporation Swisscom Taiwan Mobile Tata Teleservices Telecom Italia Telefónica Telenor Telus Telmex Telstra TPG Trilogy International Partners True Türk Telekom VEON Verizon Viettel Vivendi Vodafone See also Largest IT companies List of mobile network operators List of telephone operating companies Category:Telecommunications companies v t e Telecommunications History Beacon Broadcasting Cable protection system Cable TV Communications satellite Computer network Drums Electrical telegraph Fax Heliographs Hydraulic telegraph Internet Mass media Mobile phone Optical telecommunication Optical telegraphy Pager Photophone Prepay mobile phone Radio Radiotelephone Satellite communications Semaphore Smartphone Smoke signals Telecommunications history Telautograph Telegraphy Teleprinter (teletype) Telephone The Telephone Cases Television Timeline of communication technology Undersea telegraph line Videoconferencing Videophone Videotelephony Whistled language Pioneers Edwin Howard Armstrong John Logie Baird Paul Baran Alexander Graham Bell Tim Berners-Lee Jagadish Chandra Bose Vint Cerf Claude Chappe Donald Davies Lee de Forest Philo Farnsworth Reginald Fessenden Elisha Gray Erna Schneider Hoover Charles K. Kao Hedy Lamarr Innocenzo Manzetti Guglielmo Marconi Antonio Meucci Radia Perlman Alexander Stepanovich Popov Johann Philipp Reis Nikola Tesla Camille Tissot Alfred Vail Charles Wheatstone Vladimir K. Zworykin Transmission media Coaxial cable Fiber-optic communication Optical fiber Free-space optical communication Molecular communication Radio waves Transmission line Network topology and switching Links Nodes Terminal node Network switching (circuit packet) Telephone exchange Multiplexing Space-division Frequency-division Time-division Polarization-division Orbital angular-momentum Code-division Networks ARPANET BITNET Cellular network Computer CYCLADES Ethernet FidoNet Internet ISDN LAN Mobile NGN NPL network Public Switched Telephone Radio Telecommunications equipment Television Telex WAN Wireless World Wide Web Category Portal v t e Philadelphia Flyers Founded in 1967 Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Franchise Team General managers Coaches Players Captains Draft picks (Expansion draft) Seasons Current season History 1967 expansion Records Award winners Retired numbers Personnel Owner Comcast Spectacor President Paul Holmgren General manager Ron Hextall Head coach Dave Hakstol Team captain Claude Giroux Current roster Arenas Spectrum Wells Fargo Center Rivalries Boston Bruins New Jersey Devils New York Rangers Pittsburgh Penguins Washington Capitals Affiliates AHL Lehigh Valley Phantoms ECHL Reading Royals Affiliate history Media Networks TV NBC Sports Philadelphia NBC Sports Philadelphia Plus Radio 97.5 The Fanatic Broadcasters TV Jim Jackson Keith Jones Bill Clement Chris Therien Radio Tim Saunders Steve Coates Culture and lore "Big Orange" (The Goldbergs episode) Broad Street Bullies Curse of Billy Penn Ed Snider The Eric Lindros Trade Flyers–Senators brawl Gene Hart "God Bless America" "For a case of Tastykake!" Kate Smith Lauren Hart Legion of Doom Lou Nolan "Mac's Big Break" (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode) Mike "Doc" Emrick The Night the Spectrum Shook Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame "Welcome to the Jungle" 1976 Flyers–Red Army game 2010 NHL Winter Classic 2012 NHL Winter Classic 2017 NHL Stadium Series 2019 NHL Stadium Series v t e Current National Hockey League owners Eastern Conference Atlantic Division Metropolitan Division Jeremy Jacobs (Boston Bruins) Terrence Pegula (Buffalo Sabres) Ilitch Holdings (Detroit Red Wings) Vincent Viola (Florida Panthers) Molson family (Montreal Canadiens) Eugene Melnyk (Ottawa Senators) Jeffrey Vinik (Tampa Bay Lightning) Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (Toronto Maple Leafs) Thomas Dundon and Peter Karmanos Jr. (Carolina Hurricanes) John P. McConnell (Columbus Blue Jackets) Joshua Harris (New Jersey Devils) Jon Ledecky and Scott D. Malkin (New York Islanders) The Madison Square Garden Company (New York Rangers) Comcast Spectacor (Philadelphia Flyers) Mario Lemieux and Ronald Burkle (Pittsburgh Penguins) Ted Leonsis (Washington Capitals) Western Conference Central Division Pacific Division Rocky Wirtz (Chicago Blackhawks) Ann Walton Kroenke (Colorado Avalanche) Tom Gaglardi (Dallas Stars) Craig Leipold (Minnesota Wild) Predators Holdings LLC (Nashville Predators) SLB Acquisition Holdings LLC (St. Louis Blues) True North Sports & Entertainment (Winnipeg Jets) Henry Samueli (Anaheim Ducks) Andrew Barroway (Arizona Coyotes) Calgary Sports and Entertainment (Calgary Flames) Oilers Entertainment Group (Edmonton Oilers) Anschutz Entertainment Group (Los Angeles Kings) San Jose Sports & Entertainment (San Jose Sharks) Canucks Sports & Entertainment (Vancouver Canucks) Black Knight Sports & Entertainment (Vegas Golden Knights) Coordinates: 39°57′16″N 75°10′07″W / 39.9545°N 75.1685°W / 39.9545; -75.1685 Retrieved from "" Categories: Companies in the NASDAQ-100 IndexCompanies listed on NASDAQComcastMedia companies of the United StatesBroadbandCable television companies of the United StatesEntertainment companies of the United StatesInternet service providers of the United StatesSecurity companiesTelecommunications companies of the United StatesVideo on demandVoIP companies of the United StatesMultinational companies headquartered in the United StatesCompanies based in PhiladelphiaConglomerate companies of the United StatesAmerican companies established in 1963Entertainment companies established in 1963Media companies established in 1963Culture of PhiladelphiaNBCUniversalRoberts familyHidden categories: Webarchive template wayback linksArticles needing more detailed referencesUse American English from July 2016All Wikipedia articles written in American EnglishUse mdy dates from March 2017Pages using deprecated image syntaxCoordinates not on Wikidata

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NBCLogo Of NBCComcast CenterCenter City, PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaList Of Business EntitiesPublic CompanyTicker SymbolNASDAQNASDAQ-100S&P 100S&P 500NASDAQTelecommunicationsMass MediaTupelo, MississippiMississippiUnited StatesRalph J. RobertsJulian A. BrodskyPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaBrian L. RobertsDavid L. CohenBroadbandBroadcastingCable TelevisionDigital TelephoneHigh-definition TelevisionHome Security SystemsInternetMovie ProductionSport ManagementTheme ParkTV ProductionVenture CapitalVoIP PhoneUS$Earnings Before Interest And TaxesNet IncomeAssetEquity (finance)Division (business)XfinityNBCUniversalSubsidiaryMidcoComcast Interactive MediaComcast SpectacorTelecommunicationsConglomerate (company)BroadcastingCable TelevisionXfinityAT&TInternet Service ProviderTelephone Service ProviderWashington, D.C.PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaNBCUniversalFeature FilmTelevisionXfinityNBCTelemundoMSNBCCNBCUSA NetworkNBCSNE!The Weather ChannelUniversal PicturesUniversal Parks & ResortsUniversal Studios HollywoodUniversal OrlandoUniversal Studios JapanUniversal Studios SingaporeGenting GroupUniversal Studios BeijingThePlatformTime Warner CableNet NeutralityPrivate NetworkPeering AgreementsThe ConsumeristBrian L. RobertsSusan P. CrawfordPhiladelphiaAtlantaDetroitDenverManchester, New HampshireNew York CityComcast Center (Philadelphia)Communication Workers Of AmericaPhiladelphia Business JournalThe Boston GlobeBlack EnterpriseHuman Rights CampaignSochi OlympicsLobbying In The United StatesUnited States CongressNational Cable & Telecommunications AssociationBarack ObamaDavid L. CohenLobbying Disclosure Act Of 1995Political Action CommitteeUnited States Federal GovernmentStop Online PiracyProtect IPMunicipal BroadbandE-RateRalph J. RobertsJulian A. BrodskyCorporate Spin-offJerrold ElectronicsTupelo, MississippiMuzakEnlargePortmanteauInitial Public OfferingMarket CapitalizationHBOGroup W CableQVCKohlberg Kravis RobertsStorer CommunicationsTele-Communications Inc.Mobile Phone OperatorBrian L. RobertsMetromediaMaclean-HunterGolf ChannelQVCCBSLiberty MediaE. W. Scripps Company@Home NetworkDetroitBaltimoreOrange County, CASarasota, FLUnion Township, Union County, New JerseyComcast SpectacorMicrosoftE!NTL IncorporatedStyle NetworkSBC CommunicationsMediaOneAT&T CorporationList Of Assets Owned By ComcastEnlargeEnlargeAT&T BroadbandComcast SpotlightColoradoThe Walt Disney CompanyMedia ConglomerateESPNSony Pictures EntertainmentMetro-Goldwyn-MayerUnited ArtistsSusquehanna CommunicationsSouth Central PennsylvaniaSusquehanna PfaltzgraffComcast Interactive MediaThePlatformSpectrum Equity InvestorsHewlett-PackardZimbraE-mail SpamPhishingTrend MicroAntivirus SoftwarePlaxoPlaxoThe ConsumeristHuman FecesVerizonAdelphia Communications CorporationU.S. Federal Communications CommissionTime Warner CableHoustonSan AntonioKansas City Metropolitan AreaAcquisition Of NBC Universal By ComcastEnlargeNBCUniversalEnlargeNBCUniversalGeneral ElectricNBCUSA NetworkSyfyMSNBCUniversal PicturesVivendiTime WarnerJeffrey L. BewkesThe New York TimesVivendiAttempted Purchase Of Time Warner Cable By ComcastTime Warner CableNew York CityLos AngelesDallas-Fort WorthClevelandColumbus, OhioCincinnatiCharlotteSan DiegoSan AntonioTime Warner CableRebroadcast FeePeering AgreementTom Wheeler (FCC)National Cable & Telecommunications AssociationCTIA – The Wireless AssociationPoliticoUnited States Senate Committee On The JudiciaryHouse Judiciary CommitteeUnited States Department Of Justice Antitrust DivisionYouTubeVariety (magazine)Cord CuttingDreamWorks AnimationNBCUniversalDreamWorks AnimationUniversal PicturesHow To Train Your Dragon 320th Century FoxVerizon WirelessCellular NetworkMobile Virtual Network OperatorQuadruple PlayAmblin PartnersAmblin EntertainmentDreamWorks PicturesUniversal Studios Japan21st Century FoxThe Walt Disney CompanyFX (TV Channel)National Geographic PartnersFox Sports NetworksStar IndiaSky UKFox Broadcasting CompanyFox Television StationsFox Sports (United States)Fox NewsDreamWorks AnimationThe SimpsonsSpringfield (Universal Parks & Resorts)Universal Parks & ResortsUniversal Studios FloridaUniversal Studios HollywoodProposed Acquisition Of 21st Century Fox By DisneyUnited States Department Of Justice Antitrust DivisionCNBCAT&TTime WarnerProposed Acquisition Of 21st Century Fox By DisneyLionsgateBidding WarAmazon.comCBS CorporationVerizon CommunicationsViacomSummit EntertainmentCodeBlack FilmsPantelion FilmsUniversal PicturesNBCUniversal Television GroupStarz Inc.Starz (TV Channel)Celestial Tiger EntertainmentSaban Capital GroupCelestial PicturesNBCUniversal Cable Entertainment GroupTelevisaLionsgate UKWorking Title FilmsRoadside AttractionsFocus FeaturesPop (U.S. TV Network)Pop CultureE!Michael R. BurnsCNBCXfinityComcast BusinessNBCUniversalComcast NetworkComcast SportsNetSportsNet New YorkMLB NetworkComcast Sports Southeast/Charter Sports SoutheastNBC Sports NetworkThe Golf ChannelSyfyUSA NetworkDisneyESPNESPNUESPN3United States Olympic CommitteeE!OxygenGolf ChannelNBCSNUniversal KidsBravo (U.S. TV Network)Comcast SportsNetNHL Network (United States)Comcast NetworkCablevisionRichmond, VirginiaComcast Entertainment TelevisionNational Hockey LeagueNational Basketball AssociationSportsNet New YorkNew York MetsTime Warner CableDreamWorks AnimationShrekHow To Train Your Dragon (film)Kung Fu PandaMadagascar (2005 Film)Comcast SpectacorEd SniderPhiladelphia FlyersNational Hockey LeaguePhiladelphiaComcast SportsNetGolf ChannelNBCSNUniversity Of Maryland, College ParkNaming RightsXFINITY Center (College Park, Maryland)Venture CapitalAcquisition Of NBC Universal By ComcastFanDuelVox MediaCriticism Of ComcastEnlargeYpsilanti Township, MichiganAmerican Customer Satisfaction IndexInternal Revenue ServicePricing PowerThe ConsumeristLobbyingThe Wall Street JournalData CapBob Ferguson (politician)David L. CohenAdvertising Self-Regulatory CouncilSpeedtest.netInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0300167377Northwest Labor PressPhiladelphia Business JournalPhiladelphia Business JournalThe Boston GlobeBlack EnterpriseThe State Journal-RegisterCenter For Responsive PoliticsBusiness WeekInternational Data GroupDaily Herald (Arlington Heights)Wayback MachineToronto StarCNBCMarketWatch.comPoliticoThe Walt Disney CompanyDeadline.comWayback MachineWayback MachineWayback MachineWayback MachineWayback MachineWikipedia:Citing SourcesTemplate:ComcastTemplate Talk:ComcastXfinityList Of Communities Served By ComcastXfinity StreampixComcast Entertainment TelevisionComcast TelevisionComcast BusinessHeadend In The SkyThePlatformXfinity 3DComcast SpectacorPhiladelphia FlyersMaine Mariners (ECHL)Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia)Comcast SpectacorComcastTIXNBCUniversalUniversal PicturesNBCUniversal Parks & ResortsNBCUniversal Cable Entertainment GroupTelemundoNBCUniversal Television GroupNBC SportsNBCUniversal Television GroupTemplate:NBCUniversalLeisure ArtsPlaxoMidcoIn DemandGuideWorksTemplate:NBCUniversalTemplate Talk:NBCUniversalNBCUniversalList Of Assets Owned By ComcastSteve Burke (businessman)Brian L. RobertsJeffrey R. ImmeltKeith SherinDick EbersolRobert GreenblattBonnie HammerTed HarbertRonald MeyerUniversal PicturesAmblin PartnersBack Lot MusicCarnival FilmsChiller (TV Channel)DreamWorks AnimationDreamWorks ClassicsBig Idea EntertainmentJay Ward ProductionsJoint VentureHarvey FilmsDreamWorks ChannelOriental DreamWorksAwesomenessTVFandango (company)Focus FeaturesGramercy PicturesIllumination EntertainmentIllumination Mac GuffNBCUniversal Entertainment JapanUnited International PicturesUniversal Animation StudiosUniversal PlaybackUniversal PicturesUniversal Pictures Home EntertainmentWorking Title FilmsUniversal Parks & ResortsUniversal Studios HollywoodUniversal CityWalkUniversal OrlandoUniversal Studios FloridaUniversal's Islands Of AdventureUniversal CityWalkUniversal Studios JapanUniversal Studios SingaporeUniversal Studios BeijingNBCUniversal Cable Entertainment GroupUniversal Cable ProductionsCraftsySyfyUSA NetworkBravo (U.S. TV Network)E!Oxygen (TV Channel)Universal KidsHuluMovieclipsNBCUniversal Cable Entertainment GroupNBC UniversoTelemundoTelemundo Of Puerto Rico StudiosTelemundo StudiosTelemundo DeportesNBC Sports GroupAlli SportsGolf ChannelGolfNowNBC SportsNBCSNOlympic Channel (United States)MLB NetworkNHL Network (U.S. TV Network)NBC Sports Regional NetworksNBC Sports Bay AreaNBC Sports BostonNBC Sports CaliforniaNBC Sports ChicagoNBC Sports NorthwestNBC Sports PhiladelphiaNBC Sports WashingtonSportsNet New YorkNBCUniversal Television GroupNBC NewsNBCNews.comThe Weather ChannelMSNBCPeacock ProductionsCNBCCNBCCNBC AfricaCNBC AsiaCNBC EuropeCNBC Latin AmericaCNBC WorldCNBC EuropeClass CNBCCNBC AfricaCNBC ArabiyaCNBC-eCNBC EuropeCNBC AsiaList Of CNBC ChannelsCNBC AsiaCNBC AwaazCNBC AsiaJaag TVCNBC AsiaNikkei CNBCSBS-CNBCNBCUniversal International Networks13th Street Universal13th Street (Australia)13th Street Universal (Benelux)13ème Rue Universal13th Street (Germany)Calle 13 (TV Channel)Bravo (New Zealand)EuronewsSyfy UniversalSyfy (Asia)Syfy (Australia)Syfy (Benelux)Syfy (France)Syfy (Germany)Steel (TV Channel)Syfy (Latin America)Sci Fi Universal (Poland)Syfy (Portugal)Sci Fi Universal (Romania)Syfy Universal (Russia)Sci Fi Universal (Serbia)Sci Fi Universal (Slovenia)Syfy Universal (Spain)Syfy (UK And Ireland)Diva UniversalDiva (Asia TV Channel)Diva Universal (Italy)Movies 24Studio UniversalStudio Universal (Latin America)Universal ChannelUniversal Channel (Asia)Universal Channel (Australia)Universal Channel (Germany)Universal Channel (Greece)Universal Channel (Japan)Universal Channel (Poland)Universal Channel (Turkey)Universal Channel (UK And Ireland)Esquire NetworkStyle Network (Australia)E!E! (Asia)E! (Australia)E! (Europe)NBCUniversal Television GroupNBCDreamWorks AnimationStamford Center For The ArtsUniversal TelevisionNBCUniversal Television GroupList Of NBC Television Affiliates (table)NBCUniversal Television DistributionNBC Owned Television StationsOwned-and-operated StationNBC Owned Television StationsKNBCKNSDKNTVKXAS-TVWBTS-LDWYCN-CDWCAUWMAQ-TVWNBCWRC-TVWTVJWVITCozi TVK15CU-DLXTVNew England Cable NewsNBC Owned Television StationsKBLR (TV)KDEN-TVKULX-CDKHRRKNSDKNSOKSTSKTAZKTDOKTLMKTMDKVDAKVEAKXTX-TVWKAQ-TVWNEUWNJUWRDM-CDWRIW-CDWRMD-CDWSCVWSNS-TVWTMO-CDWWSIWWDT-CDWZTD-LDWZDC-CDTeleXitosWZGS-CDEMKA, Ltd.International Media DistributionPictureBox FilmsCastle FilmsChapman EntertainmentChiller (TV Channel)CIC VideoClooComcast NetworkEsquire NetworkFilmDistrictG4 (U.S. TV Channel)Good MachineGramercy PicturesHarvey FilmsHarvey ComicsITC EntertainmentInterscope CommunicationsKitty FilmsMiss UniverseMultimedia EntertainmentMCA Inc.NBC Weather PlusOctober FilmsPacific Data ImagesPolyGram Filmed EntertainmentPropaganda FilmsSeagramShift (MSNBC)SeesoTotal TelevisionUPA (animation Studio)ZGS CommunicationsParticipant MediaReliance EntertainmentEntertainment OneAlibaba PicturesChina Media CapitalShanghai Media GroupHearst CommunicationsVerizon CommunicationsViacomParamount Pictures21st Century FoxThe Walt Disney CompanyTime WarnerThe Blackstone GroupBain CapitalMediasetLocal Marketing AgreementThe Trump OrganizationWilliam Morris EndeavorIMG (company)Template:NASDAQ-100Template Talk:NASDAQ-100NASDAQ-10021st Century FoxActivision BlizzardAdobe SystemsAlexion PharmaceuticalsAlign TechnologyAlphabet Inc.Amazon (company)American Airlines GroupAmgenAnalog DevicesApple Inc.Applied MaterialsASML HoldingAutodeskAutomatic Data ProcessingBaiduBiogenBioMarin PharmaceuticalBooking HoldingsBroadcom LimitedCA TechnologiesCadence Design SystemsCelgeneCernerCharter CommunicationsCheck PointCintasCisco SystemsCitrix SystemsCognizantCostcoCSX CorporationCtripDentsply SironaDish NetworkDollar TreeEBayElectronic ArtsExpedia, Inc.Express ScriptsFacebookFastenalFiservGilead SciencesHasbroHenry ScheinHologicIdexx LaboratoriesIllumina (company)IncyteIntelIntuitIntuitive SurgicalJ. B. HuntJD.comKLA-TencorKraft HeinzLam ResearchLiberty GlobalLiberty InteractiveMarriott InternationalMaxim IntegratedMercadoLibreMicrochip TechnologyMicron TechnologyMicrosoftMondelez InternationalMonster BeverageMylanNetEaseNetflixNvidiaO'Reilly Auto PartsPaccarPaychexPayPalQualcommRegeneronRoss StoresSeagate TechnologyShire (pharmaceutical Company)Sirius XM HoldingsSkyworks SolutionsStarbucksSymantecSynopsysT-Mobile USTake-Two InteractiveTesla, Inc.Texas InstrumentsUlta BeautyVerisk AnalyticsVertex PharmaceuticalsVodafoneWalgreens Boots AllianceWestern DigitalWorkday, Inc.Wynn ResortsXilinxTemplate:Philadelphia CorporationsTemplate Talk:Philadelphia CorporationsList Of Companies Based In The Philadelphia AreaDelaware ValleyList Of Companies Based In The Philadelphia AreaPhiladelphiaFortune 500AramarkCrown HoldingsDelaware ValleyFortune 500AmerisourceBergenDuPontLincoln National CorporationUniversal Health ServicesCampbell Soup CompanyUGI CorporationBurlington Coat FactoryAmoroso's Baking CompanyBeneficial BankChemturaDay & ZimmermannFMC CorporationIndependence Blue CrossPennsylvania Real Estate Investment TrustPep BoysPhiladelphia Media NetworkRadian GroupUrban OutfittersBallard SpahrBlank RomeCozen O'ConnorDechertDrinker Biddle & ReathDuane MorrisMorgan, Lewis & BockiusPepper HamiltonSaul EwingWhite And Williams LLPActua CorporationAirgasAlliedBartonAmetekAqua AmericaAsplundh Tree Expert CompanyBentley SystemsBrandywine Realty TrustBoscov'sCarpenter Technology CorporationCephalonChemoursChristiana Care Health SystemCrozer Keystone Health SystemDavid's BridalDuckDuckGoEPAM SystemsEnerSysLiberty Property TrustPenn MutualPenn National GamingRita's Italian IceSEI Investments CompanySLM CorporationSunGardSusquehanna International GroupThe Vanguard GroupToll BrothersTriumph GroupUnisysViroPharmaVishay IntertechnologyVWR InternationalWawa Food MarketWilmington TrustW. L. Gore And AssociatesWSFS BankAberdeen Asset ManagementACE LimitedAgustaWestlandAstraZenecaDelaware InvestmentsGlaxoSmithKlineING GroupMarfrigSAP AGSiemens Medical SolutionsShire PlcSubaru Of AmericaTeva Pharmaceutical IndustriesTD Bank, N.A.Acme MarketsCerberus Capital ManagementCentocorJohnson & JohnsonColonial PennConsecoDelmarva PowerExelonGSI CommerceEBayHercules Inc.Ashland Inc.MAB PaintsSherwin-WilliamsMcNeil LaboratoriesJohnson & JohnsonNeowareHewlett-PackardPECO Energy CompanyExelonQVCLiberty MediaRohm And HaasDow ChemicalSunocoEnergy Transfer PartnersTastykakeFlowers FoodsTemplate:Internet Service Providers Of The United StatesTemplate Talk:Internet Service Providers Of The United StatesInternet In The United StatesCable Internet AccessAdams CableAltice USAAltice USASuddenlink CommunicationsArmstrong Group Of CompaniesAtlantic BroadbandBlue Ridge CommunicationsBlue Stream (company)BroadstripeBuckeye BroadbandCable OneSpectrum (cable Service)Comcast CableConsolidated CommunicationsFairPoint CommunicationsCox CommunicationsDocomo PacificEmery TelcomFull ChannelGCI (company)HargrayMediacomMidcoNorthland CommunicationsOneLink CommunicationsSatview BroadbandService ElectricShentelSRT CommunicationsTDS TelecomTPG CapitalGrande CommunicationsRCN CorporationWave BroadbandTruVista CommunicationsWide Open WestSatellite Internet AccessHughesNetExedeFiber To The XAT&T U-VerseCenturyLinkCincinnati BellClaro Puerto RicoConsolidated CommunicationsFairPoint CommunicationsEPBFiOS From FrontierGoogle FiberGTA TeleguamHawaiian TelcomMidcoNEP TelephoneSonic.netTDS TelecomVerizon FiosWindstream HoldingsDSLAT&T U-VerseCenturyLinkConsolidated CommunicationsFairPoint CommunicationsFrontier CommunicationsTDS TelecomVerizon High Speed InternetWindstream HoldingsApex Global Internet ServicesAdvanced Network And ServicesAtala TBoston CitiNetATMNetExcite@HomeProdigy (online Service)Pure TalkUSATexas.netWorldWide AccessTemplate:CATV USATemplate Talk:CATV USACable Television In The United StatesAdams CableAltice USAAltice USASuddenlink CommunicationsArmstrong Group Of CompaniesAtlantic BroadbandAT&T AlascomBlue Ridge CommunicationsBlue Stream (company)BroadstripeBuckeye BroadbandCable OneSpectrum (cable Service)XfinityConsolidated CommunicationsFairPoint CommunicationsCox CommunicationsDoCoMo PacificEmery TelcomFull ChannelGCI (company)HargrayMediacomMidcoNorthland CommunicationsLiberty Puerto RicoSatview BroadbandService ElectricShentelSRT CommunicationsTDS TelecomTPG CapitalGrande CommunicationsRCN CorporationWave BroadbandTruVista CommunicationsWide Open WestSatellite Television In The United StatesClaro Puerto RicoDish NetworkDirecTVGlorystarHeadend In The SkyHome2USFiber To The XIPTVAT&T U-versePrism TVCincinnati BellClaro Puerto RicoConsolidated CommunicationsFairPoint CommunicationsEPBFiOS From FrontierGoogle FiberGTA TeleguamHawaiian TelcomMidcoNEP TelephoneNorth State CommunicationsSonic.netTDS TelecomVerizon FiosWhidbey TelecomWindstream HoldingsMultichannel Television In The United StatesDirecTV NowFuboTVHuluPhilo (company)PlayStation VueSling TVSpectrum TV StreamXfinity Instant TVYouTubeOver-the-top Media ServicesAmazon VideoAnime NetworkITunes StoreCBS All AccessSony CrackleCrunchyrollCW SeedCuriosityStreamDramaFeverFandor (film Site)FunimationGo90Hallmark Movies NowHBO NowHistory (U.S. TV Network)HuluION (IPTV)Lifetime (TV Network)NetflixNoggin (app)Pluto TVRokuSeesoShowtime (TV Network)StarzTriBeCa ProductionsTubi TVUFC Fight PassUnivisionYuppTVWWE NetworkAdelphia Communications CorporationAlameda Municipal PowerAstound BroadbandAT&T BroadbandMediaOneTele-Communications Inc.Baja BroadbandUS CableBresnan CommunicationsBright House NetworksCablevisionChampion BroadbandCobridge CommunicationsCommunity Home EntertainmentGraceba Total CommunicationsInsight CommunicationsJones IntercableKing VideocableKnologyMarcus CableNews-Press & Gazette CompanyParagon CableRapid CommunicationsTelePrompTer CorporationTime Warner CableUA-Columbia CablevisionWindjammer CommunicationsAlphaStarGlobeCast World TVPrimeStarUnited States Satellite BroadcastingVoom HD NetworksSky AngelVirtual Digital CableAereoUSDTVMovieBeamCenturyLinkTemplate:North American TVTemplate Talk:North American TVTemplate:Television Stations In North AmericaTemplate:North American DTVTemplate:North American TVTemplate:Canadian Television NetworksList Of Canadian Television NetworksList Of Canadian Television ChannelsList Of Canadian Specialty ChannelsList Of Canadian Television StationsList Of United States Stations Available In Canada2001 Vancouver TV Realignment2007 Canada Broadcast TV RealignmentTemplate:Mexican Broadcast TelevisionList Of Television Stations In MexicoTemplate:American Broadcast TelevisionList Of United States Cable And Satellite Television ChannelsList Of United States Over-the-air Television NetworksList Of Television Stations In The United States By Call Sign (initial Letter W)List Of Television Stations In The United States By Call Sign (initial Letter K)List Of Spanish-language Television Networks In The United States1994 United States Broadcast TV Realignment2006 United States Broadcast TV RealignmentList Of Canadian Television Stations Available In The United StatesTemplate:Insular Areas TVTemplate:CATV Africa, Asia, Middle East And OceaniaTemplate:CATV AmericasTemplate:CATV EuropeTemplate:Major Telecommunications CompaniesTemplate Talk:Major Telecommunications CompaniesTelecommunications IndustryAmérica MóvilAT&TBell CanadaBezeqBharti AirtelBharat Sanchar Nigam LimitedBT GroupCenturyLinkChina MobileChina Telecommunications CorporationChina TelecomChina UnicomChunghwa TelecomDeutsche TelekomDigicelFlow (brand)Hutchison Asia Telecom GroupIdea CellularJioKDDIKPNKT CorporationMahanagar Telephone Nigam LimitedMTN GroupMTS (network Provider)Nippon Telegraph And TelephoneNTT DoCoMoOi (telecommunications)Orange S.A.PCCWReliance CommunicationsRogers CommunicationsShaw CommunicationsSingtelSK TelecomSoftBank GroupSpark New ZealandSprint CorporationSwisscomTaiwan MobileTata TeleservicesTelecom ItaliaTelefónicaTelenorTelusTelmexTelstraTPG TelecomTrilogy International PartnersTrue CorporationTürk TelekomVEONVerizon CommunicationsViettelVivendiVodafoneList Of The Largest Information Technology CompaniesList Of Mobile Network OperatorsList Of Telephone Operating CompaniesCategory:Telecommunications CompaniesTemplate:TelecommunicationsTemplate Talk:TelecommunicationsTelecommunicationHistory Of TelecommunicationTelecommunications SymbolBeaconHistory Of BroadcastingCable Protection SystemCable TelevisionCommunications SatelliteComputer NetworkDrums In CommunicationElectrical TelegraphFaxHeliographHydraulic TelegraphHistory Of The InternetMass MediaHistory Of Mobile PhonesOptical CommunicationSemaphore LinePagerPhotophoneHistory Of Prepay Mobile PhonesHistory Of RadioRadiotelephoneCommunications SatelliteFlag SemaphoreSmartphoneSmoke SignalHistory Of TelecommunicationTelautographTelegraphyTeleprinterHistory Of The TelephoneThe Telephone CasesHistory Of TelevisionTimeline Of Communication TechnologySubmarine Communications CableVideoconferencingVideophoneHistory Of VideotelephonyWhistled LanguageEdwin Howard ArmstrongJohn Logie BairdPaul BaranAlexander Graham BellTim Berners-LeeJagadish Chandra BoseVint CerfClaude ChappeDonald DaviesLee De ForestPhilo FarnsworthReginald FessendenElisha GrayErna Schneider HooverCharles K. KaoHedy LamarrInnocenzo ManzettiGuglielmo MarconiAntonio MeucciRadia PerlmanAlexander Stepanovich PopovJohann Philipp ReisNikola TeslaCamille TissotAlfred VailCharles WheatstoneVladimir K. ZworykinTransmission MediumCoaxial CableFiber-optic CommunicationOptical FiberFree-space Optical CommunicationMolecular CommunicationRadio WaveTransmission LineNetwork TopologyTelecommunications LinkNode (networking)Terminal (telecommunication)Network SwitchCircuit SwitchingPacket SwitchingTelephone ExchangeMultiplexingSpace-division Multiple AccessFrequency-division MultiplexingTime-division MultiplexingPolarization-division MultiplexingOrbital Angular Momentum MultiplexingCode-division Multiple AccessTelecommunications NetworkARPANETBITNETCellular NetworkComputer NetworkCYCLADESEthernetFidoNetInternetIntegrated Services Digital NetworkLocal Area NetworkMobile TelephonyNext-generation NetworkNPL NetworkPublic Switched Telephone NetworkRadio NetworkTelecommunications EquipmentTelevision NetworkTelexWide Area NetworkWireless NetworkWorld Wide WebCategory:TelecommunicationsPortal:TelecommunicationTemplate:Philadelphia FlyersTemplate Talk:Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphia Flyers1967–68 NHL SeasonPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia FlyersList Of Philadelphia Flyers General ManagersList Of Philadelphia Flyers Head CoachesList Of Philadelphia Flyers PlayersPhiladelphia FlyersList Of Philadelphia Flyers Draft Picks1967 NHL Expansion DraftList Of Philadelphia Flyers Seasons2017–18 Philadelphia Flyers Season1967 NHL ExpansionList Of Philadelphia Flyers RecordsList Of Philadelphia Flyers Award WinnersPhiladelphia FlyersComcast SpectacorPaul HolmgrenRon HextallDave HakstolClaude GirouxPhiladelphia FlyersSpectrum (arena)Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia)Bruins–Flyers RivalryDevils–Flyers RivalryFlyers–Rangers RivalryFlyers–Penguins RivalryCapitals–Flyers RivalryAmerican Hockey LeagueLehigh Valley PhantomsECHLReading RoyalsList Of Philadelphia Flyers Minor League AffiliatesNBC Sports PhiladelphiaNBC Sports Philadelphia PlusWPEN (FM)List Of Philadelphia Flyers BroadcastersJim Jackson (sportscaster)Keith Jones (ice Hockey)Bill ClementChris TherienTim Saunders (sportscaster)Steve CoatesThe Goldbergs (season 3)Broad Street Bullies (film)Curse Of Billy PennEd SniderEric Lindros TradePhiladelphia Flyers–Ottawa Senators BrawlGene HartGod Bless AmericaTastykakeKate SmithLauren HartLegion Of Doom (ice Hockey)Lou NolanIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (season 6)Mike Emrick1987 Stanley Cup FinalsPhiladelphia Sports Hall Of FameWelcome To The Jungle1976 Philadelphia Flyers–Red Army Game2010 NHL Winter Classic2012 NHL Winter Classic2017 NHL Stadium Series2019 NHL Stadium SeriesTemplate:NHL OwnersTemplate Talk:NHL OwnersNational Hockey LeagueList Of NHL Franchise OwnersEastern Conference (NHL)Atlantic Division (NHL)Metropolitan DivisionJeremy JacobsBoston BruinsTerrence PegulaBuffalo SabresIlitch HoldingsDetroit Red WingsVincent ViolaFlorida PanthersMolson FamilyMontreal CanadiensEugene MelnykOttawa SenatorsJeffrey VinikTampa Bay LightningMaple Leaf Sports & EntertainmentToronto Maple LeafsThomas DundonPeter Karmanos Jr.Carolina HurricanesJohn P. McConnell (businessman)Columbus Blue JacketsJoshua Harris (businessman)New Jersey DevilsJon LedeckyScott D. MalkinNew York IslandersThe Madison Square Garden CompanyNew York RangersComcast SpectacorPhiladelphia FlyersMario LemieuxRonald BurklePittsburgh PenguinsTed LeonsisWashington CapitalsWestern Conference (NHL)Central Division (NHL)Pacific Division (NHL)Rocky WirtzChicago BlackhawksAnn Walton KroenkeColorado AvalancheTom GaglardiDallas StarsCraig LeipoldMinnesota WildPredators Holdings LLCNashville PredatorsSLB Acquisition Holdings LLCSt. Louis BluesTrue North Sports & EntertainmentWinnipeg JetsHenry SamueliAnaheim DucksAndrew BarrowayArizona CoyotesCalgary Sports And EntertainmentCalgary FlamesOilers Entertainment GroupEdmonton OilersAnschutz Entertainment GroupLos Angeles KingsSan Jose Sports & Entertainment EnterprisesSan Jose SharksCanucks Sports & EntertainmentVancouver CanucksWilliam P. FoleyVegas Golden KnightsGeographic Coordinate SystemHelp:CategoryCategory:Companies In The NASDAQ-100 IndexCategory:Companies Listed On NASDAQCategory:ComcastCategory:Media Companies Of The United StatesCategory:BroadbandCategory:Cable Television Companies Of The United StatesCategory:Entertainment Companies Of The United StatesCategory:Internet Service Providers Of The United StatesCategory:Security CompaniesCategory:Telecommunications Companies Of The United StatesCategory:Video On DemandCategory:VoIP Companies Of The United StatesCategory:Multinational Companies Headquartered In The United StatesCategory:Companies Based In PhiladelphiaCategory:Conglomerate Companies Of The United StatesCategory:American Companies Established In 1963Category:Entertainment Companies Established In 1963Category:Media Companies Established In 1963Category:Culture Of PhiladelphiaCategory:NBCUniversalCategory:Roberts FamilyCategory:Webarchive Template Wayback LinksCategory:Articles Needing More Detailed ReferencesCategory:Use American English From July 2016Category:All Wikipedia Articles Written In American EnglishCategory:Use Mdy Dates From March 2017Category:Pages Using Deprecated Image SyntaxCategory:Coordinates Not On WikidataDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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