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1990s[edit] In 1992, due to the impending closure of Mather Air Force Base, California, the 12 FTW also assumed responsibility for Undergraduate Navigator Training (UNT) and Interservice Undergraduate Navigator Training (IUNT) from the 323d Flying Training Wing (323 FTW) at Mather when that organization inactivated, with most T-43A aircraft and some of the 323 FTW squadrons reforming at Randolph AFB under the 12 FTW. In 2009, with the transition of UNT to undergraduate Combat Systems Officer training (UCSOT) and pursuant to earlier Base Realignment and Closure Commission |BRACdirectives, the 12 FTW established a new organization, the 479th Flying Training Group (479 FTG), with two new flying training squadrons and an operations support squadron, as a GSU at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida. Although NAS Pensacola is the principal base for student Naval Flight Officer (SNFO) training for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps, the 479 FTG operates independently of this program with its own USAF T-6 Texan II and T-1 Jayhawk aircraft. Upon establishment of the 479 FTG at NAS Pensacola, the remaining "legacy" navigator training squadrons that had relocated from the former Mather AFB to Randolph AFB in 1992 were inactivated. The 2010s[edit] In the second decade of the 21st century, the wing's mission is to provide instructor pilot training in the Raytheon-Beech T-6A Texan II, the Northrop T-38 Talon and the Beech T-1A Jayhawk jet trainers.[citation needed] Previously, the wing also conducted Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (IFF) in the Northrop AT-38 Talon, a role now performed with T-38s.[citation needed] Until late 2010, the wing also conducted Joint Specialized Undergraduate Navigator Training (JSUNT) and electronic warfare officer (EWO) training in the T-1A Jayhawk and Boeing T-43A medium-range turbofan jet at Randolph AFB. With the retirement of the T-43 in September 2010, this training merged with extant USAF weapons systems officer (WSO) training that had been conducted jointly with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida since 1990. The navigator, EWO and WSO training tracks were then merged and all three specialties (which wear the same type of uniform insignia wings upon completion of flight training) became known as Combat Systems Officer (CSO). This updated CSO training is now conducted by the 479th Flying Training Group as a Geographically Separated Unit (GSU) of the 12 FTW at NAS Pensacola utilizing T-6 Texan II and T-1A Jayhawk aircraft.[1] The wing is responsible for numerous aviation training programs. These programs include Pilot Instructor Training, Combat Systems Officer Training, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot Indoctrination, Basic Sensor Operator Qualification, Airmanship programs for U.S. Air Force Academy cadets, and Introductory Flight Screening. Units in the 2010s[edit] The wing consists of three flying groups and a maintenance directorate spanning more than 1,600 miles from JBSA-Randolph, Texas to Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, to Pueblo Memorial Airport and the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado.[citation needed] The 12th Operations Group controls all Instructor Pilot Training and airfield operations at Randolph AFB and Randolph AFB Auxiliary Field/Seguin Field. The 479th Flying Training Group is a geographically separated unit (GSU) located at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida and conducts Undergraduate Combat Systems Officer Training (UCSOT). The 306th Flying Training Group is a geographically separated unit located at the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado. The 306 FTG conducts powered flight training, soaring, and parachute training for Air Force Academy cadets. 12th Operations Group[citation needed] 99th Flying Training Squadron (99 FTS) 435th Fighter Training Squadron (435 FTS) 558th Flying Training Squadron (558 FTS) 559th Flying Training Squadron (559 FTS) 560th Flying Training Squadron (560 FTS) 306th Flying Training Group[citation needed] 1st Flying Training Squadron (1 FTS) 94th Flying Training Squadron (94 FTS) 98th Flying Training Squadron (98 FTS) 557th Flying Training Squadron (557 FTS) 479th Flying Training Group (479 FTG) 451st Flying Training Squadron (451 FTS) 455th Flying Training Squadron (455 FTS)

Lineage[edit] Established as 12th Fighter-Escort Wing on 27 October 1950 Activated on 1 November 1950 Redesignated: 12th Strategic Fighter Wing on 20 January 1953 Redesignated: 12 Fighter-Day Wing on 1 July 1957 Inactivated on 8 January 1958 Redesignated 12th Tactical Fighter Wing, and activated, on 17 April 1962 Organized on 25 April 1962 Inactivated on 17 November 1971 Redesignated 12th Flying Training Wing on 22 March 1972 Activated on 1 May 1972 by transfer of personnel and equipment from the 3510th Flying Training Wing

Assignments[edit] Second Air Force, 1 November 1950 Eighth Air Force, 5 December 1950 42d Air Division, 9 April 1951 – 8 January Attached to 7th Air Division, 20 July – 30 November 1951 Attached to 39th Air Division, 18 May – 10 August 1953; 10 May – 7 August 1954 Tactical Air Command, 17 April 1962 Ninth Air Force, 25 April 1962 836th Air Division, 1 July 1962 2d Air Division, 8 November 1965 Seventh Air Force, 1 April 1966 – 17 November 1971 Air Training Command, 1 May 1972 – 1 July 1993 Air Education and Training Command, 1 July 1993 – Present Nineteenth Air Force, 1 July 1993 – 13 July 2012; 1 October 2014 – Present

Components[edit] Groups 12th Fighter-Escort (later, 12th Operations) Group: 1 November 1950 – 16 June 1952; 15 December 1991–present 306th Flying Training Group 479th Flying Training Group: 2 October 2009–present Squadrons 1st Flight Screening Squadron: 15 July-15 December 1991 27th Air Refueling Squadron: attached 1 April-1 September 1955 43d Tactical Fighter: attached 8 November 1965-c. 4 January 1966 45th Tactical Fighter: attached 8 May-1 July 1962 389th Tactical Fighter: 31 March 1970 – 15 October 1971 391st Tactical Fighter: attached 26 January-22 June 1966, assigned 23 June 1966 – 22 July 1968 480th Tactical Fighter: 31 March 1970 – 17 November 1971 506th Air Refueling Squadron: attached 8 August 1955 – 1 July 1957 555th Tactical Fighter: 8 January 1964 – 25 March 1966 (detached 8 December 1964 – 18 March 1965, 6 November 1965 – 25 March 1966) 557th Tactical Fighter: 25 April 1962 – 8 November 1965; 1 December 1965 – 31 March 1970 558th Tactical Fighter: 25 April 1962 – 31 March 1970 (detached 9 March-16 June 1965, 3 February-22 July 1968) 559th Fighter-Escort (later, Strategic Fighter; Fighter-Day; Tactical Fighter): attached 10 February 1951 – 15 June 1952, assigned 16 June 1952 – 8 January 1958; assigned 25 April 1962 – 8 November 1965 (detached 9 June-7 September 1965); assigned 27 December 1965 – 31 March 1970; assigned 1 May 1972 – 15 December 1991 560th Fighter-Escort (later, Strategic Fighter; Fighter-Day): attached 10 February 1951 – 15 June 1952, assigned 16 June 1952 – 8 January 1958; 1 May 1972 – 15 December 1991 561st Fighter-Escort (later, Strategic Fighter; Fighter-Day; Tactical Fighter): attached 10 February 1951 – 1 April 1952; assigned 16 June 1952 – 8 January 1958 (detached 16 June-16 December 1952) School USAF Navigator School: 14 May 1993–Nov 2010 Assumed role from inactivated 323rd Flying Training Wing Role assumed by 479th Flying Training Group as a GSU of 12 FTW, Nov 2010 USAF Navigators now known as USAF Combat Systems Officers

Stations[edit] Turner AFB, Georgia, 1 November 1950 Bergstrom AFB, Texas, 5 December 1950 – 8 January 1958 MacDill AFB, Florida, 25 April 1962 – 31 October 1965 Cam Ranh AB, South Vietnam, 8 November 1965 Phù Cát Air Base, South Vietnam, 31 March 1970 – 17 November 1971 Randolph AFB, Texas, 1 May 1972–present Additional GSU at NAS Pensacola, Florida, November 2009–present Additional GSU at USAF Academy, Colorado, July 2013 – present

Aircraft[edit] F-84, 1950–1957 KB-29, 1955–1957 F-84, 1962–1964 F-4, 1964–1970, 1970–1971 T-29, 1972–1974 T-37, 1972–2007 T-38, 1972–present T-39, 1972–1978, 1990–1991 T-41, 1972–1973, 1992–1994 T-43, 1992–2010 C-21, 1993–1997 AT-38, 1993–2002 T-1, 1993–present T-3, 1994–1998 T-6, 2000–present

References[edit] United States Air Force portal Military of the United States portal Citations[edit] ^ Air Force Times, 22 November 2010, p. 20 Bibliography[edit]  This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website Martin, Patrick (1994). Tail Code: The Complete History of USAF Tactical Aircraft Tail Code Markings. Schiffer Military Aviation History. ISBN 0-88740-513-4. Maurer, Maurer (1983) [1961]. Air Force Combat Units Of World War II (PDF). Maxwell AFB, Alabama: Office of Air Force History. ISBN 0-89201-092-4.  McLaren, David (1998) Republic F-84 Thunderjet, Thunderstreak & Thunderflash: A Photo Chronicle. New York: Schiffer Military/Aviation History, 1998. ISBN 0-7643-0444-5. Ravenstein, Charles A. (1984). Air Force Combat Wings, Lineage & Honors Histories 1947-1977 (PDF). Washington, DC: Office of Air Force History. ISBN 0-912799-12-9.  Rogers, Brian (2005). United States Air Force Unit Designations Since 1978. Hinkley, England: Midland Publications. ISBN 1-85780-197-0.

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E. Warren (AFSPC) Fairchild (AMC) Forbes (ANG) Grand Forks (AMC) Grissom (AFRC) Homestead (AFRC) Lincoln (ANG) Little Rock (AETC) MacDill (AMC) Malmstrom (AFSPC) March (AFRC) McChord (AMC) McConnell (AMC) McGuire (AMC) Minot (ACC) Mountain Home (ACC) Nellis (ACC) Offutt (ACC) Patrick (AFSPC) Pease (ANG) Rickenbacker (ANG) Robins (AFMC) Seymour Johnson (ACC) Sheppard (AETC) Selfridge (ANG) Travis (AMC) Vandenburg (AFSPC) Westover (AFRC) Whiteman (ACC) Wright-Patterson (AFMC) Overseas RAF Alconbury (USAFE) Diego Garcia (USN) Kadena (PACAF) RAF Fairford (USAFE) RAF Lakenheath (USAFE) RAF Mildenhall (USAFE) Thule (AFSPC) Inactive CONUS Amarillo Bergstrom Biggs Calumet Air Force Station Carswell Castle Chennault Clinton-Sherman Dow Eaker Glasgow Grand Island (AAF) Griffiss Hunter K. I. Sawyer Kearney Kincheloe Larson Loring Lowry Mather McCoy Plattsburgh Presque Isle Ramey R.I. Bong (unbuilt) Schilling Stead Turner Walker Wurtsmith Overseas RAF Bassingbourn Ben Guerir Boulhaut RAF Brize Norton RAF Bruntingthorpe RAF Burtonwood RAF Chelveston RAF Greenham Common Goose Bay Ernest Harmon RAF High Wycombe RAF Upper Heyford Torrejón RAF Manston Morón Nouasseur Rabat-Salé RAF Scampton RAF Sculthorpe Sidi Slimane RAF South Ruislip U-Tapao RAF Waddington RAF Woodbridge RAF Wyton Zaragoza Units Air Forces Second Air Force Eighth Air Force Fifteenth Air Force Sixteenth Air Force Twentieth Air Force Divisions Air 3d 4th 5th 6th 7th 12th 14th 17th 19th 21st 36th 40th 42d 45th 47th 57th 100th 311th 801st 802d 806th 817th 822d 823d 4310th Strategic Aerospace 1st 18th 22d 810th 813th 816th 818th 819th 820th 821st 825th Strategic Missile 13th Wings Bombardment 2d 5th 7th 9th 17th 19th 22d 28th 39th 42d 43d 68th 70th 72d 92d 93d 96th 97th 99th 303d 319th 320th 340th 379th 380th 397th 410th 416th 449th 450th 454th 456th 461st 465th 484th 494th 509th Fighter 1st 4th 12th 27th 31st 33d 56th 71st Strategic Reconnaissance (Fighter) 82d 407th 506th 508th Missile 44th 90th 91st 308th 321st 341st 351st 381st 389th 390th 392d 451st 455th 526th 702d 703d 704th 705th Reconnaissance 6th Strategic Reconnaissance 26th Strategic Reconnaissance 55th Strategic Reconnaissance 544th Aerospace Reconnaissance Technical Refueling 11th 100th 301st 305th 384th 452d 497th 499th 500th Strategic Aerospace 310th 385th 462d AFCON 95th 98th 306th 307th 376th MAJCOM 3918th 3920th 3960th 3970th 3973d 4026th 4038th 4039th 4042d 4043d 4047th 4080th 4081st 4082d 4083d 4123d 4126th 4128th 4130th 4133d 4134th 4135th 4136th 4137th 4138th 4141st 4157th 4158th 4170th 4228th 4238th 4239th 4241st 4245th 4252nd 4258th 4321st Support 40th USAAF Groups *=Initial Assigned Unit Upon SAC's Activation Bombardment 2d (7/47) 7th (10/46) 28th (8/46) 40th (3/46*) 43rd (10/46) 44th (3/46*) 92nd (10/46) 93d (3/46*) 97th (8/46) 98th (7/47) 301st (8/46) 307th (8/46) 444th (3/46*) 448th (3/46*) 449th (3/46*) 467th (3/46*) 485th (3/46*) 498th (3/46*) 509th Composite (3/46*) Fighter 27th (6/47) 55th (2/47) Reconnaissance 91st Strategic Reconnaissance (1/47) Major weapon systems Bombers B-1B B-2 B-29 B-36 B-45 B-47 B-50 B-52 B-58 FB-111 Command & Control DC-130 E-4 EC-135 RC-135 Fighters F-51 F-82 F-84 F-86 F-102 F-111 Missiles ADM-20 AGM-28 AGM-69 AGM-84 AGM-86 AGM-129 HGM-16 LGM-30A/B LGM-30F LGM-30G LGM-118A SM-62 PGM-17A PGM-19A Reconnaissance SR-71 TR-1 U-2 RB-57D RB-17 RB-29 Tankers KB-29 KB-50 KC-10 KC-97 HC-130 KC-130 KC-135 Transport C-45 C-47 C-54 C-82 C-97 C-118 C-119 C-124 C-131 C-135 Commanders Kenney Lemay Power Ryan Nazzaro Holloway Meyer Dougherty Ellis Davis Welch Chain Butler Emblems Strategic Air Command Emblem Gallery Retrieved from "" Categories: Training wings of the United States Air ForceMilitary units and formations in TexasMilitary units and formations established in 1972Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from December 2012All articles needing additional referencesUse dmy dates from November 2012All articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from February 2018Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the Air Force Historical Research Agency

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ForceTwelfth Air ForceEighteenth Air ForceNineteenth Air ForceAir Division (United States)20th Air Division21st Air Division23d Air Division24th Air Division25th Air Division26th Air Division28th Air Division831st Air Division832d Air Division833d Air Division834th Airlift Division835th Air Division836th Air Division837th Air Division838th Air Division839th Air Division840th Air DivisionAir Forces PanamaNaval Air Station KeflavikAir Defense CommandMajor Bases And Units Of Tactical Air Command1st Fighter Wing4th Fighter Wing15th Airlift Wing20th Fighter Wing23d Wing27th Special Operations Wing32d Air Operations Group33d Fighter Wing37th Training Wing50th Space Wing56th Fighter Wing312th Fighter Wing323d Flying Training Wing347th Rescue Wing354th Fighter Wing355th Wing1st Special Operations Wing57th Wing63d Airlift Wing64th Airlift Wing67th Network Warfare Wing75th Air Base Wing85th Group317th Airlift Wing363d Flying Training Group405th Air Expeditionary Wing461st Tactical Bombardment Wing4505th Air Refueling WingMajor Bases And Units Of Tactical Air CommandAltus Air Force BaseBrooks City-BaseCannon Air Force BaseCharleston Air Force BaseCreech Air Force BaseDavis–Monthan Air Force BaseDover Air Force BaseDyess Air Force BaseEglin Air Force BaseHill Air Force BaseHolloman Air Force BaseHurlburt FieldLangley FieldLittle Rock Air Force BaseLuke Air Force BaseMacDill Air Force BaseMcChord FieldMcConnell Air Force BaseMoody Air Force BaseMountain Home Air Force BaseNellis Air Force BasePope FieldSeymour Johnson Air Force BaseShaw Air Force BaseTonopah Test Range AirportTyndall Air Force BaseWhiteman Air Force BaseBergstrom Air Force BaseEaker Air Force BaseDonaldson Air Force BaseEngland Air Force BaseForbes Field Air National Guard BaseGeorge Air Force BaseHoward Air Force BaseGrenier Air Force BaseMyrtle Beach Air Force BaseOrlando Air Force BaseSewart Air Force BaseTurner Air Force BaseWilliams Air Force BaseGrissom Air Reserve BaseBiggs Army AirfieldBangor Air National Guard BaseGodman Army AirfieldRickenbacker Air National Guard BaseMarch Air Reserve BaseOtis Air National Guard BaseDouglas A-1 SkyraiderLTV A-7 Corsair IIFairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt IICessna T-37 TweetDouglas AC-47 SpookyFairchild AC-119Lockheed AC-130Douglas B-26 InvaderMartin B-57 CanberraDouglas B-66 DestroyerC-7 CaribouDouglas C-47 SkytrainFairchild C-82 PacketFairchild C-119 Flying BoxcarFairchild C-123 ProviderLockheed C-130 HerculesBoeing E-3 SentryBoeing E-8C Joint STARSGeneral Dynamics/Grumman EF-111A RavenBoeing EC-135McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom IIF-5 TigerMcDonnell Douglas F-15 EagleGeneral Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconRepublic P-47 ThunderboltNorth American P-51 MustangLockheed F-80 Shooting StarNorth American F-82 Twin MustangRepublic F-84 ThunderstreakNorth American F-86 SabreNorthrop F-89 ScorpionNorth American F-100 Super SabreMcDonnell F-101 VoodooConvair F-102 Delta DaggerLockheed F-104 StarfighterRepublic F-105 ThunderchiefConvair F-106 Delta DartGeneral Dynamics F-111 AardvarkLockheed F-117 NighthawkBell UH-1 IroquoisSikorsky H-5Hughes OH-6 CayuseSikorsky H-19 ChickasawKaman HH-43 HuskieSikorsky UH-60 Black HawkSikorsky MH-53Boeing KB-29 SuperfortressBoeing KB-50 SuperfortressBoeing KC-97 StratofreighterCessna O-1 Bird DogCessna O-2 SkymasterHiller OH-23 RavenNorth American Rockwell OV-10 BroncoCurtiss P-40 WarhawkLockheed P-38 LightningSikorsky R-4Sikorsky S-62North American T-6 TexanNorth American T-28 TrojanConvair T-29Lockheed T-33Northrop T-38 TalonTemplate:Strategic Air CommandTemplate Talk:Strategic Air CommandStrategic Air CommandList Of Strategic Air Command BasesAltus Air Force BaseAndersen Air Force BaseAndrews FieldBarksdale Air Force BaseBeale Air Force BaseBolling FieldCannon Air Force BaseColumbus Air Force BaseDavis–Monthan Air Force BaseDyess Air Force BaseEielson Air Force BaseEllsworth Air Force BaseEglin Air Force BaseFrancis E. Warren Air Force BaseFairchild Air Force BaseForbes Field Air National Guard BaseGrand Forks Air Force BaseGrissom Air Reserve BaseLincoln Air National Guard BaseLittle Rock Air Force BaseMacDill Air Force BaseMalmstrom Air Force BaseMarch Air Reserve BaseMcChord FieldMcConnell Air Force BaseMcGuire Air Force BaseMinot Air Force BaseMountain Home Air Force BaseNellis Air Force BaseOffutt Air Force BasePatrick Air Force BasePease Air National Guard BaseRickenbacker Air National Guard BaseRobins Air Force BaseSeymour Johnson Air Force BaseSheppard Air Force BaseSelfridge Air National Guard BaseTravis Air Force BaseVandenberg Air Force BaseWestover Air Reserve BaseWhiteman Air Force BaseWright-Patterson Air Force BaseRAF AlconburyNaval Support Facility Diego GarciaKadena Air BaseRAF FairfordRAF LakenheathRAF MildenhallThule Air BaseAmarillo Air Force BaseBergstrom Air Force BaseBiggs Army AirfieldCalumet Air Force StationNaval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort WorthCastle Air Force BaseChennault Air Force BaseClinton-Sherman Air Force BaseBangor Air National Guard BaseEaker Air Force BaseGlasgow Air Force BaseGrand Island Army AirfieldGriffiss Air Force BaseHunter Army AirfieldK. I. Sawyer Air Force BaseKearney Air Force BaseKincheloe Air Force BaseLarson Air Force BaseLoring Air Force BaseLowry Air Force BaseMather Air Force BaseMcCoy Air Force BasePlattsburgh Air Force BasePresque Isle Air Force BaseRamey Air Force BaseR.I. Bong Air Force BaseSchilling Air Force BaseTurner Air Force BaseWalker Air Force BaseWurtsmith Air Force BaseRAF BassingbournBen Guerir Air BaseRAF Brize NortonBruntingthorpe AerodromeRAF BurtonwoodRAF ChelvestonRAF Greenham CommonCFB Goose BayErnest Harmon Air Force BaseRAF High WycombeRAF Upper HeyfordTorrejón Air BaseRAF ManstonMorón Air BaseNouasseur Air BaseRabat–Salé AirportRAF ScamptonRAF SculthorpeSidi Slimane Air BaseRAF South RuislipU-Tapao Royal Thai Navy AirfieldRAF WaddingtonRAF WoodbridgeRAF WytonZaragoza AirportEmblem Of Strategic Air CommandNumbered Air ForceSecond Air ForceEighth Air Force15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force16th Air Expeditionary Task ForceTwentieth Air Force3d Air Division4th Air Division5th Air Division6th Air Division7th Air Division12th Air Division14th Air Division17th Air Division19th Air Division21st Air Division36th Air Division40th Air Division42d Air Division45th Air Division47th Air Division57th Air Division100th Air Refueling Wing311th Air Division801st Air Division802d Air Division806th Air Division817th Air Division822d Air Division823d Air Division4310th Air Division1st Strategic Aerospace Division18th Strategic Aerospace Division22d Strategic Aerospace Division810th Strategic Aerospace Division813th Strategic Aerospace Division816th Strategic Aerospace Division818th Strategic Aerospace Division819th Strategic Aerospace Division820th Strategic Aerospace Division821st Strategic Aerospace Division825th Strategic Aerospace Division13th Strategic Missile DivisionStrategic Air Command WingsList Of USAF Bomb Wings And Wings Assigned To Strategic Air Command2d Bomb Wing5th Bomb Wing7th Bomb Wing9th Reconnaissance Wing17th Training Wing19th Airlift Wing22d Air Refueling Wing28th Bomb Wing39th Air Base Wing42d Air Base Wing43d Airlift Wing53d Electronic Warfare Group70th Intelligence, Surveillance And Reconnaissance Wing72d Air Base Wing92d Air Refueling Wing93d Air Ground Operations Wing96th Air Base Wing97th Air Mobility Wing99th Air Base Wing303d Aeronautical Systems Wing319th Air Refueling Wing320th Air Expeditionary Wing340th Flying Training Group379th Air Expeditionary Wing380th Air Expeditionary Wing397th Bombardment Wing410th Air Expeditionary Wing416th Bombardment Wing449th Air Expeditionary Group450th Bombardment Wing454th Bombardment Wing456th Bombardment Wing461st Bombardment Wing465th Bombardment Wing484th Air Expeditionary Wing494th Bombardment Wing509th Bomb WingList Of USAF Fighter Wings Assigned To Strategic Air Command1st Fighter Wing4th Fighter Wing27th Special Operations Wing31st Fighter Wing33d Fighter Wing56th Fighter Wing71st Flying Training Wing82d Training Wing407th Air Expeditionary Group506th Air Expeditionary Group508th Aerospace Sustainment WingList Of USAF Strategic Missile Wings Assigned To Strategic Air Command44th Missile Wing90th Missile Wing91st Missile Wing308th Armament Systems Wing321st Air Expeditionary Wing341st Missile Wing351st Missile Wing381st Training Group389th Strategic Missile Wing390th Strategic Missile Wing392d Strategic Missile Wing451st Air Expeditionary Wing455th Air Expeditionary Wing526th ICBM Systems Group352d Special Operations Group703d Strategic Missile Wing404th Air Expeditionary Group705th Strategic Missile Wing6th Air Mobility Wing26th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing55th Wing544th Intelligence, Surveillance And Reconnaissance GroupList Of USAF Air Refueling Wings Assigned To Strategic Air Command11th Wing100th Air Refueling Wing301st Air Refueling Wing305th Air Mobility Wing384th Air Expeditionary Wing452d Air Mobility Wing497th Air Refueling Wing499th Air Refueling Wing500th Air Refueling WingList Of USAF Strategic Wings Assigned To The Strategic Air Command310th Space Wing385th Strategic Aerospace Wing462d Strategic Aerospace Wing95th Air Base Wing98th Range Wing306th Strategic Wing307th Strategic Wing376th Air Expeditionary Wing3918th Strategic Wing3920th Strategic Wing43d Airlift Wing98th Range Wing3973d Strategic Wing379th Air Expeditionary Wing397th Bombardment Wing416th Bombardment Wing410th Air Expeditionary Wing17th Training Wing306th Strategic Wing100th Air Refueling Wing4081st Strategic Wing95th Air Base Wing4083d Strategic Wing70th Intelligence, Surveillance And Reconnaissance Wing456th Bombardment Wing461st Bombardment Wing340th Flying Training Group319th Air Refueling Wing320th Air Expeditionary Wing39th Air Base Wing450th Bombardment Wing465th Bombardment Wing484th Air Expeditionary Wing91st Missile Wing6th Air Mobility Wing4158th Strategic Wing462d Strategic Aerospace Wing454th Bombardment Wing2d Bomb Wing449th Air Expeditionary Group53d Electronic Warfare Group494th Bombardment Wing376th Air Expeditionary Wing307th Strategic Wing385th Strategic Aerospace Wing40th Air Expeditionary Wing2d Operations Group7th Operations Group28th Operations Group40th Air Expeditionary Wing43rd Operations Group44th Operations Group92nd Operations Group93d Operations Group97th Operations Group98th Operations Group301st Operations Group307th Bombardment Group444th Bombardment Group448th Fighter-Bomber Group449th Air Expeditionary Group467th Bombardment Group485th Air Expeditionary Wing498th Tactical Missile Group509th Composite Group27th Special Operations Group55th Operations Group91st Operations GroupEquipment Of Strategic Air CommandRockwell B-1 LancerNorthrop Grumman B-2 SpiritBoeing B-29 SuperfortressConvair B-36 PeacemakerNorth American B-45 TornadoBoeing B-47 StratojetBoeing B-50 SuperfortressBoeing B-52 StratofortressConvair B-58 HustlerGeneral Dynamics F-111 AardvarkLockheed DC-130Boeing E-4Boeing EC-135Boeing RC-135North American P-51 MustangNorth American F-82 Twin MustangRepublic F-84F ThunderstreakNorth American F-86 SabreConvair F-102 Delta DaggerGeneral Dynamics F-111 AardvarkADM-20 QuailAGM-28 Hound DogAGM-69 SRAMAGM-84 HarpoonAGM-86 ALCMAGM-129 ACMSM-65 AtlasLGM-30 MinutemanLGM-30 MinutemanLGM-30 MinutemanLGM-118 PeacekeeperSM-62 SnarkPGM-17 ThorPGM-19 JupiterLockheed SR-71 BlackbirdLockheed U-2Lockheed U-2Martin RB-57D CanberraBoeing B-17 Flying FortressBoeing B-29 SuperfortressBoeing KB-29 SuperfortressBoeing B-50 SuperfortressMcDonnell Douglas KC-10 ExtenderBoeing KC-97 StratofreighterLockheed HC-130Lockheed Martin KC-130Boeing KC-135 StratotankerBeechcraft Model 18Douglas C-47 SkytrainDouglas C-54 SkymasterFairchild C-82 PacketBoeing C-97 StratofreighterDouglas DC-6Fairchild C-119 Flying BoxcarDouglas C-124 Globemaster IIConvair C-131 SamaritanBoeing C-135 StratolifterList Of Commanders-in-chief Of The Strategic Air CommandGeorge KenneyCurtis LeMayThomas S. PowerJohn Dale RyanJoseph J. NazzaroBruce K. HollowayJohn C. MeyerRussell E. DoughertyRichard H. EllisBennie L. DavisLarry D. WelchJohn T. 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