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Early life Family Barbara Joan Streisand was born on April 24, 1942, in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Diana (born Ida Rosen) and Emanuel Streisand. Her mother had been a soprano singer in her youth and considered a career in music, but later became a school secretary.[18] Her father was a high school teacher at the same school, where they first met. Streisand's family was Jewish; her paternal grandparents emigrated from Galicia (Poland–Ukraine) and her maternal grandparents from the Russian Empire, where her grandfather had been a cantor.[19] Her father earned a master's degree from City College of New York in 1928 and was considered athletic and handsome. As a student, he spent his summers outdoors, once working as a lifeguard and another hitchhiking through Canada. "He'd try anything," his sister Molly said. "He wasn't afraid of anything." He married Ida in 1930, two years after graduating, and became a highly respected educator with a focus on helping underprivileged and delinquent youth.[20]:3 In August 1943, a few months after Streisand's first birthday, her father died suddenly at age 34 from complications from an epileptic seizure, possibly the result of a head injury years earlier.[20]:3 The family fell into near-poverty, with her mother working as a low-paid bookkeeper.[21] As an adult, Streisand remembered those early years as always feeling like an "outcast," explaining, "Everybody else's father came home from work at the end of the day. Mine didn't."[20]:3 Her mother tried to pay their bills but could not give her daughter the attention she craved: "When I wanted love from my mother, she gave me food," Streisand says.[20]:3 Streisand recalls that her mother had a "great voice" and sang semi-professionally on occasion, in her operatic soprano voice. During a visit to the Catskills when Streisand was thirteen, she told Rosie O'Donnell, she and her mother recorded some songs on tape. That session was the first time Streisand ever asserted herself as an artist, which also became her "first moment of inspiration" as an artist.[22] She has an older brother, Sheldon, and a half-sister, the singer Roslyn Kind,[23][24] from her mother's remarriage to Louis Kind in 1949. Roslyn is nine years younger than Streisand.[25][26] Education Streisand began her education at the Jewish Orthodox Yeshiva of Brooklyn when she was five. There, she was considered to be bright and extremely inquisitive about everything; however, she lacked discipline, often shouting answers to questions out of turn.[20]:3 She next entered Public School 89 in Brooklyn, and during those early school years began watching television and going to movies. Watching the glamorous stars on the screen, she was soon entranced by acting and now hoped someday to become an actress, partly as a means of escape: "I always wanted to be somebody, to be famous . . .You know, get out of Brooklyn.[20]:3 Streisand became known by others in the neighborhood for her voice. With the other kids she remembers sitting on the stoop in front of their flat and singing: "I was considered the girl on the block with the good voice."[20]:3 That talent became a way for her to gain attention. She would often practice her singing in the hallway of her apartment building which gave her voice an echoing quality.[27] She made her singing debut at a PTA assembly, where she became a hit to everyone but her mother, who was mostly critical of her daughter. Young Streisand was invited to sing at weddings and summer camp, along with having an unsuccessful audition at MGM records when she was nine. By the time she was thirteen, her mother began supporting her talent, helping her make a four-song demo tape, including "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart," and "You'll Never Know."[20]:4 Although she knew her voice was good and she liked the attention, becoming an actress was her main objective. That desire was made stronger when she saw her first Broadway play, The Diary of Anne Frank, when she was fourteen. The star in the play was Susan Strasberg, whose acting she wanted to emulate if ever given the chance.[20]:4 To help achieve that goal, Streisand began spending her spare time in the library, studying the biographies of various stage actresses such as Eleanora Duse and Sarah Bernhardt. In addition, she began reading novels and plays, including some by Shakespeare and Ibsen, and also on her own, studied the acting theories of Konstantin Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov.[20]:4 She attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn in 1955 where she became an honor student in modern history, English, and Spanish. She also joined the Freshman Chorus and Choral Club, where she sang with another choir member and classmate, Neil Diamond.[28] Diamond recalls, "We were two poor kids in Brooklyn. We hung out in the front of Erasmus High and smoked cigarettes." The school was near an art-movie house, and he recalls that she was always aware of the films they were showing, while he wasn't as interested.[29] During the summer of 1957 she got her first stage experience as a walk-on at the Playhouse in Malden Bridge, New York. That small part was followed by a role as the kid sister in Picnic and one as a vamp in Desk Set.[20]:4 She returned to school in Brooklyn but never took dramatic arts classes, preferring instead to gain some real-world stage experience. To that end, in her sophomore year, she took a night job at the Cherry Lane Theatre in Greenwich Village helping backstage. When she was a senior, she rehearsed for a small part in Driftwood, a play staged in a midtown attic space.[20]:5 Her co-star in Driftwood was Joan Rivers. At age sixteen, she graduated from Erasmus Hall in January 1959, and despite her mother's pleas that she stay out of show business, she immediately set out trying to get roles on the New York City stage.[20]:5 After renting a small apartment on 48th street, in the heart of the theater district, she accepted any job she could involving the stage, and at every opportunity, she "made the rounds" of the casting offices.[20]:5

Career beginnings Barbra Streisand, c. 1962. At sixteen, then living on her own, Streisand's youth and ambition worked in her favor, but she lacked a mature woman's physical features which were needed for serious female roles. She therefore took various menial jobs to have some income. At one period, she lacked a permanent address, and found herself sleeping at the home of friends or anywhere else she could set up the army cot she carried around to save on rent expense. When desperate, she would return to her mother's flat in Brooklyn for a home-cooked meal. However, her mother would be horrified by her daughter's "gypsy-like lifestyle," wrote biographer Karen Swenson, and again begged her to give up trying to get into show business;[20]:6 but Streisand took her mother's pleadings as even more reason to keep trying: "My desires were strengthened by wanting to prove to my mother that I could be a star."[20]:6 She took a job as an usher at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater for The Sound of Music, early in 1960. During the run of the play, she heard that the casting director was auditioning for more singers, and it marked the first time she sang in pursuit of a job.[20]:6 Although the director felt she was not right for the part, he encouraged her to begin including her talent as a singer on her résumé when looking for other work.[20]:6 That suggestion prodded Streisand to think seriously about a singing career, in addition to acting. She asked her boyfriend, Barry Dennen, to tape her singing, copies of which she could then give out to possible employers. Dennen had acted with her briefly in an off-Broadway play, but had no reason to think she had any talent as a singer, and she never mentioned it. Nevertheless, he agreed and found a guitarist to accompany her: We spent the afternoon taping, and the moment I heard the first playback I went insane. . . . This nutty little kook had one of the most breathtaking voices I'd ever heard . . . when she was finished and I turned off the machine, I needed a long moment before I dared look up at her.[20]:6 Dennen grew enthusiastic and he convinced her to enter a talent contest at the Lion, a gay nightclub in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. She performed two songs, after which there was a "stunned silence" from the audience, followed by "thunderous applause" when she was pronounced the winner.[20]:7 She was invited back and sang at the club for several weeks.[30] It was during this time that she dropped the second "a" from her first name,[30] switching from "Barbara" to "Barbra", due to her dislike of her original name.[31] Nightclub shows and Broadway stage Streisand was next asked to audition at the Bon Soir nightclub, after which she was signed up at $125 a week. It became her first professional engagement, in September 1960, where she was the opening act for comedian Phyllis Diller. She recalls it was the first time she had been in that kind of upscale environment: "I'd never been in a nightclub until I sang in one."[20]:7 Dennen now wanted to expose Streisand to his vast record collection of female singers, including Billie Holiday, Mabel Mercer, Ethel Waters, and Édith Piaf. His effort made a difference in her developing style as she gained new respect for the art of popular singing. She also realized she could still become an actress by first gaining recognition as a singer.[20]:7 According to biographer Christopher Nickens, hearing other great female singers benefited her style, as she began creating different emotional characters when performing, which gave her singing a greater range. Feeling more self-confident, she improved her stage presence when speaking to the audience between songs. She discovered that her Brooklyn-bred style of humor was received quite favorably.[20]:8 During the next six months appearing at the club, some began comparing her singing voice to famous names such as Judy Garland, Lena Horne and Fanny Brice. Her conversational ability to charm an audience with spontaneous humor during performances became more sophisticated and professional.[20]:8 Theater critic Leonard Harris, in one of his reviews, could already envision her future success: "She's twenty; by the time she's thirty she will have rewritten the record books."[20]:9 Her name is Barbra Streisand. She is 20 years old, she has a three-octave promiscuity of range, she packs more personal dynamic power than anybody I can recall since Libby Holman or Helen Morgan. She can sing as loud as Ethel Merman and as persuasively as Lena or Ella, or as brassy as a Sophie Tucker...and only Barbra Streisand can turn "Cry Me a River" into something comparable to Enrico Caruso having his first bash at Pagliacci. When Streisand cries you a river, you got a river, Sam...and she will be around 50 years from now if good songs are still written to be sung by good singers. syndicated columnist Robert Ruark, on her 1963 performances at the Blue Angel.[32][33] Streisand never lost her desire to be a stage actress and accepted her first role on the New York stage in Another Evening with Harry Stoones, a satirical comedy play in which she acted and sang two solos. The show received terrible reviews and closed the next day. With the help of her new personal manager, Martin Erlichman, she had successful shows in Detroit and St. Louis. Erlichman then booked her at an even more upscale nightclub in Manhattan, Blue Angel, where she became a bigger hit during the period of 1961 to 1962. Streisand once told Jimmy Fallon, whom she sang a duet with,[34] on the Tonight Show, that Erlichman was a "fantastic manager" and still managed her career after 50 years.[35] While appearing at Blue Angel, theater director and playwright Arthur Laurents asked her to audition for a new musical comedy he was directing, I Can Get It for You Wholesale. She got the part of secretary to the lead actor businessman, played by then unknown Elliott Gould.[20]:9 They fell in love during rehearsals and eventually moved into a small apartment together. The show opened on March 22, 1962, at the Shubert Theater, and received rave reviews. Her performance "stopped the show cold," wrote Nickens,[20]:9 and she became Broadway's most exciting and youngest new star.[20]:10 Groucho Marx, while hosting the Tonight Show, told her that twenty was an "extremely young age to be a success on Broadway."[36] Streisand received a Tony nomination and New York Drama Critic's prize for Best Supporting Actress.[37] The show was recorded and it was the first time the public could purchase an album of her singing.[20]:10 Television appearances, marriage, and first albums Streisand's first television appearance was on The Tonight Show, then credited to its usual host Jack Paar. She was seen during an April 1961 episode on which Orson Bean substituted for Paar. She sang Harold Arlen's "A Sleepin' Bee".[38] During her appearance, Phyllis Diller, also a guest on the show, called her "one of the great singing talents in the world."[39] Later in 1961, before she was cast in Another Evening With Harry Stoones, she became a semi-regular on PM East/PM West, a talk/variety series hosted by Mike Wallace and Joyce Davidson.[40] In May 1962, Streisand appeared on The Garry Moore Show where she sang "Happy Days Are Here Again" for the first time. Her sad, slow version of the 1930s upbeat Democratic Party theme song became her signature song during this early phase of her career.[20]:10 Johnny Carson had her on the Tonight Show half a dozen times in 1962 and 1963, and she became a favorite of his television audience and himself personally. He described her as an "exciting new singer."[41] During one show, she joked with Groucho Marx who liked her style of humor.[20]:10 "She did three or four songs, and she was beyond brilliant — so amazing." Elliott Gould, about their first play together in 1961[42] In December 1962, she made the first of a number of appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show. She was later a cohost on the Mike Douglas Show, and also made an impact on a number of Bob Hope specials. Performing with her on the Ed Sullivan Show was Liberace who became an instant fan of the young singer. Liberace invited her to Las Vegas, Nevada, to perform as his opening act at the Riviera Hotel. Liberace is credited with introducing Barbra to Western American audiences.[43] The following September during her ongoing shows at Harrah's Hotel in Lake Tahoe, she and Elliott Gould took time off to get married in Carson City, Nevada. With her career and popularity rising so quickly, she saw her marriage to Gould as a "stabilizing influence."[20]:11 Her first album, The Barbra Streisand Album in early 1963, made the top 10 on the Billboard chart and won three Grammy Awards.[20]:11 The album made her the best-selling female vocalist in the country.[20]:11 That summer she also released The Second Barbra Streisand Album, which established her as the "most exciting new personality since Elvis Presley."[20]:11 She ended that breakthrough year of 1963 by performing one-night concerts in Indianapolis, San Jose, Chicago, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.[20]:11 Streisand returned to Broadway in 1964 with an acclaimed performance as entertainer Fanny Brice in Funny Girl at the Winter Garden Theatre. The show introduced two of her signature songs, "People" and "Don't Rain on My Parade." Because of the play's overnight success, she appeared on the cover of Time. In 1964 Streisand was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical but lost to Carol Channing in Hello, Dolly! Streisand received an honorary "Star of the Decade" Tony Award in 1970.[44] In 1966, she repeated her success with Funny Girl in London's West End at the Prince of Wales Theatre. From 1965 to 1968 she appeared in her first four solo television specials.

Career This section of a biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful. (January 2017) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Singing Streisand has recorded 50 studio albums, almost all with Columbia Records. Her early works in the 1960s (her debut The Barbra Streisand Album, The Second Barbra Streisand Album, The Third Album, My Name Is Barbra, etc.) are considered classic renditions of theatre and cabaret standards, including her pensive version of the normally uptempo "Happy Days Are Here Again". She performed this in a duet with Judy Garland on The Judy Garland Show. Garland referred to her on the air as one of the last great belters. They also sang "There's No Business Like Show Business" with Ethel Merman joining them.[45] On The Ed Sullivan Show in 1969 Beginning with My Name Is Barbra, her early albums were often medley-filled keepsakes of her television specials. Starting in 1969, she began attempting more contemporary material, but like many talented singers of the day, she found herself out of her element with rock. Her vocal talents prevailed, and she gained newfound success with the pop and ballad-oriented Richard Perry-produced album Stoney End in 1971. The title track, written by Laura Nyro, was a major hit for Streisand. During the 1970s, she was also highly prominent on the pop charts, with Top 10 recordings such as "The Way We Were" (US No. 1), "Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born)" (US No. 1), "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" (1979, with Donna Summer), which as of 2010 is reportedly still the most commercially successful duet, (US No. 1), "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" (with Neil Diamond) (US No. 1) and "The Main Event" (US No. 3), some of which came from soundtrack recordings of her films. As the 1970s ended, Streisand was named the most successful female singer in the U.S. — only Elvis Presley and The Beatles had sold more albums.[46] In 1980, she released her best-selling effort to date, the Barry Gibb-produced Guilty. The album contained the hits "Woman in Love" (which spent several weeks on top of the pop charts in the fall of 1980), "Guilty", and "What Kind of Fool". After years of largely ignoring Broadway and traditional pop music in favor of more contemporary material, Streisand returned to her musical-theater roots with 1985's The Broadway Album, which was unexpectedly successful, holding the coveted No. 1 Billboard position for three straight weeks, and being certified quadruple platinum. The album featured tunes by Rodgers and Hammerstein, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, and Stephen Sondheim, who was persuaded to rework some of his songs especially for this recording. The Broadway Album was met with acclaim, including a Grammy nomination for album of the year and handed Streisand her eighth Grammy as Best Female Vocalist. After releasing the live album One Voice in 1986, Streisand was set to release another album of Broadway songs in 1988. She recorded several cuts for the album under the direction of Rupert Holmes, including "On My Own" (from Les Misérables), a medley of "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?" and "Heather on the Hill" (from Finian's Rainbow and Brigadoon, respectively), "All I Ask of You" (from The Phantom of the Opera), "Warm All Over" (from The Most Happy Fella) and an unusual solo version of "Make Our Garden Grow" (from Candide). Streisand was not happy with the direction of the project and it was scrapped. Only "Warm All Over" and a reworked, lite FM-friendly version of "All I Ask of You" were ever released, the latter appearing on Streisand's 1988 effort, Till I Loved You. At the beginning of the 1990s, Streisand started focusing on her film directorial efforts and became almost inactive in the recording studio. In 1991, a four-disc box set, Just for the Record, was released. A compilation spanning Streisand's entire career to date, it featured over 70 tracks of live performances, greatest hits, rarities and previously unreleased material. Streisand taping her TV Special Barbra Streisand... and other Musical Instruments in 1973 The following year, Streisand's concert fundraising events helped propel President Bill Clinton into the spotlight and into office.[47] Streisand later introduced Clinton at his inauguration in 1993. Streisand's music career, however, was largely on hold. A 1992 appearance at an APLA benefit as well as the aforementioned inaugural performance hinted that Streisand was becoming more receptive to the idea of live performances. A tour was suggested, though Streisand would not immediately commit to it, citing her well-known stage fright as well as security concerns. During this time, Streisand finally returned to the recording studio and released Back to Broadway in June 1993. The album was not as universally lauded as its predecessor, but it did debut at No. 1 on the pop charts (a rare feat for an artist of Streisand's age, especially given that it relegated Janet Jackson's Janet to the No. 2 spot). One of the album's highlights was a medley of "I Have A Love" / "One Hand, One Heart", a duet with Johnny Mathis, who Streisand said is one of her favorite singers.[48][49] In 1993, The New York Times music critic Stephen Holden wrote that Streisand "enjoys a cultural status that only one other American entertainer, Frank Sinatra, has achieved in the last half century".[50] In September 1993, Streisand announced her first public concert appearances in 27 years (if one does not count her Las Vegas nightclub performances between 1969 and 1972). What began as a two-night New Year's event at the MGM Grand Las Vegas led to a multi-city tour in the summer of 1994. Tickets for the tour were sold out in under an hour. Streisand also appeared on the covers of major magazines in anticipation of what Time magazine named "The Music Event of the Century". The tour was one of the biggest all-media merchandise parlays in history. Ticket prices ranged from US$50 to US$1,500, making Streisand the highest-paid concert performer in history. Barbra Streisand: The Concert went on to be the top-grossing concert of the year and earned five Emmy Awards and the Peabody Award, while the taped broadcast on HBO was the highest-rated concert special in HBO's 30-year history. Following the tour's conclusion, Streisand once again kept a low profile musically, instead focusing her efforts on acting and directing duties as well as a burgeoning romance with actor James Brolin. In 1996, Streisand released "I Finally Found Someone" as a duet with Canadian singer and songwriter Bryan Adams. The song was nominated for an Oscar as it was part of the soundtrack of Streisand's self-directed movie The Mirror Has Two Faces. It reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was her first significant hit in almost a decade and her first top 10 hit on the Hot 100 (and first gold single) since 1981. In 1997, she finally returned to the recording studio, releasing Higher Ground, a collection of songs of a loosely inspirational nature which also featured a duet with Céline Dion. The album received generally favorable reviews and once again debuted at No. 1 on the pop charts. Following her marriage to Brolin in 1998, Streisand recorded an album of love songs entitled A Love Like Ours the following year. Reviews were mixed, with many critics complaining about the somewhat syrupy sentiments and overly-lush arrangements; however, it did produce a modest hit for Streisand in the country-tinged "If You Ever Leave Me", a duet with Vince Gill. On New Year's Eve 1999, Streisand returned to the concert stage, selling out in the first few hours, eight months before her return.[51] At the end of the millennium, she was the number one female singer in the U.S., with at least two No. 1 albums in each decade since she began performing. A two-disc live album of the concert entitled Timeless: Live in Concert was released in 2000. Streisand performed versions of the Timeless concert in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, in early 2000. In advance of four concerts (two each in Los Angeles and New York) in September 2000, Streisand announced that she was retiring from playing public concerts. Her performance of the song "People" was broadcast on the Internet via America Online. Streisand's most recent albums have been Christmas Memories (2001), a somewhat somber collection of holiday songs, and The Movie Album (2003), featuring famous film themes and backed by a large symphony orchestra. Guilty Pleasures (called Guilty Too in the UK), a collaboration with Barry Gibb and a sequel to their Guilty, was released worldwide in 2005. Streisand performing in July 2007 at The O2 Arena in London In February 2006, Streisand recorded the song "Smile" alongside Tony Bennett at Streisand's Malibu home. The song is included on Bennett's 80th birthday album, Duets. In September 2006, the pair filmed a live performance of the song for a special directed by Rob Marshall entitled Tony Bennett: An American Classic. The special aired on NBC November 21, 2006, and was released on DVD the same day. Streisand's duet with Bennett opened the special. In 2006, Streisand announced her intent to tour again, in an effort to raise money and awareness for multiple issues. After four days of rehearsal at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey, the tour began on October 4 at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, continued with a featured stop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, (this was the concert Streisand chose to film for a TV special), and concluded at Staples Center in Los Angeles on November 20, 2006. Special guests Il Divo were interwoven throughout the show. The show was known as Streisand: The Tour. Streisand's 20-concert tour set box-office records. At the age of 64, she grossed $92,457,062 and set house gross records in 14 of the 16 arenas played on the tour. She set the third-place record for her show of October 9, 2006 at Madison Square Garden, the first- and second-place records, of which are held by her two shows in September 2000. She set the second-place record at MGM Grand Garden Arena with her December 31, 1999, show being the house record and highest-grossing concert of all time. This led many people to openly criticize Streisand for price gouging as many tickets sold for upwards of $1,000.[52] A collection of performances culled from different stops on this tour, Live in Concert 2006, debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200, making it Streisand's 29th Top 10 album.[53] In the summer of 2007, Streisand gave concerts for the first time in continental Europe. The first concert took place in Zürich (June 18), then Vienna (June 22), Paris (June 26), Berlin (June 30), Stockholm (July 4, canceled), Manchester (July 10) and Celbridge, near Dublin (July 14), followed by three concerts in London (July 18, 22 and 25), the only European city where Streisand had performed before 2007. Tickets for the London dates cost between £100.00 and £1,500.00, and for Ireland, between €118 and €500. The Ireland date was marred by issues with serious parking and seating problems leading to the event's being dubbed a fiasco by Hot Press.[54] The tour included a 58-piece orchestra. In February 2008, Forbes listed Streisand as the No.-2-earning female musician between June 2006 and June 2007 with earnings of about $60 million.[55] On November 17, 2008, Streisand returned to the studio to begin recording what would be her sixty-third album[56] and it was announced that Diana Krall was producing the album.[57] Streisand is one of the recipients of the 2008 Kennedy Center Honors.[58] On December 7, 2008, she visited the White House as part of the ceremonies.[56] On April 25, 2009, CBS aired Streisand's latest television special, Streisand: Live in Concert, highlighting the featured stop from her 2006 North American tour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On September 26, 2009, Streisand performed a one-night-only show at the Village Vanguard in New York City's Greenwich Village.[59] This performance was later released on DVD as One Night Only: Barbra Streisand and Quartet at The Village Vanguard. On September 29, 2009, Streisand and Columbia Records released her newest studio album, Love is the Answer, produced by Diana Krall.[60] On October 2, 2009, Streisand made her British television performance debut with an interview on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross to promote the album. This album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and registered her biggest weekly sales since 1997, making Streisand the only artist in history to achieve No. 1 albums in five different decades. On February 1, 2010, Streisand joined over eighty other artists in recording a new version of the 1985 charity single "We Are the World". Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie planned to release the new version to mark the 25th anniversary of its original recording. These plans changed, however, in view of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, and on February 12, the song, now called "We Are the World 25 for Haiti", made its debut as a charity single to support relief aid for the island nation. In 2011, Streisand sang Somewhere from the Broadway musical West Side Story, with child prodigy Jackie Evancho, on Evancho's album Dream with Me.[61] Streisand was honored as MusiCares Person of the Year on February 11, 2011, two days prior to the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.[62] On October 11, 2012, Streisand gave a three-hour concert performance before a crowd of 18,000 as part of the ongoing inaugural events of Barclays Center (and part of her current Barbra Live tour) in Brooklyn (her first-ever public performance in her home borough). Streisand was joined onstage by trumpeter Chris Botti, Italian operatic trio Il Volo, and her son Jason Gould. The concert included musical tributes by Streisand to Donna Summer and Marvin Hamlisch, both of whom had died earlier in 2012. Confirmed attendees included Barbara Walters, Jimmy Fallon, Sting, Katie Couric, Woody Allen, Michael Douglas and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as designers Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.[63][64] In June 2013 she gave two concerts in Bloomfield Stadium, Tel Aviv. Streisand is one of many singers who use teleprompters during their live performances. Streisand has defended her choice in using teleprompters to display lyrics and, sometimes, banter.[65] In September 2014,[66] she released Partners, a new album of duets that features collaborations with Elvis Presley, Andrea Bocelli, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Billy Joel, Babyface, Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, John Mayer, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Jason Gould. This album topped the Billboard 200 with sales of 196,000 copies in the first week, making Streisand the only recording artist to have a number-one album in each of the last six decades.[67] It was also certified gold in November 2014 and platinum in January 2015, thus becoming Streisand's 52nd gold and 31st Platinum album, more than any other female artist in history.[68] In May 2016, Streisand announced the upcoming album Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway to be released in August following a nine-city concert tour, Barbra: The Music, The Mem'ries, The Magic, including performances in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and a return to her hometown of Brooklyn.[69] Acting In On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) Her first film was a reprise of her Broadway hit, Funny Girl (1968), an artistic and commercial success directed by Hollywood veteran William Wyler. Streisand won the 1968 Academy Award for Best Actress for the role,[70] sharing it with Katharine Hepburn (The Lion in Winter), the only time there has been a tie in this Oscar category.[71] Her next two movies were also based on musicals, Jerry Herman's Hello, Dolly!, directed by Gene Kelly (1969); and Alan Jay Lerner's and Burton Lane's On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, directed by Vincente Minnelli (1970); while her fourth film was based on the Broadway play The Owl and the Pussycat (1970).[72] During the 1970s, Streisand starred in several screwball comedies, including What's Up, Doc? (1972) and The Main Event (1979), both co-starring Ryan O'Neal, and For Pete's Sake (1974) with Michael Sarrazin. One of her most famous roles during this period was in the drama The Way We Were (1973) with Robert Redford, for which she received an Academy Award nomination as Best Actress. She earned her second Academy Award for Best Original Song (with lyricist Paul Williams) for the song "Evergreen", from A Star Is Born in 1976,[73] in which she also starred. Along with Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier and later Steve McQueen, Streisand formed First Artists Production Company in 1969 so actors could secure properties and develop movie projects for themselves. Streisand's initial outing with First Artists was Up the Sandbox (1972).[74] From 1969 to 1980, Streisand appeared in Top Ten Money Making Stars Poll, the annual motion picture exhibitors poll of Top 10 Box Office attractions a total of 10 times,[75] often as the only woman on the list. After the commercially disappointing All Night Long in 1981, Streisand's film output decreased considerably. She has acted in only eight films since. "I'm impressed with her choosing Yentl; it was extraordinary. But for some reason, Hollywood turned against her...there was a lack of sympathy toward her...Christ, she could have played Cleopatra better than Liz Taylor, with her enormous power and the subtlety of her singing...She is one of the great actresses and she hasn't been well used." director John Huston, Playboy interview, 1985[76] Streisand produced a number of her own films, setting up Barwood Films in 1972. The first film she made, Yentl (1983), was turned down by every Hollywood studio at least once when she asked to not only direct the picture, but also to star in the film, until Orion Pictures took on the project and gave the film a budget of $14 million.[77] For Yentl (1983), she was producer, director, and star, an experience she repeated for The Prince of Tides (1991) and The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996). There was controversy when Yentl received five Academy Award nominations, but none for the major categories of Best Picture, Actress, or Director.[78] The Prince of Tides received even more Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Screenplay, although not for director. Upon completion of the film, its screenwriter, Pat Conroy, who also authored the novel, called Streisand "a goddess who walks upon the earth."[20]:xii Streisand also scripted Yentl, something for which she is not always given credit. According to The New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal in an interview with Allan Wolper, "The one thing that makes Barbra Streisand crazy is when nobody gives her the credit for having written Yentl."[79] In 2004, Streisand made a return to film acting after an eight-year hiatus, in the comedy Meet the Fockers (a sequel to Meet the Parents), playing opposite Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Blythe Danner and Robert De Niro. in Hello, Dolly! (1969) In 2005, Streisand's Barwood Films, Gary Smith, and Sonny Murray purchased the rights to Simon Mawer's book Mendel's Dwarf.[80] In December 2008, she stated that she was considering directing an adaptation of Larry Kramer's play The Normal Heart, a project she has worked on since the mid-1990s.[81] In December 2010, Streisand appeared in Little Fockers, the third film from the Meet the Parents trilogy. She reprised the role of Roz Focker alongside Dustin Hoffman. On January 28, 2011, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Paramount Pictures had given the green light to begin shooting the road-trip comedy My Mother's Curse, with Seth Rogen playing Streisand's character's son. Anne Fletcher directed the project with a script by Dan Fogelman, produced by Lorne Michaels, John Goldwyn, and Evan Goldberg. Executive producers included Streisand, Rogen, Fogelman, and David Ellison, whose Skydance Productions co-financed the road movie.[82] Shooting began in spring 2011 and wrapped in July; the film's title was eventually altered to The Guilt Trip, and the movie was released in December 2012. Streisand has been set to star in a film adaptation of the musical Gypsy – featuring music by Jules Styne, a book by Arthur Laurents and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim – with Richard LaGravenese reportedly attached to the project as screenwriter.[83] In April 2016, it was reported that Streisand was in advanced negotiations to star in and produce the film, which will be directed by Barry Levinson and distributed by STX Entertainment.[84] Two months later, the film's script had been completed and production was scheduled to begin in early 2017.[85] Streisand is set to direct the historical drama Catherine the Great, a feature biopic about the 18th-century Russian empress, based on the top 2014 Black List script, produced by Gil Netter.[86][87]

Artistry Whitney Balliett wrote, "Streisand wows her listeners with her shrewd dynamics (in-your-ear soft here, elbowing-loud there), her bravura climbs, her rolling vibrato, and the singular Streisand-from-Brooklyn nasal quality of her voice — a voice as immediately recognizable in its way as Louis Armstrong's."[88] Music writer Allegra Rossi adds that Streisand creates complete compositions in her head: Even though she can't read or write music, Barbra hears melodies as completed compositions in her head. She hears a melody and takes it in, learning it quickly. Barbra developed her ability to sustain long notes because she wanted to. She can mold a tune that others cannot; she's able to sing between song and speech, keeping in tune, carrying rhythm and meaning.[27][a] While she is predominantly a pop singer, Streisand's voice has been described as "semi-operatic" due to its strength and quality of tone.[90] According to Adam Feldman of Time Out, Streisand's "signature vocal style" is "a suspension bridge between old-school belting and microphone pop."[91] She is known for her ability to hold relatively high notes, both loud and soft, with great intensity, as well as for her ability to make slight but unobtrusive embellishments on a melodic line. The former quality led classical pianist Glenn Gould to call himself "a Streisand freak".[92] In recent years, critics and audiences have noted that her voice has "lowered and acquired an occasionally husky edge". However, New York Times music critic Stephen Holden noted that her distinctive tone and musical instincts remain, and that she still "has the gift of conveying a primal human longing in a beautiful sound".[90] Paul Taylor of The Independent wrote that Streisand "has sounded a little scratchy and frayed, though the stout resolve and superb technique with which Streisand manages to hoist it over these difficulties has come to seem morally as well aesthetically impressive."[93] Reviewing Streisand's most recent studio effort Partners, Gil Naveh of Haaretz described Streisand's voice as "velvety, clear and powerful … and the passing years have given it a fascinating depth and roughness."[94]

Personal life Relationships and family Streisand with husband Elliott Gould and son Jason (1967) With James Brolin (2013) Streisand has been married twice. Her first husband was actor Elliott Gould, to whom she was married from 1963 until 1971. They had one child, Jason Gould, who appeared as her on-screen son in The Prince of Tides. In 1969 and 1970, Streisand dated Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.[95][96][97] She started a relationship with hairdresser/producer Jon Peters in 1974. He went on to be her manager and producer.[98] She is the godmother of his daughters, Caleigh Peters and Skye Peters.[99] Streisand dated tennis champion Andre Agassi in the early 1990s. Writing about the relationship in his 2009 autobiography, Agassi said: "We agree that we're good for each other, and so what if she's twenty-eight years older? We're simpatico, and the public outcry only adds spice to our connection. It makes our friendship feel forbidden, taboo – another piece of my overall rebellion. Dating Barbra Streisand is like wearing Hot Lava."[100] Her second husband is actor James Brolin, whom she married on July 1, 1998.[101] While they have no children together, Brolin has two children from his first marriage, including actor Josh Brolin, and one child from his second marriage. Name Streisand changed her name from "Barbara" to "Barbra" because, she said, "I hated the name, but I refused to change it."[102] Streisand further explained, "Well, I was 18 and I wanted to be unique, but I didn't want to change my name because that was too false. You know, people were saying you could be Joanie Sands, or something like that. (My middle name is Joan.) And I said, 'No, let's see, if I take out the 'a,' it's still 'Barbara,' but it's unique."[103] A 1967 biography with a concert program said, "the spelling of her first name is an instance of partial rebellion: she was advised to change her last name and retaliated by dropping an "a" from the first instead."[104] Politics Streisand has long been an active supporter of the Democratic Party and many of its causes. She was among the celebrities on President Richard Nixon's 1971 list of political enemies.[105] In 1995 Streisand spoke at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government about the role of the artist as citizen, in support of arts programs and funding.[106][107] Streisand is a supporter of gay rights, and in 2007 helped raise funds in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat California Proposition 8.[108] In June 2013, she helped celebrate the 90th birthday of Shimon Peres held at Jerusalem's international convention center.[109] She also performed at two other concerts in Tel Aviv that same week, part of her first concert tour of Israel.[110] In January 2017, she participated in 2017 Women's March in Los Angeles. Introduced by Rufus Wainwright, Streisand appeared on stage and made a speech.[111] Philanthropy In 1984, Streisand donated the Emanuel Streisand Building for Jewish Studies to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in the Mount Scopus campus, in memory of her father, an educator and scholar who died when she was young.[112][113][114] Streisand has personally raised $25 million[115] for organizations through her live performances. The Streisand Foundation,[116] established in 1986, has contributed over $16 million through nearly 1,000 grants to "national organizations working on preservation of the environment, voter education, the protection of civil liberties and civil rights, women's issues[117] and nuclear disarmament".[118] In 2006, Streisand donated $1 million to the William J. Clinton Foundation in support of former President Bill Clinton's climate change initiative.[119] In 2009, Streisand gifted $5 million to endow the Barbra Streisand Women's Cardiovascular Research and Education Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Women's Heart Center.[120] In September that year, Parade magazine included Streisand on its Giving Back Fund's second annual Giving Back 30 survey, "a ranking of the celebrities who have made the largest donations to charity in 2007 according to public records",[121] as the third most generous celebrity. The Giving Back Fund claimed Streisand donated $11 million, which The Streisand Foundation distributed. In 2012 she raised $22 million to support her women's cardiovascular center, bringing her own personal contribution to $10 million. The program was officially named the Barbra Streisand Women's Heart Center. At Julien's Auctions in October 2009, Streisand, a longtime collector of art and furniture, sold 526 items, with all the proceeds going to her foundation. Items included a costume from Funny Lady and a vintage dental cabinet purchased by the performer at 18 years old. The sale's most valuable lot was a painting by Kees van Dongen.[122] In December 2011, she appeared at a fundraising gala for Israel Defense Forces charities.[123]

Legacy Honors Streisand was presented Distinguished Merit Award by Mademoiselle in 1964, and selected as Miss Ziegfeld in 1965. In 1968, she received the Israel Freedom Medal, the highest civilian award of Israel, and she was awarded Pied Piper Award by ASCAP and Prix De L'Academie Charles Cros in 1969, Crystal Apple by her hometown City of New York, Woman of Achievement in the Arts by Anti-Defamation League in 1978. In 1984, Streisand was awarded the Women in Film Crystal Award for outstanding women who, through their endurance and the excellence of their work, have helped to expand the role of women within the entertainment industry.[124] She received the Woman of Courage Award by the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres [125] and Scopus Award by American Friends of The Hebrew University. She received Breakthrough Awards for "making films that portray women with serious complexity" at the Women, Men and Media symposium in 1991.[126] In 1992, she was given the Commitment to Life Award by AIDS Project Los Angeles(APLA), and the Bill of Rights Award by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, the Dorothy Arzner Special Recognition by Women in Film, and the Golden Plate by the Academy of Achievement. She was honored with the Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award from the ASCAP in 1994 and the Peabody Award in 1995, the same year she was accorded an Honorary Doctorate In Arts and Humanities by Brandeis University.[125] She was also awarded Filmmaker of the Year Award for "lifetime achievement in filmmaking" by ShowEast and Peabody Award in 1996, Christopher Award in 1998. In 2000, President Bill Clinton presented Streisand with the National Medal of Arts, the highest honor specifically given for achievement in the arts,[127] and Library of Congress Living Legend, she also received the highest honor for a career in film AFI Life Achievement Award from American Film Institute and Liberty and Justice Award from Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, Gracie Allen Award,First Annual Jewish Image Awards in 2001, and Humanitarian Award "for her years of leadership, vision, and activism in the fight for civil liberties, including religion, race, gender equality and freedom of speech, as well as all aspects of gay rights" from Human Rights Campaign in 2004. In 2007, French President Nicolas Sarkozy presented Streisand with Legion of Honour, the highest decoration in France, and President George W. Bush presented her Kennedy Center Honors, the highest recognition of cultural achievement. In 2011, she was given Board of Governors Humanitarian Award for her efforts on behalf of women's heart health and her many other philanthropic activities." by Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. She received the L'Oréal Paris Legend Award in 18th Elle Magazine Women in Hollywood. In 2012, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women Film Critics Circle. She was accorded an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2013. In that year, she was also recipient of the Charlie Chaplin Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Film Society of Lincoln Center as the only female artist to direct, write, produce and star in the same major studio film, Yentl,[128] along with a Lifetime Achievement Glamour Awards.[129] In 2014, Streisand was on one of eight different New York Magazine covers celebrating the magazine's "100 Years, 100 Songs, 100 Nights: A Century of Pop Music in New York". She also received the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Board of Governors Award,[130] the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at The Hollywood Reporter's annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast,[131] and came first in the 1010 Wins Iconic Celebrity Poll by CBS in 2015.[125] In November 2015, President Barack Obama announced that Streisand would receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award of the United States.[132] Streisand was inducted into and Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1976, Goldmine Hall of Fama in 2002,[133] Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2007,[134] the Hit Parade Hall of Fame in 2009,[135] National Museum of American Jewish History and California Hall of Fame in 2010.[125] In 1970, she received a Special Tony Award named "Star of the Decade", and was selected "Star of the Decade" by the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) in 1980, "Star of Decade" by NATO/ShowWest and President's Award by NARM in 1988. That year she was also named as All-Time Favorite Musical Performer by People's Choice Awards. In 1986, Life named her as one of "Five Hollywood's Most Powerful Women".[136] In 1998, Harris Poll reported that she is the "Most Popular Singer Among Adult Americans of All Ages." She was also featured on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll,[137] Top 100 Singers of all time by Mojo magazine,[138] named the century's best female singer in a Reuters/Zogby poll, and "Top Female Artist of the Century" by Recording Industry Association of America in 1999.[139][140] In 2006, Streisand was one of honorees at Oprah Winfrey's white-tie Legends Ball.[141] In 2011, the British tabloid The Sun ranked Streisand as "The 50 female singers who will never be forgotten".[142] The Daily Telegraph ranked Streisand as the 10 top female singer-songwriters of all time.[143] A&E's Biography magazine ranked Streisand as one of their favorite leading actress of all time,[144] she was also featured on the Voices of the Century list by BBC,[145] the "100 Greatest Movie Stars of Time" list compiled by People,[146] VH1's list of the "200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons of All Time",[147] the "100 Greatest Entertainers of All Time"(ranked at #13) and the "Greatest Movie Star of all time list" by Entertainment Weekly,[137] "The 50 Greatest Actresses of All Tim" by AMC,[148] and Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists.[149] Billboard also ranked Streisand as the top female Jewish musician of all time.[150] As a gay icon, Streisand was named by The Advocate as one of the "25 Coolest Women" and the "9 Coolest Women Appealing to Both Lesbians and Gay Men",[151] and was also placed among the "12 Greatest Female Gay Icons of All Time" by Out magazine.[152] She was recognized as one of the top gay icons of the past three decades by Gay Times.[153] During the first decade of the 21st century, the American Film Institute celebrated 100 years of the greatest films in American cinema. Four of Streisand's songs were represented on AFI's 100 Years...100 Songs, which highlighted "America's Greatest Music in the Movies": "The Way We Were" at #8, "Evergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born)" at # 16, "People" at #13, and "Don't Rain On My Parade" at #46. Many of her films were represented on AFI's 100 Years... series. AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs, highlighting "the films and film artists that have made audiences laugh throughout the century," ranked What's Up, Doc? at #61. AFI's 100 Years...100 Passions highlighted the top 100 greatest love stories in American cinema and placed The Way We Were at #8, Funny Girl at #41, and What's Up, Doc? at #68. AFI's Greatest Movie Musicals highlighted the 25 greatest American movie musicals, ranking Funny Girl at #16. In December 2016, the film Funny Girl was marked for preservation by the Library of Congress in the National Film Registry.[154] In March 2017, the song "People" was selected for preservation in the National Recording Registry. Streisand said she was humbled to have the song honored "as part of the flow of our nation's culture."[155] Professional memberships As one of the most acclaimed actresses, singers, directors, writers, composers, producers, designers, photographers and activists in every medium that she's worked in, Barbra is the only artist who is concurrently a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and Actors' Equity Association, as well as the honorary chairwoman of the board of directors of Hadassah's International Research Institute on Women.[156]

"Streisand effect" The image of Streisand's Malibu house that led to the naming of the effect Main article: Streisand effect In 2003, Streisand sued aerial photographer Kenneth Adelman for displaying a photograph of her Malibu, California home, along with 12,000 other photos of the California coastline taken to illustrate coastal erosion. The picture had at that point been downloaded a total of six times, two of which were by Streisand's lawyers. The suit had the unintended consequence of drawing attention to the photograph, which suddenly became wildly popular and was rapidly copied to multiple mirror sites outside the immediate reach of US law. Her lawsuit was eventually dismissed under the anti-Strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) provisions of California law and she was ordered to pay Adelman's legal fees.[157][158][159] Mike Masnick of Techdirt coined the term "Streisand effect" in January 2005 to describe the publicity generated by Streisand's efforts to suppress the publication of the photograph.

Awards and nominations Music awards Streisand has been nominated 43 times for a Grammy Award, winning eight. In addition, she has received two special non-competitive awards; the 1992 Grammy Legend Award and the 1994 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. She has also been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame four times. In 2011, she was honored as MusiCares Person of the Year by the Grammy Foundation for her artistic achievement in the music industry. Year Award Category Work Result 1963 Grammy Awards Album of the Year The Barbra Streisand Album Won Best Female Vocal Performance Won Record of the Year "Happy Days Are Here Again" Nominated 1964 Best Female Vocal Performance People Won Album of the Year Nominated Record of the Year Nominated 1965 Best Female Vocal Performance My Name Is Barbra Won Album of the Year Nominated 1966 Best Female Vocal Performance Color Me Barbra Nominated Album of the Year Nominated 1968 Best Contemporary-Pop Vocal Performance Funny Girl Soundtrack Nominated 1970 AGVA Georgie Award Entertainer of the Year — Won 1972 Grammy Awards Best Pop Female Vocal Performance "Sweet Inspiration / Where You Lead" Nominated AGVA Georgie Award Singing Star of the Year — Won 1975 People's Choice Awards Favorite Female Singer of the Year Won 1976 Grammy Awards Best Classical Vocal Soloist Performance Classical Barbra Nominated 1977 Best Pop Female Vocal Performance "Evergreen" (from A Star Is Born) Won Song of the Year Won Record of the Year Nominated Best Original Score – Motion Picture or Television Special Nominated AGVA Georgie Award Singing Star of the Year — Won 1978 Grammy Awards Best Pop Female Vocal Performance "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" (with Neil Diamond) Nominated 1979 Record of the Year Nominated Best Pop Vocal Performance – Duo, Group, or Chorus Nominated 1980 "Guilty" (with Barry Gibb) Won Album of the Year Guilty Nominated Record of the Year "Woman in Love" Nominated Best Pop Vocal Female Performance Nominated AGVA Georgie Awards Singing Star of the Year — Won 1985 People's Choice Awards Favorite All-Around Female Entertainer Won 1986 Grammy Awards Best Pop Vocal Female Performance The Broadway Album Won Album of the Year Nominated Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocal "Being Alive" Nominated 1987 Best Pop Vocal Female Performance One Voice Nominated Best Music Video Performance Nominated 1988 People's Choice Awards Favorite All-Time Musical Performer — Won 1991 Grammy Awards Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance "Warm All Over" Nominated 1992 Grammy Legend Award — Special award 1993 Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance Back to Broadway Nominated 1994 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award — Special award Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance Barbra: The Concert Nominated Best Pop Vocal Female Performance "Ordinary Miracles" Nominated 1997 Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals "Tell Him" (with Celine Dion) Nominated "I Finally Found Someone" (with Bryan Adams) Nominated 1998 Grammy Hall of Fame "People" Inducted 2000 Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Timeless – Live In Concert Nominated 2002 Christmas Memories Nominated 2003 The Movie Album Nominated 2004 Grammy Hall of Fame Funny Girl (Barbra Streisand and Sydney Chaplin) Inducted 2006 The Barbra Streisand Album 2007 Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Live in Concert 2006 Nominated 2008 Grammy Hall of Fame "The Way We Were" Inducted 2011 Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Love Is the Answer Nominated 2012 Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album What Matters Most Nominated 2015 Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Partners Nominated 2017 Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway Nominated Film awards Streisand has won two Academy Awards (Oscar) against five nominations: two for acting, two for songwriting and one for Best Picture. She won Oscars for Best Actress (Funny Girl) and Best Original Song ("Evergreen"). The three films she directed received a total of fourteen Oscar nominations. Year Award Category Work Result Notes 1969 Academy Awards Best Actress Funny Girl Won Tied with Katharine Hepburn Golden Globe Awards Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) Won 1970 Hello, Dolly! Nominated Henrietta World Film Favorite — Special award 1971 Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) The Owl and the Pussycat Nominated Henrietta World Film Favorite — Special award 1974 Academy Awards Best Actress The Way We Were Nominated Golden Globe Awards Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama) Nominated 1975 Henrietta World Film Favorite — Special award 1976 Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) Funny Lady Nominated 1977 Academy Awards Best Original Song "Evergreen" (from A Star Is Born) Won Golden Globe Awards Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) Won Best Original Song Won 1978 Henrietta World Film Favorite — Special award 1984 Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) Yentl Nominated Best Director (Motion Picture) Won Best Motion Picture (Comedy Or Musical) Won 1983 Golden Raspberry Awards Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor Nominated 1988 Golden Globe Awards Best Actress in Motion Picture (Drama) Nuts Nominated Best Motion Picture (Drama) Nominated 1992 Academy Awards Best Picture The Prince of Tides Nominated Golden Globe Awards Best Director (Motion Picture) Nominated Best Motion Picture – (Drama) Nominated 1997 Academy Awards Best Original Song "I Finally Found Someone" (from The Mirror Has Two Faces) Nominated Golden Globe Awards Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) The Mirror Has Two Faces Nominated Best Original Song "I Finally Found Someone" (from The Mirror Has Two Faces) Nominated 2000 Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement — Special award 2010 Golden Raspberry Award Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress Little Fockers Nominated 2012 Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress The Guilt Trip Nominated

Appearances Broadway performances Year Title Notes 1961–1963 I Can Get It for You Wholesale Nominated—Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical 1964–1965 Funny Girl Nominated—Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical West End performances Year Title Notes 1966 Funny Girl April 13, 1966 – July 16, 1966 at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London. Television specials Year Title Notes 1965 My Name Is Barbra Aired on CBS April 28, 1965 1966 Color Me Barbra Aired on CBS March 30, 1966 1967 The Belle of 14th Street Aired on CBS October 11, 1967 1968 A Happening in Central Park Aired on CBS June 17, 1967 1973 Barbra Streisand...And Other Musical Instruments Aired on CBS November 2, 1973 1975 Funny Girl to Funny Lady Aired on ABC 1976 Barbra: With One More Look at You 1983 A Film Is Born: The Making of 'Yentl' 1986 Putting it Together: The Making of The Broadway Album 1986 One Voice 1994 Barbra Streisand: The Concert Also producer and director 2001 Barbra Streisand: Timeless Aired on FOX February 14, 2001 (1 hour edited version) 2009 Streisand: Live in Concert Aired on CBS April 25, 2009[160] (Filmed in Florida in 2006) 2011 Barbra Streisand: One Night Only at The Village Vanguard Aired on PBS, premiered on August 6, 2011 2013 Barbra Streisand: Back to Brooklyn Aired on PBS, premiered on November 29, 2013 2017 The Music...The Mem'ries...The Magic! Aired on Netflix, premiered November 22, 2017

Tours and live performances Main article: List of Barbra Streisand concert tours and live performances Year Title Continents Box-office benefits Total audience 1966 An Evening with Barbra Streisand Tour North America $480,000 67,500 1993–94 Barbra Streisand in Concert North America and Europe $50 million 400,000 1999–2000 Timeless North America and Australia $70 million 200,000 2006–07 Streisand North America and Europe $119.5 million 425,000 2012–13 Barbra Live North America and Europe $66 million 254,958 2016-17 Barbra: The Music, The Mem'ries, The Magic North America $53 million 203,423

Discography Main article: Barbra Streisand discography The Barbra Streisand Album (1963) The Second Barbra Streisand Album (1963) The Third Album (1964) People (1964) My Name Is Barbra (1965) My Name Is Barbra, Two... (1965) Color Me Barbra (1966) Je m'appelle Barbra (1966) Simply Streisand (1967) A Christmas Album (1967) A Happening in Central Park (1968) What About Today? (1969) Stoney End (1971) Barbra Joan Streisand (1971) Barbra Streisand...and Other Musical Instruments (1973) The Way We Were (1974) ButterFly (1974) Lazy Afternoon (1975) Classical Barbra (1976) A Star Is Born (1976) Superman (1977) Songbird (1978) Wet (1979) Guilty (1980) Memories (1981) Yentl (1983) Emotion (1984) The Broadway Album (1985) Till I Loved You (1988) Back to Broadway (1993) Higher Ground (1997) A Love Like Ours (1999) Christmas Memories (2001) The Movie Album (2003) Guilty Pleasures (2005) Love Is the Answer (2009) What Matters Most (2011) Partners (2014) Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway (2016)

Autobiography Streisand has stated she is writing her autobiography but has stopped and started at various points.[161] In May 2015, Viking Press announced it had bought Streisand's memoirs, which will cover her entire life and career, and would publish it in 2017.[162]

Filmography Year Title Role Notes 1968 Funny Girl Fanny Brice Academy Award for Best Actress Tied with Katharine Hepburn for The Lion in Winter David di Donatello for Best Foreign Actress Tied with Mia Farrow for Rosemary's Baby Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Nominated—BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role 1969 Hello, Dolly! Dolly Levi Nominated—BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy 1970 On a Clear Day You Can See Forever Daisy Gamble / Melinda Tentrees The Owl and the Pussycat Doris Wilgus / Wadsworth / Wellington / Waverly Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy 1972 What's Up, Doc? Judy Maxwell Up the Sandbox Margaret Reynolds 1973 The Way We Were Katie Morosky David di Donatello for Best Foreign Actress Tied with Tatum O'Neal for Paper Moon Nominated—Academy Award for Best Actress Nominated—BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama 1974 For Pete's Sake Henrietta 'Henry' Robbins 1975 Funny Lady Fanny Brice Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy 1976 A Star Is Born Esther Hoffman Howard Academy Award for Best Original Song Shared with Paul Williams (lyrics) for the song "Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born)" Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song Shared with Paul Williams (lyrics) for the song "Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born)" Nominated—BAFTA Award for Best Film Music Shared with Paul Williams, Kenneth Ascher, Rupert Holmes, Leon Russell, Kenny Loggins, Alan and Marilyn Bergman, Donna Weiss 1979 The Main Event Hillary Kramer 1981 All Night Long Cheryl Gibbons Nominated—Razzie Award for Worst Actress 1983 Yentl Yentl Mendel / Anshel Mendel Also director, producer, and co-writer Golden Globe Award for Best Director Special Nastro d'Argento for Best New Foreign Director Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Nominated—Razzie Award for Worst Actor 1987 Nuts Claudia Faith Draper Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama 1991 The Prince of Tides Dr. Susan Lowenstein Also director and producer Nominated—Academy Award for Best Picture Shared with Andrew S. Karsch Nominated—Directors Guild of America Award Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Director 1996 The Mirror Has Two Faces Rose Morgan Also director and producer Nominated—Academy Award for Best Original Song Shared with Marvin Hamlisch, Robert John Lange and Bryan Adams for the song "I Finally Found Someone" Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song Shared with Marvin Hamlisch, Robert John Lange and Bryan Adams for the song "I Finally Found Someone" 2004 Meet the Fockers Rozalin "Roz" Focker 2010 Little Fockers Rozalin "Roz" Focker Nominated—Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress 2012 The Guilt Trip Joyce Brewster Nominated—Razzie Award for Worst Actress

Notes ^ Rossi gives an example of how Streisand's songs are infused with meaning, such as in the film A Star is Born. A clip of her singing "Evergreen" with co-star Kris Kristofferson shows him horsing around with her as she sang, and the look of "pure seduction" she gave him in return is seen in her eyes and heard in her voice. "When Barbra's singing, she's singing just for you."[27][89]

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Barry Sadler 1967: "To Sir, with Love" – Lulu 1968: "Hey Jude" – The Beatles 1969: "Sugar, Sugar" – The Archies 1970: "Bridge over Troubled Water" – Simon & Garfunkel 1971: "Joy to the World" – Three Dog Night 1972: "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" – Roberta Flack 1973: "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree" – Tony Orlando and Dawn 1974: "The Way We Were" – Barbra Streisand 1975: "Love Will Keep Us Together" – Captain & Tennille 1976: "Silly Love Songs" – Wings 1977: "Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)" – Rod Stewart 1978: "Shadow Dancing" – Andy Gibb 1979: "My Sharona" – The Knack Complete list (1946–1959) (1960–1979) (1980–1999) (2000–2019) v t e UK best-selling albums (by year) (1970–1989) 1970: Bridge over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel) 1971: Bridge over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel) 1972: 20 Dynamic Hits (various artists) 1973: Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player (Elton John) 1974: The Singles: 1969–1973 (The Carpenters) 1975: The Best of The Stylistics (The Stylistics) 1976: Greatest Hits (ABBA) 1977: Arrival (ABBA) 1978: Saturday Night Fever (original soundtrack) 1979: Parallel Lines (Blondie) 1980: Super Trouper (ABBA) 1981: Kings of the Wild Frontier (Adam and the Ants) 1982: Love Songs (Barbra Streisand) 1983: Thriller (Michael Jackson) 1984: Can't Slow Down (Lionel Richie) 1985: Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits) 1986: True Blue (Madonna) 1987: Bad (Michael Jackson) 1988: Kylie (Kylie Minogue) 1989: Ten Good Reasons (Jason Donovan) v t e People's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress Barbra Streisand (1975) Katharine Hepburn (1976) Barbra Streisand (1977) Barbra Streisand (1978) Olivia Newton-John (1979) Jane Fonda (1980) Jane Fonda / Goldie Hawn (1981) Jane Fonda / Sally Field (1982) Jane Fonda / Katharine Hepburn (1983) Meryl Streep (1984) Meryl Streep (1985) Meryl Streep (1986) Meryl Streep (1987) Glenn Close (1988) Meryl Streep (1990) Julia Roberts (1991) Whoopi Goldberg (1993) Sandra Bullock (1996) Sandra Bullock (1997) Julia Roberts (1998) Sandra Bullock (1999) Julia Roberts (2000) Julia Roberts (2001) Julia Roberts (2002) Julia Roberts (2003) Julia Roberts (2004) Julia Roberts (2005) Reese Witherspoon (2006) Jennifer Aniston (2007) Reese Witherspoon (2008) Reese Witherspoon (2009) Sandra Bullock (2010) Kristen Stewart (2011) Emma Stone (2012) Jennifer Lawrence (2013) Sandra Bullock (2014) Jennifer Lawrence (2015) Sandra Bullock (2016) Jennifer Lawrence (2017) v t e People who have won Academy, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Awards listed by duration and year of completion Competitive EGOTs Richard Rodgers (1945–1962) Helen Hayes (1932–1976) Rita Moreno (1961–1977) John Gielgud (1961–1991) Audrey Hepburn (1953–1994) Marvin Hamlisch (1973–1995) Jonathan Tunick (1977–1997) Mel Brooks (1967–2001) Mike Nichols (1964–2001) Whoopi Goldberg (1985–2002) Scott Rudin (1984–2012) Robert Lopez (2004–2014) Honorary recipients Barbra Streisand (1963–1970) Liza Minnelli (1965–1990) James Earl Jones (1969–2011) Alan Menken (1989–2012) Harry Belafonte (1953–2014) Quincy Jones (1964–2016) Book:EGOT winners Authority control WorldCat Identities VIAF: 44486523 LCCN: n80144605 ISNI: 0000 0001 1060 0286 GND: 119154765 SUDOC: 027331601 BNF: cb139001321 (data) MusicBrainz: 56cd15a1-0d74-438b-8244-c96ffe1cae03 NLA: 35512472 NDL: 00621525 NKC: jn20000701730 ICCU: IT\ICCU\RAVV\092516 BNE: XX859109 SNAC: w6c25609 Retrieved from "" Categories: Barbra Streisand1942 birthsLiving peopleAmerican female pop singersAmerican female singer-songwritersAmerican film actressesAmerican film directorsAmerican mezzo-sopranosAmerican musical theatre actressesAmerican women film directorsEnglish-language film directorsFrench-language singers of the United StatesLGBT rights activists from the United StatesTorch singersTraditional pop music singersBest Actress Academy Award winnersBest Director Golden Globe winnersBest Original Song Academy Award-winning songwritersBrit Award winnersCecil B. 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(film)Gene KellyAlan Jay LernerBurton LaneOn A Clear Day You Can See Forever (film)Vincente MinnelliThe Owl And The Pussycat (film)Screwball Comedy FilmWhat's Up, Doc? (1972 Film)The Main Event (1979 Film)Ryan O'NealFor Pete's Sake (film)Michael SarrazinThe Way We WereRobert RedfordAcademy AwardAcademy AwardAcademy Award For Best Original SongPaul Williams (songwriter)Evergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born)A Star Is Born (1976 Film)Paul NewmanSidney PoitierSteve McQueenUp The SandboxTop Ten Money Making Stars PollAll Night Long (1981 Film)Cleopatra (1963 Film)Liz TaylorJohn HustonYentl (film)Yentl (film)The Prince Of TidesThe Mirror Has Two FacesPat ConroyThe New York TimesAndrew RosenthalMeet The FockersMeet The ParentsDustin HoffmanBen StillerBlythe DannerRobert De NiroEnlargeHello, Dolly! (film)Simon MawerLarry KramerThe Normal HeartLittle FockersMeet The ParentsDustin HoffmanThe Hollywood ReporterRoad TripSeth RogenAnne FletcherDan FogelmanLorne MichaelsJohn GoldwynEvan GoldbergDavid EllisonSkydance ProductionsRoad MovieThe Guilt Trip (film)Gypsy (musical)Jules StyneArthur LaurentsStephen SondheimRichard LaGraveneseBarry LevinsonSTX EntertainmentWhitney BalliettTime Out (magazine)Glenn GouldThe Independent (newspaper)Partners (Barbra Streisand Album)HaaretzEnlargeElliott GouldJason GouldEnlargeJames BrolinElliott GouldJason GouldThe Prince Of TidesCanadiansPierre TrudeauJon PetersCaleigh PetersAndre AgassiJames BrolinJosh BrolinDemocratic Party (United States)Richard NixonMaster List Of Nixon's Political OpponentsHarvard UniversityJohn F. Kennedy School Of GovernmentArtistCitizenArtsCalifornia Proposition 8Shimon PeresJerusalem2017 Women's MarchRufus WainwrightHebrew University Of JerusalemCivil LibertiesCivil RightsFeminismNuclear DisarmamentWilliam J. Clinton FoundationBill ClintonCedars-Sinai Medical CenterKees Van DongenIsrael Defense ForcesMademoiselle (magazine)IsraelASCAPAcadémie Charles CrosAnti-Defamation LeagueWomen In Film Crystal + Lucy AwardsNational Organization For WomenThe Ordre Des Arts Et Des LettresAmerican Friends Of The Hebrew UniversityAIDS Project Los AngelesAmerican Civil Liberties Union Of Southern CaliforniaWomen In Film Los AngelesAcademy Of AchievementASCAPPeabody AwardBrandeis UniversityPeabody AwardChristopher AwardNational Medal Of ArtsLibrary Of Congress Living LegendAFI Life Achievement AwardAmerican Film InstituteRainbow/PUSHGracie Allen AwardHuman Rights CampaignLegion Of HonourKennedy Center HonorsCedars-Sinai Medical CenterWomen Film Critics CircleHebrew University Of JerusalemFilm Society Of Lincoln CenterGlamour AwardsAmerican Society Of CinematographersThe Hollywood ReporterBarack ObamaPresidential Medal Of FreedomCivilian Decorations Of The United StatesUnited StatesHollywood Walk Of FameGoldmine (magazine)Long Island Music Hall Of FameHit Parade Hall Of FameNational Museum Of American Jewish HistoryCalifornia Hall Of FameSpecial Tony AwardNational Association Of Theatre OwnersMusic Business AssociationPeople's Choice AwardsLife (magazine)Harris PollVH1Mojo (magazine)Recording Industry Association Of AmericaOprah Winfrey's Legends BallThe Sun (United Kingdom)The Daily TelegraphA&E (TV Channel)BBCPeople (magazine)VH1Entertainment WeeklyAMC (TV Channel)Billboard (magazine)The AdvocateOut MagazineGay TimesAmerican Film InstituteAFI's 100 Years...100 SongsAFI's 100 Years...100 LaughsWhat's Up, Doc? (1972 Film)AFI's 100 Years...100 PassionsThe Way We WereFunny Girl (film)What's Up, Doc? (1972 Film)AFI's Greatest Movie MusicalsFunny Girl (film)Library Of CongressNational Film RegistryNational Recording RegistryAmerican Society Of Composers, Authors And PublishersScreen Actors GuildAmerican Federation Of Television And Radio ArtistsAcademy Of Motion Pictures Arts And SciencesActors' Equity AssociationHadassah Women's Zionist Organization Of AmericaEnlargeMalibu, CaliforniaStreisand EffectMalibu, CaliforniaUnintended ConsequenceMirror SiteStrategic Lawsuit Against Public ParticipationMike MasnickTechdirtStreisand EffectGrammy AwardGrammy Legend AwardGrammy Lifetime Achievement AwardGrammy Hall Of FameMusiCares Person Of The YearGrammy AwardGrammy Award For Album Of The YearThe Barbra Streisand AlbumGrammy Award For Best Female Pop Vocal PerformanceGrammy Award For Record Of The YearHappy Days Are Here AgainPeople (Barbra Streisand Album)My Name Is BarbraColor Me BarbraFunny Girl (film)AGVAWhere You LeadPeople's Choice AwardsClassical BarbraEvergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born)A Star Is Born (1976 Film)You Don't Bring Me FlowersNeil DiamondGuilty (Barbra Streisand And Barry Gibb Song)Barry GibbGuilty (Barbra Streisand Album)Woman In LoveThe Broadway AlbumBeing AliveOne Voice (Barbra Streisand Album)Back To BroadwayTell Him (Barbra Streisand And Celine Dion Song)Celine DionI Finally Found SomeoneBryan AdamsPeople (1964 Song)Christmas MemoriesThe Movie Album (Barbra Streisand Album)Funny Girl (musical)Sydney Chaplin (American Actor)The Barbra Streisand AlbumLive In Concert 2006The Way We Were (song)Love Is The Answer (album)What Matters MostPartners (Barbra Streisand Album)Encore: Movie Partners Sing BroadwayAcademy AwardAcademy Award For Best PictureAcademy AwardsFunny Girl (film)Katharine HepburnGolden Globe AwardsHello, Dolly! 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(film)BAFTA Award For Best Actress In A Leading RoleGolden Globe Award For Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical Or ComedyOn A Clear Day You Can See Forever (film)The Owl And The Pussycat (film)Golden Globe Award For Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical Or ComedyWhat's Up, Doc? 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DeMilleFred ZinnemannElia KazanJoshua LoganElia KazanDavid LeanVincente MinnelliWilliam WylerJack CardiffStanley KramerDavid LeanElia KazanGeorge CukorDavid LeanFred ZinnemannMike NicholsPaul NewmanCharles JarrottArthur HillerWilliam FriedkinFrancis Ford CoppolaWilliam FriedkinRoman PolanskiMiloš FormanSidney LumetHerbert RossMichael CiminoFrancis Ford CoppolaRobert RedfordWarren BeattyRichard AttenboroughMiloš FormanJohn HustonOliver StoneBernardo BertolucciClint EastwoodOliver StoneKevin CostnerOliver StoneClint EastwoodSteven SpielbergRobert ZemeckisMel GibsonMiloš FormanJames CameronSteven SpielbergSam MendesAng LeeRobert AltmanMartin ScorsesePeter JacksonClint EastwoodAng LeeMartin ScorseseJulian SchnabelDanny BoyleJames CameronDavid FincherMartin ScorseseBen AffleckAlfonso CuarónRichard LinklaterAlejandro González IñárrituDamien ChazelleGuillermo Del ToroTemplate:Golden Globe Award For Best Original SongTemplate Talk:Golden Globe Award For Best Original SongGolden Globe Award For Best Original SongTown Without Pity (song)Ned WashingtonDimitri TiomkinNed WashingtonDimitri TiomkinForget DomaniNorman NewellRiz OrtolaniStrangers In The NightCharles Singleton (songwriter)Eddie SnyderBert KaempfertIf Ever I Would Leave YouAlan Jay LernerFrederick LoeweThe Windmills Of Your MindAlan And Marilyn BergmanMichel LegrandJean (song)Rod McKuenJohnny MercerHenry ManciniLife Is What You Make ItJohnny MercerMarvin HamlischBen (song)Don Black (lyricist)Walter ScharfThe Way We Were (song)Alan And Marilyn BergmanMarvin HamlischBetty BoxEuel BoxI'm Easy (Keith Carradine Song)Keith CarradineEvergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born)Paul Williams (songwriter)You Light Up My Life (song)Joseph Brooks (songwriter)Last Dance (Donna Summer Song)Paul JabaraThe Rose (song)Amanda McBroomFame (Irene Cara Song)Dean PitchfordMichael GoreArthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)Peter Allen (musician)Burt BacharachChristopher CrossCarole Bayer SagerUp Where We BelongWill JenningsJack NitzscheBuffy Sainte-MarieFlashdance... What A FeelingIrene CaraKeith ForseyGiorgio MoroderI Just Called To Say I Love YouStevie WonderSay You, Say MeLionel RichieTake My Breath AwayTom WhitlockGiorgio Moroder(I've Had) The Time Of My LifeFranke PreviteJohn DeNicolaLet The River RunCarly SimonTwo Hearts (Phil Collins Song)Phil CollinsLamont DozierUnder The SeaHoward AshmanAlan MenkenBlaze Of Glory (Jon Bon Jovi Song)Jon Bon JoviBeauty And The Beast (Disney Song)Howard AshmanAlan MenkenA Whole New WorldTim RiceAlan MenkenStreets Of PhiladelphiaBruce SpringsteenCan You Feel The Love TonightTim RiceElton JohnColors Of The WindStephen Schwartz (composer)Alan MenkenYou Must Love MeTim RiceAndrew Lloyd WebberMy Heart Will Go OnWill JenningsJames HornerThe Prayer (Celine Dion And Andrea Bocelli Song)David FosterTony RenisCarole Bayer SagerAlberto Testa (lyricist)You'll Be In My HeartPhil CollinsThings Have ChangedBob DylanUntil... (Sting Song)Sting (musician)The Hands That Built AmericaBonoAdam ClaytonThe EdgeLarry Mullen Jr.Into The West (song)Annie LennoxHoward ShoreFran WalshOld Habits Die HardMick JaggerDavid A. StewartA Love That Will Never Grow OldBernie TaupinGustavo SantaolallaThe Song Of The HeartPrince (musician)Guaranteed (Eddie Vedder Song)Eddie VedderThe Wrestler (song)Bruce SpringsteenThe Weary KindRyan BinghamT Bone BurnettYou Haven't Seen The Last Of MeDiane WarrenMasterpiece (Madonna Song)Madonna (entertainer)Julie FrostJimmy HarrySkyfall (Adele Song)AdelePaul EpworthOrdinary Love (U2 Song)U2Danger Mouse (musician)Glory (Common And John Legend Song)Common (rapper)John LegendWriting's On The Wall (Sam Smith Song)Sam Smith (singer)Jimmy NapesCity Of StarsJustin HurwitzPasek And PaulThis Is Me (Keala Settle Song)Pasek And PaulTemplate:Golden Globe Award For Best Original SongTemplate:Golden Globe Award For Best Original Song 1960sTemplate:Golden Globe Award For Best Original Song 1970sTemplate:Golden Globe Award For Best Original Song 1980sTemplate:Golden Globe Award For Best Original Song 1990sTemplate:Golden Globe Award For Best Original Song 2000sTemplate:Golden Globe Award For Best Original Song 2010sTemplate:Grammy Award For Album Of The YearTemplate Talk:Grammy Award For Album Of The YearGrammy Award For Album Of The YearThe Music From Peter GunnHenry ManciniCome Dance With Me! (album)Frank SinatraThe Button-Down Mind Of Bob NewhartBob NewhartJudy At Carnegie HallJudy GarlandThe First Family (album)Vaughn MeaderThe Barbra Streisand AlbumGetz/GilbertoStan GetzJoão GilbertoSeptember Of My YearsFrank SinatraA Man And His MusicFrank SinatraSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandThe BeatlesBy The Time I Get To Phoenix (album)Glen CampbellBlood, Sweat & Tears (Blood, Sweat & Tears Album)Blood, Sweat & TearsBridge Over Troubled WaterSimon & GarfunkelTapestry (album)Carole KingThe Concert For Bangladesh (album)InnervisionsStevie WonderFulfillingness' First FinaleStevie WonderStill Crazy After All These YearsPaul SimonSongs In The Key Of LifeStevie WonderRumours (album)Fleetwood MacSaturday Night Fever (soundtrack)Bee Gees52nd Street (album)Billy JoelChristopher Cross (album)Christopher CrossDouble FantasyJohn LennonYoko OnoToto IVToto (band)Thriller (Michael Jackson Album)Michael JacksonCan't Slow Down (Lionel Richie Album)Lionel RichieNo Jacket RequiredPhil CollinsGraceland (album)Paul SimonThe Joshua TreeU2Faith (George Michael Album)George MichaelNick Of Time (album)Bonnie RaittBack On The BlockQuincy JonesUnforgettable... With LoveNatalie ColeUnplugged (Eric Clapton Album)Eric ClaptonThe Bodyguard (soundtrack)Whitney HoustonMTV Unplugged (Tony Bennett Album)Tony BennettJagged Little PillAlanis MorissetteFalling Into YouCeline DionTime Out Of Mind (album)Bob DylanThe Miseducation Of Lauryn HillLauryn HillSupernatural (Santana Album)Santana (band)Two Against NatureSteely DanO Brother, Where Art Thou? (soundtrack)Come Away With MeNorah JonesSpeakerboxxx/The Love BelowOutkastGenius Loves CompanyRay CharlesHow To Dismantle An Atomic BombU2Taking The Long WayDixie ChicksRiver: The Joni LettersHerbie HancockRaising SandRobert PlantAlison KraussFearless (Taylor Swift Album)Taylor SwiftThe SuburbsArcade Fire21 (Adele Album)AdeleBabel (album)Mumford & SonsRandom Access MemoriesDaft PunkMorning PhaseBeck1989 (Taylor Swift Album)Taylor Swift25 (Adele Album)Adele24K Magic (album)Bruno MarsTemplate:Grammy Award For Song Of The YearTemplate Talk:Grammy Award For Song Of The YearGrammy Award For Song Of The YearVolare (song)Domenico ModugnoThe Battle Of New OrleansJimmy DriftwoodExodus (1960 Film)Ernest Gold (composer)Moon RiverJohnny MercerHenry ManciniWhat Kind Of Fool Am I?Leslie BricusseAnthony NewleyDays Of Wine And Roses (song)Johnny MercerHenry ManciniHello, Dolly! (song)Jerry HermanThe Shadow Of Your SmilePaul Francis WebsterJohnny MandelMichelle (song)John LennonPaul McCartneyUp, Up And Away (song)Jimmy WebbLittle Green ApplesBobby RussellGames People Play (Joe South Song)Joe SouthBridge Over Troubled Water (song)Paul SimonYou've Got A FriendCarole KingThe First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceEwan MacCollKilling Me Softly With His SongNorman GimbelCharles Fox (composer)The Way We Were (song)Alan And Marilyn BergmanMarvin HamlischSend In The ClownsStephen SondheimI Write The SongsBruce JohnstonEvergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born)Paul Williams (songwriter)You Light Up My Life (song)Joseph Brooks (songwriter)Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel Song)Billy JoelWhat A Fool BelievesKenny LogginsMichael McDonald (musician)Sailing (Christopher Cross Song)Christopher CrossBette Davis EyesDonna WeissJackie DeShannonAlways On My MindJohnny ChristopherMark James (songwriter)Wayne CarsonEvery Breath You TakeSting (musician)What's Love Got To Do With It (song)Gallagher And LyleTerry BrittenWe Are The WorldMichael JacksonLionel RichieThat's What Friends Are ForBurt BacharachCarole Bayer SagerSomewhere Out There (James Horner Song)James HornerBarry MannCynthia WeilDon't Worry, Be HappyBobby McFerrinWind Beneath My WingsLarry HenleyJeff SilbarFrom A DistanceJulie GoldUnforgettable (Nat King Cole Song)Irving GordonTears In HeavenEric ClaptonWill JenningsA Whole New WorldAlan MenkenTim RiceStreets Of PhiladelphiaBruce SpringsteenKiss From A RoseSeal (musician)Change The WorldGordon Kennedy (musician)Wayne KirkpatrickTommy SimsSunny Came HomeShawn ColvinJohn LeventhalMy Heart Will Go OnJames HornerWill JenningsSmooth (Santana Song)Itaal ShurRob Thomas (musician)Beautiful DayAdam ClaytonThe EdgeLarry Mullen Jr.BonoFallin' (Alicia Keys Song)Alicia KeysDon't Know WhyJesse HarrisDance With My Father (song)Richard MarxLuther VandrossDaughters (John Mayer Song)John MayerSometimes You Can't Make It On Your OwnAdam ClaytonThe EdgeLarry Mullen Jr.BonoNot Ready To Make NiceEmily RobisonMartie MaguireNatalie MainesDan Wilson (musician)Rehab (Amy Winehouse Song)Amy WinehouseViva La VidaGuy BerrymanJonny BucklandWill ChampionChris MartinSingle Ladies (Put A Ring On It)Kuk HarrellBeyoncéThe-DreamTricky StewartNeed You Now (Lady Antebellum Song)Dave HaywoodJosh KearCharles KelleyHillary Scott (singer)Rolling In The DeepAdelePaul EpworthWe Are YoungJack AntonoffJeff BhaskerAndrew DostNate RuessRoyals (song)Joel LittleLordeStay With Me (Sam Smith Song)Rodney JerkinsJimmy NapesSam Smith (singer)Thinking Out LoudEd SheeranAmy WadgeHello (Adele Song)AdeleGreg KurstinThat's What I Like (Bruno Mars Song)James FauntleroyBruno MarsThe StereotypesThe StereotypesThe StereotypesThe StereotypesTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 2000sTemplate Talk:Kennedy Center Honorees 2000sKennedy Center HonorsMikhail BaryshnikovChuck BerryPlácido DomingoClint EastwoodAngela LansburyJulie AndrewsVan CliburnQuincy JonesJack NicholsonLuciano PavarottiJames Earl JonesJames LevineChita RiveraPaul SimonElizabeth TaylorJames BrownCarol BurnettLoretta LynnMike NicholsItzhak PerlmanWarren BeattyOssie DavisRuby DeeElton JohnJoan SutherlandJohn WilliamsTony BennettSuzanne FarrellJulie Harris (actress)Robert RedfordTina TurnerZubin MehtaDolly PartonSmokey RobinsonSteven SpielbergAndrew Lloyd WebberLeon FleisherSteve MartinDiana RossMartin ScorseseBrian WilsonMorgan FreemanGeorge JonesTwyla TharpPete TownshendRoger DaltreyMel BrooksDave BrubeckGrace BumbryRobert De NiroBruce SpringsteenKennedy Center HonorsTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 1970sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 1980sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 1990sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 2000sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 2010sTemplate:Lincoln Center Gala TributeTemplate Talk:Lincoln Center Gala TributeFilm Society Of Lincoln CenterCharlie ChaplinFred AstaireAlfred HitchcockJoanne WoodwardPaul NewmanGeorge CukorBob HopeJohn HustonBarbara StanwyckBilly WilderLaurence OlivierClaudette ColbertFederico FelliniElizabeth TaylorAlec GuinnessYves MontandBette DavisJames StewartAudrey HepburnGregory PeckJack LemmonRobert AltmanShirley MacLaineClint EastwoodSean ConneryMartin ScorseseMike NicholsAl PacinoJane FondaFrancis Ford CoppolaSusan SarandonMichael CaineDustin HoffmanJessica LangeDiane KeatonMeryl StreepTom HanksMichael DouglasSidney PoitierCatherine DeneuveRob ReinerRobert RedfordMorgan FreemanRobert De NiroHelen MirrenTemplate:AFI Life Achievement AwardTemplate Talk:AFI Life Achievement AwardAFI Life Achievement AwardJohn FordJames CagneyOrson WellesWilliam WylerBette DavisHenry FondaAlfred HitchcockJames StewartFred AstaireFrank CapraJohn HustonLillian GishGene KellyBilly WilderBarbara StanwyckJack LemmonGregory PeckDavid LeanKirk DouglasSidney PoitierElizabeth TaylorJack NicholsonSteven SpielbergClint EastwoodMartin ScorseseRobert WiseDustin HoffmanHarrison FordTom HanksRobert De NiroMeryl StreepGeorge LucasSean ConneryAl PacinoWarren BeattyMichael DouglasMike 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(song)Simon & GarfunkelJoy To The World (Three Dog Night Song)Three Dog NightThe First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceRoberta FlackTie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak TreeTony Orlando And DawnThe Way We Were (song)Love Will Keep Us TogetherCaptain & TennilleSilly Love SongsWings (band)Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)Rod StewartShadow Dancing (song)Andy GibbMy SharonaThe KnackTemplate:Billboard Year-End Number One SinglesTemplate:Billboard Year-End Number One Singles 1946–1959Template:Billboard Year-End Number One Singles 1960–1979Template:Billboard Year-End Number One Singles 1980–1999Template:Billboard Year-End Number One Singles 2000–2019Template:UK Best-selling Albums (by Year) 1970–1989Template Talk:UK Best-selling Albums (by Year) 1970–1989List Of Best-selling Albums By Year In The United KingdomBridge Over Troubled WaterSimon & GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled WaterSimon & Garfunkel20 Dynamic HitsDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano PlayerElton JohnThe Singles: 1969–1973The CarpentersThe Best Of The StylisticsThe StylisticsGreatest Hits (ABBA Album)ABBAArrival (ABBA Album)ABBASaturday Night Fever (soundtrack)Parallel LinesBlondie (band)Super Trouper (album)ABBAKings Of The Wild FrontierAdam And The AntsMemories (Barbra Streisand Album)Thriller (Michael Jackson Album)Michael JacksonCan't Slow Down (Lionel Richie Album)Lionel RichieBrothers In Arms (album)Dire StraitsTrue Blue (Madonna Album)Madonna (entertainer)Bad (album)Michael JacksonKylie (album)Kylie MinogueTen Good ReasonsJason DonovanTemplate:People's Choice Award For Favorite Movie ActressTemplate Talk:People's Choice Award For Favorite Movie ActressPeople's Choice AwardsKatharine HepburnOlivia Newton-JohnJane FondaJane FondaGoldie HawnJane FondaSally FieldJane FondaKatharine HepburnMeryl StreepMeryl StreepMeryl StreepMeryl StreepGlenn CloseMeryl StreepJulia RobertsWhoopi GoldbergSandra BullockSandra BullockJulia RobertsSandra BullockJulia RobertsJulia RobertsJulia RobertsJulia RobertsJulia 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