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History of the Cincinnati Bengals[edit] Main article: History of the Cincinnati Bengals The franchise takes its name from an earlier Cincinnati Bengals team, which played from 1937 to 1941. It also was a nod to Paul Brown's Massillon, Ohio, roots where he coached the high school team known as the Tigers. In 1967, an ownership group led by Paul Brown was granted a franchise in the American Football League. Brown named the team the Bengals in order "to give it a link with past professional football in Cincinnati".[10] Another Bengals team had existed in the city and played in three previous American Football Leagues[11] from 1937 to 1942. The city's world-renowned zoo was also home to a rare white Bengal tiger. However, possibly as an insult to Art Modell, or possibly as a homage to his own start as a head coach to the Massillon Tigers, Brown chose the exact shade of orange used by his former team. He added black as the secondary color. Brown chose a very simple logo: the word "BENGALS" in black lettering. One of the potential helmet designs Brown rejected was a striped motif that was similar to the helmets adopted by the team in 1981 and which is still in use to this day; however, that design featured yellow stripes on a turquoise helmet[citation needed] which were more uniform in width. In 1966, the American Football League agreed to a merger with its older and more established rival, the National Football League. Among the terms of the merger was that the AFL was permitted to add one additional franchise. One of the reasons the NFL agreed to this was that they wanted an even number of clubs in the merged league, so a team needed to be added that brought the combined total number clubs in the merged league to twenty-six teams. The NFL was content for that team to be in the American Football League because it meant that the existing nine AFL clubs were the ones that had to provide players in the ensuing expansion draft and the NFL owners preferred for the ensuing dilution of talent to occur in what they had always considered to be an inferior league.[citation needed] For the AFL, a key motive behind their agreement to accept a new team was that the guarantee of an eventual place in the NFL meant the league could charge a steep expansion fee of $10 million–400 times the $25,000 the original eight owners paid when they founded the league in 1960. The cash from the new team provided the American Football League with the funds needed to pay the indemnities required to be paid by the AFL to the NFL, as stipulated by the merger agreement. Prior to the merger being announced, Brown had not seriously considered joining the American Football League, and was not a supporter of what he openly regarded to be an inferior competition, once famously stating that "I didn't pay ten million dollars to be in the AFL."[12] However, with the announcement of the merger, Brown realized that the AFL expansion franchise would likely be his only realistic path back into the NFL in the short to medium term. He ultimately acquiesced to joining the AFL when after learning that the team was guaranteed to become an NFL franchise after the merger was completed in 1970. There was also a complication: Major League Baseball's Cincinnati Reds were in need of a facility to replace the antiquated, obsolete Crosley Field, which they had used since 1912. Parking nightmares had plagued the city as far back as the 1950s, the little park lacked modern amenities, and New York City, which in 1957 had lost both its National League teams (the Dodgers and the Giants) to Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively, was actively courting Reds owner Powel Crosley. However, Crosley was adamant that the Reds remain in Cincinnati and tolerated worsening problems with the Crosley Field location, which were exacerbated by the Millcreek Expressway (I-75) project that ran alongside the park. Paul Brown Stadium, home of the Bengals. With assistance from Ohio governor James A. Rhodes, Hamilton County and the Cincinnati city council agreed to build a single multi-purpose facility on the dilapidated riverfront section of the city. The new facility had to be ready by the opening of the 1970 NFL season and was officially named Riverfront Stadium. With the completion of the merger in 1970, the Cleveland Browns were moved to the AFL-based American Football Conference and placed in the AFC Central, the same division as the Bengals. An instant rivalry was born, fueled initially by Paul Brown's rivalry with Art Modell. For their first two seasons, the Bengals played at Nippert Stadium which is the current home of the University of Cincinnati Bearcats.[13] The team held training camp at Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio, through the 1968 preseason. The team finished its first season with a 3–11 record[14] and running back Paul Robinson, who rushed for 1,023 yards, and was named the AFL Rookie of the Year.[15] Quarterback Carson Palmer, wide receiver #84 T. J. Houshmandzadeh, and the rest of the Bengals line up to play the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006. Founder Paul Brown coached the team for its first eight seasons. One of Brown's college draft strategies was to draft players with above-average intelligence. Punter/wide receiver Pat McInally attended Harvard University and linebacker Reggie Williams attended Dartmouth College and served on Cincinnati city council while on the Bengals' roster. Because of this policy, many former players were highly articulate and went on to have successful careers in commentary and broadcasting as well as the arts. In addition, Brown had a knack for locating and recognizing pro football talent in unusual places.[16] In 1970, the Bengals moved to play at Riverfront Stadium, a home they shared with the Cincinnati Reds until the team moved to Paul Brown Stadium in 2000. The team reached the playoffs three times during that decade, but could not win any of those postseason games. In 1975, the team posted an 11–3 record, giving them what is to this day the highest winning percentage (.786) in franchise history. But it only earned them a wild card spot in the playoffs, behind the 12–2 Pittsburgh Steelers, who went on to win the Super Bowl. The Bengals lost to the Oakland Raiders 31–28 in the divisional playoffs.[17] Andy Dalton takes a snap before a game against the Baltimore Ravens on January 1, 2012. The Bengals reached the Super Bowl twice during the 1980s, but lost both times to the San Francisco 49ers. The team appeared in the playoffs in 1990, making it to the second round before losing to the Los Angeles Raiders. Before the following season got underway, Paul Brown died at age 82. He had already transferred control to his son, Mike Brown, but was reported to still influence the daily operations of the team. The Bengals' fortunes changed for the worse as the team posted 14 consecutive non-winning seasons and were saddled with numerous draft busts. They began to emerge from that dismal period into a new era of increased consistency, however, after the hiring of Marvin Lewis as head coach in 2003. Carson Palmer, the future star quarterback, was drafted in 2003, but did not play a snap that whole season, as Jon Kitna had a comeback year (voted NFL Comeback Player of the Year). Despite Kitna's success, Palmer was promoted to starting quarterback the following season. Under Palmer, the team advanced to the playoffs for the first time since 1990 in the 2005 season, which also was the first time the team had a winning percentage above .500 since 1990. The Bengals returned to the playoffs again in 2009 in a season that included the franchise's first ever division sweep. This was especially impressive since two of the teams swept by the Bengals (the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens) had both made it to the AFC Championship Game the previous season. Marvin Lewis was rewarded for the accomplishment with the NFL Coach of the Year Award.[18] In the 2010 season, the Bengals posted a 4–12 record. Following the disappointing 2010 season, quarterback Carson Palmer demanded to be traded. When the Bengals refused to do so, Palmer announced his retirement from the NFL. He later was moved at the NFL trade deadline to the Oakland Raiders. In the 2011 NFL draft, the Bengals selected wide receiver AJ Green in the first round, and quarterback Andy Dalton in the second round. The Bengals improved to 9–7 in the 2011 season, and clinched a playoff spot. Dalton and Green became the most prolific rookie WR-QB duo in history, connecting 65 times for 1,057 yards. However, they lost to the Houston Texans 31–10 in the Wild Card Round. In the 2012 season, the Bengals clinched a playoff spot once more with a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, going to the playoffs in back-to-back years for the first time since 1982. However, the Bengals faced the Texans in the first round yet again and took another early exit, losing 19–13. In the 2013 season, for the third straight year, the Bengals clinched a playoff berth and also won the AFC North, finishing with an 11–5 record. But once again, the Bengals were defeated in the wild card round, this time by the San Diego Chargers, 27–10. Most of the blame was put on Andy Dalton, who threw 2 interceptions and fumbled on a forward dive. This made the Bengals 0–5 in playoff games since Mike Brown took over as owner. The 2014 season started well with the Bengals winning their first three contests against the Baltimore Ravens, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Tennessee Titans. However, they lost their week 5 matchup at the New England Patriots, 43–17. An overtime tie to the Carolina Panthers and shutout loss to the Indianapolis Colts followed the primetime loss to the Patriots. Finishing the season 10–5–1 as the 5th seed, they lost to the Colts, 26–10, in the first round of the playoffs. This was the first time the franchise made the playoffs four straight seasons. In 2015, the Bengals got out to a franchise-best 8–0 start with a 31–10 win over the Cleveland Browns, But then they the lost multiple games in a row losing their undefeated title but still winning their division and clinching a playoff berth. However, they lost to the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers, 18–16, in the Wild Card round in the final minute, making them the first franchise in NFL history to lose five straight opening round playoff games. This frustration continued in 2016 for the Bengals. The Bengals finished the 2016 campaign with a 6–9–1 record, losing several key players to injury including AJ Green, Giovani Bernard, and Jeremy Hill. They missed the playoffs for the first time since 2010, marking the first time Andy Dalton missed the playoffs as the Bengals' starting quarterback. One notable game was a 27–27 tie against the Washington Redskins which was played in London in 2016.[19] Following a rough 2016 season, the Bengals looked forward into 2017. However, after starting 0–3, the Bengals never found their footing. At one point in the season, the Bengals were 5–9. There were rumors that Marvin Lewis would not return for the next season as the Bengals' head coach. However, after two come-from-behind victories over the Lions and Ravens, that eliminated both teams from the playoffs, the Bengals finished 7–9. The final two games were convincing enough for owner Mike Brown to give Lewis a new two-year contract.

Logos and uniforms[edit] When the team debuted in 1968, the Bengals' uniforms were modeled after the Cleveland Browns. When Paul Brown was fired by Art Modell, Brown still owned the equipment used by Cleveland. So after the firing, Paul Brown packed up all his equipment, which he then used for his new team in Cincinnati. The Cleveland Browns' team colors were brown, orange, and white, then they changed to white, black, and orange, and their helmets were solid orange with a white dorsal stripe over the crest. The Bengals' team colors were orange, black, and white, and their helmets were a similar shade of orange, with the only variations being the word "Bengals" in block letters on either side of the helmet and no stripe on the helmet. The Cincinnati Bengals were unique in the NFL as they did not have uniform numbers on the players sleeves (called TV numbers) until the 1980 season. The team did not discard their Cleveland-like uniforms until 1981. During that year, a then-unique uniform design was introduced. Although the team kept black jerseys, white jerseys, and white pants, they were now trimmed with orange and black tiger stripes. The team also introduced the orange helmets with black tiger stripes that are still in use today. In 1997, the Bengals designed a logo consisting of a leaping tiger, and it was added to the uniform sleeves. Another alternate logo consisted of a Bengal's head facing to the left. However, the orange helmet with black tiger stripes continued to be the trademark. In 2004, a new tiger stripe pattern and more accents were added to the uniforms. The black jerseys now featured orange tiger-striped sleeves and white side panels, while the white jerseys began to use black tiger-striped sleeves and orange shoulders.[20] A new logo consisting of an orange "B" covered with black tiger stripes was introduced.[21] The team also started rotating black pants and debuted an alternate orange jersey, with white side panels and black tiger-striped sleeves. The Bengals have worn their black uniforms at home throughout their history, with some exceptions such as the 1970 season when the Bengals wore white at home for the entire season, and most of the 1971 season. Since 2005, the Bengals wear white for September home games where the heat could become a factor.

Mascots[edit] The team's official mascot is a Bengal tiger named Who Dey who walks around on the field often behind the goal post.[22] Aside from Who Dey, the team also has the Cincinnati Ben–Gals, the team's cheerleading squad,[23] which included Laura Vikmanis, the oldest cheerleader in league history.[24]

Contributions to NFL culture[edit] No-huddle offense[edit] A no-huddle offense was commonly used by all teams when time in the game was running low. However, Sam Wyche, the head coach of the Bengals in 1988, along with offensive coordinator Bruce Coslet, made the high-paced offense the standard modality for the ball club regardless of time remaining. By quickly substituting and setting up for the next play—often within 5–10 seconds after the last play despite being afforded 45 seconds—the Bengals hindered the other team's defense from substituting situational players, regrouping for tactical purpose, and resting. In response the NFL instituted rules allowing the defense ample time for substitutions when offensive substitutions were made. The hurry-up tactic was used by the franchise during the late 1980s while Sam Wyche was the coach. A rival for AFC supremacy during this time was the Buffalo Bills, coached by Marv Levy, who also used a version of the no-huddle offense starting with the 1989 season. The Bengals had beaten the Bills three times in 1988 (pre-season, regular season, and the AFC Championship Game). Marv Levy threatened to fake injuries if the Bengals used the "no-huddle" in the AFC Championship. Wyche was notified that the commissioner had ordered the "no-huddle" illegal for the game. The official notified Wyche and the Bengals' team just two hours before the game kickoff. Wyche asked to talk directly to the commissioner and word immediately came back that the "no-huddle" would not be penalized. Levy did not have his players fake injuries in the game, but installed his version the next year, 1989. The Bengals first used the "no-huddle" in 1984. Most of the high-profile games (the various games for AFC titles and regular season games) between the two led to these changes in NFL rules. Wyche also first used the timeout periods as an opportunity to bring his entire team to the sideline to talk to all eleven players, plus substitutes, at one time. This allowed trainers time to treat a cut or bruise and equipment managers time to repair an equipment defect. West Coast offense[edit] The West Coast offense is the popular name for the high-percentage passing scheme designed by former Bengals assistant Bill Walsh. Walsh formulated what has become popularly known as the West Coast offense during his tenure as assistant coach for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1968 to 1975, while working under the tutelage of Brown (and before embarking on his legendary coaching tenure with the San Francisco 49ers in the 1980s). Bengals quarterback Virgil Carter was the first player to successfully implement Walsh's system, leading the NFL in pass completion percentage in 1971. Ken Anderson later replaced Carter as Cincinnati's starting quarterback, and was even more successful. In his 16-year career in the NFL, Anderson made four trips to the Pro Bowl, won four passing titles, was named NFL MVP in 1981, and set the record for completion percentage in a single season in 1982 (70.66%). Zone blitz[edit] The defense created to combat the West Coast offense also came from Cincinnati. Then-Bengals defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau (who later served as the team's head coach from 2000–2002) created the zone blitz in the 1980s in response to the West Coast offense.

Season-by-season records[edit] Main article: List of Cincinnati Bengals seasons

Players of note[edit] See also: Category:Cincinnati Bengals players. Current roster[edit] Cincinnati Bengals roster view talk edit Quarterbacks 14 Andy Dalton  6 Jeff Driskel Running backs 25 Giovani Bernard 33 Tra Carson 89 Ryan Hewitt FB 23 Brian Hill 28 Joe Mixon 39 Jarveon Williams Wide receivers 83 Tyler Boyd 16 Cody Core 12 Alex Erickson 18 A. J. Green 11 Brandon LaFell 80 Josh Malone 15 John Ross Tight ends 82 Cethan Carter 81 Tyler Kroft 86 Mason Schreck 87 C. J. Uzomah Offensive linemen 65 Clint Boling G 74 Jake Fisher T 68 Bobby Hart T 66 Trey Hopkins G 60 T. J. Johnson C 72 Justin Murray T 70 Cedric Ogbuehi T 76 Kent Perkins T 62 Alex Redmond G 63 Christian Westerman G Defensive linemen 97 Geno Atkins DT 99 Andrew Billings DT 96 Carlos Dunlap DE 98 Ryan Glasgow DT 90 Michael Johnson DE 68 Josh Tupou DT 75 Jordan Willis DE Linebackers 52 Brandon Bell OLB 55 Vontaze Burfict OLB 50 Jordan Evans OLB 58 Carl Lawson OLB 56 Hardy Nickerson Jr. MLB 57 Vincent Rey OLB 59 Nick Vigil MLB Defensive backs 21 Darqueze Dennard CB 42 Clayton Fejedelem FS 43 George Iloka FS 22 William Jackson III CB 24 Adam Jones CB 27 Dre Kirkpatrick CB 29 Tony McRae CB 20 KeiVarae Russell CB 26 Josh Shaw CB 36 Shawn Williams SS 40 Brandon Wilson SS Special teams  4 Randy Bullock K 46 Clark Harris LS Reserve lists 53 Carl Bradford MLB (Future)  7 Jonathan Brown K (Future) 47 Connor Harris MLB (Future) -- Javarius Leamon T (Future) -- Oni Omoile G (Future) 84 Scott Orndoff TE (Future) 31 Sojourn Shelton CB (Future) 37 Robenson Therezie S (Future) 17 Kermit Whitfield WR (Future) Unrestricted FAs 61 Russell Bodine C 85 Tyler Eifert TE 32 Jeremy Hill RB 10 Kevin Huber P  5 AJ McCarron QB 51 Kevin Minter MLB 30 Cedric Peerman RB 92 Pat Sims DT 71 Andre Smith T 94 Chris Smith DE 73 Eric Winston T Rookies in italics Roster updated February 15, 2018 Depth chart • Transactions 56 Active, 9 Inactive, 11 FAs → AFC rosters → NFC rosters AFC East BUF MIA NE NYJ North BAL CIN CLE PIT South HOU IND JAX TEN West DEN KC LAC OAK NFC East DAL NYG PHI WAS North CHI DET GB MIN South ATL CAR NO TB West ARI LAR SF SEA Retired numbers[edit] Cincinnati Bengals retired numbers No. Player Position Seasons Retired 54 Bob Johnson C 1968–79 1978 Pro Football Hall of Fame members[edit] Three members of the Hall of Fame have spent some portion of their career with the Bengals, only one spent their entire career with the Bengals. Bengals founder and former coach Paul Brown is also in the Hall of Fame, however he was inducted before founding the Bengals and therefore is not recognized as a Bengals Hall of Famer. Cincinnati Bengals Hall of Famers No. Name Position(s) Season(s) Inducted 18 Charlie Joiner WR 1972–1975 1996[25] 78 Anthony Muñoz OL 1980–1992 1998[26] 81 Terrell Owens WR 2010 2018 Cincinnati Bengals individual awards[edit] NFL MVP Winners Season Player Position 1981 Ken Anderson QB 1988 Boomer Esiason QB AFL/NFL Rookie of the Year Season Player Position 1968 Paul Robinson RB 1969 Greg Cook QB 1985 Eddie Brown WR 1992 Carl Pickens WR Maxwell Club NFL Coach of the Year Season Coach 1969 Paul Brown 1970 Paul Brown 2009 Marvin Lewis Head coaches[edit] Main article: List of Cincinnati Bengals head coaches Name Tenure Regular Season Record Post Season Record W L T W L Paul Brown 1968–1975 55 59 1 0 3 Bill "Tiger" Johnson 1976–1978 18 15 0 -- -- Homer Rice 1978–1979 8 19 0 -- -- Forrest Gregg 1980–1983 34 27 0 2 2 Sam Wyche 1984–1991 64 68 0 3 2 Dave Shula 1992–1996 19 52 0 -- -- Bruce Coslet 1996–2000 21 39 0 -- -- Dick LeBeau 2000–2002 12 33 0 -- -- Marvin Lewis 2003–present 115 101 3 0 7 40th anniversary team[edit] In 2007, in celebration of their 40th anniversary the Bengals named an all-time team voted on by the fans.[27] Offense Defense Carson Palmer QB Justin Smith DE James Brooks RB Ross Browner DE Ickey Woods FB Tim Krumrie DT Chad Johnson WR Mike Reid DT T. J. Houshmandzadeh WR Reggie Williams LB Dan Ross TE Takeo Spikes LB Anthony Muñoz T Brian Simmons LB Willie Anderson T Ken Riley CB Max Montoya G Lemar Parrish CB Dave Lapham G David Fulcher S Rich Braham C Solomon Wilcots S Special Teams Shayne Graham (K), Lee Johnson (P) Current staff[edit] Cincinnati Bengals staff v t e Front Office President/General Manager – Mike Brown Senior Vice President of Player Personnel – Pete Brown Executive Vice President – Katie Blackburn Vice President of Player Personnel – Paul Brown Director of Player Personnel – Duke Tobin Head Coaches Head Coach – Marvin Lewis Offensive Coaches Offensive Coordinator – Bill Lazor Quarterbacks - Alex Van Pelt Running Backs – Kyle Caskey Wide Receivers – Bob Bicknell Tight Ends – Jonathan Hayes Offensive Line – Frank Pollack Offensive Assistant/Wide Receivers – Dan Pitcher Offensive Quality Control/Offensive Line – Robert Couch   Defensive Coaches Defensive Coordinator – Teryl Austin Defensive Line – Jacob Burney Linebackers – Jim Haslett Cornerbacks – Daronte Jones Safeties – Robert Livingston Defensive Assistant – Matt Raich Defensive Quality Control/Defensive Line – Marcus Lewis Special Teams Coaches Special Teams Coordinator – Darrin Simmons Assistant Special Teams/Defensive Quality Control – Brayden Coombs Strength and Conditioning Head Strength and Conditioning – Chip Morton Assistant Strength and Conditioning – Jeff Friday → Coaching staff → Management → More NFL staffs AFC East BUF MIA NE NYJ North BAL CIN CLE PIT South HOU IND JAX TEN West DEN KC LAC OAK NFC East DAL NYG PHI WAS North CHI DET GB MIN South ATL CAR NO TB West ARI LAR SF SEA

Radio and television[edit] Further information: List of Cincinnati Bengals broadcasters and Cincinnati Bengals Radio Network The Bengals flagship radio stations are WCKY, "ESPN 1530" and WEBN-FM, with WLW AM 700 joining in following the end of the Reds' season. Most preseason and regular season games, are telecast on WKRC-TV, Local 12, the CBS affiliate. The current TV announcers for preseason games are Dan Hoard on play-by-play, and Dave Lapham as analyst.[28]

Chant[edit] "Who Dey?!" is the name of a chant of support by fans of the Cincinnati Bengals, in use for over 30 years. The entire chant is: "Who dey, who dey, who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?" The answer screamed in unison, "Nobody." Sometimes fans will instead shout "Who Dey?" to represent the entire cheer. "Who Dey" is also the name of the team's mascot, a Bengal tiger.[29] The Who Dey chant's first known use was by fans of the 1980 Cincinnati Bengals. While the origin of the chant is unsettled, one possible source for the chant is a 1980 commercial for (the now-defunct) Red Frazier Ford of Cincinnati, which used this tagline: "Who's going to give you a better deal than Red Frazier?...Nobody!" Cincinnati fans who had seen the commercial many times may have just copied it when cheering.[30] The Who Dey chant is also steeped in local beer lore. Hudy, a leading product of Hudepohl Brewing Company through the late 1980s, bears a phonetic similarity to the "Who Dey" chant. Beer vendors who carried full cases of bottled local beer up and down the steep upper stairs of what was then Riverfront Stadium would call out "Hudy", "Berger" and other local beer names. Raucous fans would often chant back and forth with them as the vendors called out. During the 1980 season the banter with the Hudepohl vendors grew organically into the now famous (Hu-Dey) -Who They?- chant.[31] The chant bears some similarities to the phrase "Who Dat?", which was officially adopted by the New Orleans Saints in 1983 but had been used by Louisiana's high school team fans for some time. The saying "Who Dat?" originated in minstrel shows and vaudeville acts in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, then it was taken up by New Orleans Jazz and various Big band folks in the 1920s and 1930s. In the late 1960s, local Louisiana High Schools, St. Augustine High School and Patterson High School reportedly have been using the cheer and Gulf Coast fans of Alcorn State University and Louisiana State University picked up the cheer in the 1970s. Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana claims to have originated the cheer in the late 1960s in their version: "Who dat talking 'bout beating dem Jags?"[32]

Franchise records[edit] Passing[edit] Regular Season Playoffs Rookie Career Season Game Career Season Game Season Game Completions 2654 Ken Anderson 373 Carson Palmer 2007 40 Ken Anderson 1982-12-20 @SDG 110 Ken Anderson 53 Ken Anderson 1981 29 Andy Dalton 2014-01-05 SDG 300 Andy Dalton 2011 29 Carson Palmer 2004-12-05 @BAL Pass Attempts 4475 Ken Anderson 586 Carson Palmer 2010 Andy Dalton 2013 68 Jon Kitna 2001-12-30 PIT 166 Ken Anderson 77 Ken Anderson 1981 51 Andy Dalton 2014-01-05 SDG 516 Andy Dalton 2011 52 Carson Palmer 2004-09-26 BAL Passing Yards 32838 Ken Anderson 4293 Andy Dalton 2013 490 Boomer Esiason 1990-10-07 @RAM 1321 Ken Anderson 653 Ken Anderson 1981 354 Ken Anderson 1983-01-09 NYJ 3398 Andy Dalton 2011 382 Carson Palmer 2004-12-05 @BAL Passing TDs 197 Ken Anderson 33 Andy Dalton 2013 6 Carson Palmer 2007-09-16 @CLE 9 Ken Anderson 5 Ken Anderson 1981 2 Ken Anderson (4 times) Boomer Esiason 1991-01-06 HOU 20 Andy Dalton 2011 4 Greg Cook 1969-11-09 @HOU Carson Palmer 2004-11-28 CLE Intercepted 160 Ken Anderson 22 Ken Anderson 1978 Boomer Esiason 1990 Jon Kitna 2001 5 Boomer Esiason 1988-10-16 @NWE 6 Ken Anderson Andy Dalton 3 Ken Anderson 1982 Boomer Esiason 1988 Andy Dalton 2011 3 Ken Anderson 1983-01-09 NYJ Andy Dalton 2012-01-07 @HOU 18 Carson Palmer 2004 3 (6 games) Passer Rating 89.1+ Andy Dalton 106.9# Boomer Esiason 1997 156.2* Boomer Esiason 1985-12-01 HOU 93.5# Ken Anderson 113.3# Boomer Esiason 1990 125* Boomer Esiason 1991-01-06 HOU 97.1# AJ McCarron 2015 141.3* Greg Cook 1969-11-09 @HOU Sacked 398 Ken Anderson 46 Ken Anderson 1979 Andy Dalton 2012 10 David Klingler 1992-11-29 PIT Jeff Blake 1996-10-13 @PIT 14 Boomer Esiason 10 Boomer Esiason 1988 5 Ken Anderson 1982-01-24 NSFO Boomer Esiason 1989-01-22 NSFO 29 Greg Cook 1969 10 David Klingler 1992-11-29 PIT Yds/Pass Att 7.62+ Boomer Esiason 9.41# Greg Cook 1969 14.86* Greg Cook 1969-09-21 SDG 7.96# Ken Anderson 10.11* Ken Anderson 1982 10.11* Ken Anderson 1983-01-09 NYJ 9.41# Greg Cook 1969 14.86* Greg Cook 1969-09-21 SDG Pass Yds/Game 238.9+ Andy Dalton 277.2# Ken Anderson 1982 - 220.2# Ken Anderson 354* Ken Anderson 1982 - 222.8# Carson Palmer 2004 - + = min. 500 attempts, # = min. 100 attempts, ∗ = minimum 15 attempts Rushing[edit] Regular Season Playoffs Rookie Statistic Career Season Game Career Season Game Season Game Rush Attempts 1865 Corey Dillon 361 Rudi Johnson 2004 43 Rudi Johnson 2003-11-09 HOU 89 Ickey Woods 72 Ickey Woods 1988 29 Ickey Woods 1989-01-08 BUF 254 Boobie Clark 1973 39 Corey Dillon 1997-12-04 TEN Rush Yards 8061 Corey Dillon 1458 Rudi Johnson 2005 278 Corey Dillon 2000-10-22 DEN 391 Ickey Woods 307 Ickey Woods 1988 169 Cedric Benson 2010-01-09 NYJ 1129 Corey Dillon 1997 246 Corey Dillon 1997-12-04 TEN Rush Yds/Att 4.8+ James Brooks 5.61# James Brooks 1989 12.64* Corey Dillon 2000-10-22 DEN 4.39# Ickey Woods 8.05* Cedric Benson 2009 8.05* Cedric Benson 2010-01-09 NYJ 5.25# Ickey Woods 1988 9.35* Paul Robinson 1968-10-27 @OAK Rushing TDs 64 Pete Johnson 15 Ickey Woods 1988 4 Corey Dillon 1997-12-04 TEN 4 Ickey Woods 3 Ickey Woods 1988 2 Ickey Woods 1989-01-08 BUF 15 Ickey Woods 1988 4 Corey Dillon 1997-12-04 TEN Rush Yds/Game 75.3+ Corey Dillon 96.2# Cedric Benson 2009 - 78.2# Ickey Woods 169* Cedric Benson 2009 - 73.1# Paul Robinson 1968 - ∗ = minimum 15 attempts, # = min. 100 attempts, + = min. 500 attempts Receiving[edit] Regular Season Playoffs Rookie Statistic Career Season Game Career Season Game Season Game Receptions 751 Chad Johnson 112 T. J. Houshmandzadeh 2007 13 Carl Pickens 1998-10-11 PIT 28 Dan Ross 22 Dan Ross 1981 11 Dan Ross 1982-01-24 NSFO 67 Cris Collinsworth 1981 10 Boobie Clark 1973-10-28 @PIT Cris Collinsworth 1981-09-27 BUF A. J. Green 2011-09-18 @DEN Receiving Yds 10,783 Chad Johnson 1,440 Chad Johnson 2007 260 Chad Johnson 2006-11-12 SDG 354 Cris Collinsworth 244 Dan Ross 1981 130 Marvin Jones 2014-01-05 SDG 1057 A. J. Green 2011 177 Speedy Thomas 1969-12-14 @DEN Yds/Rec 17.07+ Isaac Curtis 24.02# Eddie Brown 1988 38.75* Darnay Scott 1994-10-30 DAL 16.86# Cris Collinsworth 25.5# Rodney Holman 1990 21.4* Cris Collinsworth 1982-01-24 NSFO 18.83# Darnay Scott 1994 25.8* Eddie Brown 1985-12-22 @NWE Receiving TDs 66 Chad Johnson 17 Carl Pickens 1995 4 Marvin Jones 2013-10-28 NYJ 3 Dan Ross 2 Dan Ross 1981 2 Dan Ross 1982-01-24 NSFO 9 Isaac Curtis 1973 3 Isaac Curtis 1973-12-09 CLE Rec Yds/Game 83+ A. J. Green 96.4# A. J. Green 2016 - 83.2# Dan Ross 130* Marvin Jones 2013 - 70.5# A. J. Green 2011 - ∗ = minimum 4 receptions, # = min. 20 receptions, + = min. 200 receptions Other[edit] Regular Season Playoffs Rookie Season Statistic Career Season Game Career Season Game Season Game Total TDs 70 Pete Johnson 17 Carl Pickens 1995 4 Corey Dillon 1997-12-04 TEN Marvin Jones 2013-10-27 NYJ 4 Ickey Woods 3 Ickey Woods 1988 2 Charles Alexander 1982-01-03 BUF Dan Ross 1982-01-24 NSFO Stanley Wilson 1988-12-31 SEA Ickey Woods 1989-01-08 BUF 15 Ickey Woods 1988 4 Corey Dillon 1997-12-04 TEN Yds from Scrimmage 10958 Chad Johnson 1773 James Brooks 1986 278 Corey Dillon 2000-10-22 DEN 409 Ickey Woods 307 Ickey Woods 1988 181 Cedric Benson 2010-01-09 NYJ 1388 Corey Dillon 1997 276 Corey Dillon 1997-12-04 TEN All Purpose Yds 10964 Chad Johnson 1773 James Brooks 1986 278 Corey Dillon 2000-10-22 DEN 409 Ickey Woods 307 Ickey Woods 1988 181 Cedric Benson 2010-01-09 NYJ 1574 Corey Dillon 1997 276 Corey Dillon 1997-12-04 TEN Returns[edit] Regular Season Playoffs Statistic Career Season Game Career Season Game Kick Returns 146 Tremain Mack 64 Tab Perry 2005 8 Eric Bieniemy 1997-11-30 @PHI Tab Perry 2005-11-20 IND 17 David Verser 10 David Verser 1981 7 David Verser 1983-01-09 NYJ Kick Ret Yds 3583 Tremain Mack 1562 Tab Perry 2005 228 Brandon Bennett 2002-11-10 @BAL 302 David Verser 186 David Verser 1981 128 Brandon Tate 2014-01-05 SDG Yds/KR 27.93 Alex Erickson 31.5 Bernard Scott 2009 48.67 Tim McGee 1986-11-23 MIN 30 Stanford Jennings 25.6 Brandon Tate 2013 26.67 Adam Jones 2015-01-04 @IND Kick Ret TDs 2 Tremain Mack 1 (10 times) 1 (10 times) 1 Stanford Jennings 1989-01-22 NSFO Punt Returns 153 Brandon Tate 51 Brandon Tate 2011 7 Tony Davis 1977-11-27 NYG Brandon Tate 2011-10-02 BUF 10 Brandon Tate 6 Ira Hillary 1988 4 Mike Fuller 1982-01-24 NSFO Punt Ret Yds 1411 Brandon Tate 543 Brandon Tate 2011 126 T. J. Houshmandzadeh 2001-11-25 @CLE 67 Brandon Tate 62 Mike Fuller 1981 42 Mitchell Price 1991-01-06 HOU Yds/PR 10.66 Adam Jones 20.9 Craig Yeast 1999 31.67 Lemar Parrish 1974-10-06 WAS 12.4 Mike Fuller 12.4 Mike Fuller 1981 14 Mitchell Price 1991-01-06 HOU Punt Ret TDs 4 Lemar Parrish 2 Lemar Parrish 1974 Craig Yeast 1999 1 (16 times) 0 Total Return Yds 4928 Brandon Tate 1541 Brandon Tate 2011 189 Cleo Montgomery 1980-11-02 SDG 260 Brandon Tate 67 Ira Hillary 1988 134 Brandon Tate 2014-01-05 SDG Kicking[edit] Regular Season Playoffs Statistic Career Season Game Career Season Game Extra Points 476 Jim Breech 56 Jim Breech 1988 7 Horst Muhlmann 1972-12-17 @HOU Shayne Graham 2004-11-28 CLE 25 Jim Breech 10 Jim Breech 1981 5 Jim Breech 1991-01-06 HOU Field Goals 225 Jim Breech 33 Mike Nugent 2011 7 Shayne Graham 2007-11-11 @BAL 9 Jim Breech 3 Horst Muhlmann 1973 Jim Breech 1988, 1990 3 Horst Muhlmann 1973-12-23 @MIA Jim Breech 1989-01-22 NSFO Punts 746 Lee Johnson 100 Kyle Larson 2008 11 Lee Johnson 1997-11-02 SDG Kyle Larson 2008-11-16 PHI 2008-11-30 BAL Kevin Huber 2014-10-19 @IND 26 Kevin Huber 17 Lee Johnson 1988 8 Dave Lewis 1970-12-26 @BAL Kevin Huber 2015-01-04 @IND Punt Yards 32196 Lee Johnson 4023 Kevin Huber 2011 558 Kevin Huber 2014-10-19 @IND 1205 Kevin Huber 718 Lee Johnson 1988 380 Kevin Huber 2015-01-04 @IND Yards / Punt 44.99 Kevin Huber 46.84 Kevin Huber 2014 53.83 Dave Lewis 1970-12-06 @SDG 46.35 Kevin Huber 49.13 Lee Johnson 1990 51.6 Lee Johnson 1991-01-13 @RAI Defense[edit] Regular Season Playoffs Statistic Career Season Game Career Season Game Interceptions 65 Ken Riley 10 Deltha O'Neal 2005 3 (5 times) 3 David Fulcher Ken Riley 2 Eric Thomas 1988 David Fulcher 1990 1 (17 times) Int Ret Yds 596 Ken Riley 167 Ray Griffin 1979 107 James Francis 1992-11-22 DET 54 David Fulcher 54 David Fulcher 1990 45 Neal Craig 1973-12-23 @MIA Int Ret TDs 5 Ken Riley 2 Lemar Parrish 1972 Tommy Casanova 1976 Scott Perry 1978 Ray Griffin 1980 Ken Riley 1983 2 Lemar Parrish 1972-12-17 @HOU 1 Neal Craig 1973-12-23 @MIA Leon Hall 2013-01-05 @HOU Sacks (since 1982) 57 Carlos Dunlap 13.5 Carlos Dunlap 2015 5 Antwan Odom 2009-09-20 @GNB 4 Jason Buck 3 Jason Buck 1988 Reggie Williams 1988 1 (25 times) Exceptional Performances[edit] Statistic Career Season Playoff Games Rookie Games 300+ yard passing games 23 Boomer Esiason 6 Andy Dalton 2013 2 Ken Anderson 2 Carson Palmer 2004 Andy Dalton 2011 100+ yard rushing games 28 Corey Dillon 7 Ickey Woods 1988 Cedric Benson 2009 2 Ickey Woods 7 Ickey Woods 1988 100+ yard receiving games 31 Chad Johnson 6 A. J. Green 2013 2 Cris Collinsworth 4 A. J. Green 2011 Games with 1+ TD scored 50 Chad Johnson 13 Carl Pickens 1995 3 Ickey Woods 11 Ickey Woods 1988 Games with 2+ TD scored 20 Pete Johnson 6 Ickey Woods 1988 1 Charles Alexander Dan Ross Stanley Wilson Ickey Woods 6 Ickey Woods 1988 Games with 3+ TD scored 4 Carl Pickens 2 Pete Johnson 1981 James Brooks 1988 Carl Pickens 1996 - 1 Paul Robinson 1968 Isaac Curtis 1973 Ickey Woods 1988 Corey Dillon 1997

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HoushmandzadehBrandon TateMike FullerMitchell PriceAdam Jones (American Football)Craig YeastLemar ParrishMike FullerMike FullerMitchell PriceLemar ParrishLemar ParrishCraig YeastBrandon TateBrandon TateCleo MontgomeryBrandon TateIra HillaryBrandon TateJim BreechJim BreechHorst MuhlmannShayne GrahamJim BreechJim BreechJim BreechJim BreechMike NugentShayne GrahamJim BreechHorst MuhlmannJim BreechHorst MuhlmannJim BreechLee Johnson (punter)Kyle LarsonLee Johnson (punter)Kyle LarsonKevin HuberKevin HuberLee Johnson (punter)Dave Lewis (punter)Kevin HuberLee Johnson (punter)Kevin HuberKevin HuberKevin HuberLee Johnson (punter)Kevin HuberKevin HuberKevin HuberDave Lewis (punter)Kevin HuberLee Johnson (punter)Lee Johnson (punter)Ken RileyDeltha O'NealDavid FulcherKen RileyEric Thomas (American Football)David FulcherKen RileyRay GriffinJames FrancisDavid FulcherDavid FulcherNeal CraigKen RileyLemar ParrishTommy CasanovaScott Perry (American Football)Ray GriffinKen RileyLemar ParrishNeal CraigLeon HallCarlos DunlapCarlos DunlapAntwan OdomJason BuckJason BuckReggie Williams (linebacker)Boomer EsiasonAndy DaltonKen Anderson (quarterback)Carson PalmerAndy DaltonCorey DillonIckey WoodsCedric BensonIckey WoodsIckey WoodsChad JohnsonA. J. GreenCris CollinsworthA. J. 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