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Units[edit] 28th Operations Group 28th Operations Support Squadron 34th Bomb Squadron 37th Bomb Squadron 28th Mission Support Group 28th Civil Engineering Squadron 28th Communications Squadron 28th Contracting Squadron 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron 28th Force Support Squadron 28th Security Forces Squadron 28th Maintenance Group 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 28th Maintenance Squadron 28th Munitions Squadron 28th Maintenance Operations Squadron 28th Medical Group 28th Medical Operations Squadron 28th Medical Support Squadron

Background of name[edit] The motto "Guardian of the North" hails from the 28th Operations Group's World War II service in Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, and the Kuril Islands. The 28th Bomb Wing carries on the traditions of the 28th Operations Group. Myth: The motto "Guardian of the North" is not related in any way to the wing's Cold War service with Boeing B-52 Stratofortress bombers. Although this motto seems to dovetail nicely with the idea of guarding the north (whether spearheading an attack over the North Pole, or defending against one) from the Soviets, this is definitely not the case.[citation needed]

History[edit] For related history and lineage, see 28th Operations Group The 28th Bomb Wing, under various designations, has been assigned to Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota for over 60 years. It is the longest assigned active-duty unit at a single base in the United States Air Force. Cold War[edit] Cold War Emblem of the 28th Bombardment Wing 28th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Convair RB-36D Peacemaker, AF Ser. No. 49-2688, with Tail Code Triangle-S, circa 1951 Established as the 28th Bombardment Wing, Very Heavy on 28 July 1947, the wing maintained proficiency in heavy bombardment from 1947 to 1948 and maintained proficiency in global bombardment, deploying tactical components or segments thereof as needed from 1948 to 1950. In March 1953, an RB-36 and its entire crew of 23 crashed in Newfoundland while returning from a routine exercise in Europe. On 13 June 1953, President Dwight D. Eisenhower made a personal visit to dedicate the base in memory of Brig Gen Richard E. Ellsworth, commander of the 28th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, who lost his life in that mishap. Although the wing's aerial reconnaissance capability lasted until September 1958, by April 1955 the Air Force had already changed the wing back to its former status as the 28th Bombardment Wing, Heavy, under the 15th Air Force (later attached to the 3rd Air Division), which specialized almost exclusively in nuclear ordnance delivery. Headquarters Strategic Air Command (SAC) reassigned the 28 BMW from 8th Air Force back to 15th Air Force in October 1955. The wing also completed a deployment to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, from April 1955 to July 1955. Approximately one year later, SAC set plans in motion to replace the 28th's Convair B-36 Peacemakers with the new all-jet B-52 Stratofortress. The last B-36 left Ellsworth on 29 May 1957 and the first B-52 arrived sixteen days later. In 1958, all base units came under the command of the 821st Strategic Aerospace Division, headquartered at Ellsworth. On 26 September 1958, two B-52Ds from the wing set world speed records for heavy aircraft. One flew a 5,000 km closed course at an average speed of 597.695 mph, while the other flew a 10,000 km closed course at a speed of 560.705 mph.[4]:259 The wing added aerial refueling to its mission in 1959 with the addition of the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker and also began operating post-attack command and control system for Fifteenth Air Force in January 1965, maintaining this capability through a rear echelon during the absences of the remainder of the wing. The wing also temporarily controlled the 850th Strategic Missile Squadron, a non-equipped Titan I missile squadron from December 1960 to December 1961 pending the later establishment of the 44th Strategic Missile Wing at Ellsworth. In April 1966, B-52Ds of the wing, together with D series bombers of the 484th Bombardment Wing deployed to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, replacing the B-52Fs that SAC had been deploying to Andersen for the Vietnam War since the previous year. The 29th's planes and other B-52Ds had been modified under a program called Big Belly, which increased the bombload of wing aircraft to 84 500 lb bombs or 42 750 lb bombs, from the 27 it could previously carry.[4]:256 From this point, the Big Belly B-52D became the SAC workhorse in Southeast Asia. 28th BMW B-52H circa 1979 Except for a small rear echelon left at Ellsworth, the wing's headquarters staff, aircraft and crews, and most support personnel were integrated into Operation Arc Light forces for combat in Southeast Asia, c. 9 March – c. 21 September 1966, c. 15 January – c. 19 July 1968, and c. 9 September 1969 – c. 18 March 1970. From April 1972 to October 1973 the wing also had most of its tactical aircraft and crews on loan to SAC organizations involved in combat operations, and the wing continued supporting Pacific forces with planes and crews into 1975. In 1971, the wing converted from the B-52D to the B-52G, and converted again from B-52G to B-52H models in 1977. The B-52H mission expanded in 1984 to include sea reconnaissance, surveillance, and conventional operations from forward bases overseas, to include employment of the AGM-84 Harpoon missile. The wing also upgraded its tanker force to KC-135R variant in 1985 and 1986. 4th ACCS EC-135G Airborne Launch Control Center at Ellsworth AFB, SD 4th ACCS patch EC-135A Airborne Launch Control Center Airborne Launch Control System crew member From 1 April 1970 to 30 September 1992, the 4th Airborne Command and Control Squadron (ACCS), part of the 28th BMW, provided airborne command post responsibilities with specially modified Boeing EC-135 airborne command post aircraft for Strategic Air Command as part of the Post Attack Command and Control System. The 4th ACCS was the workhorse of Airborne Launch Control System (ALCS) operations. Three dedicated Airborne Launch Control Centers (ALCC) (pronounced “Al-see”), designated ALCC No. 1, ALCC No. 2, and ALCC No. 3 were on ground alert around-the-clock providing ALCS coverage for five of the six Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Wings. These dedicated ALCCs were mostly EC-135A aircraft but sometimes were EC-135C or EC-135G aircraft, depending on availability. ALCC No. 1 was on ground alert at Ellsworth AFB, SD and during a wartime scenario, its role would have been to take off and orbit between the Minuteman Wings at Ellsworth AFB, SD and F.E. Warren AFB, WY, providing ALCS assistance if needed. ALCCs No. 2 and No. 3 were routinely on forward deployed ground alert at Minot AFB, ND. During a wartime scenario, ALCC No. 3’s role would have been to take off and orbit between the Minuteman ICBM Wings at Minot AFB, ND and Grand Forks AFB, ND, providing ALCS assistance if needed. ALCC No. 2’s dedicated role was to take off and orbit near the Minuteman ICBM Wing at Malmstrom AFB, MT, providing ALCS assistance if needed. The 4th ACCS also maintained an EC-135C or EC-135G on ground alert at Ellsworth as the West Auxiliary Airborne Command Post (WESTAUXCP), which was a backup to SAC’s Looking Glass Airborne Command Post (ABNCP), as well as a radio relay link between the Looking Glass and ALCCs when airborne. Although equipped with ALCS, the WESTAUXCP did not have a dedicated Minuteman ICBM wing to provide ALCS assistance to.[5][6][7] In 1986, the 28 BMW made extensive preparations to phase out the aging B-52 fleet and become the new home for the advanced B-1 Lancer. Contractors completed new unaccompanied enlisted dormitories in March, a new security police group headquarters in October, and gave Ellsworth's 13,497 foot runway a much-needed facelift. In addition, they completed new aircraft maintenance facilities for the complex new B-1B. In January 1987, the wing received the first of 35 B-1B bombers. The 37 BS returned to operational duty with the 28 BW in January 1987, just in time to join the 77 BS in training on the new bombers. The first B-1B arrived on 21 January 1987. In July 1988 the 57th Air Division became the wing's new higher headquarters. In 1989 the wing's B-1Bs earned the Fairchild Trophy, Crumm Linebacker Trophy, Eaker Trophy, and the Omaha Trophy for superior bomber operations and the most outstanding wing in SAC. The wing also provided tanker support for Operation Just Cause, December 1989 – January 1990. In July 1990 the Strategic Warfare Center became the latest of the wing's intermediate headquarters. Adding to its extensive combat experience, the wing deployed both tanker and airborne command post aircraft to Operation's Desert Shield/Desert Stormfrom August 1990 – March 1991. On 1 September 1991 SAC redesignated the 28th as the 28th Wing, and once again assigned it directly under Eighth Air Force, and as part of the new objective wing organization, reactivated the old 28 BG under the new name of the 28th Operations Group. The 28th Wing also regained host wing responsibilities for Ellsworth from the 44th Missile Wing. Post Cold War era[edit] Emblem of the 28th Air Expeditionary Wing Emblem of the 28th Air Expeditionary Wing (Desert Motif) With the end of the Cold War, on 28 September 1991 the Secretary of Defense ordered B-1Bs and tankers off alert. The 4 ACCS continued to maintain an alert crew until May 1992. On 1 June 1992, simultaneously, SAC inactivated, Air Combat Command activated, the 28th Wing changed names to the 28th Bomb Wing, and the 28 AREFS became a geographically separated unit assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana. In September 1992 the 4 ACCS also inactivated, having effectively worked themselves out of a job by providing airborne command and control so faithfully for so long. In 1993 the wing's B-1Bs were the first in ACC to transition from their former strategic role to an all-conventional mission. The 28th's operational squadrons could conceivably touch anywhere in the world to meet national defense needs. Ellsworth tested this concept in 1993 and early 1994 during such events as: "Team Spirit" (the first B-1Bs ever to land in South Korea); "Global Power" (various long-duration, round trip sorties flown from Ellsworth to bomb training ranges in another continent.); and "Bright Star" (the wing's second but the B-1Bs first visit to a major JCS exercise in Southwest Asia). From June through December 1994, 28 BW B-1Bs participated in a Congressionally directed operational readiness assessment known locally as "Dakota Challenge." Towards the end of the exercise the wing deployed a squadron to Roswell, NM, to simulate flying from an austere location at wartime sortie rates. This test proved the B-1B to be a versatile weapon system. Excellent results were obtained. However, World Airpower Journal argued that '[i]t could be argued that the excellent results were meaningless, because they were so unrepresentative. Spare parts, equipment and people were brought in from the 7th and 384th Bomb Wings, at last bringing up the 28th up to 100% in all three respects. This was done at the expense of degrading the other two wings. It did however show what was possible, given funding and commitment.'.[8] The journal favorably quoted General John M. Loh in this regard. On 31 March 1995, the 77 BS—a unit that had served under the wing since 1948—inactivated. Its B-1Bs became part of ACC's reconstitution reserve. This action freed funds to allow the Air Force to develop new precision-guided munitions. The Air Force announced in early 1996 that the 77 BS would once again activate under the 28 BW on 1 April 1997. In November 1998, they received the first Block D upgraded B-1B in the USAF inventory. The Block D upgrade brings the capability for the B-1 to drop the Joint Direct Attack Munition, which is a global positioning system (GPS) guided munition. (These are the upgrades that were paid for with the funds that were freed during the 77 BS's inactivation). One B-1B from the 28th Bomb Wing departed for Southwest Asia 18 December 1997 to supply additional bomber forces in the Middle East. The 7th Bomb Wing at Dyess Air Force Base also launched a B-1B 18 December. This brings the total number of B-1Bs in theater to six—three from Ellsworth and three from Dyess. B-1Bs from both bases saw their first combat action in air raids over Iraq 17 December 1997. Details on the number of B-1Bs used and battle damage assessment information has not been released; however, the missions were characterized as "very successful."[citation needed] In December 1998, 28th deployed aircraft, which flew under the flag of the 28th Air Expeditionary Group in Operation Desert Fox, were the first B-1s to drop bombs on an enemy target. In late March 2011, B-1 bombers from the 28th Bomb Wing were deployed on a mission to Libya to attack military targets in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn.[9] The Department of the Air Force announced in the spring of 2015 that effective 1 October 2015 the 28th, along with the 7th Bomb Wing at Dyess Air Force Base would be realigned under Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC), reuniting all the Air Force's bomber and strategic missiles under a single command for the first time since Strategic Air Command was disestablished 23 years earlier.[10][11] Operations and Decorations[edit] Combat Operations: Except for a small rear echelon left at Ellsworth AFB, SD, the wing's headquarters staff, tactical aircraft and crews, and most support personnel were integrated into ARC LIGHT forces for combat in Southeast Asia, c. 9 March-c. 21 September 1966, c. 15 January-c. 19 July 1968, and c. 9 September 1969-c. 18 March 1970. From Apr 1972 to Oct 1973 the wing also had most of its tactical aircraft and crews on loan to SAC organizations involved in combat operations, and the wing continued supporting Pacific forces with planes and crews into 1975. In Nov 1997, deployed four B-1s and crews to Southwest Asia for a show of force against Iraq, the first real-world contingency use of the B-1 bomber. A year later (Nov 1998), the wing deployed three B-1s and crews to Southwest Asia for punitive attacks against Iraqi targets, the first combat use of the B-1. After terrorist attacks against the United States in Sep 2001, the wing deployed B-1 aircraft and crews to Diego Garcia, an island in the Indian Ocean, for bombing missions against enemy targets in Afghanistan. Campaigns: None Decorations: Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards with Combat "V" Device: 1 June 2001 – 31 May 2003; 20 September 2001 – 17 January 2002 (conferred). Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 September 1957 – 30 June 1958; 1 January-31 Dec 1966; 1 January-1 Mar 1968; 2 March-1 Jul 1968; 9 June-10 Jul 1972; 1 July 1976 – 30 June 1978; 1 July 1978 – 30 June 1980; 1 July 1981 – 30 June 1983; 1 July 1988 – 30 June 1990; 1 June-30 Nov 1994; 1 June 1997 – 31 May 1999; 1 June 2003 – 31 May 2005. In 1989, won the Fairchild Trophy for excellence in bombing and navigation and the Omaha Trophy, presented to the outstanding wing in SAC.

Lineage[edit] Designated as the 28th Bombardment Wing, Very Heavy on 28 July 1947 Organized on 15 August 1947 Redesignated 28th Bombardment Wing, Medium on 12 July 1948 Redesignated 28th Bombardment Wing, Heavy on 16 May 1949 Redesignated 28th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing on 1 April 1950 Redesignated 28th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, Heavy on 16 July 1950 Redesignated 28th Bombardment Wing, Heavy on 1 October 1955 Redesignated 28th Wing on 1 September 1991 Redesignated 28th Bomb Wing on 1 June 1992. Wing resources form the provisional 28th Air Expeditionary Wing when the wing is the primary force provider for deployments. Assignments[edit] Fifteenth Air Force, 15 August 1947 Eighth Air Force, 1 April 1950 Fifteenth Air Force, 1 April 1955 (attached to 3d Air Division, 14 April - 24 July 1955) 821st Air Division (later 821 Strategic Aerospace) Division), 1 January 1959 47th Air Division, 30 June 1971 4th Strategic Missile Division (later 4th Air Division), 15 January 1973 57th Air Division, 1 May 1982 4th Air Division, 23 January 1987 12th Air Division, 15 July 1988 Strategic Warfare Center, 31 July 1990 Eighth Air Force, 1 September 1991 Eighth Air Force, 1 June 1992 (continued from 1 September 1991) Twelfth Air Force, 1 October 2002 Eighth Air Force, 1 October 2015 Components[edit] Groups 28th Bombardment Group (later 28th Strategic Reconnaissance Group, 28th Operations Group): 15 August 1947 – 16 June 1952; since 1 September 1991 Detached 19 July – 18 October 1948 Squadrons 4th Airborne Command and Control Squadron: 1 April 1970 – 1 September 1991 37th Bomb Squadron: 1 July 1977 – 1 October 1982; 1 January 1987 – 1 September 1991 77th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron (later 77th Bombardment Squadron): attached 10 February 1951 – 15 June 1952, assigned 16 June 1952 – 1 September 1991 (detached c. 9 March-c. 21 September 1966, c. 15 January-c. 19 July 1968, c. 19 August 1969-c. 23 March 1970). 717th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron (later 717th Bombardment Squadron): attached 10 February 1951 – 15 June 1952, assigned 16 June 1952 – 1 February 1960 718th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron (later 718th Bombardment Squadron): attached 10 February 1951 – 15 June 1952, assigned 16 June 1952 – 20 February 1960 928th Air Refueling Squadron: 1 February 1959 – 1 October 1960 28th Air Refueling Squadron: 1 October 1960 – 1 September 1991 (detached c. 9 March-c. 21 September 1966, c. 15 January-c. 19 July 1968, c. 19 August 1969-c. 23 March 1970) 97th Air Refueling Squadron: 1 July 1962 – 15 March 1964 850th Strategic Missile Squadron: 1 December 1960 – 1 January 1962 Stations[edit] Rapid City Army Air Field (later Rapid City Air Force Base; Ellsworth Air Force Base), South Dakota, since 3 May 1947 28th Bombardment Group deployed at RAF Scampton, England, 19 July – 19 October 1948 77th Bombardment Squadron deployed to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, c. 9 March – c. 21 September 1966, c. 15 January – c. 19 July 1968, and c. 9 September 1969 – c. 18 March 1970 Aircraft assigned[edit] Boeing B-29 Superfortress, 1946–1950 Boeing RB-29 Superfortress, 1950 Convair B-36D Peacemaker, 1949–1950; RB-36D (24), June 1950 – 1957 (Seven B-36Bs were converted to RB-36D); 10 later converted to GRB-36D (FICON). Several RB-36D aircraft temporarily assigned to 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron for duty during Korean War. Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, 1957–1966, 1966–1968, 1968–1969, 1970–1986 B-52D, 1957–1971; B-52G, 1971–1977; B-52H, 1977–1986 Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, 1959–1966, 1966–1968, 1968–1969, 1970–1992 Boeing EC-135A/C/G Airborne Launch Control Center and Looking Glass Airborne Command Post, 1967–1992 Boeing KC-97 Stratofreighter, 1962–1964 Rockwell B-1B Lancer, 1987–Present References for commands and major units assigned, components and stations:[12][13][14]

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HinsonUnited States Air ForceEighth Air ForceAir Force Global Strike CommandEllsworth Air Force BaseB-1B Lancer7th Bomb WingDyess Air Force BaseStrategic Air CommandCold War28th Operations Group34th Bomb Squadron37th Bomb SquadronBoeing B-52 StratofortressWikipedia:Citation Needed28th Operations GroupUnited States Air ForceEnlargeEnlargeAndersen Air Force BaseGuamConvair B-36 PeacemakerBoeing KC-135 StratotankerFifteenth Air Force850th Strategic Missile SquadronTitan I44th Strategic Missile Wing484th Bombardment WingVietnam WarEnlargeOperation Arc LightSoutheast AsiaAGM-84 HarpoonEnlargeAirborne Launch Control CenterEnlargeEnlargeAirborne Launch Control CenterEnlargeAirborne Launch Control System4th Airborne Command And Control SquadronBoeing EC-135Strategic Air CommandPost Attack Command And Control System4th Airborne Command And Control SquadronAirborne Launch Control SystemAirborne Launch Control CenterLGM-30 MinutemanEllsworth AFBF.E. Warren AFBMinot AFBGrand Forks AFBMalmstrom AFBOperation Looking Glass57th Air DivisionOperation Just CauseGulf WarEighth Air ForceEnlargeEnlargeCold WarAir Combat CommandMalmstrom Air Force BaseSouthwest Asia384th Bomb WingJohn M. LohPrecision-guided MunitionJoint Direct Attack MunitionIraqWikipedia:Citation NeededOperation Odyssey DawnAir Force Global Strike CommandAFGSCAir Force Outstanding Unit AwardAir Force Outstanding Unit Award3d Air Division821st Air Division47th Air Division4th Strategic Missile Division57th Air Division12th Air DivisionTwelfth Air Force28th Bombardment Group4th Airborne Command And Control Squadron77th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron717th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron718th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron928th Air Refueling Squadron28th Air Refueling Squadron97th Air Refueling SquadronRAF ScamptonBoeing B-29 SuperfortressBoeing RB-29 SuperfortressConvair B-36D Peacemaker91st Strategic Reconnaissance SquadronKorean WarBoeing B-52 StratofortressBoeing KC-135 StratotankerBoeing EC-135Airborne Launch Control CenterOperation Looking GlassBoeing KC-97 StratofreighterRockwell B-1B LancerPortal:United States Air ForcePortal:Military Of The United StatesList Of B-52 Units Of The United States Air ForceInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-912799-59-5Argus LeaderInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-912799-12-9International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-912799-02-1Library Of Congress Control NumberInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/1-85780-197-0Copyright Status Of Work By The U.S. GovernmentAir Force Historical Research AgencyInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-912799-12-9Template:US Air Force NavboxTemplate Talk:US Air Force NavboxUnited States Air ForceAir Staff (United States)United States Secretary Of The Air ForceUnited States Under Secretary Of The Air ForceChief Of Staff Of The United States Air ForceVice Chief Of Staff Of The United States Air ForceChief Master Sergeant Of The Air ForceList Of United States Air Force Four-star GeneralsUnited States House Committee On Armed ServicesUnited States House Armed Services Subcommittee On Tactical Air And Land ForcesUnited States House Armed Services Subcommittee On Strategic ForcesUnited States Senate Committee On Armed ServicesUnited States Senate Armed Services Subcommittee On AirlandUnited States Senate Armed Services Subcommittee On Strategic ForcesStructure Of The United States Air ForceAir Force Reserve CommandAir National GuardList Of United States Air Force Field Operating AgenciesList Of United States Air Force InstallationsAir Force District Of WashingtonAir Force Operational Test And Evaluation CenterUnited States Air Force AcademyList Of Major Commands Of The United States Air ForceAir Combat CommandAir Education And Training CommandAir Force Global Strike CommandAir Force Materiel CommandAir Force Reserve CommandAir Force Space CommandAir Force Special Operations CommandAir Mobility CommandPacific Air ForcesUnited States Air Forces In Europe - Air Forces AfricaNumbered Air ForceFirst Air ForceSecond Air ForceThird Air ForceFourth Air ForceFifth Air ForceSeventh Air ForceEighth Air ForceNinth Air ForceTenth Air ForceEleventh Air ForceTwelfth Air ForceFourteenth Air ForceSeventeenth Air ForceEighteenth Air ForceNineteenth Air ForceTwentieth Air ForceTwenty-Second Air ForceTwenty-Fourth Air ForceTwenty-Fifth Air ForceUnited States Air Forces Central CommandList Of Wings Of The United States Air ForceList Of United States Air National Guard Groups & WingsList Of United States Air Force GroupsList Of United States Air National Guard Groups & WingsList Of United States Air Force SquadronsList Of United States Air National Guard SquadronsList Of United States Air Force Security Forces SquadronsReserve Components Of The United States Armed ForcesCivil Air PatrolList Of United States AirmenUnited States Air Force Officer Rank InsigniaUnited States Air Force Enlisted Rank InsigniaAir Force Specialty CodeU.S. Air Force Aeronautical RatingUnited States Air Force Judge Advocate General's CorpsRapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron EngineersUnited States Air Force Security ForcesUnited States Air Force Medical ServiceChief Of Chaplains Of The United States Air ForceChief Scientist Of The U.S. Air ForceUnited States Air Force AcademyAir Force Officer Training SchoolAir Force Reserve Officer Training CorpsUnited States Air Force Basic Military TrainingAirman Leadership SchoolSurvival, Evasion, Resistance And EscapeUnited States Air Force Fitness AssessmentAwards And Decorations Of The United States Air ForceBadges Of The United States Air ForceEquipment Of The United States Air ForceUniforms Of The United States Air ForceHistory Of The United States Air ForceAeronautical Division, U.S. Signal CorpsAviation Section, U.S. Signal CorpsDivision Of Military AeronauticsUnited States Army Air ServiceUnited States Army Air CorpsUnited States Army Air ForcesThe U.S. Air Force (song)United States Air Force BandAirman's CreedUnited States Air Force Core ValuesFlag Of The United States Air ForceUnited States Air Force SymbolUnited States Air Force MemorialNational Museum Of The United States Air ForceWomen Airforce Service PilotsAir Force OneUnited States Air Force Honor GuardUnited States Air Force ThunderbirdsService Number (United States Air Force)Category:United States Air ForcePortal:United States Air ForceTemplate:Air Force Global Strike CommandTemplate Talk:Air Force Global Strike CommandAir Force Global Strike CommandBarksdale Air Force BaseDyess Air Force BaseEllsworth Air Force BaseFrancis E. Warren Air Force BaseMalmstrom Air Force BaseMinot Air Force BaseWhiteman Air Force BaseEmblem Of Global Strike CommandNumbered Air ForcesEighth Air ForceTwentieth Air Force377th Air Base WingList Of USAF Bomb Wings And Wings Assigned To Strategic Air Command2d Bomb Wing5th Bomb Wing7th Bomb Wing509th Bomb Wing90th Missile Wing91st Missile Wing341st Missile Wing498th Nuclear Systems Wing582d Helicopter Group2d Operations Group5th Operations Group7th Operations Group28th Operations Group90th Operations Group91st Operations Group341st Operations Group509th Operations Group9th Bomb Squadron11th Bomb Squadron13th Bomb Squadron20th Bomb Squadron23d Bomb Squadron28th Bomb Squadron34th Bomb Squadron37th Bomb Squadron69th Bomb Squadron93d Bomb Squadron96th Bomb Squadron343d Bomb Squadron393d Bomb Squadron394th Combat Training Squadron576th Flight Test Squadron10th Missile Squadron12th Missile Squadron319th Missile Squadron320th Missile Squadron321st Missile Squadron490th Missile Squadron740th Missile Squadron741st Missile Squadron742d Missile Squadron37th Helicopter Squadron40th Helicopter Squadron54th Helicopter Squadron625th Strategic Operations Squadron436th Training SquadronRockwell B-1 LancerNorthrop Grumman B-2 SpiritBoeing B-52 StratofortressBoeing E-6 MercuryBell UH-1N Twin HueyLGM-30G Minuteman IIIJames KowalskiFrank KlotzStephen W. WilsonRobin RandTemplate:Air Combat CommandTemplate Talk:Air Combat CommandAir Combat CommandNumbered Air ForceFirst Air ForceNinth Air ForceTwelfth Air ForceTwenty-Fifth Air ForceEmblem Of Air Combat CommandUnited States Air Force Warfare CenterBeale Air Force BaseCreech Air Force BaseDavis–Monthan Air Force BaseHolloman Air Force BaseJoint Base Langley–EustisLangley Air Force BaseMoody Air Force BaseMountain Home Air Force BaseNellis Air Force BaseOffutt Air Force BaseSeymour Johnson Air Force BaseShaw Air Force BaseTonopah Test Range Airport23d Wing49th Wing53d Wing55th Wing57th Wing432d Wing1st Fighter Wing4th Fighter Wing20th Fighter Wing325th Fighter Wing355th Fighter Wing366th Fighter Wing388th Fighter Wing9th Reconnaissance Wing93d Air-Ground Operations Wing99th Air Base Wing461st Air Control Wing505th Command And Control Wing552d Air Control Wing633d Air Base WingTemplate:Strategic Air CommandTemplate Talk:Strategic Air CommandStrategic Air CommandList Of Strategic Air Command BasesAltus Air Force BaseAndersen Air Force BaseAndrews FieldBarksdale Air Force BaseBeale Air Force BaseBolling FieldCannon Air Force BaseColumbus Air Force BaseDavis–Monthan Air Force BaseDyess Air Force BaseEielson Air Force BaseEllsworth Air Force BaseEglin Air Force BaseFrancis E. Warren Air Force BaseFairchild Air Force BaseForbes Field Air National Guard BaseGrand Forks Air Force BaseGrissom Air Reserve BaseLincoln Air National Guard BaseLittle Rock Air Force BaseMacDill Air Force BaseMalmstrom Air Force BaseMarch Air Reserve BaseMcChord FieldMcConnell Air Force BaseMcGuire Air Force BaseMinot Air Force BaseMountain Home Air Force BaseNellis Air Force BaseOffutt Air Force BasePatrick Air Force BasePease Air National Guard BaseRickenbacker Air National Guard BaseRobins Air Force BaseSeymour Johnson Air Force BaseSheppard Air Force BaseSelfridge Air National Guard BaseTravis Air Force BaseVandenberg Air Force BaseWestover Air Reserve BaseWhiteman Air Force BaseWright-Patterson Air Force BaseRAF AlconburyNaval Support Facility Diego GarciaKadena Air BaseRAF FairfordRAF LakenheathRAF MildenhallThule Air BaseAmarillo Air Force BaseBergstrom Air Force BaseBiggs Army AirfieldCalumet Air Force StationNaval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort WorthCastle Air Force BaseChennault Air Force BaseClinton-Sherman Air Force BaseBangor Air National Guard BaseEaker Air Force BaseGlasgow Air Force BaseGrand Island Army AirfieldGriffiss Air Force BaseHunter Army AirfieldK. I. Sawyer Air Force BaseKearney Air Force BaseKincheloe Air Force BaseLarson Air Force BaseLoring Air Force BaseLowry Air Force BaseMather Air Force BaseMcCoy Air Force BasePlattsburgh Air Force BasePresque Isle Air Force BaseRamey Air Force BaseR.I. Bong Air Force BaseSchilling Air Force BaseTurner Air Force BaseWalker Air Force BaseWurtsmith Air Force BaseRAF BassingbournBen Guerir Air BaseRAF Brize NortonBruntingthorpe AerodromeRAF BurtonwoodRAF ChelvestonRAF Greenham CommonCFB Goose BayErnest Harmon Air Force BaseRAF High WycombeRAF Upper HeyfordTorrejón Air BaseRAF ManstonMorón Air BaseNouasseur Air BaseRabat–Salé AirportRAF ScamptonRAF SculthorpeSidi Slimane Air BaseRAF South RuislipU-Tapao Royal Thai Navy AirfieldRAF WaddingtonRAF WoodbridgeRAF WytonZaragoza AirportEmblem Of Strategic Air CommandNumbered Air ForceSecond Air ForceEighth Air Force15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force16th Air Expeditionary Task ForceTwentieth Air Force3d Air Division4th Air Division5th Air Division6th Air Division7th Air Division12th Air Division14th Air Division17th Air Division19th Air Division21st Air Division36th Air Division40th Air Division42d Air Division45th Air Division47th Air Division57th Air Division100th Air Refueling Wing311th Air Division801st Air Division802d Air Division806th Air Division817th Air Division822d Air Division823d Air Division4310th Air Division1st Strategic Aerospace Division18th Strategic Aerospace Division22d Strategic Aerospace Division810th Strategic Aerospace Division813th Strategic Aerospace Division816th Strategic Aerospace Division818th Strategic Aerospace Division819th Strategic Aerospace Division820th Strategic Aerospace Division821st Strategic Aerospace Division825th Strategic Aerospace Division13th Strategic Missile DivisionStrategic Air Command WingsList Of USAF Bomb Wings And Wings Assigned To Strategic Air Command2d Bomb Wing5th Bomb Wing7th Bomb Wing9th Reconnaissance Wing17th Training Wing19th Airlift Wing22d Air Refueling Wing39th Air Base Wing42d Air Base Wing43d Airlift Wing53d Electronic Warfare Group70th Intelligence, Surveillance And Reconnaissance Wing72d Air Base Wing92d Air Refueling Wing93d Air Ground Operations Wing96th Air Base Wing97th Air Mobility Wing99th Air Base Wing303d Aeronautical Systems Wing319th Air Refueling Wing320th Air Expeditionary Wing340th Flying Training Group379th Air Expeditionary Wing380th Air Expeditionary Wing397th Bombardment Wing410th Air Expeditionary Wing416th Bombardment Wing449th Air Expeditionary Group450th Bombardment Wing454th Bombardment Wing456th Bombardment Wing461st Bombardment Wing465th Bombardment Wing484th Air Expeditionary Wing494th Bombardment Wing509th Bomb WingList Of USAF Fighter Wings Assigned To Strategic Air Command1st Fighter Wing4th Fighter Wing12th Flying Training Wing27th Special Operations Wing31st Fighter Wing33d Fighter Wing56th Fighter Wing71st Flying Training Wing82d Training Wing407th Air Expeditionary Group506th Air Expeditionary Group508th Aerospace Sustainment WingList Of USAF Strategic Missile Wings Assigned To Strategic Air Command44th Missile Wing90th Missile Wing91st Missile Wing308th Armament Systems Wing321st Air Expeditionary Wing341st Missile Wing351st Missile Wing381st Training Group389th Strategic Missile Wing390th Strategic Missile Wing392d Strategic Missile Wing451st Air Expeditionary Wing455th Air Expeditionary Wing526th ICBM Systems Group352d Special Operations Group703d Strategic Missile Wing404th Air Expeditionary Group705th Strategic Missile Wing6th Air Mobility Wing26th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing55th Wing544th Intelligence, Surveillance And Reconnaissance GroupList Of USAF Air Refueling Wings Assigned To Strategic Air Command11th Wing100th Air Refueling Wing301st Air Refueling Wing305th Air Mobility Wing384th Air Expeditionary Wing452d Air Mobility Wing497th Air Refueling Wing499th Air Refueling Wing500th Air Refueling WingList Of USAF Strategic Wings Assigned To The Strategic Air Command310th Space Wing385th Strategic Aerospace Wing462d Strategic Aerospace Wing95th Air Base Wing98th Range Wing306th Strategic Wing307th Strategic Wing376th Air Expeditionary Wing3918th Strategic Wing3920th Strategic Wing43d Airlift Wing98th Range Wing3973d Strategic Wing379th Air Expeditionary Wing397th Bombardment Wing416th Bombardment Wing410th Air Expeditionary Wing17th Training Wing306th Strategic Wing100th Air Refueling Wing4081st Strategic Wing95th Air Base Wing4083d Strategic Wing70th Intelligence, Surveillance And Reconnaissance Wing456th Bombardment Wing461st Bombardment Wing340th Flying Training Group319th Air Refueling Wing320th Air Expeditionary Wing39th Air Base Wing450th Bombardment Wing465th Bombardment Wing484th Air Expeditionary Wing91st Missile Wing6th Air Mobility Wing4158th Strategic Wing462d Strategic Aerospace Wing454th Bombardment Wing2d Bomb Wing449th Air Expeditionary Group53d Electronic Warfare Group494th Bombardment Wing376th Air Expeditionary Wing307th Strategic Wing385th Strategic Aerospace Wing40th Air Expeditionary Wing2d Operations Group7th Operations Group28th Operations Group40th Air Expeditionary Wing43rd Operations Group44th Operations Group92nd Operations Group93d Operations Group97th Operations Group98th Operations Group301st Operations Group307th Bombardment Group444th Bombardment Group448th Fighter-Bomber Group449th Air Expeditionary Group467th Bombardment Group485th Air Expeditionary Wing498th Tactical Missile Group509th Composite Group27th Special Operations Group55th Operations Group91st Operations GroupEquipment Of Strategic Air CommandRockwell B-1 LancerNorthrop Grumman B-2 SpiritBoeing B-29 SuperfortressConvair B-36 PeacemakerNorth American B-45 TornadoBoeing B-47 StratojetBoeing B-50 SuperfortressBoeing B-52 StratofortressConvair B-58 HustlerGeneral Dynamics F-111 AardvarkLockheed DC-130Boeing E-4Boeing EC-135Boeing RC-135North American P-51 MustangNorth American F-82 Twin MustangRepublic F-84F ThunderstreakNorth American F-86 SabreConvair F-102 Delta DaggerGeneral Dynamics F-111 AardvarkADM-20 QuailAGM-28 Hound DogAGM-69 SRAMAGM-84 HarpoonAGM-86 ALCMAGM-129 ACMSM-65 AtlasLGM-30 MinutemanLGM-30 MinutemanLGM-30 MinutemanLGM-118 PeacekeeperSM-62 SnarkPGM-17 ThorPGM-19 JupiterLockheed SR-71 BlackbirdLockheed U-2Lockheed U-2Martin RB-57D CanberraBoeing B-17 Flying FortressBoeing B-29 SuperfortressBoeing KB-29 SuperfortressBoeing B-50 SuperfortressMcDonnell Douglas KC-10 ExtenderBoeing KC-97 StratofreighterLockheed HC-130Lockheed Martin KC-130Boeing KC-135 StratotankerBeechcraft Model 18Douglas C-47 SkytrainDouglas C-54 SkymasterFairchild C-82 PacketBoeing C-97 StratofreighterDouglas DC-6Fairchild C-119 Flying BoxcarDouglas C-124 Globemaster IIConvair C-131 SamaritanBoeing C-135 StratolifterList Of Commanders-in-chief Of The Strategic Air CommandGeorge KenneyCurtis LeMayThomas S. PowerJohn Dale RyanJoseph J. NazzaroBruce K. HollowayJohn C. MeyerRussell E. DoughertyRichard H. EllisBennie L. DavisLarry D. WelchJohn T. 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