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History[edit] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (March 2010) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Charles Rosher, the first recipient in 1928 In its first film season, 1927–28, this award (like others such as the acting awards) was not tied to a specific film; all of the work by the nominated cinematographers during the qualifying period was listed after their names. The problem with this system became obvious the first year, since Karl Struss and Charles Rosher were nominated for their work together on Sunrise but three other films shot individually by either Rosher or Struss were also listed as part of the nomination. The second year, 1929, there were no nominations at all, although the Academy has a list of unofficial titles which were under consideration by the Board of Judges. In the third year, 1930, films, not cinematographers, were nominated, and the final award did not show the cinematographer's name. Finally, for the 1931 awards, the modern system in which individuals are nominated for a single film each was adopted in all profession-related categories. From 1939 to 1967 with the exception of 1957, there were also separate awards for color and for black-and-white cinematography. Since then, the only black-and-white film to win is Schindler's List (1993). Floyd Crosby won the award for Tabu in 1931, which was the last silent film to win in this category. Hal Mohr won the only write-in Academy Award ever, in 1935 for A Midsummer Night's Dream. Mohr was also the first person to win for both black-and-white and color cinematography. No winners are lost, although some of the earliest nominees (and of the unofficial nominees of 1928–29) are lost, including The Devil Dancer (1927), The Magic Flame (1927), and Four Devils (1928). The Right to Love (1930) is incomplete, and Sadie Thompson (1927) is incomplete and partially reconstructed with stills. The first nominees shot primarily on digital video were The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire in 2009, with Slumdog Millionaire the first winner.[1] The following year Avatar was the first nominee and winner to be shot entirely on digital video.[2] In 2018, Rachel Morrison became the first woman to receive a nomination. Prior to that it had been the last Academy Award category to never nominate a woman.[3][4]

Superlatives[edit] Category Name Superlative Year Notes Most awards Leon Shamroy 4 awards 1942 Awards resulted from 18 nominations. Joseph Ruttenberg 1958 Awards resulted from 10 nominations. Most nominations Leon Shamroy 18 nominations 1965 Nominations resulted in 4 awards. Charles B. Lang, Jr. 1972 Nominations resulted in 1 award. Most consecutive awards Emmanuel Lubezki 3 consecutive awards 2013, 2014, 2015 Awards resulted from 8 nominations. Oldest winner Conrad L. Hall Age 76 2002 Hall died just two months before the awards ceremony. Hall is also the oldest non-posthumous winner, at age 73, in 1999. Oldest nominee Asakazu Nakai Age 84 1985 Nakai shared the nomination with two others. Youngest winner Charles B. Lang, Jr. Age 30 1932/1933 Lang's first nomination was at age 28. Youngest nominee Most nominations without an award Roger Deakins 13 nominations + 1 pending 2018 One of Deakins' nominations was shared with Chris Menges. George J. Folsey 13 nominations 1964 First female nominee Rachel Morrison 2018

Winners and nominees[edit] Winners are listed first in colored row, followed by the other nominees. 1920s[edit] Year Film Nominees 1927/28 (1st) Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Charles Rosher Karl Struss The Devil Dancer George Barnes The Magic Flame George Barnes Sadie Thompson George Barnes 1928/29 (2nd) [note 1] White Shadows in the South Seas Clyde De Vinna The Divine Lady John F. Seitz 4 Devils Ernest Palmer In Old Arizona Arthur Edeson Our Dancing Daughters George Barnes Street Angel Ernest Palmer 1930s[edit] Year Film Nominees 1929/30 (3rd) With Byrd at the South Pole Joseph T. Rucker and Willard Van der Veer All Quiet on the Western Front Arthur Edeson Anna Christie William H. Daniels Hell's Angels Tony Gaudio and Harry Perry The Love Parade Victor Milner 1930/31 (4th) Tabu: A Story of the South Seas Floyd Crosby Cimarron Edward Cronjager Morocco Lee Garmes The Right to Love Charles Lang Svengali Barney McGill 1931/32 (5th) Shanghai Express Lee Garmes Arrowsmith Ray June Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Karl Struss 1932/33 (6th) A Farewell to Arms Charles Lang Reunion in Vienna George J. Folsey The Sign of the Cross Karl Struss 1934 (7th) Cleopatra Victor Milner The Affairs of Cellini Charles Rosher Operator 13 George J. Folsey 1935 (8th) A Midsummer Night's Dream Hal Mohr [note 2] Barbary Coast Ray June The Crusades Victor Milner Les Misérables Gregg Toland 1936 (9th) Black-and-White Anthony Adverse Tony Gaudio The General Died at Dawn Victor Milner The Gorgeous Hussy George J. Folsey Color (Special Achievement) The Garden of Allah W. Howard Greene and Harold Rosson 1937 (10th) Black-and-White The Good Earth Karl Freund Dead End Gregg Toland Wings over Honolulu Joseph Valentine Color (Special Achievement) A Star Is Born W. Howard Greene 1938 (11th) Black-and-White The Great Waltz Joseph Ruttenberg Algiers James Wong Howe Army Girl Ernest Miller and Harry J. Wild The Buccaneer Victor Milner Jezebel Ernest Haller Mad About Music Joseph A. Valentine Merrily We Live Norbert Brodine Suez J. Peverell Marley Vivacious Lady Robert De Grasse You Can't Take It With You Joseph Walker The Young in Heart Leon Shamroy Color (Special Achievement) Sweethearts Oliver T. Marsh and Allen Davey 1939 (12th) Black-and-White [note 3][5] Wuthering Heights Gregg Toland Stagecoach Bert Glennon Color [note 4][5] Gone with the Wind Ernest Haller and Ray Rennahan The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex Sol Polito and W. Howard Greene 1940s[edit] Year Film Nominees 1940 (13th) Black-and-White Rebecca George Barnes Abe Lincoln in Illinois James Wong Howe All This, and Heaven Too Ernest Haller Arise, My Love Charles Lang Boom Town Harold Rosson Foreign Correspondent Rudolph Maté The Letter Tony Gaudio The Long Voyage Home Gregg Toland Spring Parade Joseph Valentine Waterloo Bridge Joseph Ruttenberg Color The Thief of Bagdad Georges Périnal Bitter Sweet Oliver T. Marsh and Allen M. Davey The Blue Bird Arthur C. Miller and Ray Rennahan Down Argentine Way Leon Shamroy and Ray Rennahan North West Mounted Police Victor Milner and W. Howard Greene Northwest Passage Sidney Wagner and William V. Skall 1941 (14th) Black-and-White How Green Was My Valley Arthur C. Miller The Chocolate Soldier Karl Freund Citizen Kane Gregg Toland Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Joseph Ruttenberg Here Comes Mr. Jordan Joseph Walker Hold Back the Dawn Leo Tover Sergeant York Sol Polito Sun Valley Serenade Edward Cronjager Sundown Charles Lang That Hamilton Woman Rudolph Maté Color Blood and Sand Ernest Palmer and Ray Rennahan Aloma of the South Seas Wilfred M. Cline, Karl Struss and William E. Snyder Billy the Kid William V. Skall and Leonard Smith Blossoms in the Dust Karl Freund and W. Howard Greene Dive Bomber Bert Glennon Louisiana Purchase Harry Hallenberger and Ray Rennahan 1942 (15th) Black-and-White Mrs. Miniver Joseph Ruttenberg Kings Row James Wong Howe The Magnificent Ambersons Stanley Cortez Moontide Charles G. Clarke The Pied Piper Edward Cronjager The Pride of the Yankees Rudolph Maté Take a Letter, Darling John J. Mescall The Talk of the Town Ted Tetzlaff Ten Gentlemen from West Point Leon Shamroy This Above All Arthur C. Miller Color The Black Swan Leon Shamroy Arabian Nights Milton Krasner, William V. Skall and W. Howard Greene Captains of the Clouds Sol Polito Jungle Book W. Howard Greene Reap the Wild Wind Victor Milner and William V. Skall To the Shores of Tripoli Edward Cronjager and William V. Skall 1943 (16th) Black-and-White The Song of Bernadette Arthur C. Miller Air Force James Wong Howe, Elmer Dyer and Charles A. Marshall Casablanca Arthur Edeson Corvette K-225 Tony Gaudio Five Graves to Cairo John F. Seitz The Human Comedy Harry Stradling Madame Curie Joseph Ruttenberg The North Star James Wong Howe Sahara Rudolph Maté So Proudly We Hail! Charles Lang Color Phantom of the Opera Hal Mohr and W. Howard Greene For Whom the Bell Tolls Ray Rennahan Heaven Can Wait Edward Cronjager Hello, Frisco, Hello Charles G. Clarke and Allen M. Davey Lassie Come Home Leonard Smith Thousands Cheer George J. Folsey 1944 (17th) Black-and-White Laura Joseph LaShelle Double Indemnity John F. Seitz Dragon Seed Sidney Wagner Gaslight Joseph Ruttenberg Going My Way Lionel Lindon Lifeboat Glen MacWilliams Since You Went Away Stanley Cortez and Lee Garmes Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Robert Surtees and Harold Rosson The Uninvited Charles Lang The White Cliffs of Dover George J. Folsey Color Wilson Leon Shamroy Cover Girl Rudolph Maté and Allen M. Davey Home in Indiana Edward Cronjager Kismet Charles Rosher Lady in the Dark Ray Rennahan Meet Me in St. Louis George J. Folsey 1945 (18th) Black-and-White The Picture of Dorian Gray Harry Stradling The Keys of the Kingdom Arthur C. Miller The Lost Weekend John F. Seitz Mildred Pierce Ernest Haller Spellbound George Barnes Color Leave Her to Heaven Leon Shamroy Anchors Aweigh Robert H. Planck and Charles P. Boyle National Velvet Leonard Smith A Song to Remember Tony Gaudio and Allen M. Davey The Spanish Main George Barnes 1946 (19th) Black-and-White Anna and the King of Siam Arthur C. Miller The Green Years George J. Folsey Color The Yearling Charles Rosher, Leonard Smith and Arthur Arling The Jolson Story Joseph Walker 1947 (20th) Black-and-White Great Expectations Guy Green Green Dolphin Street George J. Folsey The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Charles Lang Color Black Narcissus Jack Cardiff Life with Father J. Peverell Marley and William V. Skall Mother Wore Tights Harry Jackson 1948 (21st) Black-and-White The Naked City William Daniels A Foreign Affair Charles Lang I Remember Mama Nicholas Musuraca Johnny Belinda Ted D. McCord Portrait of Jennie Joseph H. August (posthumously) Color Joan of Arc Joseph Valentine, William V. Skall and Winton Hoch Green Grass of Wyoming Charles G. Clarke The Loves of Carmen William E. Snyder The Three Musketeers Robert H. Planck 1949 (22nd) Black-and-White Battleground Paul C. Vogel Champion Franz Planer Come to the Stable Joseph LaShelle The Heiress Leo Tover Prince of Foxes Leon Shamroy Color She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Winton Hoch The Barkleys of Broadway Harry Stradling Jolson Sings Again William E. Snyder Little Women Robert H. Planck and Charles Schoenbaum Sand Charles G. Clarke 1950s[edit] Year Film Nominees 1950 (23rd) Black-and-White The Third Man Robert Krasker All About Eve Milton Krasner The Asphalt Jungle Harold Rosson The Furies Victor Milner Sunset Boulevard John F. Seitz Color King Solomon's Mines Robert Surtees Annie Get Your Gun Charles Rosher Broken Arrow Ernest Palmer The Flame and the Arrow Ernest Haller Samson and Delilah George Barnes 1951 (24th) Black-and-White A Place in the Sun William C. Mellor Death of a Salesman Franz Planer The Frogmen Norbert Brodine Strangers on a Train Robert Burks A Streetcar Named Desire Harry Stradling Color An American in Paris Alfred Gilks and John Alton David and Bathsheba Leon Shamroy Quo Vadis Robert Surtees and William V. Skall Show Boat Charles Rosher When Worlds Collide John F. Seitz and W. Howard Greene 1952 (25th) Black-and-White The Bad and the Beautiful Robert Surtees The Big Sky Russell Harlan My Cousin Rachel Joseph LaShelle Navajo Virgil Miller Sudden Fear Charles Lang Color The Quiet Man Winton Hoch and Archie Stout Hans Christian Andersen Harry Stradling Ivanhoe Freddie Young Million Dollar Mermaid George J. Folsey The Snows of Kilimanjaro Leon Shamroy 1953 (26th) Black-and-White From Here to Eternity Burnett Guffey The Four Poster Hal Mohr Julius Caesar Joseph Ruttenberg Martin Luther Joseph C. Brun Roman Holiday Franz Planer and Henri Alekan Color Shane Loyal Griggs All the Brothers Were Valiant George J. Folsey Beneath the 12-Mile Reef Edward Cronjager Lili Robert H. Planck The Robe Leon Shamroy 1954 (27th) Black-and-White On the Waterfront Boris Kaufman The Country Girl John F. Warren Executive Suite George J. Folsey Rogue Cop John F. Seitz Sabrina Charles Lang Color Three Coins in the Fountain Milton Krasner The Egyptian Leon Shamroy Rear Window Robert Burks Seven Brides for Seven Brothers George J. Folsey The Silver Chalice William V. Skall 1955 (28th) Black-and-White The Rose Tattoo James Wong Howe Blackboard Jungle Russell Harlan I'll Cry Tomorrow Arthur Arling Marty Joseph LaShelle Queen Bee Charles Lang Color To Catch a Thief Robert Burks Guys and Dolls Harry Stradling Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing Leon Shamroy A Man Called Peter Harold Lipstein Oklahoma! Robert Surtees 1956 (29th) Black-and-White Somebody Up There Likes Me Joseph Ruttenberg Baby Doll Boris Kaufman The Bad Seed Harold Rosson The Harder They Fall Burnett Guffey Stagecoach to Fury Walter Strenge Color Around the World in 80 Days Lionel Lindon The Eddy Duchin Story Harry Stradling The King and I Leon Shamroy The Ten Commandments Loyal Griggs War and Peace Jack Cardiff 1957 (30th) [note 5] The Bridge on the River Kwai Jack Hildyard An Affair to Remember Milton Krasner Funny Face Ray June Peyton Place William C. Mellor Sayonara Ellsworth Fredericks 1958 (31st) Black-and-White The Defiant Ones Sam Leavitt Desire Under the Elms Daniel L. Fapp I Want to Live! Lionel Lindon Separate Tables Charles Lang The Young Lions Joseph MacDonald Color Gigi Joseph Ruttenberg Auntie Mame Harry Stradling Cat on a Hot Tin Roof William Daniels The Old Man and the Sea James Wong Howe South Pacific Leon Shamroy 1959 (32nd) Black-and-White The Diary of Anne Frank William C. Mellor Anatomy of a Murder Sam Leavitt Career Joseph LaShelle Some Like It Hot Charles Lang The Young Philadelphians Harry Stradling Color Ben-Hur Robert Surtees The Big Fisherman Lee Garmes The Five Pennies Daniel L. Fapp The Nun's Story Franz Planer Porgy and Bess Leon Shamroy 1960s[edit] Year Film Nominees 1960 (33rd) Black-and-White Sons and Lovers Freddie Francis The Apartment Joseph LaShelle The Facts of Life Charles Lang Inherit the Wind Ernest Laszlo Psycho John L. Russell Color Spartacus Russell Metty The Alamo William H. Clothier BUtterfield 8 Joseph Ruttenberg and Charles Harten Exodus Sam Leavitt Pepe Joseph MacDonald 1961 (34th) Black-and-White The Hustler Eugen Schüfftan The Absent-Minded Professor Edward Colman The Children's Hour Franz Planer Judgment at Nuremberg Ernest Laszlo One, Two, Three Daniel L. Fapp Color West Side Story Daniel L. Fapp Fanny Jack Cardiff Flower Drum Song Russell Metty A Majority of One Harry Stradling One-Eyed Jacks Charles Lang 1962 (35th) Black-and-White The Longest Day Jean Bourgoin and Walter Wottitz Birdman of Alcatraz Burnett Guffey To Kill a Mockingbird Russell Harlan Two for the Seesaw Ted D. McCord What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Ernest Haller Color Lawrence of Arabia Freddie Young Gypsy Harry Stradling Hatari! Russell Harlan Mutiny on the Bounty Robert Surtees The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm Paul Vogel 1963 (36th) Black-and-White Hud James Wong Howe The Balcony George J. Folsey The Caretakers Lucien Ballard Lilies of the Field Ernest Haller Love with the Proper Stranger Milton Krasner Color Cleopatra Leon Shamroy The Cardinal Leon Shamroy How the West Was Won William Daniels, Milton Krasner, Charles Lang and Joseph LaShelle Irma la Douce Joseph LaShelle It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Ernest Laszlo 1964 (37th) Black-and-White Zorba the Greek Walter Lassally The Americanization of Emily Philip H. Lathrop Fate Is the Hunter Milton Krasner Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte Joseph F. Biroc The Night of the Iguana Gabriel Figueroa Color My Fair Lady Harry Stradling Becket Geoffrey Unsworth Cheyenne Autumn William H. Clothier Mary Poppins Edward Colman The Unsinkable Molly Brown Daniel L. Fapp 1965 (38th) Black-and-White Ship of Fools Ernest Laszlo In Harm's Way Loyal Griggs King Rat Burnett Guffey Morituri Conrad Hall A Patch of Blue Robert Burks Color Doctor Zhivago Freddie Young The Agony and the Ecstasy Leon Shamroy The Great Race Russell Harlan The Greatest Story Ever Told William C. Mellor and Loyal Griggs The Sound of Music Ted D. McCord 1966 (39th) Black-and-White Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Haskell Wexler The Fortune Cookie Joseph LaShelle Georgy Girl Kenneth Higgins Is Paris Burning? Marcel Grignon Seconds James Wong Howe Color A Man for All Seasons Ted Moore Fantastic Voyage Ernest Laszlo Hawaii Russell Harlan The Professionals Conrad Hall The Sand Pebbles Joseph MacDonald 1967 (40th) Bonnie and Clyde Burnett Guffey Camelot Richard H. Kline Doctor Dolittle Robert Surtees The Graduate Robert Surtees In Cold Blood Conrad Hall 1968 (41st) Romeo and Juliet Pasqualino De Santis Funny Girl Harry Stradling Ice Station Zebra Daniel L. Fapp Oliver! Oswald Morris Star! Ernest Laszlo 1969 (42nd) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Conrad Hall Anne of the Thousand Days Arthur Ibbetson Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Charles Lang Hello, Dolly! Harry Stradling (posthumously) Marooned Daniel L. Fapp 1970s[edit] Year Film Nominees 1970 (43rd) Ryan's Daughter Freddie Young Airport Ernest Laszlo Patton Fred J. Koenekamp Tora! Tora! Tora! Osami Furuya, Sinsaku Himeda, Masamichi Satoh and Charles F. Wheeler Women in Love Billy Williams 1971 (44th) Fiddler on the Roof Oswald Morris The French Connection Owen Roizman The Last Picture Show Robert Surtees Nicholas and Alexandra Freddie Young Summer of '42 Robert Surtees 1972 (45th) Cabaret Geoffrey Unsworth Butterflies Are Free Charles Lang The Poseidon Adventure Harold E. Stine 1776 Harry Stradling Jr. Travels with My Aunt Douglas Slocombe 1973 (46th) Cries and Whispers Sven Nykvist The Exorcist Owen Roizman Jonathan Livingston Seagull Jack Couffer The Sting Robert Surtees The Way We Were Harry Stradling Jr. 1974 (47th) The Towering Inferno Fred J. Koenekamp and Joseph Biroc Chinatown John A. Alonzo Earthquake Philip H. Lathrop Lenny Bruce Surtees Murder on the Orient Express Geoffrey Unsworth 1975 (48th) Barry Lyndon John Alcott The Day of the Locust Conrad Hall Funny Lady James Wong Howe The Hindenburg Robert Surtees One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Haskell Wexler and Bill Butler 1976 (49th) Bound for Glory Haskell Wexler King Kong Richard H. Kline Logan's Run Ernest Laszlo Network Owen Roizman A Star Is Born Robert Surtees 1977 (50th) Close Encounters of the Third Kind Vilmos Zsigmond Islands in the Stream Fred J. Koenekamp Julia Douglas Slocombe Looking for Mr. Goodbar William A. Fraker The Turning Point Robert Surtees 1978 (51st) Days of Heaven Néstor Almendros The Deer Hunter Vilmos Zsigmond Heaven Can Wait William A. Fraker Same Time, Next Year Robert Surtees The Wiz Oswald Morris 1979 (52nd) Apocalypse Now Vittorio Storaro All That Jazz Giuseppe Rotunno The Black Hole Frank V. Phillips Kramer vs. Kramer Néstor Almendros 1941 William A. Fraker 1980s[edit] Year Film Nominees 1980 (53rd) Tess Geoffrey Unsworth (posthumously) and Ghislain Cloquet The Blue Lagoon Néstor Almendros Coal Miner's Daughter Ralf D. Bode The Formula James Crabe Raging Bull Michael Chapman 1981 (54th) Reds Vittorio Storaro Excalibur Alex Thomson On Golden Pond Billy Williams Ragtime Miroslav Ondříček Raiders of the Lost Ark Douglas Slocombe 1982 (55th) Gandhi Billy Williams and Ronnie Taylor Das Boot Jost Vacano E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Allen Daviau Sophie's Choice Néstor Almendros Tootsie Owen Roizman 1983 (56th) Fanny and Alexander Sven Nykvist Flashdance Don Peterman The Right Stuff Caleb Deschanel WarGames William A. Fraker Zelig Gordon Willis 1984 (57th) The Killing Fields Chris Menges Amadeus Miroslav Ondříček The Natural Caleb Deschanel A Passage to India Ernest Day The River Vilmos Zsigmond 1985 (58th) Out of Africa David Watkin The Color Purple Allen Daviau Murphy's Romance William A. Fraker Ran Takao Saito, Masaharu Ueda, and Asakazu Nakai Witness John Seale 1986 (59th) The Mission Chris Menges Peggy Sue Got Married Jordan Cronenweth Platoon Robert Richardson A Room with a View Tony Pierce-Roberts Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Don Peterman 1987 (60th) The Last Emperor Vittorio Storaro Broadcast News Michael Ballhaus Empire of the Sun Allen Daviau Hope and Glory Philippe Rousselot Matewan Haskell Wexler 1988 (61st) Mississippi Burning Peter Biziou Rain Man John Seale Tequila Sunrise Conrad Hall The Unbearable Lightness of Being Sven Nykvist Who Framed Roger Rabbit Dean Cundey 1989 (62nd) Glory Freddie Francis The Abyss Mikael Salomon Blaze Haskell Wexler Born on the Fourth of July Robert Richardson The Fabulous Baker Boys Michael Ballhaus 1990s[edit] Year Film Nominees 1990 (63rd) Dances with Wolves Dean Semler Avalon Allen Daviau Dick Tracy Vittorio Storaro The Godfather Part III Gordon Willis Henry & June Philippe Rousselot 1991 (64th) JFK Robert Richardson Bugsy Allen Daviau The Prince of Tides Stephen Goldblatt Terminator 2: Judgment Day Adam Greenberg Thelma & Louise Adrian Biddle 1992 (65th) A River Runs Through It Philippe Rousselot Hoffa Stephen H. Burum Howards End Tony Pierce-Roberts The Lover Robert Fraisse Unforgiven Jack N. Green 1993 (66th) Schindler's List Janusz Kamiński Farewell My Concubine Gu Changwei The Fugitive Michael Chapman The Piano Stuart Dryburgh Searching for Bobby Fischer Conrad L. Hall 1994 (67th) Legends of the Fall John Toll Forrest Gump Don Burgess The Shawshank Redemption Roger Deakins Three Colors: Red Piotr Sobociński Wyatt Earp Owen Roizman 1995 (68th) Braveheart John Toll Batman Forever Stephen Goldblatt A Little Princess Emmanuel Lubezki Sense and Sensibility Michael Coulter Shanghai Triad Lü Yue 1996 (69th) The English Patient John Seale Evita Darius Khondji Fargo Roger Deakins Fly Away Home Caleb Deschanel Michael Collins Chris Menges 1997 (70th) Titanic Russell Carpenter Amistad Janusz Kamiński Kundun Roger Deakins L.A. Confidential Dante Spinotti The Wings of the Dove Eduardo Serra 1998 (71st) Saving Private Ryan Janusz Kamiński A Civil Action Conrad L. Hall Elizabeth Remi Adefarasin Shakespeare in Love Richard Greatrex The Thin Red Line John Toll 1999 (72nd) American Beauty Conrad L. Hall The End of the Affair Roger Pratt The Insider Dante Spinotti Sleepy Hollow Emmanuel Lubezki Snow Falling on Cedars Robert Richardson 2000s[edit] Year Film Nominees 2000 (73rd) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Peter Pau Gladiator John Mathieson Malèna Lajos Koltai O Brother, Where Art Thou? Roger Deakins The Patriot Caleb Deschanel 2001 (74th) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Andrew Lesnie Amélie Bruno Delbonnel Black Hawk Down Sławomir Idziak The Man Who Wasn't There Roger Deakins Moulin Rouge! Donald McAlpine 2002 (75th) Road to Perdition Conrad L. Hall (posthumously) Chicago Dion Beebe Far from Heaven Edward Lachman Gangs of New York Michael Ballhaus The Pianist Paweł Edelman 2003 (76th) Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Russell Boyd City of God César Charlone Cold Mountain John Seale Girl with a Pearl Earring Eduardo Serra Seabiscuit John Schwartzman 2004 (77th) The Aviator Robert Richardson House of Flying Daggers Zhao Xiaoding The Passion of the Christ Caleb Deschanel The Phantom of the Opera John Mathieson A Very Long Engagement Bruno Delbonnel 2005 (78th) Memoirs of a Geisha Dion Beebe Batman Begins Wally Pfister Brokeback Mountain Rodrigo Prieto Good Night, and Good Luck Robert Elswit The New World Emmanuel Lubezki 2006 (79th) Pan's Labyrinth Guillermo Navarro The Black Dahlia Vilmos Zsigmond Children of Men Emmanuel Lubezki The Illusionist Dick Pope The Prestige Wally Pfister 2007 (80th) There Will Be Blood Robert Elswit The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Roger Deakins Atonement Seamus McGarvey The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Janusz Kamiński No Country for Old Men Roger Deakins 2008 (81st) Slumdog Millionaire Anthony Dod Mantle Changeling Tom Stern The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Claudio Miranda The Dark Knight Wally Pfister The Reader Roger Deakins and Chris Menges 2009 (82nd) Avatar Mauro Fiore Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Bruno Delbonnel The Hurt Locker Barry Ackroyd Inglourious Basterds Robert Richardson The White Ribbon Christian Berger 2010s[edit] Year Film Nominees 2010 (83rd) Inception Wally Pfister Black Swan Matthew Libatique The King's Speech Danny Cohen The Social Network Jeff Cronenweth True Grit Roger Deakins 2011 (84th) Hugo Robert Richardson The Artist Guillaume Schiffman The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Jeff Cronenweth The Tree of Life Emmanuel Lubezki War Horse Janusz Kamiński 2012 (85th) Life of Pi Claudio Miranda Anna Karenina Seamus McGarvey Django Unchained Robert Richardson Lincoln Janusz Kamiński Skyfall Roger Deakins 2013 (86th) Gravity Emmanuel Lubezki The Grandmaster Philippe Le Sourd Inside Llewyn Davis Bruno Delbonnel Nebraska Phedon Papamichael Prisoners Roger Deakins 2014 (87th) Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) Emmanuel Lubezki The Grand Budapest Hotel Robert Yeoman Ida Łukasz Żal and Ryszard Lenczewski Mr. Turner Dick Pope Unbroken Roger Deakins 2015 (88th) The Revenant Emmanuel Lubezki Carol Edward Lachman The Hateful Eight Robert Richardson Mad Max: Fury Road John Seale Sicario Roger Deakins 2016 (89th) [6] La La Land Linus Sandgren Arrival Bradford Young Lion Greig Fraser Moonlight James Laxton Silence Rodrigo Prieto 2017 (90th) Blade Runner 2049 Roger Deakins Darkest Hour Bruno Delbonnel Dunkirk Hoyte van Hoytema Mudbound Rachel Morrison The Shape of Water Dan Laustsen

Multiple awards and nominations[edit] Awards Nominations Recipient 4 18 Leon Shamroy 10 Joseph Ruttenberg 3 15 Robert Surtees 10 Conrad Hall 9 Robert Richardson 8 Emmanuel Lubezki 7 Arthur C. Miller 5 Freddie Young 4 Vittorio Storaro 3 Winton Hoch 2 14 Harry Stradling 10 James Wong Howe 8 Ray Rennahan 6 Janusz Kamiński 6 Charles Rosher 5 Burnett Guffey 5 Haskell Wexler 4 William C. Mellor 4 Chris Menges 4 Geoffrey Unsworth 3 Hal Mohr 3 Sven Nykvist 3 John Toll 2 Freddie Francis Awards Nominations Recipient 1 18 Charles Lang 10 William V. Skall 9 W. Howard Greene 9 Victor Milner 8 George Barnes 8 Joseph LaShelle 8 Ernest Laszlo 7 Daniel L. Fapp 7 Tony Gaudio 7 Ernest Haller 7 Milton Krasner 6 Harold Rosson 6 Gregg Toland 5 Joseph Valentine 5 John Seale 4 Néstor Almendros 4 Robert Burks 4 William Daniels 4 Allen M. Davey 4 Lee Garmes 4 Loyal Griggs 4 Ernest Palmer 4 Wally Pfister 4 Leonard Smith 4 Karl Struss 4 Vilmos Zsigmond 3 Jack Cardiff 3 Karl Freund 3 Fred J. Koenekamp 3 Sam Leavitt 3 Lionel Lindon 3 Oswald Morris 3 Philippe Rousselot 3 Billy Williams 2 Arthur Arling 2 Dion Beebe 2 Joseph Biroc 2 Robert Elswit 2 Boris Kaufman 2 Oliver Marsh 2 Russell Metty 2 Claudio Miranda 2 Georges Périnal 2 Paul C. Vogel 1 Andrew Lesnie 1 John Alcott 1 Russell Carpenter Awards Nominations Recipient 0 14 Roger Deakins 13 George J. Folsey 7 Edward Cronjager 7 John F. Seitz 6 Russell Harlan 5 Allen Daviau 5 Bruno Delbonnel 5 Caleb Deschanel 5 Rudolph Maté 5 Franz Planer 5 Owen Roizman 4 Charles G. Clarke 4 William A. Fraker 4 Robert H. Planck 4 Joseph Walker 3 Michael Ballhaus 3 Norbert Brodine 3 Arthur Edeson 3 Bert Glennon 3 Ray June 3 Joseph MacDonald 3 Ted D. McCord 3 Sol Polito 3 Douglas Slocombe 3 William E. Snyder 2 Joseph H. August 2 Michael Chapman 2 William H. Clothier 2 Edward Colman 2 Stanley Cortez 2 Jeff Cronenweth 2 Stephen Goldblatt 2 John Mathieson 2 Richard H. Kline 2 Edward Lachman 2 Philip H. Lathrop 2 Seamus McGarvey 2 Miroslav Ondříček 2 J. Peverell Marley 2 Don Peterman 2 Tony Pierce 2 Dick Pope 2 Rodrigo Prieto 2 Eduardo Serra 2 Dante Spinotti 2 Harry Stradling Jr. 2 Leo Tover 2 Sidney Wagner 2 Gordon Willis

Notes[edit] ^ The 2nd Academy Awards is unique in being the only occasion where there were no official nominees. Subsequent research by AMPAS has resulted in a list of unofficial or de facto nominees, based on records of which films were evaluated by the judges. ^ Having not been officially nominated, Hal Mohr was a write-in candidate and became the only write-in to ever win an Academy Award. ^ A preliminary list of submissions from the studios included the following titles, which were not official nominees: First Love (Joseph A. Valentine), The Great Victor Herbert (Victor Milner), Gunga Din (Joseph H. August), Intermezzo (Gregg Toland), Juarez (Tony Gaudio), Lady of the Tropics (Norbert Brodine), Only Angels Have Wings (Joseph Walker) and The Rains Came (Arthur C. Miller). ^ A preliminary list of submissions from the studios included the following titles, which were not official nominees: Drums Along the Mohawk (Ray Rennahan and Bert Glennon), The Four Feathers (Georges Périnal and Osmond Borradaile), The Mikado (William V. Skall) and The Wizard of Oz (Harold Rosson). ^ In 1957, black-and-white and color films competed in a combined Best Cinematography category.

See also[edit] BAFTA Award for Best Cinematography Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Cinematography American Society of Cinematographers Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases

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Sawyer Award Student Awards Student Academy Award Former awards Merit Awards Assistant Director Dance Direction Director of a Comedy Picture Engineering Effects Short Subject, Two-reel Short Subject, Comedy Short Subject, Novelty Story Title Writing Unique and Artistic Quality of Production Special Awards Academy Juvenile Award Ceremonies‡ (List Book) 1927/28 1928/29 1929/30 1930/31 1931/32 1932/33 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Footnotes ‡ Dates and years listed for each ceremony were the eligibility period of film release in Los Angeles County, California. For the first five ceremonies, the eligibility period was done on a seasonal basis, from August to July. For the 6th ceremony held in 1934, the eligibility period lasted from August 1, 1932 to December 31, 1933. Since the 7th ceremony held in 1935, the period of eligibility became the full previous calendar year from January 1 to December 31. 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Rucker and Willard Van der Veer (1930) Floyd Crosby (1931) Lee Garmes (1932) Charles Lang (1933) Victor Milner (1934) Hal Mohr (1935) Tony Gaudio (1936) Karl Freund (1937) Joseph Ruttenberg (1938) Gregg Toland / Ernest Haller and Ray Rennahan (1939) 1940s George Barnes / George Perinal (1940) Arthur C. Miller / Ernest Palmer (1941) Joseph Ruttenberg / Leon Shamroy (1942) Arthur C. Miller / Hal Mohr (1943) Joseph LaShelle / Leon Shamroy (1944) Harry Stradling / Leon Shamroy (1945) Arthur C. Miller / Charles Rosher, Leonard Smith and Arthur Arling (1946) Guy Green / Jack Cardiff (1947) William Daniels / Joseph A. Valentine, William V. Skall and Winton Hoch (1948) Paul C. Vogel / Winton Hoch (1949) 1950s Robert Krasker / Robert Surtees (1950) William C. Mellor / Alfred Gilks and John Alton (1951) Robert Surtees / Winton Hoch and Archie Stout (1952) Burnett Guffey / Loyal Griggs (1953) Boris Kaufman / Milton R. Krasner (1954) James Wong Howe / Robert Burks (1955) Joseph Ruttenberg / Lionel Lindon (1956) Jack Hildyard (1957) Sam Leavitt / Joseph Ruttenberg (1958) William C. Mellor / Robert Surtees (1959) 1960s Freddie Francis / Russell Metty (1960) Eugen Schüfftan / Daniel L. Fapp (1961) Jean Bourgoin and Walter Wottitz / Freddie Young (1962) James Wong Howe / Leon Shamroy (1963) Walter Lassally / Harry Stradling (1964) Ernest Laszlo / Freddie Young (1965) Haskell Wexler / Ted Moore (1966) Burnett Guffey (1967) Pasqualino De Santis (1968) Conrad L. Hall (1969) 1970s Freddie Young (1970) Oswald Morris (1971) Geoffrey Unsworth (1972) Sven Nykvist (1973) Fred J. Koenekamp and Joseph F. Biroc (1974) John Alcott (1975) Haskell Wexler (1976) Vilmos Zsigmond (1977) Néstor Almendros (1978) Vittorio Storaro (1979) 1980s Geoffrey Unsworth and Ghislain Cloquet (1980) Vittorio Storaro (1981) Billy Williams and Ronnie Taylor (1982) Sven Nykvist (1983) Chris Menges (1984) David Watkin (1985) Chris Menges (1986) Vittorio Storaro (1987) Peter Biziou (1988) Freddie Francis (1989) 1990s Dean Semler (1990) Robert Richardson (1991) Philippe Rousselot (1992) Janusz Kamiński (1993) John Toll (1994) John Toll (1995) John Seale (1996) Russell Carpenter (1997) Janusz Kamiński (1998) Conrad Hall (1999) 2000s Peter Pau (2000) Andrew Lesnie (2001) Conrad Hall (2002) Russell Boyd (2003) Robert Richardson (2004) Dion Beebe (2005) Guillermo Navarro (2006) Robert Elswit (2007) Anthony Dod Mantle (2008) Mauro Fiore (2009) 2010s Wally Pfister (2010) Robert Richardson (2011) Claudio Miranda (2012) Emmanuel Lubezki (2013) Emmanuel Lubezki (2014) Emmanuel Lubezki (2015) Linus Sandgren (2016) Retrieved from "" Categories: Academy AwardsAwards for best cinematographyHidden categories: Articles needing additional references from March 2010All articles needing additional references

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United StatesAcademy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences1st Academy AwardsLinus SandgrenLa La Land (film)89th Academy AwardsAcademy AwardsCinematographerFilmWikipedia:Citing SourcesWikipedia:VerifiabilityHelp:Introduction To Referencing With Wiki Markup/1Wikipedia:VerifiabilityHelp:Maintenance Template RemovalEnlargeCharles RosherKarl StrussCharles RosherSunrise: A Song Of Two HumansSchindler's ListFloyd CrosbyTabu: A Story Of The South SeasHal MohrA Midsummer Night's Dream (1935 Film)Lost FilmThe Devil DancerThe Magic FlameFour DevilsThe Right To Love (1930 US Film)Sadie ThompsonDigital VideoThe Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (film)Slumdog MillionaireAvatar (2009 Film)Rachel MorrisonLeon ShamroyJoseph RuttenbergLeon ShamroyCharles LangEmmanuel LubezkiConrad HallAsakazu NakaiCharles LangRoger DeakinsChris MengesGeorge J. FolseyRachel Morrison1928 In Film1st Academy AwardsSunrise: A Song Of Two HumansCharles RosherKarl StrussThe Devil DancerGeorge Barnes (cinematographer)The Magic FlameSadie Thompson1929 In Film2nd Academy AwardsWhite Shadows In The South SeasClyde De VinnaThe Divine LadyJohn F. Seitz4 DevilsErnest Palmer (American Cinematographer)In Old ArizonaArthur EdesonOur Dancing DaughtersGeorge Barnes (cinematographer)Street Angel (1928 Film)Ernest Palmer (American Cinematographer)1930 In Film3rd Academy AwardsWith Byrd At The South PoleJoseph T. RuckerWillard Van Der VeerAll Quiet On The Western Front (1930 Film)Arthur EdesonAnna Christie (1930 English-language Film)William Daniels (cinematographer)Hell's Angels (film)Tony GaudioHarry Perry (cinematographer)The Love ParadeVictor Milner1931 In Film4th Academy AwardsTabu: A Story Of The South SeasFloyd CrosbyCimarron (1931 Film)Edward CronjagerMorocco (film)Lee GarmesThe Right To Love (1930 US Film)Charles LangSvengali (1931 Film)Barney McGill1932 In Film5th Academy AwardsShanghai Express (film)Lee GarmesArrowsmith (film)Ray JuneDr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (1931 Film)Karl Struss1933 In Film6th Academy AwardsA Farewell To Arms (1932 Film)Charles LangReunion In ViennaGeorge J. FolseyThe Sign Of The Cross (1932 Film)Karl Struss1934 In Film7th Academy AwardsCleopatra (1934 Film)Victor MilnerThe Affairs Of CelliniCharles RosherOperator 13George J. Folsey1935 In Film8th Academy AwardsA Midsummer Night's Dream (1935 Film)Hal MohrBarbary Coast (film)Ray JuneThe Crusades (film)Victor MilnerLes Misérables (1935 Film)Gregg Toland1936 In Film9th Academy AwardsAnthony AdverseTony GaudioThe General Died At DawnVictor MilnerThe Gorgeous HussyGeorge J. FolseyThe Garden Of Allah (1936 Film)W. Howard GreeneHarold Rosson1937 In Film10th Academy AwardsThe Good Earth (film)Karl FreundDead End (1937 Film)Gregg TolandWings Over HonoluluJoseph ValentineA Star Is Born (1937 Film)W. Howard Greene1938 In Film11th Academy AwardsThe Great Waltz (1938 Film)Joseph RuttenbergAlgiers (film)James Wong HoweArmy GirlErnest Miller (cinematographer)Harry J. WildThe Buccaneer (1938 Film)Victor MilnerJezebel (film)Ernest HallerMad About MusicJoseph A. ValentineMerrily We LiveNorbert BrodineSuez (film)J. Peverell MarleyVivacious LadyRobert De GrasseYou Can't Take It With You (film)Joseph Walker (cinematographer)The Young In HeartLeon ShamroySweethearts (1938 Film)Oliver T. Marsh1939 In Film12th Academy AwardsWuthering Heights (1939 Film)Gregg TolandStagecoach (1939 Film)Bert GlennonGone With The Wind (film)Ernest HallerRay RennahanThe Private Lives Of Elizabeth And EssexSol PolitoW. Howard Greene1940 In Film13th Academy AwardsRebecca (1940 Film)George Barnes (cinematographer)Abe Lincoln In Illinois (film)James Wong HoweAll This, And Heaven TooErnest HallerArise, My LoveCharles LangBoom Town (film)Harold RossonForeign Correspondent (film)Rudolph MatéThe Letter (1940 Film)Tony GaudioThe Long Voyage HomeGregg TolandSpring ParadeJoseph ValentineWaterloo Bridge (1940 Film)Joseph RuttenbergThe Thief Of Bagdad (1940 Film)Georges PérinalBitter Sweet (1940 Film)Oliver T. MarshThe Blue Bird (1940 Film)Arthur Miller (cinematographer)Ray RennahanDown Argentine WayLeon ShamroyRay RennahanNorth West Mounted Police (film)Victor MilnerW. Howard GreeneNorthwest Passage (film)William V. Skall1941 In Film14th Academy AwardsHow Green Was My Valley (film)Arthur Miller (cinematographer)The Chocolate Soldier (film)Karl FreundCitizen KaneGregg TolandDr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (1941 Film)Joseph RuttenbergHere Comes Mr. JordanJoseph Walker (cinematographer)Hold Back The DawnLeo ToverSergeant York (film)Sol PolitoSun Valley SerenadeEdward CronjagerSundown (1941 Film)Charles LangThat Hamilton WomanRudolph MatéBlood And Sand (1941 Film)Ernest Palmer (American Cinematographer)Ray RennahanAloma Of The South Seas (1941 Film)Karl StrussBilly The Kid (1941 Film)William V. SkallLeonard Smith (cinematographer)Blossoms In The DustKarl FreundW. Howard GreeneDive Bomber (film)Bert GlennonLouisiana Purchase (film)Harry HallenbergerRay Rennahan1942 In Film15th Academy AwardsMrs. MiniverJoseph RuttenbergKings RowJames Wong HoweThe Magnificent Ambersons (film)Stanley CortezMoontideCharles G. ClarkeThe Pied Piper (1942 Film)Edward CronjagerThe Pride Of The YankeesRudolph MatéTake A Letter, DarlingJohn J. MescallThe Talk Of The Town (1942 Film)Ted TetzlaffTen Gentlemen From West PointLeon ShamroyThis Above All (film)Arthur Miller (cinematographer)The Black Swan (film)Leon ShamroyArabian Nights (1942 Film)Milton KrasnerWilliam V. SkallW. Howard GreeneCaptains Of The CloudsSol PolitoJungle Book (1942 Film)W. Howard GreeneReap The Wild WindVictor MilnerWilliam V. SkallTo The Shores Of TripoliEdward CronjagerWilliam V. Skall1943 In Film16th Academy AwardsThe Song Of Bernadette (film)Arthur Miller (cinematographer)Air Force (film)James Wong HoweElmer DyerCharles A. MarshallCasablanca (film)Arthur EdesonCorvette K-225Tony GaudioFive Graves To CairoJohn F. SeitzThe Human Comedy (film)Harry StradlingMadame Curie (film)Joseph RuttenbergThe North Star (1943 Film)James Wong HoweSahara (1943 American Film)Rudolph MatéSo Proudly We Hail!Charles LangPhantom Of The Opera (1943 Film)Hal MohrW. Howard GreeneFor Whom The Bell Tolls (film)Ray RennahanHeaven Can Wait (1943 Film)Edward CronjagerHello, Frisco, HelloCharles G. ClarkeLassie Come HomeLeonard Smith (cinematographer)Thousands CheerGeorge J. Folsey1944 In Film17th Academy AwardsLaura (1944 Film)Joseph LaShelleDouble Indemnity (film)John F. SeitzDragon Seed (film)Gaslight (1944 Film)Joseph RuttenbergGoing My WayLionel LindonLifeboat (film)Glen MacWilliamsSince You Went AwayStanley CortezLee GarmesThirty Seconds Over TokyoRobert Surtees (cinematographer)Harold RossonThe Uninvited (1944 Film)Charles LangThe White Cliffs Of Dover (1944 Film)George J. FolseyWilson (1944 Film)Leon ShamroyCover Girl (film)Rudolph MatéHome In IndianaEdward CronjagerKismet (1944 Film)Charles RosherLady In The Dark (film)Ray RennahanMeet Me In St. LouisGeorge J. Folsey1945 In Film18th Academy AwardsThe Picture Of Dorian Gray (1945 Film)Harry StradlingThe Keys Of The Kingdom (film)Arthur Miller (cinematographer)The Lost Weekend (film)John F. SeitzMildred Pierce (film)Ernest HallerSpellbound (1945 Film)George Barnes (cinematographer)Leave Her To HeavenLeon ShamroyAnchors Aweigh (film)Charles P. BoyleNational Velvet (film)Leonard Smith (cinematographer)A Song To RememberTony GaudioThe Spanish MainGeorge Barnes (cinematographer)1946 In Film19th Academy AwardsAnna And The King Of Siam (film)Arthur Miller (cinematographer)The Green Years (film)George J. FolseyThe Yearling (film)Charles RosherLeonard Smith (cinematographer)Arthur ArlingThe Jolson StoryJoseph Walker (cinematographer)1947 In Film20th Academy AwardsGreat Expectations (1946 Film)Guy Green (filmmaker)Green Dolphin StreetGeorge J. FolseyThe Ghost And Mrs. MuirCharles LangBlack NarcissusJack CardiffLife With Father (film)J. Peverell MarleyWilliam V. SkallMother Wore TightsHarry Jackson (cinematographer)1948 In Film21st Academy AwardsThe Naked CityWilliam Daniels (cinematographer)A Foreign AffairCharles LangI Remember Mama (film)Nicholas MusuracaJohnny Belinda (1948 Film)Ted D. McCordPortrait Of JennieJoseph H. AugustList Of Posthumous Academy Award Winners And NomineesJoan Of Arc (1948 Film)Joseph ValentineWilliam V. SkallWinton HochGreen Grass Of WyomingCharles G. ClarkeThe Loves Of Carmen (1948 Film)The Three Musketeers (1948 Film)1949 In Film22nd Academy AwardsBattleground (film)Paul C. VogelChampion (1949 Film)Franz PlanerCome To The StableJoseph LaShelleThe HeiressLeo ToverPrince Of Foxes (film)Leon ShamroyShe Wore A Yellow RibbonWinton HochThe Barkleys Of BroadwayHarry StradlingJolson Sings AgainLittle Women (1949 Film)Charles SchoenbaumSand (1949 Film)Charles G. Clarke1950 In Film23rd Academy AwardsThe Third ManRobert KraskerAll About EveMilton KrasnerThe Asphalt JungleHarold RossonThe Furies (1950 Film)Victor MilnerSunset Boulevard (film)John F. SeitzKing Solomon's Mines (1950 Film)Robert Surtees (cinematographer)Annie Get Your Gun (film)Charles RosherBroken Arrow (1950 Film)Ernest Palmer (American Cinematographer)The Flame And The ArrowErnest HallerSamson And Delilah (1949 Film)George Barnes (cinematographer)1951 In Film24th Academy AwardsA Place In The Sun (film)William C. MellorDeath Of A Salesman (1951 Film)Franz PlanerThe FrogmenNorbert BrodineStrangers On A Train (film)Robert BurksA Streetcar Named Desire (1951 Film)Harry StradlingAn American In Paris (film)Alfred GilksJohn AltonDavid And Bathsheba (film)Leon ShamroyQuo Vadis (1951 Film)Robert Surtees (cinematographer)William V. SkallShow Boat (1951 Film)Charles RosherWhen Worlds Collide (1951 Film)John F. SeitzW. Howard Greene1952 In Film25th Academy AwardsThe Bad And The BeautifulRobert Surtees (cinematographer)The Big Sky (film)Russell HarlanMy Cousin Rachel (1952 Film)Joseph LaShelleNavajo (film)Virgil MillerSudden FearCharles LangThe Quiet ManWinton HochArchie StoutHans Christian Andersen (film)Harry StradlingIvanhoe (1952 Film)Freddie YoungMillion Dollar MermaidGeorge J. FolseyThe Snows Of Kilimanjaro (1952 Film)Leon Shamroy1953 In Film26th Academy AwardsFrom Here To EternityBurnett GuffeyThe Four Poster (film)Hal MohrJulius Caesar (1953 Film)Joseph RuttenbergMartin Luther (1953 Film)Joseph C. BrunRoman HolidayFranz PlanerHenri AlekanShane (film)Loyal GriggsAll The Brothers Were ValiantGeorge J. FolseyBeneath The 12-Mile ReefEdward CronjagerLiliThe Robe (film)Leon Shamroy1954 In Film27th Academy AwardsOn The WaterfrontBoris KaufmanThe Country Girl (1954 Film)Executive SuiteGeorge J. FolseyRogue CopJohn F. SeitzSabrina (1954 Film)Charles LangThree Coins In The Fountain (film)Milton KrasnerThe Egyptian (film)Leon ShamroyRear WindowRobert BurksSeven Brides For Seven Brothers (film)George J. FolseyThe Silver Chalice (film)William V. Skall1955 In Film28th Academy AwardsThe Rose Tattoo (film)James Wong HoweBlackboard JungleRussell HarlanI'll Cry TomorrowArthur ArlingMarty (film)Joseph LaShelleQueen Bee (film)Charles LangTo Catch A ThiefRobert BurksGuys And Dolls (film)Harry StradlingLove Is A Many-Splendored Thing (film)Leon ShamroyA Man Called PeterOklahoma! (1955 Film)Robert Surtees (cinematographer)1956 In Film29th Academy AwardsSomebody Up There Likes Me (1956 Film)Joseph RuttenbergBaby DollBoris KaufmanThe Bad Seed (1956 Film)Harold RossonThe Harder They FallBurnett GuffeyStagecoach To FuryWalter StrengeAround The World In 80 Days (1956 Film)Lionel LindonThe Eddy Duchin StoryHarry StradlingThe King And I (1956 Film)Leon ShamroyThe Ten Commandments (1956 Film)Loyal GriggsWar And Peace (1956 Film)Jack Cardiff1957 In Film30th Academy AwardsThe Bridge On The River KwaiJack HildyardAn Affair To RememberMilton KrasnerFunny FaceRay JunePeyton Place (film)William C. MellorSayonara1958 In Film31st Academy AwardsThe Defiant OnesSam LeavittDesire Under The Elms (film)Daniel L. FappI Want To Live!Lionel LindonSeparate Tables (film)Charles LangThe Young Lions (film)Joseph MacDonaldGigi (1958 Film)Joseph RuttenbergAuntie Mame (film)Harry StradlingCat On A Hot Tin Roof (1958 Film)William Daniels (cinematographer)The Old Man And The Sea (1958 Film)James Wong HoweSouth Pacific (1958 Film)Leon Shamroy1959 In Film32nd Academy AwardsThe Diary Of Anne Frank (1959 Film)William C. MellorAnatomy Of A MurderSam LeavittCareer (1959 Film)Joseph LaShelleSome Like It HotCharles LangThe Young PhiladelphiansHarry StradlingBen-Hur (1959 Film)Robert Surtees (cinematographer)The Big FishermanLee GarmesThe Five PenniesDaniel L. FappThe Nun's Story (film)Franz PlanerPorgy And Bess (film)Leon Shamroy1960 In Film33rd Academy AwardsSons And Lovers (film)Freddie FrancisThe ApartmentJoseph LaShelleThe Facts Of Life (film)Charles LangInherit The Wind (1960 Film)Ernest LaszloPsycho (1960 Film)Spartacus (film)Russell MettyThe Alamo (1960 Film)William H. ClothierBUtterfield 8Joseph RuttenbergExodus (1960 Film)Sam LeavittPepe (film)Joseph MacDonald1961 In Film34th Academy AwardsThe Hustler (film)Eugen SchüfftanThe Absent-Minded ProfessorEdward Colman (cinematographer)The Children's Hour (film)Franz PlanerJudgment At NurembergErnest LaszloOne, Two, ThreeDaniel L. FappWest Side Story (film)Daniel L. FappFanny (1961 Film)Jack CardiffFlower Drum Song (film)Russell MettyA Majority Of OneHarry StradlingOne-Eyed JacksCharles Lang1962 In Film35th Academy AwardsThe Longest Day (film)Jean BourgoinBirdman Of Alcatraz (film)Burnett GuffeyTo Kill A Mockingbird (film)Russell HarlanTwo For The SeesawTed D. McCordWhat Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962 Film)Ernest HallerLawrence Of Arabia (film)Freddie YoungGypsy (1962 Film)Harry StradlingHatari!Russell HarlanMutiny On The Bounty (1962 Film)Robert Surtees (cinematographer)The Wonderful World Of The Brothers GrimmPaul Vogel1963 In Film36th Academy AwardsHud (1963 Film)James Wong HoweThe Balcony (film)George J. FolseyThe CaretakersLucien BallardLilies Of The Field (1963 Film)Ernest HallerLove With The Proper StrangerMilton KrasnerCleopatra (1963 Film)Leon ShamroyThe CardinalLeon ShamroyHow The West Was Won (film)William Daniels (cinematographer)Milton KrasnerCharles LangJoseph LaShelleIrma La DouceJoseph LaShelleIt's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldErnest Laszlo1964 In Film37th Academy AwardsZorba The Greek (film)Walter LassallyThe Americanization Of EmilyPhilip H. LathropFate Is The Hunter (film)Milton KrasnerHush... Hush, Sweet CharlotteJoseph F. BirocThe Night Of The Iguana (film)Gabriel FigueroaMy Fair Lady (film)Harry StradlingBecket (1964 Film)Geoffrey UnsworthCheyenne AutumnWilliam H. ClothierMary Poppins (film)Edward Colman (cinematographer)The Unsinkable Molly Brown (film)Daniel L. Fapp1965 In Film38th Academy AwardsShip Of Fools (film)Ernest LaszloIn Harm's WayLoyal GriggsKing Rat (film)Burnett GuffeyMorituri (1965 Film)Conrad HallA Patch Of BlueRobert BurksDoctor Zhivago (film)Freddie YoungThe Agony And The Ecstasy (film)Leon ShamroyThe Great RaceRussell HarlanThe Greatest Story Ever ToldWilliam C. MellorLoyal GriggsThe Sound Of Music (film)Ted D. McCord1966 In Film39th Academy AwardsWho's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? (film)Haskell WexlerThe Fortune CookieJoseph LaShelleGeorgy GirlKenneth HigginsIs Paris Burning? (film)Marcel GrignonSeconds (1966 Film)James Wong HoweA Man For All Seasons (1966 Film)Ted MooreFantastic VoyageErnest LaszloHawaii (1966 Film)Russell HarlanThe Professionals (1966 Film)Conrad HallThe Sand Pebbles (film)Joseph MacDonald1967 In Film40th Academy AwardsBonnie And Clyde (film)Burnett GuffeyCamelot (film)Richard H. KlineDoctor Dolittle (film)Robert Surtees (cinematographer)The GraduateIn Cold Blood (film)Conrad Hall1968 In Film41st Academy AwardsRomeo And Juliet (1968 Film)Pasqualino De SantisFunny Girl (film)Harry StradlingIce Station ZebraDaniel L. FappOliver! (film)Oswald MorrisStar! (film)Ernest Laszlo1969 In Film42nd Academy AwardsButch Cassidy And The Sundance KidConrad HallAnne Of The Thousand DaysArthur IbbetsonBob & Carol & Ted & AliceCharles LangHello, Dolly! (film)Harry StradlingList Of Posthumous Academy Award Winners And NomineesMarooned (1969 Film)Daniel L. Fapp1970 In Film43rd Academy AwardsRyan's DaughterFreddie YoungAirport (1970 Film)Ernest LaszloPatton (film)Fred J. KoenekampTora! Tora! Tora!Charles F. WheelerWomen In Love (film)Billy Williams (cinematographer)1971 In Film44th Academy AwardsFiddler On The Roof (film)Oswald MorrisThe French Connection (film)Owen RoizmanThe Last Picture ShowRobert Surtees (cinematographer)Nicholas And AlexandraFreddie YoungSummer Of '421972 In Film45th Academy AwardsCabaret (1972 Film)Geoffrey UnsworthButterflies Are FreeCharles LangThe Poseidon Adventure (1972 Film)1776 (film)Harry Stradling Jr.Travels With My Aunt (film)Douglas Slocombe1973 In Film46th Academy AwardsCries And WhispersSven NykvistThe Exorcist (film)Owen RoizmanJonathan Livingston Seagull (film)Jack CoufferThe StingRobert Surtees (cinematographer)The Way We WereHarry Stradling Jr.1974 In Film47th Academy AwardsThe Towering InfernoFred J. KoenekampJoseph BirocChinatown (1974 Film)John A. AlonzoEarthquake (film)Philip H. LathropLenny (film)Bruce SurteesMurder On The Orient Express (1974 Film)Geoffrey Unsworth1975 In Film48th Academy AwardsBarry LyndonJohn AlcottThe Day Of The Locust (film)Conrad HallFunny LadyJames Wong HoweThe Hindenburg (film)Robert Surtees (cinematographer)One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (film)Haskell WexlerBill Butler (cinematographer)1976 In Film49th Academy AwardsBound For Glory (film)Haskell WexlerKing Kong (1976 Film)Richard H. KlineLogan's Run (1976 Film)Ernest LaszloNetwork (1976 Film)Owen RoizmanA Star Is Born (1976 Film)Robert Surtees (cinematographer)1977 In Film50th Academy AwardsClose Encounters Of The Third KindVilmos ZsigmondIslands In The Stream (film)Fred J. KoenekampJulia (1977 Film)Douglas SlocombeLooking For Mr. Goodbar (film)William A. FrakerThe Turning Point (1977 Film)Robert Surtees (cinematographer)1978 In Film51st Academy AwardsDays Of HeavenNéstor AlmendrosThe Deer HunterVilmos ZsigmondHeaven Can Wait (1978 Film)William A. FrakerSame Time, Next Year (film)Robert Surtees (cinematographer)The Wiz (film)Oswald Morris1979 In Film52nd Academy AwardsApocalypse NowVittorio StoraroAll That Jazz (film)Giuseppe RotunnoThe Black HoleKramer Vs. KramerNéstor Almendros1941 (film)William A. Fraker1980 In Film53rd Academy AwardsTess (film)Geoffrey UnsworthList Of Posthumous Academy Award Winners And NomineesGhislain CloquetThe Blue Lagoon (1980 Film)Néstor AlmendrosCoal Miner's Daughter (film)Ralf D. BodeThe Formula (1980 Film)James CrabeRaging BullMichael Chapman (cinematographer)1981 In Film54th Academy AwardsReds (film)Vittorio StoraroExcalibur (film)Alex Thomson (cinematographer)On Golden Pond (1981 Film)Billy Williams (cinematographer)Ragtime (film)Miroslav OndříčekRaiders Of The Lost ArkDouglas Slocombe1982 In Film55th Academy AwardsGandhi (film)Billy Williams (cinematographer)Ronnie TaylorDas BootJost VacanoE.T. The Extra-TerrestrialAllen DaviauSophie's Choice (film)Néstor AlmendrosTootsieOwen Roizman1983 In Film56th Academy AwardsFanny And AlexanderSven NykvistFlashdanceDon PetermanThe Right Stuff (film)Caleb DeschanelWarGamesWilliam A. FrakerZeligGordon Willis1984 In Film57th Academy AwardsThe Killing Fields (film)Chris MengesAmadeus (film)Miroslav OndříčekThe Natural (film)Caleb DeschanelA Passage To India (film)The River (1984 Film)Vilmos Zsigmond1985 In Film58th Academy AwardsOut Of Africa (film)David Watkin (cinematographer)The Color Purple (film)Allen DaviauMurphy's RomanceWilliam A. FrakerRan (film)Takao Saito (cinematographer)Masaharu UedaAsakazu NakaiWitness (1985 Film)John Seale1986 In Film59th Academy AwardsThe Mission (1986 Film)Chris MengesPeggy Sue Got MarriedJordan CronenwethPlatoon (film)Robert Richardson (cinematographer)A Room With A View (1985 Film)Tony Pierce-RobertsStar Trek IV: The Voyage HomeDon Peterman1987 In Film60th Academy AwardsThe Last EmperorVittorio StoraroBroadcast News (film)Michael BallhausEmpire Of The Sun (film)Allen DaviauHope And Glory (film)Philippe RousselotMatewanHaskell Wexler1988 In Film61st Academy AwardsMississippi BurningPeter BiziouRain ManJohn SealeTequila Sunrise (film)Conrad HallThe Unbearable Lightness Of Being (film)Sven NykvistWho Framed Roger RabbitDean Cundey1989 In Film62nd Academy AwardsGlory (1989 Film)Freddie FrancisThe AbyssMikael SalomonBlaze (1989 Film)Haskell WexlerBorn On The Fourth Of July (film)Robert Richardson (cinematographer)The Fabulous Baker BoysMichael Ballhaus1990 In Film63rd Academy AwardsDances With WolvesDean SemlerAvalon (1990 Film)Allen DaviauDick Tracy (1990 Film)Vittorio StoraroThe Godfather Part IIIGordon WillisHenry & JunePhilippe Rousselot1991 In Film64th Academy AwardsJFK (film)Robert Richardson (cinematographer)BugsyAllen DaviauThe Prince Of TidesStephen GoldblattTerminator 2: Judgment DayAdam Greenberg (cinematographer)Thelma & LouiseAdrian Biddle1992 In Film65th Academy AwardsA River Runs Through It (film)Philippe RousselotHoffaStephen H. BurumHowards End (film)Tony Pierce-RobertsThe Lover (film)Robert Fraisse (cinematographer)UnforgivenJack N. Green1993 In Film66th Academy AwardsSchindler's ListJanusz KamińskiFarewell My Concubine (film)Gu ChangweiThe Fugitive (1993 Film)Michael Chapman (cinematographer)The PianoStuart DryburghSearching For Bobby FischerConrad Hall1994 In Film67th Academy AwardsLegends Of The FallJohn TollForrest GumpDon Burgess (cinematographer)The Shawshank RedemptionRoger DeakinsThree Colors: RedPiotr SobocińskiWyatt Earp (film)Owen Roizman1995 In Film68th Academy AwardsBraveheartJohn TollBatman ForeverStephen GoldblattA Little Princess (1995 Film)Emmanuel LubezkiSense And Sensibility (film)Michael CoulterShanghai TriadLü Yue1996 In Film69th Academy AwardsThe English Patient (film)John SealeEvita (1996 Film)Darius KhondjiFargo (film)Roger DeakinsFly Away HomeCaleb DeschanelMichael Collins (film)Chris Menges1997 In Film70th Academy AwardsTitanic (1997 Film)Russell CarpenterAmistad (film)Janusz KamińskiKundunRoger DeakinsL.A. Confidential (film)Dante SpinottiThe Wings Of The Dove (1997 Film)Eduardo Serra1998 In Film71st Academy AwardsSaving Private RyanJanusz KamińskiA Civil Action (film)Conrad HallElizabeth (film)Remi AdefarasinShakespeare In LoveRichard GreatrexThe Thin Red Line (1998 Film)John Toll1999 In Film72nd Academy AwardsAmerican Beauty (1999 Film)Conrad HallThe End Of The Affair (1999 Film)Roger Pratt (cinematographer)The Insider (film)Dante SpinottiSleepy Hollow (film)Emmanuel LubezkiSnow Falling On Cedars (film)Robert Richardson (cinematographer)2000 In Film73rd Academy AwardsCrouching Tiger, Hidden DragonPeter PauGladiator (2000 Film)John Mathieson (cinematographer)MalènaLajos KoltaiO Brother, Where Art Thou?Roger DeakinsThe Patriot (2000 Film)Caleb Deschanel2001 In Film74th Academy AwardsThe Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The RingAndrew LesnieAmélieBruno DelbonnelBlack Hawk Down (film)Sławomir IdziakThe Man Who Wasn't There (2001 Film)Roger DeakinsMoulin Rouge!Donald McAlpine2002 In Film75th Academy AwardsRoad To PerditionConrad L. HallList Of Posthumous Academy Award Winners And NomineesChicago (2002 Film)Dion BeebeFar From HeavenEdward LachmanGangs Of New YorkMichael BallhausThe Pianist (2002 Film)Paweł Edelman2003 In Film76th Academy AwardsMaster And Commander: The Far Side Of The WorldRussell BoydCity Of God (2002 Film)César Charlone (cinematographer)Cold Mountain (film)John SealeGirl With A Pearl Earring (film)Eduardo SerraSeabiscuit (film)John Schwartzman2004 In Film77th Academy AwardsThe Aviator (2004 Film)Robert Richardson (cinematographer)House Of Flying DaggersZhao XiaodingThe Passion Of The ChristCaleb DeschanelThe Phantom Of The Opera (2004 Film)John Mathieson (cinematographer)A Very Long EngagementBruno Delbonnel2005 In Film78th Academy AwardsMemoirs Of A Geisha (film)Dion BeebeBatman BeginsWally PfisterBrokeback MountainRodrigo PrietoGood Night, And Good LuckRobert ElswitThe New World (2005 Film)Emmanuel Lubezki2006 In Film79th Academy AwardsPan's LabyrinthGuillermo NavarroThe Black Dahlia (film)Vilmos ZsigmondChildren Of MenEmmanuel LubezkiThe Illusionist (2006 Film)Dick Pope (cinematographer)The Prestige (film)Wally Pfister2007 In Film80th Academy AwardsThere Will Be BloodRobert ElswitThe Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert FordRoger DeakinsAtonement (film)Seamus McGarveyThe Diving Bell And The Butterfly (film)Janusz KamińskiNo Country For Old Men (film)Roger Deakins2008 In Film81st Academy AwardsSlumdog MillionaireAnthony Dod MantleChangeling (2008 Film)Tom Stern (cinematographer)The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (film)Claudio MirandaThe Dark Knight (film)Wally PfisterThe Reader (2008 Film)Roger DeakinsChris Menges2009 In Film82nd Academy AwardsAvatar (2009 Film)Mauro FioreHarry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (film)Bruno DelbonnelThe Hurt LockerBarry AckroydInglourious BasterdsRobert Richardson (cinematographer)The White RibbonChristian Berger2010 In Film83rd Academy AwardsInceptionWally PfisterBlack Swan (film)Matthew LibatiqueThe King's SpeechDanny Cohen (cinematographer)The Social NetworkJeff CronenwethTrue Grit (2010 Film)Roger Deakins2011 In Film84th Academy AwardsHugo (film)Robert Richardson (cinematographer)The Artist (film)Guillaume SchiffmanThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011 Film)Jeff CronenwethThe Tree Of Life (film)Emmanuel LubezkiWar Horse (film)Janusz Kamiński2012 In Film85th Academy AwardsLife Of Pi (film)Claudio MirandaAnna Karenina (2012 Film)Seamus McGarveyDjango UnchainedRobert Richardson (cinematographer)Lincoln (film)Janusz KamińskiSkyfallRoger Deakins2013 In Film86th Academy AwardsGravity (2013 Film)Emmanuel LubezkiThe Grandmaster (film)Philippe Le SourdInside Llewyn DavisBruno DelbonnelNebraska (film)Phedon PapamichaelPrisoners (2013 Film)Roger Deakins2014 In Film87th Academy AwardsBirdman (film)Emmanuel LubezkiThe Grand Budapest HotelRobert YeomanIda (film)Łukasz ŻalRyszard LenczewskiMr. TurnerDick Pope (cinematographer)Unbroken (film)Roger Deakins2015 In Film88th Academy AwardsThe Revenant (2015 Film)Emmanuel LubezkiCarol (film)Edward LachmanThe Hateful EightRobert Richardson (cinematographer)Mad Max: Fury RoadJohn SealeSicario (2015 Film)Roger Deakins2016 In Film89th Academy AwardsLa La Land (film)Linus SandgrenArrival (film)Bradford YoungLion (2016 Film)Greig FraserMoonlight (2016 Film)James LaxtonSilence (2016 Film)Rodrigo Prieto2017 In Film90th Academy AwardsBlade Runner 2049Roger DeakinsDarkest Hour (film)Bruno DelbonnelDunkirk (2017 Film)Hoyte Van HoytemaMudbound (film)Rachel MorrisonThe Shape Of Water (film)Dan LaustsenLeon ShamroyJoseph RuttenbergRobert Surtees (cinematographer)Conrad HallRobert Richardson (cinematographer)Emmanuel LubezkiArthur Miller (cinematographer)Freddie YoungVittorio StoraroWinton HochHarry StradlingJames Wong HoweRay RennahanJanusz KamińskiCharles RosherBurnett GuffeyHaskell WexlerWilliam C. MellorChris MengesGeoffrey UnsworthHal MohrSven NykvistJohn TollFreddie FrancisCharles LangWilliam V. SkallW. Howard GreeneVictor MilnerGeorge Barnes (cinematographer)Joseph LaShelleErnest LaszloDaniel L. FappTony GaudioErnest HallerMilton KrasnerHarold RossonGregg TolandJoseph ValentineJohn SealeNéstor AlmendrosRobert BurksWilliam Daniels (cinematographer)Lee GarmesLoyal GriggsErnest Palmer (American Cinematographer)Wally PfisterLeonard Smith (cinematographer)Karl StrussVilmos ZsigmondJack CardiffKarl FreundFred J. KoenekampSam LeavittLionel LindonOswald MorrisPhilippe RousselotBilly Williams (cinematographer)Arthur ArlingDion BeebeJoseph BirocRobert ElswitBoris KaufmanRussell MettyClaudio MirandaGeorges PérinalPaul C. VogelAndrew LesnieJohn AlcottRussell CarpenterRoger DeakinsGeorge J. FolseyEdward CronjagerJohn F. SeitzRussell HarlanAllen DaviauBruno DelbonnelCaleb DeschanelRudolph MatéFranz PlanerOwen RoizmanCharles G. ClarkeWilliam A. FrakerJoseph Walker (cinematographer)Michael BallhausNorbert BrodineArthur EdesonBert GlennonRay JuneJoseph MacDonaldTed D. McCordSol PolitoDouglas SlocombeJoseph H. AugustMichael Chapman (cinematographer)William H. ClothierEdward Colman (cinematographer)Stanley CortezJeff CronenwethStephen GoldblattJohn Mathieson (cinematographer)Richard H. KlineEdward LachmanPhilip H. LathropSeamus McGarveyMiroslav OndříčekJ. Peverell MarleyDon PetermanTony Pierce-RobertsDick Pope (cinematographer)Rodrigo PrietoDante SpinottiHarry Stradling Jr.Leo ToverGordon WillisHal MohrFirst Love (1939 Film)Joseph A. ValentineThe Great Victor HerbertVictor MilnerGunga Din (film)Joseph H. AugustIntermezzo (1939 Film)Gregg TolandJuarez (film)Tony GaudioLady Of The TropicsNorbert BrodineOnly Angels Have WingsJoseph Walker (cinematographer)The Rains CameArthur Charles MillerDrums Along The MohawkRay RennahanBert GlennonThe Four Feathers (1939 Film)Georges PérinalOsmond BorradaileThe Mikado (1939 Film)William V. SkallThe Wizard Of Oz (1939 Film)Harold RossonBAFTA Award For Best CinematographyIndependent Spirit Award For Best CinematographyCritics' Choice Movie Award For Best CinematographyAmerican Society Of Cinematographers Award For Outstanding Achievement In Cinematography In Theatrical ReleasesAcademy Of Motion Picture Arts And SciencesLos Angeles TimesTemplate:Academy AwardsTemplate Talk:Academy AwardsAcademy AwardsAcademy Of Motion Picture Arts And SciencesList Of Academy Award RecordsList Of Films With The Most Oscars Per CeremonyOscar SeasonGovernors AwardsNicholl Fellowships In ScreenwritingAcademy Awards Pre-showAcademy AwardsAcademy Award For Best PictureAcademy Award For Best DirectorAcademy Award For Best ActorAcademy Award For Best ActressAcademy Award For Best Supporting ActorAcademy Award For Best Supporting ActressAcademy Award For Best Adapted ScreenplayAcademy Award For Best Original ScreenplayAcademy Award For Best Animated FeatureAcademy Award For Best Documentary FeatureAcademy Award For Best Foreign Language FilmAcademy Award For Best Animated Short FilmAcademy Award For Best Documentary (Short Subject)Academy Award For Best Live Action Short FilmAcademy Award For Best Costume DesignAcademy Award For Best Film EditingAcademy Award For Best Makeup And HairstylingAcademy Award For Best Original ScoreAcademy Award For Best Original SongAcademy Award For Best Production DesignAcademy Award For Best Sound EditingAcademy Award For Best Sound MixingAcademy Award For Best Visual EffectsGovernors AwardsAcademy Honorary AwardIrving G. Thalberg Memorial AwardJean Hersholt Humanitarian AwardSpecial Achievement Academy AwardAcademy Scientific And Technical AwardAcademy Scientific And Technical AwardAcademy Scientific And Technical AwardAcademy Award For Technical AchievementJohn A. Bonner Medal Of CommendationGordon E. Sawyer AwardStudent Academy AwardsAcademy Award For Best Assistant DirectorAcademy Award For Best Dance DirectionAcademy Award For Best Director1st Academy AwardsAcademy Award For Best Live Action Short FilmAcademy Award For Best Live Action Short FilmAcademy Award For Best Live Action Short FilmAcademy Award For Best Story1st Academy Awards1st Academy AwardsAcademy Juvenile AwardList Of Academy Awards CeremoniesBook:Academy Awards Ceremonies1st Academy Awards2nd Academy Awards3rd Academy Awards4th Academy Awards5th Academy Awards6th Academy Awards7th Academy Awards8th Academy Awards9th Academy Awards10th Academy Awards11th Academy Awards12th Academy Awards13th Academy Awards14th Academy Awards15th Academy Awards16th Academy Awards17th Academy Awards18th Academy Awards19th Academy Awards20th Academy Awards21st Academy Awards22nd Academy Awards23rd Academy Awards24th Academy Awards25th Academy Awards26th Academy Awards27th Academy Awards28th Academy Awards29th Academy Awards30th Academy Awards31st Academy Awards32nd Academy Awards33rd Academy Awards34th Academy Awards35th Academy Awards36th Academy Awards37th Academy Awards38th Academy Awards39th Academy Awards40th Academy Awards41st Academy Awards42nd Academy Awards43rd Academy Awards44th Academy Awards45th Academy Awards46th Academy Awards47th Academy Awards48th Academy Awards49th Academy Awards50th Academy Awards51st Academy Awards52nd Academy Awards53rd Academy Awards54th Academy Awards55th Academy Awards56th Academy Awards57th Academy Awards58th Academy Awards59th Academy Awards60th Academy Awards61st Academy Awards62nd Academy Awards63rd Academy Awards64th Academy Awards65th Academy Awards66th Academy Awards67th Academy Awards68th Academy Awards69th Academy Awards70th Academy Awards71st Academy Awards72nd Academy Awards73rd Academy Awards74th Academy Awards75th Academy Awards76th Academy Awards77th Academy Awards78th Academy Awards79th Academy Awards80th Academy Awards81st Academy Awards82nd Academy Awards83rd Academy Awards84th Academy Awards85th Academy Awards86th Academy Awards87th Academy Awards88th Academy Awards89th Academy Awards90th Academy AwardsLos Angeles County, CaliforniaBook:Academy AwardsCategory:Academy AwardsPortal:Academy AwardTemplate:Academy Awards ListsTemplate Talk:Academy Awards ListsAcademy AwardsAcademy Of Motion Picture Arts And SciencesList Of Academy Award RecordsOscar SeasonOscar SpeechHistory Of FilmList Of Films With The Most Oscars Per CeremonyList Of Superlative Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Big Five Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Films With All Four Academy Award Acting NominationsList Of People Who Have Won Academy, Emmy, Grammy, And Tony AwardsList Of Actors With Academy Award NominationsAcademy Award For Best ActorList Of Academy Award Best Actor Winners By AgeAcademy Award For Best ActressList Of Academy Award Best Actress Winners By AgeAcademy Award For Best Supporting ActorList Of Best Supporting Actor Winners By AgeAcademy Award For Best Supporting ActressList Of Best Supporting Actress Winners By AgeList Of Actors Nominated For Academy Awards For Foreign Language PerformancesList Of Actors Nominated For Two Academy Awards In The Same YearList Of Actors Who Have Appeared In Multiple Best Picture Academy Award WinnersList Of Actors With Two Or More Academy Awards In Acting CategoriesList Of Actors With Two Or More Academy Award Nominations In Acting CategoriesOscar Love CurseAcademy Award For Best DirectorList Of Academy Award For Best Director Winners By AgeList Of Academy Award-winning FilmsList Of Academy Award-winning Foreign-language FilmsList Of Academy Award Winners And Nominees For Best Foreign Language FilmList Of Foreign-language Films Nominated For Academy AwardsList Of Countries By Number Of Academy Awards For Best Foreign Language FilmList Of Animated Feature Films Nominated For Academy AwardsList Of African Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Argentine Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Asian Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Australian Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Black Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Brazilian Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of British Academy Award Nominees And WinnersList Of Canadian Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Chilean Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Colombian Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Cuban Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of French Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of German-speaking Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Greek Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Hispanic-American (U.S.) Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Academy Award Winners And Nominees From IndiaList Of Iranian Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Italian Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Jewish Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Latin American Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Mexican Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of New Zealand Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Nordic Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Academy Award Winners And Nominees From PakistanList Of Polish Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Puerto Rican Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Spanish Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Uruguayan Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Academy Awards CeremoniesList Of Academy Award-winning FamiliesList Of Fictitious Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of LGBT Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of People Who Have Won Multiple Academy Awards In A Single YearList Of Posthumous Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Presenters Of Best Picture Academy AwardList Of Academy Award Trophies On Public DisplayList Of Oldest And Youngest Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Academy Awards For Walt DisneyList Of Female Academy Award Winners And Nominees For Non-gendered CategoriesBook:Academy AwardsCategory:Academy AwardsPortal:Academy AwardTemplate:Academy Award Best CinematographyTemplate Talk:Academy Award Best CinematographyCharles RosherKarl StrussClyde De VinnaJoseph T. RuckerWillard Van Der VeerFloyd CrosbyLee GarmesCharles LangVictor MilnerHal MohrTony GaudioKarl FreundJoseph RuttenbergGregg TolandErnest HallerRay RennahanGeorge Barnes (cinematographer)Georges PérinalArthur Miller (cinematographer)Ernest Palmer (American Cinematographer)Joseph RuttenbergLeon ShamroyArthur Miller (cinematographer)Hal MohrJoseph LaShelleLeon ShamroyHarry StradlingLeon ShamroyArthur Miller (cinematographer)Charles RosherLeonard Smith (cinematographer)Arthur ArlingGuy Green (filmmaker)Jack CardiffWilliam Daniels (cinematographer)Joseph ValentineWilliam V. SkallWinton HochPaul C. VogelWinton HochRobert KraskerRobert Surtees (cinematographer)William C. MellorAlfred GilksJohn AltonRobert Surtees (cinematographer)Winton HochArchie StoutBurnett GuffeyLoyal GriggsBoris KaufmanMilton KrasnerJames Wong HoweRobert BurksJoseph RuttenbergLionel LindonJack HildyardSam LeavittJoseph RuttenbergWilliam C. MellorRobert Surtees (cinematographer)Freddie FrancisRussell MettyEugen SchüfftanDaniel L. FappFreddie YoungJames Wong HoweLeon ShamroyWalter LassallyHarry StradlingErnest LaszloFreddie YoungHaskell WexlerTed MooreBurnett GuffeyPasqualino De SantisConrad HallFreddie YoungOswald MorrisGeoffrey UnsworthSven NykvistFred J. KoenekampJoseph BirocJohn AlcottHaskell WexlerVilmos ZsigmondNéstor AlmendrosVittorio StoraroGeoffrey UnsworthGhislain CloquetVittorio StoraroBilly Williams (cinematographer)Ronnie TaylorSven NykvistChris MengesDavid Watkin (cinematographer)Chris MengesVittorio StoraroPeter BiziouFreddie FrancisDean SemlerRobert Richardson (cinematographer)Philippe RousselotJanusz KamińskiJohn TollJohn TollJohn SealeRussell CarpenterJanusz KamińskiConrad HallPeter PauAndrew LesnieConrad HallRussell BoydRobert Richardson (cinematographer)Dion BeebeGuillermo NavarroRobert ElswitAnthony Dod MantleMauro FioreWally PfisterRobert Richardson (cinematographer)Claudio MirandaEmmanuel LubezkiEmmanuel LubezkiEmmanuel LubezkiLinus SandgrenHelp:CategoryCategory:Academy AwardsCategory:Awards For Best CinematographyCategory:Articles Needing Additional References From March 2010Category:All Articles Needing Additional ReferencesDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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