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History[edit] The Buzzr brand was first used by Fremantle for a YouTube channel created and produced by its digital content studio Tiny Riot, which debuted in late 2014. The Buzzr YouTube channel features classic clips, and short-form adaptations of its game show properties (such as Family Feud and Password), with internet celebrities as contestants, primarily aimed towards millennials.[4][6][7] On January 20, 2015, FremantleMedia announced that it would launch Buzzr, a digital multicast network that would serve as an extension of the brand; the network, with the Fox Television Stations as its charter station group. Buzzr features classic game shows from the company's programming library.[8][9][10]Thom Beers, former CEO of FremantleMedia North America, stated his interest in launching a network centered on its game show content after he joined the company in 2012, calling such a project a "top priority" for Fremantle as a way to help monetize the value of its library. The company intended to focus Buzzr toward older adults, with Beers citing that the "old-format game shows are really, really hard [for the younger viewership that the Buzzr YouTube channel targets] to watch."[4] The Buzzr television network debuted on June 1, 2015, with the launch preceded by a preview reel outlining its initial programming that aired in an eight-hour continuous loop, starting at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The network formally launched that evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time with the 1963 pilot episode of Let's Make a Deal as the first show to be broadcast.[2][11][12][13] In February 2016, Fremantle was sued by Codename Enterprises, a New York-based web development firm, for trademark infringement, dilution, and unfair competition, as it has done business under the name "Buzzr" since 2009. The suit argued that Fremantle's use of the brand on its YouTube channel had associated it with objectionable content, and alleged that Fremantle had displaced its own YouTube channel URL to point towards it.[14] In 2016, to celebrate the upcoming 75th year of the genre,[15] the network created a story arc of the game show with new episodes of favorable classics, along with additional promotions and special marathons all year long. Additionally, that fall, FremantleMedia began leasing select episodes of Card Sharks with Bill Rafferty and Family Feud with Louie Anderson for weekend airings on their affiliates' main channels, though this practice ended after a single season. In October 2016, FremantleMedia and Canadian video game company Ludia teamed up to create a slot machine app based on Buzzr's programming. The name of the app is called the "Buzzr Casino"[16] based on their former prime-time programming block. On March 27, 2017, Buzzr began airing paid programming from 6 to 8 AM on weekdays, and from 6 to 10 AM on weekends. On January 1, 2018, paid programming was also added to the 5 AM hour for both weekdays and weekends.

Programming[edit] Main article: List of programs broadcast by Buzzr FremantleMedia has a library of game shows, spanning 154 series and an estimated 40,000 episodes overall, from which it draws its programming.[17] The network's regular lineup – with series produced from the 1950s to 2000 – includes such programs as To Tell the Truth, Password, Family Feud (encompassing episodes beginning with Richard Dawson as host and dating up to John O'Hurley's tenure), Let's Make a Deal (from Monty Hall's runs as host), What's My Line?, I've Got a Secret, Beat the Clock, Card Sharks, Body Language, and Match Game.[3][4][5] Reruns of The Price Is Right have been identified as a potential future series on the network but, to date, have never aired.[18] Most of the original episodes' content is intact (including product plugs), though in addition to the actual closings (which usually say either "A Mark Goodson/Bill Todman Production" or "A Mark Goodson Television Production"), the FremantleMedia logo is also seen at the end of its shows. With FremantleMedia's acquisition of the Supermarket Sweep franchise, reruns of that series (from David Ruprecht's hosting run) was added in 2018. As of 2017, almost all of Buzzr's lineup consists of game shows that originally had aired in the 1970s and 1980s (Match Game and Family Feud, in particular, air multiple episodes each day), with select blocks of 1950s and 1960s panel shows also being featured. More obscure programs occasionally air as special program blocks, including the anthology series Lost and Found, featuring rare episodes, unsold pilots, and forgotten shows. On October 20, 2017 Buzzr debuted its first original program Game Changers. This documentary reviewed the history of the game show genre and featured interviews with game show personalities such as Alex Trebek, Wink Martindale and Drew Carey.[19] With the exception of paid programming overnights and the FCC required Educational and Informational programming, the only non-game show related programming on Buzzr thus far was between September 14, 2017 and October 6, 2017, when episodes of Richard Simmons Dream Maker briefly appeared on the schedule.

Streaming services[edit] In 2017, three on-demand service sites were allowed for users to watch full episodes of classic game shows. Nosey[edit] The new channel for Roku[20] has five classic game shows that you can watch for free including Family Feud (Dawson & Anderson), Match Game (Rayburn), Press Your Luck, To Tell the Truth (Collyer) & Card Sharks (Eubanks). Amazon Prime Video[edit] This has only fourteen[21] classic game shows that can be viewed for free as part of an Amazon Prime subscription. Select shows include Beat the Clock (Hall), Blockbusters (Cullen), Body Language, Card Sharks (Perry & Eubanks), Child's Play, Double Dare (Trebek), Family Feud (Dawson, Combs & Anderson), Match Game (Rayburn), Password Plus (Ludden), Press Your Luck, Super Password, Tattletales, I've Got a Secret (Moore) & What's My Line (Daly) Twitch[edit] Various classic game shows are streamed online for free at Twitch.[22] Buzzr's official Twitch feed does not match the over-the-air network's schedule and includes no promos, commercials or station identification; the Twitch feed does not have a schedule.

Affiliates[edit] As of February 2016[update], Buzzr has current subchannel affiliation agreements with television stations in 53 media markets encompassing 26 states and the District of Columbia, covering over 60% of media markets in the United States.[23] Fox Television Stations was announced as the network's initial affiliate group, airing Buzzr on 12 Fox owned-and-operated stations (including a satellite station of Orlando O&O WOFL, whose sister station WRBW serves as that market's affiliate) and five MyNetworkTV owned-and-operated stations. Buzzr has affiliates in all 10 of the largest and 15 of the 20 largest U.S. television markets (including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston-Manchester and Dallas–Fort Worth), with an initial reach of 37% of U.S. television homes.[3][8][18] In four of the network's launch markets (New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas–Fort Worth, and Phoenix), Buzzr is affiliated with stations whose subchannels the network occupies were previously affiliated with Bounce TV; as a result of a March 2014 agreement with Univision Communications, Bounce TV moved its affiliations in those markets to Univision-owned stations in late May 2015, shortly before Buzzr launched.[24] Debmar-Mercury (which serves as the distribution partner for the current syndicated run of the Fremantle-produced Family Feud) was hired by FremantleMedia to handle responsibility for the recruitment of affiliates through agreements with other broadcasting companies.[3][5][18][25] The network hopes to expand its charter affiliate footprint to reach markets covering 50 million U.S. households with at least one television set.[4] In September 2016, Yes TV, a small Canadian television system with stations in Ontario and Alberta, began airing a Buzzr-branded programming block of classic game shows called "Buzzr After Hours" overnight Tuesday to Saturday from 1 to 3:30 a.m. (formerly 1-4 a.m.) local time.[26] When the block first aired, the schedule was daily episodes of To Tell the Truth, What's My Line? and I've Got a Secret followed by two episodes of either Card Sharks on Tuesday and Saturday, Double Dare on Wednesday, Beat the Clock on Thursday or Sale of the Century on Thursday nights. As of July 2017, the current block has been reduced by a half hour currently following a daily schedule of two episodes of Match Game (7x), episodes of Super Password and Tattletales followed by an episode of either Card Sharks, Double Dare, Beat the Clock or Sale of the Century. In May 2017, Dish Network began carrying Buzzr on channel 245. List of current affiliates[edit] City of license/market Station[3][27] Virtual channel Owner Notes Alabama[edit] Birmingham WUOA-LD 46.2 DTV America Montgomery WDSF-LD 19.2 Replaced Dr. TV Arizona[edit] Phoenix KUTP 45.3 Fox Television Stations Arkansas[edit] Fayetteville KAJL-LD 16.4 DTV America California[edit] Bakersfield KCBT-LD 34.8 Cocola Broadcasting Launch date TBD Los Angeles KCOP-TV 13.2 Fox Television Stations Replaced Bounce TV Monterey KYMB-LD 27.4 Cocola Broadcasting Oakland-San Francisco KTVU 2.4 Fox Television Stations Reedley-Fresno KVBC-LP 13.7 Cocola Broadcasting Sacramento KSAO-LD 49.3 Colorado[edit] Denver KSBS-CD 3.3 Denver Digital Television, LLC Sterling KCDO-TV 3.3 Newsweb Corporation Replaced HSN District of Columbia[edit] Washington WTTG 5.2 Fox Television Stations Florida[edit] Fort Myers WGPS-LP 22.4 DTV America Jacksonville-Live Oak WKBJ-LD 20.1 Orlando WRBW 65.4 Fox Television Stations Tampa-St. Petersburg WTVT 13.3 West Palm Beach WXOD-LD 33.1 DTV America Georgia[edit] Atlanta WAGA-TV 5.3 Fox Television Stations Idaho[edit] Boise KKJB 39.4 Cocola Broadcasting Indiana[edit] Gary (Chicago, Illinois) WPWR-TV 50.4 Fox Television Stations Indianapolis WUDZ-LD 28.1 DTV America Iowa[edit] Des Moines KAJR-LD 36.5 DTV America Kansas[edit] Garden City KDGL-LD 23.2 High Plains Broadcasting, LLC. Kansas City KCKS-LD 25.1 Heartland Broadcasting, LLC. Kansas City KMJC-LD Topeka WROB-LD Wichita KGPT-CD 26.9 Great Plains TV Kentucky[edit] Bowling Green WCZU-LD 39.2 DTV America Louisville W50CI-D 50.1 South Central Communications East Bernstadt WOBZ-LD 9.1 Louisiana[edit] Lafayette KDMK-LD 48.2 DTV America Launch Date TBD New Orleans WQDT-LD 34.1 DTV America Massachusetts[edit] Boston WLVI-TV 56.2 Sunbeam Television Replaced ZUUS Country Michigan[edit] Detroit WJBK 2.3 Fox Television Stations Lake City-Cadillac WMNN-LD 26.6 Freelancer Television Broadcasting Minnesota[edit] Minneapolis-St. Paul KMSP-TV 9.4 Fox Television Stations Replaced Bounce TV Missouri[edit] Joplin-Pittsburg KPJO-LP 49.4 DTV America Kansas City KCKS-LD 25.1 St. Louis KBGU-LP 33.1 Replaced MundoMax Nevada[edit] Las Vegas KGNG-LD 47.2 King Kong Broadcasting New York[edit] Secaucus, NJ-New York City WWOR-TV 9.3 Fox Television Stations Replaced Bounce TV Albany WYBN-LD 14.1 Cable Ad Net New York Inc. Replaced Youtoo America Buffalo WBXZ-LP 56.8 Steven Ritchie New Mexico[edit] Albuquerque KRTN-LD 39.2 Ramar Communications North Dakota[edit] Valley City-Fargo KRDK-TV 4.10 Major Market Broadcasting Ohio[edit] Cleveland-Canton WEKA-LD 41.3 DTV America Columbus-Marion WOCB-CD 39.2 Cen. Ohio Assoc. of Christian Broadcasters Portsmouth WTZP-LD 50.3 Eagle Broadcasting Group, Inc. Replaced Laff Oklahoma[edit] Oklahoma City KBZC-LD 42.3 DTV America Corporation Tulsa KUOC-LD 48.1 Pennsylvania[edit] Philadelphia WTXF-TV 29.4 Fox Television Stations Pittsburgh WOSC-CD 61.3 The Video House State College-Johnstown WHVL-LP 29.2 Channel Communications, LLC Replaced YouToo America North Carolina[edit] Fayetteville-Raleigh WNCB-LD 16.2 DTV America Rock Hill, SC-Charlotte WMYT-TV 55.2 Fox Television Stations Tennessee[edit] White House-Nashville WKUW-LD 40.1 DTV America Replacing Dr. TV Memphis KPMF-LD 26.4 DTV America Texas[edit] Amarillo KLKW-LD 22.4 DTV America Austin KTBC 7.3 Fox Television Stations College Station-Bryan KZCZ-LD 34.5 DTV America Dallas-Fort Worth KDFI 27.3 Fox Television Stations Replaced Bounce TV Houston KTXH 20.4 Fox Television Stations San Antonio KOBS-LD 19.2 DTV America Corporation Tyler KPKN-LD 33.1 Waco KZCZ-LD 34.5 Utah[edit] Salt Lake City KBTU-LP 23.3 DTV America Launched November 2016 Wisconsin[edit] Milwaukee WTSJ-LP 38.2 DTV America List of former affiliates[edit] City of license/market Station Virtual channel Owner Dates of affiliation Notes Ohio[edit] Cincinnati WOTH-CD 20.3 Block Broadcasting Replaced Antenna TV ceased broadcasting Jan. 2018 Utah[edit] Ogden-Salt Lake City KUCW 30.3 Nexstar Media Group July 3, 2015 - September 2, 2016 Replaced ZUUS Country in 2015 Replaced by Escape in 2016

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