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History[edit] Beginnings[edit] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2014) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Anaheim Stadium under construction, May 1965 Angel Stadium has been the home of the Angels since their move from Los Angeles. On August 31, 1964, ground was broken for Anaheim Stadium and in 1966, the then-California Angels moved into their new home after having spent four seasons renting Dodger Stadium (referred to in Angels games as Chávez Ravine Stadium) from the Dodgers. The stadium was built on a parcel of about 160 acres (0.65 km2) of flat land originally used for agricultural purposes by the Allec, Russell, and Knutzen families[1] in the southeast portion of Anaheim. Consistent with many major-league sports stadiums built in the 1960s, it is located in a suburban area, though one that is host to major tourist attractions. The field dimensions (333 feet instead of 347 or 350, for example) were derived from a scientific study conducted by the Angels. Based on the air density at normal game times (1:30 pm and 8 pm), the Angels tried to formulate dimensions that were fairly balanced between pitcher, hitter and average weather conditions. The Angels tinkered with those dimensions several times, expanding or contracting parts of the outfield by a few feet here and there, to try to refine that balance. 396 feet (120.701 m) is the shortest centre-field in the American League, and tied for 2nd-shortest in the major leagues with Petco Park behind only Dodger Stadium's 395 feet (120.396 m). None of this seemed to matter to their Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan, who threw two of his record seven no-hitters in this ballpark, and racked up 2,416 of his 5,714 career strikeouts in eight seasons with the Angels (Ryan stats from The Sporting News Baseball Record Book). One of the no-hitters, on June 1, 1975, was his fourth, which tied Sandy Koufax's career record, one Ryan would eventually supplant. The Rams move in[edit] The Angels play at an enclosed Anaheim Stadium, 1991 In the late 1970s, Los Angeles Rams owner Carroll Rosenbloom was looking for a more modern venue than the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and also wanted a stadium that would be small enough to keep Rams games from being blacked out on local television. The Coliseum seated almost 100,000 people, and the Rams had trouble filling it even in their best years. Rosenbloom brokered a deal by which the Rams would move from Los Angeles to an expanded Anaheim Stadium. To add more seats (eventually about 23,000) for football games, the mezzanine and upper decks were extended completely around the playing field, resulting in a roughly trapezoidal, completely enclosed stadium. An elevated bank of bleachers was built in right field, and temporary seats were placed underneath, to be pulled out for football games. Another bank of bleachers was built in left field. As a result, the view of the local mountains and State Highway 57 was lost. Additionally, the Big A scoreboard support that stood in left field and was the inspiration for the stadium's nickname was moved 1,300 feet (400 m) to its present site in the parking lot, adjoining the Orange Freeway beyond the right-field stands; its usage changed from scoreboard to electronic marquee advertising upcoming events at the stadium. A black and white scoreboard/instant replay video board was installed above the newly constructed upper deck seats in left field, but was later deemed inadequate, especially during day games (in 1988 the scoreboard was replaced by a Sony Jumbotron color video board, with black and white matrix scoreboards installed above the right field upper deck and the infield upper deck). A triangular metal spire was added to the top of the Jumbotron to evoke the original emplacement of the "Big A". The changes did not sit well with Angels fans. As originally built, no seat was further than 109 feet from the field.[8] However, as was the case nearly everywhere else where the multipurpose stadium concept was tried, most of the new center field seats were too far from the action. Also, while the expanded capacity allowed the Angels to set attendance records that still stand today, on most occasions even crowds of 40,000 were swallowed up by the environment. The Rams hosting a football game at Anaheim Stadium, 1991. The expansion was completed in time for the 1980 NFL season, and the Rams played in Anaheim Stadium from then until their move to St. Louis after the 1994 season. The Rams would return to Los Angeles in 2016, playing their games at the Memorial Coliseum again. The January 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake caused the Sony Jumbotron to collapse onto the upper deck seats beneath it. No injuries were caused, as the stadium was unoccupied when the earthquake occurred in the predawn hours of a national holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day). The damaged section was deconstructed and rebuilt with a new scoreboard structure and Jumbotron, eliminating the A-frame spire that evoked the Big A.[9] The Disney era[edit] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2014) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) The Big A in 2014. The Pepsi sign has since been replaced with a Coca-Cola sign. In 1996, The Walt Disney Company, a minority owner of the team since its inception (the stadium is located less than 3 miles (5 km) east of Disneyland and across from the Honda Center, the home venue of the then Disney-owned Mighty Ducks of Anaheim), gained enough support on the board to effectively take control of the team. Soon afterward, the Angels and the city of Anaheim agreed to a new deal that would keep the Angels in Anaheim until 2031, with an option to leave the facility after the 2016 season. As part of the deal, the stadium underwent an extensive renovation, returning the stadium to its original role as a baseball-only facility. Before the 1997 baseball season, the section behind the outfield wall was demolished. Disney briefly considered moving the Big A scoreboard to its original location, but decided against such a move, citing costs, as well as the fact that the Big A had become a Southern California landmark in its parking lot location. Despite the fact that much of the stadium was still a hard-hat zone, the demolition and construction being only half-completed, the Angels played their 1997 season in Anaheim. Fans were greeted by a restored view of the San Gabriel and Santa Ana Mountains, the Brea Hills, and the 57 freeway beyond the outfield. Work that didn't interfere with game play continued throughout the 1997 season, with major renovations resuming in the winter of 1997. These included the installation of outfield bleacher pavilions, a video display board and an out-of-town scoreboard below the right field seats. All of the multicolored seats were replaced by green seats. The exterior of the stadium was also renovated. The concrete structure and ramps were painted a combination of green and sandstone. Much of the facade of the stadium was torn down to create a more open feeling for visitors. The most notable feature of the entire renovation, however, was a "California Spectacular" in which geysers erupt and a stream cascades down a mountainside (Pride Rock) covered with real trees, artificial rocks behind the left-center field fence, and new bullpens. Fireworks shoot out of the display at the start of games, after every Angel home run and after every Angel win (they had been shot off from a parking garage before then). The field dimensions of the renovated stadium became somewhat asymmetrical, with the 8-foot (2.4 m) high fence in right center field (which earlier hid the football-only bleacher section) replaced by a 19-foot (5.8 m) high wall which contains a scoreboard displaying out-of-town scores of other games. A plaza was built around the perimeter of the stadium, and inside are statues depicting longtime Angel owner and chairman Gene Autry and Michelle Carew, daughter of former Angel Rod Carew, who died of leukemia at the age of 18. Angel Stadium of Anaheim's exterior The main entrance includes two giant Angels hats complete with New Era tags on the sweatband (including one indicating the hats' size: 649½). The hats were originally blue and featured the Angels' "winged" logo designed by Disney for the 1997 season, and were repainted red and decorated with the present-day halo insignia for the 2002 season. Also outside home plate gate is a full-sized brick infield complete with regulation pitcher's mound and lighted bases, with bricks at each player position engraved with the names of Angels players who played at that position on Opening Day of each season since the Angels began play in 1961. For a fee, the green infield bricks can be engraved with fans' names or personalized messages. The Angels opened their "new" stadium on April 1, 1998 with a 4–1 victory over the New York Yankees.[10] The renovated stadium has 5,075 club seats and 78 luxury suites. In 1998, the stadium was renamed Edison International Field of Anaheim after local utility Edison International reached a deal giving it naming rights over the stadium for 20 years, and during this time, the stadium was referred to as the Big Ed. However, after the 2003 season, Edison International exercised its option to exit the sponsorship deal. On December 29, 2003, the Angels announced that from then on the stadium would be known as Angel Stadium (in full, Angel Stadium of Anaheim). Some locals can still be caught calling the venue by its original name, Anaheim Stadium, as well. After the name change in 2004, its original nickname, The Big A, was restored again. Despite efforts to cover them up with the Angels' halo insignia, Edison's insignia can still be found on the ends of seating rows throughout the ballpark. In 2009, Brookings, South Dakota-based Daktronics installed light emitting diode (LED) displays at the stadium. The largest video display measures 41 feet high by 67 feet wide. Two smaller displays flank the large display, and a field-level display sits in the centerfield fence.[11] The stadium will host baseball and softball at the 2028 Summer Olympics.[12]

Seating capacity[edit] Baseball Years Capacity 1966–1978 43,202 1979 43,250 1980–1985 65,158 1986–1987 64,573 1988–1996 64,593 1997 33,851 1998–2005 45,050 2006–2007 45,262 2008–2009 45,281 2010–2011 45,389 2012 45,957 2013–2014 45,483 2015 45,957 2016 45,493[13] 2017–present 45,477[14] Football Years Capacity 1980–1994 69,008

Notable events[edit] Baseball[edit] Angel Stadium in 2017 The stadium was host to the 1967 MLB All-Star Game, the first All-Star Game to be played on prime-time television. This was the first time an All-Star Game was held at night since World War II. Angel Stadium again hosted All-Star Games in 1989 and 2010.[6] It hosted seven American League Division Series (2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2014) and six American League Championship Series (1979, 1982, 1986, 2002, 2005, and 2009). Most notably, it hosted the 2002 World Series, which the Angels won in dramatic fashion over the San Francisco Giants, finally winning one for their late and long-time owner, "Singing Cowboy" Gene Autry (and for his widow and business partner Jackie, who is also honorary president of the American League). Angel Stadium hosted several games during Round 2 of the 2006 World Baseball Classic. Famous individual baseball milestones attained here include Mickey Mantle's last game-winning home run, Nolan Ryan's striking out of nine straight Boston Red Sox, Reggie Jackson's 500th career home run, Rod Carew's 3,000th career base hit, Vladimir Guerrero's 400th career home run, George Brett's 3,000th career base hit, and Albert Pujols' 600th career home run. On Saturday, August 9, 2014, the stadium hosted its longest game ever: a 6-hour, 31-minute contest between the Angels and the Boston Red Sox. Albert Pujols led off the batting in the bottom of the 19th inning with a walk-off homer, giving the Angels the win, 5–4.[15] Soccer[edit] Anaheim Stadium hosted five group stage matches of the 1996 CONCACAF Gold Cup, including two involving the United States national team.[16] Date Winning Team Result Losing Team Tournament Spectators January 10, 1996  Canada 3–1  Honduras 1996 CONCACAF Gold Cup First Round 27,125  El Salvador 3–2  Trinidad and Tobago January 13, 1996  United States 3–2  Trinidad and Tobago 12,425 January 16, 1996  Guatemala 3–0  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 52,345  United States 2–0  El Salvador Concerts[edit] Angel Stadium has played host to major recording acts in concert such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Madonna, Eagles,[17] Jackson Browne,[17] Linda Ronstadt,[17] and Toots and the Maytals.[17] Date Artist Opening act(s) Tour / Concert name Attendance Revenue Notes June 14, 1970 The Who — The Who Tour 1970 — — [18] March 21, 1976 — The Who Tour 1976 — — July 17, 1976 Yes — 1976 Solo Albums Tour — — August 7, 1976 ZZ Top Blue Öyster Cult Johnny & Edgar Winter Worldwide Texas Tour 49,169 / 60,000 $498,040 August 20, 1976 Kiss Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band Ted Nugent Montrose Destroyer Tour 42,000+ — September 10, 1976 Aerosmith Jeff Beck Rocks Tour — — September 12, 1976 May 6, 1977 Pink Floyd — In the Flesh Tour — — May 7, 1977 August 27, 1977 Lynyrd Skynyrd — Street Survivors Tour — — July 23, 1978 The Rolling Stones — The Rolling Stones US Tour 1978 — — July 24, 1978 The Outlaws September 23, 1978 Black Sabbath — Never Say Die! Tour — — This concert was part of Summerfest. September 24, 1978 July 17, 1982 Scorpions Loverboy Foriegner- headline band Iron Maiden Summer Strut featuring Blackout Tour The Beast on the Road — — September 9, 1983 David Bowie The Go-Go's Madness Serious Moonlight Tour — — July 18, 1987 Madonna Level 42 Bhundu Boys Hue and Cry Who's That Girl World Tour 62,986 / 62,986 $1,417,185 July 26, 1987 The Grateful Dead Bob Dylan — Alone and Together Tour — — A portion of this show has been recorded for the album, View from the Vault, Volume Four[19] August 8, 1987 David Bowie Siouxsie and the Banshees Glass Spider Tour 50,000 — [20][21] August 9, 1987 — November 14, 1992 U2 The Sugarcubes Public Enemy Zoo TV Tour 48,640 / 48,640 $1,462,800 April 17, 1993 Paul McCartney — The New World Tour 48,560 / 48,560 $1,698,410 June 13, 1998 NSYNC — NSYNC in Concert — — This concert was a part of Wango Tango November 2, 2002 The Rolling Stones Sheryl Crow Licks Tour — — May 14, 2005 Kelly Clarkson Graham Colton Band Breakaway World Tour — — This concert was a part of Wango Tango November 4, 2005 The Rolling Stones Toots and the Maytals A Bigger Bang Tour 48,480 / 48,480 $6,792,416 [22] June 17, 2011 U2 Lenny Kravitz U2 360° Tour 105,955 / 105,955 $10,790,140 June 18, 2011 July 14, 2012 Kenny Chesney Tim McGraw Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Jake Owen Brothers of the Sun Tour 44,832 / 44,832 $3,963,039 July 27, 2013 Kenny Chesney Eric Church Eli Young Band Kacey Musgraves No Shoes Nation Tour 41,447 / 41,447 $3,538,806 September 9, 2017 Chance the Rapper — Be Encouraged Tour — — These concerts were part of the Day N Night Festival. SZA Ctrl the Tour Motion picture set[edit] Several major motion pictures have been shot at Angel Stadium. The final sequence of The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) features an electronically manipulated Reggie Jackson trying to shoot Queen Elizabeth II. Exteriors were shot at the ballpark, but most baseball scenes were shot at Dodger Stadium. The 1990 comedy Taking Care of Business featured a World Series matchup between the Angels and the Chicago Cubs, with the baseball scenes in the movie having been filmed in the stadium. The Disney remake of Angels in the Outfield (1994) prominently uses the ballpark; however, many of the interior shots were filmed at the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum. The stadium served as a stand-in for Candlestick Park in filming of The Fan (1996). Scenes from Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch were also filmed here. Other events[edit] On November 16, 1979, Anaheim Stadium hosted Motorcycle speedway when it was the venue for the American Final, a qualifying round for the 1980 Speedway World Championship. Future dual World Champion Bruce Penhall won the Final from Scott Autrey and Dennis Sigalos. Penhall and Autrey qualified to the Intercontinental Final in England held over 6 months later. Penhall qualified through to his first World Final held at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden where he finished in 5th place. Anaheim Stadium has hosted an AMA Supercross Championship round from 1976 to 1979, 1981 to 1987, 1989 to 1996, and 1999 to the present.[23] Angel Stadium has been the site of annual Christian Harvest Crusades since 1990.[24] It has also hosted Muslim Eid el Fitr celebrations.[7] In 2014, Barack Obama spoke at the commencement ceremony for the University of California, Irvine, which was held at the stadium to accommodate capacity and security concerns.

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Humphrey Metrodome (Minneapolis) Kingdome (Seattle) Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans) Levi's Stadium (Santa Clara) Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Los Angeles) Mile High Stadium (Denver) NRG Stadium (Houston) Pontiac Silverdome (Pontiac) Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego) Raymond James Stadium (Tampa) RCA Dome (Indianapolis) Route 66 Raceway (Joliet) Sun Devil Stadium (Tempe) Texas Stadium (Irving) v t e Olympic venues in discontinued events Baseball 1988 (demonstration): Jamsil Baseball Stadium 1992: Camp Municipal de Beisbol de Viladecans, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Baseball Stadium (final) 1996: Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium 2000: Blacktown Olympic Park, Sydney Baseball Stadium (final) 2004: Hellinikon Olympic Baseball Centre 2008: Wukesong Baseball Field 2020: Yokohama Stadium 2024: Stade Sébastien Charléty 2028: Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium Basque pelota 1900: Neuilly-sur-Seine 1992 (demonstration): Pavelló de la Vall d'Hebron Cricket 1900: Vélodrome de Vincennes Croquet 1900: Bois de Boulogne Jeu de paume 1908: Queen's Club Lacrosse 1904: Francis Field 1908: White City Stadium Polo 1900: Bois de Boulogne 1908: Hurlingham Club 1920: Ostend 1924: Bagatelle, Saint-Cloud 1936: Mayfield Rackets 1908: All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club Roque 1904: Francis Field Softball 1996: Golden Park 2000: Blacktown Olympic Park 2004: Hellinikon Olympic Softball Stadium 2008: Fengtai Softball Field 2020: Yokohama Stadium 2024: Stade Sébastien Charléty 2028: Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium Tug of war 1900: Bois de Boulogne 1904: Francis Field 1908: White City Stadium 1912: Stockholm Olympic Stadium 1920: Olympisch Stadion Water motorsports 1908: Southampton Water Retrieved from "" Categories: Sports venues completed in 1966Baseball venues in CaliforniaDefunct National Football League venuesDefunct soccer venues in the United StatesLos Angeles Angels of Anaheim stadiumsLos Angeles Rams stadiumsCalifornia Surf sports facilitiesMajor League Baseball venuesDefunct NCAA bowl game venuesCONCACAF Gold Cup stadiumsWorld Baseball Classic venuesNational Football League venues in Los AngelesMotorsport venues in CaliforniaWorld Football League venuesRugby union stadiums in the United StatesDefunct college football venuesSports venues in Anaheim, CaliforniaNorth American Soccer League (1968–84) stadiums1966 establishments in California2028 Summer Olympic venuesOlympic baseball venuesOlympic softball venuesHidden categories: Pages using deprecated image syntaxCoordinates on WikidataArticles needing additional references from December 2014All articles needing additional references

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Kennedy Memorial StadiumRiverfront StadiumShea StadiumSilverdomeSun Devil StadiumTampa StadiumTexas StadiumThree Rivers StadiumTiger Stadium (Detroit)Tulane StadiumVeterans StadiumWar Memorial Stadium (Buffalo)Yankee Stadium (1923)AlamodomeMemorial Stadium (Champaign)Chicago BearsMemorial Stadium (Clemson)Carolina PanthersFrankford High SchoolFrankford Yellow JacketsGiants StadiumNew Orleans SaintsBobby Dodd StadiumAtlanta FalconsHusky StadiumSeattle SeahawksLiberty Bowl Memorial StadiumHistory Of The Houston OilersTiger Stadium (LSU)Marquette StadiumGreen Bay PackersJohn F. 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LongD'Marco FarrDick Enberg1980 Los Angeles Rams Season1983 Los Angeles Rams Season1984 Los Angeles Rams Season1986 Los Angeles Rams Season1988 Los Angeles Rams Season1989 Los Angeles Rams Season2000 St. Louis Rams Season2004 St. Louis Rams Season1945 Cleveland Rams Season1949 Los Angeles Rams Season1967 Los Angeles Rams Season1969 Los Angeles Rams Season1973 Los Angeles Rams Season1974 Los Angeles Rams Season1975 Los Angeles Rams Season1976 Los Angeles Rams Season1977 Los Angeles Rams Season1978 Los Angeles Rams Season1979 Los Angeles Rams Season1985 Los Angeles Rams Season1999 St. Louis Rams Season2001 St. Louis Rams Season2003 St. Louis Rams Season2017 Los Angeles Rams Season1950 NFL Season1951 NFL Season1955 NFL Season1979 NFL Season1999 NFL Season2001 NFL Season1945 NFL Championship Game1951 NFL Championship GameSuper Bowl XXXIVNational Football LeagueNational Football ConferenceNFC WestAmerican Football League (1936)List Of Los Angeles Rams Seasons1936 Cleveland Rams Season1937 Cleveland Rams Season1938 Cleveland Rams Season1939 Cleveland Rams Season1940 Cleveland Rams Season1941 Cleveland Rams Season1942 Cleveland Rams Season1944 Cleveland Rams Season1945 Cleveland Rams Season1946 Los Angeles Rams Season1947 Los Angeles Rams Season1948 Los Angeles Rams Season1949 Los Angeles Rams Season1950 Los Angeles Rams Season1951 Los Angeles Rams Season1952 Los Angeles Rams Season1953 Los Angeles Rams Season1954 Los Angeles Rams Season1955 Los Angeles Rams Season1956 Los Angeles Rams Season1957 Los Angeles Rams Season1958 Los Angeles Rams Season1959 Los Angeles Rams Season1960 Los Angeles Rams Season1961 Los Angeles Rams Season1962 Los Angeles Rams Season1963 Los Angeles Rams Season1964 Los Angeles Rams Season1965 Los Angeles Rams Season1966 Los Angeles Rams Season1967 Los Angeles Rams Season1968 Los Angeles Rams Season1969 Los Angeles Rams Season1970 Los Angeles Rams Season1971 Los Angeles Rams Season1972 Los Angeles Rams Season1973 Los Angeles Rams Season1974 Los Angeles Rams Season1975 Los Angeles Rams Season1976 Los Angeles Rams Season1977 Los Angeles Rams Season1978 Los Angeles Rams Season1979 Los Angeles Rams Season1980 Los Angeles Rams Season1981 Los Angeles Rams Season1982 Los Angeles Rams Season1983 Los Angeles Rams Season1984 Los Angeles Rams Season1985 Los Angeles Rams Season1986 Los Angeles Rams Season1987 Los Angeles Rams Season1988 Los Angeles Rams Season1989 Los Angeles Rams Season1990 Los Angeles Rams Season1991 Los Angeles Rams Season1992 Los Angeles Rams Season1993 Los Angeles Rams Season1994 Los Angeles Rams Season1995 St. Louis Rams Season1996 St. Louis Rams Season1997 St. Louis Rams Season1998 St. Louis Rams Season1999 St. Louis Rams Season2000 St. Louis Rams Season2001 St. Louis Rams Season2002 St. Louis Rams Season2003 St. Louis Rams Season2004 St. Louis Rams Season2005 St. Louis Rams Season2006 St. Louis Rams Season2007 St. Louis Rams Season2008 St. Louis Rams Season2009 St. Louis Rams Season2010 St. Louis Rams Season2011 St. Louis Rams Season2012 St. Louis Rams Season2013 St. Louis Rams Season2014 St. Louis Rams Season2015 St. Louis Rams Season2016 Los Angeles Rams Season2017 Los Angeles Rams Season2018 Los Angeles Rams SeasonTemplate:California SurfTemplate Talk:California SurfCalifornia SurfAnaheim, CaliforniaSt. Louis Stars (soccer)St. Louis Stars (soccer)California SurfCalifornia SurfBusch Memorial StadiumFrancis Field (St. Louis County, Missouri)St. Louis ArenaAnaheim StadiumAnaheim Convention CenterLaurie AbrahamsPeter BonettiPaulo Cézar CajuPaul Cahill (English Footballer)Charlie CookeCasey FrankiewiczGeorge Graham (footballer)Bob KehoePat McBrideSteve MoyersDragan PopovićWilly RoyJohn Sewell (footballer)Carlos Alberto TorresAl TrostCategory:California SurfSoccer BowlNASL Final 1972North American Soccer League (1968–84)1972 North American Soccer League Season1975 North American Soccer League Season1979 North American Soccer League SeasonNorth American Soccer League (1968–84)1980–81 NASL Indoor SeasonNorth American Soccer League (1968–84)National Professional Soccer League (1967)1968 North American Soccer League Season1969 North American Soccer League Season1970 North American Soccer League Season1971 North American Soccer League Season1972 North American Soccer League Season1973 North American Soccer League Season1974 North American Soccer League Season1975 North American Soccer League Season1976 North American Soccer League Season1977 North American Soccer League Season1978 North American Soccer League Season1979 North American Soccer League Season1980 North American Soccer League Season1981 North American Soccer League SeasonNorth American Soccer League (1968–84)1971 NASL Professional Hoc-Soc Tournament1975 NASL Indoor Tournament1976 NASL Indoor Tournament1979–80 NASL Indoor Season1980–81 NASL Indoor SeasonTemplate:2006 World Baseball Classic StadiumsTemplate Talk:2006 World Baseball Classic Stadiums2006 World Baseball ClassicTokyo DomeChase FieldScottsdale StadiumHiram Bithorn StadiumChampion StadiumAngel Stadium Of AnaheimPetco ParkTemplate:Orange County SportsTemplate Talk:Orange County SportsSports In Orange County, CaliforniaBaseballMajor League BaseballLos Angeles AngelsIce HockeyNational Hockey LeagueAnaheim DucksTennisWorld TeamTennisOrange County BreakersRoller DerbyCategory:Roller Derby Coalition Of LeaguesOrange County Roller DerbyCollege Athletics In The United StatesNCAA Division ICal State Fullerton TitansUC Irvine AnteatersAssociation FootballUnited Soccer LeagueOrange County SCNorth American Soccer LeagueCalifornia United FCNational Premier Soccer LeagueOrange County FCPremier Development LeagueOrange County SC U-23United Premier Soccer LeagueCalifornia United FCLa Máquina FCOrange County FCSanta Ana Winds FCUnited Women's SoccerNational Football LeagueHistory Of The Los Angeles RamsAmerican Basketball AssociationAnaheim AmigosNational Basketball AssociationLos Angeles ClippersNBA Development LeagueAnaheim ArsenalNorth American Soccer League (1968–84)California SurfAmerican Professional Soccer LeagueLos Angeles SalsaArena Football LeagueAnaheim PiranhasNational Lacrosse LeagueAnaheim StormRoller Hockey InternationalAnaheim BullfrogsWorld Football LeagueSouthern California SunContinental Indoor Soccer LeagueAnaheim SplashCategory:Sports VenuesAnaheim Convention CenterAngel Stadium Of AnaheimAnteater BallparkAnteater Recreation CenterAnteater StadiumBren Events CenterOrange County Great ParkCosta Mesa SpeedwayCrawford Hall (Irvine)Fairgrounds Grandstand ArenaGoodwin FieldHeritage Park Aquatic CenterHonda CenterLeBard StadiumLos Alamitos Race CourseSanta Ana StadiumTitan GymTitan Stadium (Cal State Fullerton)Template:Modern Baseball ParksTemplate Talk:Modern Baseball ParksBaseball ParkMajor League BaseballAmerican LeagueLos Angeles AngelsAnaheim, CaliforniaGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago White SoxChicagoKauffman StadiumKansas City RoyalsKansas City, MissouriMetropolitan StadiumMinnesota TwinsBloomington, MinnesotaYankee Stadium (1923)New York YankeesThe BronxNational LeagueCandlestick ParkSan Francisco GiantsSan FranciscoDodger StadiumLos Angeles DodgersLos Angeles AngelsLos AngelesMilwaukee County StadiumAtlanta BravesMilwaukee BrewersMilwaukeeNippon Professional BaseballCentral LeagueMeiji Jingu StadiumTokyo Yakult SwallowsTokyoYokohama StadiumYokohama DeNA BayStarsYokohamaMazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaHiroshima Toyo CarpHiroshimaPacific LeagueChiba Marine StadiumChiba Lotte MarinesChiba, ChibaRakuten Seimei Park MiyagiTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesSendaiKBO LeagueGwangju-Kia Champions FieldKia TigersGwangjuTemplate:Multi-purpose Baseball ParksTemplate Talk:Multi-purpose Baseball ParksMulti-purpose StadiumBaseball ParkMajor League BaseballAmerican LeagueLos Angeles AngelsAnaheim, CaliforniaArlington StadiumTexas Rangers (baseball)Arlington, TexasCleveland StadiumCleveland IndiansClevelandExhibition StadiumToronto Blue JaysTorontoMemorial Stadium (Baltimore)Baltimore OriolesBaltimoreMunicipal Stadium (Kansas City, Missouri)Kansas City AthleticsKansas City RoyalsOakland–Alameda County ColiseumOakland AthleticsOakland, CaliforniaRobert F. Kennedy Memorial StadiumTexas Rangers (baseball)Washington NationalsWashington, D.C.Rogers CentreToronto Blue JaysTorontoNational LeagueAtlanta–Fulton County StadiumAtlanta BravesAtlantaBusch Memorial StadiumSt. Louis CardinalsSt. LouisCandlestick ParkSan Francisco GiantsSan FranciscoMile High StadiumColorado RockiesDenverHard Rock StadiumMiami MarlinsMiami Gardens, FloridaSDCCU StadiumSan Diego PadresSan DiegoRiverfront StadiumCincinnati RedsCincinnatiShea StadiumNew York MetsNew York YankeesQueensThree Rivers StadiumPittsburgh PiratesPittsburghVeterans StadiumPhiladelphia PhilliesPhiladelphiaTemplate:Retro-modern Baseball ParksTemplate Talk:Retro-modern Baseball ParksBaseball ParkMajor League BaseballAmerican LeagueLos Angeles AngelsAnaheim, CaliforniaKauffman StadiumKansas City RoyalsKansas City, MissouriMinute Maid ParkHouston AstrosHoustonProgressive FieldCleveland IndiansClevelandSafeco FieldSeattle MarinersSeattleTarget FieldMinnesota TwinsMinneapolisNational LeagueChase FieldArizona DiamondbacksPhoenix, ArizonaGreat American Ball ParkCincinnati RedsCincinnatiMiller Park (Milwaukee)MilwaukeeMilwaukeeNationals ParkWashington NationalsWashington, D.C.Petco ParkSan Diego PadresSan DiegoSunTrust ParkAtlanta BravesCumberland, GeorgiaTemplate:AMA Supercross VenuesTemplate Talk:AMA Supercross VenuesAMA Supercross ChampionshipAngel Stadium Of AnaheimAnaheim, CaliforniaAT&T StadiumArlington, TexasCenturyLink FieldSeattleDaytona International SpeedwayDaytona Beach, FloridaFord FieldDetroitLucas Oil StadiumIndianapolisMetLife StadiumEast Rutherford, New JerseyOakland ColiseumOakland, CaliforniaPetco ParkSan DiegoRice-Eccles StadiumSalt Lake CityRogers CentreTorontoSam Boyd StadiumLas VegasThe Dome At America's CenterSt. LouisUniversity Of Phoenix StadiumGlendale, ArizonaU.S. Bank StadiumMinneapolisAstrodomeHoustonAT&T ParkSan FranciscoAtlanta–Fulton County StadiumAtlantaBC PlaceVancouverCamping World StadiumOrlando, FloridaCEFCU StadiumSan Jose, CaliforniaCharlotte Motor SpeedwayCharlotte, North CarolinaChase FieldPhoenix, ArizonaDodger StadiumLos AngelesEverBank FieldJacksonville, FloridaGeorgia DomeAtlantaGillette StadiumFoxborough, MassachusettsTampa StadiumTampa, FloridaHubert H. 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