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History[edit] In 1974, Georges Cravenne founded the Academy of Arts and Techniques of Cinema that was, from the outset, intended to reward the achievements and the most remarkable film artwork, to have a French equivalent to the American Oscars. The first César Awards – also known as the "Night of Caesar" – were held on 3 April 1976 under the chairmanship of Jean Gabin who watched the ceremony from the front row seated in a wheelchair a few months before his death. The name of the award comes from the sculptor César, designer of the trophy awarded to the winners in each category. It is also an homage to the Raimu, the great French actor and performer of Marseille trilogy of Marcel Pagnol, in which Raimu played the character of César. Josiane Balasko, Daniel Auteuil, Catherine Deneuve, and Karin Viard at the 2000 César Award Ceremony The César Awards replaced the Étoile de cristal (fr), which was awarded from 1955 to 1975. Other prizes had been awarded to French cinema in the past. From 1934 to 1986, the Grand prix du cinéma français (fr), established by film pioneer Louis Lumière, was given to one film a year. In the 1950s, the Victoire du cinéma français (fr) was awarded each June. Lacking popular enthusiasm compared to the Étoile de cristal, this award was discontinued after 1964. At the inaugural César Awards, 13 awards were distributed. Today, there are 22 (in nine subcategories). Categories added in recent years include Most Promising Actor/Actress (Meilleur espoir), Best Documentary (Meilleur documentaire) and Best Animated Film (Meilleur film d'animation), while awards honoring the best film poster and best producer have been dropped, as they are now given at a sister ceremony, the Prix Daniel Toscan du Plantier (fr).

Voting process[edit] Voting for César Awards is conducted through two ballots by mail: the first to establish nominations per category (three to five, depending on the discipline), and the second to decide the winner. Voters are professionals in the field, numbering about 4,000, divided into 12 colleges (actors, directors, writers, technicians, producers, distributors and international vendors, operators, agents artistic, technical industries, casting directors, press officers and members associates). The criteria for voting are: demonstrate a relatively consistent career in film and get a double sponsorship in the Académie des arts et techniques du cinéma. Nominees or winners of the previous editions are exempt from these formalities. To aid voters, the Académie identifies each year films released in France and provides a guide to the works and eligible professionals. A DVD set of French or primarily French productions produced during the year is sent in December with the catalog of films to the electors. After the nominations are revealed, at the end of January, special screenings of the nominated films are shown at the Le Balzac cinema in Paris, near the Champs-Élysées. Each year, a special lunch (Déjeuner des nommés aux César du cinéma (fr)) for nominees is held at the famous Fouquet's restaurant on the Champs-Élysées, a few weeks before the ceremony.[citation needed]

Categories[edit] Merit awards[edit] Best Film Best Director Best Actor Best Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress Most Promising Actor Most Promising Actress Best Adaptation Best Original Screenplay Best First Feature Film Best Foreign Film Best Animated Film (feature • short) Best Documentary Film Best Short Film Best Cinematography Best Costume Design Best Editing Best Music Written for a Film Best Production Design Best Sound Special awards[edit] Honorary Award Prix Daniel Toscan du Plantier Trophée César & Techniques Médaille d’Or Retired awards[edit] Best Film from the European Union (2002–2004) Best Poster (1986–1990) Best Producer (1995–1996) Best Writing (Adaptation or Original) (1976–2005) Best French Language Film (1984–1986) Best Documentary Short (1977–1991) Best Fiction Short (1977–1991) Best Animated Short (1977–1990)

Ceremonies[edit] Edition Date[3] President(s)[4] Host(s)[5] Best Film 1st César Awards 3 April 1976 Jean Gabin Pierre Tchernia Le Vieux Fusil 2nd César Awards 19 February 1977 Lino Ventura Monsieur Klein 3rd César Awards 4 February 1978 Jeanne Moreau Providence 4th César Awards 3 February 1979 Charles Vanel Pierre Tchernia and Jean-Claude Brialy L'Argent des autres 5th César Awards 2 February 1980 Jean Marais Pierre Tchernia and Peter Ustinov Tess 6th César Awards 31 January 1981 Yves Montand Pierre Tchernia The Last Metro 7th César Awards 27 February 1982 Orson Welles Jacques Martin and Pierre Tchernia Quest for Fire 8th César Awards 26 February 1983 Catherine Deneuve Jean-Claude Brialy La Balance 9th César Awards 3 March 1984 Gene Kelly Léon Zitrone (Tie) À nos amours & Le Bal 10th César Awards 3 February 1985 Simone Signoret Pierre Tchernia My New Partner 11th César Awards 22 February 1986 Madeleine Renaud and Jean-Louis Barrault Michel Drucker Three Men and a Cradle 12th César Awards 7 March 1987 Sean Connery Michel Drucker and Pierre Tchernia Thérèse 13th César Awards 12 March 1988 Miloš Forman Michel Drucker and Jane Birkin Au revoir les enfants 14th César Awards 4 March 1989 Peter Ustinov Pierre Tchernia Camille Claudel 15th César Awards 4 March 1990 Kirk Douglas Ève Ruggiéri (fr) Too Beautiful for You 16th César Awards 9 March 1991 Sophia Loren Richard Bohringer Cyrano de Bergerac 17th César Awards 22 February 1992 Michèle Morgan Frédéric Mitterrand Tous les Matins du Monde 18th César Awards 8 March 1993 Marcello Mastroianni Savage Nights 19th César Awards 26 February 1994 Gérard Depardieu Fabrice Luchini and Clémentine Célarié Smoking / No Smoking 20th César Awards 25 February 1995 Alain Delon Jean-Claude Brialy and Pierre Tchernia Wild Reeds 21st César Awards 3 February 1996 Philippe Noiret Antoine de Caunes La Haine 22nd César Awards 8 February 1997 Annie Girardot Ridicule 23rd César Awards 28 February 1998 Juliette Binoche Same Old Song 24th César Awards 6 March 1999 Isabelle Huppert The Dreamlife of Angels 25th César Awards 19 February 2000 Alain Delon Alain Chabat Venus Beauty Institute 26th César Awards 24 February 2001 Daniel Auteuil Édouard Baer The Taste of Others 27th César Awards 2 March 2002 Nathalie Baye Amélie 28th César Awards 22 February 2003 — Géraldine Pailhas The Pianist 29th César Awards 21 February 2004 Fanny Ardant Gad Elmaleh The Barbarian Invasions 30th César Awards 26 February 2005 Isabelle Adjani Games of Love and Chance 31st César Awards 25 February 2006 Carole Bouquet Valérie Lemercier The Beat That My Heart Skipped 32nd César Awards 24 February 2007 Claude Brasseur Lady Chatterley 33rd César Awards 22 February 2008 Jean Rochefort Antoine de Caunes The Secret of the Grain 34th César Awards 27 February 2009 Charlotte Gainsbourg Séraphine 35th César Awards 27 February 2010 Marion Cotillard Valérie Lemercier and Gad Elmaleh A Prophet 36th César Awards 25 February 2011 Jodie Foster Antoine de Caunes Of Gods and Men 37th César Awards 24 February 2012 Guillaume Canet The Artist 38th César Awards 22 February 2013 Jamel Debbouze Amour 39th César Awards 28 February 2014 François Cluzet Cécile de France Me, Myself and Mum 40th César Awards 20 February 2015 Dany Boon Édouard Baer Timbuktu 41st César Awards 26 February 2016 Claude Lelouch Florence Foresti Fatima 42nd César Awards 24 February 2017 — Jérôme Commandeur Elle 43rd César Awards 2 March 2018 Manu Payet

Trivia[edit] Films which received five or more César Awards[edit] Film Year Noms. Wins Cyrano de Bergerac 1990 13 10 The Last Metro 1980 12 10 A Prophet 2009 13 9 The Beat That My Heart Skipped 2005 10 8 All the World's Mornings 1991 11 7 Goodbye, Children 1987 9 7 The Pianist 2002 10 7 Providence 1977 8 7 Same Old Song 1997 12 7 Séraphine 2008 9 7 Timbuktu 2015 8 7 The Artist 2012 10 6 Thérèse 1986 10 6 Lady Chatterley 2007 9 5 Queen Margot 1994 12 5 Camille Claudel 1988 12 5 Smoking/No Smoking 1993 9 5 Too Beautiful For You 1989 11 5 A Very Long Engagement 2004 12 5 La Vie en Rose 2007 11 5 Amour 2013 10 5 Me, Myself and Mum 2014 10 5 Films which received 10 or more César Award nominations[edit] Film Year Noms. Wins Amélie 2001 13 4 Cyrano de Bergerac 1990 13 10 Subway 1985 13 3 A Prophet 2009 13 9 Polisse 2012 13 2 Camille redouble 2013 13 0 See You Up There 2018 13 BPM (Beats per Minute) 2018 13 8 Women 2002 12 0 The Last Metro 1980 12 10 Tchao Pantin 1984 12 5 Camille Claudel 1988 12 5 Queen Margot 1994 12 5 Ridicule 1996 12 4 Same Old Song 1997 12 7 A Very Long Engagement 2004 12 5 The Minister 2012 12 3 All the World's Mornings 1991 11 7 Nelly and Mr. Arnaud 1995 11 2 A Secret 2007 11 1 À l'origine 2009 11 1 Of Gods and Men 2010 11 3 Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train 1998 11 3 Too Beautiful for You 1989 11 5 La Vie en Rose 2007 11 5 Marguerite 2016 11 4 Elle 2017 11 2 Frantz 2017 11 1 My Golden Days 2016 11 1 Public Enemy Number One 2008 10 3 The Beat That My Heart Skipped 2005 10 8 Clean Up 1981 10 0 The Pianist 2002 10 7 Thérèse 1986 10 6 Welcome 2009 10 0 The Artist 2012 10 6 Farewell, My Queen 2013 10 3 Amour 2013 10 5 Me, Myself and Mum 2014 10 5 Saint Laurent 2015 10 1 C'est la vie! 2018 10 Directors with two or more awards[edit] Director Noms. Wins. Roman Polanski 4 4 Alain Resnais 8 2 Bertrand Tavernier 7 2 Jacques Audiard 6 2 Jean-Jacques Annaud 4 2 Claude Sautet 4 2 Abdellatif Kechiche 3 2 Actors with 7 or more nominations[edit] Actor/Actress Noms. Wins Gérard Depardieu 17 2 Isabelle Huppert 16 2 Catherine Deneuve 14 2 Daniel Auteuil 13 2 Nathalie Baye 10 4 Catherine Frot 10 2 Karin Viard 10 2 Fabrice Luchini 10 1 Miou-Miou 10 1 Juliette Binoche 10 1 Dominique Blanc 9 4 François Cluzet 9 1 Isabelle Adjani 8 5 Emmanuelle Béart 8 1 Sandrine Kiberlain 8 1 Michel Serrault 8 3 André Dussollier 7 3 Marion Cotillard 7 2 Charlotte Gainsbourg 7 1 "Big Five" winners and nominees[edit] Winners[edit] The Last Metro (1980) Best Film: The Last Metro Best Director: François Truffaut Best Actor: Gérard Depardieu Best Actress: Catherine Deneuve Best Writing: Suzanne Schiffman and François Truffaut Amour (2013) Best Film: Amour Best Director: Michael Haneke Best Actor: Jean-Louis Trintignant Best Actress: Emmanuelle Riva Best Writing: Michael Haneke Nominees[edit] Four awards won Smoking/No Smoking (1993): Best Actress (Sabine Azéma) Too Beautiful for You (1989): Best Actor (Gérard Depardieu) Three awards won Cyrano de Bergerac (1990): best Actress (Anne Brochet) and Writing (Jean-Claude Carrière and Jean-Paul Rappeneau) Same Old Song (1997): best Actress (Sabine Azéma) and Director (Alain Resnais) Most acting wins and nominations for a film[edit] Total Wins Film Actors 7 1 Polisse Actress: Marina Foïs and Karin Viard Supporting Actor: Nicolas Duvauchelle, JoeyStarr and Frédéric Pierrot Supporting Actress: Karole Rocher Promising Actress Naidra Ayadi (won) 7 0 Camille redouble Actress: Noémie Lvovsky Supporting Actor: Samir Guesmi and Michel Vuillermoz Supporting Actress: Judith Chemla and Yolande Moreau Promising Actress Julia Faure and India Hair 5 3 Same Old Song Actor: André Dussollier (won) Actress: Sabine Azéma Supporting Actor: Jean-Pierre Bacri (won) Supporting Actress: Agnès Jaoui (won) and Lambert Wilson 4 3 Queen Margot Actress: Isabelle Adjani (won) Supporting Actor: Jean-Hugues Anglade (won) Supporting Actress: Dominique Blanc and Virna Lisi (won) 4 2 The Last Metro Actor: Gérard Depardieu (won) Actress: Catherine Deneuve (won) Supporting Actor: Heinz Bennent Supporting Actress: Andréa Ferréol 4 1 Elle Actress: Isabelle Huppert (won) Supporting Actor: Laurent Lafitte Supporting Actress: Anne Consigny Promising Actor: Jonas Bloquet 4 1 La Famille Bélier Actor: François Damiens Actress: Karin Viard Supporting Actor: Éric Elmosnino Promising Actress: Louane Emera (won) 4 1 Too Beautiful for You Actor: Gérard Depardieu Actress: Josiane Balasko and Carole Bouquet (won) Supporting Actor: Roland Blanche 4 0 Amélie Actress: Audrey Tautou Supporting Actor: Jamel Debbouze and Rufus Supporting Actress: Isabelle Nanty 3 2 Amour Actor: Jean-Louis Trintignant (won) Actress: Emmanuelle Riva (won) Supporting Actress: Isabelle Huppert 3 2 What's in a Name Actor: Patrick Bruel Supporting Actor: Guillaume de Tonquédec (won) Supporting Actress: Valérie Benguigui (won) 3 1 Camille Claudel Actor: Gérard Depardieu Actress: Isabelle Adjani (won) Supporting Actor: Alain Cuny 3 1 Hippocrate Actor: Vincent Lacoste Supporting Actor: Reda Kateb (won) Supporting Actress: Marianne Denicourt 3 1 La Vie en rose Actress: Marion Cotillard (won) Supporting actor: Pascal Greggory Supporting Actress: Sylvie Testud 3 1 Yves Saint Laurent Actor: Pierre Niney (won) Supporting Actor: Guillaume Gallienne Supporting Actress: Charlotte Le Bon 3 1 It's Only the End of the World Actor: Gaspard Ulliel (won) Supporting Actor: Vincent Cassel Supporting Actress: Nathalie Baye 3 0 Ridicule Actor: Charles Berling Supporting Actor: Bernard Giraudeau and Jean Rochefort 3 0 Saint Laurent Actor: Gaspard Ulliel Supporting Actor: Louis Garrel and Jérémie Renier

See also[edit] Lumières Award Louis Delluc Prize Academy Awards British Academy Film Awards

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CommandeurElle (film)43rd César AwardsManu PayetCyrano De Bergerac (1990 Film)The Last MetroA ProphetThe Beat That My Heart SkippedTous Les Matins Du MondeAu Revoir Les EnfantsThe Pianist (2002 Film)Providence (1977 Film)Same Old SongSéraphine (film)Timbuktu (2014 Film)The Artist (film)Thérèse (film)Lady Chatterley (film)La Reine Margot (1994 Film)Camille Claudel (film)Smoking/No SmokingToo Beautiful For YouA Very Long EngagementLa Vie En Rose (film)Amour (2012 Film)Me, Myself And MumAmélieCyrano De Bergerac (1990 Film)Subway (film)A ProphetPolisseCamille RedoubleSee You Up There (film)BPM (Beats Per Minute)8 WomenThe Last MetroSo Long, StoogeCamille Claudel (film)La Reine Margot (1994 Film)RidiculeSame Old SongA Very Long EngagementThe MinisterTous Les Matins Du MondeNelly And Mr. ArnaudA SecretIn The Beginning (2009 Film)Of Gods And Men (film)Those Who Love Me Can Take The TrainToo Beautiful For YouLa Vie En Rose (film)Marguerite (film)Elle (film)Frantz (film)My Golden DaysMesrine (2008 Film)The Beat That My Heart SkippedCoup De TorchonThe Pianist (2002 Film)Thérèse (film)Welcome (2009 Film)The Artist (film)Farewell, My QueenAmour (2012 Film)Me, Myself And MumSaint Laurent (film)C'est La Vie! (2017 Film)Roman PolanskiAlain ResnaisBertrand TavernierJacques AudiardJean-Jacques AnnaudClaude SautetAbdellatif KechicheGérard DepardieuIsabelle HuppertCatherine DeneuveDaniel AuteuilNathalie BayeCatherine FrotKarin ViardFabrice LuchiniMiou-MiouJuliette BinocheDominique BlancFrançois CluzetIsabelle AdjaniEmmanuelle BéartSandrine KiberlainMichel SerraultAndré DussollierMarion CotillardCharlotte GainsbourgThe Last MetroThe Last MetroFrançois TruffautGérard DepardieuCatherine DeneuveSuzanne SchiffmanFrançois TruffautAmour (2012 Film)Amour (2012 Film)Michael HanekeJean-Louis TrintignantEmmanuelle RivaMichael HanekeSmoking/No SmokingSabine AzémaToo Beautiful For YouGérard DepardieuCyrano De Bergerac (1990 Film)Anne BrochetJean-Claude CarrièreJean-Paul RappeneauSame Old SongSabine AzémaAlain ResnaisPolisseMarina FoïsKarin ViardNicolas DuvauchelleJoeyStarrFrédéric PierrotKarole RocherNaidra AyadiCamille RedoubleNoémie LvovskySamir GuesmiMichel VuillermozJudith ChemlaYolande MoreauJulia FaureIndia HairSame Old SongAndré DussollierSabine AzémaJean-Pierre BacriAgnès JaouiLambert WilsonLa Reine Margot (1994 Film)Isabelle AdjaniJean-Hugues AngladeDominique BlancVirna LisiThe Last MetroGérard DepardieuCatherine DeneuveHeinz BennentAndréa FerréolElle (film)Isabelle HuppertLaurent LafitteAnne ConsignyLa Famille BélierFrançois DamiensKarin ViardÉric ElmosninoLouane EmeraToo Beautiful For YouGérard DepardieuJosiane BalaskoCarole BouquetRoland BlancheAmélieAudrey TautouJamel DebbouzeRufus (actor)Isabelle NantyAmour (2012 Film)Jean-Louis TrintignantEmmanuelle RivaIsabelle HuppertWhat's In A NamePatrick BruelGuillaume De TonquédecValérie BenguiguiCamille Claudel (film)Gérard DepardieuIsabelle AdjaniAlain CunyHippocrateVincent LacosteReda KatebMarianne DenicourtLa Vie En Rose (film)Marion CotillardPascal GreggorySylvie TestudYves Saint Laurent (film)Pierre NineyGuillaume GallienneCharlotte Le BonIt's Only The End Of The WorldGaspard UllielVincent CasselNathalie BayeRidiculeCharles BerlingBernard GiraudeauJean RochefortSaint Laurent (film)Gaspard UllielLouis GarrelJérémie RenierLumières AwardLouis Delluc PrizeAcademy AwardsBritish Academy Film AwardsAcadémie Des Arts Et Techniques Du CinémaIMDbTemplate:CésarsTemplate Talk:CésarsAcadémie Des Arts Et Techniques Du CinémaGeorges CravenneCésar Award For Best FilmCésar Award For Best DirectorCésar Award For Best ActorCésar Award For Best ActressCésar Award For Best Supporting ActorCésar Award For Best Supporting ActressCésar Award For Most Promising ActorCésar Award For Most Promising ActressCésar Award For Best AdaptationCésar Award For Best Original ScreenplayCésar Award For Best First Feature FilmCésar Award For Best Foreign FilmCésar Award For Best Animated FilmCésar Award For Best Animated Short FilmCésar Award For Best Documentary FilmCésar Award For Best Short FilmCésar Award For Best CinematographyCésar Award For Best Costume DesignCésar Award For Best EditingCésar Award For Best Original MusicCésar Award For Best SoundCésar Award For Best Production DesignHonorary CésarCésar Award For Best Film From The European UnionCésar Award For Best PosterCésar Award For Best ProducerCésar Award For Best Writing1st César Awards2nd César Awards3rd César Awards4th César Awards5th César Awards6th César Awards7th César Awards8th César Awards9th César Awards10th César Awards11th César Awards12th César Awards13th César Awards14th César Awards15th César Awards16th César Awards17th César Awards18th César Awards19th César Awards20th César Awards21st César Awards22nd César Awards23rd César Awards24th César Awards25th César Awards26th César Awards27th César Awards28th César Awards29th César Awards30th César Awards31st César Awards32nd César Awards33rd César Awards34th César Awards35th César Awards36th César Awards37th César Awards38th César Awards39th César Awards40th César Awards41st César Awards42nd César Awards43rd César AwardsTemplate:César Awards PresidentsTemplate Talk:César Awards PresidentsJean GabinLino VenturaJeanne MoreauCharles VanelJean MaraisYves MontandOrson WellesCatherine DeneuveGene KellySimone SignoretMadeleine RenaudJean-Louis BarraultSean ConneryMiloš FormanPeter UstinovKirk DouglasSophia LorenMichèle MorganMarcello MastroianniGérard DepardieuAlain DelonPhilippe NoiretAnnie GirardotJuliette BinocheIsabelle HuppertAlain DelonDaniel AuteuilNathalie BayeFanny ArdantIsabelle AdjaniCarole BouquetClaude BrasseurJean RochefortCharlotte GainsbourgMarion CotillardJodie FosterGuillaume CanetJamel DebbouzeFrançois CluzetDany BoonClaude LelouchTemplate:National Cinema AwardsTemplate Talk:National Cinema AwardsList Of Film AwardsGhana Movie AwardsAfrica Movie Academy AwardsSouth African Film And Television AwardsDidor International Film FestivalGolden Rooster AwardsHong Kong Film AwardHundred Flowers AwardsHuabiao AwardsJapan Academy Prize (film Award)Grand Bell AwardsBlue Dragon Film AwardsGolden Horse Film Festival And AwardsNational Film Awards (Bangladesh)Meril Prothom Alo AwardsBachsas AwardsFilmfare AwardsFilmfare Awards SouthFilmfare Awards EastNational Film AwardsLux Style AwardsARY Film AwardsNigar AwardsMyanmar Motion Picture Academy AwardsIndonesian Film FestivalIndonesian Movie Actor AwardsMalaysia Film FestivalFAMAS AwardGawad Urian AwardLuna AwardSuphannahong National Film AwardsGolden Lotus Awards (Vietnam Film Festival)Golden Kite PrizeFajr International Film FestivalOphir AwardInternational Antalya Film FestivalEuropean Film AwardsCzech Lion AwardsPolish Film AwardsNika AwardSun In A Net AwardsRobert AwardsBodil AwardsJussi AwardsIrish Film & Television AcademyAmanda AwardGuldbagge AwardsBritish Academy Film AwardsHeart Of SarajevoPula Film FestivalHellenic Film Academy AwardsDavid Di DonatelloNastro D'ArgentoGolden Camera AwardSophia AwardsGoya AwardsMagritte AwardLumières AwardDeutscher FilmpreisGolden Calf (award)Swiss Film AwardCanadian Screen AwardsAriel AwardAcademy AwardsAACTA AwardsNew Zealand Film And Television AwardsArgentine 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