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History[edit] Background and origins[edit] Until the 1960s, most prisons in the United States were racially segregated. As prisons began to desegregate, many inmates organized along racial lines.[22] The Aryan Brotherhood is believed to have been formed at San Quentin State Prison,[23] but it may have been derived from or inspired by the Bluebird Gang.[23] They decided to strike against the blacks who were forming their own militant group called the Black Guerrilla Family.[24] In the early 1970s the Aryan Brotherhood had a connection with Charles Manson and the Manson Family. Several members of the Family, who were not in prison at the time, attempted to join forces. The Manson Family became split, the Comoites following former Family member Kenneth Como, and the Mansonites following Manson. However, the relationship did not last long as the Aryan Brotherhood considered Manson "too leftist", while members also took offense of the murder of pregnant actress Sharon Tate.[25] 1980s and 90s[edit] In 1981, Thomas Silverstein and Clayton Fountain were charged with the murder of a black inmate named Robert Chappelle in the Marion control unit. It was believed that Silverstein and Fountain strangled Chappelle in his cell. Later on Silverstein and Fountain killed Raymond Smith, a friend of Robert Chappelle. The two men stabbed Smith 67 times. Later Silverstein started to plot on killing a prison guard officer. On October 22, 1983, gang members from the Aryan Brotherhood killed two correction officers at the United States Penitentiary, Marion, Illinois. Silverstein killed a prison guard named Merle Clutts in which Clutts was stabbed approximately 40 times. Several hours later Fountain also killed a prison guard named Robert Hoffman. The tactics used were developed for a prior inmate murder; Silverstein used an improvised knife and handcuff key while being taken to the showers. After picking the lock, Silverstein attacked and killed Merle Clutts. Fountain used similar tactics to kill Robert Hoffman.[26] By the 1990s, the Aryan Brotherhood had shifted its focus away from killing for strictly racial reasons and focused on organized crime, such as drug trafficking, prostitution, and sanctioned murders.[24] They took on organized crime-level power inside of the prison system, and, in certain prisons, they may hold more power than even the Italian crime families within the prison system.[24] For example, after being assaulted while incarcerated in Marion Federal Penitentiary in 1996, Gambino crime family boss John Gotti allegedly asked the Aryan Brotherhood to murder his attacker. Gotti's attacker was immediately transferred to protective custody and the planned retaliation was abandoned.[27][28] In April 1993 members of the Aryan Brotherhood formed an unlikely alliance with the Gangster Disciples in the southern Ohio correctional facility in Lucasville. The two groups then initiated the Lucasville Prison Riot, which lasted eleven days. The two gangs took several guards hostage and killed nine inmates. The gangs then killed a guard in retaliation against the state government. In all ten people died during the riot.[citation needed] Investigations and prosecutions[edit] In late 2002, twenty-nine leaders of the gang were simultaneously rounded up from prisons all over the country and brought to trial under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.[24] The intention was to bring death sentences for at least 21 of them, in a manner similar to tactics used against organized crime.[24] The case produced 30 convictions but none of the most powerful leaders received a death sentence.[24] Sentencing occurred in March 2006 for three of the most powerful leaders of the gang, including Barry Byron Mills (born 1948) and AB "Lieutenant" Tyler "The Hulk" Bingham, who were indicted for numerous crimes, including murder, conspiracy, drug trafficking, and racketeering and for ordering killings and beatings from their cell.[23][29][30][31] Bingham and Mills were convicted of murder and sent back to United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility Prison (ADX) in Florence, Colorado where they are serving life sentences without parole, escaping the death penalty. Prosecuting the gang has been difficult, because many members are already serving life sentences with no possibility of parole, so prosecutors were seeking the death penalty for 21 of those indicted but have dropped the death penalty on all but five defendants. By September 2006, the 19 indictees not eligible for the death penalty had pleaded guilty.[22] The first of a series of trials involving four high level members ended in convictions in July 2006. On June 23, 2005, after a 20-month investigation, a federal strike force raided six houses in northeastern Ohio belonging to the "Order of the Blood", a criminal organization controlled by the Aryan Brotherhood. Thirty-four Aryan Brotherhood members or associates were arrested and warrants were issued for ten more.[22] Notable members[edit] Barry Mills, Tyler Bingham and Thomas Silverstein are among the leaders of the gang. Former members include Michael Thompson and John Greschner. Thompson was a high school football star, and is part Native American.[24][32] Thompson was sentenced to multiple life sentences with no chance of parole and will spend the rest of his life in protective custody sections of California prisons.[30][33]

Ideology and motivation[edit] The initial motivation for the formation of the group in San Quentin in 1964 was self-protection against an existing black prison gang. The SPLC has said that although they clearly have a white supremacist ideology, the major motivation is money, and they have occasionally set aside racist views, such as allying themselves with Latino gangs, in order to make a profit.[34] The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States, has designated the Aryan Brotherhood as "the nation’s oldest major white supremacist prison gang and a national crime syndicate," and the "largest and deadliest prison gang in the United States.[34] Daryl Johnson, leader of the Domestic Terrorist Analysis Team whose job it is to monitor the activity of right-wing militias and domestic terrorist groups, said that white supremacist organizations in prisons are a "radicalization threat", committing acts of violence inside prison, and then in the larger communities after release. Johnson named the Aryan Brotherhood, Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, and the Aryan Circle as examples of white supremacist prison-based gangs which are radicalization threats.[35]:325 In an investigation in California prisons which ended in 1989, the FBI characterized the Brotherhood as a "violent, white supremacist group," [36] and a 2008 DHS intelligence conference in Newport, Rhode Island, divided violent domestic extremism into three types, and concluded that white supremacist groups like Aryan Brotherhood remained a threat and a cause for concern.[35]:189

Operations and membership[edit] Estimates of Aryan Brotherhood membership vary from fifteen to twenty thousand members in and out of prison.[37][23][34] The Aryan Brotherhood has members inside federal and state prisons, and outside on the streets. All members are Caucasian, and are either in prison or have been in prison. Joining is difficult; new members are on probation for a year, must swear a blood oath for life, and commit a violent act to join such as killing a rival inmate or assaulting a guard. Members are inculcated with various reading materials smuggled into prisons published by Aryan Nations, Militia of Montana, and other groups,[38] as well as Mein Kampf, The Art of War, and Machiavelli's The Prince.[34] Criminal activities inside prison walls include male prostitution, gambling, and extortion, and drug trafficking,[34] primarily involving methamphetamines.[38] Outside prison, the AB engages in every kind of criminal enterprise, "including murder-for-hire, armed robbery, gun running, methamphetamine manufacturing, heroin sales, counterfeiting and identity theft," according to the SPLC.[34][24]

Organization and affiliation[edit] Organization[edit] After being formed in California prisons in the mid-1960s, the Aryan Brotherhood had spread to most California prisons by 1975. As some of the leaders were sent to federal prison, they took the opportunity to start organizing in the federal prisons. This ended by creating two separate, but related organizations, the California Aryan Brotherhood, and the federal prison Aryan Brotherhood. As a former top leader said, "“They’re like two related but different crime families. They each have their [ruling] commission… but they’re allies." By the late 1970s, there were fewer than 100 members, but that grew rapidly as they absorbed other racist and skinhead groups, with over 20,000 members in the federal and state prison systems.[34] In the early days of the group, there was a one-man, one-vote system, but this broke down with the rapid expansion, and a hierarchical structure was established, headed by a 12-man council, and overseen by a three-member commission. The federal and state systems each had their own council and commission.[34] Organization varies somewhat, from prison to prison. For example, in the Arizona prison system, members are known as "kindred" and organize into "families". A "council" controls the families. Kindred may recruit other members, known as "progeny", and serve as a mentor for the new recruits.[39] A sort of internal banking or accounting system was instituted, which allowed them to "tax" criminal activity on the streets, and collect 20% on the proceeds, money which is then laundered and controlled by the commission.[34] Affiliations, alliances and rivalries[edit] Aryan Brotherhood is affiliated with the national hate-based organization Aryan Nations.[38] In 1992, the Brotherhood established ties with American Mafia crime, via boss John Gotti, who was sentenced to prison and contacted the Brotherhood for protection while he was in prison. Gotti also organized a business partnership on the outside between his group and the Brotherhood on the outside, which greatly expanded the group's power on the streets.[34] Their communication and control has become so tight and efficient, that they have been able to organize and direct major criminal enterprises on the outside, even from solitary confinement, much to the frustration of federal and state authorities.[34] The group has an alliance[40] with La Eme (the Mexican Mafia) as the two are mutual enemies of Black Guerrilla Family. A member's tattoo

Symbology and identification[edit] The Aryan Brotherhood uses various symbols and images to identify members, and the organization, and spoken or written mottos and oaths to secure them. Tattoos and other marks[edit] New members were branded with a tattoo, following the procedure in a prison novel popular among inmates. The image was either a green shamrock (also called, "the rock"), the letters AB, the number 666. "The brand" meant the inmate belonged to Aryan Brotherhood.[41] Like most prison gangs, Aryan Brotherhood members mark themselves with distinctive tattoos. Designs commonly include the words "Aryan Brotherhood", "AB", "666", Nazi symbolism such as SS, sig runes, and swastikas, as well as shamrocks and Celtic iconography.[27][42] Mottos and pledges[edit] Other means of identification of group membership were the "blood in, blood out" motto symbolizing life-long membership with no exit other than death, and "the pledge", an eight-line oath that each new member had to swear.[41]

Categorization and analysis[edit] According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the gang makes up less than 0.1% of the prison population, but it is responsible for between 18-25% of murders in the federal prison system.[27][22] The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released the Domestic Extremism Lexicon report in 2009 that defines different classifications of extremists. On the last entry of the 11-page report, it broke down the "white supremacist movement" into six categories: Neo-nazi, Ku Klux Klan, Christian Identity, racist skinhead, Nordic mysticism, and Aryan prison gangs.[43] An analysis at Slate describes the Aryan prison gang classification as "further outside the white supremacy mainstream," and describes them as largely independent of other white supremacist groups, although the lines blurred as time went on. But it also refers to them as "more flexible" than other white supremacist groups since "their criminal goals usually take precedence over ideology."[44]

Media depictions[edit] TV documentaries Aryan Brotherhood (National Geographic)[45] America's Deadliest Prison Gang Ross Kemp on Gangs (2004–2008) Gangland: "Aryan Brotherhood" (History Channel) Outlaw Empires (1 episode, 2012) Marked (History Channel, August 27, 2009) Films Shot Caller (2017) Supremacy (2014) Inherent Vice (2014) Honour (2014) Snitch (2013) Fire with Fire (2012) The Experiment (2010) Once Fallen (2010) Felon (2008) Death Race (2008) Big Stan (2007) The Death and Life of Bobby Z (2007) Miami Vice (2006) Lockdown (2000) Animal Factory (2000) American History X (1998) Dead Man Walking (1995) Top Dog (1995) Higher Learning (1995) Blood in Blood out (1993) American Me (1992) South Central (1992) Ricochet (1991) An Innocent Man (1989) TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (season 4, episode 1: "The Ghost") (2016) Ray Donovan (season 3: 2015) Breaking Bad (Season 5: 2012-2013) Person of interest (season 2, episode 1: "The Contingency") (2012) Explorer (2010)[46] American Gangs (2009)[47] Sons of Anarchy (2008, 2014) Raines (2007) Prison Break (2005–2009) Law & Order (2004) Oz (1997–2003) Police Story (season 5, episode 5: "The Broken Badge") (1978) Other Hard Time (comic book; 2004–06)

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