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Productions[edit] San Francisco pre-Broadway tryout (2013)[edit] Beautiful: The Carole King Musical had a pre-Broadway try-out in San Francisco, California, at the Curran Theatre from September 24, 2013 through October 20, with an official opening October 8. The production was staged by Marc Bruni, with choreography by Josh Prince and musical direction by Jason Howland. Jessie Mueller played Carole King.[1] The musical sold out its entire run at the Curran Theatre.[2] Original Broadway Production (2014)[edit] The musical opened on Broadway at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre on January 12, 2014, after previews from November 12, 2013. In addition to Mueller as King, the cast features Jake Epstein as Gerry Goffin, Anika Larsen as Cynthia Weil and Jarrod Spector as Barry Mann.[3] King attended the April 3, 2014 performance and appeared on stage with the cast at the curtain call, singing "You've Got a Friend" together with them.[4] Original London Production (2015-2017)[edit] A production in London's West End opened on February 25, 2015, following previews beginning February 10, 2015, at the Aldwych Theatre.[5] Prior to the announcement, Baz Bamigboye from the Daily Mail reported that producers are looking for a full British cast for the transfer, meaning that Jessie Mueller would not transfer for the London production. On September 25, 2014, it was announced that British actress Katie Brayben would take the lead role of Carole King,[6] with further casting including Alan Morrissey as Gerry Goffin, Gary Trainor as Don Kirshner, Glynis Barber as Genie Klein, Lorna Want as Cynthia Weil and Ian McIntosh as Barry Mann.[7] Beginning November 30, 2015, Cassidy Janson took the lead role of Carole King and Diane Keen replace Glynis Barber in the role of Genie Klein.[8] it was announced on May 23, 2017 that the London production would close August 5, 2017. [9] U.S. Tour (2015-16)[edit] The musical began a U.S. tour starting in September 2015 in Providence, Rhode Island, at the Providence Performing Arts Center, with engagements across the United States, ending in San Francisco in August 2016.[10] The role of Carole King was played by Abby Mueller (the sister of Jessie Mueller), with Liam Tobin as Gerry Goffin, Ben Fankhauser as Barry Mann and Becky Gulsvig as Cynthia Weil.[11] UK Tour (2017-18)[edit] A UK tour began September 2017 at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford and ends at the New Theatre in Oxford in May 2018, starring former Over the Rainbow contestant Bronté Barbé as Carole King. Australian Tour (2017-18)[edit] An Australian tour began in Sydney on 24 September 2017 at the Lyric Theatre.[12] Esther Hannaford leads the production, playing Carole King.[13]

Synopsis[edit] From the Beautiful: The Carole King Musical cast recording booklet Act I[edit] At Carnegie Hall in 1971, Carole King sings "So Far Away". Then, in Brooklyn 1958, 16-year-old Carole tells her mother, Genie, she is going into Manhattan to try to sell a song to music publisher Donnie Kirshner. In the long tradition of mothers, Genie is opposed to her daughter's wish and in the equally long tradition of teenagers not caring about their mother's opinion, Carole goes anyway. At 1650 Broadway, she hears the "1650 Broadway Medley". She then sings her new song "It Might As Well Rain Until September". Donnie says he will take it and hopes she has others. At Queens College, Carole meets a handsome young lyricist named Gerry Goffin. They agree to collaborate, musically and romantically, which in both cases turns out to be a fertile arrangement. When they go to Donnie's to play their new song, Carole confesses to Gerry that she is pregnant. Gerry asks her to marry him. It gives her an extra depth of feeling when she sings their new song for Donnie, "Some Kind of Wonderful", which The Drifters then record. They get an office at 1650. While there, Carole meets a new lyricist Cynthia Weil ("Happy Days Are Here Again"), who is looking for a composer to work with. Gerry and Carole sing their new song "Take Good Care of My Baby", during which Barry Mann, the composer with the office next door, enters. Barry meets Cynthia and they decide to collaborate. As they begin to work, sparks fly. Donnie tells them he needs a song for the Shirelles. The couples compete for the job. In Donnie's office the next morning, Carole and Gerry present "Will You Love Me Tomorrow". Cynthia and Barry perform "He's Sure the Boy I Love". Donnie picks Carole and Gerry's song for The Shirelles and it goes to no. 1 ("Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" (Reprise)). And so, on either side of the same wall, a competition is born. The two teams turn out an amazing parade of songs: "Up on the Roof", "On Broadway", "The Loco-Motion" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'". Gerry and Carole are at the taping of a TV special where their new song, "One Fine Day", is being performed by the dazzling Janelle Woods. During a break, Gerry confesses to Carole that he is restless in their marriage. He wants to sleep with Janelle, and he doesn't want to lie about it. Carole is stunned. As the song begins again, she takes it over and sings it herself. Act II[edit] Carole is in a recording studio doing a demo of "Chains". Gerry is off with Janelle but tells her he will meet her later! Nick, a guitarist, asks Carole to come sing at the Bitter End sometime but she declines — she's a songwriter, not a singer. The thing with Gerry is getting her down so she goes and talks to Cynthia who is also having trouble with Barry — they split up. Carole decides to tell Gerry he has to end the affair with Janelle. As she leaves, Barry comes in. He and Cynthia make up and play their new song, "Walking in the Rain". Gerry shows up, but he is not making sense. He eventually has a breakdown. At the hospital, he tells Carole he will end the affair with Janelle and that he wants to come home. She suggests they make a new start and move to the suburbs ("Pleasant Valley Sunday"). Barry, Cynthia and Donnie come to see the new house. Barry plays their new song, "We Gotta Get Out of This Place". Depressed that he and Carole can't do as well, Gerry leaves in a funk for the city. While he is gone, it comes out that Barry and Cynthia have seen him with another woman, a singer named Marilyn Wald. Carole goes to Marilyn's apartment and Gerry is there. It's the final straw, and she ends their marriage. At the Bitter End, where Barry and Cynthia hear their song "Uptown", Carole explains she went to Los Angeles for a vacation and has started writing on her own. Nick, the guitarist from the studio who asked her to sing with his group, is playing there and urges her to sing. She sings her new song, "It's Too Late". She decides to move to Los Angeles. At 1650, she says goodbye to Donnie, Barry and Cynthia and plays them a parting present ("You've Got a Friend"). In Los Angeles, she records her album, Tapestry. The session goes well until the last song, which she is afraid to sing. It's a song she wrote with Gerry and she is afraid of the feelings it may stir up. Her producer, Lou Adler, persuades her. She sings "(You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman)". The album is a smash. Carole is at Carnegie Hall for her concert. Before the show starts, Gerry knocks on her dressing room door. He has brought her a good luck present, but has something even more valuable: an apology for all the ways he hurt her. With a full heart he wishes her well. Carole comes onto the stage of Carnegie Hall alone. She sits at the piano. Then with all the joy inside her, she sings "Beautiful".

Music[edit] Musical numbers[edit] All songs written by Goffin and King except as noted Act 1 "Overture" - Orchestra "So Far Away" - Carole King "Oh! Carol" - Neil Sedaka (music and lyrics by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield)† "1650 Broadway Medley" - Ensemble (arranged by Douglas McGrath, music and lyrics by various artists) "It Might as Well Rain Until September" - Carole "Be-Bop-A-Lula" (music and lyrics by Tex Davis and Gene Vincent) - Ensemble† "Some Kind of Wonderful" - Carole, Gerry Goffin and The Drifters "Happy Days Are Here Again" - Cynthia Weil (music by Milton Ager; lyrics by Jack Yellen) "Take Good Care of My Baby" - Gerry and Carole "Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)" - Barry Mann (music and lyrics by Mann and Goffin)† "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" - Carole "He's Sure the Boy I Love" - Cynthia and Barry (music and lyrics by Mann and Weil) "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" (Reprise) - The Shirelles "Up on the Roof" - Gerry and The Drifters "On Broadway" - The Drifters (music and lyrics by Mann, Weil, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller) "The Locomotion" - Little Eva and Ensemble "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" - The Righteous Brothers (music and lyrics by Mann, Weil and Phil Spector) "One Fine Day" - Janelle, Carole, and Ensemble Act 2 "Chains" - Carole and Ensemble "Walking in the Rain" - Barry and Cynthia (music and lyrics by Mann, Weil and Spector) "Pleasant Valley Sunday" - Marilyn Wald, Gerry, Carole and Ensemble "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" - Barry (music and lyrics by Mann and Weil) "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" (Single) - Carole† "Uptown" (music and lyrics by Mann and Weil) - Ensemble "It's Too Late" (music by King; lyrics by Toni Stern) - Carole "You've Got a Friend" - Carole, Barry, Cynthia and Don (music and lyrics by King) "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" - Carole and Ensemble (music and lyrics by Goffin, King and Gerald Wexler) "Beautiful" (music and lyrics by King) - Carole "I Feel the Earth Move" - Carole King and Ensemble (music and lyrics by King) † Not included on the original Broadway Cast Album. Orchestra[edit] The musical uses a 12-member orchestra consisting of three keyboards, two guitars, bass, drums, percussion, two reeds, trumpet/flugelhorn, and trombone/bass trombone.[14][15] In addition the performer playing Carole King plays the piano if it is Katie Brayben (London) whereas Jessie Mueller (Broadway) needed piano lessons so she could mime.[16] Recordings[edit] The Broadway cast album was recorded in February 2014 by Ghostlight Records and was released in digital form on April 1, 2014. It was in stores as of May 13, 2014. (The Broadway cast album includes the song "You've Got a Friend", although that song is not listed in the opening night credits.) The album was also released on a vinyl format.[17][18]

Principal roles and original casts[edit] Character Broadway Cast West End Cast[19] U.S. Tour Cast Japan Cast U.K. Tour Cast Australian Tour Cast Carole King Jessie Mueller Katie Brayben Abby Mueller Nana Mizuki Ayaka Hirahara Bronté Barbé Esther Hannaford Gerry Goffin Jake Epstein Alan Morrissey Liam Tobin Kanata Irei Kane Oliver Parry Josh Piterman Cynthia Weil Anika Larsen Lorna Want Becky Gulsvig Sonim Amy Ellen Richardson Amy Lehpamer Barry Mann Jarrod Spector Ian McIntosh Ben Fankhauser Akinori Nakagawa Matthew Gonsalves Mat Verevis Don Kirshner Jeb Brown Gary Trainor Curt Bouril Shinji Takeda Adam Howden Mike McLeish Genie Klein Liz Larsen Glynis Barber Suzanne Grodner Miyuki Tsurugi Carol Royale Anne Wood Betty Rebecca LaChance Joanna Woodward Sarah Bockel Ayaka Larrison Leigh Lothian Stefanie Caccamo Neil Sedaka/Bobby Hatfield/Lou Adler Kevin Duda Ed Currie John Michael Dias Gen Yamada Ben Morris Jason Arrow Janelle Woods Rashidra Scott Tanisha L. Spring Rebecca E. Covington Eliana Jessica Joslin Akina Edmonds Little Eva Ashley Blanchet Lucy St. Louis Ashley Blanchet MARIA-E Esme Laudat Chloé Zuel Lucille Carly Hughes Danielle Steers Salisha Thomas Natsuko Takagi Paige Miller Ruva Ngwenya Marilyn Wald Sara King Vivien Carter DeLaney Westfall Sayaka Watabiki Emma Lucia Naomi Price Bill Medley/Nick Josh Davis Dylan Turner Andrew Brewer Yasuhiro Yamano Grant McConvey Andrew Cook "Uptown" Singer Alysha Deslorieux Tanya Nicole-Edwards Britney Coleman Marie Sugaya Paige Miller Rebecca Selley Notable cast replacements[edit] Chilina Kennedy took over the role of Carole King from Jessie Mueller, then, Jessie's sister Abby returned to play the role on Broadway. Diane Keen replaced Glynis Barber in the role of Genie Klein on the West End on November 30, 2015.[20] Leigh Lothian is the alternate Carole to Bronté Barbé on the U.K. tour.

Critical reception[edit] Ben Brantley, reviewing for The New York Times, called the musical a "friendly, formulaic bio-musical". He wrote that the musical shows the change in King from a modest songwriter to the popular and confident performer of those songs, showing the "real, conflicted person within the reluctant star."[21] Jesse Green, in his review for the New York Magazine, praised the performers but criticized the book, writing that the musical does not have the "dramatic coherence of book biomusicals".[22] Similarly, Elyse Sommer, in her review for, praised the performers, especially Mueller, Spector and Larsen, as well as the "shimmery lighting" and the costumes. She wrote that while the musical "doesn't hang its songs on the greatest or most suspenseful story ever told, it has enough bounce and Broadway show glitz to keep you in your seat".[23]

Awards and nominations[edit] Original Broadway production[edit] Year Award Category Nominee Result 2014 Tony Award Best Musical Nominated Best Book of a Musical Douglas McGrath Nominated Best Leading Actress in a Musical Jessie Mueller Won Best Featured Actor in a Musical Jarrod Spector Nominated Best Featured Actress in a Musical Anika Larsen Nominated Best Orchestrations Steve Sidwell Nominated Best Sound Design Brian Ronan Won Drama Desk Award Outstanding Musical Nominated Outstanding Book of a Musical Douglas McGrath Nominated Outstanding Actress in a Musical Jessie Mueller Won Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical Anika Larsen Won Outstanding Orchestrations Steve Sidwell Nominated Outstanding Sound Design in a Musical Brian Ronan Won 2015 Grammy Award Best Musical Theater Album Jessie Mueller (principal soloist); Jason Howland, Steve Sidwell & Billy Jay Stein (producers) Won Original London production[edit] Year Award Ceremony Category Nominee Result 2015 Laurence Olivier Award Best New Musical Nominated Best Actress in a Musical Katie Brayben Won Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical Ian McIntosh Nominated Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical Lorna Want Won Best Theatre Choreographer Josh Prince Nominated Best Costume Design Alejo Vietti Nominated Best Sound Design Brian Ronan Nominated Outstanding Achievement in Music The Orchestra Nominated

Film adaptation[edit] On March 22, 2015, it was announced that Sony Pictures would be bringing the musical to the big screen with Douglas McGrath adapting his book into a screenplay and stage producer Paul Blake producing through Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman's production company, Playtone.

Producers[edit] The producers of the original Broadway production include: Paul Blake, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Jeffery A. Sine, Richard A. Smith, Mike Bosner, Harriet Newman Leve, Elaine Krauss, Terry Schnuck, Orin Wolf, Patty Baker, Roger Faxon, Larry Magrid, Kit Seidel, Lawrence S. Toppall, Fakston Productions, Mary Soloman, William C. Cohen, John Gore, Barbara Freitag, Loraine Alterman Boyle, Matthew C. Blank, Tim Hogue, Joel Hyatt, Marianne Mills, Michael J. Moritz Jr., StylesFour Production, Corey Brunish, Brisa Trinchero, Jeremiah J. Harris, Sherry Kondor (Executive Producer), Christine Russell (Executive Producer).[24]

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