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History[edit] In 1929, the Columbia Broadcasting System began making regular radio news broadcasts—five-minute summaries taken from reports from the United Press, one of the three wire services that supplied newspapers with national and international news. In December 1930 CBS chief William S. Paley hired journalist Paul W. White away from United Press as CBS's news editor. Paley put the radio network's news operation at the same level as entertainment, and authorized White to interrupt programming if events warranted. Along with other networks, CBS chafed at the breaking news embargo imposed upon radio by the wire services, which prevented them from using bulletins until they first appeared in print. CBS disregarded an embargo when it broke the story of the Lindbergh kidnapping in 1932, using live on-the-air reporting. Radio networks scooped print outlets with news of the 1932 presidential election.[2]:485–486 In March 1933, White was named vice president and general manager in charge of news at CBS.[3] As the first head of CBS News, he began to build an organization that soon established a legendary reputation.[2]:486 In 1935, White hired Edward R. Murrow, and sent him to London in 1937 to run CBS Radio's European operation.[2]:486 White led a staff that would come to include Charles Collingwood, William L. Shirer, Eric Sevareid,[4] John Charles Daly, Joseph C. Harsch[2]:501 Cecil Brown, Elmer Davis, Quincy Howe, H. V. Kaltenborn, Robert Trout,[5] and Lewis Shollenberger.[6] "CBS was getting its ducks in a row for the biggest news story in history, World War II", wrote radio historian John Dunning.[2]:487 Television[edit] Upon becoming commercial station WCBW (channel 2, now WCBS-TV) in 1941, the pioneer CBS television station in New York City broadcast two daily news programs, at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. weekdays, anchored by Richard Hubbell. Most of the newscasts featured Hubbell reading a script with only occasional cutaways to a map or still photograph. When Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7, 1941, WCBW (which was usually off the air on Sunday to give the engineers a day off), took to the air at 8:45 p.m. with an extensive special report. The national emergency even broke down the unspoken wall between CBS radio and television. WCBW executives convinced radio announcers and experts such as George Fielding Elliot and Linton Wells to come down to the Grand Central studios during the evening and give information and commentary on the attack. The WCBW special report that night lasted less than 90 minutes. But that special broadcast pushed the limits of live television in 1941 and opened up new possibilities for future broadcasts. As CBS wrote in a special report to the FCC, the unscheduled live news broadcast on December 7 "was unquestionably the most stimulating challenge and marked the greatest advance of any single problem faced up to that time." Additional newscasts were scheduled in the early days of the war. In May 1942, WCBW (like almost all television stations) sharply cut back its live program schedule and the newscasts were canceled, since the station temporarily suspended studio operations, resorting exclusively to the occasional broadcast of films. This was primarily because much of the staff had either joined the service or were redeployed to war related technical research, and to prolong the life of the early, unstable cameras which were now impossible to repair due to the wartime lack of parts. Douglas Edwards on the CBS news set in 1952. In May 1944, as the war began to turn in favor of the Allies, WCBW reopened the studios and the newscasts returned, briefly anchored by Ned Calmer, and then by Everett Holles.[7] After the war, expanded news programs appeared on the WCBW schedule – whose call letters were changed to WCBS-TV in 1946 – first anchored by Milo Boulton, and later by Douglas Edwards. On May 3, 1948, Edwards began anchoring CBS Television News, a regular 15-minute nightly newscast on the CBS television network, including WCBS-TV. It aired every weeknight at 7:30 p.m., and was the first regularly scheduled, network television news program featuring an anchor (the nightly Lowell Thomas NBC radio network newscast was simulcast on television locally on NBC's WNBT—now WNBC—for a time in the early 1940s and the previously mentioned Richard Hubbell, Ned Calmer, Everett Holles and Milo Boulton on WCBW in the early and mid-1940s, but these were local television broadcasts seen only in New York City). NBC's offering at the time, NBC Television Newsreel (which premiered in February 1948), was simply film footage with voice narration. In 1950, the name of the nightly newscast was changed to Douglas Edwards with the News, and the following year, it became the first news program to be broadcast on both coasts, thanks to a new coaxial cable connection, prompting Edwards to use the greeting "Good evening everyone, coast to coast." The broadcast was renamed the CBS Evening News when Walter Cronkite replaced Edwards in 1962.[8] Edwards remained with CBS News with various daytime television newscasts and radio news broadcasts until his retirement on April 1, 1988.

Broadcast history[edit] The information on programs listed in this section came directly from CBS News in interviews with the Vice President of Communications and NewsWatch Dallas. According to the CBS News Library and source Sandy Genelius (Vice President, CBS News Communications), the "CBS Evening News" was the program title for both Saturday and Sunday evening broadcasts. The program title for the Sunday late night news beginning in 1963 was the "CBS Sunday Night News". These titles were also seen on the intro slide of the program's opening. The program airs on Saturday, and Sunday nights at 7:00 - 7:30PM UTC (Eastern Time) on CBS. CBS News Bulletin covering the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Current CBS News broadcasts[edit] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (October 2014) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) CBS News logo. CBS Overnight News CBS Morning News CBS This Morning CBS This Morning Saturday CBS News Sunday Morning Face the Nation CBS Evening News CBS Weekend News 60 Minutes 48 Hours[9] Prime time/evening news program history[edit] West 57th (Meredith Vieira, John Ferrugia) (August 13, 1985 – September 9, 1989) 48 Hours (January 19, 1988–present) 60 Minutes II (January 13, 1999 – September 2, 2005) America Tonight (Dan Rather, Charles Kuralt, Lesley Stahl, Robert Krulwich, Edie Magnus) (October 1, 1990 – 1991) Street Stories (Ed Bradley; January 9, 1992 – June 10, 1993) Eye to Eye with Connie Chung (June 17, 1993 – May 25, 1995) Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel (October 1, 1997 – 1998) CBS Newsbreak Person to Person Morning news program history[edit] CBS Morning News (1963–1979) The Morning Program (1987) CBS This Morning (1987–1999; 2012–present) The Early Show (1999–2012) CBS News Saturday Morning (1997–1999) The Saturday Early Show (1999–2012) CBS Sunday Morning (1979–present) Late night/early morning program history[edit] CBS News Nightwatch (1982–1992) CBS Morning News (1982–present) CBS Up to the Minute (1992–2015) CBS Overnight News (2015–present) This film, television or video-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it with reliably sourced additions.

CBSN[edit] Main article: CBSN CBSN is a 24-hour streaming news channel available from the CBS News website and launched on November, 4th 2014. The channel feature live news from 9 am to midnight on weekdays. The channel makes all of the resources of CBS News available directly on digital platforms with live, anchored coverage 15 hours each week. It is a first for a U.S. 24-hour news channel to forgo cable and be available exclusively only on line and on smart devices such as smart TV's Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and others.[10] The Channel is based at CBS's New York City headquarters.

CBS Newspath[edit] CBS Newspath is CBS News' satellite news-gathering service (similar to CNN Newsource). Newspath provides national hard news, sports highlights, regional spot news, features and live coverage of major breaking news events for affiliate stations to use in their local news broadcasts. The service has a team of domestic and global correspondents and freelance reporters dedicated to reporting for affiliates, and offers several different national or international stories fronted by reporters on a daily basis. CBS Newspath also relies heavily on local affiliates sharing content. Stations will often contribute locally obtained footage that may be of national interest. It replaced a similar service, CBS News NewsNet. Network News Service (NNS) is a pioneering news organization formed by ABC NewsOne, CBS Newspath and Fox NewsEdge. Launched in June 2000, its subscriber list already includes more than 500 ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates throughout the United States. The three news distributors created NNS to cost-effectively pool resources for developing and delivering second tier news stories and b-roll footage. The goal was to realize cost savings in the creation and distribution of these news images, while news organizations and member television stations continued to independently develop and deliver their own signature coverage of top news stories.

CBS News Radio[edit] Main article: CBS News Radio The branch of CBS News that produces newscasts and features to radio stations is CBS News Radio. The radio network is the oldest unit of CBS and traced its roots to the company's founding in 1927, and the news division took shape over the decade that followed. The list of CBS News correspondents (below) includes those reporting on CBS News Radio. CBS News Radio produces the oldest daily news show on radio or television, the CBS World News Roundup, which first aired in 1938 and celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2018. The World News Roundup airs twice every weekday: a morning edition is anchored by Steve Kathan and produced by Paul Farry, while a "late edition" is anchored by Dave Barrett and produced by James Hutton. The evening Roundup, previously known as The World Tonight, has aired in its current form since 1956 and has been anchored by Blair Clark, Douglas Edwards, Dallas Townsend and Christopher Glenn (Glenn also anchored the morning Roundup before his death in 2006). The CBS Radio Network provides newscasts at the top of the hour, regular updates at :31 minutes past the hour, the popular Newsfeeds for affiliates (including WCBS and KYW) at :35 minutes past the hour, and breaking news updates when developments warrant, often at :20 and :50 minutes past the hour. Skyview Networks handles the distribution.

Bureaus and offices[edit] Domestic bureaus[edit] Atlanta, Georgia Chicago, Illinois Dallas, Texas Denver, Colorado Los Angeles, California Miami, Florida New York City (Broadcast Headquarters) San Francisco, California Washington, D.C. Foreign bureaus[edit] Latin America Havana, Cuba Europe Rome, Italy London, United Kingdom Middle East Amman, Jordan Baghdad, Iraq Tel Aviv, Israel Asia Islamabad, Pakistan Kabul, Afghanistan Beijing, China Tokyo, Japan Africa Johannesburg, South Africa

Personnel[edit] Current correspondents[edit] New York World Headquarters Sharyn Alfonsi - correspondent, 60 Minutes Serena Altschul - correspondent, CBS Sunday Morning (2003–present) Jim Axelrod - national correspondent James Brown - special correspondent Tony Dokoupil - Correspondent Jericka Duncan - correspondent Vladimir Duthiers - Correspondent Carter Evans - Los Angeles correspondent Bill Geist - correspondent, CBS Sunday Morning Jeff Glor - Anchor CBS Evening News (2017–Present) Bianna Golodryga - correspondent, co-anchor, CBS This Morning (2018–present) Anne-Marie Green - anchor, CBS Morning News (2013–present) Peter Greenberg - travel editor Armen Keteyian - correspondent, 60 Minutes Gayle King - co-anchor, CBS This Morning (2012–present) Steve Kroft - co-editor, 60 Minutes (1980–present) Maureen Maher - correspondent, 48 Hours Wynton Marsalis - cultural correspondent Anthony Mason - co-anchor, CBS This Morning Saturday Michelle Miller - correspondent Erin Moriarty - correspondent, 48 Hours and CBS Sunday Morning Reena Ninan - anchor, Saturday edition of CBS Weekend News Norah O'Donnell - co-anchor, CBS This Morning (2011–present) Jane Pauley - anchor, CBS Sunday Morning (2014–present) Scott Pelley - correspondent, 60 Minutes (1989–present) Elaine Quijano - anchor, Sunday edition of CBS Weekend News (2010–present); anchor, Monday edition of CBS Overnight News Troy Roberts - correspondent, 48 Hours Mo Rocca - correspondent, CBS Sunday Morning Richard Schlesinger - correspondent, 48 Hours (1984–present) Tracy Smith - correspondent, CBS Sunday Morning and 48 Hours (2000–present) Lesley Stahl - co-editor, 60 Minutes (1972–present) Peter Van Sant - correspondent, 48 Hours Alex Wagner- correspondent, co-anchor CBS This Morning Saturday Anna Werner - correspondent Bill Whitaker - correspondent, 60 Minutes Washington, D.C. Errol Barnett - correspondent Rita Braver - CBS Sunday Morning senior correspondent (1972–present) Margaret Brennan - State Department & White House correspondent (2012–present) Nancy Cordes - congressional correspondent (2007–present) Pam Coulter - CBS News Radio correspondent Jan Crawford - chief legal correspondent (2005-2006; 2009–present) Steve Dorsey - CBS News Radio Executive Editor, host of the CBS News Weekend Roundup John Dickerson - Chief Washington correspondent; co-anchor, CBS This Morning Major Garrett - chief White House correspondent (2011–present) Julianna Goldman - correspondent Lara Logan - Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent, 60 Minutes and co-anchor, Person to Person David Martin - national security correspondent Cami McCormick - CBS News Radio national security and foreign affairs correspondent Jeff Pegues - Justice and Homeland Security correspondent (2013–present) Steven Portnoy - CBS News Radio White House correspondent Bill Rehkopf - CBS News Radio correspondent Chip Reid - national correspondent Susan Spencer - correspondent, 48 Hours and CBS Sunday Morning (1977–present) Kris Van Cleave- transportation correspondent Los Angeles Lee Cowan - national correspondent (1996-2007; 2013–present) Carter Evans Jamie Yuccas Mireya Villarreal London Elizabeth Palmer - correspondent (2000–present) Mark Phillips - correspondent (1982–present) Denver Barry Petersen - correspondent (1978–present) Chicago Adrianna Diaz - national correspondent Dean Reynolds - correspondent (2007–present) San Francisco John Blackstone - correspondent Atlanta Mark Strassmann - correspondent Miami Manuel Bojorquez - correspondent Dallas David Begnoud - correspondent Omar Villafranca - correspondent Rome Seth Doane - Foreign correspondent Beijing Ben Tracy - Foreign correspondent (2008–present) Johannesburg Debora Patta - correspondent Contributors Bob Schieffer - CBS News Contributor, Also Former Chief Washington Correspondent Anderson Cooper - 60 Minutes correspondent; also at CNN Oprah Winfrey - 60 Minutes correspondent Nancy Giles - CBS Sunday Morning correspondent (based in New York) Sanjay Gupta - medical correspondent (based in Atlanta); also at CNN Steve Hartman - "On The Road" correspondent for the CBS Evening News (based in New York) Ben Stein - CBS Sunday Morning contributor CBS Newspath Kenneth Craig - Correspondent (based in New York) Meg Oliver - Correspondent (based in New York) Hena Doba - Correspondent (based in New York) Diane King Hall - MoneyWatch Correspondent Danielle Nottingham - Correspondent (based in Los Angeles) Chris Martinez - Correspondent (based in Los Angeles) Weijia Jiang - Correspondent (based in Washington, DC) Mola Lenghi - Correspondent (based in Washington, DC) Roxana Saberi - Correspondent (based in New York) Past correspondents[edit] Betsy Aaron Jim Acosta - now at CNN Martin Agronsky + Ron Allen - now at NBC News Bob Allison David Andelman Bob Arnot Lowell Bergman - now at PBS Dr. Jennifer Ashton - now at ABC News Thalia Assuras Sharyl Attkisson Jose Diaz-Balart - now at Telemundo Roberta Baskin Nelson Benton + Regina Blakely Ed Bradley + Ray Brady Marvin Breckinridge Patterson + Heywood Hale Broun + Cecil Brown + Terrell Brown Mika Brzezinski - now at MSNBC Winston Burdett + Ned Calmer + Gretchen Carlson Julie Chen - now on The Talk Sylvia Chase Connie Chung (retired) Lou Cioffi + Blair Clark + Mandy Clark Michele Clark Jane Clayson Ron Cochran + Charles Collingwood + Victoria Corderi - now at NBC News Katie Couric Walter Cronkite + Frank Currier John Charles Daly + Faith Daniels Randy Daniels Morton Dean (retired) David Dick + Nancy Dickerson + Linda Douglass Harold Dow + Bill Downs + Kimberly Dozier Jed Duvall Terry Drinkwater + Douglas Edwards + Eric Engberg Tom Fenton Giselle Fernández John Ferrugia Murray Fromson Monica Gayle - now at WJBK Kendis Gibson - now at ABC News Michelle Gielan Christopher Glenn + Bernard Goldberg Fred Graham Jeff Greenfield Bryant Gumbel - now at HBO Sports Tony Guida - now at CUNY-TV Bruce Hall John Hart (retired) David Henderson George Herman + Erica Hill - now at HLN Don Hollenbeck + Richard C. Hottelet + Allan Jackson + Rebecca Jarvis - now at ABC News Whit Johnson - now at KNBC Phil Jones Gordon Joseloff Bernard Kalb (retired) Marvin Kalb (retired) Peter Kalischer + H.V. Kaltenborn + Hattie Kauffman Frank Kearns + Alexander Kendrick + Dana King (retired) Jeffrey Kofman Robert Krulwich Charles Kuralt + Bill Kurtis (retired) Bill Leonard Larry LeSueur + Stan Levey Bill Lynch Vicki Mabrey Sheila MacVicar Paul Manning + Carol Marin - now at WMAQ Chris Mavridis Melissa McDermott Mark McEwen Derek McGinty - later at WUSA Bob McKeown Bill McLaughlin Marya McLaughlin + Jim McManus + Russ Mitchell - now at WKYC Edward P. Morgan + Bruce Morton + Bill Moyers - now at PBS Roger Mudd (retired) Edward R. Murrow + Paul K. Niven Jr. + Betty Nguyen - now at NBC News and MSNBC Deborah Norville - now weekday anchor, Inside Edition Stuart Novins + Meg Oliver (2006-2009) Bill O'Reilly Ike Pappas + Terry Phillips Robert Pierpoint + Randall Pinkston Byron Pitts now at ABC News George Polk + Dave Price - now at WNBC Jane Bryant Quinn Sally Quinn Ed Rabel Dan Rather - now at AXS TV (1962-2006) Harry Reasoner + Trish Regan - now at Fox Business Network Frank Reynolds + Jane Robelot - now at WYFF-TV John Roberts now at Fox News Norman Robinson Maggie Rodriguez Andy Rooney + Charlie Rose - co-anchor, CBS This Morning and Person to Person (1984-1990; 2012–2017) Hughes Rudd + Morley Safer - co-editor, 60 Minutes + Marlene Sanders + Diane Sawyer - now at ABC News Forrest Sawyer Stephen Schiff David Schoenbrun + Daniel Schorr + David Schoumacher Barry Serafin Don Hewitt + Eric Sevareid + Bill Shadel + Bernard Shaw (retired) John Sheahan Gary Shepard William L. Shirer + Lewis Shollenberger+ Maria Shriver - now at NBC News Daniel Sieberg Bob Simon + Bob Sirott Harry Smith - now at NBC News Howard K. Smith + Terence Smith Joan Snyder + Bianca Solorzano Hari Sreenivasan - now weekend anchor, PBS Newshour Mike Stanley John Stehr - now main anchor at WTHR Alison Stewart Hannah Storm - now at ESPN and ESPN on ABC Bill Stout + Kathleen Sullivan Rene Syler Lowell Thomas + Richard Threlkeld + Dallas Townsend + Liz Trotta Robert Trout + Lem Tucker + Meredith Vieira - now at NBC News Richard Wagner Jane Wallace Kelly Wallace - now at CNN Mike Wallace + Clarissa Ward - now at CNN Chris Wragge - now at WCBS Nick Young Paula Zahn (now at Investigation Discovery) + - deceased

Presidents of CBS News[edit] Richard S. Salant (1961–1964) Fred W. Friendly (1964–1966) Richard S. Salant (1966–1979) Bill Leonard (1979–1982) Van Gordon Sauter (1982–1983) Ed Joyce (1983–1986) Van Gordon Sauter (1986) Howard Stringer (1986–1988) David W. Burke (1988–1990) Eric Ober (1990–1996) Andrew Heyward (1996–2005) Sean McManus (2005–2011) David Rhodes (2011–)

International partnerships[edit] In 2017, CBS News entered into a content-sharing agreement with BBC News, respectively replacing similar arrangements with the BBC and ABC News, and CBS and Sky News (which is partially controlled by 21st Century Fox). The partnership includes the ability to share resources, footage, and reports, and conduct "efficient planning of news gathering resources to increase the content of each broadcaster's coverage of world events".[11]

See also[edit] ABC News NBC News CNN Fox News Noticias Univision Independent News Network Bloomberg News

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Salant (1961–1964; 1966–79) Fred W. Friendly (1964–1966) Bill Leonard (1979–1982) Van Gordon Sauter (1982–1983; 1986) Ed Joyce (1983–1986) Howard Stringer (1986–1988) David W. Burke (1988–1990) Eric Ober (1990–1996) Andrew Heyward (1996–2005) Sean McManus (2005–2011) Jeff Fager (2011–2015) David Rhodes (2015–present) ^ Carter, Brandon (30 June 2017). "Conservative media outlets gain seats in White House briefing room", The Hill. Retrieved 8 July 2017. Retrieved from "" Categories: CBS Television NetworkCBS NewsTelevision news in the United StatesPeabody Award winnersHidden categories: CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknownArticles needing additional references from October 2014All articles needing additional referencesPages using div col without cols and colwidth parameters

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