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Early life[edit] Burton Stephen Lancaster was born on November 2, 1913 in Manhattan, New York, at his parents' home at 209 East 106th Street, the son of Elizabeth (née Roberts) and mailman James Henry Lancaster.[2] Both of his parents were Protestants of working class origin. All four of his grandparents were Irish immigrants to the United States, from the province of Ulster; his maternal grandparents were from Belfast and were descendants of English immigrants to Ireland.[2] The family believed themselves to be related to Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts.[citation needed] Lancaster grew up in East Harlem and spent much of his time on the streets, where he developed great interest and skill in gymnastics while attending DeWitt Clinton High School, where he was a basketball star. Before he graduated from DeWitt Clinton, his mother died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Lancaster was accepted by New York University with an athletic scholarship, but subsequently dropped out.[3]

Circus and military careers[edit] Lancaster and Nick Cravat, performing with the Federal Theatre Project Circus (1935–38) Cravat and Lancaster performing on the horizontal bars With Deborah Kerr in From Here to Eternity (1953) At the age of 19, Lancaster met Nick Cravat, with whom he developed a lifelong partnership. Together they learned to act in local theatre productions and circus arts at Union Settlement, one of the city's oldest settlement houses.[4] They formed the acrobat duo Lang and Cravat in the 1930s and soon joined the Kay Brothers circus. However, in 1939, an injury forced Lancaster to give up the profession, with great regret. He then found temporary work, first as a salesman for Marshall Fields and then as a singing waiter in various restaurants.[5] With the United States having then entered World War II, Lancaster joined the United States Army in 1942 and performed with the Army's 21st Special Services Division, one of the military groups organized to follow the troops on the ground and provide USO entertainment to keep up morale. He served with General Mark Clark's Fifth Army in Italy from 1943 to 1945.[6]

Film career[edit] Acting[edit] With Ava Gardner in The Killers (1946) Although initially unenthusiastic about acting, after returning to New York from his Army service, Lancaster auditioned for a Broadway play and was offered a role. Although Harry Brown's A Sound of Hunting had a run of only three weeks, Lancaster's performance attracted the interest of a Hollywood agent, Harold Hecht and, through him, Lancaster was brought to the attention of producer Hal B. Wallis, who signed him to an eight-movie contract. Lancaster's first filmed movie was Desert Fury. Fortunately for Lancaster, producer Mark Hellinger approached him to star in The Killers, in 1946, which was completed and released prior to Desert Fury and to great critical success. The tall, muscular actor won significant acclaim and appeared in two more films the following year. Subsequently, he played in a variety of films, especially in dramas, thrillers, and military and adventure films. In two, The Flame and the Arrow and The Crimson Pirate, his friend from his circus years, Nick Cravat, played a key supporting role, and both actors impressed audiences with their acrobatic prowess. In 1953, Lancaster played one of his best-remembered roles with Deborah Kerr in From Here to Eternity. The American Film Institute acknowledged the iconic status of the scene from that film in which Deborah Kerr and he make love on a Hawaiian beach amid the crashing waves. The organization named it one of "AFI's top 100 Most Romantic Films" of all time. Lancaster won the 1960 Academy Award for Best Actor, a Golden Globe Award, and the New York Film Critics Award for his performance in Elmer Gantry. He followed this with widely diverse roles, including a Nazi war criminal on trial for his life in Judgment at Nuremberg, a convict serving a life sentence in Birdman of Alcatraz, and a proud Italian nobleman in The Leopard. He also played a US Air Force general attempting a coup in the political thriller Seven Days in May. Drawing of Lancaster after he won an Oscar for Elmer Gantry (1960). Artist: Nicholas Volpe In 1966, at the age of 52, Lancaster appeared nude in director Frank Perry's film, The Swimmer in what the critic Roger Ebert called "his finest performance".[7] Prior to working on The Swimmer, Lancaster was terrified of the water because he did not know how to swim. In preparation for the film, he took swimming lessons from UCLA swim coach Bob Horn.[8] The film was not released until 1968, when it proved to be a commercial failure, though Lancaster remained proud of the movie and his performance. Lancaster co-starred with Lee Marvin in the 1966 western adventure film, The Professionals, and with Dean Martin in the first of the so-called disaster film blockbusters, Airport, one of the biggest box-office hits of 1970 and, at that time, reportedly the highest-grossing film in the history of Universal Pictures. During the latter part of his career, Lancaster left adventure and acrobatic films behind and portrayed more distinguished characters. This period brought him work on several international productions, with directors such as Luchino Visconti, Bernardo Bertolucci and Louis Malle. His last Oscar nomination was for Malle's 1980 film Atlantic City. Lancaster sought demanding roles, and if he liked a part or a director, he was prepared to work for much lower pay than he might have earned elsewhere. He even helped to finance movies in whose artistic value he believed. He also mentored directors such as Sydney Pollack and John Frankenheimer and appeared in several television films. Lancaster's last film was Field of Dreams (1989). For his contribution to the motion picture industry, Lancaster has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard. Producing and directing[edit] With Audrey Hepburn in The Unforgiven (1960) Lancaster was an early and successful actor/producer. When approached to venture into the film business, after having been in the theater for only a brief period, he chose not to sign with a major studio. Instead he signed with agent Harold Hecht, who promised him the opportunity to produce their own movies within five years of hitting Hollywood. Hecht kept his promise and the two formed a partnership production company under the name Norma Productions, named after Lancaster's wife. Their first movie together was Kiss the Blood Off My Hands, released in 1948. Hecht and Lancaster produced two additional films in the early 1950s under the Norma Productions company; The Flame and the Arrow in 1950 and Ten Tall Men in 1951, two swashbucklers selected to showcase Lancaster's acrobatic skills. In 1951 the actor/producer duo changed the company's name to Hecht-Lancaster Productions. The first film under the new name was another swashbuckler: The Crimson Pirate, released in 1952. This was followed by Apache two years later. In 1954 Lancaster was hired to star in the Warner Brothers film His Majesty O'Keefe. This proved to be a turning point for both Lancaster and his company. Lancaster had insisted that the film be produced by Hecht. His Majesty O'Keefe featured a new Hollywood writer on board. James Hill immediately hit it off with Lancaster and Hecht, and he was invited to co-produce upcoming Hecht-Lancaster films, giving up his writer position. His first as a producer was Vera Cruz, released in 1954. Without Hill, Hecht and Lancaster produced Marty, a 1955 film starring Ernest Borgnine, which won both the Academy Award for Best Picture and the Palme d'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival. Marty was also the first film produced by the company not to feature Lancaster in an acting role. Vera Cruz had been a huge success but Marty secured Hecht-Lancaster as one of the most successful independent production companies in Hollywood at the time. The Kentuckian (1955) was directed by Lancaster in his directorial debut. In 1955 Hill was made an equal partner in the company and the name was upgraded to Hecht-Hill-Lancaster, releasing their first film in 1956, Trapeze, in which Lancaster performed many of his own stunts. Trapeze went on to become the production company's top box office success. Following Trapeze Lancaster worked with Tony Curtis again on Sweet Smell of Success (released in 1957), a co-production between Hecht-Hill-Lancaster and Curtis' own company Curtleigh Productions (co-owned with his wife, Janet Leigh). In 1956 Lancaster and Hecht entered the music industry with the companies Hecht-Lancaster & Buzzell Music and Calyork Music.[9] Hecht-Hill-Lancaster produced seven additional films in the late 1950s; four starring Lancaster; Run Silent, Run Deep (1958), Separate Tables (1958), The Devil's Disciple (1959) and The Unforgiven (1960), and three without Lancaster: The Bachelor Party (1956), Take a Giant Step (1959) and Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (1960). Additionally Hecht-Hill-Lancaster served as the production company for the 1960-1961 TV series Whiplash. The "H-H-L" team impressed Hollywood with its success; as Life wrote in 1957, "[a]fter the independent production of a baker's dozen of pictures, it has yet to have its first flop ... (They were also good pictures.)." [10] Lancaster and Alexander Pokryshkin in the documentary television series The Unknown War, episode 9 War in the Air. Moscow, USSR, 1978. The Hecht-Hill-Lancaster Productions company dissolved in 1960, after Hill ruptured his relation with both Hecht and Lancaster. Hill went on to produce a single additional film, The Happy Thieves, in a new production company, Hillworth Productions, co-owned with his wife Rita Hayworth. Hecht and Lancaster worked on two more films together: The Young Savages, released in 1961, and Birdman of Alcatraz, released in 1962 through Norma Productions as the production company's final film. Hecht went on to produce five films without Lancaster's assistance, through his company Harold Hecht Films Productions between 1961 and 1967, including another Academy Award winner, Cat Ballou, starring Lee Marvin and Jane Fonda. Lancaster and Hecht would reunite twelve years after Birdman of Alcatraz for what ended up being Hecht's final film, Ulzana's Raid, in 1972. In 1967, Lancaster formed a new partnership with Roland Kibbee, who had already worked as a writer on five Lancaster projects; Ten Tall Men, The Crimson Pirate, Three Sailors and a Girl (in which Lancaster made a cameo appearance), Vera Cruz and The Devil's Disciple. Through Norlan Productions, Lancaster and Kibbee produced The Scalphunters in 1968, Valdez Is Coming in 1971 (which was also written by Kibbee) and The Midnight Man in 1974. The Midnight Man was written, produced and directed by both Kibbee and Lancaster, and would be the actor's final film as a producer.[11] In his career, Lancaster produced twenty-three films, directed two and wrote for one. Frequent collaborators[edit] In Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) Lancaster appeared in a total of 17 films produced by his agent Harold Hecht. Eight of these were co-produced by James Hill. He also appeared in eight films produced by Hal B. Wallis and two with producer Mark Hellinger. Although Lancaster's work alongside Kirk Douglas was mostly known as a successful pair of actors, Douglas in fact produced four films for the pair, through his production companies Bryna Productions and Joel Productions. Roland Kibbee also produced three Lancaster films. Lancaster was also cast in two Stanley Kramer productions. John Frankenheimer directed five films with Lancaster: The Young Savages (1961), Birdman of Alcatraz (1962), Seven Days in May (1964), The Train (1964), and The Gypsy Moths (1969). He was directed four times by Robert Aldrich, three times by Robert Siodmak and Sydney Pollack, and twice by Byron Haskin, Daniel Mann, John Sturges, John Huston, Richard Brooks, Alexander Mackendrick, Luchino Visconti, and Michael Winner. Roland Kibbee wrote for seven Lancaster films. Lancaster used make-up veteran Robert Schiffer in 20 credited films, hiring Schiffer on nearly all the films he produced.

Personal life[edit] Lancaster's son Bill in The Big Valley (1967) Marriages and relationships[edit] Lancaster vigorously guarded his private life. He was married three times. His first two marriages, to June Ernst from 1935 to 1946 and Norma Anderson from 1946 to 1969, ended in divorce. His third marriage, to Susan Martin, lasted from September 1990 until his death in 1994. All five of his children were with Anderson: Bill (who became an actor and screenwriter), James, Susan, Joanna, and Sighle (pronounced "Sheila"). He claimed he was romantically involved with Deborah Kerr during the filming of From Here to Eternity in 1953.[12] However, Kerr stated that while there was a spark of attraction, nothing ever happened. He reportedly had an affair with Joan Blondell.[13] In her 1980 autobiography, Shelley Winters claimed to have had a long affair with him.[14] Recent biographers and others believe that Lancaster was bisexual, and that he had intimate relationships with men as well as women.[15] According to testimony in Kate Buford's Burt Lancaster: An American Life, Lancaster was devotedly loyal to his friends and family. Old friends from his childhood remained his friends for life.[16] Political views[edit] Lancaster was a vocal supporter of liberal political causes, and frequently spoke out in support of racial minorities, including at the March on Washington in 1963. He was a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War and political movements such as McCarthyism, and he helped pay for the successful defense of a soldier accused of "fragging" (murdering) another soldier during that war.[17] In 1968, Lancaster actively supported the presidential candidacy of antiwar Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota, and frequently spoke on his behalf during the Democratic primaries. He campaigned heavily for George McGovern in the 1972 presidential election. In 1985, Lancaster joined the fight against AIDS after his close friend, Rock Hudson, contracted the disease. He campaigned for Michael Dukakis in the 1988 presidential election. Legacy[edit] The centennial of Lancaster's birth was honored at New York City's Film Society of Lincoln Center in May 2013 with the screening of 12 of the actor's finest films, from The Killers of 1946 to Atlantic City in 1981.[18] Religion[edit] Despite his Protestant background and upbringing, Lancaster identified himself as an atheist later in life[19][20].

Health problems and death[edit] Lancaster's grave As Lancaster grew older, he became increasingly plagued by atherosclerosis, barely surviving a routine gall bladder operation in January 1980. Following two minor heart attacks, he had to undergo an emergency quadruple coronary bypass in 1983, after which he was extremely weak. However, he still managed to continue acting. In 1988, Lancaster was well enough to attend a Congressional hearing with old colleagues such as Jimmy Stewart and Ginger Rogers to protest media magnate Ted Turner's plan to colorize various black-and-white films from the 1930s and 1940s. Lancaster's acting career ended after he suffered a stroke on November 30, 1990, which left him partly paralyzed and largely unable to speak. He died in his apartment in Century City, California, from a third heart attack at 4:50 am on October 20, 1994, at the age of 80.[21] just 13 days shy of his 81st birthday. He was cremated and his ashes were buried under a large oak tree in Westwood Memorial Park located in Westwood Village, California. A small, square ground plaque inscribed only with "BURT LANCASTER 1913–1994" marks his final resting place. Upon his death, as he requested, he had no memorial or funeral service.

Filmography and awards[edit] Films[edit] Year Film Role Notes 1946 The Killers "Swede" Andersen With Ava Gardner 1947 Brute Force Joe Collins With Hume Cronyn 1947 Desert Fury Tom Hanson With Lizabeth Scott 1948 I Walk Alone Frankie Madison With Kirk Douglas 1948 All My Sons Chris Keller With Edward G. Robinson 1948 Sorry, Wrong Number Henry Stevenson With Barbara Stanwyck 1948 Kiss the Blood Off My Hands William Earle 'Bill' Saunders With Joan Fontaine 1949 Criss Cross Steve Thompson, narrator With Yvonne de Carlo 1949 Rope of Sand Michael (Mike) Davis With Paul Henreid 1950 The Flame and the Arrow Dardo Bartoli With Virginia Mayo 1950 Mister 880 Steve Buchanan With Dorothy McGuire 1951 Vengeance Valley Owen Daybright With Robert Walker 1951 Jim Thorpe – All-American Jim Thorpe With Charles Bickford 1951 Ten Tall Men Sergeant Mike Kincaid With Jody Lawrance 1952 Crimson Pirate, TheThe Crimson Pirate Capitan Vallo With Nick Cravat 1952 Come Back, Little Sheba Doc Delaney With Shirley Booth 1953 South Sea Woman Master Gunnery Sgt. James O'Hearn With Virginia Mayo 1953 From Here to Eternity 1st Sergeant Milton Warden New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor Nominated—Academy Award for Best Actor 1953 Three Sailors and a Girl Marine (uncredited) With Jane Powell 1954 His Majesty O'Keefe Captain David Dion O'Keefe, narrator With Joan Rice 1954 Apache Massai With Jean Peters 1954 Vera Cruz Joe Erin With Gary Cooper 1955 Kentuckian, TheThe Kentuckian Elias Wakefield (Big Eli) Director Nominated—Golden Lion for Best Director 1955 The Rose Tattoo Alvaro Mangiacavallo With Anna Magnani 1956 Trapeze Mike Ribble With Gina Lollobrigida and Tony Curtis Silver Bear for Best Actor at Berlin[22] 1956 Rainmaker, TheThe Rainmaker Bill Starbuck, a.k.a. Bill Smith, Bill Harley, Tornado Johnson Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama 1957 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Marshal Wyatt Earp With Kirk Douglas Laurel Award for Top Male Action Star 1957 Sweet Smell of Success J.J. Hunsecker With Tony Curtis, written by Ernest Lehman 1958 Run Silent, Run Deep Lieutenant Commander Jim Bledsoe With Clark Gable 1958 Separate Tables John Malcolm With Rita Hayworth, Wendy Hiller (Academy Award), Deborah Kerr and David Niven (Academy Award) 1959 Devil's Disciple, TheThe Devil's Disciple The Reverend Anthony Anderson With Kirk Douglas and Laurence Olivier 1960 Unforgiven, TheThe Unforgiven Ben Zachary With Audrey Hepburn 1960 Elmer Gantry Elmer Gantry Academy Award for Best Actor Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama Laurel Award for Top Male Dramatic Performance New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor Nominated—BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role 1961 Young Savages, TheThe Young Savages ADA Hank Bell With Dina Merrill 1961 Judgment at Nuremberg Dr. Ernst Janning With Spencer Tracy 1962 Birdman of Alcatraz Robert Stroud BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Volpi Cup for Best Actor Nominated—Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama Nominated—Laurel Award for Top Male Dramatic Performance 1963 Child Is Waiting, AA Child Is Waiting Dr. Ben Clark With Judy Garland 1963 Leopard, TheThe Leopard Prince Don Fabrizio Salina With Claudia Cardinale and Alain Delon 1963 List of Adrian Messenger, TheThe List of Adrian Messenger Cameo With George C. Scott 1964 Seven Days in May General James Mattoon Scott With Kirk Douglas, Frederic March and Ava Gardner Nominated—Laurel Award for Top Male Dramatic Performance 1964 Train, TheThe Train Paul Labiche With Jeanne Moreau Nominated—Laurel Award for Top Male Action Performance 1965 Hallelujah Trail, TheThe Hallelujah Trail Colonel Thaddeus Gearhart With Lee Remick 1966 Professionals, TheThe Professionals Bill Dolworth With Lee Marvin 1967 All About People Narrator 1968 Scalphunters, TheThe Scalphunters Joe Bass With Shelley Winters Nominated—Laurel Award for Top Male Action Performance 1968 Swimmer, TheThe Swimmer Ned Merrill With Janice Rule 1969 Jenny is a Good Thing Narrator A Head Start film 1969 Castle Keep Major Abraham Falconer With Peter Falk 1969 Gypsy Moths, TheThe Gypsy Moths Mike Rettig With Deborah Kerr 1970 King: A Filmed Record... Montgomery to Memphis Himself 1970 Airport Mel Bakersfeld With Dean Martin 1971 Lawman Bannock Town Marshal Jered Maddox With Lee J. Cobb 1971 Valdez Is Coming Marshal Bob Valdez With Susan Clark 1972 Ulzana's Raid U.S. Cavalry Scout McIntosh With Bruce Davison 1973 Scorpio Cross With Alain Delon 1973 Executive Action James Farrington With Robert Ryan 1974 Midnight Man, TheThe Midnight Man Jim Slade Co-Director 1974 Gruppo di famiglia in un interno (Conversation Piece) The Professor David di Donatello for Best Actor Fotogramas de Plata Award for Best Foreign Movie Performer 1976 Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson Ned Buntline With Paul Newman 1976 1900 (Novecento) Alfredo's Grandfather With Robert De Niro 1976 Cassandra Crossing, TheThe Cassandra Crossing Colonel Stephen Mackenzie With Sophia Loren 1977 Twilight's Last Gleaming General Lawrence Dell With Richard Widmark 1977 Island of Dr. Moreau, TheThe Island of Dr. Moreau Dr. Paul Moreau 1978 Go Tell the Spartans Major Asa Barker With Craig Wasson 1978 The Unknown War Burt Lancaster (Narrator) 1979 Zulu Dawn Colonel Anthony Durnford With Peter O'Toole 1980 Atlantic City Lou Pascal BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor David di Donatello for Best Actor Fotogramas de Plata Award for Best Foreign Movie Performer Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor Nominated—Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated—Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama 1981 Cattle Annie and Little Britches Bill Doolin, the Oklahoma outlaw With Amanda Plummer and Diane Lane 1981 La pelle General Mark Clark With Marcello Mastroianni 1983 Local Hero Felix Happer Nominated—BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role 1983 Osterman Weekend, TheThe Osterman Weekend CIA Director Maxwell Danforth With Rutger Hauer 1985 Little Treasure Delbert Teschemacher With Margot Kidder 1986 Tough Guys Harry Doyle With Kirk Douglas 1987 Il Giorno prima aka Control Dr. Herbert Monroe With Ben Gazzara 1988 Rocket Gibraltar Levi Rockwell With Patricia Clarkson 1989 Field of Dreams Dr. Archibald 'Moonlight' Graham With Kevin Costner 1989 La Bottega dell'orefice The Jeweller With Olivia Hussey TV[edit] Year Series/Film Role Notes 1969 Sesame Street Himself sequences on feelings, the alphabet, counting to 10 doing pushups[23] 1974 Moses the Lawgiver Moses mini-series 1976 Victory at Entebbe Shimon Peres with Anthony Hopkins 1978 Unknown War, TheThe Unknown War As himself, narrator 20 episode USA-USSR archival documentary series on World War II 1982 Marco Polo Teobaldo Visconti / Pope Gregory X mini-series The Life of Verdi Narrator in American version mini-series 1985 Scandal Sheet Harold Fallen 1986 Väter und Söhne – Eine deutsche Tragödie Geheimrat Carl Julius Deutz mini-series Barnum P.T. Barnum On Wings of Eagles Lieutenant Colonel Arthur D. "Bull" Simons mini-series 1989 I Promessi sposi Cardinal Federigo Borromeo mini-series 1990 Phantom of the Opera, TheThe Phantom of the Opera Gerard Carriere mini-series Nominated – Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film Voyage of Terror: The Achille Lauro Affair Leon Klinghoffer 1991 Separate but Equal John W. Davis Box office ranking[edit] For a number of years exhibitors voted Lancaster as among the most popular stars: 1950 – 16th (US) 1951 – 25th (US) 1952 – 24th (US) 1953 – 17th (US) 1954 – 13th (US), 7th (UK) 1955 – 16th (US) 1956 – 4th (US), 3rd (UK) 1957 – 15th (US), 3rd (UK) 1958 – 20th (US) 1960 – 19th (US) 1961 – 11th (US) 1962 – 10th (US) In other media[edit] Spanish music group Hombres G released an album named La cagaste, Burt Lancaster (You messed up, Burt Lancaster) in 1986. Thomas Hart Benton painted a scene from The Kentuckian as part of the film's marketing. Lancaster posed for the painting, also known as The Kentuckian.[24]

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Ngor (1984) Jack Nicholson (1985) Bob Hoskins (1986) Albert Brooks (1987) Daniel Day-Lewis (1988) Daniel Day-Lewis (1989) Jeremy Irons (1990) Nick Nolte (1991) Denzel Washington (1992) Daniel Day-Lewis (1993) Albert Finney (1994) Nicolas Cage (1995) Geoffrey Rush (1996) Al Pacino (1997) Brendan Gleeson (1998) Jim Carrey (1999) Colin Farrell (2000) Brian Cox / Denzel Washington (2001) Adrien Brody (2002) Bill Murray (2003) Jamie Foxx (2004) Philip Seymour Hoffman (2005) Forest Whitaker (2006) Frank Langella (2007) Sean Penn / Mickey Rourke (2008) Jeremy Renner (2009) Jesse Eisenberg (2010) Brad Pitt (2011) Daniel Day-Lewis (2012) Chiwetel Ejiofor (2013) Michael Keaton (2014) Paul Dano / Leonardo DiCaprio (2015) Casey Affleck (2016) Daniel Kaluuya (2017) v t e David di Donatello Award for Best Foreign Actor 1957–1975 Laurence Olivier (1957) Marlon Brando / Charles Laughton (1958) Jean Gabin (1959) Cary Grant (1960) Charlton Heston (1961) Anthony Perkins / Spencer Tracy (1962) Gregory Peck (1963) Fredric March / Peter O'Toole (1964) Rex Harrison (1965) Richard Burton (1966) Richard Burton / Peter O'Toole (1967) Warren Beatty / Spencer Tracy (1968) Rod Steiger (1969) Dustin Hoffman / Peter O'Toole (1970) Ryan O'Neal (1971) Chaim Topol (1972) Yves Montand / Laurence Olivier (1973) Al Pacino / Robert Redford (1974) Burt Lancaster / Jack Lemmon / Walter Matthau (1975) 1976–1996 Jack Nicholson / Philippe Noiret (1976) Dustin Hoffman / Sylvester Stallone (1977) Richard Dreyfuss (1978) Richard Gere / Michel Serrault (1979) Dustin Hoffman / Jack Lemmon (1980) Burt Lancaster (1981) Klaus Maria Brandauer (1982) Paul Newman (1983) Woody Allen (1984) Tom Hulce (1985) William Hurt (1986) Dexter Gordon (1987) Michael Douglas (1988) Dustin Hoffman (1989) Philippe Noiret (1990) Jeremy Irons (1991) John Turturro (1992) Daniel Auteuil (1993) Anthony Hopkins (1994) John Travolta (1995) Harvey Keitel (1996) v t e Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama 1940s Paul Lukas (1943) Alexander Knox (1944) Ray Milland (1945) Gregory Peck (1946) Ronald Colman (1947) Laurence Olivier (1948) Broderick Crawford (1949) 1950s José Ferrer (1950) Fredric March (1951) Gary Cooper (1952) Spencer Tracy (1953) Marlon Brando (1954) Ernest Borgnine (1955) Kirk Douglas (1956) Alec Guinness (1957) David Niven (1958) Anthony Franciosa (1959) 1960s Burt Lancaster (1960) Maximilian Schell (1961) Gregory Peck (1962) Sidney Poitier (1963) Peter O'Toole (1964) Omar Sharif (1965) Paul Scofield (1966) Rod Steiger (1967) Peter O'Toole (1968) John Wayne (1969) 1970s George C. 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Murray Abraham / Albert Finney (1984) William Hurt (1985) Bob Hoskins (1986) Jack Nicholson / Steve Martin (1987) Tom Hanks (1988) Daniel Day-Lewis (1989) Jeremy Irons (1990) Nick Nolte (1991) Clint Eastwood (1992) Anthony Hopkins (1993) John Travolta (1994) Nicolas Cage (1995) Geoffrey Rush (1996) Robert Duvall (1997) Ian McKellen (1998) Russell Crowe (1999) Michael Douglas (2000) Denzel Washington (2001) Daniel Day-Lewis / Jack Nicholson (2002) Bill Murray (2003) Liam Neeson (2004) Philip Seymour Hoffman (2005) Sacha Baron Cohen / Forest Whitaker (2006) Daniel Day-Lewis (2007) Sean Penn (2008) Jeff Bridges (2009) Colin Firth (2010) Michael Fassbender (2011) Joaquin Phoenix (2012) Bruce Dern (2013) Tom Hardy (2014) Michael Fassbender (2015) Adam Driver (2016) Timothée Chalamet (2017) v t e National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor Michael Caine (1966) Rod Steiger (1967) Per Oscarsson (1968) Jon Voight (1969) George C. 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Jordan (2015) Casey Affleck (2016) Daniel Kaluuya (2017) v t e New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor 1935–1950 Charles Laughton (1935) Walter Huston (1936) Paul Muni (1937) James Cagney (1938) James Stewart (1939) Charlie Chaplin (1940) Gary Cooper (1941) James Cagney (1942) Paul Lukas (1943) Barry Fitzgerald (1944) Ray Milland (1945) Laurence Olivier (1946) William Powell (1947) Laurence Olivier (1948) Broderick Crawford (1949) Gregory Peck (1950) 1951–1975 Arthur Kennedy (1951) Ralph Richardson (1952) Burt Lancaster (1953) Marlon Brando (1954) Ernest Borgnine (1955) Kirk Douglas (1956) Alec Guinness (1957) David Niven (1958) James Stewart (1959) Burt Lancaster (1960) Maximilian Schell (1961) No award (1962) Albert Finney (1963) Rex Harrison (1964) Oskar Werner (1965) Paul Scofield (1966) Rod Steiger (1967) Alan Arkin (1968) Jon Voight (1969) George C. 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Robinson (1969) 1970s Gregory Peck (1970) Charlton Heston (1971) Frank Sinatra (1972) Martha Raye (1973) Walter Pidgeon (1974) Rosalind Russell (1975) Pearl Bailey (1976) James Cagney (1977) Edgar Bergen (1978) Katharine Hepburn (1979) 1980s Leon Ames (1980) Danny Kaye (1982) Ralph Bellamy (1983) Iggie Wolfington (1984) Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (1985) Nanette Fabray (1986) Red Skelton (1987) Gene Kelly (1988) Jack Lemmon (1989) 1990s Brock Peters (1990) Burt Lancaster (1991) Audrey Hepburn (1992) Ricardo Montalbán (1993) George Burns (1994) Robert Redford (1995) Angela Lansbury (1996) Elizabeth Taylor (1997) Kirk Douglas (1998) Sidney Poitier (1999) 2000s Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee (2000) Ed Asner (2001) Clint Eastwood (2002) Karl Malden (2003) James Garner (2004) Shirley Temple (2005) Julie Andrews (2006) Charles Durning (2007) James Earl Jones (2008) Betty White (2009) 2010s Ernest Borgnine (2010) Mary Tyler Moore (2011) Dick Van Dyke (2012) Rita Moreno (2013) Debbie Reynolds (2014) Carol Burnett (2015) Lily Tomlin (2016) Morgan Freeman (2017) v t e Volpi Cup for Best Actor 1934–68 Wallace Beery (1934) Pierre Blanchar (1935) Paul Muni (1936) Emil Jannings (1937) Leslie Howard (1938) Ermete Zacconi (1941) Fosco Giachetti (1942) Pierre Fresnay (1947) Ernst Deutsch (1948) Joseph Cotten (1949) Sam Jaffe (1950) Jean Gabin (1951) Fredric March (1952) Henri Vilbert (1953) Jean Gabin (1954) Curd Jürgens/Kenneth More (1955) Bourvil (1956) Anthony Franciosa (1957) Alec Guinness (1958) James Stewart (1959) John Mills (1960) Toshiro Mifune (1961) Burt Lancaster (1962) Albert Finney (1963) Tom Courtenay (1964) Toshiro Mifune (1965) Jacques Perrin (1966) Ljubiša Samardžić (1967) John Marley (1968) 1983–2000 Guy Boyd/George Dzundza/David Alan Grier/Mitchell Lichtenstein/Matthew Modine/Michael Wright (1983) Naseeruddin Shah (1984) Gérard Depardieu (1985) Carlo Delle Piane (1986) Hugh Grant/James Wilby (1987) Don Ameche/Joe Mantegna (1988) Marcello Mastroianni/Massimo Troisi (1989) Oleg Borisov (1990) River Phoenix (1991) Jack Lemmon (1992) Fabrizio Bentivoglio/Marcello Mastroianni (1993) Xia Yu/Roberto Citran (1994) Götz George/Ian Hart (1995) Liam Neeson/Chris Penn (1996) Wesley Snipes (1997) Sean Penn (1998) Jim Broadbent (1999) Javier Bardem (2000) 2001–present Luigi Lo Cascio (2001) Stefano Accorsi (2002) Sean Penn (2003) Javier Bardem (2004) David Strathairn (2005) Ben Affleck (2006) Brad Pitt (2007) Silvio Orlando (2008) Colin Firth (2009) Vincent Gallo (2010) Michael Fassbender (2011) Philip Seymour Hoffman/Joaquin Phoenix (2012) Themis Panou (2013) Adam Driver (2014) Fabrice Luchini (2015) Oscar Martínez (2016) Kamel El Basha (2017) Authority control WorldCat Identities VIAF: 115079271 LCCN: n83065628 ISNI: 0000 0001 0938 0511 GND: 11856904X SELIBR: 362742 SUDOC: 027892727 BNF: cb11983693q (data) NDL: 00620971 BNE: XX1050546 SNAC: w6rr22tk Retrieved from "" Categories: 1913 births1994 deaths20th-century American male actorsActivists for African-American civil rightsAmerican anti–Vietnam War activistsAmerican film producersAmerican male film actorsAmerican military personnel of World War IIAmerican people of English descentAmerican people of Irish descentAnti-racism activistsBAFTA winners (people)Best Actor Academy Award winnersBest Actor BAFTA Award winnersBest Drama Actor Golden Globe (film) winnersBest Foreign Actor BAFTA Award winnersBisexual male actorsBurials at Westwood Village Memorial Park CemeteryCalifornia DemocratsDavid di Donatello winnersDeWitt Clinton High School alumniLGBT rights activists from the United StatesMale Western (genre) film actorsNew York (state) DemocratsSilver Bear for Best Actor winnersUnited States Army personnelVolpi Cup winnersPeople from ManhattanMale actors from New York CityPeople of the New Deal arts projectsActivists from New York (state)Activists from CaliforniaAmerican atheistsHidden categories: Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from October 2017Use mdy dates from April 2011Articles with hCardsAll articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from April 2012Articles with Encyclopædia Britannica linksArticles with IBDb linksFind a Grave template with ID same as WikidataWikipedia articles with VIAF identifiersWikipedia articles with LCCN identifiersWikipedia articles with ISNI identifiersWikipedia articles with GND identifiersWikipedia articles with SELIBR identifiersWikipedia articles with BNF identifiersWikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers

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ScottGene HackmanMarlon BrandoJack LemmonArt CarneyJack NicholsonPeter FinchRichard DreyfussJon VoightDustin HoffmanRobert De NiroHenry FondaBen KingsleyRobert DuvallF. Murray AbrahamWilliam HurtPaul NewmanMichael DouglasDustin HoffmanDaniel Day-LewisJeremy IronsAnthony HopkinsAl PacinoTom HanksTom HanksNicolas CageGeoffrey RushJack NicholsonRoberto BenigniKevin SpaceyRussell CroweDenzel WashingtonAdrien BrodySean PennJamie FoxxPhilip Seymour HoffmanForest WhitakerDaniel Day-LewisSean PennJeff BridgesColin FirthJean DujardinDaniel Day-LewisMatthew McConaugheyEddie RedmayneLeonardo DiCaprioCasey AffleckTemplate:BAFTA Award For Best Actor In A Leading RoleTemplate Talk:BAFTA Award For Best Actor In A Leading RoleBAFTA Award For Best Actor In A Leading RoleRalph RichardsonMarlon BrandoJohn GielgudMarlon BrandoKenneth MoreMarlon BrandoLaurence OlivierErnest BorgninePeter FinchFrançois PérierAlec GuinnessHenry FondaTrevor HowardSidney PoitierPeter SellersJack LemmonPeter FinchJack LemmonPeter FinchPaul NewmanPeter O'TooleDirk BogardeMarcello MastroianniRichard AttenboroughMarcello MastroianniDirk BogardeLee MarvinRichard BurtonRod SteigerPaul ScofieldRod SteigerSpencer TracyDustin HoffmanRobert RedfordPeter FinchGene HackmanWalter MatthauJack NicholsonAl PacinoJack NicholsonPeter FinchRichard DreyfussJack LemmonJohn HurtBen KingsleyMichael CaineDustin HoffmanHaing S. NgorWilliam HurtBob HoskinsSean ConneryJohn CleeseDaniel Day-LewisPhilippe NoiretAnthony HopkinsRobert Downey Jr.Anthony HopkinsHugh GrantNigel HawthorneGeoffrey RushRobert CarlyleRoberto BenigniKevin SpaceyJamie BellRussell CroweDaniel Day-LewisBill MurrayJamie FoxxPhilip Seymour HoffmanForest WhitakerDaniel Day-LewisMickey RourkeColin FirthColin FirthJean DujardinDaniel Day-LewisChiwetel EjioforEddie RedmayneLeonardo DiCaprioCasey AffleckGary OldmanTemplate:Silver Bear For Best ActorTemplate Talk:Silver Bear For Best ActorSilver Bear For Best ActorPedro InfanteSidney PoitierJean GabinFredric MarchPeter FinchJames StewartSidney PoitierRod SteigerLee MarvinJean-Pierre LéaudMichel SimonJean-Louis TrintignantJean GabinAlberto SordiVlastimil BrodskýGerhard OlschewskiFernando Fernán GómezCraig Russell (Canadian Actor)Michele PlacidoAndrzej SewerynAnatoly SolonitsynJack LemmonStellan SkarsgårdMichel PiccoliBruce DernAlbert FinneyFernando Fernán GómezTuncel KurtizGian Maria VolontèJörg PoseManfred MöckGene HackmanIain GlenMaynard EziashiArmin Mueller-StahlDenzel WashingtonTom HanksPaul NewmanSean PennLeonardo DiCaprioSamuel L. JacksonMichael GwisdekDenzel WashingtonBenicio Del ToroJacques GamblinSam RockwellDaniel HendlerLou Taylor PucciMoritz BleibtreuJulio ChávezReza NajiSotigui KouyatéGrigoriy DobryginSergei PuskepalisPeyman MoaadiShahab HosseiniBabak KarimiMikkel FølsgaardNazif MujićLiao FanTom CourtenayMajd MastouraGeorg Friedrich (actor)Template:Boston Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActorTemplate Talk:Boston Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActorBoston Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActorRobert De NiroDustin HoffmanEric RobertsHaing S. NgorJack NicholsonBob HoskinsAlbert BrooksDaniel Day-LewisDaniel Day-LewisJeremy IronsNick NolteDenzel WashingtonDaniel Day-LewisAlbert FinneyNicolas CageGeoffrey RushAl PacinoBrendan GleesonJim CarreyColin FarrellBrian Cox (actor)Denzel WashingtonAdrien BrodyBill MurrayJamie FoxxPhilip Seymour HoffmanForest WhitakerFrank LangellaSean PennMickey RourkeJeremy RennerJesse EisenbergBrad PittDaniel Day-LewisChiwetel EjioforMichael KeatonPaul DanoLeonardo DiCaprioCasey AffleckDaniel KaluuyaTemplate:David Di Donatello For Best Foreign ActorTemplate Talk:David Di Donatello For Best Foreign ActorDavid Di DonatelloDavid Di Donatello For Best Foreign ActorLaurence OlivierMarlon BrandoCharles LaughtonJean GabinCary GrantCharlton HestonAnthony PerkinsSpencer TracyGregory PeckFredric MarchPeter O'TooleRex HarrisonRichard BurtonRichard BurtonPeter O'TooleWarren BeattySpencer TracyRod SteigerDustin HoffmanPeter O'TooleRyan O'NealChaim TopolYves MontandLaurence OlivierAl PacinoRobert RedfordJack LemmonWalter MatthauJack NicholsonPhilippe NoiretDustin HoffmanSylvester StalloneRichard DreyfussRichard GereMichel SerraultDustin HoffmanJack LemmonKlaus Maria BrandauerPaul NewmanWoody AllenTom HulceWilliam HurtDexter GordonMichael DouglasDustin HoffmanPhilippe NoiretJeremy IronsJohn TurturroDaniel AuteuilAnthony HopkinsJohn TravoltaHarvey KeitelTemplate:Golden Globe Award Best Actor Motion Picture DramaTemplate Talk:Golden Globe Award Best Actor Motion Picture DramaGolden Globe Award For Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaPaul LukasAlexander KnoxRay MillandGregory PeckRonald ColmanLaurence OlivierBroderick CrawfordJosé FerrerFredric MarchGary CooperSpencer TracyMarlon BrandoErnest BorgnineKirk DouglasAlec GuinnessDavid NivenAnthony FranciosaMaximilian SchellGregory PeckSidney PoitierPeter O'TooleOmar SharifPaul ScofieldRod SteigerPeter O'TooleJohn WayneGeorge C. ScottGene HackmanMarlon BrandoAl PacinoJack NicholsonJack NicholsonPeter FinchRichard BurtonJon VoightDustin HoffmanRobert De NiroHenry FondaBen KingsleyRobert DuvallTom CourtenayF. Murray AbrahamJon VoightBob HoskinsMichael DouglasDustin HoffmanTom CruiseJeremy IronsNick NolteAl PacinoTom HanksTom HanksNicolas CageGeoffrey RushPeter FondaJim CarreyDenzel WashingtonTom HanksRussell CroweJack NicholsonSean PennLeonardo DiCaprioPhilip Seymour HoffmanForest WhitakerDaniel Day-LewisMickey RourkeJeff BridgesColin FirthGeorge ClooneyDaniel Day-LewisMatthew McConaugheyEddie RedmayneLeonardo DiCaprioCasey AffleckGary OldmanTemplate:Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award For Best ActorTemplate Talk:Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award For Best ActorLos Angeles Film Critics Association Award For Best ActorAl PacinoRobert De NiroRichard DreyfussJon VoightDustin HoffmanRobert De NiroBen KingsleyRobert DuvallF. Murray AbrahamAlbert FinneyWilliam HurtBob HoskinsJack NicholsonSteve MartinTom HanksDaniel Day-LewisJeremy IronsNick NolteClint EastwoodAnthony HopkinsJohn TravoltaNicolas CageGeoffrey RushRobert DuvallIan McKellenRussell CroweMichael DouglasDenzel WashingtonDaniel Day-LewisJack NicholsonBill MurrayLiam NeesonPhilip Seymour HoffmanSacha Baron CohenForest WhitakerDaniel Day-LewisSean PennJeff BridgesColin FirthMichael FassbenderJoaquin PhoenixBruce DernTom HardyMichael FassbenderAdam DriverTimothée ChalametTemplate:National Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActorTemplate Talk:National Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActorNational Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActorMichael CaineRod SteigerPer OscarssonJon VoightGeorge C. ScottPeter FinchAl PacinoMarlon BrandoJack NicholsonJack NicholsonRobert De NiroArt CarneyGary BuseyDustin HoffmanPeter O'TooleDustin HoffmanGérard DepardieuSteve MartinJack NicholsonBob HoskinsSteve MartinMichael KeatonDaniel Day-LewisJeremy IronsRiver PhoenixStephen ReaDavid ThewlisPaul NewmanNicolas CageEddie MurphyRobert DuvallNick NolteRussell CroweJavier BardemGene HackmanAdrien BrodyBill MurrayJamie FoxxPhilip Seymour HoffmanForest WhitakerDaniel Day-LewisSean PennJeremy RennerJesse EisenbergBrad PittDaniel Day-LewisOscar IsaacTimothy SpallMichael B. JordanCasey AffleckDaniel KaluuyaTemplate:New York Film Critics Circle Award For Best ActorTemplate Talk:New York Film Critics Circle Award For Best ActorNew York Film Critics Circle Award For Best ActorCharles LaughtonWalter HustonPaul MuniJames CagneyJames StewartCharlie ChaplinGary CooperJames CagneyPaul LukasBarry FitzgeraldRay MillandLaurence OlivierWilliam PowellLaurence OlivierBroderick CrawfordGregory PeckArthur KennedyRalph RichardsonMarlon BrandoErnest BorgnineKirk DouglasAlec GuinnessDavid NivenJames StewartMaximilian SchellAlbert FinneyRex HarrisonOskar WernerPaul ScofieldRod SteigerAlan ArkinJon VoightGeorge C. ScottGene HackmanLaurence OlivierMarlon BrandoJack NicholsonJack NicholsonRobert De NiroJohn GielgudJon VoightDustin HoffmanRobert De NiroBen KingsleyRobert DuvallSteve MartinJack NicholsonBob HoskinsJack NicholsonJeremy IronsDaniel Day-LewisRobert De NiroAnthony HopkinsDenzel WashingtonDavid ThewlisPaul NewmanNicolas CageGeoffrey RushPeter FondaNick NolteRichard FarnsworthTom HanksTom WilkinsonDaniel Day-LewisBill MurrayPaul GiamattiHeath LedgerForest WhitakerDaniel Day-LewisSean PennGeorge ClooneyColin FirthBrad PittDaniel Day-LewisRobert RedfordTimothy SpallMichael KeatonCasey AffleckTimothée ChalametTemplate:Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement AwardTemplate Talk:Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement AwardScreen Actors Guild Life Achievement AwardEddie CantorStan LaurelBob HopeBarbara StanwyckWilliam GarganJames StewartEdward G. RobinsonGregory PeckCharlton HestonFrank SinatraMartha RayeWalter PidgeonRosalind RussellPearl BaileyJames CagneyEdgar BergenKatharine HepburnLeon AmesDanny KayeRalph BellamyIggie WolfingtonPaul NewmanJoanne WoodwardNanette FabrayRed SkeltonGene KellyJack LemmonBrock PetersAudrey HepburnRicardo MontalbánGeorge BurnsRobert RedfordAngela LansburyElizabeth TaylorKirk DouglasSidney PoitierOssie DavisRuby DeeEd AsnerClint EastwoodKarl MaldenJames GarnerShirley TempleJulie AndrewsCharles DurningJames Earl JonesBetty WhiteErnest BorgnineMary Tyler MooreDick Van DykeRita MorenoDebbie ReynoldsCarol BurnettLily TomlinMorgan FreemanTemplate:Volpi Cup For Best ActorTemplate Talk:Volpi Cup For Best ActorVolpi Cup For Best ActorWallace BeeryPierre BlancharPaul MuniEmil JanningsLeslie Howard (actor)Ermete ZacconiFosco GiachettiPierre FresnayErnst DeutschJoseph CottenSam JaffeJean GabinFredric MarchHenri VilbertJean GabinCurd JürgensKenneth MoreBourvilAnthony FranciosaAlec GuinnessJames StewartJohn MillsToshiro MifuneAlbert FinneyTom CourtenayToshiro MifuneJacques PerrinLjubiša SamardžićJohn MarleyGuy Boyd (actor)George DzundzaDavid Alan GrierMitchell LichtensteinMatthew ModineMichael Wright (actor)Naseeruddin ShahGérard DepardieuCarlo Delle PianeHugh GrantJames WilbyDon AmecheJoe MantegnaMarcello MastroianniMassimo TroisiOleg BorisovRiver PhoenixJack LemmonFabrizio BentivoglioMarcello MastroianniXia Yu (actor)Roberto CitranGötz GeorgeIan HartLiam NeesonChris PennWesley SnipesSean PennJim BroadbentJavier BardemLuigi Lo CascioStefano AccorsiSean PennJavier BardemDavid StrathairnBen AffleckBrad PittSilvio OrlandoColin FirthVincent GalloMichael FassbenderPhilip Seymour HoffmanJoaquin PhoenixThemis PanouAdam DriverFabrice LuchiniOscar Martínez (actor)Help:Authority ControlVirtual International Authority FileLibrary Of Congress Control NumberInternational Standard Name IdentifierIntegrated Authority FileLIBRISSystème Universitaire De DocumentationBibliothèque Nationale De FranceNational Diet LibraryBiblioteca Nacional De EspañaSNACHelp:CategoryCategory:1913 BirthsCategory:1994 DeathsCategory:20th-century American Male ActorsCategory:Activists For African-American Civil RightsCategory:American Anti–Vietnam War ActivistsCategory:American Film ProducersCategory:American Male Film ActorsCategory:American Military Personnel Of World War IICategory:American People Of English DescentCategory:American People Of Irish DescentCategory:Anti-racism ActivistsCategory:BAFTA Winners (people)Category:Best Actor Academy Award WinnersCategory:Best Actor BAFTA Award WinnersCategory:Best Drama Actor Golden Globe (film) WinnersCategory:Best Foreign Actor BAFTA Award WinnersCategory:Bisexual Male ActorsCategory:Burials At Westwood Village Memorial Park CemeteryCategory:California DemocratsCategory:David Di Donatello WinnersCategory:DeWitt Clinton High School AlumniCategory:LGBT Rights Activists From The United StatesCategory:Male Western (genre) Film ActorsCategory:New York (state) DemocratsCategory:Silver Bear For Best Actor WinnersCategory:United States Army PersonnelCategory:Volpi Cup WinnersCategory:People From ManhattanCategory:Male Actors From New York CityCategory:People Of The New Deal Arts ProjectsCategory:Activists From New York (state)Category:Activists From CaliforniaCategory:American AtheistsCategory:Wikipedia Articles Needing Page Number Citations From October 2017Category:Use Mdy Dates From April 2011Category:Articles With HCardsCategory:All Articles With Unsourced StatementsCategory:Articles With Unsourced Statements From April 2012Category:Articles With Encyclopædia Britannica LinksCategory:Articles With IBDb LinksCategory:Find A Grave Template With ID Same As WikidataCategory:Wikipedia Articles With VIAF IdentifiersCategory:Wikipedia Articles With LCCN IdentifiersCategory:Wikipedia Articles With ISNI IdentifiersCategory:Wikipedia Articles With GND IdentifiersCategory:Wikipedia Articles With SELIBR IdentifiersCategory:Wikipedia Articles With BNF IdentifiersCategory:Wikipedia Articles With SNAC-ID IdentifiersDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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