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History[edit] Beginnings[edit] After his climb from a non-paying internship to becoming an A&R executive at Uptown, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs was fired in 1993 by Andre Harrell. Combs soon founded Bad Boy Records in 1993.[1] The label’s first release was "Flava in Ya Ear" by Craig Mack, followed quickly by Mack's debut album, Project: Funk Da World in 1994. On the heels of these releases came "Juicy" and Ready to Die, the lead single and debut album from The Notorious B.I.G. (a.k.a. Biggie Smalls), released the same year. While Mack's album went Gold, Ready to Die achieved multi-platinum success. Dominating the charts in 1995, B.I.G. became one of the genre’s biggest names of the day and Bad Boy’s premier star. Also in 1995, the label continued its success with platinum releases by Total and Faith Evans. Bad Boy, meanwhile, staffed a bevy of in-house writer/producers,[3] including: Easy Mo Bee, Chucky Thompson and D Dot—all of whom were instrumental in producing many of Bad Boy’s most noted releases during this time. Feud with Death Row Records[edit] Further information: East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry The rapid success of Notorious B.I.G., and Bad Boy as a company, raised some tensions, especially with the Los Angeles, California-based Death Row. For 2 years leading up to 1995, West Coast Hip Hop, dominated by Death Row, had been preeminent in mainstream Rap. Suge Knight, CEO of Death Row, held Sean Combs responsible for the shooting death of his friend Jake Robles, allegedly at the hands of Sean Combs' bodyguard. Tensions were heightened when Death Row signed superstar rapper 2Pac, who alleged that Bad Boy, notably The Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy, had been complicit in the November 1994 shooting of him in the lobby of Quad Studios in Times Square. After the June 1996 release of "Hit 'Em Up", smearing Bad Boy, tensions escalated. Tupac was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 7, 1996. 2Pac died September 13. Bad Boy issued a statement of condolences. On March 9, 1997, while Bad Boy were preparing the release of Biggie's double album Life After Death, he was killed in Los Angeles, California. Their deaths left many to speculate if the coastal hostility had been responsible for their deaths. The police investigations were criticized by public and judicial sources. Both cases remain officially unsolved. Life after The Notorious B.I.G. and rebuilding the label[edit] Posthumously, Biggie’s Life After Death reached number one on the Billboard Top 200. Its 1st 2 singles, "Hypnotize" and "Mo Money, Mo Problems" also topped the singles charts. The album eventually sold over 10 million copies in the U.S. alone, and is one of the highest selling rap albums ever in the U.S.. In 1996, Puff Daddy had begun recording his own solo debut album. The 1st single, "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down," peaked at #1 on the Rap, R&B, and pop charts that spring. In response to Biggie’s death, the label rush-released a Puff Daddy tribute song, "I'll Be Missing You", which featured Biggie's widow, Faith Evans, and Bad Boy's R&B singing group 112. The single topped the charts for eleven weeks and became the hasty second single from Combs’ album, No Way Out, which was released in the summer and sold 7 million copies in the U.S.. Mase, Combs’ newest protégé, in the meantime was immediately thrust into the void that The Notorious B.I.G. left. His own debut album, Harlem World, also released the same year, would go Quadruple Platinum. Due to the successive successes of Life After Death, No Way Out and Harlem World, by the end of 1997, Bad Boy as a label and brand name had hit a commercial peak. During this time, the label began to promote its latest signing The L.O.X., who had been prominently featured on various Bad Boy releases that year. Highly anticipated, their 1998 debut album, Money, Power & Respect was certified Platinum by the RIAA. Shortly thereafter, the group departed the label and entered into a long-standing publishing dispute with Combs over the latter receiving 50% of their publishing that would continue until 2005. In 1998, Combs decided to expand Bad Boy's roster to genres other than hip-hop and R&B, and subsequently signed Fuzzbubble to the label as its 1st rock act.[4] The group appeared on the rock remix of Puff Daddy's "It's All About the Benjamins", but parted ways with the label before releasing a full-length album.[5] In the years to follow, Bad Boy saw a commercial decline. In 1999, Mase became religious and abruptly retired from the business, leaving a serious dent in the company, especially since his 2nd album had just been released. Bad Boy found some success with Shyne, a young rapper from Brooklyn, who garnered generally mixed reviews for his deep voice and slow flow—which many considered to be too reminiscent to, and perhaps a rip-off of The Notorious B.I.G., meanwhile, Combs' later albums failed to generate the same kind of acclaim that his debut had. In an attempt to further market himself, he underwent several name changes; from "Puff Daddy" to "Puffy" to "P. Diddy," to simply just "Diddy" then shortly Diddy- Dirty Money." But with the split of the group he abruptly returned to "Diddy." As the 2000s emerged, Bad Boy had noticeably floundered. Many of its more noted acts would eventually vacate the label, while those who remained saw their album sales dwindle as time went on. In spite of continually releasing new material, and various attempts at building artists to the status of Bad Boy’s The Notorious B.I.G., few proved as successful as the company hoped. Southern rap duo 8Ball & MJG released an album called Living Legends to some success in 2004, prompting the creation of Bad Boy South—which would eventually house acts such as Yung Joc. In 2002, Combs’ participated in MTV's Making The Band 2, which spun off the Bad Boy assembled act, Da Band. Their MTV exposure lead to a Gold selling debut album. At this time, the label also signed a rapper named Aasim, whose Bad Boy debut (as of 2013) still has not been released. Resurgence[edit] Bad Boy saw its fortunes improve in 2005,[6] with the success of releases from new signees: Cassie and Yung Joc (both of whom would score top five singles/debut albums). Also in 2006, Bad Boy hit paydirt with Making The Band 3’s Danity Kane, whose debut album topped the charts at #1 (the label's first chart topping album since the Bad Boys II soundtrack three years prior), and spun off a top five single. Their second album, Welcome to the Dollhouse also debuted at #1, and contained the group's second top ten single "Damaged". Diddy also signed Day26 and Donnie Klang to the label. However, by 2009, Combs had dissolved Danity Kane, terminating Aubrey O'Day's, D. Woods', Shannon Bex's and Aundrea Fimbres' contracts.[7] Dawn Richard remained signed working as solo artist and songwriter for Bad Boy. In March 2009, it was reported that Richard and Combs were assembling a new girl group but later formed Diddy – Dirty Money, composed of Combs, Richard and a singer-songwriter named Kalenna Harper. In April 2009, Bad Boy also signed Red Cafe. In September 2009, it was announced that Combs would be leaving Warner, inking a new deal with Universal's Interscope. Under the terms of the new deal, Combs rebooted the Bad Boy name and trademark, to be operated through Interscope. The previous Bad Boy catalog and roster, however, remains under the control of Warner.[8] 2010–present[edit] In 2010, Diddy offered Mase a 1-year release from Bad Boy to settle their differences after the 2009 incident with Mase wanting to be released from Bad Boy. With this Mase decided to retire from rap for good, although he was to be reassigned to Bad Boy after his year break was done. In 2011, under his new deal with Interscope-Geffen-A&M, Diddy stated he was looking for new talent to add to his new Bad Boy roster. Jay Electronica, who had close ties with Diddy, was originally planned to be signed to the label but had signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation imprint instead.[9][10] Machine Gun Kelly announced that he signed to Bad Boy/Interscope on August 3, 2011.[11] French Montana and Los also were announced as signees to the label in 2012. On April 25, 2012, Mase featured alongside Diddy on Wale's "Slight Work" remix, marking the first appearance of the Harlem rapper on record since 2010. Rumors began to start that Mase, as well as singer Omarion, were both signing to Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group. It was later revealed that Bad Boy artist French Montana was the reason Mase was making his third comeback. According to Montana, Mase is serving as an A&R representative on Montana's forthcoming Bad Boy debut, "Excuse My French," as well as appearing on the remix of Montana's "Everything's a Go." "I'm not sure what kind of decisions he's going to make," Montana says, "[but] I would love to see him in my camp." Mase is currently resigned to Bad Boy Records but has yet to announce whether he is resigned as part of a joint venture deal between Bad Boy and MMG. He later announced he had gotten his release from Bad Boy.[citation needed] In April 2013, Cassie released her first full-length project seven years after her debut album, a mixtape titled RockaByeBaby, to positive reception. Rapper Los announced his departure from Bad Boy Records on March 19, 2014.[12] On October 5, 2015, Combs announced that Bad Boy Entertainment would be distributed by Epic Records.[13][14] This will mark the second time that Epic president L.A. Reid oversaw distribution for Bad Boy, having previously overseen distribution for the label fifteen years earlier after being appointed president of Arista Records in 2000. Despite founding the label in 1993, Bad Boy began celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2015 with a 20-minute mega-medley performance at the BET Awards. It stretched into 2016, starting with the label's May reunion sold-out shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and originating the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, starting in North America in the last week of August 2016.[15][16][17]

Artists[edit] Current acts[edit] Act Year signed # Albums released under Bad Boy Puff Daddy Founder (1993) 5 Cassie 2006 1 Janelle Monáe 2007 3 Machine Gun Kelly 2011 3 French Montana 2012 2 Bow Wow[18] 2015 Management Deal only Christian "King" Combs 2016 Quincy[19] 2016 Jody Breeze 2017 Former acts[edit] The Notorious B.I.G. (deceased) Craig Mack (deceased) Faith Evans Total 112 Mario Winans Mase The Lox Black Rob Kain Aasim Mark Curry Megan Nicole Jordan McCoy Carl Thomas Shyne Dream G. Dep Loon Da Band Fuzzbubble 8Ball & MJG New Edition Boyz n da Hood Cheri Dennis Kalenna Harper B5 Yung Joc Dirty Money Gorilla Zoe Danity Kane Christian Daniel Los Chopper City Day26 Elephant Man Donnie Klang Foxy Brown

The Hitmen[edit] Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs was signed to the label in 1994 and has released 5 albums from it The Hitmen is the production team for Bad Boy Records.[20] The collective consisted of several notable producers and musicians that either worked solo or alongside Combs in crafting songs for the artists on Bad Boy as well as outside the label.[21] Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie Ron Lawrence Rashad Smith Chucky Thompson Richard "Younglord" Frierson Daven "Prestige" Vanderpool Mario Winans Carlos Broady Sean C & LV Stevie J Ryan Leslie Yogi Jeffrey "J-Dub" Walker Nashiem Myrick Andraeo "Fanatic" Heard Anthony Dent Jack Knight Easy Mo Bee Rob Holladay Harve "Joe Hooker" Pierre EZ Elpee Eric "Coptic" Matlock Tony Dofat

Discography[edit] Albums[edit] Year Information 1994 The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready to Die Released: September 13, 1994 Singles: "Juicy", "Big Poppa", "Warning" RIAA certification: 4x Platinum Craig Mack - Project: Funk da World Released: September 20, 1994 Singles: "Flava In Ya Ear", "Get Down" RIAA certification: Gold 1995 Faith Evans - Faith Released: August 29, 1995 Singles: "You Used to Love Me", "Soon As I Get Home", "Ain't Nobody", "Come Over" RIAA certification: Platinum 1996 Total - Total Released: January 30, 1996 Singles: "No One Else", "Kissin' You", "When Boy Meets Girl" RIAA certification: Platinum 112 - 112 Released: August 27, 1996 Singles: "Come See Me", "Only You", "Cupid" RIAA certification: 2x Platinum 1997 The Notorious B.I.G. - Life After Death Released: March 25, 1997 Singles: "Hypnotize", "Mo Money Mo Problems", "Sky's the Limit" RIAA certification: Diamond (10x Platinum) Puff Daddy & the Family - No Way Out Released: July 1, 1997 Singles: "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down", "I'll Be Missing You", "It's All About the Benjamins (Remix)", "Been Around the World", "Victory" RIAA certification: 7x Platinum Mase - Harlem World Released: October 28, 1997 Singles: "Feel So Good", "What You Want", "24 Hrs. to Live, "Lookin' At Me" RIAA certification: 4x Platinum 1998 The LOX - Money, Power & Respect Released: January 28, 1998 Singles: "If You Think I'm Jiggy", "Money, Power & Respect" RIAA certification: Platinum Faith Evans - Keep the Faith Released: October 27, 1998 Singles: "Love Like This", "All Night Long", "Never Gonna Let You Go", "Lately I" RIAA certification: Platinum Total - Kima, Keisha, and Pam Released: November 3, 1998 Singles: "Trippin'", "Sitting Home", "I Tried" RIAA certification: Gold 112 - Room 112 Released: November 10, 1998 Singles: "Love Me", "Anywhere", "Love You Like I Did", "Your Letter" RIAA certification: 2x Platinum 1999 Mase - Double Up Released: June 15, 1999 Singles: "Get Ready", "All I Ever Wanted" RIAA certification: Platinum Puff Daddy - Forever Released: August 24, 1999 Singles: "P.E. 2000", "Satisfy You", "Best Friend" RIAA certification: Platinum The Notorious B.I.G. - Born Again Released: December 7, 1999 Singles: "Notorious B.I.G.", "Dead Wrong" RIAA certification: 2x Platinum 2000 Black Rob - Life Story Released: March 7, 2000 Singles: "Whoa!", "Espacio" RIAA certification: Platinum Carl Thomas - Emotional Released: April 18, 2000 Singles: "Emotional", "I Wish", "Summer Rain" RIAA certification: Platinum Shyne - Shyne Released: September 26, 2000 Singles: "Bad Boyz", "That's Gangsta", "Bonnie & Shyne" RIAA certification: Platinum 2001 Dream - It Was All a Dream Released: January 23, 2001 Singles: "He Loves U Not", "This is Me", "This is Me (Remix)" RIAA certification: Platinum 112 - Part III Released: March 20, 2001 Singles: "Peaches & Cream", "Dance With Me", "It's Over Now" RIAA certification: Platinum P. Diddy & the Bad Boy Family - The Saga Continues... Released: July 10, 2001 Singles: "Let's Get It", "Bad Boy For Life", "Diddy" RIAA certification: Platinum CRIA certification: Gold Faith Evans - Faithfully Released: November 6, 2001 Singles: "Can't Believe", "You Gets No Love", "I Love You", "Burnin' Up", "Alone in This World" RIAA certification: Platinum G. Dep - Child of the Ghetto Released: November 20, 2001 Singles: "Special Delivery" RIAA certification: (uncertified) 2003 Bad Boys II: The Soundtrack Released: July 15, 2003 Singles: "La-La-La (Excuse Me Miss Again)", "Shake Ya Tailfeather", "Show Me Your Soul" RIAA certification: Platinum Da Band - Too Hot for TV Released: September 30, 2003 Singles: "Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That", "Tonight" RIAA certification: Gold Loon - Loon Released: October 21, 2003 Singles: "How You Want That", "Down For Me" RIAA certification: (uncertified) 112 - Hot & Wet Released: November 18, 2003 Singles: "Na Na Na Na", "Hot & Wet", "Right Here for U" RIAA certification: (uncertified) 2004 Carl Thomas - Let's Talk About It Released: March 23, 2004 Singles: "She Is", "Make It Alright", "My First Love" RIAA certification: Gold Mario Winans - Hurt No More Released: April 20, 2004 Singles: "I Don't Wanna Know", "Never Really Was" RIAA certification: Gold 8Ball & MJG - Living Legends Released: May 11, 2004 Singles: "You Don't Want Drama", "Straight Cadillac Pimpin", "Forever" RIAA certification: Gold Mase - Welcome Back Released: August 24, 2004 Singles: "Welcome Back", "Breathe, Stretch, Shake" RIAA certification: Gold New Edition - One Love Released: November 9, 2004 Singles: "Hot 2Nite" RIAA certification: Gold 2005 Boyz n da Hood - Boyz n da Hood Released: June 21, 2005 Singles: "Dem Boyz", "Felonies" RIAA certification: (uncertified) B5 - B5 Released: July 19, 2005 Singles: "All I Do", "U Got Me" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Black Rob - The Black Rob Report Released: July 19, 2005 Singles: "Ready" RIAA certification: (uncertified) The Notorious B.I.G. - Duets: The Final Chapter Released: December 20, 2005 Singles: "Nasty Girl", "Hold Ya Head" "Spit Your Game" RIAA certification: Platinum 2006 Yung Joc - New Joc City Released: June 6, 2006 Singles: "It's Goin' Down", "I Know You See It", "1st Time" RIAA certification: Platinum Cassie - Cassie Released: August 8, 2006 Singles: "Me & U", "Long Way 2 Go" RIAA certification: Platinum Danity Kane - Danity Kane Released: August 22, 2006 Singles: "Show Stopper", "Ride for You" RIAA certification: Platinum Christian Daniel - Christian Daniel Released: September 26, 2006 Singles: "Donde Quedaran" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Diddy - Press Play Released: October 17, 2006 Singles: "Come to Me", "Tell Me", "Last Night", "Through the Pain (She Told Me)", "Diddy Rock" RIAA certification: Gold 2007 The Notorious B.I.G. - Greatest Hits Released: March 6, 2007 Singles: "Running Your Mouth" RIAA certification: Gold 8Ball & MJG - Ridin High Released: March 13, 2007 Singles: "Relax and Take Notes", "Cruzin", "Clap On" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Yung Joc - Hustlenomics Released: August 28, 2007 Singles: "Coffee Shop", "Bottle Poppin'", "I'm a G", "Getting to the Money", "Brand New" RIAA certification: (uncertified) B5 - Don't Talk, Just Listen Released: September 11, 2007 Singles: "Hydrolics", "In My Bedroom" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Gorilla Zoe - Welcome to the Zoo Released: September 25, 2007 Singles: "Hood Figga", "Juice Box" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Boyz n da Hood - Back Up n da Chevy Released: October 2, 2007 Singles: "Everybody Know Me", "Table Dance", "Paper" RIAA certification: (uncertified) 2008 Cheri Dennis - In and Out of Love Released: February 26, 2008 Singles: "I Love You", "Portrait of Love", "Pretend" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Danity Kane - Welcome to the Dollhouse Released: March 18, 2008 Singles: "Damaged", "Bad Girl" RIAA certification: Platinum Day26 - Day26 Released: March 25, 2008 Singles: "Got Me Going", "Since You've Been Gone" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Elephant Man - Let's Get Physical Released: April 8, 2008 Singles: "Five-O", "Jump" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Donnie Klang - Just a Rolling Stone Released: September 2, 2008 Singles: "Take You There" RIAA certification: (uncertified) 2009 Notorious: The Soundtrack Released: January 13, 2009 Singles: "Brooklyn Go Hard", "Letter to B.I.G." RIAA certification: (uncertified) Gorilla Zoe - Don't Feed da Animals Released: March 17, 2009 Singles: "Lost", "What It Is", "Echo", "I Got It" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Day26 - Forever in a Day Released: April 14, 2009 Singles: "Imma Put It on Her", "Stadium Music" RIAA certification: (uncertified) 2010 Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III) Released: May 18, 2010 Singles: "Come Alive (The War of the Roses)", "Tightrope", "Cold War" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Diddy-Dirty Money - Last Train to Paris Scheduled: December 14, 2010 Singles: "Angels", "Love Come Down", "Hello Good Morning", "Loving You No More", "Coming Home", "Your Love", "Ass on the Floor" RIAA certification: (uncertified) 2011 Gorilla Zoe - King Kong Scheduled date: June 14, 2011 Singles: "Twisted" 2012 Machine Gun Kelly - Lace Up Released: October 9, 2012 Singles: "Wild Boy", "Invincible", "Hold On (Shut Up)" RIAA certification: Gold 2013 French Montana - Excuse My French Released: May 21, 2013 Singles: "Pop That", "Freaks", "Ain't Worried About Nothin'" RIAA certification: (uncertified) Janelle Monáe - The Electric Lady Released: September 10, 2013 Singles: "Q.U.E.E.N.", "Dance Apocalyptic", "PrimeTime", "Electric Lady" RIAA certification: (uncertified) 2015 Machine Gun Kelly - General Admission Released: October 16, 2015 Singles: "Till I Die, "A Little More" RIAA certification: Platinum Puff Daddy - MMM Released: December 18, 2015 Singles: "Auction", "Workin", "Blow a Check'", "You Could Be My Lover'" RIAA certification: (uncertified) 2017 Machine Gun Kelly - bloom Released: May 12, 2017 Singles: "Bad Things", "At My Best" RIAA certification: Multi-platinum French Montana - Jungle Rules Released: July 14, 2017 Singles: "Unforgettable", "A Lie", "No Pressure" RIAA Cerification: Gold Label compilations[edit] Year Information 1998 Bad Boy Greatest Hits: Volume 1 Released: October 13, 1998 Singles: "Too Too Old For Me" by Jerome RIAA certification: Gold 2002 P. Diddy & Bad Boy Records Present... We Invented the Remix Released: May 14, 2002 Singles: "I Need a Girl (Part One)", "I Need a Girl (Part Two)", "Special Delivery (Remix)" RIAA certification: 2x Platinum 2004 Bad Boy's 10th Anniversary... The Hits Released: March 9, 2004 Singles: "Victory 2004" RIAA certification: Gold Bad Boy's R&B Hits Released: November 23, 2004 2016 Bad Boy 20th Anniversary Box Set Edition Released: August 12, 2016

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Song)Big PoppaRIAA CertificationCraig MackProject Funk Da WorldFlava In Ya EarGet Down (Craig Mack Song)Faith EvansFaith (Faith Evans Album)You Used To Love Me (Faith Evans Song)Soon As I Get HomeAin't Nobody (Faith Evans Song)Come Over (Faith Evans Song)Total (band)Total (Total Album)No One Else (Total Song)112 (band)112 (album)Come See Me (112 Song)Only You (112 Song)Cupid (112 Song)The Notorious B.I.G.Life After DeathHypnotize (The Notorious B.I.G. Song)Mo Money Mo ProblemsSky's The Limit (song)Sean CombsNo Way Out (Puff Daddy Album)Can't Nobody Hold Me DownI'll Be Missing YouIt's All About The BenjaminsBeen Around The WorldVictory (Puff Daddy Song)MaseHarlem WorldFeel So Good (song)What You Want (Mase Song)24 Hrs. To LiveLookin' At MeThe LOXMoney, Power & RespectIf You Think I'm JiggyMoney, Power & Respect (song)Faith EvansKeep The Faith (Faith Evans Album)Love Like This (Faith Evans Song)All Night Long (Faith Evans Song)Never Gonna Let You Go (Faith Evans Song)Lately ITotal (band)Kima, Keisha, And PamTrippin' (Total Song)112 (band)Room 112Love Me (112 Song)Anywhere (112 Song)Love You Like I DidYour LetterMaseDouble Up (Mase Album)Get Ready (Mase Song)Sean CombsForever (Puff Daddy Album)Satisfy You (Puff Daddy Song)The Notorious B.I.G.Born Again (The Notorious B.I.G. Album)Notorious B.I.G. (song)Dead Wrong (song)Black RobLife Story (album)Whoa!Carl Thomas (singer)Emotional (Carl Thomas Album)I Wish (Carl Thomas Song)ShyneShyne (album)Bad BoyzThat's Gangsta (Shyne Song)Bonnie & ShyneDream (American Group)It Was All A Dream (Dream Album)He Loves U NotThis Is Me (Dream Single)This Is Me (Dream Single)112 (band)Part III (album)Peaches & Cream (112 Song)Dance With Me (112 Song)It's Over Now (112 Song)Sean CombsThe Saga Continues...Bad Boy For LifeDiddy (song)Faith EvansFaithfully (Faith Evans Album)Can't BelieveYou Gets No LoveI Love You (Faith Evans Song)Burnin' Up (Faith Evans Song)Alone In This WorldG. DepChild Of The GhettoSpecial Delivery (song)Bad Boys II (soundtrack)La-La-La (Excuse Me Miss Again)Shake Ya TailfeatherDa BandToo Hot For TVLoon (rapper)Loon (album)112 (band)Hot & WetNa Na Na NaHot & Wet (112 Song)Right Here For UCarl Thomas (singer)Let's Talk About ItMario WinansHurt No MoreI Don't Wanna Know (Mario Winans Song)8Ball & MJGLiving Legends (album)MaseWelcome Back (Mase Album)Welcome Back (Mase Song)Breathe, Stretch, ShakeNew EditionOne Love (New Edition Album)Hot 2NiteBoyz N Da HoodBoyz N Da Hood (album)B5 (band)B5 (album)All I Do Is Think Of YouU Got MeBlack RobThe Black Rob ReportThe Notorious B.I.G.Duets: The Final ChapterNasty Girl (The Notorious B.I.G. Song)Hold Ya HeadSpit Your GameYung JocNew Joc CityIt's Goin' Down (Yung Joc Song)I Know You See It1st TimeCassie VenturaCassie (album)Me & U (Cassie Song)Long Way 2 GoDanity KaneDanity Kane (album)Show StopperRide For YouSean CombsPress Play (album)Come To Me (Diddy Song)Tell Me (Diddy Song)Last Night (Diddy Song)Through The Pain (She Told Me)The Notorious B.I.G.Greatest Hits (The Notorious B.I.G. Album)8Ball & MJGRidin HighYung JocHustlenomicsCoffee Shop (Yung Joc Song)Bottle Poppin'B5 (band)Don't Talk, Just ListenHydrolicsGorilla ZoeWelcome To The ZooHood FiggaBoyz N Da HoodBack Up N Da ChevyEverybody Know MeCheri DennisIn And Out Of Love (Cheri Dennis Album)I Love You (Cheri Dennis Song)Portrait Of LovePretend (Cheri Dennis Song)Danity KaneWelcome To The Dollhouse (album)Damaged (Danity Kane Song)Bad Girl (Danity Kane Song)Day26Day26 (album)Got Me GoingSince You've Been Gone (Day26 Song)Elephant Man (musician)Let's Get PhysicalFive-O (single)Donnie KlangJust A Rolling StoneTake You There (Donnie Klang Song)Notorious (soundtrack)Brooklyn Go HardGorilla ZoeDon't Feed Da AnimalsLost (Gorilla Zoe Song)What It Is (Gorilla Zoe Song)Echo (Gorilla Zoe Song)Day26Forever In A Day (Day26 Album)Imma Put It On HerStadium Music (Day26 Song)Janelle MonáeThe ArchAndroid (Suites II And III)Tightrope (Janelle Monáe Song)Cold War (song)Sean CombsDirty Money (group)Last Train To ParisAngels (Diddy Song)Love Come Down (Diddy Song)Hello Good MorningLoving You No MoreComing Home (Diddy-Dirty Money Song)Your Love (Diddy – Dirty Money Song)Ass On The FloorGorilla ZoeKing Kong (Gorilla Zoe Album)Machine Gun Kelly (rapper)Lace UpWild Boy (song)Invincible (MGK Song)Hold On (Shut Up)French MontanaExcuse My French (album)Pop ThatFreaks (French Montana Song)Ain't Worried About Nothin'Janelle MonáeThe Electric LadyQ.U.E.E.N. (Janelle Monáe Song)Dance ApocalypticPrimeTime (Janelle Monáe Song)Electric Lady (Janelle Monáe Song)Machine Gun KellyGeneral Admission (MGK Album)Till I DieA Little MorePuff DaddyMMM (Money Making Mitch)AuctionMachine Gun KellyBloom (Machine Gun Kelly Album)Bad Things (Machine Gun Kelly And Camila Cabello Song)At My BestFrench MontanaJungle RulesUnforgettable (French Montana Song)Bad Boy Greatest Hits: Volume 1We Invented The RemixI Need A Girl (Part One)I Need A Girl (Part Two)Special Delivery (song)Bad Boy's 10th Anniversary... The HitsVictory (Puff Daddy Song)Bad Boy's R&B HitsBad Boy 20th Anniversary Box Set EditionHitQuartersMTV NewsViacomPopMattersRolling StoneJann WennerThe FaderTemplate:Bad Boy RecordsTemplate Talk:Bad Boy RecordsSean CombsBad Boy SouthBad Boy LatinoHelp:CategoryCategory:Sean CombsCategory:1993 Establishments In New York (state)Category:Companies Based In New York CityCategory:Hip Hop Record LabelsCategory:Labels Distributed By Warner Music GroupCategory:Music Publishing Companies Of The United StatesCategory:Music Production CompaniesCategory:New York (state) Record LabelsCategory:Record Labels Established In 1993Category:Rhythm And Blues Record LabelsCategory:Vanity Record LabelsCategory:All Articles With Unsourced StatementsCategory:Articles With Unsourced Statements From March 2014Discussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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