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Mission[edit] The 373 ISRG is the Department of Defense host service organization and primary force provider for the Misawa Security Operations Center (MSOC), providing warfighters and strategic/national level policy makers with actionable, time-critical intelligence.[2]

History[edit] The group was first organized in 1943. It transferred, without personnel and equipment, to England on 7 July 1943 and assigned to Eighth AF. The group used Supermarine Spitfires and Stinson L-5s to obtain information about bombardment targets and damage inflicted by bombardment operations; provide mapping service for air and ground units; observe and report on enemy transportation, installations, and positions; and obtain data on weather conditions. Prior to June 1944, the group photographed airfields, cities, industrial establishments, and ports in France, the Low Countries, and Germany. Received a Distinguished Unit Citation for operations during the period 31 May – 30 June 1944, when its coverage of bridges, marshalling yards, canals, highways, rivers, and other targets contributed much to the success of the Normandy campaign. The unit covered missile sites in France during July, and in August carried out photographic mapping missions for ground forces advancing across France. It provided reconnaissance support for the airborne attack on the Netherlands in September and for the Battle of the Bulge, December 1944– January 1945. Used North American P-51 Mustangs to escort its own reconnaissance planes during the last months of the war as the group supported the Allied drive across the Rhine and into Germany. Took part in the final bomb damage assessment following V–E Day

Lineage[edit] Constituted as 7th Photographic Group on 5 February 1943 Activated on 1 May 1943 Redesignated 7th Photographic Reconnaissance and Mapping Group in May 1943 Redesignated 7th Photographic Group (Reconnaissance) in November 1943 Redesignated 7th Reconnaissance Group in June 1945 Inactivated in England on 21 November 1945 Disbanded on 6 March 1947 Reconstituted 31 July 1985 and redesignated 373d Electronic Warfare Group[3] Redesignated 373d Intelligence Group Activated on 16 September 2000 Redesignated 373d Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group on 1 January 2009[4] Assignments[edit] Second Air Force, 1 May 1943 VIII Air Force Service Command, 7 July 1943 325th Photographic Wing (later 325th Reconnaissance Wing), 9 August 1944 United States Strategic Air Forces (later United States Air Forces in Europe), 16 July 1945 – 21 November 1945 70th Intelligence Wing (later 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing), 16 September 2000 – present Components[edit] 13th Photographic Squadron (later 13th Photographi Reconnaissance Squadron): 7 July 1943 – 21 November 1945[5] 14th Photographic Squadron (later 14th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron): 7 July 1943 – 21 November 1945[6] 22d Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron: 29 January 1945 – 29 July 1945[7] 27th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron: 9 December 1943 – 21 November 1945[8] 28th Photographic Squadron: 1 May 1943 - 21 June 1943[9] 29th Photographic Squadron: 1 May 1943 - 21 June 1943[10] 30th Photographic Squadron: 1 May 1943 - 21 June 1943[11] 301st Intelligence Squadron: 16 September 2000–present 373d Support Squadron (later 373d Intelligence Support Squadron): 16 September 2000 – c. 1 June 2015[12] 381st Intelligence Squadron: 1 June 2008 – present Stations[edit] Peterson Field, Colorado, 1 May 1943 RAF Mount Farm, England, 7 July 1943 RAF Chalgrove, England, March 1945 Hitcham Air Depot, England, October 1945 - 21 November 1945 Misawa AB, Japan, 7 Sep 2000 Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson c. 1 July 2015 – present[12] Aircraft[edit] Piper L-4 Grasshopper Stinson L-5 Sentinel Lockheed P-38 Lightning Supermarine Spitfire PR XI North American P-51 Mustang Decorations[edit] Distinguished Unit Citation France 31 May 1944 - 30 June 1944 Air Force Outstanding Unit Award[13] French Croix de Guerre with Palm 1944 European Theater of World War II Campaigns Air Offensive, Europe Normandy Northern France Rhineland Ardennes-Alsace Central Europe Air Combat, EAME

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Air Division15th Bombardment Training Wing16th Bombardment Wing (World War II)17th Air Division18th Replacement Wing (World War II)21st Air Division46th Operations Group58th Air Division73d Air Division315th Air Division316th Air Division2d Operations Group6th Operations Group7th Operations Group9th Operations Group12th Operations Group16th Air Expeditionary Wing17th Training Group19th Operations Group25th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing29th Flying Training Wing34th Training Wing39th Air Base Wing40th Air Expeditionary Wing42d Air Base Wing46th Bombardment Group47th Operations Group48th Operations Group85th Fighter Group86th Operations Group88th Bombardment Group88th Bombardment Group94th Operations Group95th Air Base Wing96th Air Base Wing99th Air Base Wing100th Air Refueling Wing301st Operations Group302d Operations Group303d Bombardment Group304th Bombardment Group305th Operations Group306th Flying Training Group307th Bombardment Group308th Armament Systems Group312th Aeronautical Systems Group330th Bombardment Group331st Bombardment Group333d Bombardment Group346th Bombardment Group351st Operations Group376th Air Expeditionary Wing379th Air Expeditionary Operations Group381st Training Group382d Bombardment Group383d Bombardment Group384th Air Expeditionary Group385th Strategic Aerospace Wing388th Operations Group390th Strategic Missile Wing393d Bombardment Group395th Bombardment Group396th Bombardment Group398th Air Expeditionary Group399th Bombardment Group400th Bombardment Group401st Air Expeditionary Group407th Air Expeditionary Group415th Bombardment Group418th Bombardment Group444th Bombardment Group445th Operations Group446th Operations Group447th Air Expeditionary Group448th Fighter-Bomber Group449th Air Expeditionary Group450th Electronic Warfare Wing451st Air Expeditionary Wing452d Operations Group453d Operations Group454th Bombardment Wing455th Air Expeditionary Wing456th Bombardment Group457th Air Expeditionary Group458th Air Expeditionary Group459th Air Refueling Wing460th Space Wing461st Bombardment Wing462d Strategic Aerospace Wing464th Tactical Airlift Wing467th Bombardment Group468th Bombardment Group469th Bombardment Group470th Bombardment Group471st Bombardment Group472d Bombardment Group484th Air Expeditionary Wing485th Air Expeditionary Wing486th Air Expeditionary Wing487th Air Expeditionary Wing488th Bombardment Group489th Bombardment Group490th Bombardment Group491st Bombardment Group493d Bombardment Group494th Bombardment Wing497th Air Refueling Wing498th Tactical Missile Group499th Air Refueling Wing500th Air Refueling Wing501st Combat Support Wing502d Bombardment Group504th Bombardment Group505th Bombardment Group509th Composite Group20th Operations Group54th Fighter-Interceptor Group84th Fighter Group85th Fighter Group507th Air Refueling Wing508th Aerospace Sustainment Wing2d Reconnaissance Group3d Reconnaissance Group4th Reconnaissance Group26th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing6th Reconnaissance Group7th Reconnaissance Group8th Reconnaissance Group71st Operations Group77th Aeronautical Systems Wing443d Troop Carrier GroupFirst Air ForceSecond Air ForceThird Air ForceFourth Air ForceFifth Air ForceUnited States Air Forces Southern CommandSeventh Air ForceEighth Air ForceNinth Air Force (World War II)Tenth Air ForceEleventh Air ForceTwelfth Air ForceThirteenth Air ForceFourteenth Air Force15th Expeditionary Mobility Task ForceTwentieth Air ForceHelp:CategoryCategory:Intelligence Groups Of The United States Air ForceCategory:Reconnaissance Groups Of The United States Air ForceCategory:Wikipedia Articles Needing Page Number Citations From September 2017Category:Wikipedia Introduction Cleanup From September 2017Category:All Pages Needing CleanupCategory:Articles Covered By WikiProject Wikify From September 2017Category:All Articles Covered By WikiProject WikifyCategory:Use Dmy Dates From May 2011Category:Wikipedia Articles Incorporating Text From The Air Force Historical Research AgencyDiscussion About 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