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Origins[edit] A young couple watching the sunset on a Los Angeles beach with surfboard in hand Further information: Youth culture and Californian beach culture The genesis of the California Sound is said to be the Beach Boys' debut single "Surfin'" in 1961.[18][19] While the band's leader Brian Wilson then collaborated with Jan Berry for several hit singles written and produced for other artists, they recorded what would later be regarded the California Sound.[20][21] University of Southern California history professor Kevin Starr has stated that the band was historically important for embodying the era of the Silent Generation, which he described as unpolitical.[22] He explained that the group "could not help but mythologize a landscape and way of life that was already so surreal, so proto-mythic, in its setting. Cars and the beach, surfing, the California Girl, all this fused in the alembic of youth: Here was a way of life, an iconography, already half-released into the chords and multiple tracks of a new sound."[19] The California Sound was thus a musical translation of the California Myth.[23] In the book Pioneers of Rock and Roll: 100 Artists Who Changed the Face of Rock, Harry Sumrall summarized: [The Beach Boys] virtually defined the image of surfers, hot rods, sun, beaches, girls, and fun, fun, fun that became the California myth. The titles of their songs said it as well as anything: "Surfin' U.S.A.," "Little Deuce Coupe," "Surfer Girl," "Fun, Fun, Fun," "Dance, Dance, Dance," and "California Girls". With these hits and others, the group's bassist and songwriter, Brian Wilson, created a new sound in rock and roll. It was called the "surf sound," but in fact it was a combination of older rock verities set in entirely new lyrical and musical contexts.[24] The Beach Boys' surf music was not entirely of their own invention, being preceded by artists such as Dick Dale.[11] However, previous surf musicians did not project a world view as the Beach Boys did.[12] Wilson once said of its myth: "It's not just the surfing; it's the outdoors and cars and sunshine; it's the society of California; it's the way of California."[25] Al Jardine of the Beach Boys argued that "It’s not entirely a myth. There are still some elements that are certainly true, especially for a first-time observer. But to be able to come here and to drive that coast on Route 1 ... you experience the water and the animals and the sea life, the whole thing. It’s really magical. It really is."[26] Capitol Records staff producer Nick Venet, who worked with the group early on, believed that Hollywood films was where most of the group's lyrical inspiration was drawn.[27] Allmusic's review of the group's "All Summer Long" calls it a "potent example" of the California Myth's "idyllic dream world of sun, surf, and fun" while containing qualities of sunshine pop.[28] Author Luis Sanchez believes that the entirety of the album All Summer Long (1964) was "the nearest the Beach Boys ever got to a perfect version of the California myth."[29] David Howard wrote that "Don't Worry Baby" was a "subtle harbinger for the growing dichotomy within the California Sound. While 'I Get Around' symbolized the sunshine ideal in all its carefree splendor, 'Don't Worry Baby' suggested something entirely more pensive and even slightly dark underneath its pristine facade."[21]

Cultural expansion[edit] The Beach Boys – "Surfin' U.S.A." Author Luis Sanchez writes: "If Surfin' U.S.A. [the album] didn't literally transform America into an endless beach, it added vivid dimension to California mythos and took it further than anyone would have thought."[30] Problems playing this file? See media help. The Beach Boys continued expanding their version of the California Myth until it could no longer be confined to pop music terrain, transcending the limits of genre, commercial expectations, and geography.[3] Aiding this was Wilson's successes with collaborator Gary Usher. The duo helped create a major new market revolving around the California Sound, allowing musicians Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher to turn their attention to the Rip Chords, a group who then had hits with the hot-rod themed "Hey Little Cobra" and pseudo-surf "Summer Means Fun".[31] Historian Matthew Allan Ides wrote: The writing duo of [Gary] Usher and [Roger] Christian, like that of Terry Melcher and Bruce Johnston, provided most of the lyrics, production and promotion to the vocal pop music that like instrumental surf music became associated with Southern California youth culture. Ironically, both Usher and Christian had come to California from the East Coast in the late 1950s, and neither had much experience with surfing or local youth. Nonetheless, Usher and Christian translated their impressions of teen life in Southern California into lyrics. Usher’s songs included "In My Room" and the "Lonely Surfer," and Christian’s hits numbered "Surf City," "Little Old Lady From Pasadena," and "Don’t Worry Baby."[32] Historian Kirse Granat May describes the cultural reverberation of both surfing culture and the California Sound: By 1965, with the help of the California sound, the national diffusion of the surfing subculture was complete. It became a mainstream advertising image, keyed into California's youthfulness as "an element of the marketing picture." Pepsi used images of surfers and this pun, "Board Members of the Pepsi Generation". ... Surfing appeared on television sitcoms like Gidget and even entered the plots of shows like Dr. Kildare. ... In the wake of the surfing craze and the emergence of the California sound, American International Pictures (AIP) produced beach and surfing movies for appreciative teenage audiences, reinforcing marketable images. ... the Beach Party films exploited on the big screen what the Beach Boys set to music.[33] Touching specifically on the difference between the Beach Boys' album Surfin' U.S.A. (1963) and others' exploitation of California themes, Luis Sanchez writes: "You could call The Beach Boys' version of Southern California cutesy or callow or whatever, but what matters is that it captured a lack of self-consciousness—a genuineness—that set them apart from their peers. And it was this quality that came to define Brian’s oeuvre as he moved beyond and into bigger pop productions that would culminate in Smile."[30]

Reinvention and decline[edit] The Byrds – "Mr. Tambourine Man" Terry Melcher's mid-1960s productions for the Byrds popularized folk rock, inspiring a new trend in the California Sound's lyricism.[4] The Mamas & the Papas – "California Dreamin'" The Mamas & the Papas' 1965 single "California Dreamin'" supplemented the California Myth.[25] Problems playing these files? See media help. Terry Melcher (left) with the Byrds' Gene Clark and David Crosby The result of Wilson's increasingly artistic interpretations of pop music form helped transform the California Sound into a more musically ambitious and mature world view.[34] Melcher soon worked with the Byrds, producing their 1965 folk rock single "Mr. Tambourine Man".[35][36] Its recording was based on Wilson's production approach to "Don't Worry Baby".[36] Melcher's "commercially golden formula" with the Byrds was immediately co-opted by many Los Angeles-based recording artists such as the Turtles, the Leaves, Sonny & Cher, and Barry McGuire. The lyricism behind the California Sound gradually became less to do with surfing and cars and more about social consciousness and political awareness.[36] In Bill Flanagan's view, after the Beach Boys epitomized the California Sound, Crosby, Stills, & Nash "ratified it".[9] Arnold Shaw summarized in The Rock Revolution (1969): The California Sound went from one extreme to another—from "Be true to your school!" to "Let's freak out!", from the Surf Sound to fuzztone and feedback, from celebration of the open road to a search for strange inner experiences, from the thrill of speed to liberation through sensory overload, from the excitement of bodily motion to the explosiveness of mind-expanding drugs, and from the Beach Boys to the Mothers of Invention—a process in which the Boys themselves underwent an audible, if not visible, transformation.[37] In September 1965, Wilson was quoted saying: "I HATE so-called 'surfin' music.' It’s a name that people slap on any sound from California. Our music is rightfully 'the Beach Boy sound'—if one has to label it."[38] By 1966, Wilson had already begun moving away from the supposed lightweight themes that had established his group's image,[39][40] expressing a willingness to "get out of the Eisenhower mindset" as told by collaborator Van Dyke Parks.[39] Meanwhile, Gary Usher was enlisted by the Byrds to helm their transitional 1967 release Younger Than Yesterday which incorporated folk rock, jazz-influenced pop, novelty space rock, and colorful psychedelia.[41] In Howard's description, "One can view the evolution of the California Sunshine Sound as a mirror of the evolution of the 1960s. Commencing with its post-Eisenhower narrative and insulated complacency, the early California Sound was predicated on Wilson, Usher, and Melcher's simple fun-in-the-sun ideals."[34] It ran into decline by the end of the 1960s due to the West Coast's cultural shifts occurring in tandem with the psychological descent of Wilson and Melcher's associations with the Manson murders, with Howard calling it the "sunset of the original California Sunshine Sound ... [the] sweetness advocated by the California Myth had led to chilling darkness and unsightly rot".[42]

Later years[edit] See also: Chillwave According to Flanagan, by the 1970s, the "spirit" of the California Sound was kept fresh by singer–songwriters such as Lowell George, Jackson Browne, Tom Waits, and Rickie Lee Jones while avoiding what Flanagan called the Sound's "clichés".[9] The magazine Paste credited a 2010s revival of surf rock and the California Sound to the success of bands like Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls and Wavves.[43] In November 2009, Pitchfork ran an editorial feature which mentioned the Beach Boys as a "looming figure" throughout that summer's indie music scene termed the "Summer of Chillwave" elaborating that it is "not to say that any of this music sounds like the Beach Boys, or even tries to. ... The Beach Boys exist in this music in an abstracted form-- an idea, rather than a sound, as it's often been ... Summertime now is about disorientation: 'Should Have Taken Acid With You'; 'The Sun Was High (And So Am I)'; You take the fantasy of [their] music-- the cars, the sand, the surf-- add a dollop of melancholy and a smudge of druggy haze, and you have some good music for being alone in a room with only a computer to keep you company."[44]

Genres[edit] Surf music[edit] Main article: Surf music The California Sound is sometimes referred to interchangeably with surf music.[7] Folk rock[edit] Main article: Folk rock This section is empty. You can help by adding to it. (October 2014) Sunshine pop[edit] Main article: Sunshine pop Efforts by Curt Boettcher in 1966 created an offshoot of the California Sound directed toward sunshine pop.[45]

Associated artists[edit] Native to California[edit] The 5th Dimension[16] The Association[16][46] Curt Boettcher[6] The Beach Boys[6][47] The Byrds[6][47] Gary Usher[6] Jan and Dean[10] Jefferson Airplane[47][48] Terry Melcher[6] The Mamas & the Papas[49][47] Gary Puckett & The Union Gap[47] Sandy Salisbury[16] Sonny & Cher[47][50] The Sunshine Company[16] The Surfaris[47] The Turtles[16] Outside California[edit] The Cherry People[16] The Cowsills[16] First Class[51] The Flower Pot Men[47] The Free Design[16] Love Affair[47] The Love Generation[16] The Lovin' Spoonful[35][47] Spanky and Our Gang[16] Zager and Evans[47]

Other California sounds[edit] Main articles: Bakersfield sound and San Francisco Sound Some areas within the state of California are connected to their own distinguished "sounds" including the San Francisco Sound (San Francisco, 1960s)[48] and the Bakersfield sound (Bakersfield, 1950s).[citation needed] Ides noted: "The Los Angeles sound as popularized in the mainstream obscured or disregarded the contributions made by the working-class, the nonwhite and women."[52] In a Flavorwire article which asks "What is the quintessential California sound?", the journal lists 30 of what it considers "the most Californian albums ever made", elaborating that "the sound itself is important, but it’s the lifestyles behind these scenes that come to define the music."[2] In alphabetical order, the artists mentioned are: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Dead Kennedys, Fleetwood Mac, Germs, Green Day, Guns 'n Roses, Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell, Kendrick Lamar, Love, Mötley Crüe, N.W.A, No Doubt, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sly & the Family Stone, Snoop Dogg, The Doors, The Go-Go's, The Grateful Dead, The Offspring, Tupac Shakur, and X.[2]

Notes[edit] ^ A genre according to Michael Roffman[1] and a lifestyle according to Jillian Mapes.[2]

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EisenhowerVan Dyke ParksYounger Than YesterdayJazzSpace RockPsychedeliaCounterculture Of The 1960sManson MurdersChillwaveLowell GeorgeJackson BrowneTom WaitsRickie Lee JonesPaste (magazine)Best CoastDum Dum GirlsWavvesChillwavePsychic ChasmsBest CoastSurf MusicSurf MusicFolk RockEdit Section: Sunshine PopSunshine PopCurt BoettcherSunshine PopThe 5th DimensionThe AssociationCurt BoettcherThe Beach BoysThe ByrdsGary UsherJan And DeanJefferson AirplaneTerry MelcherThe Mamas & The PapasGary Puckett & The Union GapSandy SalisburySonny & CherThe Sunshine CompanyThe SurfarisThe TurtlesThe Cherry PeopleThe CowsillsFirst Class (band)The Flower Pot MenThe Free DesignLove Affair (band)The Love GenerationThe Lovin' SpoonfulSpanky And Our GangZager And EvansBakersfield SoundSan Francisco SoundSan Francisco SoundSan FranciscoBakersfield SoundBakersfield, CaliforniaWikipedia:Citation NeededFlavorwireCrosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDead KennedysFleetwood MacGerms (band)Green DayGuns 'n RosesJefferson AirplaneJoni MitchellKendrick LamarLove (band)Mötley CrüeN.W.ANo DoubtQueens Of The Stone AgeRed Hot Chili PeppersSly & The Family StoneSnoop DoggThe DoorsThe Go-Go'sThe Grateful DeadThe OffspringTupac ShakurX (American Band)Music GenreConsequence Of SoundFlavorwireInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-89370-909-9Allmusic16 (magazine)Paste (magazine)AllmusicInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-1-56691-614-1International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-87972-338-5John GillilandPop ChroniclesUniversity Of North Texas LibrariesBill FlanaganInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-7953-1081-2International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-313-08505-5International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-634-05560-7University Of MichiganInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-1-109-11538-3International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-1-61774-479-2International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-8078-5362-7Jim Miller (musician)International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/9780679737285Domenic PrioreInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/1860746276International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-1-62356-956-3Arnold Shaw (author)International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-415-10722-8Kevin StarrInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-19-515377-4International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-8230-7628-4Anthony FawcettDavid LeafInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-448-14626-3International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-87358-772-3Kevin StarrInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-307-79526-7Jack WoodInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-1-56799-186-4Template:Pop RockTemplate Talk:Pop RockPop RockPop MusicRock MusicDoo-wopIndie PopTwee PopJangle PopPaisley UndergroundPower PopAlternative PopBeat MusicBrill Building (genre)Bubblegum PopEmo PopIndie RockNew PopPop PunkPost-punkSoft RockVocal SurfCategory:Rock MusicPortal:Rock MusicTemplate:The Beach Boys MainTemplate Talk:The Beach Boys MainThe Beach BoysAl JardineMike LoveBrian WilsonCarl WilsonDennis WilsonBlondie ChaplinRicky FataarDavid MarksBruce JohnstonSurfin' SafariSurfin' U.S.A.Surfer GirlLittle Deuce CoupeShut Down Volume 2All Summer Long (album)The Beach Boys' Christmas AlbumThe Beach Boys Today!Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)Beach Boys' Party!Pet SoundsSmiley SmileWild Honey (album)Friends (Beach Boys Album)20/20 (The Beach Boys Album)Sunflower (The Beach Boys Album)Surf's Up (album)Carl And The Passions – "So Tough"Holland (album)15 Big OnesThe Beach Boys Love YouM.I.U. AlbumL.A. (Light Album)Keepin' The Summer AliveThe Beach Boys (album)Still Cruisin'Summer In ParadiseStars And Stripes Vol. 1That's Why God Made The RadioBeach Boys ConcertLive In London (The Beach Boys Album)The Beach Boys In ConcertGood Timin': Live At Knebworth England 1980Songs From Here & BackLive – The 50th Anniversary TourLive In Sacramento 1964Live In Chicago 1965Graduation Day 19661967 – Sunshine TomorrowEndless Summer (The Beach Boys Album)Rarities (The Beach Boys Album)Made In U.S.A. (The Beach Boys Album)Lost & Found (1961–62)Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach BoysThe Pet Sounds SessionsEndless Harmony SoundtrackUltimate ChristmasHawthorne, CA (album)The Smile SessionsMade In CaliforniaThe Big Beat 1963Keep An Eye On Summer – The Beach Boys Sessions 1964Beach Boys' Party! Uncovered And UnpluggedBecoming The Beach Boys1967 – Sunshine TomorrowThe Beach Boys: Good Vibrations TourThe Beach Boys: An American BandThe Beach Boys: Nashville SoundsEndless Harmony: The Beach Boys StoryGood Timin': Live At Knebworth England 1980The 50th Reunion TourThe Girls On The BeachThe Monkey's UncleThe Beach Boys: An American FamilyLove & Mercy (film)Beach Boys Historic LandmarkBeach Boys StudioBrother StudiosRadiant RadishUnited Western RecordersList Of Cover Versions Of Beach Boys SongsChamber PopCultural Impact Of The Beach BoysThe Beach Boys In Popular CultureVocal SurfThe Beach Boys Bootleg RecordingsList Of Songs Covered By The Beach BoysThe Beach Boys DiscographyList Of Songs Recorded By The Beach BoysList Of Unreleased Songs Recorded By The Beach BoysList Of Songs Recorded By Brian WilsonList Of Songs Recorded By Carl WilsonList Of Songs Recorded By Dennis WilsonList Of Songs Recorded By Mike LoveSmile (The Beach Boys Album)Lei'd In HawaiiBedroom TapesAdult/ChildMerry Christmas From The Beach BoysAndy Paley SessionsBeautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson And The Story Of SmileBrian Wilson Presents SmileCaroline Now!Four By The Beach BoysGoodbye Surfing, Hello God!Good Vibrations (musical)Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach BoyI Am Brian Wilson: A MemoirLooking Back With LovePacific Ocean BlueBrian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds LiveSmiling PetsSpring (American Spring Album)Wouldn't It Be Nice: My Own StoryBrian Wilson Is A GeniusBrother RecordsCollapse Of SmileDon't Fuck With The FormulaThe Beach Boys Live PerformancesThe 50th Reunion Tour50 Years Of Good Vibrations2017 Wild Honey World TourLove V. WilsonMusicianship Of Brian WilsonSea Of TunesThe Beach Boys TimelineBook:The Beach BoysCategory:The Beach BoysPortal:The Beach BoysTemplate:CaliforniaTemplate Talk:CaliforniaU.S. StateCaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaOutline Of CaliforniaCulture Of CaliforniaCuisine Of CaliforniaMusic Of CaliforniaSports In CaliforniaDemographics Of CaliforniaList Of Earthquakes In CaliforniaEconomy Of CaliforniaEducation In CaliforniaEnvironment Of CaliforniaGeography Of CaliforniaClimate Of CaliforniaEcology Of CaliforniaCalifornia Floristic ProvinceFauna Of CaliforniaGovernment Of CaliforniaCalifornia State CapitolDistricts In CaliforniaGovernor Of CaliforniaCalifornia State LegislatureSupreme Court Of CaliforniaHealthcare In CaliforniaHistory Of CaliforniaLaw Of CaliforniaList Of National Historic Landmarks In CaliforniaList Of National Natural Landmarks In CaliforniaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In CaliforniaPolitics Of CaliforniaUnited States Congressional Delegations From CaliforniaElections In CaliforniaList Of People From CaliforniaCalifornia Protected AreasList Of California State ParksList Of California Historical LandmarksList Of California State SymbolsTransportation In CaliforniaWater In CaliforniaIndex Of California-related ArticlesList Of Regions Of CaliforniaAntelope ValleyBig SurCalifornia Coast RangesCascade RangeCentral CaliforniaCentral Coast (California)Central Valley (California)Channel Islands Of CaliforniaCoachella ValleyCoastal CaliforniaConejo ValleyCucamonga ValleyDeath ValleyEast Bay (San Francisco Bay Area)East County, San DiegoEastern CaliforniaEmerald TriangleGold CountryGreat BasinSan Bernardino ValleyInland EmpireKlamath BasinLake TahoeGreater Los Angeles AreaLos Angeles BasinLost CoastMojave DesertMountain Empire, San DiegoNorth Bay (San Francisco Bay Area)North Coast (California)North County (San Diego Area)Northern CaliforniaOwens ValleyOxnard PlainPeninsular RangesPomona ValleySacramento ValleySalinas ValleySan Fernando ValleySan Francisco Bay AreaSan Francisco PeninsulaSan Gabriel ValleySan Joaquin ValleySanta Clara ValleySanta Clara River ValleySanta Clarita ValleySanta Ynez ValleyShasta CascadeSierra Nevada (U.S.)Silicon ValleySouth Bay, Los AngelesSouth Bay, San DiegoSouth Bay (San Francisco Bay Area)South Coast (California)Southern Border Region (California)Southern CaliforniaTransverse RangesTri-ValleyVictor ValleyWine Country (California)Metropolitan Statistical AreaMetropolitan FresnoLos Angeles Metropolitan AreaSacramento Metropolitan AreaInland EmpireSan Francisco Bay Area Combined Statistical AreaSan Diego–TijuanaList Of Counties In CaliforniaAlameda County, CaliforniaAlpine County, CaliforniaAmador County, CaliforniaButte County, CaliforniaCalaveras County, CaliforniaColusa County, CaliforniaContra Costa County, CaliforniaDel Norte County, CaliforniaEl Dorado County, CaliforniaFresno County, CaliforniaGlenn County, CaliforniaHumboldt County, CaliforniaImperial County, CaliforniaInyo County, CaliforniaKern County, CaliforniaKings County, CaliforniaLake County, CaliforniaLassen County, CaliforniaLos Angeles County, CaliforniaMadera County, CaliforniaMarin County, CaliforniaMariposa County, CaliforniaMendocino County, CaliforniaMerced County, CaliforniaModoc County, CaliforniaMono County, CaliforniaMonterey County, CaliforniaNapa County, CaliforniaNevada County, CaliforniaOrange County, CaliforniaPlacer County, CaliforniaPlumas County, CaliforniaRiverside County, CaliforniaSacramento County, CaliforniaSan Benito County, CaliforniaSan Bernardino County, CaliforniaSan Diego County, CaliforniaSan FranciscoSan Joaquin County, CaliforniaSan Luis Obispo County, CaliforniaSan Mateo County, CaliforniaSanta Barbara County, CaliforniaSanta Clara County, CaliforniaSanta Cruz County, CaliforniaShasta County, CaliforniaSierra County, CaliforniaSiskiyou County, CaliforniaSolano County, CaliforniaSonoma County, CaliforniaStanislaus County, CaliforniaSutter County, CaliforniaTehama County, CaliforniaTrinity County, CaliforniaTulare County, CaliforniaTuolumne County, CaliforniaVentura County, CaliforniaYolo County, CaliforniaYuba County, CaliforniaList Of Cities And Towns In CaliforniaLos AngelesSan DiegoSan Jose, CaliforniaSan FranciscoFresno, CaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaLong Beach, CaliforniaOakland, CaliforniaBakersfield, CaliforniaAnaheim, CaliforniaHelp:CategoryCategory:California SoundCategory:American Styles Of MusicCategory:Music Of CaliforniaCategory:Pop Music GenresCategory:Rock Music GenresCategory:1960s In American MusicCategory:1960s In CaliforniaCategory:Music ScenesCategory:The Beach BoysCategory:Brian WilsonCategory:Counterculture Of The 1960sCategory:1961 IntroductionsCategory:1960s In MusicCategory:20th-century Music GenresCategory:History Of Southern CaliforniaCategory:Articles Using Template:Infobox Music Genre With Invalid Colour CombinationCategory:Articles With HAudio MicroformatsCategory:Articles To Be Expanded From October 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