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Academy Awards of Merit[edit] AMPAS presented Academy Awards of Merit in twenty categories. Nominees for each award are listed below; award winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface. Outstanding Production Gone With the Wind – David O. Selznick for Selznick International and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Dark Victory – David Lewis for Warner Bros. Goodbye, Mr. Chips – Victor Saville for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Love Affair – Leo McCarey for RKO Radio Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – Frank Capra for Columbia Ninotchka – Sidney Franklin for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Of Mice and Men – Lewis Milestone for Hal Roach Prod. and United Artists Stagecoach – Walter Wanger for United Artists The Wizard of Oz – Mervyn LeRoy for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Wuthering Heights – Samuel Goldwyn for Samuel Goldwyn Prod. and United Artists Best Director Victor Fleming – Gone With the Wind Frank Capra – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington John Ford – Stagecoach Sam Wood – Goodbye, Mr. Chips William Wyler – Wuthering Heights Best Actor Robert Donat – Goodbye, Mr. Chips as Mr Chips Clark Gable – Gone With the Wind as Rhett Butler Laurence Olivier – Wuthering Heights as Heathcliff Mickey Rooney – Babes in Arms as Mickey Moran James Stewart – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as Jefferson "Jeff" Smith Best Actress Vivien Leigh – Gone With the Wind as Scarlett O'Hara Bette Davis – Dark Victory as Judith Traherne Irene Dunne – Love Affair as Terry McKay Greta Garbo – Ninotchka as Nina Ivanovna 'Ninotchka' Yakushova Greer Garson – Goodbye, Mr. Chips as Katherine Best Supporting Actor Thomas Mitchell – Stagecoach as Doc Boone Brian Aherne – Juarez as Maximilian I of Mexico Harry Carey – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as President of the Senate Brian Donlevy – Beau Geste as Sergeant Markoff Claude Rains – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as Senator Joseph Harrison "Joe" Paine Best Supporting Actress Hattie McDaniel – Gone With the Wind as Mammy Olivia de Havilland – Gone With the Wind as Melanie Hamilton Geraldine Fitzgerald – Wuthering Heights as Isabella Linton Edna May Oliver – Drums Along the Mohawk as Mrs McKlennar Maria Ouspenskaya – Love Affair as Grandmother Janou Best Story Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – Lewis R. Foster Love Affair – Mildred Cram and Leo McCarey Bachelor Mother – Felix Jackson Ninotchka – Melchior Lengyel Young Mr. Lincoln – Lamar Trotti Best Screenplay Gone With the Wind – Sidney Howard (posthumous award), based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell Ninotchka – Charles Brackett, Walter Reisch, and Billy Wilder, based on a story by Melchior Lengyel Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – Sidney Buchman, based on a story by Lewis R. Foster Wuthering Heights – Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, based on the novel by Emily Brontë Goodbye, Mr. Chips – Eric Maschwitz, R. C. Sherriff and Claudine West, based on the novel by James Hilton Best Live Action Short Film, One-Reel Busy Little Bears – Paramount Pictures Information Please – RKO Radio Prophet Without Honor – MGM Sword Fishing – Warner Bros. Best Live Action Short Film, Two-Reel Sons of Liberty – Warner Bros. Drunk Driving – MGM Five Times Five – RKO Radio Best Animated Short Film The Ugly Duckling – Walt Disney Productions and RKO Radio Detouring America – Warner Bros. Peace on Earth – MGM The Pointer – Walt Disney Productions and RKO Radio Best Score Stagecoach – Richard Hageman, Frank Harling, John Leipold and Leo Shuken The Great Victor Herbert – Phil Boutelje and Arthur Lange Of Mice and Men – Aaron Copland Babes in Arms – Roger Edens and George E. Stoll She Married a Cop – Cy Feuer Intermezzo – Lou Forbes The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex – Erich Wolfgang Korngold The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Alfred Newman They Shall Have Music – Alfred Newman First Love – Charles Previn Swanee River – Louis Silvers Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – Dimitri Tiomkin Way Down South – Victor Young Best Original Score The Wizard of Oz – Herbert Stothart Nurse Edith Cavell – Anthony Collins Of Mice and Men – Aaron Copland The Man in the Iron Mask – Lud Gluskin and Lucien Moraweck Eternally Yours – Werner Janssen The Rains Came – Alfred Newman Wuthering Heights – Alfred Newman Dark Victory – Max Steiner Gone With the Wind – Max Steiner Golden Boy – Victor Young Gulliver's Travels – Victor Young Man of Conquest – Victor Young Best Song "Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz – Music by Harold Arlen; Lyrics by E. Y. Harburg "Faithful Forever" from Gulliver's Travels – Music by Ralph Rainger; Lyrics by Leo Robin "I Poured My Heart Into a Song" from Second Fiddle – Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin "Wishing" from Love Affair – Music and Lyrics by Buddy de Sylva Best Sound Recording When Tomorrow Comes – Bernard B. Brown Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – John Livadary Goodbye, Mr. Chips – A. W. Watkins Of Mice and Men – Elmer A. Raguse Balalaika – Douglas Shearer The Great Victor Herbert – Loren L. Ryder Man of Conquest – Charles L. Lootens The Hunchback of Notre Dame – John Aalberg Gone With the Wind – Thomas T. Moulton The Rains Came – E. H. Hansen The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex – Nathan Levinson Best Art Direction Gone With the Wind – Lyle Wheeler Mr. Smith Goes to Washington –Lionel Banks Wuthering Heights – James Basevi The Rains Came – William S. Darling and George Dudley Beau Geste – Hans Dreier and Robert Odell The Wizard of Oz – Cedric Gibbons and William A. Horning The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex – Anton Grot Captain Fury – Charles D. Hall Man of Conquest – John Victor Mackay First Love – Jack Otterson and Martin Obzina Love Affair – Van Nest Polglase and Alfred Herman Stagecoach – Alexander Toluboff Best Cinematography, Black and White Wuthering Heights – Gregg Toland Gunga Din – Joseph H. August Lady of the Tropics – Norbert Brodine Juarez – Tony Gaudio Stagecoach – Bert Glennon The Rains Came – Arthur Charles Miller The Great Victor Herbert – Victor Milner Intermezzo – Gregg Toland First Love – Joseph Valentine Of Mice and Men – George J. Folsey Only Angels Have Wings – Joseph Walker Best Cinematography, Color Gone With the Wind – Ernest Haller and Ray Rennahan The Four Feathers – Georges Périnal and Osmond Borradaile The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex – Sol Polito and W. Howard Greene Drums Along the Mohawk – Ray Rennahan and Bert Glennon The Wizard of Oz – Hal Rosson The Mikado – William V. Skall and Bernard Knowles Best Film Editing Gone With the Wind – Hal C. Kern and James E. Newcom Goodbye, Mr. Chips – Charles Frend Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – Gene Havlick and Al Clark Stagecoach – Otho Lovering and Dorothy Spencer The Rains Came – Barbara McLean Best Special Effects The Rains Came – E. H. Hansen and Fred Sersen Gone With the Wind – John R. Cosgrove, Fred Albin and Arthur Johns Only Angels Have Wings – Roy Davidson and Edwin C. Hahn Union Pacific – Farciot Edouart, Gordon Jennings and Loren Ryder The Wizard of Oz – A. Arnold Gillespie and Douglas Shearer The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex – Byron Haskin and Nathan Levinson Topper Takes a Trip – Roy Seawright

Academy Honorary Awards[edit] Academy Honorary Awards were presented to: Douglas Fairbanks Motion Picture Relief Fund William Cameron Menzies The Technicolor Company

Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award[edit] The Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award was presented to: David O. Selznick

Academy Juvenile Award[edit] The Academy Juvenile Award was presented to: Judy Garland for The Wizard of Oz

Films receiving multiple nominations and awards[edit] The following twenty-three films received multiple nominations: 13 nominations: Gone with the Wind 11 nominations: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 8 nominations: Wuthering Heights 7 nominations: Goodbye, Mr. Chips and Stagecoach 6 nominations: Love Affair, The Rains Came and The Wizard of Oz 5 nominations: Of Mice and Men and The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex 4 nominations: Ninotchka 3 nominations: Dark Victory, First Love, The Great Victor Herbert and Man of Conquest 2 nominations: Babes in Arms, Beau Geste, Drums Along the Mohawk, Gulliver's Travels, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Intermezzo, Juarez and Only Angels Have Wings The following three films received multiple awards: 8 awards: Gone with the Wind 2 awards: Stagecoach and The Wizard of Oz

The lead-up to the awards ceremony[edit] Prior to the announcement of nominations, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Gone with the Wind were the two films most widely tipped to receive a significant number of nominations. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington premiered in Washington with a premier party hosted by the National Press Club who found themselves portrayed unfavourably in the film; the film's theme of political corruption was condemned and the film was denounced in the U.S. Senate. Joseph P. Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to Britain urged President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the studio head Harry Cohn to cease showing the film overseas because "it will cause our allies to view us in an unfavourable light". Among those who campaigned in favour of the film were Hedda Hopper who declared it "as great as Lincoln's Gettysburg speech", while Sheilah Graham called it the "best talking picture ever made". Screen Book magazine stated that it "should win every Academy Award". Frank Capra, the director, and James Stewart, the film's star were considered front runners to win awards. Gone with the Wind premiered in December 1939 with a Gallup poll taken shortly before its release concluding that 56.5 million people intended to see the film. The New York Film Critics Award was given to Wuthering Heights after thirteen rounds of balloting had left the voters deadlocked between Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Gone with the Wind. The press were divided in their support for the nominated actors. Time magazine favoured Vivien Leigh and used her portrait for their Christmas 1939 edition, and The Hollywood Reporter predicted a possible win by Leigh and Laurence Olivier with the comment that they "are, for the moment, just about the most sacred of all Hollywood's sacred cows". West Coast newspapers, particularly in Los Angeles, predicted Bette Davis would win for Dark Victory. Observing that Davis had achieved four box office successes during the year, one paper wrote, "Hollywood will stick by its favourite home-town girl, Bette Davis".

The ceremony[edit] Capra was the incumbent President of the Academy, and in a first for Academy Awards ceremonies, sold the rights for the event to be filmed. Warner Bros. obtained the rights, for $30,000 to film the banquet and the presentation of the awards, to use as a short, and it was shot by the cinematographer Charles Rosher. Variety noted the stars in attendance were conscious of being filmed at the event for the first time and the event was marked by glamour with fashion-conscious actresses wearing the best of gowns, furs and jewellery. The Los Angeles Times printed a substantially accurate list of winners, despite a promise to withhold the results of the voting, so many of the nominees learned before arriving at the ceremony who had won. Among these were Clark Gable and Bette Davis. Following the banquet, Capra opened proceedings at 11pm with a short speech before introducing Bob Hope who made his first appearance as host of the awards. Looking at a table laden with awards awaiting presentation, he quipped, "I feel like I'm in Bette Davis' living room". Mickey Rooney presented an Academy Juvenile Award to Judy Garland, who then performed Over the Rainbow, a "Best Song" nominee from The Wizard of Oz. As the evening progressed, Gone with the Wind won the majority of awards, and Bob Hope remarked to David O. Selznick, "David, you should have brought roller skates". Making a speech, Selznick paused to extend praise and gratitude to Olivia de Havilland, a "Best Supporting Actress" nominee, and made it clear in his speech he knew she had not won. Fay Bainter presented the awards for Best Supporting Actor and Actress, prefacing her presentation of the latter award with the knowing comment, "It is a tribute to a country where people are free to honor noteworthy achievements regardless of creed, race or color". Hattie McDaniel became the first black performer to win an Academy Award and in expressing her gratitude promised to be "a credit to my race" before bursting into tears. De Havilland was among those to make their way to McDaniel's table to offer congratulations, though it was reported de Havilland then fled to the kitchen, where she burst into tears. The press reported an irritated Irene Mayer Selznick followed her, and told her to return to their table and stop making a fool of herself.[citation needed] Robert Donat, the winner for "Best Actor", was one of three nominated actors not present (the others were Irene Dunne and Greta Garbo). Accepting the award for Donat, Spencer Tracy said he was sure Donat's win was welcomed by "the entire motion-picture industry" before presenting the "Best Actress" award to Vivien Leigh. The press noted Bette Davis was among those waiting to congratulate Leigh as she returned to her table.

Post-awards discussion[edit] Further controversy erupted following the ceremony, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that Leigh had won over Davis by the smallest of margins and that Donat had likewise won over James Stewart by a small number of votes. This led Academy officials to examine ways that the voting process, and more importantly, the results, would remain secret in future years.[2] They considered the Los Angeles Times publication of such details as a breach of faith. Hattie McDaniel received considerable attention from the press with Daily Variety writing, "Not only was she the first of her race to receive an Award, but she was also the first Negro ever to sit at an Academy banquet".[citation needed] Carole Lombard was quoted as comforting Gable after his loss, with the comment "Don't worry, Pappy. We'll bring one home next year". Gable replied that he felt this had been his last chance to which Lombard was said to have replied, "Not you, you self-centered bastard. I meant me."[citation needed]

Academy Award ceremony presenters[edit] The ceremony presenters are listed below in the sequence of awards presented. Presenter Award(s) Darryl F. Zanuck Scientific and Technical Awards, Film Editing, Sound Recording, Cinematography, Art Direction, and Special Effects Gene Buck Music awards Bob Hope Short-subject awards Mickey Rooney Special Juvenile Academy Award to Judy Garland Mervyn LeRoy Best Director Sinclair Lewis Writing awards Y. Frank Freeman Best Picture Basil O'Connor Special awards to Jean Hersholt, Ralph Morgan, Ralph Block, and Conrad Nagel Dr. Ernest Martin Hopkins Irving Thalberg Award Walter Wanger Commemorative award to Douglas Fairbanks Fay Bainter Supporting Actor and Actress Spencer Tracy Best Actor and Actress

See also[edit] 1939 in film

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RooseveltHarry CohnHedda HopperAbraham LincolnGettysburg AddressSheilah GrahamFrank CapraJames StewartGallup PollNew York Film Critics AwardTime (magazine)Vivien LeighLaurence OlivierBette DavisWarner Bros.CinematographyCharles RosherVariety (magazine)Los Angeles TimesClark GableBette DavisBob HopeMickey RooneyAcademy Juvenile AwardJudy GarlandOver The RainbowOlivia De HavillandFay BainterHattie McDanielIrene Mayer SelznickWikipedia:Citation NeededRobert DonatIrene DunneGreta GarboSpencer TracyVivien LeighBette DavisJames StewartWikipedia:Citation NeededCarole LombardWikipedia:Citation NeededDarryl F. ZanuckGene BuckBob HopeMickey RooneyJudy GarlandMervyn LeRoySinclair LewisY. 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Thalberg Memorial AwardJean Hersholt Humanitarian AwardSpecial Achievement Academy AwardAcademy Scientific And Technical AwardAcademy Scientific And Technical AwardAcademy Scientific And Technical AwardAcademy Award For Technical AchievementJohn A. Bonner Medal Of CommendationGordon E. Sawyer AwardStudent Academy AwardsAcademy Award For Best Assistant DirectorAcademy Award For Best Dance DirectionAcademy Award For Best Director1st Academy AwardsAcademy Award For Best Live Action Short FilmAcademy Award For Best Live Action Short FilmAcademy Award For Best Live Action Short FilmAcademy Award For Best Story1st Academy Awards1st Academy AwardsAcademy Juvenile AwardList Of Academy Awards CeremoniesBook:Academy Awards Ceremonies1st Academy Awards2nd Academy Awards3rd Academy Awards4th Academy Awards5th Academy Awards6th Academy Awards7th Academy Awards8th Academy Awards9th Academy Awards10th Academy Awards11th Academy Awards13th Academy Awards14th Academy Awards15th Academy Awards16th Academy Awards17th Academy Awards18th Academy Awards19th Academy Awards20th Academy Awards21st Academy Awards22nd Academy Awards23rd Academy Awards24th Academy Awards25th Academy Awards26th Academy Awards27th Academy Awards28th Academy Awards29th Academy Awards30th Academy Awards31st Academy Awards32nd Academy Awards33rd Academy Awards34th Academy Awards35th Academy Awards36th Academy Awards37th Academy Awards38th Academy Awards39th Academy Awards40th Academy Awards41st Academy Awards42nd Academy Awards43rd Academy Awards44th Academy Awards45th Academy Awards46th Academy Awards47th Academy Awards48th Academy Awards49th Academy Awards50th Academy Awards51st Academy Awards52nd Academy Awards53rd Academy Awards54th Academy Awards55th Academy Awards56th Academy Awards57th Academy Awards58th Academy Awards59th Academy Awards60th Academy Awards61st Academy Awards62nd Academy Awards63rd Academy Awards64th Academy Awards65th Academy Awards66th Academy Awards67th Academy Awards68th Academy Awards69th Academy Awards70th Academy Awards71st Academy Awards72nd Academy Awards73rd Academy Awards74th Academy Awards75th Academy Awards76th Academy Awards77th Academy Awards78th Academy Awards79th Academy Awards80th Academy Awards81st Academy Awards82nd Academy Awards83rd Academy Awards84th Academy Awards85th Academy Awards86th Academy Awards87th Academy Awards88th Academy Awards89th Academy Awards90th Academy AwardsLos Angeles County, CaliforniaBook:Academy AwardsCategory:Academy AwardsPortal:Academy AwardTemplate:Academy Awards ListsTemplate Talk:Academy Awards ListsAcademy AwardsAcademy Of Motion Picture Arts And SciencesList Of Academy Award RecordsOscar SeasonOscar SpeechHistory Of FilmList Of Films With The Most Oscars Per CeremonyList Of Superlative Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Big Five Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Films With All Four Academy Award Acting NominationsList Of People Who Have Won Academy, Emmy, Grammy, And Tony AwardsList Of Actors With Academy Award NominationsAcademy Award For Best ActorList Of Academy Award Best Actor Winners By AgeAcademy Award For Best ActressList Of Academy Award Best Actress Winners By AgeAcademy Award For Best Supporting ActorList Of Best Supporting Actor Winners By AgeAcademy Award For Best Supporting ActressList Of Best Supporting Actress Winners By AgeList Of Actors Nominated For Academy Awards For Foreign Language PerformancesList Of Actors Nominated For Two Academy Awards In The Same YearList Of Actors Who Have Appeared In Multiple Best Picture Academy Award WinnersList Of Actors With Two Or More Academy Awards In Acting CategoriesList Of Actors With Two Or More Academy Award Nominations In Acting CategoriesOscar Love CurseAcademy Award For Best DirectorList Of Academy Award For Best Director Winners By AgeList Of Academy Award-winning FilmsList Of Academy Award-winning Foreign-language FilmsList Of Academy Award Winners And Nominees For Best Foreign Language FilmList Of Foreign-language Films Nominated For Academy AwardsList Of Countries By Number Of Academy Awards For Best Foreign Language FilmList Of Animated Feature Films Nominated For Academy AwardsList Of African Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Argentine Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Asian 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Award Winners And NomineesList Of Nordic Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Academy Award Winners And Nominees From PakistanList Of Polish Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Puerto Rican Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Spanish Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Uruguayan Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Academy Awards CeremoniesList Of Academy Award-winning FamiliesList Of Fictitious Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of LGBT Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of People Who Have Won Multiple Academy Awards In A Single YearList Of Posthumous Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Presenters Of Best Picture Academy AwardList Of Academy Award Trophies On Public DisplayList Of Oldest And Youngest Academy Award Winners And NomineesList Of Academy Awards For Walt DisneyList Of Female Academy Award Winners And Nominees For Non-gendered CategoriesBook:Academy AwardsCategory:Academy AwardsPortal:Academy AwardHelp:CategoryCategory:Academy Awards 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