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Skyscrapers[edit] The 2010 Chicago skyline as seen from the Adler Planetarium (Use cursor to identify buildings) Main article: List of tallest buildings in Chicago The Chicago Building is a prime example of Chicago School architecture. Beginning in the early 1880s, architectural pioneers of the Chicago School explored steel-frame construction and, in the 1890s, the use of large areas of plate glass. These were among the first modern skyscrapers. William LeBaron Jenney's Home Insurance Building was completed in 1885 and is considered to be the first to use steel in its structural frame instead of cast iron, but this building was still clad in heavy brick and stone. However, the Montauk Building,[2] designed by John Wellborn Root Sr. and Daniel Burnham, was built in 1882–1883 using structural steel. Daniel Burnham and his partners, John Welborn Root and Charles Atwood, designed technically advanced steel frames with glass and terra cotta skins in the mid-1890s, in particular the Reliance Building;[3] these were made possible by professional engineers, in particular E. C. Shankland, and modern contractors, in particular George A. Fuller. Louis Sullivan was perhaps the city's most philosophical architect. Realizing that the skyscraper represented a new form of architecture, he discarded historical precedent and designed buildings that emphasized their vertical nature. This new form of architecture, by Jenney, Burnham, Sullivan, and others, became known as the "Commercial Style," but it was called the "Chicago School" by later historians. In 1892, the Masonic Temple surpassed the New York World Building, breaking its two-year reign as the tallest skyscraper, only to be surpassed itself two years later by another New York building. Since 1963, a "Second Chicago School" emerged from the work of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. The ideas of structural engineer Fazlur Khan were also influential in this movement,[4] in particular his introduction of a new structural system of framed tubes in skyscraper design and construction. The first building to apply the tube-frame construction was the DeWitt-Chestnut Apartment Building which Khan designed and was completed in Chicago by 1966.[5] This laid the foundations for the tube structures of many other later skyscrapers, including his own constructions of the John Hancock Center[6] and Willis Tower (then named the Sears Tower)[7] in Chicago and can be seen in the construction of the World Trade Center, Petronas Towers, Jin Mao Building, and most other supertall skyscrapers since the 1960s.[8] Willis Tower would be the world's tallest building from its construction in 1974 until 1998 (when the Petronas Towers was built) and would remain the tallest for some categories of buildings until the Burj Khalifa was completed in early 2010.

Landmarks, monuments and public places[edit] Chicago Avenue Pumping Station in the Old Chicago Water Tower District along the Magnificent Mile St. John Cantius, one of Chicago's 'Polish Cathedrals' Further information: List of Chicago Landmarks Numerous architects have constructed landmark buildings of varying styles in Chicago. Among them are the so-called "Chicago seven": James Ingo Freed, Tom Beeby, Larry Booth, Stuart Cohen, James Nagle, Stanley Tigerman, and Ben Weese. Daniel Burnham led the design of the "White City" of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition which some historians claim led to a revival of Neo-Classical architecture throughout Chicago and the entire United States. It is true that the "White City" represented anything other than its host city's architecture. While Burnham did develop the 1909 "Plan for Chicago", perhaps the first comprehensive city plan in the U.S, in a Neo-Classical style, many of Chicago's most progressive skyscrapers occurred after the Exposition closed, between 1894 and 1899. Louis Sullivan said that the fair set the course of American architecture back by two decades, but even his finest Chicago work, the Schlesinger and Meyer (later Carson, Pirie, Scott) store, was built in 1899[9]—five years after the "White City" and ten years before Burnham's Plan. Sullivan's comments should be viewed in the context of his complicated relationship with Burnham. Erik Larson's history of the Columbian Exposition, The Devil in the White City, correctly points out that the building techniques developed during the construction of the many buildings of the fair were entirely modern, even if they were adorned in a way Sullivan found aesthetically distasteful.[10] Chicago is well known for its wealth of public art, including works by such artistic heavyweights as Chagall, Picasso, Miró and Abakanowicz that are all to be found outdoors. City sculptures additionally honor the many people and topics reflecting the rich history of Chicago. There are monuments to: Tadeusz Kościuszko by Kazimierz Chodzinski Nicholas Copernicus by Bertel Thorvaldsen Karel Havlíček Borovský by Joseph Strachovsky Pope John Paul II, several different monuments (including by Czesław Dźwigaj) Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk by Albin Polasek Irv Kupcinet by Preston Jackson Abraham Lincoln by Augustus Saint Gaudens The Heald Square Monument featuring George Washington, Haym Salomon, and Robert Morris by Lorado Taft, (completed by Leonard Crunelle) Christopher Columbus by Carl Brioschi General John A. Logan by Augustus Saint Gaudens Harry Caray by Omri Amrany and Lou Cella Jack Brickhouse by Jerry McKenna A memorial to the Haymarket affair by Mary Brogger A memorial to the Great Northern Migration by Alison Saar There are also preliminary plans to erect a 1:1-scale replica of Wacław Szymanowski's Art Nouveau statue of Frédéric Chopin found in Warsaw's Royal Baths along Chicago's lakefront[11] in addition to a different sculpture commemorating the artist in Chopin Park for the 200th anniversary of Frédéric Chopin's birth. In the 21st century, Chicago has become a leading urban focus for landscape architecture, and the architecture of public places. Building on 19th-20th century legacies of architects such as, Burnham, Frederick Olmstead, Jens Jensen and Alfred Caldwell, modern projects include Millennium Park, Northerly Island, the 606, the Chicago Riverwalk, Maggie Daley Park, and proposals in Jackson Park (Chicago).[12]

Residential architecture[edit] Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie School influenced both building design and the design of furnishings. In the early half of the 20th century, popular residential neighborhoods were developed with Chicago Bungalow style houses, many of which still exist. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Illinois Institute of Technology[13] campus in Chicago influenced the later Modern or International style. Van der Rohe's work is sometimes called the Second Chicago School.

Preservation[edit] Many organizations, notably Preservation Chicago and Landmarks Illinois are devoted to promoting the preservation of historic neighborhoods and buildings in Chicago. Chicago has suffered from the same problems with sinking property values and urban decline as other major cities. Many historic structures have been threatened with demolition.

Images[edit] Krause Music Store in Lincoln Square The Gateway Theatre's Solidarity Tower is a replica of the Royal Castle in Warsaw Harold Washington Library Emil Bach House, by Frank Lloyd Wright McCormick Tribune Center, by Rem Koolhaas Robie House, by Frank Lloyd Wright The Colvin House by George Washington Maher S.R. Crown Hall, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe The Ernest J. Magerstadt House by George Washington Maher A two-flat in Chicago's Portage Park neighborhood St. Wenceslaus Roman Catholic Church in Avondale where Richard Nickel was married. Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral Interior of Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica, East Garfield Park Fisher Building Marina City Tribune Tower Wrigley Building Merchandise Mart John Hancock Center, left rear, Water Tower Place, right, and the Chicago Avenue Pumping Station, foreground. Back porches of the distinctive Chicago late 19th-century six-flat apartment buildings

Timeline of notable buildings[edit] Before 1900: Chicago Avenue Pumping Station Chicago's Home Insurance Building is regarded as the world's first modern steel–framed skyscraper. The Manhattan Building (right) on South Dearborn Street The Chicago Merchandise Mart Marina City from across the river John Hancock Center, with the Water Tower on the left Chicago Board of Trade Building Buckingham Fountain. 1836 Henry B. Clarke House 1869 Chicago Water Tower, William W. Boyington 1872 Second Presbyterian Church 1936 S. Michigan, James Renwick 1900 Howard Van Doren Shaw 1877 St. Stanislaus Kostka Church 1327 N. Noble, Patrick Keely 1882–1883 Montauk Building, Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root. First building to be called a "skyscraper." (Demolished, 1902) 1885 Home Insurance Building, Chicago School, William Le Baron Jenney (Demolished, 1931) 1885 Palmer Mansion, early Romanesque and Norman Gothic, Henry Ives Cobb and Charles Sumner Frost (Demolished, 1950) 1886 John J. Glessner House, Henry Hobson Richardson 1887 Marshall Field Warehouse, Henry Hobson Richardson (Demolished, 1930) 1888 Rookery Building, Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root, 1905 lobby redesign by Frank Lloyd Wright 1889 Monadnock Building, Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root 1889 Auditorium Building, Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler. 1889 St. Mary of Perpetual Help Church, Henry Englebert 1890 and 1894–1895 Reliance Building, Charles B. Atwood of Burnham & Root 1890–1899 Gage Group Buildings, Holabird & Roche with Louis Sullivan 1891 Manhattan Building, William Le Baron Jenney 1892 Masonic Temple, Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root (Demolished, 1939) 1892–1893 World's Columbian Exposition, Daniel Burnham, director of Works 1893 Palace of Fine Arts, later Museum of Science and Industry, Beaux-Arts, Charles B. Atwood 1893-1898 St. John Cantius Church, Alphonsus Druiding 1894 Tree Studio Building and Annexes, Judge Lambert & Anne Tree via Parfitt Brothers; 1912 annex: Hill and Woltersdorf 1895–1896 Fisher Building (Chicago), D.H. Burnham & Company, Charles B. Atwood 1897 St. Paul Church 2234 S. Hoyne, Henry Schlacks 1897 Chicago Library (now Chicago Cultural Center), Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge 1899 Sullivan Center, Louis Sullivan; 1905–1906, twelve-story south addition, D.H. Burnham & Company 1900-1939: 1902 Marshall Field and Company Building, north State Street building D.H. Burnham & Company, Charles B. Atwood 1903 Holy Trinity Cathedral, Chicago 1905-1906 Holy Trinity Polish Mission, Herman Olszewski and William G. Krieg, 1905 Chicago Federal Building 1906 Sears Merchandise Building Tower, George G. Nimmons - William K. Fellows 1907 Marshall Field and Company Building, south State Street building D.H. Burnham & Company, Charles B. Atwood 1909 Robie House, Prairie School, Frank Lloyd Wright 1912-1914 St. Adalbert's Church 1650 W.17th street, Henry Schlacks 1912 Medina Temple North Wabash Avenue 1912 Pulaski Park fieldhouse by Jens Jensen 1914 Navy Pier 1914-1920 St. Mary of the Angels Church 1850 N. Hermitage Ave, Worthmann and Steinbach 1915 Holy Cross Church, Joseph Molitor 1916 Navy Pier Auditorium, Charles Sumner Frost 1917–1920 Michigan Avenue Bridge, Edward H. Bennett 1917-1921 Basilica of St. Hyacinth 3636 West Wolfram Avenue, Worthmann & Steinbach 1919-1924 Wrigley Building, Graham, Anderson, Probst & White 1921 Chicago Theatre, Beaux-Arts, Cornelius W. Rapp and George L. Rapp 1921 Old Chicago Main Post Office, Graham, Anderson, Probst & White 1922 Tribune Tower, neo-Gothic, John Mead Howells and Raymond M. Hood 1924 Soldier Field, Holabird & Roche; extensive renovation 2003, Ben Wood and Carlos Zapata 1925 Uptown Theatre, Cornelius W. Rapp and George L. Rapp 1927 Pittsfield Building, Graham, Anderson, Probst and White 1929 Carbide & Carbon Building, Daniel and Hubert Burnham, sons of Daniel Burnham 1929 Palmolive Building, Art Deco, Holabird & Root 1929 John G. Shedd Aquarium, Graham, Anderson, Probst & White 1930 Chicago Board of Trade Building, Holabird & Root 1930 All Saints Cathedral, J. G. Steinbach 1930 Gateway Theatre Mason Rapp of Rapp & Rapp; extensive renovation 1979-1984, "Solidarity Tower" addition in 1985 1930 Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, Ernest A. Grunsfeld, Jr. 1931 Merchandise Mart, Graham, Anderson, Probst & White 1930s-1960s Illinois Institute of Technology, including S.R. Crown Hall, Second Chicago School, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill 1934 Field Building, Graham, Anderson, Probst & White 1940 to the present: 1940-1942 St. Wenceslaus church, 3400 N. Monticello Ave, McCarthy, Smith and Eppig 1952 860–880 Lake Shore Drive, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 1957 Inland Steel Building, Bruce Graham and Walter Netsch, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1964 Marina City, Bertrand Goldberg 1968 Lake Point Tower, John Heinrich and George Schipporeit 1968 Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist. Harry Weese 1969 John Hancock Center, Bruce Graham, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill 1973 330 North Wabash, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 1974 Willis Tower, Bruce Graham, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (previously the Sears Tower) 1974 Aon Center, Edward Durrell Stone (earlier names were Standard Oil Building and Amoco Building) 1977 St. Joseph the Betrothed Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church 1979-85 James R. Thompson Center, Helmut Jahn 1989 NBC Tower, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill 1990 American Medical Association Building, Kenzo Tange 1990 Athletic Club Illinois Center, Kisho Kurokawa 1991 Harold Washington Library Center, Thomas Beeby 1991 U.S. Cellular Field, Home of the White Sox 1991 Museum of Contemporary Art, Josef Paul Kleihues 1992 77 West Wacker Drive, Ricardo Bofill 2004 Millennium Park, Frank Gehry, Kathryn Gustafson, Anish Kapoor, Jaume Plensa, and others, a showcase for 21st century modernism. 2009 155 North Wacker, Goettsch Partners 2009 Trump International Hotel and Tower, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill 2010 Aqua Tower, Studio Gang Architects

Styles and schools[edit] Chicago architects used many design styles and belonged to a variety of architectural schools. Below is a list of those styles and schools. American Four-Square[14] Art Deco/Moderne[14] Art Nouveau[15] Arts & Crafts[14] Chateauesque[14] Chicago School[14] (Also called Commercial Style) City Beautiful Classical Revival[14] (also known as Neoclassical architecture) Colonial Revival[14] Craftsman[16] (also known as American Craftsman) Dutch Colonial[14] Eastlake/Stick[14] Edwardian architecture[14] Gothic Revival[14] Greek Revival[14] International[14] (sometimes called Second Chicago School) Italianate[14] Middle Eastern[14] Modern Oriental[14] Prairie School[14] Queen Anne[14] Renaissance Revival[14] also known as Neo-Renaissance Romanesque Revival[14] also known as Neo-Romanesque Second Empire[14] Spanish Revival[14] also known as Spanish Colonial Revival Sullivanesque[14] (for style elements and examples see Louis Sullivan) Tudor Revival[14] Workers Cottage[14]

Buildings - a "Top Forty" List[edit] In 2010, Chicago Magazine selected 40 still existing properties for their historical and architectural importance,[17] opening an on-line forum for debate. The top ten chosen were: 1: John Hancock Center, 875 N. Michigan Ave. (1969) 2: Rookery Building, 209 S. LaSalle St. (1885–1888) 3: 860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments, (1952) 4: Monadnock Building, 53 W. Jackson Blvd. (1891 and 1893) 5: Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building, 1 S. State St. (1899) 6: S. R. Crown Hall, 3360 S. State St. (1956) 7: Auditorium Building, 430 S. Michigan Ave. (1889) 8: Frederick C. Robie House, 5757 S. Woodlawn Ave. (1909) 9: Farnsworth House (Plano, Illinois), 14520 River Rd., Plano, IL (1951) 10: Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower), 233 S. Wacker Dr. (1974)

See also[edit] Chicago portal Chicago Architecture Foundation Chicago Architecture Biennial Open House Chicago Chicago Loop Chicago neighborhoods Landmarks of Chicago List of tallest buildings in Chicago Parks of Chicago Polish Cathedral style Visual arts of Chicago

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References[edit] Bach, IraJ. (1980). Chicago’s Famous Buildings. The University of Chicago Press. ISBN 0-226-03396-1. LCCN 79-23365.  Billington, David P. (1985). The Tower and the Bridge: The New Art of Structural Engineering. Princeton University Press. ISBN 0-691-02393-X. 

Further reading[edit] Pridmore, Jay and George A. Larson, Chicago Architecture and Design : Revised and expanded, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, 2005. ISBN 0-8109-5892-9.

External links[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Architecture of Chicago. 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Thompson CenterHelmut JahnNBC TowerSkidmore, Owings & MerrillKenzo TangeKisho KurokawaHarold Washington Library CenterThomas BeebyU.S. Cellular FieldMuseum Of Contemporary Art, ChicagoJosef Paul Kleihues77 West Wacker DriveRicardo BofillMillennium ParkFrank GehryKathryn GustafsonAnish KapoorJaume Plensa155 North WackerTrump International Hotel And Tower (Chicago)Skidmore, Owings & MerrillAqua TowerStudio Gang ArchitectsAmerican FoursquareArt DecoStreamline ModerneArt NouveauArts And Crafts MovementChâteauesqueChicago School (architecture)City Beautiful MovementNeoclassical ArchitectureColonial Revival ArchitectureAmerican CraftsmanDutch ColonialStick StyleEdwardian ArchitectureGothic Revival ArchitectureGreek Revival ArchitectureInternational Style (architecture)Italianate ArchitectureModern ArchitecturePrairie SchoolQueen Anne Style ArchitectureNeo-RenaissanceRomanesque Revival ArchitectureSecond Empire (architecture)Spanish Colonial Revival Style ArchitectureLouis SullivanTudor Revival ArchitectureChicago MagazineJohn Hancock CenterRookery Building860-880 Lake Shore Drive ApartmentsMonadnock BuildingCarson, Pirie, Scott And Company BuildingS. R. Crown HallAuditorium BuildingFrederick C. Robie HouseFarnsworth House (Plano, Illinois)Sears TowerPortal:ChicagoChicago Architecture FoundationChicago Architecture BiennialOpen House ChicagoChicago LoopChicago NeighborhoodsLandmarks Of ChicagoList Of Tallest Buildings In ChicagoParks Of ChicagoPolish Cathedral StyleVisual Arts Of ChicagoInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-226-03396-1Library Of Congress Control NumberEncyclopædia BritannicaChicago MagazineInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-226-03396-1Library Of Congress Control NumberPrinceton University PressInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-691-02393-XInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-8109-5892-9Voy:Chicago Skyline GuideTemplate:Chicago SkyscrapersTemplate Talk:Chicago SkyscrapersList Of Tallest Buildings In ChicagoList Of Tallest Buildings875 North Michigan AvenueAon Center (Chicago)Franklin Center (Chicago)Trump International Hotel And Tower (Chicago)Two Prudential PlazaWillis Tower35 East Wacker55 East Erie Street77 West Wacker Drive111 South Wacker Drive155 North Wacker181 West Madison Street311 South Wacker Drive330 North Wabash333 North Michigan333 Wacker Drive340 On The Park401 East Ontario500 West Madison860–880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments900 North Michigan1700 East 56th StreetBank Of America Plaza (Chicago)Allerton HotelAqua (skyscraper)Bilandic BuildingThe Blackstone HotelBlue Cross Blue Shield TowerBoeing International HeadquartersCarbide & Carbon BuildingThe ChandlerChase Tower (Chicago)Chicago Board Of Trade BuildingChicago PlaceFirst United Methodist Church Of ChicagoCity Hall Square BuildingCivic Opera House (Chicago)Coast At Lakeshore EastCNA CenterCrain Communications BuildingEverett McKinley Dirksen United States CourthouseField Building (Chicago)Fisher Building (Chicago)FOUR40900 North MichiganGrant Thornton TowerHarbor Point (skyscraper)Hilton ChicagoHome Insurance BuildingHyatt CenterJames R. Thompson CenterJoffrey TowerKluczynski Federal BuildingLake Point TowerThe LancasterLaSalle-Wacker BuildingLegacy At Millennium ParkLeo Burnett BuildingLondon Guarantee BuildingMarina CityMasonic Temple (Chicago)Mather TowerMetropolitan Tower (Chicago)Montauk BuildingNBC TowerOlympia CentreOne Magnificent MileOne Museum ParkOne North LaSalleOne North WackerOne Prudential PlazaOptima Signature400 East RandolphThe Palmer House HiltonPalmolive BuildingPark Tower (Chicago)The ParkshorePeoples Gas BuildingPittsfield BuildingPlaza 440Powhatan ApartmentsPresidential TowersThe RegattaRegents Park (Chicago)Richard J. Daley CenterRiver East CenterRoanoke BuildingThe ShorehamSkybridge, ChicagoThe Buckingham (Chicago)The FordhamThe Heritage At Millennium ParkThe GrantThe Pinnacle (Chicago)Three First National PlazaThe TidesTime-Life Building (Chicago)Tribune TowerVirgin Hotels ChicagoWaldorf Astoria ChicagoWater Tower PlaceWrigley BuildingList Of Chicago Landmarks300 West Adams BuildingThe Arc At Old ColonyAuditorium Building, ChicagoBrooks BuildingBryn Mawr Apartment HotelCarson, Pirie, Scott And Company BuildingChicago BuildingGage Group BuildingsHeyworth BuildingHilliard Towers ApartmentsInland Steel BuildingManhattan Building (Chicago, Illinois)Marquette Building (Chicago)Marshall Field And Company BuildingMonadnock BuildingMundelein CollegeNew York Life Insurance Building (Chicago)Reliance BuildingRookery BuildingArt DecoChicago City HallChicago School (architecture)List Of Tallest Buildings In ChicagoWashington BlockTemplate:ChicagoTemplate Talk:ChicagoFlag Of ChicagoChicagoList Of Beaches In ChicagoClimate Of ChicagoList Of Colleges And Universities In ChicagoCommunity Areas In ChicagoCrime In ChicagoCulture Of ChicagoDemographics Of ChicagoEconomy Of ChicagoList Of Companies In The Chicago Metropolitan AreaRoads And Expressways In ChicagoFlag Of ChicagoGeography Of ChicagoGovernment Of ChicagoChicago HarborHistory Of ChicagoPolitical History Of ChicagoTimeline Of Chicago HistoryList Of Chicago LandmarksChicago LiteratureMedia In ChicagoList Of Museums And Cultural Institutions In ChicagoList Of Neighborhoods In ChicagoParks In ChicagoList Of People From ChicagoChicagoMusic Of ChicagoTheater In ChicagoChicago Public SchoolsList Of Schools In Chicago Public SchoolsList Of Tallest Buildings In ChicagoSports In ChicagoTourism In ChicagoTransportation In ChicagoVisual Arts Of ChicagoPortal:ChicagoCook County, IllinoisChicago Metropolitan AreaIllinoisUnited StatesTemplate:Architecture Of North AmericaTemplate Talk:Architecture Of North AmericaNorth AmericaArchitecture Of CanadaArchitecture Of MontrealArchitecture Of OttawaArchitecture Of Quebec CityArchitecture Of TorontoArchitecture Of VancouverArchitecture Of CubaArchitecture Of HavanaArchitecture Of MexicoArchitecture Of GuadalajaraArchitecture Of Mexico CityArchitecture Of PanamaArchitecture Of Panama CityArchitecture Of The United StatesArchitecture Of Albany, New YorkBuildings And Architecture Of Allentown, PennsylvaniaArchitecture Of AtlantaArchitecture Of Buffalo, New YorkArchitecture Of Metropolitan DetroitArchitecture Of Fredericksburg, TexasArchitecture Of HoustonArchitecture Of JacksonvilleArchitecture Of Kansas CityArchitecture Of Las VegasArchitecture Of Los AngelesArchitecture Of MiamiBuildings And Architecture Of New OrleansArchitecture Of New York CityArchitecture In Omaha, NebraskaArchitecture Of PhiladelphiaArchitecture Of Plymouth, PennsylvaniaArchitecture Of Portland, OregonArchitecture Of San AntonioArchitecture Of San FranciscoArchitecture Of SeattleArchitecture Of St. LouisArchitecture Of Antigua And BarbudaArchitecture Of The BahamasArchitecture Of BarbadosArchitecture Of BelizeArchitecture Of Costa RicaArchitecture Of DominicaArchitecture Of The Dominican RepublicArchitecture Of El SalvadorArchitecture Of GrenadaArchitecture Of GuatemalaArchitecture Of HaitiArchitecture Of HondurasArchitecture Of JamaicaArchitecture Of NicaraguaArchitecture Of Saint Kitts And NevisArchitecture Of Saint LuciaArchitecture Of Saint Vincent And The GrenadinesArchitecture Of Trinidad And TobagoArchitecture Of AnguillaArchitecture Of ArubaArchitecture Of BermudaArchitecture Of BonaireArchitecture Of The British Virgin IslandsArchitecture Of The Cayman IslandsArchitecture Of CuraçaoArchitecture Of GreenlandArchitecture Of GuadeloupeArchitecture Of MartiniqueArchitecture Of MontserratArchitecture Of Navassa IslandArchitecture Of Puerto RicoArchitecture Of Saint BarthélemyArchitecture Of The Collectivity Of Saint MartinArchitecture Of Saint Pierre And MiquelonArchitecture Of SabaArchitecture Of Sint EustatiusArchitecture Of Sint MaartenArchitecture Of The Turks And Caicos IslandsArchitecture Of The United States Virgin IslandsTemplate:Architecture In The United StatesTemplate Talk:Architecture In The United StatesArchitecture Of The United StatesAmerican Colonial ArchitectureGeorgian ArchitectureDutch ColonialFrench ColonialAmerican Colonial ArchitectureSpanish Colonial ArchitectureAdam StyleFederal ArchitectureJeffersonian ArchitectureGreek Revival ArchitectureItalianate ArchitectureGothic Revival ArchitectureVictorian ArchitectureRichardsonian RomanesqueSecond Empire ArchitectureAmerican RenaissanceFolk VictorianStick StyleQueen Anne Style Architecture In The United StatesShingle Style ArchitectureTerritorial ArchitectureBeaux-Arts ArchitectureChicago School (architecture)Colonial Revival ArchitectureDutch Colonial Revival ArchitectureMediterranean Revival ArchitectureMission Revival ArchitectureSpanish Colonial Revival ArchitectureTudor Revival ArchitecturePueblo Revival ArchitectureTerritorial Revival ArchitectureAmerican CraftsmanPrairie SchoolAmerican FoursquareCalifornia BungalowArt DecoStreamline ModernePWA ModerneInternational Style (architecture)UsoniaRanch-style HouseModern ArchitecturePostmodern ArchitectureNeo-eclectic ArchitectureNew Classical ArchitectureHall And Parlor HouseCentral-passage HouseLog CabinCape Cod (house)SaltboxCreole CottageDogtrot HouseI-houseShotgun HouseSod HouseCarpenter GothicFirst PeriodArchitecture Of AtlantaArchitecture Of Buffalo, New YorkArchitecture Of Metropolitan DetroitArchitecture Of HoustonArchitecture Of JacksonvilleArchitecture Of Kansas CityArchitecture Of Las VegasArchitecture Of Los AngelesArchitecture Of MiamiBuildings And Architecture Of New OrleansArchitecture Of New York CityArchitecture In Omaha, NebraskaArchitecture Of PhiladelphiaArchitecture Of Portland, OregonArchitecture Of San AntonioArchitecture Of San FranciscoArchitecture Of SeattleArchitecture Of St. 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